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mteatmx Consigntt as Jalfltixta.- • CF" Notice.— Consignee! per barque J. Sum*, from Valparaiso, stranded south of the Head*, are informed that active measure, are being taken for the preservation of the cargo ; " meanwhile they are requested to call at the office of J. P. Havxv, over Adans 4 Co, to sign a general average bond for their proportion of ike expense* in taring the goods, which will be delivered to them respectively aa thry com to hard. auIG . E. D. He»ti.iy A Co. Consignee*. . tST Brig Onyx.— Consignees by this vetrel (from London) axe informed that she i» now ready to ttucharga, and are requested to coll upon the undersigned, pay freight, »i;c aver. age bonds and reoeir* orders for their goods. " SmTII BaOTHEM k, Co. , u o<j 7 co r. Mo»tfomery acd Bmh streets. . Ep» Notice to Conalgnee* par ship Tagil*.— Contigneei who hare paid fr*ifht and handed in appraisement of invoices ' are requested to call on the undersirned without delay, and present statement* of the deficiency in the receipt of their foods. • Tobbxt A Blam man, -• . tu!< ;'; Battery st. near Calif.mia. ■ |gp" Birq.Be Sherwood, from Boston.— by this vessel are notified that she will commence discharging tomorrow (Saturday) morning, at the wharf foot of Broadway, and are requested to call at our counting room, pay freight, and take orders for their goods. II goodt remaining on the wharf after 6 o'clock. P. M., of rick diy, will te rubjeet to storage at tke expense and risk or th. owuara. Fat, Piit.cs A Wain, .■ ' •"• .' J Battery st, south of Pine. • fp" Ship Witchcraft.— Consignee* by tkis ship ore hereby notified that she it ready to, discharge, at the wharf foot of Broadway, and are requested -,o call at our office, pay freight, aad general average, reciive an order for their goods, and remove the lane from the ship as fan as they may con* to hand All goods remaining on the wharf after sunset will be stored at th* risk and expense of the eons ignee*. au2!-:3 Macokdbat k. Co. Consignee*. 13?" Earqn* Proaeott, from New York.— Consignees by this vessel are hereby notified that the will be ready to dia•harge at Cunningham'* Wharf on Tuesday morning, -'Gib inst. and are requested to call on the undersigned, pay tbeir freirh', and receive aa order for tbeir goods. All good, left on the wharf after 5 P.M. will be stored at their risk and expense. Wood k. West, «uBS 7 ■ cor. of Santoa* and Washington it*. X~j7" Ship Shooting Star from Boston. — Consignees by this vessel are hereby notified that she is now ready to discharge, at her berth. Cunningham's Wl>?rf, and or. requested so call ob th. subscriber, pay their freight, and receive, an order for their goods. All foods remaining on the wharf after 6 P.M., will be stored al the expense and ri*k of owners. Joskfh A. lUinxs, . aalS ' Cunningham's Wharf. *> XjF* Notice. — Consignee* per ship John N. Gottler, from Philadelphia, arc requested lo call upon the usderiigned, pay , Ireigbt, sign ait average bond, and receive an order for their goods, which will be discharged a* toon at they come to baud, at Central Wharf. Goods not taken from tke wharf at 6 o'clock P. X., will be stored at the expense and risk of owners. aul4 Gaiwood, Fobst A Co. ry Ship Jane Parker, from Baltimore. — Consignees by this vessel are hereby notified that tk. Is ready to discharge at Central Whtrf, and are requested to c II at the office of the undersigned, pay frei/ht, and receive an order for their goods. All goods remaining ob the wharf after € P. M. will be stored at the risk and expense of th* owner. aaly-10 lliuabd k. Ridm, Sacrameato st. |y Ship Oambridge. — This ship is bow discharging at Central Wharf. AU good* remaining aa the wharf at Soalock will be ttorad at the expense and risk of fie owners. Coßsigrees who have not yet done so will call at the office of the sabseribert and sign an average bond, at the same time handing in copies of invoice* for appraisement. aul9 BBBBaasBV Bokd ii. Hale, Sacramento at. t"^* Conalcnee* per American barque Liberia, are hereby informed that the vessel la ready to discharge at Cunairgnaß'. Wbarf, and that they will have to call at our store, pay their freight, and receive an order for their goods. j j J. Gabdet A Co. Sansome street, a«S3-< bet. Jackson and Washington. [3** Ship Alert. — Consignee! by this ship are hereby noli■Vsd that she i* now discharging at Cunningham's Wharf, and are requested to call on the undersignee, pay freight* and receir* an order for Ihtir merchandise. All merchandise on the wharf aftar 5 o'clock will be stored at their risk and expense. anSS • co. N. Shaw A Co. Battery near Pine st. ' Cdp** Ship Radnga. — by this thip are hereby notified that she is ready to discharge at Pacific Wharf, and are requested to call at our office, pay freight, and receive order* for their golds. All goods remaining on the wharf after € P.M. will be itorad it the risk and .xpense of the owner. *u"2i TiuiiGi &. Gkie.vk, Sansome st. Isjr" Ship N. 3. Palmer. — Consignee* by this ship are notified that the if ready to discharge at Pacific Wharf, and are requested to pay their freight, aca 1 receive their goods as they cove to hand. All goods remaining on the wharf, after 6 o'clock, P.M. of each day, will be stored at the risk and expense of the consignees, au*3-15 Nacondbat & Co. Consignees. l-i*- Barque Kensington. — The consignee of one hundred and eleven bales of Tobacco, per barque Kensington, from Panama, is hereby notified to call and pay freight and receive an order therefor within three days, or it will bo sent ta the public warehouse. Geo. N. Shaw k Co. au23-3 r-jZ——L Battery near Pine tt. fTJf" Ship Robert Bowse. — Consigned by this vessel are hereby notified that she is ready to discharge, and are requested to call on the undersigned, pay freight, and receive order* for their good*. C ■r.TXX & Fcixeb, »u26-S ■'.»»■-' y foot Jackson street. t3T" Ship Anglo-American. — SrzcuL, Notice.— claims aramsi this vutel mutt be presented on or before Tuesday cext, £6:h iust. No bill* afaintt her will be allowed after that date. . anaJ-4 Kacondeat & Co. CP* Benjamin Smith, consignee of five boxes marked from Panama, per schr. Juliette, ii requested to call en Nesnra k TicuxKom, foot of Jackson street, and take charge of the same, or thty will be sold by ve'sel fir freight. au23-3 {3**BmTqne Othello, from Liverpool. — Consignees by this vessel are hereby notified that aba is now ready to discharge, and are requested to call at our ofSc*, pay freight, sign an average bond, and receive orders for their goods. au22-7* Hastlxb, BaXJCBI A Co. California st. CtT* Ship Oneco. — Consignees by thia vessel are hereby notified that she is ready to discharge., and are requested to call on the BBderticned, pay freight, and receive an order for their merchandise. Geoxce IT. Shaw k. Co. aail Battery near Pin. street. (7* Ship Tagus. — Consignees of merchandise by the Togas are specially notified to come forward aad receive their noils without further delay, as all additional chart's on and after the 24ta inn. will be at their cost. auCl ToBXZT and Blanchaid, Agents. t>i*" French ahlp Union, from Havre. — Consignees by this vessel are hereby notified that she is ready to discharge, and are requeeted to call at thia office, pay freight, and take orders for their goads. L. LaKOHIK, aul9 -7* Mautomo Ft. let. Commercial act CI« sta. a— — Uff- Eaiqne Baltimore. — Consignees by this vessel me notified that sl.e ii ready to discharge, and arc requested to call v oar office, pay freight, and take order" for their goods. CII.DXXKX'-Tl'B, Dx k Co. ail 1 7 •*-**.* **"** Montfoaiery strt»rt. HAAS cV *JTBUVER,B*iiiorae»treet, near Pacific have received per Wild craft, from New York, and Margaret, from Bremen : — Choice brand* of Regalia* and other segars; Also Some genuine Havana and Manila setrart; FreacS eorase and a!cohf>l; eb«rry cordia's and assorted da; Port wine, Madeira, Hock; butter in IS and 30 Ib kegs, Genuine Westphalia hams; Muscatel raitint, in tin; S.iauish chocolate; aonrkraut; vinegar; champagne elder; Preserved vegetable*; cheese: spices; linseed oil; ' ware, tumblers, decanters and rruetstand*; Heavy duck; Hi- -nan «nH brown rolls, for bagging; Uueaia*. mi hemp eonUjre, all sizes; Clnlhiag, fine and other, cast pants, buckskins, satinet and linen pants; frock »nd dress oats, Ac; Fiaaael sliiru; cot'oa hose; woolen seeks; Fancy dry goods; Cringe"; laces, Ac; Hardwar. , cat'ery, (Tindstsne*; Aad laiieus other good*, whick they offer for (tie it the lowest market price. aug6-14f FL\AL NOTICE TO AI'CTMMEERIt JC All Auctioneer* transacting business in this city without licenses, are hereby notified that ihe Court of So, .ion. will hold a ipecial meeting on FRIDAY EVENING, at 7 o'clock, at tli c Coat Room, for the purpose of issuing license* and the approval of bonds. A'l parties neglecting to take out licenses, or settle the Auction ta CM now due , before the 3Cih ma»., will he prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. C. E. BUCKINGHAM, *»'■*•< .... . County Treasurer. ' liNTKLLHSEKt'E OFFICE, SPANISH SCHOOL AND INTtKr-RETKR —I* W. T. 4 Co., wenl.l rospettf ally inform their friends and the public that ibev bare eatabI.VJ« Spanish School and Ictellig'nce Offi-e on Pacifi: strict. near Dupoou All business entrusted to their care will meet prompt attention. | auS6 3* -g *rKsf\rk CASES— Csntainiag 12 empty boules each, lUUUfr.« GILDEUEESTER, DE FREMERY * CO. , . an 36 . ■ Monuomery st. COtFJsITIIVG BOOJf TO LET— A Urge ROOM, 15 by 20 feet, having a fire grata already fet, on the Sd Boor of oar brick buildicg. CLIFFORD, GARR 4: CO. •aasfS - Clay street. T ONG WHARF MARKET— JNO. B. STEENBERGEN, i - < Agent. Fresh and salt Provuions and Vegetable of all kind., of the ban quality, constantly on hand and for sale at fair price*. *^s*ifsst»»»lßß*»w*»]W*BßUß*aß*l Vastssssstjsaai? aul TO LET— The STORE on Long Wharf, formerly used JL as me Francisco Market. > Apply at tin counting room of .«tar copy.) . J. B. S-TEKNBEKGEN. Areat. au«! . Long Wharf Market. FLOL'K— 500 ticks Chile Flour, qn. and halves; 51,000 ha. Irish Potatoes. Just received and for sale by . Kir.BE A CROWELL. *aBS * corner Saasome a.-d Commercial it*. " BARLEV-Hd sacks fresh Chile Barley; 300 do. first quality Corn : IO.OfO lbs. Onionr. By recent arrivals, for sale by " "" ■ . " - KIBBE * CROWr.LL, > - auM ' ' comer Saetoaia ana Commercial au. " r ~J> " WANTED-A good TERRIER DOG, .moll *** ty< — Srel-rate ratter. ■ A pupil of "Tir« " preferred. Apply on board steamer Tennessee, to the PURSER. >

