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BUREAU DE LA POSTE. f*aa Frearisra, 1 Ferrier, 1852. I.etirea) F>aurai>rs-ranai F«bbb*lii. 1 Ferrier— 1. Ltete de* Lettres Fraacaises aa Bureau de la Poote, a San Francisco. Los personses aai demudrnt Uur leure«, sont prices da dire qiV,le*»oot fur la liste do 1 Ferr I:S2. Carta. Etpaeolaa en el Correo. A la* personas one pi up *«ua caftan, ac *nplica aviiea que estaa en la luta de 1 Febr*'*, 1852. 4. M Niwettl J A 8 Abadi«n<ji:'auM Etkf r Reveria Neira Mateo AVadie ! Kneel P«t'r Nestle Conrad Acflve 'o Mailia E»catilla DoniinffO Mvau it AdlerYooltto W 55° lj ', rCh Ar«ilarFS F*rer« Antonio g 01 *". I*^"1 *^" Atl>.« e Ja. Felix Fr «. Porf Nu«cz Jajn ?&Z.*?Z* SK&ST OUvierSnpicien

BL SSB S r SS=- &S£ sss? 5 i».r*-*nrr*d Gsillaruon Ck Paris Lorenzo wlrovio Pietro waaaj audit Bielisere Pastor HeriWito-2 Brfardßemy Garay Ant Pascal Ernie Hsheke H' Umbi^i-S Patek Jaan It.Uaaru Toms* Garcia Cin-iaier P.tte Ju!es t,rr- er Gelos M fad Payot J M 2 I'.»rr.-fan Mana'l Gbirar.'e Ii DomiagcPellctier Victor Bsudry Cba* Q v John B Pettcrtt Pierre Bat'fz Giovanni Goee:tAct PerretJß I!- k'.r Ch F Gawmasn L ! ciuand Pernelle Horlogcr-3 1 „iijo (ir fi 1 Wiliitm Pease Armand Balloe et Sereiu-S AlessandetPetensen C A Beczi Franci»co Gugeiberg Pattarj^n Jh B ntvid* Cinlo de G*yodo |Co P cciv Gastave de Benrsml U cyol A rmacd Pico Rsphael Kr-ar«:liiPG Graper Iriar.cb Pioct Saift Naiasapt Bsrcari Hip Gr^oikto Joa^flf P.zziro Frsn Maria Bernards Gr;mmFruz Po t«v Nestor B 'rends Greonew»M Iheo Porpe Ernest BfeiT'tßio II Porte T.m tke* !;! n sauafa Hammers D p. 1 5 Bt. Birfctie Pierre Ilmn»cB Niels Psuzvi'oux Louis P.:t Carl • H sxtmata Jacob Prado M Remondes Leopol Hnllnicg Paul Prirtoßunou Bocanrgra Tricidad Hallaoann A Co Proicis Orrard Bookmtcn AlirnnJ Herrera lUmou pueeb D>u Botzou CbritUaa Ilsymann b Putnam G'eg Bouo.m Boulasper He>mmn Q Biuraari HiUenbrrck Wil Q-ie'in P Boochard Hte Hirseh Bendtl Qutaot Buyer JB Ho«er qiet Eogeae Bnuet J B Hoas«oit Q Cup It B>uebervillePti4iMHuetEdm«at«tCo Rambasa Bcullier Vital Hum Wot Toeopkile Ramoneda Fran B**cbnlte Theo ■ R.mdohr H-2 B^arliLVal loßffa*u* J C UamirrzSan Bourdon ye Thss Irian h Regal J^li n Bou «i?noB M«!.S JT K*..ault Dem* BraegerGre Jarry J isephin RevolEm Brmoad Francois Je, mood An<ier H Reyes Guadalupe Brirffild L Joaquin Francisco Riche Ferd Breton Ch»s Jurdao Viara Itivai* D«a«o Burner Baputta Ii Robart Francoii Buliolt K*dler Keuck L R»dri|ns* FernanJ BascatßOßt* J M KockJaan Rodrif nez Juan Butusaaa Ueary Krechler Albert Rojo Manuel cl O Kramer Oaaaftj Romero Cabins Jean Kru^er Cruiks fred RolietAug Cad«z^Hyp ** „ l.o»fi hquoruie Caillonx de BcrdeauLacaze Leu V Roasum J voa Catjaaaca Gail Laraxtie Aujc Roux V Capom»*tro A R mot c C«mi'le de R^ Carrie Fraaeoi < Lamotte Alfred da Rut N H Ca'aai Blaß<>v H Lang JFr H C iKtlllKO Andres Lugrais Prosper Saibsesa Buli'r Castillo Fat Lasd'et.:e Clerc de Salinas Carmen CwtiHo BHg L»a ; ecB Bal-s Esiasi«lai Ca-isi P«ul-2 L rii(*e ¥a*. 6a*jjrito y Cavi I'Jjb Nor* Lcree Taillcor Bcmpiente Val de r»v»ll re Ant 2 Latham Ricardo Scher<- Ferd Caxalli* Rsymond-SLaviote Francisco cKoff Mictel Costa Car os P LirtMui Fran 2 Scbepfmaua Cazsntre Aica Lecee Juan fret pierre Ctl rie Louis L-d'ier Alfred Senac Al»x Ce.-ariAt L»fel«ure Victor Sorres Wra Civchi Juan L^gecdre Gastave Semontes Ad Ciz«i c Benoit Lelarge Eugene EerewserNitls Chastelliet.3 Lemaisue P Serf Jales Chscon Francisco Leon Franc Ei;e Nicolas Charm on LertorsJmn Fdjou restaurateur rhaumrtte Jeaa Le Rot Nef i-non Cesario Chtteiia Bati L bb n L Solan Hip-el Chtpirux lVritre Low ntbal ' t Broder £omellero Fran Chantrcil WII Lombard Dentuta Borneo Santiago Clan- *c L- vi- Simon Pa • be*«y J .cqu»i Clt ye.- . J A Luna Vjuario Etarbnck Estebaa Ciovrie Lean capt Sutgens giephan Carl Ctsveri* Jacque M < - - T Cleron J P Macfarlai.e Aadre* Tabouret Eu? Cootrer* gehaai'a deMaisone«fre Alph Talzzar Fran Cotton L vi* Malovic Gligoiio Tardif Victor ' Cre»pi ) D'coitt Marchal V A TaxeraJU Is Naretgo Jon G-9 Teuflt A Dabble* Niealas Marcus Tiff« net Dilide Charpeaiier MetstnB TbelebeinAug DalJlorso Pedro Mata Felipe TaomasFr.n Darjou Emile Materre Torres Ytabel Daaaaace Dnaicgo-3 Maure Jeacty Torres Jusn D bord Cyril M»uk»k J Tordei ly a Manuel Decors 9 Maucuit Touzelin Rertrand Deeaea Meunier Blmoa T.-udeau Jean Defer Andrew.? Meric Jn Truendt S T T>«*alve Paalin Meyer Fried T'sckaraer Tbeod Dejecne Pierre Me-*e H-tmtnn 17 DeUon Francois Meyer Alb Joan Triarte pantaleoc de DeUucaux M Meyer Aug Urilla Maa«el Deary A Milatovick Ft at V D«res Chapellier MUor Bart Vale J M D'Esi:B»aMV.l.e Rob Mnata Remoa cc al V.ldea J M 3 D«*p«cßer A Mi«cien Luiz VaLet Jos neem'Tais Leonu Mizon J M Varc 1 Carlos Dettets J; Motel y Marterel Veaard D*att*a*T Tinker ftionceyo Nicomedes Vereraiel Manuel Den^rs W Monta?nnn Lcoa Vian Auju-.ii 1 Didier Eujrene Monlez Eryrique Viper Bonavesture DiditrAot lloctifcipiine Viiliern Dorus'etche J<>»n Morcncy Mdriea W Dsps>.qui c- <'<■ D Moreau A D Wrbtli George I)-.- f_u« Jales Moreuh^u! J A Weinmsnn F C, Druffi! Prat z Moassea'if Carlos Wilcoq Paul Djbec ( M ackkaaxa Wo leb k Co Ch D'ic oqu'-: J Kcrtt Wormier V Durart 1 J Harriets Victoriaao V Dupoct • harlf s If Ygnou Lts's D irand Iraitcio rtackmavn Z luraa «iae 15 caret W*g!ee M Za«re*ki Alex JACOB B. MOORE, Postmatter. riv : mvrs :— mottoes i mottoes i mottoes i Fl>; CALIFORNIA MOTTOES, written MOTTOES! THE CAUFORMA MOTTOES, writien by the Noisy Carrier, (expressly for Wi&n, and for sale only at his Fountain Head Stean CanWy Macufactoiy and Fancy Bakery, Long Wharf, between Saasome Pad Battery streets,) are the funniest and richest things produced in C*Jifori;ia since it belonged to ••Uncle Sara." Lovers of jollity and merriment will end in Wine's Mottoes, tkat which will set only tickle the fancy of younc lovers, >-at will also amuse the married, a* well a* old in aids and bachelors. Wisn has on ksnd and is manufacturing fcr the coming Hoi Hays, nil kinds of Confectionary, iuch as rich Fruit Cake, Wasiucgton Cake. Cream Caka, Sponge Cake, and every variety of Fancy and Ornamental Candies for presents. He has to* en kaod a very large as«ortmect of rich Cornucopia*, Bon Beaa, aad Fancy Boxes filled with his superior caadies, acd suitable tar presecu for yoncg or old. in fonrlßasoa. he would also add, that notwithstanding the very large aatoont •! besiceas he is now doing, he ba* ao inerease4 eke aaaib«> af hi* workmen, that he will he abU to ettend to all orders for wed.lii j ar.d social paiti a in a prompt maaaw aa<i elegant style. Candie* cf a ruperinr qualiiy lent to anjr part of ike ceuntry, at the shorten notice, as heretofore. Aad ■• would also further aid that hi* ceffee and tea, so highly •§ kea of, with hot biscuit, baked pork and beans, acd outer ai«^e "fixings," in the pastry line, are still served at the table* *f hi* (>&l*ub, from • o'clock 15 the morning till 12 "'clock at nixht. M. L. WIN N , Proprietor. 81-lm Central Wharf, between Sansome and Battery sts. EXCELHIOB FAHIIjLY SOAP I— By theme of .hi- arsaaVl WtitbiDr it n ade eaiy < This soap ii snanuf*c<ur"d by •'€■■ dwell, Peysoa A Co. ' aud every bar ii s. tmped with their n me. Cilizrns of Califoinia ! wil fird, by tie use of this rosp, thct by ths simple prc-cest < f rubbing it ob their flannels an 1 other garmect-, (Uavicg tkera to soak over eight.) that their clothes wili only requira to be thru earn r aaed out, in eleaa cold water, at d tbe work ia done, aiid that thoroughly ' llicersuke ccticet That tHe Exe*-lfior soap, inacufactured by CatSwtll, Payroa Si Co., of New York, wi I do their washing in b«rd, sou, or cold water, *ilh one third the manual labor cf vi } other *oep known. It will not shrink their flinni ■■!», it will remove irreac*, paint, tar, printer's ick aid the like. The price i- no bigher thaa ibe ordinary brown soap. Any family cr iadi>:daa' cai. have sample* to try gratuitously, and they viA thsnkati&fy thru tc'.rcs (kit it is indeed what is name perj. c . ; . ExeeUior — the ne plu- ultra cf the *;e ! IC.; r 'j boxes far sate to the trade, by tha manufacturers' egents, COir k BEALS, iebl-I** Sansome tt, near C 127. SPEriAf.NOTMB FROJI WIXIV'S FOUNTAIN HEAD STEAM CANDY MAM FACTORY, Long Wnat-r, r-etiretn gaotcjje and Battery street*. — Th' proprietor «itl leave fcr thi Atlantic Suies ob the Ist cf February, end will be absent about three monlhf, during whicn time the ba*ir>ets of tbe bouse will be under the sup'rintecdecce cf ('APT CHARLES PIERCE, who has been employed as ass;staut and book-kerperfia Uie eatablikkaxot for tbe latt tv or e 'cot month*, and who is to universally m cia»d for his courtcoaj a:d trtil- manly deportaezt towatdt all with whom hit but-tnes* brine* him in contact. Patrons of tin* f^voriie retort may rest assured that the ■a<ne aUeaiioa wiil be paid to their comfort, and the crratiSea1 . n ifiKt t appetite*, as if the proprietor was there in permn. Capt Pierce will act as my sole ascot, in all business spe c : tii,. connected wiih the Fountain Head, daring my absence. ju&3;.!m M. L WINN, Proprietor. "g" IvPHKI-M Sc NtUtLI ZE OFFER FOR SALE SLA *'i- f ./.to • .-. - s ,od«, just received : - • 0 M I.e. t} ekawiag tobacco ; 30-1 p*tr brtvy iwil>«-d Market* ; 150 - lea hickory ahirtc ; f.i do*; -a r^d tiaacl thirtt; CM dine, women* > bite cotton hose ; 5 tt d- z c whirr, unb'tic'icd, men's cotton hf hose; SJC3 <lc> a heavy woolen socks; 1(0 drzen ■ c. '• drawers aad acdenkirts ; A atnail lot »o <•€ rSne doable-barrellad guns ; Rrpalta and London tize cifart ; Chocolate, etc etc etc. ft bl M Car. California acd Leidesdotff tti. GROCEBIBN A.M» FUOVl!*lOKl»— Butter, ia email kegs; cheesa, la tins and boxes, or eases; Pilot and water cracker*, in tins; Dried apple* in whole and hf bb'«; Extra funily beef tn whole and hf bbis;

