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"Rev. Charles Dana Barrows" "Rev. C. D. Barrows" pastor (1)
"Robert H. H. Hunt" (1)
"Robert H. H. Hunt" "Auckland, New Zealand" (1)
"Robert H. H. Hunt" "R. H. H. Hunt" inventor "woollen loom shutt (1)
"Robert H. H. Hunt" inventor "Auckland, New Zealand" (1)
Rabbit (1)
Railroad (10)
Railroad Taxes (15)
Recipe (2)
Red River Rebellion (Manitoba Canada) 1869-70 (1)
Reed (1)
Reier (1)
Richmond (5)
Richmond Enquirer (1)
Richmond, Tredegar (1)
Riverside, Rubidoux Hotel (1)
Riverside, street scales, buried utility line (1)
Robert Walker McDonald (1)
Ronald Reagan (1)
Rosebaum & Co. (1)
Rudolph Gustave Gellen (1)
Russell City (Calif.) (6)
race (1)
railroad (5) (1)
real estate (1)
retirement (1)
revelation (1)
rifle (2)

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