t- . - - tUcmtfrX WAIYTaRO — 500 ton. best quality well selected Caliior tT w nia potatoes^ 4000 Urge size head* eahbare- rt " j - /• 10,01 a Ihs he*'*: *),coa ll.« t.rnios. :. , 7.(iv- ~ Alto, wanted — To contract for 2000 large sized fat beef cat de. of 4 year. *»il upward; I .VIO fat sheep. - b«fcat ■ To be delivered in San Franciaeo within the next foul month*. - JOHN B. STEI\'BKK(JE:i. X.8.-A first rate artlck, of con.eJ beef; sausage*. At ttantly on hand. | Having inp.ile arrang. ,cc,:., c c,:. for ih, inam,r« tuna, of tautatw, .1. B. S think, he can funuh the boat arti clem the market of California or of the world, and he cbal learet the world 10 produce better beef than he i* constant!* selling at low prices. „....- , ; . , jv2s , A I.TAS WASTED,- it tbe oak* of this paper, foi -fm. which a fair price win be P lid i copies to eompl'te thi file.ofih.ALTA CALIFORNIA Newspaper, of th. follow. Inr dales : of the month of July, 1.50, every date except th« flhSth, llhb ' llth ' 96th, 27th,9-Jth, SOth and 31st; of Aurun the 4th, llth, 17th and «ith: all of September except tbe ftid ; or October only th. Mth and 30tb : for November only the 1 .Ui ; for December the 14lh aad 23d ■ of January, 1831, tha 3d aid of February the 1 at. ' - ■■-.'-• /- — *** iy29 • A RESPECTABLE MAW. with bis 1 liter,! both of middl. ar., just arrived, who can give high testimonials of respectability, it desirous of obtaining a sitaaiion jointly with hit sister, if required. If not, .he solicits a situation at housekeeper, beiag fully qualified. He would undertake the taonarement of a «tore, hiring been Ion? ased to lilm.ies'*; or any appointment i.f trust in which he might be useful to hia employer. He has a kuowled^e of the (ieraian lnogHare — ha. no objection to any part of the country, - Direct, post ps id, to J. S., at D. Castree A Ca^ California street, corner of Kearney, San Francisco. -'" '■•■".>■ aul6-2* AGErVTLEMAIV— Of rood els,. and English' education wishes to be employed as tutor in a 1 fsruily, at copying clerk to a lawyer, as assistant in a mercantile house or store, or in say ether occupation literary, mercantile cr manual — in which his services might be required. I Reference! most respectable. Direct to A. B. C, a*, t'lis ofßce. auEG-'l* Al;r!.\Tl,E;iA.\ who has hail several year*' c ip c. rience, desires « situation aft general ■ raonarer, ■ booV. keeper, orcashirr. l'irstclats city reference given if required Address lia.t 498. Past OlBcf. ; . ■-. -„ * .-.. .. ;; .gog SITUATION WANTED— By 'a sv-ntleman of thorough business haliil*, a situation es Bookkeeper Carhi'r or reneril Clerk he is well acquain'nd with the duties appertaining to each, and as a permanent place is bis object, would He i-ati.flcd with a moderate compensation. Address It. S T. through th* Post Office. The best city reference r '»- ; - -. au!7 WAWTEI^-Brtw. YOUNG MEN. Americans, of so- ! TT ber induitrious habits and good English education ■ sit. | unions in the country on a ranch preferred ; salary not no 1 much an object as steady employment. Please addres T D L { this effice. .. . „|26-1 TnvFOB.TI^TIO.V WANTED— If Mis* ELIZAB. BETH WELI.ER. late from Maitland, New South Wales, formerly of Y«rk Place, Islington. London, will call at TIIOS BKALE'S Office, cor. Pacific Wharf and Front st. she will bear news of importance from England. -' -. . iu2s-7 fNFOBiUATIO!VWAI\TEB-OfJOHNROI who had baen at Burnt' Di?e'nra. near Mr.riiinrn, from May, 16S0, until about Jin. IKJi. A few line, through the PoitOiSee from him, or any person who know* his whereabouts, will be thankfully received by - >i^s>jhU Mt^srn, k~ — WM. nOURKE, San Francisco. . AWTKD- A FRENCH LADY, speaking the French, Spanish and English Urguage*, desire, to devote her attention to the management of a respectable Hotel or Restaurant, or the superintendence of tbe bar. Address G. B. t\v litter at this office. . ■ i *« »>i*n> *k« au tis 5* ■ WANTED— A first rat. MAN COOK, and a good CHAMBERMAID, for a private family. A man and bis wife would be preferred. Any person desirinr such a situation, will plase cull on • T. MAGUIRE, *«a5-a* Webb street. WAIVTBD — A cook, mala er female, one that thoroughly understands the business. Such a one can inquire at the second house above Virginia street, in Washington, from 13 to i. . .*■-.-:.■«.»•■ "ANTED— A respectable WOMAN, t. do the work of ■ small family. Inquire at the NOTARY'S Office, cor. California and Montgomery it. up stairs. ' au23 - WANTED— good strong farm WAGONS and a few thousand strong RAG*, at low rates Apply to ana 3 ENGELS, HOOPER & CO. Merchant si. WANTED A four or five horse power steam engine, with fluo boiler. A compact machine it required. Apply at this office. jj v 4 ■ .. . foot arib .fonnij. : > If OUT OK MISLAID The following cheek*. JLL<f dated August 83, via : $30!) 37, drawn by Shirlv & Bailey < -.1 Jamca Kii.sTo. Uiu. N|j;.">. .lrawn by W. J. Sherwood i Co,, on Drexel, Sathsr & Church. (305.11, drawn by Tryon & Co., on Page, Kacea 4- Co. $153 30. drawn by Reed, drum It Co., on Drex*l, Bather i Church. Total, $710.23, , , , Any person finding the above, will be liberally rewarded en leaving them at the banking house of Droxel, gather & Church, or at tie store of the uadersigued. Payment of these check, bas been stopped at the respective auk and the public are cautioned against negotiating the same. - >■■ ; " aujhi ■■ •.- .-..-._. ROLLINS A- CO., Auctioneers. _ OST— A CITY WARRANT on the Treasurer, No. 313, JLi for $213 33, payable to Dr. Ziele or bearer for services as Viaitinr Physieisn to the City Hospital, payable out of Hospital Fund or : OCP, ti;ned George A. Hudson, City Comptroller. Also— A funding Certificate for HOC 67, due Dr. Ziele for services to May Ist, Ifsl. , ' .. . > Also — A «>old Watch with second fix, solid chain and key. Any pc- son finding the above ana callinc at tha office of Dr. ZIELE, on Washington at. below the El Dorado, will be suitably rewarded. ■ . -. „ . au£3 ' ' LOST— On Monday, ISth in.t. a MEMORANDUM BOOK, JsLi eontaininr papers of value to the owner, and ■ lett r di r-cted to Mitchell 4- Co. The finder will receive the thanks of the nwncr and a liberal reward, by leaving it at ' * *•** ■ nu2l GREGORY'S EXPRF.SS OFFICE. 2J-- — >J DOR LOST— A wiry-haired GREVHniIND, answers to the name of Oscar Whoever finds him will be rewarded for their trouble by P. N. VAI.'K* V. au33-3* D. Gibb.' brick bniidinr, CnrnmAreial vt. tTv_- I.OB«E IOl«U- A tine BROWN HORSE, y^i^yyabout 6 years old, mirked G L. The owner may recover his property by proving the same and paying charges. i bbSBS 11. SANDERSON. Mansion Hon«>. /TV-— BTBAVED OK STOLEN Ob the 14th ryin-t , from my stable ou Uaioa street, between D.ipei.t •mJ Stockton streets, a .mail bay HORSE, with the brand H A on l'fl bip, and rented A left shoulder. For the return to my stable of the above described animal, a reward of twenty dollara will b<i paid. [»U2.-|.B«» U 2.-|.8« CHARLES O'*)ONNEt.L. /TV-— $13 REWARD — Strayed from ' the Valley yAfyi* House, Presidio Rood, a BAY MARE, white stripe on tne ace, branded on left lee with two rings membliar a bridle bit, mane and tsil shortened. The finrVr will receive the above reward on returning ber te ' .J. S. COLEGROVE,' | aul!t-7* '■•■..- on the premise.. 5V_ LEFT AT THE i STABLE Corner of Ary\ llro»dw»y and Kearney street*-, a pair of GREY lIOrtsES, marked. The owners are requested to call and take them away, otherwise they will be told at publi. auction on the Plaza, Monday, -25th inn. at IS o'clock. <Tj>»^j»-r >S aul»-S« » JAS. R. TRAVERS A CO. AVt T VaS y:j I RACFS! KACEM! RACES II-PIOMtEB HACi: COURSE.— SrjNDir, I7lh Sept.— A PUR^E of $1, 00 will be rirwi to any one who will perform TEN MILES WITHIN THE HOUR. , Free for all; entrance free. Entries to remain opes till the day of the race. — > >t..l*au23 , BIRD * TREAT, Proprietors. ■ FOR SALE— By Til. DUFAU & CO., the cargo of the French ship Arthemise just arrived from Bordeaux, conaisting of— so caskt claret wine. 100 bblt. claret wine, 250 cases champscne, 31 kbit, vinegar, 30 eases brandy fruits, ISO cotes sweet oil, £5 coses ruracoa, S3 cares syrups, 25 case* ahaiathe, ICO cases Muscat wine, 100 case* candles, 5 cases glased leather, 2 cases hats for l.die., 13 case* eo'ored shirts, 1 case white linen shirts, 100,000 corks, 3 easts* ladies' shoes, 1 caae pantaloans. . . . auB3-3* PILES— The cargo of tha brig NEWCASTLE, 43 to 70 feet ; 135,000 feet square timber. ' GEO. GORDON, . Iron block, Front si bet. Central Wharf and Washington. P. B.— G.G. will erect wharves and fouidalioHs, and perfectly protect either pine or redwood piles from the worm at a moderate expense. . * ' »ug3 7 JI7KT KH,:K.VIiI),:PEKNHIP ALERT— 140,000 feet 1 1 inch white pine flooring, planed aud mcb'd ; ' 40,000 feet sitting, planed one aide. V i v For sale in lots to suit purchasers, deliverable from thip, by " auV37 JAMES HAKROI.D, Pacific it. wharf. rtnAKBIV BY MISTAKE— Lett Friday or SuturJL day from California itrett wharf, a BOX marked C in a diamond, contain glassware. Any ore in 1 session of the same will please return it to "-'" -' - - *u23-3 ENGELS, HOOPER k CO. Merchant st. QL.tiKVVARE HI'NGARIAN BOOT?— H.M Cordage, wrought ipike*, linseed oil, sugar bouse «yrup, blai'kels, pickled •worn, and liquor* in ra<e«. For tale by SOULE, WARDWELL & CO. >•- . au2l-10 Davis It. tooth from Long Wharf. MB.'JA'IES GRANT hat become a partner in our firm, which now consist! of Mr. Edward Mcßerzi", Mr. A!ex:ei<ler Thompson and Mr. Ji*m-i Grant.*' '- ' -" - --- > anSO-lm ' :"■ McKENZIE, THOMPSON" Si, CO. WELSH COAL- tons superior Welsh Coil, from Cardiff and Newport. ■..-.' *».**a»jf*W*. Also — 100 ton* Lackawana. For sale by - ''•'■' anSl-lO . ■ MACONDRAT A CO. " -V7ILEOANT WntTII 33ARBLG WATEIt suitable for hars, jnst rrctivr-d and for sale by | U&NB, tuiluble for liars, just received and for sale by (JOULE, WARDWELL * CO. ' , < ■ au2l-C ....." ... Davis at. touth from Long Wharf. M TO LET— three story STORE, lately occupied by Dewy & Hciter, in California street, below ..some Apply to "■".:*; CHARLKS 1,. BEISEK, • f.n'il Eonrome st. between Calitorni* and Pine. . ffz* TO LET — The entire premises lately occupied by tilij Slacondray A Co. cor. Pine an. 1 . BaßOßaal sts. Apply to " LOOMIS * BROTHFR, ■ ,u-a " ' '' ' or MACONDRAY & CO. JaUVITV LIND fin. cut Cavendish tobacco ia foil, the ejt choicest article ever offered to the public, for sale by B. C. HORN, ' ou9-lm Sanaome Ft, between California and Pine COLT'S KEVOLVEBH— < and 8 inch Colt* Revolvers. < Also— An invoice of gold hags and BsOBW belt.. ■Juu received and for .ale by . J. lE LANDER, ; _-/ •nS3-C «^«i * . .», „ 4 .-j ■. Montromery near Jackson st. MO« MALE, EX KOIIIiBT BOWSE— 4I3 mV , bxs, best Sydney tosp, each 25 lbs. . -„ ■ > '...- '-•' ;t; t '--, DOWNING, GRIFFITH &CO > ;.*' i , an 33 3 ' cor. Jackson and Santome sts. ORANOEM — Oranges, in prime condition, < for tale in loti to anil purchasers, by - : „-■■•:•*;, n*t, I ~ • -.'*"" " '•" i KIBBE k CROWELL, ■ an 33 - -■ ■ ■ cor. Wansome and Commercial at*. PLATFOBIt MALES — To weigh from 700 to ■ 2UOO pound*, for sale by 5 .. • .. „ . f v.v .^ s -. ? - • SHELTON, DANIELL A CO., •; * J?37 ■ i- earner Pacific and Battery s's. JOHNSON'S . PATENT " asHIIiOLE " m ACHINES. For aale by EGERY & IHNCKLEY. .". ! r.u M-«* --••..'•. Pacific Iron Foundry, First Ftreet, - GAI.I.EKO FLOt'R— 'n l.f. bbla.; for *a!e by > \JT SMITH BROTH F.RS i CO. -,- : ai.'2s 7 ' " ■-f Montyom«ryeor. Bn«h. OAT»— OATS— 7SO bag* American Oat*, jast received per TARTAR, and for sale by . PiCKETT k. CO. 3 • »" aa2.V3 ..■-•■'-. . ■- '••*■ ' ■■■! >"■ foot Jaekaoo 1 1 rt»et wharf. POTATOES— Cargo cf tbe BARRET TO, Jr. 64; days from Uobatfl Town. Just received and for salehy * _" J - au2s-7 . PICKETT & CO. foot Jackson wh*rf. OAL— 3JS torn superior Welsh aid S3 tout Connel Coal <*L/ ' ■•float, in quantities to suit liuverl. ■ For sal. by urn j '- >■ MUM » -^ HASTLKR. BAINES * CO. California at. . CROCKERY — An I iovoiee just ' received, - per thip ALERT, and for tale by , - G I BBS *. CO. .id «? f » as 23- 3' ..•■ ii^tflffmutx S*B*ome at. near Washington, r

