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" S. A. Wood" (1)
"Don Carlos illustration" (1)
"Don Carlos" Nicaragauan barque (1)
"Don Carlos" "Henry Bichard" (1)
"Don Carlos" "Quang tung" "Kwon Tong" Leon (1)
"Don Carlos" "R. Bichard aka Nick Bichard" (1)
"Don Carlos" Don Adolpho" barque (1)
"Don Carlos" Leon (1)
"Don Carlos" Leon "Pine Island, Auckland" (1)
"Don Carlos" Leon "Pine Island, Auckland" (46)
"Don Carlos" Leon "Principe di Lucedio" (1)
"Don Carlos" Leon "Principe di Lucedio" "Kwong Tong" (2)
"Don Carlos" Leon "Principe di Lucedio" "Quang Tung" (1)
"Don Carlos" Leon "Principe di Lucedo" "Quang Tung" (1)
"Don Carlos" Leon" Principe di Lucedio" "Quang Tung" (1)
"Don Carlos" barque (4)
"Don Carlos" barque "Nick Bichard" Leon "Principe di Lucedio" (1)
"Don Carlos""Pine Island Auckland" Leon (1)
"Don Carlos"Leon "Pine Island Auckland" (1)
"Dorothy Usner" (1)
"Frank C. Monson" "Marion S. Monson nee Carden" (1)
"Herald Island/ Pine Island" Auckland hulk beached (1)
"Humphrey Minchin Carden" (1)
"Humphrey Minchin Carden" "H.M. Carden" "wife Maria Ellen Kinder (1)
"Julia Monson" "Virginia Monson" (1)
"Kwong Ton" "Quang Tung" "Don Carlos" Leon (1)
"Kwong Tong" "Don Carlos" "Principe di Lucedio" Leon (1)
"Kwong Tong" "Don Carlos" Leon "Principe di Lucedio" (1)
"Kwong Tong" "Principe di Lucedio" Leon "Don Carlos" (2)
"Kwong Tong" "Quang Tung" "Don Carlos" Leon (1)
"Kwong Tong" "Quang Tung" Leon "Don Carlos" (1)
"Kwong tong" "Quang Tung" "Don Carlos" Leon (1)
"Lillian Virginia Monson" "Julia Marjorie Monson" (1)
"Maria Ellen Carden, aka Ellen Carden" "New Zealand" (1)
"Maria Ellen Kinder" "Maria Ellen Carden" "Herald Island, NZ" (1)
"Maria Evans married Samuel Allen Wood, Sydney" (1)
"Maria Wood, nee Evans" "Maria Wood wife of Samuel Allen Wood" (1)
"Marion Sarah Monson, nee Carden" "d/o Humphrey Minchin Carden" (1)
"New Zealand" (1)
"Nicholas Bichard" owner of Don Carlos (1)
"Nick Bichard" (1)
"Pine Island, Auckland" (2)
"Pine Island, Auckland" hulk beached (1)
"Pine Island, Auckland, New Zealand condemned (1)
"Pine Island, Auckland, New Zealand" "Herald Island, Auckland" (1)
"Pine Island, Auckland, New Zealand" condemned (2)
"Pine Island, Auckland, New Zealand" hulk (1)
"Principe di Lucedio" "Kwong Tong" Leon "Don Carlos" (1)
"Quang Tung" "Kwong Tong" "Don Carlos" Leon (1)
"Quang tung" aka Kwong Tong aka Don Carlos (1)
"Robert H. H. Hunt" (1)
"Robert H. H. Hunt" "Auckland, New Zealand" (1)
"Robert H. H. Hunt" "R. H. H. Hunt" inventor "woollen loom shutt (1)
"Robert H. H. Hunt" inventor "Auckland, New Zealand" (1)
"S. A. Wood" (3)
"S. A. Wood" "Steamer McGregor" Auckland (1)
"S. A. Wood" passenger (1)
"Samuel Allen Wood" "S. A. Wood" (2)
"Sarah Norval O'Donnell, nee Wood" "Samuel Allen Wood daughter" (1)
"Slote" 5-cent Cigar (2)
"Tipperary Bill" (5)
"Whangaroa Harbour New Zealand" Leon "J. J. Craig" (1)
"d/o Maria Ellen Carden, ex-Kinder, nee Wood" (1)

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