Malawos in bkU: surer in hi bbls; rat sal* by CH AS. 11. SEA VEIL, fcbl Saseoma st, opp. Commercial Fxchajcje. J« *••> RECEIVED- French ■ariaaas; plaid*; Bwu* mu.-.lm«, ptaia aad embroidered; r..u»>ia handkerchiefs, with laces; Buslin dresses; w Hkßbkrj assortmenu of ii!k, wool .ml cotton hociery: r? r / J . L ESCHE BROTHERS Sc CO., Ifct " *»**«— st, brick building, above Moctgosaery. O"v7!; A »]; 7^ p-^oa Woiks, Pine *„ M.O. 0 gmls. Polar oil, *t reduced prices • 5,000 alt. pure .perm oil; «" =" ■ An 4 ere eonnanUy bleaching aad reStlag _,„, Md _„,„ •il at fbraier rates. " 'P*™ ■»« Ijoiar ■ ftbl rjjUJVM(U«|» <>"'— r r s • = *- — tanner." Jl oil, a v-ry beautiful artirle. . *•«""■ Also. |iol*r and pure n • r.-n, wholesale and retail, at Phiiin Uoom Warehouse, text La»s Wharf, by M PluU P j«rBln OLIVER W. EASTON. , (ly.llj — Taa — aarabuMid wil: »ell the coal on th* sunken \i^/ p!jt!ferm at Riacra Pol.t, or entertain proposals for rai<leg lie srjtie. A large portion i* oat of water. Will be sold wkar* It is or delivered. HUSSET, BOND k HALE, ff.ll terser ef *aMMrwßßaMaHt| tad Battery sts.

gopcrtntril)ip;3KrotUfg. and liv?S3bE-i& a" AGRICULTURAL t IMPLEMENT AND SEED STORE, and depot for the sale of Fruit Tree, of .very variety? referring to the following catalogue, beg to ■olieit orders therefor. . . u -' » , Ono of the subscribers bavin? recently returned from the Atlantic States, where he ha* superintended in person tro collection ail packing of the tree*) and plants, we are enabled to furnish a written guaranty when desired, that every article sold ■hall conform to our representations, thus *ecurir? our customers from loss by the purchase of old **eaa which are worthless. EUGENE HART, CHARLES H. DAVIS, over J. L. Riddle * Co.'s, cor. Sanaone and Pine at*. Apple Trees, every variety ; Pear Trees, every variety; Peach Trees, every variety; Plum Trees every variety 1