J»^aT;w PACIFIC rWASL MTEAIXSSIIP _,<~YjB9L COMPANY— For PANAMA touchierr <"-ly at \i^P^ST ACAPI7LCJ— The steamer CAROLINA, It. tTiTfjfWyWi-i l * i,. 1 Wbitieg, - Esq. ill si *■<*■, »i.l I leave a* abo on S*ITKD*T. L: !•: Ana;., at 6 o'clock, A.M. ,: i-1 ■ r Th- Coßipa.y will also dispatch tlio neiroer COXPTITu. TION, ' Ssmu«l . M. We>i.a." Etn. ) Commander, • for PANAMA, touchinr as above, on MONDAY, the lit September, it 4 o'- - dock, P M."^_ ■—----: -~ >- .— ™~.^«.... - '„.., ..- . The .-eair.hit. TK VNF.SSEK. with t!ie C' S Mai!», will . leave for PANAMA, on MONDAY, Ist September, at 7 o'clock, - P. M. touehir.g at MONTEKEY, , SAN DIEGO | and f ACAF PULCO.*^^:-.,^ „r~ii.L^iA *■■**■■-• • - i. Treasure for tliipmeut by this vesnel cannot be receive J aft er 12 o'clock SaUrdar uight. iJiintM For freijht or passage, apply at the Office." v I ■■"■• ' |aiU,y« M, E. KNIGHT, Agent, . < \* , au2f>7 * - a ;. corner of Sacramento and Leidesdorffsts. — -xs&c=^iiv'* TOW 'ARKAKCETIEWT.— -FOR uf^lPni ACAPULCO & INTI.II]IEniATEPO:-:T.<— I aSMaseSOBi T"° Pacific Mail Sleaieuhir Conipauv's tlesnj- * ll ''* 5 ** 1111111¥ ship FREMONT," Allan Mel.ane, Esq., com- . mander, will leais here on the Kith of e«eh month for Aea pnicn, . touching > » ■ SAN . DIEGO, MAZATLAN > and SAN BLAS. 1 ,;^ *« & 4.ri._v»* \^ir^Lß.^Mf\".a mZrZStM-tiiriX ; Ketiirnmg, (he FIUEJfONT will l.avc Aeapalco aa the M t cf each month, touching at the tame Intermediate ports.' and ( maintain the coanectiou at San Francin-o and Aeapalco sf t«e . Compa"'" St»!!iT:»hii)« to and from Panima.*J\.- *~ZT~i iJ ( ■•' Tb. Mail Blo*suai* tearing San Francisco and Pmsmi on the first of each month will henceforth touch only at Montarey, San Diero and Aespnlro. " • *—• ' --•: •—:— , • --•— t , ..The ateanuhip TENNESSf E,' r.ea. M. Totton, E-ct4 commander, will leave with the V .-. Mail for Pau-in:*, on M .:i i ay, . B«pt. at 6 o'c'ock, P.M. , Treasure for shipment by tl:i« re«•el will not be received at the cJßce nfter 12 o'cloik ni/lit of ' Situ-day, 30th August. 1 ! .'**«.;■<; H. KMIOeIT, Aaaat, „ : . n 'i-l n -.-;.. ■ .-. . .. , M cor. Pacrsmanto end f ahswiiliniT st". „ ' !> *iii-rf*sK'> PACIFIC itIAII/aTRASINSIII* "-t-"iPilL COMPANY.— For ACAPULCO, touchinr, at JSteSilgSJ SAN DIEGO. MAZATLAH and SAN But» *-— -SSJUasB* —The P. M. S. S. Co.'. steamer FREMONT, Allen Mel. sne, I>q., commander, will leave at IS o'clock. A.M. August 25th, for Aeapalco, touching as abov\" For freizht or i passage apply to -- ■;■ E. KMGHT, Agent, . j — *" : -.,-- --, . , „ cor. Scram nto ami Leidctdorff st». r The Fremont will stop at the sain* ports on her return, and connect with th. Company's *lcai>4Cts at Ac*pMl*o and San i Fraoci'co. -? --■■■■■--,. ~, ' v • - .-.■■ au!7 '■•'.j&2Z£i!£23 fOR HAK DIKOO — Tile .uparior 1 •»*#" > T£«* t "* I 1 OHIO. C»| I. R. Haley, will leave the ' **^*.4jl «ffl[~ foot of Lour Wharf on Friday, August 29. for . ***""aa*Baa**^Sß»Ba,nta Crux, Mom. rev, Kan Luis Obitpo, Santa Barbara, Son Podro and Ban Dirgo. ' For freight or ..••«a-e . apply ou board, or to I.' «-> «■." Jt»v «.•'•?« ?J. M.I.YON,* j m Next to brick warehouse, Fremont, between Market anil Mission sts." . '. nsWH.'y..* -.< . • ■..., :-i. fit-:- . z •**•*>■ >>Vf-b— _ I'«»lt OREROIV— The A No. 1 ta*lßiil ' SV-£ ! i r2L SEA GULL, Cipt. V.'m. A. Tic. --or, c"inCftTOflWtfl^raa.ulur will loiive Broadway whsrf fur HUMtsTlrriTi if _ rrii tit, mr hmti. PORTLAND, llrejron, and iutermediste por's, on TIIUItSDAY, August 28th. For freight or passage, apply to W. W. BACKUS, WasbiMtM street, or on board. '■. ..-.«:.;; »i v ,/■-■ aafa , FIU«T STK\MI!R KOU lI UM-e-fjl MJl P.OI.DT. EUREKA. TRINIDAD, AND THE T*lßal'rffl*l' • Ml i RIVER.— rteam-r Ci'.l.SA ■*^aaaa»sßsaaaW PE* KE will leave her ber.h, Long Wharf, on Thursday, August SStaV. ■ For frcuht or passage apply af — 1 auSC3 .; . -T-, . WM. lI ASTEY. Arent. onboard. _ a-iP°" a. «•*!<»■.— LINE FOR SAlMsfsTriiii ||-ficit AMFA'TO CITY-K.vrry Monday, Wetiueitlay isd Friday, at 4 P. M. The well known favorite steamer SENATOR, Capt. John. Van Pelt, having been thoroughly repaired aid put in perfect order, will retHasl her regular trip. 10 Stertmento City to-day, Monday, Sslh in>t., leaving her berth at Paciac street Wharf at 4P. M. Freight and passage at the lowest rales. Apiily to »...«—,,... i/ Bi . t'-.. . v -r- lIIAK.LK.S HINTUaUr, Agent, * Pacific it. Wharf, corner ol Davis it.. *> . auS5 J ' ■.* *s r"'. 1 -:- ... r. -■ or on Cunuiarhsm's Wharf. a.^lT—ls. THE BTEAMER SOPHIB has aaiaaUßßßßsanaß hauled oft* to put in an A frame. ,1 Due notice . will be given when tho will resume har plaea on the Stockton route. »■», i..,'-|.i . - . -i - j.r.n-* ;'l.-. ' ■„ au!7 ■CL WHITE & ro.'d RE(3DI,AR NICASH|RAi:i X LlNE.— Fir.t vessel for San Juan del Sud ond Tanaaia — The new, fast running, A I ' clipper packet ship MARIANNA, (f?47 toes register,) I. A. .Morgan, Master, aril part owner, will be dispatched for tbe abore ports on Thursday, S?;h lost, tr within 43 hours thereafter .T ■ The,Morianna cinie round the Horn 18 months »ince,"mtkinf I the run from New York to &an Fiacci-eu ia 133 days, brinrin? , 134 possenfcrt : sine, which time the hot been m:<kiu(: regular tript to and from Panama. " She has never keen more than SO days to Panama, nor more than 32 back to San Francisco. From the prevailing trade windt at this season of the year, anil from the thorough knowledge Capt. Morgan hat of thecoatt. we faal warranted in saving that she will make the run to dan Juan del .-'v.liv 15 or IC day*, acd to Panama in 24 days. . Capt. Morgan has always been in the paiscncwr business, and is * large ov ncr I in the ship, which will add greatly to the comAirt of her pa.'ten;.rs. She is well ventilated in her m*Ja saloon, baring four I patent ventilators on ttlier side, four stern trirdows anil three hatch-ways, with wind tails. Great precaution tins been taken to secure health, baring a Quantity of chloride of lime apriuk led throughout her held. ■ She is furnished throughout with new mattresses, pillow* and clean sheet.-. - She will be tunplie«t with the best provision., vegetable, and fruit*, this market sil'ords, a bill of which can be seen on board the ship ; and what is belter than all. she taken 13,000 gallons fresh spring water. We invite the attention of those bound home, or down tbe coast, to call and 1 unite fur themielm. She has tplendid Hate room aceoniraodo'ion for families. Site has a full poop promenade deck. -' ... 1 - .-«■■£■ "■ «.' -ic.w. -.-, ... -.. jr». .-..,.. '■„ i 1 - For putare apply to the Captain on board, at Pacific wharf, on til* riihlhmi tide as you go down, or to .- >- »• ;-• •- - 1 i,.-.-v • » -. :t .1, '..- " - W. A. WHITE & CO., ' *^iata>taiU mfa^M^Lfiii I I Lower block. Central wburf. N. B.— Capt; Morgan will take groat pleasure In tccontpanyiptr the r>ns*e"Fers to Atlantic side, -< if) ■■ *■ Gold i.n-t shipped and in»iirn:. •■i^A r^ Jl -^? ■*' B»M ' FOR SVI»NK V DIKKCT— The A 1 clipper Jggjj barque WALTER CLAXTuN, 11. Hi ,1 peed cemmaiuler, will positively dear at the Cus'.orat and haul out into t!io stream th*. day. . P *scn|rer* are requested 1,, be on board on WEDNESDAY morning, us the ve*>el will proceed to sea on that day. - There is yet eieht steerage berths di.e&fsgod. Immediato application is oecessjry. Aptly to ------ - . '^-s«^ t^svt J. J. SOUTuGATK A CO, . ■ corner Front street and Pacific Wharf, or to < CUHSSU. CO, augfi-1 ".: B,^l»»l* Long Wh "'' Vli'KBW GOLD T>I«Ou!V!a! H!iM f GOLD Ss36R DIGGINGS I— WHITE &CO ■ REGULAR. LINE FOII SYDNEY DIRECT.— The well know?, faHsailinr clipppr barooe BLACK SQUALL, John Bowdea, master, will be despatched Sept. s:h; baring superior aer*.nmmoda"iona. Also large atate-'oom* for families. . For freight or passage apply I to the Captain, on Loard, at Pacific street Wharf, or 10 «■ . ". , .. ■ ,- white A co's :• j 'au2B ..',('. Pafaage Office, Lower Block, Central Wharf. ' I ! '^Si FOR THE COLD BIIIVE.*!, HYDMSV SB— The A 1 clipper ship MARY CATHARINE, Capt. Fox, has only 13 steerage berths tlis'engared, for which immediate application it necessary, aa she hauls from alongside Broedway Wharf on Tuesday afternoon, and proceed, to tea. on the following mornin;. " Apply to - . ■: W. BALLKY CO., Pacific Wharf, • ia lor to CAPT. PATI ISON, auar-S .'■ __ Row Shippim OClce, Pacific st. V2-^ FOR MllAniiillAS The fine ship LEBASSifNO.N', Capt. Drew, will sail for the above port about Sept. Ist, and can handsomely accommodate a few cabin passenrera. This thip, having just li.nil - 1 30i) Chine patience™, has her berths, and a separate passengers' cook-hooee, all iv readiness, offering thereby extra ailvanin/es to steerage pea. sengers. Apply to the captain oh board, at Cunningham's whaif. .-■■•■." • • ■ • ' . ... au-JG-fi" jgi FOB JI.4KA.TLAIV— To sail ob SATURDAY, gSSsS Aueost 31th— The fast sailing Baltimore clipper built schooner JAS. FRANKLIN, coppered and copper-fastened, will sail a* above. - For balaneo of freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply to Capt Smith, on board, south side Commercial street wharf, or to - ■■ ' •- "-*■ '" : v -■■' »■" "• ,-.