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"Herald Island/ Pine Island" Auckland hulk beached (1)
"Humphrey Minchin Carden" (1)
"Humphrey Minchin Carden" "H.M. Carden" "wife Maria Ellen Kinder (1)
H. Blote (2)
H. H. Doty (23)
H. L. Hunley (1)
H.F.B. Blote (1)
H.R.H.D. McIver (1)
HFB Blote (1)
Hal Carl Blote (1)
Harper's Ferry (4)
Harry Paulsen (1)
Hatch (1)
Hawver (14)
Henrietta (9)
Henry Bolton Edenborough (4)
Henry C. Freeman (1)
Henry W Lewis, Mary Lewis, Dekin Jones, Oakland, Virginia City (1)
Henry Wolf (1)
Ho Yow (1)
Homestead Act and Switch to Wine Production (1)
Hospital (2)
Hospital for the insane (1)
Hotel Arrivals (1)
Hotel Arrivals Palace Hotel. MC Blote & wf, Oakland (1)
Hunter Davidson (22)
hop 1 (1)
hospitals (2) (1) (4)

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