Apricot Tree*, every variety ; Cherry Troos, every variety ; Asparagus roots ; Rhubarb roots ; Horseradish roots ; Hodge Plant* of Osare Orange and seeds of same ; Together with a full assortment of Garden and Flower Seeds, Rose Bushes, and other Plants, Agricultural Implements, &c, Sec, Ac. J»" 41nl COPARTNERSHIP— The undersigned have this day entered into a copartnership for carrying on and transacting the business of Auctioneers, Coninaission Merchants and General Commercial Arents, under the firm of Palmer & Carter. We pledge ourselves not to be the owners of any good, offered 5 2 .„... WILLIAM W^PALMER, San Francisco, Jan. 2, 1852. Km* to-Mossts. Tallant A Wilde, San Francisco ; Barroyne A Co., do Flint, Peabody A Co., do ; Wadsworth ARave»ies,do; Case.Hei»er &. Co.. do; B. F. Hast Ings & Co., Sacramento City; Moller, Sand to Hiera, New York; John Boeert, Esq., do ; R. M. Carter New Orleans. _ P S. Wo have taken the store lately occupied by W. W. Backus, Esq., in Washington street, between Saajorao and Montgomery, aad respectfully solicit consignments. jan3-lm PARTNERSHIP NOTICE The undersigned have this day formed a copartnership under the name or style of F. MARRIOTT A CO , for tho purpose of carrying on tbe business of Loan, Land, Stock, Mining and Money Agency, and eueral nogotiatioas in ail transactions requiring the strictest confidence and disnatrh. FREDERICK MARRIOTT, ROBERT 8. CLYDE. Commercial Exchange for Ail Nations. Jsncary Ist. IES2. ' ' *"*>* D INVOLUTION OF CO-PART!VERBHIP. The co-partnership hereto for* existing between the underlined, under the firm ofCASSARD A LAMB, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The outstanding business of the concern will be settled by (J. H. Cassard, who is authorise* to six-n in liquidation ocly. G. H. CASSARD, 6 • J.LAMB. San Francisco, January 1, 1832. ■ feb^ A CARD— Robert Reed begs to inform his friends and the public that be has sold out his intercut in the firm of Reed tt Carter to Charles D. Carter, who assumes all the respontibllitics of the late firm. ■ ■■-■ Having associated with him John C. Winans and H. M. Lee, under the style of Reed, Winan* A Co., be requests a call from customers at the new stand, foot of Jackson street, four doors from Frost. , : j»nll-ltn ISSOLUTION— JOHN E. DURIVAGE, having dlsposed of bis interest in the Alta California Newspaper and Printing Establishment to one of hi* former partners, bin busicots connection with the firm of E. Gilbert 4. Co. is this day terminated. E. GILBERT A CO. San Francisco, Oct. 13, IESI. janl sieal @ftatt ®FOR SALE — house, stock and fixture* of Win. B9 M. Saxtoa, situated at Rough and Ready, Nevada Co., is offered fcr sale low, a" the subscriber has realized kis pile and is about returning to the States. The stock consists mostly of clothiot, miners' tools, liquors, tc. Connected with the above is Gregory's Express Agency, which any responsible person can retain. This is a rare chance for one or two person wi»hi;T to engage in business, having a small capital. For particulars call on the subscriber, at Rough and it- i.d/ 0 V\ m. G. Badee.-, 15 Jackson street, St. Francisco. febl WM. M. SAXTON. gm GARDENING AND FARMING LANDS 7*^ TO RENT.— IS city lota, 50 van* each, suits for gar deii in raising of poultry end pigs, within the city limits. Also— l Coo acres, opposite side of city. Rich land for farm inf. All ob favorable terms. Apply to BELIM A E. FRANKLIN, fbl Auctioneers acd ContisUsion Merchants. am FIIVE FARMS IN SAN FRANCISCO ▼ COUNTY for lease on favorable term*, or to farm M shares, in (is* to suit lessees. Apply to Wit CAREY JONES, Office over Burgoyne * Co.'* Bank, fehl toner Wwhinaton and MnntcoinorT st*. f» FOR HALE OR TO LET— A lot of land or a Bush street, nearly OB TO LET— A Hotel. land lot B«sh street, nearly opposite th* Oriental Hotel. Said lo> is I=4 feet in width, fronting on Bush street and rousing btei 63 feet to an alley. It has boon recently graded, and the street Is planked. Inquire at this ogee. feb* FOR BALE OB TO LET— The lot corner of Sansome and Union streets, next to Griffin* warehouses, 137} feet on Battery street by 975 feet on Union street, ths greater portion of which ii already graded. This property is eminently suitable for a rang* of ware bouses, as vessels cstn li* alongside and discharge, thereby saving wharfage and cartage. To a good tenant it would be let ob reasonable term), ar is lieu of rent a proportion of profit would be taken. ' Also, the opposite corner lot, being the southwest corner lot Two lots on the comer of Vallejo and Front streets, dost to the store of McKensie, Thompson k Co. Two lots on the south of Pacific street, between Kesixy and Montgomery, near Rearsy street. Apply to FORBES A CO., febl Battery st, opposite' Bonded Wnrettou*a. T AND FOR MALK OR KENT.- -On the Kan M-A eho ii la* Pulgas, in tracts to suit purchasers or tenants. Said Rancho comprises the Ccest soil for fuming purposes, baa abundance of timber, and is, on account of the short distance from town, (34 miles,) the fine scenery and ■*> perior climate, the best location in the ceirhborhood of Sac Fr&nciseo for country seats and family ro*i(lencea. Title indisputable. Apply to HINRICHSI RKINCKE k. CO.. corner of California and Lcidesdorff *t«, or MEZE3 A CO., of Santa Clan. teW go get. gm IMPORTANT TO FARMERS FOR 3C I - EASE ARSIS from 25 to 100 acres and upwards, fenced or Hot, according to the wish of the lessee, to whom advantageous terms wil! be offered. The land is in one of the richest districts of California, being part of the productive tract of Jasper O'Farrell, of Annaliy Bodega, well known for its unequaled yield of potatoes and vegetable* in general. For particulars apply to ENGKLS, HOOPER A CO , j*nl4-Int corner Front and WaaMa*7*M sts. ££■£ TO LET — In fire-proof brick building, two nnall gig OFFICES, in Montgomery street. Two five STORKS in California street. Inquire at I f bl EUG. UELESSERT, LIGERON &. CO. MTO LET— The three story STORE, lately occupied S by Dewey A i'ieieer, in California street, kaa*w Sacsome. Apply to CHARLES L. lIEI3ER, ft bl Sassoms st. between Caliiorcis and Pine. mA LARGE DWELMmO.HUI'NE AND LOT, on Broadway, near Clark's Paint, for sale or to (el«e. Apply to L. TUFFS &. CO., bl Comer of Sansone ar.d Bush sts. WANTED TO RENT— A small cent cottage or bouse, furuithed or unfurnished, containing' three or lour slejpiDg rooms, parlor, kitchen, See. Is wanted by a email family. Location iru»t be w.ihiu five minutes walk of the Plaza. Address "HOUsE," office of this paper. ftbl £UOl l, LOT AND STABLE TO LET. On the right band road to the Lagoon; this aide. Apply to T. K. BATTELLE, ftbl MoEtgociery st, near Clay. TO LET— The Ujtper Story and the Cellar of our fireproof buildirg on California street. E. DELESSERT, LIGERON A CO., janlC-1-1 Montgomery street. OFs?ICBl» FOB. KENT—^e^cral desirable rooms, suitable for offices, salesrooms, Sec, in tli; Howison buildings, foct of Sacramento street. ftbl BEVERLEYC SANDERS. nnO LET— ROOMS in the upper story of the i building occupied by T. K. BATTKLLE, febl Montgomery st. near Commercial. TO LET— A very desirable LOT, corner of Front acd Vallejo streets, being 40 feet on Front by I n» leot or Vallejo street. Apply to CHAS. MINTURN, Asrt, fcbl Cunsinghun's Wharf. TO LET. — the fire-proof brick building, on Jackscc street, above Montgomery, one store, 20 by £0 feet. Also, one upper store, of the same size. ' - . To respectable parties either of the above will be rested 11 a re&zouable rate. None otner nee apply. MARKWALD, CASPARI AY C0.,f M On the premises. rw\i> RENT— BACK OFFICE on firs: floor, Howard* M. building, Montgomery street, near Clay. Also, a part of the Front Office, same floor, voy suitable for a Fancy Jewelry Store. Apply on the premises. ftbl . RISING, CA3ELLI tc CO TO LET— An office in the third story of F. Argemi's . fire proof brick building in Montgomery street. Apply to ftbl F. ARGENTI Sc CO, fg\O LET — One office in second story, and four offices ii JR. third story of our baildißf. . ADAMS &. CO, ■ l bl Montgomery st. CAUTION TO SBUPB3ASTJBRS& CONSIGNEES.— To obtain accurate rttes of your chronometers is a matter of the. first impoicanco, to f quiring from one who undertakes the task coustant atCONSIGNEES. — To obtain accurate rate* of your chronometer* is a matter of the firat impoitanco, re qairing from One who undertakes the task ccuetant attention and proper instrumestc. We therefoi c apprise you of the cii-unporuint fact, that we do not rate by artificial horizon and sextant, but that we possess and raw by the only transit and astronomical clock it tha coutiry. We are ourselves practical chronometer mak en of experience in London, Liverpool end New Orleans, antare established in San Francisco long enough to hare our abili ties tested. We subnit the following testimonial irom captain* who have tried the accuracy of cur rates on frequent 'evades to Panama, China, India, Sandwich Islands, kc &c.: •• '• We certify that the rates of our chronometers,' as ascertained by Messrs. Bariett tc Sherwood, City Observatory, we lave found on trial to be iavariably correct, and have the fall »t confidence in tbeir abilities as chronometer makers. '*"""'