- •» •■ O. LIVKRMORF. *. CO. ■ ■ angr>s ■■■■■■■ " • Battery, near Jackson street. 1 % *&& ' RECMiAI. LINE OF TESSELM FOli SSSrTHE AUSTRALIAN GOLD MINES.— The' fire A 1, teak built clipper brig SPEC. G. Dicey, Commander, will leave for Sydr.ev direct on er about the 101 hof September. Has superior cabin and Moorage accommodation*. av-XS^QHTATs) L» For freight or passage apply to p*j f>r»'Tisßs* J. J. SOUTHGATE & CO, . >.- Corner Front eet and Pacific wharf, or to au2514 ... ;, CUNDELL A CO., I .on; wharf.; JS*. FOR NYDSEY A" lIOBART TOWN, SQBa>TOUCIIIN(> AT HONOLULU.— The. Ie, first ela-s bari|ue SACRAMENTO, 600 tons burthen, Geo. Gwatkin, toramander, will sail for the above port* on or about the 31 -,t in*:. Ha- tuoerior accommodations for passengers. , For freight or passage, apply to . - .... . . . „ WM. WATF.RITOySE,' 3u2.">-3 ' 4th door above Battery St., south side. Pacific Wharf. J££± FOB MOiVOHJUJAWO CALCUTTA. *SrriP The new and fast sailirg barque ARCOIRH, Captain George Coffin, will sail as above on the 271h instant. .For freight or passage, apply on board, or to :• »; CHAS. W. CROSBY, ; aaSSa Jickton st, between Santome and Battery. ./=& FOR KArBAMKNTO- schooner EUSB DORAS will be dispatched on THURSDAY, Auiu-t (WE ■ Freight taken at the lowest rates, and received at California itreet wLorf. . Apply to '..*-". ..-_'.._*_;._ (A'-Kt)'", * BOULS, WARDWELL A CO. onS6-3 Davis street, south of Long Wharf. JSfe, ' FOR VALPARAISO.— The fast tailinr ralli-Sii-j.2 ot-barque ADRIANA, D. Van Gendt master, will sail for the above port in two or three daja. < For l>-ij;ht or paataf c, apply to tbe captain on board, near Lone Wharf or to ' " ' *■ ■ C. E. VAN HALL," j' Montgomery it, between Push and Pine, r auSS-3* " -„ ._ . » .. . . German Bikery. up sttirr." t ..i ■s££> WANTED TO PURCHASE— A SCIIOON SS3£ ER, of about 100 tons reiistrr, with rood tailing qualities, a full inventory, good tail, and that can be sent to sen at small expense Apply at , - .C. GULLIVER'S, ■ 1 au'Js-3* Commercial it. below Moc'romsry, from 9 till 3. .. At FOR SALE — The coppered and copper fastened Siri% very fast sailing brig E. DE WOLFF., 160 ions register; well found in sails and riggior and in complete order for any VO7*-.'-. ' For farther particular* apply to - . ;». augJ-10:..^ ...... , „, «.-..t MACONDRAY * CO. ~Xt± FOR NEW YORK— DIRECT.— Th. clipper JBQ|har<{ue JAMES W. PAIGE, Uoarrr, master, will sail on the 25th inst. for the above port, and will forward freight to Baltimore, Philadelphia or Boston. I For freight or passage apply to SMITH * HALLETT, 1„. aupl Pacific st. two rtuora above Battery. _ .£££» FOB BO AT ON— The barque 1 HENRY, KELStitiiS SEY will *"'' for '''" above port on Thursday, August acß For freight apply to »-—->-,-•. — > ... ..... ,_^. — , Assi^l J :■*■> ■ SOUI.E, WARDWELL & CO. ■■? au36.3 >». $'1 *> .« » Davis at. south from Long Wharf. _&*, 1 FOR liliillißT, DlRECT— The r three-masted SiSfi clipper scbr. FPRAY, Hall matter, will have immediate dispatch for the sboVe port. For freii'.it or cabin pass a >. p. ply ta „,(> j(> -Sr/*'*. TESCHEMACHEK. & CO. ,-, ■ aIISO ' ■".- ... ... ;.'_ . Adams & Co.'s buildinr. j ~~aL « FOR r VALPARAISO— The A 1 coppered JESS and copper fastened clipper brig FREDERICK VII, J. W. Live ma.- ter, will tail for the above port on the 26th Inst." For freight or passage npj '.v to *7*~r~~ :-T~ " aul6 - -• ENGELS, HOOPER ' k. CO., Merchant st. .^j&ta.FOK SALE— Tin good brig, VENEZUELA; 133 ;£s& tnl " register, coppere.l and copper-fastened, is a good corner, sails well, on 4 is well found. - Apply to - i , nu26 ■< :r: r •:■"< STARK A: CO. Saincma near California tt ■-. i &i. FOR SALE, FKEKSIIT OK CTIAR. <jZX TER— The brig PETERSBURG, 183 ton., burthen. . T^ v *ii»' -a Apply to SMITH & HAL'.ETT, , . •uls I ii_i. . Pacific st. 2 door* above Battery, it KgA WASTED, TO BIT- One or two Ships, cf 100 2aßaav_ more tons. ■ Immerlinte attention is requested, by , - . . W. 6CHLEIDEN, Ship and Custom Hoot. Broker, I'" > J>"sB »»»tS.y«« .; Ketniy at., B*l door from Custom Ht,u». f^A FOR BALK— The stores* l p ZUID POOL: 'Ap iSiSp'r to „ j - IW a . GLENN & CO, California at, augl . - . • - ■._^ or Stockton st. near North Beach. - dJJeT^HJ. ' REWARD— StoIen " from ; the . Pioneer Club «JJ" -*e» »J» House, a small picture repretes'.iac " Darby and Juan." .Th» above reward will be paid on the delivery of the picture and the conviction of the thief. , *.-."■-- ; ..- ... . ... « . ...... ,.. .- - T. K. BATTF.LI.F, j < aul.'i '■"-'' "'^ "• >■ ' ' Pioneer Club House. <? DAM ICED FLOUR— hf bbls. for sale hyS «" ,auao*'- fi-i'.,--i..:.rx,DE WITT A HARRISON. "k.^Uii'lil'J-.* i^..,.> "*•"--. .Ji^,, ».. ,"-- '•

f&altß. ... ...WAIN WKIGHT.'BYitNiJ & Co. • — "? BXAX. ■ JJITAXX " ABD " xnCIUIDIU ■ ACCnOPTBBB..**! 1 :y ~.*;-,-; [At their old stand, ifTB Montgomery St.] » -■ ; 1 . Jaaik* H. Wainw*!ght," Auctioneer. _ ? Ilegulardayi for talc of merchamline— Mondits, Wicvxr EAT 3 and Fbid*y». ' Real Katate— TirpatDtTl and cUtcksays1 t- TO-MORROW, (Wednesday) August 27. at 18 o'clock, : At salei-room — 10 eases glasawsrs, constttiog of decanters, IHBlulaia, wine xlasse«, cheese and preserve diihss with covers, salt cellars, liquor decanters and glasses. . ._., ;. .' \ * . \ : - ; ■ . "*V 2 largs eases pineapple cueere; • -'^If. :: .t.^*. I - -. i. - 5 doz saythes; ft *natls*i 5 doz iron wt-11 buckets: ... -.11 boxes ginger nuts; 100 single hair mattresses; . 30 hair pilloas: 4 cane-sent settees; v ■ . ii counting desks; 1 iron bedltead; . 1 s ; Mirrors, table*, ftc, 4c ,"i. V\\ - .» Fer account cf whom it'may concern— Far account of whom it may concern — ;V^r 40 doz long and sho.t handled mil. an 23 ' Rri? A'r.\ ,?>•■> '■ On THURSDAY, 28/ at 13 o'clock. * -a;;. lAI sales-room— The American brig ALERT, 142 63-93 tons r'gisler... This Vrijr is wall found and in rood order fir any ■„....-. nnd is well calcul.-ted for the lumber She con I* examined by calling on He.trs. Necfus *. Tichenor, foot of Jackcoa street, where she bow lies.*'""* "T-~ J * •" " ans6 ' '/On SATURDAY.' August 31, at 12 o'clock, ! .•: At the Caliroruia Exchange, » '■■-. ■•"/• ■ 1 1 lota of ground in 50-rara lot No. M, formirg the corner of liroidwuT and Stockton streets. ■ This property is situated iv tho most derirable part of th* city for private roijrncc-a, ami Cut improving in value .. v .»../, „,. „ S, ■: • Lot No. 1 fronting 40 fret on Polk lane, by a depth of 57J feot."- On thit lot there is a goat well of water. ~- , '"" j - Lots Wo, '-', 3 and 4, fronting each 22' feet on Polk lane, by a depth of 57} feet. • "- ". -' • ■"• Lai 5, fronting 57} feet on Stockton ureet, by a depth of 40 feet on Polk laic. forming the corner of Stockton street and Polk lane. O ; this lot there ii a good well "i.~ ** .^ T . .'-. Lola 7. 8 and 9, fronting 21 feet each on Broadway street, by a depth of «0 feet; having also a front on 23 feet on Polk lane. i_l.ot 6 fronts is> bet on Broadway street, by a depth of COfi. to Polk lane, on which it f outs SSI feet, and has on it a good well.- - - - .- *■:. ;. •■..-.. „■„■-- _\ .. . 4 . . i 1.. 1 10 fronts 30 feet on Stockton street, by a depth of 40 ft. on Polk lane. .".""_'. \" "*\;" ~ ' . .' „; ",. ;.• . Lot 11 forms tHe corner of Broadway and Stockton street; having a front cf 30 feet i v Stockton at. and 40 feet on Broad- "■»"•'- ■■.-. .'■='. ; ".".;,. ■ / . . : -- ,-- ■■;: ■■-„ *A*O, I 1I 1 lot of ground iv square No. 192, hiving 20 feet front on Rrtiiiilwiu st. hy a depth of 57} feet. * There are on this lot two bouses, which are now rented at $'.".> per month. 1 lot of ground in Minn sqnure, fruu:iug SO on Broadway ,t. by a depth of 57} feet. ,;.*■.>.';;" ■;"' ' \- ' *"-.■, ;,, ' ■~, ; n . 1 lot of rroucd i;l isme. square, fronting 20 feet on an alley, by a depth ef 57 X feet, and connecting with lot No. 1. „ . '} auSS - LUMBER,' LUMBER, Ll'MHKß— W.inwriirht, Byrne k. Co. are prepared to receive crdsrs for any description of lumber that may be required/! J.s wi s > J-fi «•-' 5,:" *■ v "Lumber of my ilptcriplion ta»e.l to order, i t.-.-5.,; ■. aul ■, :-. By W. W. BACKUS, (LaTS nni op backt;?, davis v co.) [Washington ft., between IHontc-otnery and Ranaome, nearly opposite the old stand of Rackua, Davis k. Co.] I j ■\. Wh.<.;aj*~\V. Kackvs, Auctioneer. ' Rerular Sale I>avs Moxpatb. WgDfcicsT>AT.S and Fbidats. .- TO-MORROW, (Wednesday) August S7. at 10 o'clock, I ; Exieniite Catalogue Sale. Dry goods, hosiery, shirts, ahirtU|a,ilrilliDfa, denim., lint us, ticking, ke. Alts, clothinr, boot* and shoes, hats and capsex shiu Prekiifent, and others.* s,sv4l« ■*- ■ **"- Xx tuper whi'e English blankets; . .: ' :■ .- . S* + Fine and extra file counterpane.; jaconet muslins; -: . I. men ticks; cotton tick in?. . ""*i9r49 ■W IK Ji yi-agaauttr ALSO, kt»r» ■ - - ' -- Very superior sfiped shuts: Cray-!on dowlas do; .— - Elastic shirts; hosiery; ladies' while lace hose; - Brown half base; hdkfi, Ac. itmjf&tvnv.* "i.z ALSO. »"-3'.'5 ia '„• Blue drillinr; denims; shirting, super calicoes; Domestics, long cloths, rolled jaconets, &c. ■' -••■',-.',' .1.-V.'fr . •■ .". : . '^ ALSO, ". fl-i . .* Bos Black Cobnrrt, shot Cohurg., green Coburrs; Drab Coburgs, striped Coburgs; blue Orleans; alpaca*, A.c. -'.^t.«act AX.SO, ;..:'-;,::.: .- '■ 1 ease linen., super, ex au,oer and medium. ALSO, nes Largo invoices tine clothing-, comprising frock and dress cauls; bvn'iif •• coals; ex lupcr fancy cusimere pantaloons.^ -:ST S . •• ■ ■ ALSO, „-..., - ■ „ ' Uerino, lambawool and canton flannel under shirts and . drawers; - . ■ Red and I'l'.e flannel over shirts snd drawers; I I Wool half hoe*. ■***. •**» ,iw : 1 ■-- . . .v. -, . s; .<•',*»■«** St*S OVA • . ALSO, ■■ , A large invoice over coat*, sack coats, frock tier, panta- . loons, veals, Ac. ? ;, •' - ALSO, — long 'efrired frrain anl kip mi?lu;, liiLetui-n's and Croton boots; Hungarian and m per nailed boots fineeslf boots, snwed and pegged; patent leather and calf Downing*; brooms slippers, etc. _»„. ... _.-, - *> >■ «i\ - t »«4 - ALSO, -• ;"t ■ t . Rent's fashionable silk hats; , California hats, bearer, brush, anil other kinds, . . . ;. .-,. \' ■ Further description previous to sale. auSS «"»»*«>»••»< - At Private Salt., '.<• V.. ■;. $ Onniea Farina Cologne, in packifct, w.irmntcil ; and . ; ■ A large invoice fancy rwoJs, perfumery, etc. ■■» au'B y. By HIfTTOM" & Co. ,'•■ y J j r. HUTTosr, Esui Francisco. I oxo. *bgxb, Sacramento J ' [Comer of Clay in efansome .treet-J "v «iA -- i :; i i "J. F. Hptton, Auctioneer. ~ , -^e»»- ■.; ..-, . ;\ 1 Th* Barque Backus Will be sold a bargain, to dote a concern, with part cf a cargo of bricks, say 53,7 M), at private sale. Tln> barque bat a very full inventory, is coppered and topper faateu.-d. of the capacity vf 2,fi<)o I'bls., built at Philadelphia of the 1>e..l materials, oud is well found ia .oils, rigring, anchors, chains, Ac , and caa be put to sea at small expenie. If sot dispored of by Wednesday, August 27th, she will be sold at public auction at our talcs room. Her inventory can also be seen at any time. v , . - . ; < au2C „, , ,"." — ■ —. »* nOTTON A CO. - ' UntUnmUrs' Sale. .On FBIDAf NEXT, M 12 o'clock precisely, At salesroom, will be told — . Tine Barque Catalpa, • At she now lie* off Long Wharf, with all her tackle and furniture complete, j She is -o« tons, Register Customhouse measurement, a rood carrier, 7 years old, . was bailt at Medford, Massachusetts, nnd coppered about eighteen months aco. She haa a full inventory, which can be examined at the auction room of the subscribers. > ■ . auSS - CARD.— Merchants and traders throughout the country, iving merchandise to dispose of al auction, are respectfully informed that the subscribers' solas-room ia the largest and best arranged, for 0 proper display of goods, in the Iti ana, and solicit c >n.ignmen!s. . «2vf H>a nfntrlssnT <t *W1 Hi'TTON a* CO. HE ConnERCIAL BSCMANGI! FOX THE COn.iIKRCUL BXVtfAKGE FOR ALL NATION'S — undmioicd ia'.eads 10 open early in Sspteraber, an **Ttlablifht*Mai to bo called the Commercial Exchsare for all Nati*i>s,in the fireproof building now erecting by MaMTa, Smith, Brothers and Co., en the corner of California ami Sansotne streets. t . ' The purpese and plan of the establishment are, to assemble at one point the Bankers, Merchai.** and others residing in or visitiny Ssn Francisco. ' /' "' . Simitar ii.stitution: always been the dittinrnishing fea turet of commercial cities, both ia the Old and New World, and iil'hnugh the permanent formation of such an institution hat from various cautet hitherto been frustrated: lh* Proprietor trusts, that being enabled M* to locate subscribers in a psrfeetly fireproof building, and basing his project upon its comprehensive utility, he will meet with that support which such an undertaking bid. f»ir to justify. ■■ .. .-...--' The advantages utlerod by this establishment are principally these :- .5 .. ■ ■ ..,. .....:, •..,■■ ■ .... - A book contaioicg a register of the artival of all vessels will be kept constantly posted up a* they are reported, and also a copy of their manifes;*. -- a .-.: *, - *. ..-:-! j A book containing a list of vessels loading with cargo or paisengcrs for different ports, will be atictly kept, and merchants are particularly requested to furnish the ueccssary intormitionin order that correct advice may be given. ."u. ' . Letter bags will be made up for different pa 1 is of the world which will be forwarded by the first best opportunities. . . - 1 . The latest newspaper* and periodicals that can be obtained from the United Stale*, Europe and other part* will be kept constantly filed for reference. . _, ... Coriccr lists of prices of stock* will be given daily, ami a Commercial Exchange Price! Current will be issued, under the superintendence of Mr. Sloat, previous to departure of each semi-monthly ktesmer. ,. Iv one word, every possible information *f interest to the mercantile community, will be given. , ■ . . The rooms will- be. fitted up with desk table*, where subscribers can transact their business and leave their papers and documents in perfect security from fire. ..,.. ....;-. ., .--".!' The exchange will be ready fur th commencement of business about the Blh of September, and , will be open daily from 8 o'clock in the morning nil 8 at ni^lit; the fullest attendance being expected between the hours of 1 and 5 P.M. . . ! : The terms of aubscription will be. for the entry to the rooms $5, and for the use of a table desk, $„") per month. . - " tMi'iscribcrs only will have the privilege of eutry, but may introduce any gentleman who may have bu.ineas with them at the time, and captains of vessel, introduced by a iub«criber, will have the free use of the room." during their .t«y in port. au!s-«is .. r v, .;. ..tf3t;*,¥;*H« 4x./ K. MARRIOTT. . ASSIGNEES' NOTICE . OF SALE- The A« sigaees of J. D. Stevenson ciTcr at private sale, the following valuable property in San Francisco, which, if not disposed of at private sale, previous to tho llilh day of September next, will on that day bo sold' at Public Auction, without reserve. .vi * ...,~*. t ;» ;«-_■ i <, #•■» 6--j r»_4? ; I -..On Sacramento ttreet,' three buildings and lots, known as Nos. 5, 6 and 7, between Front and Davis sts. ] These stores are each SO feet by 1.0, built in the moat substantial manner, the roofs and eaves covered with thick iron, well painted." I • On Davis street — Four Lou, 1 between . Central Wharf and Clay street. ,>.-.. ....... -. .. "1)j(." 1 )j(.j v ' (J »;, -' Two Lots, 20 by 57 fee: C inches each, tinder lease for $290 per month each, payable in advance. '.. *-• .;^"";*. A -'^l j One Lot adjoining, SO by 57 ft. 6 in. under lease for $200 per miKit'i. payable in advance. •ew -=..-,. J. t - - -«. — • I One Lot, corner of Clay and Davis streets, 27 feet on Clay street by 57 ft. 7 inches on Davis st , under lease fjr $300 per, payable in advance. , . „ ; . . - 1 . j Water Lots — On Sansome,' Battery, Chestnut and Lombard street*. 1. „.._:. ■. .._." . • — .•■ >.-■ } T In *authern section of the city— lPO vara Lots on Firs', Third, Fourth, FoUom, Harrison and B-j.ut streets. s>f<jSsl Northern and middle sections of the city 50 vara Lot* on Washington, Union, Janes, Francisco, Bar, Mason and Taylor ■trrata. i. .-? - -* • " fc . -" '. " .'.'>. ■- ■'■ -■' H . This property will be told in en ire lot«, or subdivided to suit purebseers. , . ■-- " ■_ ■ • The titles are indisputable.* '.. Slaps of the Property e».n be seen, and "all other information obtained, by inquiry »i the office of J. D. STEVENSON, store No 5 Sacramento st. wharf, between Frost and Davis street, daily, from 10 to 4 o'clock. "... - - — au'2s-!6 LA.TIP!*, CnANDBLIKBS; CROCKERY, ii.GLASSWARE, CUTLERY, *c, *c— The .übseriber offers a full and complete assortment of the above article*, consisting iv part : / *"V^"'»iWs»aiirtj>»sit|isjjt» stijty^a . r . Solar, *ide, hanging, and becked lamps;'"' ' ' ~ ■ > •-..,, Solar chandeliers of 2, 3, 4, 6. 8, and 10 lights; v •'■" -. , Candelebra', gir&ndolei. Study and Ship lamps; *5 ■ f ' . Hall and Ship lanterns, parlor and shade ' lamps;'' ,;,- Cut aud plain tumblers; cut and plain decanters; '*• Cut and plain lamps, champsgne* ondgobleu and wines; ■;■ Stiver plated tea setts acd cutlery* •" "" '""" " **'^' r * ■ • ' Britannia ware assorted; - '-- '■ .*'''"■ ' Together with a general assortment of Crockery of the latest and moat approved styles, m^r"\ . i Being Agent for some of the belt manufacturers in this lino will be offered lower than can be purchased elsewhere in this market, re-"'*--*.^ JON. QAVKTT, Honu. Agent, tr . au!4-lm .; ... Califurnia street, 8 doors above Jones' Hotel. ' •J8 1 ' f*. afas HE WARD The above reward will be ifif M. a_H»i_F paid for tbe recovery of the body of Captain WILLIAM H. BTODDART, late of the schooner Emperor, who fall overboard from said ve-sel on the 13th instant, at the upper entrance into Puiblo B.y, and was drowned. .The undersigned, wishing to recover bis body for interment, will pay the above reward upou uformatiou being given where the body of said deceased may be found ».v-,i\T-«t> — « ■ ; De»cripUo» of. Win.. 11. st'od dart.— 28 to 30 yeara ; height, 5 feet 7 or 8 inches ; bear J (large) of dark brown color, hair, 1 the sama ; complexion, . sallow; eyes,: grey; faea, thin; won a blue check shirt, grey woclen pants, and dark frock coat, all somewkat wort. s«»w' < .«^i^*fc>^» w-^-i. ," U!*Ste!itH l^a s4> , WADS WORTH A RAVESIES, • ; «V^- '•**iiwii*"i vt >- .^wV. Battery *C, near Pacific, up stair*. ~ C San Francisco, August 19, 1851. £Wj> j; aul» » STO TE S— lso case* "New England Premium " Cooking ►^ stor's. No*. Ito 4; '..u >„j-ii -„ .-.,-.'-»» »° .-.63 can* "Globe Air Tight" cooking stove*, No*. 3 and 4, ex WITCHCRAFT. Fer sale by Bast* 1 - 1 umiiitji. itj g ao2l-7 -..jjt..""'^.-*^,*^ MACONDRAY A CO. -

Unction Salt*. By BE2J-JAMIIT KENDIG & Ca "-Vc :: -~ " : »HL lITATI ACCTlOKXKaa.'fer^fr * *. ' " "* ' [Ofßoe m the California v.xcaaare. ] i. ? * t Regular gale Thiiid.ii sud Satc»DAT».' .' " "Retl Etftc! a Jteat Estate'!^" • -;. t. ■1- . O« THURSDAY, Aurutt 2S, at 12 o'clock, ' In the California Exchanr", will sell— .i r - ■ , _ , », •- , Six Splendid Building Loisi -*\> „ , .;. On Washington street, south side, between Powell and Mason street* ; being part of 50-vara lot No. 174. * TansssatrsjKM Then; lots are all 32 feet II niche* front on Washington it, by 82 feet all inches deep, ami most desirable for residence. -. 1 » Titles guaranteed. Terms cask. rv •..'.•:■ ••■■■ ' :• Acts or Sale before Henry S. Fitch, .Notary Public, at the ex- ' pense of the purchaser. »<,'-u ■M 1 ■?< I •■'■ ""*■ '-*•"'. | 1 * For further particular* and to see plans, apply at th. office ■ of the auctioneer. ><- -.'^ ?-.,.. -■ - J >• At the California Exchange, will sell, (if not disposed of be- > fore at private .-ale,) that splendid 3-story store and lot on 1 Sacramento .treet,'Arc!i wharf, between Front and Davia sts, 1 The store fa .1 stories hi -V 20 feet wide, by SO feot deep, well - finished throughout, and desirable a* a business location, being , connected with Long w!iirf and near the laud in?. , t The lot is 'JO by (iO, and ' may be considered, with the tine, , substantial improvement thereon, one of the best and most vol. r liable pieces of water property ill the city." - .... H This property may be better knows as thet lately occupied ; by AD. Hutch.' .. -r, ■<-.-i ■.1 .--• . t -.. ■ w~ *- Will ba sold without reserve. % Term* ca»h — per cent paid ■ down at time of sale, balance to be paid within twenty-four r bonrs thereafter. I Title indisputable. Acts of sale before 11. I .".Fit-h, Notary Public, at the expense of the purchaser. au-li • '\ Mortgagee's Sale. 'On — ■ : September 4, at IS o'clock, At the California Exchange, will sol' — -'" ■ i " " r 50-rara lot No. 1358 in the City of San Francisco. ' •''■■ "- 1 .'■ "." "" " -" ' ALSO, ■ • ' > ' I " I I All those five average and individual lots of land situate, ly. [ ing and being in the town of VaUejo; the said lot* being mortgaged, ■by Jus. C. Mnrehead. to Phiiip Ilinekle. to secure the ■ payment of a certain sum of money; the said Hinckle having a full powar of sttoruey lo (ell ud convey th. tame, a* itipu luted in tb* niortgsg*."