Simon Frtzer Blunt, Lieut. U. 8. Navy, rawer steamer Cos stitotioa. Capt. W. Hudson, steamer Ropublis. Theresa A. Budd, U. S. N , steamer California. James Titheringtcu, master barque Amelle. • ' Richard Nosworthy, master brig Gibcore. A. D. Botioraley, master barque Isabella. Wm. A. Garland, master ship Potomac. - John GUlea, master schr. Wet. Allen. J. J. Jackson, master barque Louisiana. . ■ We can also refer to— Starkev, Brother! A Co. - Capt. Go. Simptoa, H&rboi Godeffroy, Sillem A Co. Master. Dewiu& Harrison. ■' Jos. de Paisaye Greco, Afon. Geo.Aikin, H. B. M. Consul. for Lloyd's. Watches cf all kinds repaired •- me most careful manner California gold jewelry mas<<f*..ared on the premises by akil ■ ml workmen. A superior stock of fine watches and tastoiu} jewelry always 00 ha." . ....--^.-~ -'■ . N. B. A . porf VAULT, for the safety t f all valuable*. - - BARRETI' at KiiERVVOOU, City Observatory, febl . „ .-Clay sul door ahorf Montgomery. OIL! OIL! OIL!— IO,'JOd psli. 111 lota to sun purckMeta. WH. FOUD A CO., -"'' fc ' , Groc-rs, on thn Plaza.' r«ttßi;«ATkU IBO«-For sale by *T? 9 ., ' BECK *. PALMER, '• Bt to ••raw of Clay and Lftaesdorff *ta.

fillfttllCtttOttf. ETALt.- PIQ IRON— tons. ">.- " ZINC, for roofin» and floors— tO.OOO lbs. , IRON WIRE— 2OO bundle*; BLOCK TIN— IO pigs. CAST STEEU-100 lbs. - EOILER IRON— 4O,OOO lbs. SHEET IRON, from No. 10 to No. IS— BO.OOO lbs. IRON RIVETS— 4 ) and 530 paper*. LONG AND SHORT HANDLED SHOVELS— IOO Joa. PICKS-25 do* ; 'AXES— 3S doz. LEATHER HOSF— 4OO feet. ERAS* AND COPPER WIRE— 2O bandies. BRASS AND PEWTE : FAUCETS— SO doz. CANADA PLAT E--5D box.j. WROUGHT NAILS— kegs. HOOP IRON— €O bundles. ": FRY PANS— 4O doz; TaCKS— 2sboxe*. CANDLE STICKS— IOO dozen. ,

TIN PL*TES— 4sbox<>s PIE PLATE?— pro. BRAZIERS' AND OTHER COPPER— lbs. IMITATION AND RUSSIA IROV SOLDER AND COPPER RIVETS with burrs. TINMEN'S TOOLS AND MACHINERY. . For sale by ' . P. NAYLOR, jailS-Ira California st. ARGO OF SHIP ST.; I, A WHENCE— 2I cases refined lard; 150 -cgs refined lard; " M hf bbls Philadelphia rne«s beef; ' 50 tierces hams; 1009 bbU Gallego flour; .',O sides sole leather; 23 000 hard brick; 34,000 face brick: 3 0b!!> Rosen lale cement; - $50 tins crackers: II 0 bblj pilot bread: 2 .10 bbls butter, in 100 Ib arid 15 Ib packages in brine; 32 bales gunny bay-:; 211 hf bblt corn meal; 15 bbla corn meal; - bales cotto'.i twine;