> Acts of tale at the expen-e of the purI chaser. Term* cash. " ■ BENJ KENDIG 4. CO., , " ' ttgH "-" ' f .-■>•■-., ■ ; Real Estate Auctioneer*. „....-. fly JSUDDLIBTON & SMILE Y. JOHN MIDDLETON THOMAS J. L. SMILEY. nHSS?** 4^"' [Sansome street, cor. Sacramento.] •- '• JOH3C MIDm^BTON, Auctioneer. Regular Sale Days— MUM DATs, regular catalogues of boots, I shoes and elofJjiuT* ■ . ' 1 WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS, regular salea of groceries, provisions and liquors. ■ A•■ *J Sale ./' Grcccrica, Imported Liquor*, Sr<-. : ■- ■ TO-MORKOW, (Wcdne*da>) August 'J7, at lUo'cli>ck, 150 kecs tup family butter; -J c" .up dairy cheese; - 50 kecs sup cucumber jicUlej in viiie^n !.;■:>? s') hf brls sup split pehs; 10 cases ajichovies; . bi» A-i sqr casks sup ileanefsy brandy ; ---- 3 hf pipes sup Otard,' Dupuy brandy; ■'* ■ 1 Ii I 111-^ul kegs Slip Uonoarahela wbitkey; - 'J.I easts sup old Mononguhela whiskey; - -*." ' ■> brla sup old dark cherry brandy; 25 10-fal kegs sup cognac brandy ; . 1 ' '*■' 3hf pipes sup pale old Phut brandy; *■ • • - - ■ 9J eases superior sardines, in whole, half aad qr boxes; Superior French Brandy, in Custom House Stores. '.';■ 10 hf pipes genaiae imported French cognac brandy; : J Hi 3tn-<;a»ks sup and warrtd pure French eogaue brandy. .... Crist MM and Pile Driver.. ,« _. - On FRIDAY, August 29, at 12 o'clock, 1 < Will sell, for account of . whom it may concern, a grist mill, wilh 36 inch French burr atones, in running order, all complete, which may be seen on board the store ship Ganges, foot of Jackson street. Also, a pile driving hammer, weirhlnr 200) lbs au26 ,' By R. D. W. DAVIS. :,„.. (late or Tin FIB.*! or nACKPS, ruvii a CO ) [Directly opposite old stand, in Wathington street] Regular Sales Days — Mondats, Wednesdays and Fiiidati. " TO-JIOItKOW. (Wednesday) August 5777t 10 o'clock. By catalogue — extensive assortment of Boot. Clothing, Dry Goods, Ac. consisting of — Super frock coats and sacks; Satin, Cashmere acd cloth vests; ;,„ „ Fine black ctt.imero pant.; Corduroy and eoltonade-pan's; , Fine cotton and Cation drawers; ... '. ; Red and blue woolen drawers; . . Fine whit, and fancy calico shirts; Red «ad blue woolen shirt*; Reznt'.a and pink knit undershirts; » Merino and lambs'weol undershirts; Woo'en socks; red and blue blanket*; Bla«k and brown Jenny l.nni bats; Assorted styles heavy and light boots; r Fine Orleans ire. and alpacas; Assorted Swiss and jseonet muslins; AssoiteJ lace* and edgings; assorted Not. Irish linen; Super while and cokred coven; Brown sheetings ; assorted muslins. .... .:. . - .». ALSO, An invoice of superfine silks and ladies' dress good*, consist, ing in part oP — t . „•«._*... • «-. . Fine dress silks, merinos, de laincs, silk hose; Fine naedle-workad embrd dresses; Cashmere hose; Fancy handkerchiefs, super silk and crape shawls; Ladies' bead bass, parasols, ladiea' gaiters, slippers, fte. - Also— An assortment of gold watches and jewelry. au-26 , Miscellaneous Sale of Groceries, Boots, Glassware, 4*c\ ' t. -., On FRIDAY, August £9. -' 100 kits shad; 50 bxa lime juice; - ' 15 bxs Bermuda arrowroot; 30 tins fruit cake; 4UO eases ginger; 5 bil* bird pepper, African; . - 4 UQ boxes mould candles; 30 bags beans; 1 es IS.OCO ftisret, pork, baeou, &C. - Alto ld super cross-cut saws: ft dox axes. an 36 By L. MINTUSN & Co, 1 .. Bales-Room in California at., two door, below Sansome.] . - T^-.. . — John Ue.n-.nik, Auctioneer. ■ ; • TO-MORROW, (Wednesday) August 37, at 11 o'clock, - At sales-room — pay freight and charges — Per ship Witchcraft — by F. B. button, marked diamond S: 73 brls vinegar: diamond R 75 brls vinegar. - Per ship American — shipped by Eli Morris, to order, marked *: .We. 109 and 110, 2 ease* merchandise Shipped by Cleavland ft. Co to L. Ki»jr, market 1,. King: 10 pkgs merchandise, Shipped by L. Bues, to n'der, marked Fxß. MB: 6 pkgt merchandise. Shipped by D. Randolph Mania, to order, marked X: 2311 pcs rough ami dressed plank. Shipped by Fuahfield, Harriett ft. Bach, to M. Barnett &. Co.. marked H It: I box merchandise. Shipper and consignee unknown, marked G ilitmon'l L, G: 9 cases merchandise. Also— Groceries, *c. Particulars hereafter. au2s '.. : At Private Sale. Furniture — of round and square tables, dining t-blft, couches large office desks, small office desks, writing desks, ate. ' anil ' By FORBES & Co. ' Arcno-c axd comnaaiON miechants. [Cor. Saasome and Pine ata* zinc More, formerly occupied b> .'■■■' i *;':':> j h Macondray ft. Co.l TOMORROW, (Wednesday) August 57, at 10 o'clock, On M:ieondrar ft, Cos. wharf— lso 000 feet lumber, includinz Southern pine floor boards, planed, tongued and grooved ; 3, 3 and 4 inch plank, joist, 1 can iliac, Ac, Ac. On THURSDAY. August 28, at 10 o'clock, at sales room, Liquors, Groceries, Dry foods. Hardware, iec Particular, oa morning of aaJe. . au2t> !»/■_ BALES GUNNY BAGS-li fine order; 500 %3 rfc boxes, 80 lbs each, yellow and brown so>p; *0 boxes starch; 300 bales, 66 lbs each, Manila rice; „ 50 htlf bblt Carolina rice; 100 bales brown sugar; £00 bbls fresh pilot bread and crackers, ex Bengal; 100 half bbls No. 1 crushed surar; 1-0 packagea spices, viz: sweet marjoram, summer savoi ry, aage. Ac; ■ - . . „ - ■ 120 bags English walnuts; 80 do scft shell almonds; 32 cases sardines, whole, half and qr boxes; ben brands; 50 firkins butter, in brine; 150 bbls bains. Now landing and for sale by -*' - au2S3 ' • WM. T. COLEMAN *. CO. ».)IM'K«i:uiC:i,AY Si PERKINS' POB*3-' TER, 6 doz each; :■ 75 cask* Bya. ale and porter, 6 doz in cask; 51 eases Schiedam gin; 44 eases J. Daraud's cognac; 100 kegs extra cherry brandy; 130 kegs cognac; I - M 28 qr casks old port; 14 one-eighth casks pure gin; 2)10 eases lemon syrup; 100 cases olive oil; . ; 12.) coses "grope,' 1 "nectar leaf" and Saunders' tobacco; . ■> : 70 bales Virginia leaf tobacco: 300,000 cigar*. In store and for aale by " WM. T. COLEMAN & CO., 0u25 3 .>..-... Sausome at., near Broadway. * EX WITCHCRAFT As K. R. PALMER— •25 doz. Britanaia castors, four and five battle* ; .50,(00 percussion cap* ; 10 dcz. marine clocks; 6 cases aatertel stationery ; - ... ..Also A fine lot af fancy roods, consisting i. part of fine cutlery, tooth, hair and nail brashes, buffalo and shell dressing combs, accordeoni, gold and silver watch*", gold pens and pencil*,ftc.&c. . ... ■■-._ ■ .■;,tavw»swa;f»~- r rv». r a • Also— 2oo doz. fine brown cotton hf hose. ii For sale low by -.-.- J. A. McCREA & CO. au°.s-14 Fire proof .lore next to Messrs. Maeoadiay A Co. JOSEPH B. BIDLKItIAN, Montgomery st. offers for tale— . . } 1 0 bsku. Heidesick champagne, in qts.; 100 bsku. Ilcidtieck do. .-. in pis.; „ ■ 100 biku. auorted brands ; 25 hf pipes brandy ; 50 qr. and eight cks. brindy and Port wine ; < '_ \'^" Amarican gin ia pipes aud hf bbls. ; -n „ ' - ' • New England rum in bbls. and hf bbls. ; And cks. Alcohol from GO to 90 per cant, above proof; 500 bbl». heavy moss pork. au2s-7 fpi OLD PUN* AND CHOICE CUTLERY. ■JT — Jutt received from London, per express from New York, the most complete assortment of gold pens ever yet brought to San Francisco, the same being manafactured by "Mordtn," London, COnaistilaff of nil pataat oblique, barrel, patent regulating spring and plain pen., such as are now being exhibited by that celebrated maker at the World's Fair. Also, ' Levi Brown's pea., of every variety, wit b and without holders. Also, pens of the manufacture of J. ft E. W. Smith, successors to the celebrated Bagley, for sale, wholesale aad retail. Together with a lane lot of carefully selected cutlery. At th. Stationers' Warehouse ef **aasas»v»s»»a*si «*»-"«.- j-»v ■•■> » ■ COOKE 4. LECOUNT, au'.s-3 I " * ■ Well* & Co.'s Buildinr, Montgomery St. A TO LET AT THE MISSION DOLORES.— Hia elegant House, just erected by Mr. Thompson, immediateiv above the Nightingale Hou-e, on Centre st, aad well adapted for a hotel, or hotel and boarding house, consisting cf an elegant diniag room, bar room, drawing rooms and parlors, kit.hen, bed rooms, Slc. The whole house bos been plastered and fitted up, with an unusual attention to comfort and convenience. To a good tenant the terms will be made very moderate. - ..,*?—.'. ■ Apply to WM. THOMPSON, or ' au2s-3* '• - v " J. J. COMBS, Mission Dolores. TKAJI ENGINES AND BOILERS MADE TO — Persons who intend uiingste.m engines on the opening of next season, either for operating quartz uro'.h' r ' machinery, can have their orders executed for engines and boilers of any desired capacity, from 5 10 200 hoi se power, by leaving them with us. ' Being connected with one of the best ma.mfactuiin? establishment* in New England, wefeel confident that orders for machinery will be executed with despatch, and en as reasonable terms as at any works in lie Atlantic States. "- ■ . _-, 1 BGERY A- HINCKLEY, : an-M-7 ._'.,>.,--. ■ '<: '' Pacific Foundry. First St. ■ »'..;-,, EUEBV 4: lIINCKLEY, ~~" ; . . ■ ; * MAViFACTrurin. or - "W. «cf MILL, STEAM ENGINE AND QUARTZ PULVERIZING ; ■'-;- w-:* MACHINERY, «> 5 :, •- . «t AN» IRON CASTINGS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. . >'■.' r- Fust St., (lETOIIS Mission AND HoWABD.) - ' HBsWrih*'* '-<■-"■-- '.' >.--'■■■ San Fbaxcisco. ; . ,: i. Sign of the Pacific Iron Foundry. [au2s-lns BEAUT I 11. DAGI'EBBEOTIPE.*.- " Home, sweet home ' " — Uncle Sam hiving just agreed 10 1 carry Daguerreotypes to th. Atlantic States by mail for almost ' nothing, F. COOMBS also , agrees to lake body's picture ' cheaper, and pre-hap* better than anybody else posibly can do ' it ' Jut drop into his office, on Montgomery st , one door fora Long Wharf, whore all tastes caa be pleaded. . au3s-2* - TKA«. KILKS AND KB AWLS— lmperial and ; JL young nyson tea*, in cases of canisters aad catty bx*.; 1 ■ ■ Embroidered crape sbawl», assorts d color*; . Bandar, assorted color* , silk drei*e* ; ; Lacqurrcd ware ; China rica in sucks. » Now Landing ex CONSTANT, from Canton, and for sale by ! ',anBs.|o. -,'^; w ,,v< -. MACONDRAY A CO. I jTi ALLEGO FLOCB-For sale by ■ ■ \jf au2'> ' JOHN F. OSOOOD, California st wharf. PIPEK- PIPES— bxs.T D, for .ale by ':*. . JCT au22-3 - GIBBS A CO. Santonin at. Bear Washington. . ■ - -.<:., • . -*i»ji .»tvrM aftftSH :"<;' ■- \