70 0 yards cotton duck, No.' 2 to No. 7; 1 btlo three-thread salt twine; 80 doz Ames' shovels; . A3 invoice of agricultural implements; f.O,CO>> feet clear pluck; '50 000 feet tongued and grooved hn ? Is. For sale by S. GRIFF* TT3 MORGAN, juu3M4 Foot of Pine st. EX INCA— HUSSEY, BOND & HALE offer for saleTobacco, 60 boxes 15 lb Thomas' Nectar; 32 boxes half pound lumps; Champacne, 110 baskets Anchor, Vineyard, to; , Hems, 33 hhdi (ujrar cured; Oyster*, SO boxes Baltimore; Soap, 375 boxes yellow and brown; 200 hf do do; Cheese, 120 boxes dairy; Butter, 250 kegs and firkins, first quality; Candles. 300 boxes sperm and adamantine; Cigars, 50,000 choice Havana, good brands; Sugar, 6 boxes loaf; 9 bbls crushed; 17 bbls Porto Rico; | Spices, 225 boxes Bustard, popper, cloves, allspice, ginger end nutmers; Whiskey, 600 bbls Monongahela; 125 hf bbls, 50 kegt do; Gin, 27 bbls Holland. Axes, 10 doz; 1 puncheon para Irish Eialt whiskey; Hungarian boots, 30 doz large size; . Cotton Duck, 123 bolts. For tale at cornor Bacr»mento and Battery eta f »l ■ JUST RECEIVED, PER STEAMER GOLDEN GATE — Aim* end Ob-tu.les, by i m ■■; Fortune Teller cf Sl Eugene Sue; ' Feraly Manor, by Miss McKenzlo Daniel; Life ia New York, Id aed Out Door* — rations; Ellen Grant, or the Waulou's Revenge; Harry Burnham, by Buckingham; • . Cele«tine. by the Author of llerweatwater; f.i? Percival Koer.c, by Capt&ia Marrycit; - Mysteries of New Orleans, by Ned Buatline) 1500 asserted Play;; Sixteen Months at tho Gold D'p&ii>Jr«, by Daniel B. Wood; Rifla Rwg3rg, by Capt. Masne llluitrated; Kcssjth, bis Life and Speeches. London Art Union Jonrnul ; London Lancet ; Hunt's Mer chant's Magazine; Knickerbocker; Eclectic Review ; Whig Review EdiLburgh Quarterly ; Biackwood, for December. . Together with French, Spanish, English, acd American papers. For sale wnoln>ale and retail, by BURGESS, GILBERT A STILL, lebl'-^sBHI Portsmouth Squire. NOW IjANDINO AND IN STORK-SO bbU prime pork; 150 bbla T. I. salt; 40 bbls canvassed hams; ICO bf bblt mackerel; 200 boxes cheese; 30 bblt dried apples; 30 bf bblt dried apple-; 100 eiilith c&tk* brandy) 50 qr cash* brand) , 30 bf pipes brandy; 40 qr cisks pure juice pert wine; 2') cases sherry wine: 5 puncheons Irish whiskey; 8 puncheon* Scotch wuickey: ' 10 pipes Swan gin, 100 cases Otard pale brandy; . Fancy map: cloves; white wine vinegar, navy bread; . Fancy biscuit; glassware; wrouert spikes; Small anchors and chains; English sole and bud leather} Boot* and shoe*; cigars; brooms; raleratas; Sweet carb soda; onion *oed; flax reed; Cotton and liueu bast; buckwheat & >ur; For sale by CHAS MINTURN, Agent, CacaUgham's Wharf. - Herald and Picayune copy. J*.»23 15 REMOVE Ij.— GKO. W. GIBBS, Commission Merchant, bat removed to Jackton it. between Front and Battery streets, and often for tale — 15 ■ brli Gallegr (bur ; ICO brlt clear pork ; 4:0 bags Oref on potatoes; 60 hf brls spier d beef; 100 qr brlt tptced beef; 25 bales wrapping paper, assorted *ize«; 30 brl* cherry brandy, 75 10-gal keg* brandy; 200 boxes cheese, superior; 20 brls Stuart's crushed sugar; 50 misers 1 coos Ins* stores; 23 boxes uuiagea; Abo, sperm candles, dried applet. Ac. SCIO gunny bag*; for tale by GF.O. W. GIBBS, febl Jackson st between Battery and Front. . FAY, PIERCE Az WILLIS. No. S3 Battery si. offer for sale, from store and afloat— COO bbls. Richmond extra dried flour; 900 bbla. extra family flour, in A bbls. and tin eases ; 100 bbls. pilot bread ; 50 cases buckwheat Co or ; 50 casea tobacco, Thomas' Nectar; 25 cases tobacco, Thomas' Virgin ; 150,000 Havana cigars, favorite brands: : 6.000 pounds Mesdosa raisins- ftbl BOSTON CALIFORNIA POST. STEAMER PAPER — On the arrival of the next, and by every succeeding steamer, the suh*criber will receive the Boston Post, got up expressly for California. It is unnecessary to speak of the merits of the Boston Poat, 10 wide-spread sad well-found dis its reputation as a racy, and talented journal It it decidedly the most popular newspaper in tha New England States, and while it will always contain mutters peculiarly iatereitii:- to those wko have emigrated from that region, it will, at the same time, be second 10 no othei Atlantic sheet, in point of general information, and will therefore itself to tk* patronage of all. It will bt served to subscribers at their place of business or residence, or they eaa call at the office, on Montgomery street, at the Howard, four doors from Clay street, at they prefer, immediately on the arrival of each mail steamer. Regular subscribers will be first served. Orders from th? country promptly Rttnndedto D. D. BHATTUCK, JS&2I-14 At W. 11. Mitchell and Co.'s, Sausome st. OttTHINGTOW «. SNJSTIIEN continues WOSII fai.MJTOIV «3. tSNKTIIKN coutmiles to i ractia* Law in the Supreme Court, to attend to cafes before C tigress, to prorecute cl ims ard aetiN accounts asra'uft the Departments and Boards of Commis-iucer*. to procure pateLts at horn') Ea 1 abroad, to obtain per. lion* and bounty lands, to collect debts, dividends, legaß.c* and inheritances in any part of the United States and in foreign coaatriei, to make icvetimecti of fu'jiis ia loans and stocks ai.d on bond and mortgage, end to Eegotuta tin purchase and sale of loans, land aad patent-rights in any Stale of tfa". U. inn. Particular attention paid to California laud title cases cornier up to the U. 8. Suprema Court on appeal. Communications pre-p M, addressed to W. G. SN*ETH£N, 5 Carroll Place, Capitol Hill, Washington, D. C, will meet with prompt itt'.f iitieu. fel.7 WORTHINGTON G. SNETHEN continues to practice law in iht Supreme Court, to attend to case* before Congress, to prosecute claims and settle accounts against the Departments Mid Boards of Commissioners, to procure Patents at bom-; ad abroad, to obtain Pensions and Bounty Lands, to collect debts, dividends, legacies and inheritance* in any part of the United Stales and ia foreign countries, to make investments of funds in Loans and Stocks and on Bond aud Mortgage, aad to ccgotiatethe purchase and sale of Loans, Land and Patent Rights in any State of the Union. " Particular attention paid to California Land Title cases coming up to the U. S. SupremJ Court on appeal. Coma icicatioßS prepaid, addreetod to W. G. SNETHF.N, 5 Carrol. flsce, Capitol Hill, Wvihiugtoa, D. C, will roeej with promp. attention. j*n7-12ai WII.MA.U P. JKaSVKS* would return his sincere thanks to his Ma**** and too public of San F/auci>».n, for the liberal patronage hitherto extended toward him, and taken this opportunity of info:r.:iaa; them that he is once mare to be found at the old itar.d, Se Clay street, between Montgomery and Kearny streets, where he ia prepared to supply hi* enstomers with all kind* of fashionable clothing and gentlemen's furnishing goods, of which he has a well selected stock constantly arriving per steamer* f< om New York. Array and Navy uniforms, ar.d all kinds of fashionable clothing- raacio to order at the tharte-t notice. jaulOlm J. H- BROWN, 26 Clay tt. COAL.— FOR HOUSEKEEPERS AND BLACKSMITHS. The undersigned are pared to supply. families, restaurants, blacksmiths, end tk public eenerally with a prime quality of Cumberland, Lackcwanna, English or Sydney coal, at the lowest market prices; pledging; thoiaselves for the kind, quality, ana weight delivered. . . t WM. RUeCANN & CO. , Onboard the ttoresiilp " Florence," Front street, Clark's Point. Office-— Commercial w tar I', Clark'* Point, 4 doors from the ship. janl 1 9m BANK B ABLER, Clay "street,* Plaza, keeps constantly on hand a c mpl to assortment of upholsterer's good', consisting in pert of curtain damatkt,. cords, tassel*, cornices, baud', . loops, gimp fringes, lace curtains, gilt poles, &c. Also, carpets, cloths, waiting, rugs, drujr get, window •cades, &c PAPER HANGINGS.— The largest assortment in ; Cal fornil, wholesale and retail, at the lowest market rates. Orders for work, material, ice, promptly executed. P. S. — ll'jrhett prices paid for invoices. jacl4-3m TO CA PITAIIIBTB.— advertiser, who purposes JL leaving tbe couutry in conerquenca of ill health, ii desirous of disposing ( f his interest ia a legitimate bnsiaess, conducted oa cash principles, and in a fire proof building. The business has psiJ $2XO per month tiaa* its establishment, acd is steadily iacreatiug. - To a person possesgins $8 00 capital, a food chauce for investment is offered. Address L. 11.,' ewe of Box 493, Post Office. f eo i TO THE PUBLIC — I contemplate leaving this city os the first of March next; for the Atlantic State*, aiid ill be temporarily absect for a few months. ~""T~ *•*-— All persons who have unfinished business of any kind whatever, with me, either official or private, are requested to settle the tame within ore mouth from the date hereof. ISO. W. GEARY. San Francisco, Doc. 12, 2851. f«bl

BROAD AND CARPENTERS' AJLEBAxe helves, Collins' axes; sprhig balances; '"' * — — s - Pewter faucets, cede routsrs; litir cs and forks; Silver tpoont; roincral knot lock), miners' pick* ' For tale by UUSsEI', BOND A HALE, ! jac24 Cor. SacrameLto and Battery st*. ■' FOB SALE— The entire fixnirat cf the house so lou* known as the Washington Resteorant, will be said cheap for cash. Apply on the nremues.or at Letter's Exchange, S.DsoH? street, between \Takhii.gton acd Jickion.""-" Also, a two 'story house, with oven attached, if application ba made toon. ' t ; j^gg-i^,' FBEBU GAB!)EN««i£iUS,A.c- Just received, • omou, % white turnip, * radish, ■ celery," cabbage, Pi utsian peat, melon, lettuce, and other varieties, from tbe Shakers. ■ ■ „ E.J. HOOKS, Next to Dr. Clement's store, .. --*._;..• 4'vf : febl . -California street, corner Mautciuoary. 1OILBDANO.UAWLL\SB£D OIL, IN : eases, for sale by ■■ r*"~~'^"-r7-*~ < —^— ►—*•-*—■" " febl ; - >:• MONTFIFIORE & BURGOYNE, South sido of California, Mo:itg'y auj gan«ume et*. ■ PmtTfetfV « A K«BI,SiJaOi;A»«iItJ*-Justreee4ved fJlliF aad for *»la lj UEO. W. GIBUS, .febl 7- - Jackson v bet Battery and Front. f4TEW» , PAPIB %"/ANTKD-13i*37 t or mi* £% about*, itpply fit ttiia o.'Bce. J\ulO

.' -. Bdnkmg fecrafti. - \_, ' BAVI!VC»a, BANK : O*7 lAI I«*O«MA. ' Deposits received span the plan of th* Savin?* Banks ia tksj States and Europe, and 6 per cent, interest allowed therefor. \ I Three day* sight Bill* of Exchange against bona fide ehip~ meats of gold dntt. for sale on New York and Boatoa. * Our drafts on Boston are cashed at all the New England br.a> 1, and New York bill* are usually worth a premiuci £a all the Western and Southern States. • Wl loan no mojtxt. " Oar investments ere exelasively con- ; fined to dealing in roiJ dust; to that depositors cm always rely upon beinar paid principal and interest on demand. I $30,000 worth of Gold Dn.t wanted daily at the highest price*. ' Money and gold dust received on special deposit. Also, general deposit* from merchants and other btuine** men. OSco hour*, from *unri*e to sunset, and Saturday evening* till 9 o'clock, for the accommodation of mechanics, laborers, Ax.

. Banking House, comer of Clay and Montgomery streets, ■ Sao Kraneiseo. ROBINSON * CO., febl ' Manager* and Proprietor*. BANKING HOUSE OF jAinjss king OP win, & CO. EXCSIS6* ox George Peabody, Esq. London ; , Messrs. Camctann, Whitehouse i. Co., New York ; . 1 1 " - ,' J. Corning k Co. Now Orleans ; " Rig«s k Levering, St. Louis ; and on Messrs. Corcoran k Riggs, payable at tbeir tss», Washington City. , ' At the Merchant* Bank of Boston, Bost*a; ■ Philadelphia Bank, Philadelphia; " Bank of Baltimore. Baltimore; - " Bank of Virginia and braaehe*. fab I F. ARGENTI & CO., BANKERS,

lIoNTCOatEiY STUtXT, bktwiew Cl^7 and COStMEIICIAL. ' . — Refer to and draw — Brown Brothers k Co. •r • - • • - New York. Brown. Shipley & Co. ...... Liverpool. Samuel Nicholson ii. Co. • - - - • New Orleans. Browns k Bow-en •••- ■ • - - Philadelphia. James Adorer & Co. •ji"i • ¥+ 3»i5 • l» Ch»rle«;on. Morrill A Dickey i»l3Wlil3P '" • Mobile. T. B. Curtis, Esq. - - ... • . • • Boston. Geo. B. Cummicg, Esq. • Savannah. Alex. Brown * Son* ....... i • Baltimore. Good clean Gold Dust bouzht at $17 per ox, or forwarded, Sovf>red by Insurance, to the lipitad State*. febl ~~ EXCHANGE OFFICE. BISIMO, OAHELLI Ss CO. Montoomxb? Stskxt, bitvun Clay Am CoxaxxxcXAl* ' In Howard's Fire-proof Building. Gold Duit bought and sold. Alto, Moxlean Dollar? mi Ounces, and all descriptions of cola. - Deposits, general and tp«eleJ, received. Advance* made on gold dust consigned for sale. Promissory cotes and City and State securities negotiated. febl nOITLTUN Ac CO.» DEALERS IN GOLD DUST, STATE AND CITY STOCKS, COIN, EXCHANGE, Ac, Washington STSXET, TWO DOOM bslow JfovrooxxsT, , Ban Francisco. N. B. Money loaned on liberal terms. Fire proof vault for special or other deposits. f«bl - BANKING HOUSE OF El'O. DBLK^EttT, LIABKON cV CO., siosrruoKKßT STBJtarr. BlLia OF EXCHANGE on YOUK, ORLEANS, HATAItA, TARIS, LONDON, «d «ta*r pU«M. Deposit* received. Geld dun bonfht, thlpped acd intnred. fab 1 Ai)A.H« Ac CO., BANKERS, Receive deposits, special or otherwise. NoBraNZTLOiSZD. For the accommodatioa of mochacies and others, oar office will be open every Saturday, until 9 o'clock P. M. - Bills of Exchange drawn on any of oar houses in the A Mantic States. ■ ' feb BANKING HOUSE. JAMES KING, of WM. As CO. City, State and other Stock bought and sold. Highest price paid lor good clean Gold Dust. febl STOCKS FORSAJLiIi— CITY BONDS, STATE 7 PER CENT. BONDS, STATE 3 PER CENT. BONDS, COUNTY SCRIP, In sams to suit purchasers. N.B. S'.&tt Warrants purchased et thebett market price, by J. PERRY A CO, . fbl , Montgomery, eornsr Merchant street IBTKIOT COURT OP THE fOli IST 11 DIM'IKK i' COURT OV Tllfc. PtfURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT. But* cf Catifor&la, County of San Francisco, •• : The People of the State of California, to William Davis, impleaded with John V. Plume, greeting: You are hereby summoned to appear and aatwtr unto the complaint of Henry M. Holbrook, John F. Hoibrook, end Joseph B. Carter, founded on defendant's two Bills of Exchange, dated one on May Cth, 1312, for $779 37, at sixty day* after tight; the other dated Jane 10, 1342, for $1437 75, at ninety day* after tight, both on Winter k Co., New York, filed in this Court, on or before the twelfth day of April next, or judgment by default will ba takes agaictt you, for said sams, witk laterest tad damage*. Witness, th* Hon. Dkloi LjucX, Judge cf tha Fourth Judicial Diitriet, tMj tovsath day of January, ad. 1653. Taii-JOIIN E. ADDI3O.V, CUrk. TO WILLIAM. DAVIS.— notice. That tits action commenced by summons of which foregoing Is a copy, ' hat been instituted for the purpose of recovering the amount of two certain draft* or bills of exchange, made by John V. Plume of Ban Francisco, one of the firm of Burgoyne A Co., banker*, of said city, and William Davis, a non-resident of this State, formerly doing business as exchange broker* and bankers, at Columbu*, Georgia, under the name and style of "Davis k Plume," said exchange being dated, one bill on the Bth day cf May, 1813, and the other on the ll'th day of Jane, 1643, th* first of which is for $*79 57 100, cash paid therefor, drawn on Messrs. Winter & Company of Now York city, at sixty days sight, and the second of which is for $1437 75.100, cash paid therefor, also drawn on Messrs. Winter Sc Company, of New York, at ninety day* sight, bub of which bill* of exchanre were protested for non-payment, and the whole amount of principal sums mentioned thtreia, with damsges, interest and coil*, being cow due ted unpaid. jno. E. ADTH3ON, rwk. jarB-law3m By JAS. D. GALBRAITH, De». Clerk. TISK STATE op CALIFORNIA— County of . San Francisco. — In the District Court of ihe Fourth Jldicial District of said State. The PeopU of the State of California, to Henry Drinker, greeting :— You are hereby summoned to appear and answer, in said Court, unto the complaint 01 Willi.m J. Whitney and Setra W. Britton, Jr., 111 their demand for t'J37 95, for work, labor and tervictt, lathe month of Alay, in carrying, on board the steamer Star, to Butts City, certain aerchandue, and delivering tbe tune there, at your special request, filed in our said Court, within ten days after the service of this writ, if served in said county, and within forty days if •jrveJ in any other county, or judgment by tMkaw] will be taken against you fcr $937 1)5, witL interest act costs. Witness, Hon. Dzxos Laics, Judge of tha Fourth Judicial District of said Slate, this 15th day of January, A. D. 1=."2. janl6.lav.-3m JNO. E. ADDLSON, Clerk. 4\ UAUTZ.— RAKE CHANCE FOR CAPITALISTS. v^ — A company owning sixty elaimt, of 60 feet each, on a valuable quartz ledge, are willing to give one-half the profit, to a party who will put en it the be«t improved machinery and a steam engine cf at least seventy-five horse power. Tha quartz ledge poisesees superior ad vantifrea, being easy of access, in the immediate vicinity of heavy timber and a sufficient quantity or water for the use of the machinery so near the ledf 0 that a Bill can be erected so as to receive the quartz from the ledge without the expense of cartage. Tho quantity and quality of the quartz shows for itself, as tevers.l , tens have been quarried out and are now ready for crushing. Any further information desired can be obtained by writing MARSHALL Si STANLEY, Sacramento City, or calling upon them, at their cfiice in the City Hotel, on Front, beI and J streetj. dec-? 3m THE HON. «EO. XV. BARTON left bis room in Argenti't Buidipg, Montgomery street, on Christmas uorniag, whilst laboring under temporary derangement, since when oolhiDg hat bean heard of him. Any information respectins; him will be very gratifying to bis friends and thankfully received at Argenti's banking room. Judge B. was a'wit 4 ) ye»r* of age, tail and slender, full head cf black: hair, snort but reruiar teeth, and without whiskers ; had 00 vfaen ho wont away, a blue frock coat anil black pant*. San Fr*z<-i»co, Jan. B.h. 1852. f bl BENICIA STEAM BAW*miL.Ii 'COOT PA. NY — Ail persons having demand; against the Beuicia Steam Saw Hill Company arc requested . to present the tarns to Martin E. Cooke, at bis office in j Sonoma, on or before the 15tli day of May next, on which day a fiaal settlement of the affairs of the said Company will be mads. Dated at Sonoma, Dec. 13, ISSI. MARTIN E. COOKE, CHARLES M. HUU6PETH, Assignees, Xc, of the Bsnicia Stesia aw -Mill Comp'y. fcbl lamtslayis* A 111 8 BABY— Consisting of about 1500 volumes of English, German, French and Spanish books; . . Maps aid plain globes; assortments of blank books; - ','":.' Mexican playing card*; aceordeoct; Paintings; window shade*; J \ Received by the last arrival* and for sals by ESCHE BROTHERS A CO., - ftbl . • Jackson it, brick building, above Montgomery. EO.-ITJEIjLUS, HOWARD* BUILDING, -Montgomery street, between Clay and Commercial, offers for ta!e — ■■ v. ~ ■ - --: ■ -: ■-. ..' 4 .:.'.: ■ ■ Butter, in sinaM keg?; cheese, in tins aad boxn; Hams, in tierces; tobacco, ia bales and boxes; •■*-.'■'-• Cijrarito paper; clear perk, in bhls acd hlf bbif: With en assortment of wines and liquors; ' - jaal6-14 VST RECEIVED BIT THE A&UIVAL JUST BECEIIES BY THE A»«IVAI. the last Steamer, a .'pl.iiidid assortment of all kinds :f miliicbry, faecy s and dry goods, silks of th- latest styles relvets of ail colors, kid gtoyes, laces, bonnet*. linen cambric laEdkerchiefs, etc., etc , which they offer to sell at vefy mod:rato prices.' "" " ~ LvREGENSBURGER, Plsza.rrZ' ; ; janl7.lci* •#»*«» jk •*■ Washington street. A GUY, SOLE AGGKT IN SAW FRAIVnio cisco forth* ode of A. LOUBAT'S celebrated brandies istl Burgundy port, has constantly on * hand a large stock of tiese favorite wine*. | He alone receives the genuine brand, to roll known ia tbo Atlantic . States, . aud cautions the public aiußt spurious brands. California street wharf, two door* ie!ow Bsttery street. -,-,:•-, -. ■.. , ' " . ftbl LiH£liT IKON Of various sizes, for roofing and >9 long torus. - - ■- ,■ • • - j • ■ Also, Corrugated Iron, well suited for roofing brick buildings, md will make elegant vorandah* fire-proof. ' - ' For sale, apply to &KLI3I ac E. FRANKLIN, ' pro Km. at Sacramento st , near Laioxdorfr, • ■ ■ftbt' - ■ - until new store be built.