"> button Salt*. I By RISING, C ASEIiU «ft Co. - - lauctionkzz3 Asm coxanasnoi* srxacztAjCT*. . ' [Salsa-room corner of Sacramento aad Saaaoai. atreeia.] ", Regular day* 01 aale, Tubsdati sad Fudat*. - ■ THIS DAY (Tuesda>) A.gust »», at IOJ o'clock. precisely, Provisions, Groceries, Wines. Liquors, C iftmrs,G rockery. Glassware, Furniture, Dry Goods and Sundries; .. Cempri.iar principally — bags barley; Chile near; Chile beans, .opeiiur souchong lea; sprria caadlea; assorted pickles: Loadon assorted sauces; Dutch cheese; Beidlitx and Epson salts; butter; claret ia casks; Port wine in kega aad eases, diaV reat qualities: gi-ldan sherry ■•> case*: champagae; port wiaa is jar*; braney in kegs; assorted brandies in eases; ginger brandy; superior win. bitters; Uoaoagabcln whiskey; dinner sets; wiae glasses; English lawns; blanket.; overcoat* aad sack*: razors; writing paper blank book*; wardrobe* bureau; centra tables; engraving*, fte, Ac. V ■ :^-: ■--■'-■ . ■-. ' '■.••- An extensive assortment of clgaia, coeaprisina: V SO ,000 of various qualities, brand* and sizes. Also— cheroots. - Alto, A lot cf shelving, window and stare fixtures. au3S 1 At Private Sale .V 0 ease* superior sperm candles, of all sues; White and red Rhenish wine; real Burgundy wine: ' ■ Superior choice port wine; . ■ - ' An extensive assortment of cigars, of various brands; - t One force-pump, complete; And an assortment of . other goods, comprising wines, .■-'" liquors, groceries and dry goods: A valuable estate far sale. Title indisputable. an 19 Advances made on consignment*. \ Money loaned on approved security. ' Gold dust bought ana sold. Insurance cases, where good* are to bo sold aa damaged, properly attended to. One spacious cellar to rent. Also, several offices sad room, ii tha best part of the city. " . aal9 By GOWER & POULTERER. . AUCTION Aftp CoaEaieSlOM MMCHA-Tia. [Comer of California ami Batiery streets.! ' T. J. PorLTKnKB. Auetioaeer. ?>hip Ann McKim. . THIS DAY, (Tuesday) August JB. at 10 o'clock. At 'ales-rooms The fast-sailing Baltimore ship ANN MeKIM, coppered snd aeavily eopper-fasreaed, originally built lid most admirabl. adapted for the ('Una trade. For iaventory and further particulars apply at our store. i'j^J China Rice. ■■ " 900 mala G6j lbs ci China rice. Plaster Paris. 119 tierces of super plaster paris. For account cf tr'tJTn ii may eomcern. 4«^n 3."> bags 4' 76' lbs dried pears, 7 ban "436 lbs ginger, , 30 doz Ji ckson k. Son's sup Champagne, SI *jaaka Madeira wine, 31 qr casks port wine, 2 case, tine cut tobacco. 15 rloz broom*. S3 tins cheeae, . Box of letter paper, S3 iloz pickled oii.ia. Also, clam* and lobsters, 3 bbls clear pork, 10 boxes Brads, 8 tierces dried apple*, 9 tierce* pearl ash, 4 bMs meal, 135 bxs pepper sauce, 100 banket* champagne, 24,000 imported cigars. Glass-Bare ana Eartkentcare. 5 eases 120 doz plain hf pint tumbler., 1 ease SO doz heavy pressed do, 2 crates of assorted Earthenware. Dry Goods and Clothing. 30 pc* print*, 14 pea mous ie lame*, 10 pci alpaecas, Guernsey, white, striped, flannel, hickory and other '. • •■ shirt* and drawer*. Sack coat., fancy cassimere aad cord paata, IJres* coat*, belt", table coven. Also — Snuffers and trays, belts and sundries. aa2B By H. R. SHEARER, Auctioneer | Salt-Rooms Russell lluildi. —Sau.ome at. near Lnag Wharf.) Regular Sale Days Tursoara. TtrcaaDAT* and SATsaOAva. THIS DAY, (.Tues'l^ auiu.i Hi, at 10} o'clock, 'Will be offered a large consignment of Groceries, Provision; Liquors, Segars, Tobacco, Cheese, Clothing, Prime Boot*. Slot, and Brogana, with sundries well worthy the a'tsitiou of dealer*. ISO cases fine and coaria Ii >ots; 63 ca do do brogans; 100 doz shoes, ties and gaiters; 130 pantaloon*, doeskin and corduroy: 70 eaats, pilot and aver; 50 monkey jackals; - 1000 gala brandy; 1300 rala Port wine: S3 ease* champagne: 50 c* sauterae; 40 cs whijkty; 5 ism porter, Bya»s'; 300 gal* Madeira wile; 13 caaka pure sperm oil; 60hf brl* clear pork; 100 qr brls; 10,000 lba superior rica in mat*: 5000 lbs Manila sugar; SO tins best English dairy chees* ; 30 kegs Smart's ayru p ; 33 kegs fin t rate pickles; 100 brls drd peaches aad apples; 100,000 superior cigars; SO cases prime tobacco; 8 double barreled Earlish runs; sealing waxPaper and account books; 20 doz superior axe kaadlea: 12 grosa playing cards, Highlander; 4c, fte. auSS CARD.— It if rcipeclfiillr intimated to parties haviec goods to dispose of by aueiion. that th* subscriber devotes his undivided attention to the property entrusted for sale to his care. and that no exertion on his part shall be wanting to procure the highest price* of the day. au3« H. K. snKARER, Auctioneer. By COBB & Co. [Iron Store, comer Washington and Sansome street*.] 11. A. Cobb Auctioneer. THIS DAT. (Tuesday,) August So, at 10 o'clock, At s*!e.-room — 30 brls cognac brandy: 20 kegs cognac brandy; 50 bars onion*; S3 boxes rermicalli; SCOO lb« surar; Butter, cheese, pickles, and a variety of liquors and groceries. Alo — Dry goods, prints, muslin*, ringhams, arc. Also— Plats, hat*, suspenders, shirt*, and 15 doz assorted co.l. and paletot*. Also Paiatiags, letter and foolscap paper, tad 1 variety of fancy and other goods. Also — crates crockery and invoice glassware. Also— loo tins ground coffee, 14 lbs each, and a variety of other good*. CoparHurgl,ip Notices. NOTICE — The Copartnership heretofore existing aadar a.^l the firm of Dewey A Heiser, wit dissolved on th. lfik Of Aornst, 1851, by mutual consent. The business of the late firm will be settled by Charles L. Heis.r, at the store of C. L. Case, Saasome at. between Pule and California st*. - SAMUEL L DEWEY CHARLES L. HEISER. San Francisco, August 19. 183 L • a»2O DISSOLUTION— The firm of Harlow, Taylor ft Co. was dissolved on Hi- Ist day of April last, by limitation The business of the firm will be settled by James M. Taylor JAMES HARLOW, JAMES M. TAYLOR, L. C. WOOD, , JOHN S. TABOR. San Francisco, August 9th, 1831. aaS* lm* "VOTICB IS HEREBY OITB.'V that th. firm of .Xr4 Brittan ft. Sauthworth ia dissolved by mutual con." eat, this day, July lotb. Idol. The business of the late firm will he settled by J. W. Briitan, at the old stand, on Battery street, a«ar Pacific. . J. W. BRITTAN A. B. ROUTHWORTH. The business heretofore carried on by Brittan A Saathworta will be continued by the subscriber. «u3 J. BRITTAN. E>«:i 3MJI AND A.HERICA* ALE AND PORTER AND FRENCH BRANDY.— slaz. extra English ale and porter, ex Dumfries, from Liverpool ; also -00 eases superior American ale and porter, and 100 10-gallaa kegs A. Seirnett.'* cognac brandy, ex Isaac Parker, from Baltimore: loading this day, and for sal. by" ' B. GARDINER. a 095-3 B«asotna street, Bear Broadway. OKA KEG> CUT NAIL*- Assorted sizea— loo /•B>oJl<Ur f roc* Goodwin's smoking tobacco 5» bales Kentucky leaf tobacco ; And a large assortment of genuine Havana ar.. Landing and for sal. by QUEREAU A JOHNSON, 11253 Sanaome next to cor. Wa.hinrten .t. "1 t\€\ 4 - CAKKS Pl'RB Jllli; POST— JL \p %J 'M qr. and 30 eighth cka. domestic braaaly ; 200 cs. St. Julien and Margeaux claret; 100 b.-ku. Anchor, Eagle and Creme de Boazy ehamp'e. Landing and in store, for sale by QUEREAU ft JOHNSON, L aag->7 Bansome next to cor. Waehiaatoa at. "kafl. JIXS. TIACC'ARO.M AIVD TEB9I«JvF i'ELI.I- Mal.g. sherry; • 111 bbls. V.sstr's Al* ; %* bxs. prime cheeso ; 10% lbs. super, carbonate soda. For sale by QUEREAU A JOHNSON, ' aa3s-3 Saasome st, next to cor. Washington. "I aThcTti ****• .RROVNIY COFFEE— Ia lb. paM. * 9 %3 pera; *0 bxs. do. in tins ; 20 bis. iround pepper; Cm) bx*. sperm and Adamantine candles. Just received and for aal. by (U'EREAU A JOHNSON, ■■• auB.yi ■ Banaome street. £t*\\ COILS TAR'D COBDAGE— Three and \3 X 9 four strand, from 1 to 7 J inch. Also, spun yarn aad ratlin stuff"; Landing from ship N. B. PALMER aad for sale by au23-7 QUEREAU A JOHNSON. Sansome «t. ALE IN CASKS— AIa and porter ia boxes ; elarot is bxs ; brandy in { cka. ; batter in 15 lb. keg* ; Whiskey in 10 aad 20 gal. kegs ; . Bargundv Port in kegs , tea iv candle.. - For sale by " *- " JOHN McC ARTY, aa2s-7 . cor, of Saaaoma and Washington *!»■ BOARDIHAN, HA CON oV CO. corner Saaaom* and Washing ton its. offer for saleBlacksmiths' bellow* ; anvils, rices, male shoe* ; Cast *te«l, borax, tledge hammer* ; Slatting powder ; safety fuse, percussion caps ; And general aaaortment of hardware and mining tool*. aa3s-7 SPICES IN ROND— I32 bags Black pepper ISO do. white do. 43 do. drives ; 9 cases autaiea-a ; 5 do. mace ; Ex SPRAY from Manila, for aale by - 8835-8 ■ - - MACONDRAY ft CO. B BANDY WIRE CORN 7IEAL-I* pebs. bhl». and hf bbls.. Now landing ex N. B. PALMER and RADUGA, and for tale by QUEREAO A JOHNSON, 1 au3s 7 . . Saaaom* next cor. Washington it. CBE.HICAL OLITB SOAP— IOO bxs. ehsmical Olive soap, 1 Ib. bxa. Just received per JOHN -N. GOSLER. and for sale by PICKETT A CO. au2s-3 - . foot Jacksoa atraet wharf. FOR SALE— Ooe-haifsharein tk. Pkcsaix Gold Quartz Uining Co. of Bute County, California. Apply to FERRIS A CROWELL, *uSS-3* , Howiioa'a Pier, foot of Sacramento at. ATEB LOTS FOR SALE— I aa market at. .IT I Wharf; 1 on Front at. For particulars apply to SMITH BROTHERS A CO. auio _ Montgomery at. cor. Bush. OPERA DRE«»EK & OPERATIC .IIUSIC An invoice just received ex ALERT, from New York, and far sale by ■ QUEREAU ft. JOHNSON, ■bbbs 3 . Sanaome at. next to cor. Washington. FANI'V AND STAPLE DRY GOODS— 8. RO3ENTHAL baa removed his slock of fancy and >tapl* dry good* to the new brick house, corner Commercial and Keaniy at*. ____^_ au'-3-lu. A SMALL INVOICE OF FINE CITLERV— Received via the Isthmus and offered for sale by . C. E. HUNTER, Iron store on Front st. auaO-14 " " ■ ■ " bet. Jackson aad Pacific GAIiLEGO FLOUR— Superior to any before received in California, fur sale bar aass»s»-sass»_jhitjßs F. c. sanford, ■ jvlO-ftm " ' ' on wharf foot Ptbo at. MANILA CORDAGE— 200 coil* .mall Manila eordire, for sale by aaßßata*as*a>s -^ at , -. - - Sic Ki'.NZIE, THOMPSON A CO. Clark's buildiac, au2o 3 - Front at. bet. Broadway and Cuania(haaa's w'rf. BEEN COFFEE EX JULIUS, from Caatral America— V cry superior Central America eaffee, of thi. season's crop. For sale by - - " D. GIBB, -^ - aal»- ■-:■-.-'«.—»:■ -- Brick building. Central Wharf. CORN MBAL-JUfl hf bbl*. heat quality kiln dried corn meal. For sale by -■•■■ MERRILL, GOSS ft CO. - autM . Sansome st. between Clay aad Waahiatrtoo. ■' SHEET IRON— No. 57— RG and other qualities, for 1 f* by J. w. BRITTAN, ■•"' ' ' - Battery st, near pacific