BJLAN KJJIB 808. 3ALK- Just received and now landing, ex "Lord Rivertdale,". from England, blankets, Dlae, scarlet, gray, • whits and- cheeked.- Also, a fine assortment of printed floor-cloth and carpet*, for sale by . . MARKWALD, CASPARI k CO, decS-lm '. t Brick building, Jackson st, above Montgomery. IN UO WGLASS AS D WH ITB LBAD WIN DOW OL.A3S AMD WI9IT£ LEAD 300 boxe* assorted sizes glass; 41X» tint white lead, to be closed immediately. ' " '' Also/ 12 case* chrome green and ye'low, for sale by " HUssEY. BOND & HALE, ; jsnll-10- - . ' Cor Bacramecto aad Battery »t*. . CHILE PUOUIIC-AiLii; invoice of fre-h Chile flour, in halves acd quarters; fresh Chile beans, iv inul sack*, and barley, for sal * by — • "H**: 4 *?■*» *"- *-*■.*»»*«* '■";. A. KIRCHNKR. k CO., I frbs-- ' ■ Moßtgomery,' near the corner of Sansome street. RECA lAS, 61'Fi.BltlU HAVANA.CI. MXj GARS," asd very large I e»»ortmtnt of other cigars for saie./y,;, :"~ MAKKWALD. CASPARI St. CO, * febl." B.icl Cu.ldmg Jaekaoa at. jtf^UßSESK— Carefully packed in tins la ►!•*■ cad far J ssle by - * MARKWALD,C»SPARI &CO - "'.- f bl Brifk Building, Jackson st. KiTft DEHIJOUN* OFOKO. PEPPHttdVFor sale by MARK WALD, CASPAR! *CO , fekl. Brick Building , Jaaktoa M.

•' M 'S fo^* 3lcKxx,:r. «r 8a» Paajraaco, » a. R.KiaazY, BALTMoaJsL BARLINC, TIcJKKK aY CO., GENERAL SHIPPING AND COMMISSION MEHCHANT3, 83 SrsAs's Whav, BALTOwmi, Ma. Oflsa- their facilities in illiaa; order* for taa CaJUanta ra*rketa, by purchases for cash, aad shipment from Baltimore or New York, as may bo de*ired. Feeling eoufldeat that tho hitherto loose manner in which shlpmeaU 11 iknaa made, without a proper knowledge of the wants of the California mat ket. that the experience of the trada will in future ta«ht** tkaas to or Jar careful!y-*ole«ted invoices from the aastsra eitiea, v best serving their own interest*, « intead devoting our particular attention to this branch of bn«ißa*a. Mr. A. 3. jxcCaxxßT. late of Messrs. Reynolds * Co., will make known ta* terms oa which we propose transacting sack bssineas, to whom, »M the following parties, we make