faction Sales. „ By ROIsIsIMS * CO. -■ A. EOULCW, .- R. Scbotis. [Coraer Bate— a ana Saeraanawf straoU. J • -■• Rerular Sale Days.— Tlmsbats, Catalogue Sale, of Dry Goods, Clothing, Boot, and Shot*. Bale, Waiebaa, Ac. , THI7UDAII aad Satcboatb, Saloa »l Urocerie., Provisions, Liquors, Cigars. Hardware. Ac. £xt*ntm Catalogue Sat* »J Ury Good*, Clothin f. Boots and Shoes, Gold aad Silver Watches. Diamond aPliar and Pisa. Fuse Cutlery. Fi-ioii Jt c. - wit I? 13 ,?* r ' f l ""** l '') A «"« 28, at 10 iehK-k, Will be toM, a urf. «i deainbw stock of d.-r roods, clothing, ft e . cohal.tug of— / • Dry Goods. 100 pa blk aad cold Thibet -lotis aad paraaalt- - - ■ a*W pa rich, faacy and plain da lame* SCOpaf«e«y priata, assorted; 100 p. aae lleach.d shirtingaj 130 ps faacy b "*«>» aad lt<n; ■ £? "• •»• jaooaata and aeaas emesaal muliaa- *> pa Freoch clothe aad doctkias50 pa fancy cassis .res; 100 pa superior French gißgnams; 200 doz ladies' white ana cnl'a cotton aooe330 dos men 'a woolen half nose; I*o pa Raniaaad Seotea. diapers; 300 fia* daraaak linen table cloths; 100 ise embossed cloth table dacha: ST C <*! 300 pairs extra large and heavy brae, starlet aad brow, blankets: - Rich Silk Shavh, &c 5 case* Frtnch silks lad satina, aad 4 ca^* China silks taa satins. Comprising — ( pea orange embossed saiinj; 13 pc« ckaae silks, various sbadeai pea fancy striped silks; 33 pea hlk and eaTi satina; 7 pea blue, piak sad scarlet China silks; 1 1 pee plaid Ckiaa silks; 43 pcs aaeertea silka. AXao, I caaa mea'a aad women's silk hosiery aad flat**. 10 canasta fancy ribbons; i cartels fancy Preach silk and satia cravau. stum 1 trunk 100 pea silk baadkerehieA; i caaea 175 pea scarlet China adk/a; ■ 130 faa crape shawls, scasfa aad bandar, comprisin* wkiie aad colored embroidered iv great variety, juat received front Canton. smsm, 1 case rich printed eaahiaere shawls, Fine Clothing. IJO black, bin. Md brawn ctotK, frock and dress coat'; 100 black, brown and drab beaver overcoats; 40 superfine black cloth cloaks; 300 prs superfine French fancy caaaimere pants; SCO prs super r'rench black dookio pants; ' 400 pn super black aa>l blue satinet peals; 1300 prs heavy cottoaaue peats; 300 fancy silk, satin, caihmere aad velvet vest..; ■Jim fancy Twe-ii aad eassiasere tinaaa a ctMla, 130 doz fine whit<s linen boaaan shirts; 300 do* French calico ihirts; 100 doz colored boson white shirts; 100'doz scarlet twilled oaaael .renhirts; 100 dez bine twilled laaael overaairu; 150 doa scarlet knit drawers, vary superior; 100 doz grey knit drawerr. very superior . SCO doz jean aad Caaton flannel drawer-. 30 doa pink cotton undershirts; ■*-**+.. :t SO iloz China silk aadersairts and drawer*; 39 doa white lambs* wool aad Merino undershirt, aad drawers; 100 doz corduroy pant*; 30 doz heavy theepsjrisy pant*. Boots and Shoes. 70 ease* boots and shoe*, comprising a general assortment. Gold Watches, Chains, 4>c. , Just received — 100 gold patent lever and duplex, huatieg levers, anchor escapement, l'epina and chronometer baiaace watches; silver levers; gold fob and guard chains; diamond ptaa and riags; gold bracelets; fold pens and pencils, Ac. JauVaj Aa invoice af Colt's army puts!*, revolvers, Ac. . * Fine Cutlery, d>c 200 doz fine dirk and pocket knives; 30 doz line knives and forks; Sit doz razors; SO doz scissors; 30 gross, placed table spoons, Ac aui."» Oa THURSDAY, August 23, at 10 clock. At the stare of R. R Grimia*, Esq., we will dispose a/ has remsinins; stock of iiood. Os band, cou*Mtmg of Superior American hair tri^er rifles double barreled guns; Axes, of the best cast steel, warranted; coffee mill*; Bake pans; wood laws; locks; hinges; latches; Maaona' cast steel trowel* folding handle tape measures. SO, 60 and 70 feet; iron and Britannia table spouaa; German silver table and tea spoons; sheet iron: Tack hammers; cut tacks: wrought and cat apikea. 3, 3) and a inches; nests of tubs', Ac au-,t> By BACKUS & HAKJaiaOM" [California str—., b«twas.« ilonaomaiy aad Sanaaaae.) P. 11. Backot. Aactioaeer. THIS DAY. (Tile, any) August ZS, at 10} o'clock. At .ales-room— Taa. sugar, rice, Chinese matting, molasses in casks, cheese, Dutch lierrinj, Manila cheroots, cigars, candles, Ac. Ac. ■ Also — An invoice beot* aad shoe*, consisting of— 300 pra extra line sewed French calf boots; 100 prs extra line sewed French caff shoes. Also— 3o eases miners' grain boot*; 4 ease* extra kip brogans. Also— About 40 ease* boots, to be sold on account underwriters. . auJ5 200 package* choice taaa, consisting of Imperial. Guapowdor Young Hyaou, Old Hyson, and sob. of the mast superior Black tea ever offered in this marktt. Sale positive ana without reserve. These teas are ta I, J aad :i-ib canister*, and ii Ib, boxes, imported expressly for this market. Also— l 2 caaes containing 13 can', each 2} gallons super alive oil. . „. ' Ml Also— 3 proved and tried anchor*; rO boxes ground finger, « lbs each; 12 boxes ground pepper, 33 lbs each; 4 blil* laJerataa; 1 case containing 3 pr* heavy white blanket*, -' 1 wait* Lancaster quilts, 78 lba whole pepper; 1 bale supetior^catton batting; 1 bale superior cotton wick. Also— 30 neau red and black China trunk*. auSS TO-MORROW. (Wednesday) Au;a>.t 37. at II .clock, WiU sell at the warehouse of Glea ft Co., North Beach, foot of Stockton street, for account of underwriter! About 3 1.1 00 Ib* white Manila sugar. About 36.000 lbs brown Man's sugar; 1 It.l 00 curare. _^_I_L_ »•*• By SELIlvr & B. FRAIiTfXIM. M. J. Baaj« Aatx a* >;n-nnn, Aa«tioneer. [Sales-room corner of SacraaaeaU «nu Leuie*dors streata.] Sale Daya— ToasPAra. Tupbshat* «mi 3atcbiiatb. THIS MORNLNG. at lOJ o'clock. 18,000 lbs potatoes, 7.U00 lbs nee, ST.COO lbs barley, 51.000 Ib* beans. «7,tluu Ik* anrar, S.OOO Iba sugar candy, 209 boxes claret. 230 ken whiskey, brandies, cherry brandy. Port wiaa and whiskey, all in small hex* ; ioo marble -labs fer counters aad table*, 20 pieces counterpane*. 10 doz mattresses. 4,001) pieces will paper. 125 lbs cigars, different brands; 40dozea shovels, a beet ir.«. raisins, hat.., paau, shirt., baadas. China preserve*, China wrappies; paper, hardware, crockery, ftp. aul'g-t* ___&emotiat9. RE.TIO I. — A Lippitt, Attorneys and Comtwilora at Law, and Proctors and Advoeatea In Admiralty, have removed to Laffan'a building, Merchant street. J. E. HOLMES, Late el South Carolina. • F. J. LIPPITT, ■ Commissioner for New Tork, Pennsylvania, and lUode I *'"°- aulo-10 S.H.IRTI.\ e% CO. have removed to their Bow fin • proof building, Washington street, between Montgomery and aj.naome, and they offer for sale the following roods : Gents' and ladiea' kid ilovea, silk and wool damasks, dusters, children's saps, silk gimps, moaaelin da laiaea, colored trapes, silk bags and parse*, paints. Ac. . aa9-M-THK OFFICE of the udersirned ia removal front th. Casa Grande, Dupoattt to the brick builiinf >fßoitoa A Barron, Montgomery street. F. MARRIOTT ft CO. aal Loan, Land, Scrip and Money Areata. GREGORY VALE ha. removed hi* law eat c* to Bolton, Barroa A Co.'a building, over Gregory's Express. Entrance oa Merahant atreet. Commissioner for New ,'aaraaaire, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. aa.l6-7 COLE cV PAKIOil!), SURGEON DE.\TTiT3, have removed to th« new building, comer of Cbb> and Seamy atreet*. iyjg a. yAß»Oita.3t.p." a. «. c^J. g^i ODEFFROV, HILLB3I A: CO. have tiara'LaT ed to taeir oid stand, corner of CUy and Leide.dorST atr*>et- ■ aa7-la RITTE, TIMSOT de C O— Have removed te Jackson street, id store from th. corner of slaisome. au'-15 VITKB, SCIIUTn A CO., hare removed to CallW forma street wharf, below Battery st. <«4 DR. — Office WASHINGTON STREET, earner of Virgiau street, beiag the second Boas* above 3torkioa *treet. . . aagl DR. WHITE. — Office— WASHINGTON STREET, above Dupont, / aagl ißoar&inp. PRIVATE B»ABDIt>CI~.U SCOTT, formerly of the Adobe Bui'uia;. earner California! Bad Montgomery street, kejs to intarm her friends aad tbe p-iklte that .he has just completed her new establuhneal 9 ilooit below Pino street, on Montgomery, where she I* bow prepared to accommodate gentleman and families desiring board sad apartßjeat*. The table is liberally supplied with the best the market afford*. Th. bouse i* spacing* and newly furnished throughout, and every exertion will bo Btadw to secure tho comfort* of home to it* lutuate*. Term* moderate. References permuted t* Hon. T. Butler Kin*;, Co. Redick McK**, CoL Williams, J. D. Tallant, Esq., Judge Wvlda. Judge T. J. Smith. ■ . _an»J«i BOARDING— Two or three gentlemen taa bo aetoeaodated with pleasant room*, and full or partial bo.rJ. ia a .nail private family, where there are bo children. - Van house is delightfully located. - , For further particular* apply at the Union Baths, soata s ids of California street. Bear Montgomery. jy*> PRIVATE BOABDIRfa-HU. 8. A. LELAJ-D formerly ef New Yorkchy, ha* opened a Boarding Ho in at No 34 California street, between Kearny and Dupoot *tre«ts. Her house 1* sitaa'ed in a very desirable location, is eletaotly furnuhed, and ia well adapted to the comfort of mall f.ra- ■"*»• - aa,! BOABDINCr-Just opened by MM. JACKSON, at the cor. of Kearny and l.'ainn at*, a genteel baardiag hoase, where gentlemen can be accommodated with roosaa and board on the mast reasonable tarns*. . - aaS-lat* aTO LET OR FOR SALE— A iißialiaini HOLSI., containing S3 room*, situated la Suiter street, ■out. has just bora erected, and i* in every way arranged aad adapted for a boarding house. For further information a•."•re "f CHAPIN ft, dAWTER, ; aal »- lm- ear. Clay and JlosMgoaierr streets. MRARE (H.i.UR.- Tae Wiatarop House, Coramercial street, well arranged for toe aeeemmodation of peimanent aad transient boarders, and «■.» doiag a good business, will be atM low, a" the owner wisics to leave (or the Atlaatie State*. To any one wlshis; to .agaf* In -111 liiliiaiir, thu affords a flee opportunity. aal* 7* MDVII.LI.X 6 ■•|jg| TO LET— The new house oa Uaion street, between Dupoat aad Kearny. sathemt aad plastered throurhaut; well ef water oa tbw preotiacs, aad every eoareaieae* complete. Will be ready for occupancy en the Ist Sept. To a rood tcaant will ba let low. Apply to UIEREAL' ft JOHNSON, en*3-i Banteme .treat next to tor. Washington. £TO LET— A DWELLING HOCdE, 1 .tone* high. containing 7 rooms, a brick ehiraner, Ac, aitaale <ia tea street, oppoalte the old Marina Hospital Inquire at the California Exckaar* *»f l*n<3) BE a. FORD * CO. ALCOHOL A.IB R t-.TI -Alcohol ia bbls. an to » above proof. Ram la af bol*. bare, aad eaaia*, tm onto ia lou to sail, by JOSEPH B. 81 DL KM AN, »als-lm ■ M*wtg<j*a«ry»tr»sTt. FOR LEAAB OR SALE— in LOT « Clay st. between Montgomery and Leideadorff si*. 40 (act froat by •0 feat deep. . For further ptrtieulari inquire of • SANCHEZ RROTHEX3. . auSS « California street asrar Kaany. ". COFFEE- bag* superior Old t^vensaeaa Java CaOae, landing and for sala by Hit. 1 i.taatafai »»ra.B sail ug " bb2l-7 -.-- . _ BLi^SOM A OODE?l,fo*t Jarkaaa) at. 9asßaasssss3Hsn*9 * ' *.•.'."*>-•>■

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