umcia. Maaan. Beverly C. Sanders. Masara. J. A 31. Phelaa, " W. T. Coleaua JL Co *• White A Storm, " Martin Sehultt k. Co., " Drake A Co., " Taafle k MeCahiil, ■ Cap*. C. Welsh, " Joan Dow* * Co., .** W. Lao««rm.n i Co, " J. II CoghilL . " *"- r "-11 Allen, " Arringtoa * Co., " Earl * Co., " E. D. Jt W. T. Kennedy, Saeraiaeato, " Baker k. Hickman. Stockton. Jan3-lai ZXXZ. 6813 A*. r. S3 limbs. 1. a. SDWZZXaOF. GBISAB Si CO. MERCHANDISE AND CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS, Saasome, near Washington street, Have constantly on hand a great variety of Groceries, UfMn and Produce. Also— French Goods generally, suck aa Brandies, Wines, Cordials. Candles, See-, Sc-.. Aloo — English bottled Beer, Chile and Oregon Flour, Com, Barley, Beans, Coffee and Sugar. N. B. A list and samples are always to bo Mas at oar OAee, and country buyers are particularly invited to iaspect ike same. Consignments are respoetfuUy solicited. jaa4-lm J. I>. BTt V Jjj»»ON & CO^ BROKERS, DEALERS IN GOLD DOST, CITY AND STATE SECURITIES, REAL ESTATE AGENTS, NOTARIES PUBLIC, ate. Mo!<rr«oamT rrssxr, cosjrxm of Lor«a XVnxxr, over Drexel, Sather *. Church's Basking House. Steveasea A. Co. are purehaaen cf, and have constantly an hand for sale, State, City and County Scrip. State Warrants and other securities. Deeds, MartaaMa, Power* of Attorney, Bottomry Boada, Bills of Sale of vessels, and ail other commercial papers drawa and aakaawladgad, Protests ef vessels noted asd eat— ail. A large amount of Real Estate, proved aad onimproved, for sale open reasonable terms. , Mon.y lr>«n»<l »i «iiv«et%*^wina rate*. *<rtDVwa 0. W. BATSLBY, COLLECTOR OF ACCOUNTS, RENTS, Ac. Mxchaxics' axd Tbadms' Excbaxox, iti3 Montgomery street, Box No. -3. MMWMMMXOta: Mjh.-i. Burcoync A Co., Mr. Richard Ross, " Tcbin k Duncan, Dr. Wozencrsft, " De Lor.?, McNeil A Co, Mr. D. »'. Douglasa, ■ Adaia* *. Co., Mr. R. W. Fuhboiirna. f bl G»e. t^ile« *> Co . Maryvtite. BUZON>to>, jb., COMMISSION MERCHANT, Brzsxr, N. S. W. Rxnu to— Messrs, Q. B. Post A Co., BurgoyM A Co., aad Maeondray k. Co. N. B. Any information respecting business with. New South Wales, eaa be had on application to Sir. W. H. Wilkinson, at the office of G. B Post *> Co, Howi*oa'*Pi*r. fsbl CAltl, HIISKB * CO., IMPORTERS AND GEN'L COMMISSION MERCHANTS Nxw FuLsrsoor Baicx Stoxxs, .vest Macondbat A Co BanMma street, two doors from California street. cmx L. ca3». CHAJ. v HIUII. VZ.OUMCS MAHVn. Dealer* in Provlsioas and Groceries, Liquors aad Cigars, Dry Goods and Clothing. Exehaage on the Atlantic State*, in sums 10 suit parehtatrt. Highest price paid for Gold Dost. febl >j>e HEYE9 « CO. j|t FASHIONABLE CLOTHING AND GENTLEMEN^ iff FI'RMSHINO ROOMS. Coaunn or Clat and Bjlaut stkxxts. The atectioa of gentlemen desirous af purcaaaaaf C*a*Al*>g ii called to our well selected stock of Black and Blue Frock aad Drwss Coats, Black and Fancy Cassimere Paats, Dress and Party Vests, Shirts, Cravats, Scarfa, Hosiery, Ac IS** Garment.' of all descriptions made to order, and eat la tha most fashionable styles. febl 11. RIOFREY de CO., " MANUFACTURING CHEMISTS. waaaV Ostxcz AT ths T*M3ICM DbC» SToaa, Moflat's Boililisg, corner sf Clay asd Dapaat streets. : The laboratory is uader tha special direction ot Dr. D'Halrry, Chemist, from Paris. fakl t-T7 «i. 21. HUTTON, l&k WOOD TURNING AND SCROLL 3AWIM, ]r%L At m SAwnia and Pz.A*rara Mill, i "'.-^' Market Place, facing Battery st. mb*7 Hard wood, house, and cabinet taming. Orders ■O executed with despatch. A variety at turned work on hand, at the Mill, Market street, facing Battery. febl in FRENCH DSl'fi STORK. nTHorrifs Buhdino, Cos. Clat and Dttfovt m. «{pL Particular aucntioa given to French and Americas prescriptions. Advice to the poor, c&xtzs, every day, froni 12 to 2 o'clock, by a physician of the L'olleea of P^rii. The nnvtersi^rnsd, kaviuf a direct eomnianieatioa with Menier Sc Co., drur;i-ts, in Parb, receives monthly, French dru?s and medicines, which ha Is h -pay to sell to the puMio at th • lown! rates possible. fcbl H. B. RIOFREY. ~ ~ ALL.EN, DC WITT at CO., MERCHANTS, Qaxeost. L. H. P. Bawrrr. *) v. UWB. Refer to— Messrs. Chamber* Sc Baiter, / „ — . " Beale, Melick *De Witt, J N °^ T#lB - ft'.il " De Witt m. Harrison, Saa — mini. FIIC9T WARD HOUSE, BY W. B. DOLAN, Corner of Ksarpy and Pacific streets. Good accommodations far Lod«-r» by the day or Bon a The bur is also supplied with the choicest Liquors, Jt c. jan3 3m CO3I3II»HIOKER OF SEEDS, &c. AT WASHINGTON, D. C. GEORGE C. THOM IS. of Wa,hin;ton City, D. C, has been .-ppc.;ated tha Executive a Coaxxtsucxxji ot DxxS3, A c. roa. Califohnia, to reside at Washu-gtoa, ia ih ■ Disuist of Columbia. jialO3* J. S. FBIBDTIAK & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN TOBACCO AND CIS *RS, Have rece.ved, di.-c- 1, a large lot of fine Havana Cigars, regsjMa and other*, which they offer to sell at a small advance on cost. Call on Bw****awa street, cue doer from the corner cl Pacific street, San Francisco. dec&-3si COOKE A: L£(JOl'.>T, STATIONER'S ARC IMPORTERS OP FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC STATIONERY, And dealers in fancy articles, gold pen*, choice 1 all** 1. peifu mery, cheap publications, American and foreign aewspapera. Sec, ire. Wells &.C o.'t firo proof building Maatfoaaery st, near Clay, San Francisco. feb! DENTAL SURGERY. DR. PEARSON, (LATK OF HIW OJUjeA2fS.) May be consulted daily fmm 9A.M.t05 P. M. Office, Clay : street, a few doors below Keamy, over Bailey Jt Co.'s jewelry store. £*?* Charge* moderate, as heretofore. febl B. C. R ROOKS & CO. SHIPWRIGHTS AND CAULKERS, Marino Railway, f ot of Howard street, nappy Valley, Or at Box 33, Mechanics' and Traders' Excaange. Ship Timber and Kb c* for tale at the Yard. jin4-lm* raxDKsucK atAaaiorr. a. a. cxrDa. F. HARRIOTT A CO., LAND, LOAN, STOCK, MINING AND MONEY AGENTS, And negotiators in all transactions requiring th* strict**! cocfi Jccce acd despatch. COMMERCIAL EXCHANGE FOR ALL NATIONS, Cor. Sansome and California streets. - ftbt WOOD WORTH Ac MORRIS*, : SHIPPING AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Clat st., irwici Jlo.vxoojisaT and Sjjt3O3a. janlllm - P. MAURV, Jr., ~~ "" Sole Agest in California for tao sal* of HEIDSIECK A CO.'S Celebhatzs CHJJCPAOXZ. N.B— P. M-, jr., womld respectfully inform the public that he is constantly supplied with the above brand of wine, whien he offers in lots to suit purchaser*, at his offico ia Montgomery st., between Jackson and Wa-hiagtoa. ftbl , • : ALBEKi RRSNUOJLJZI^ POET WARDEN. -'Protests noted, extended. Office on Pacific Wharf, aaar the Rip Van Wiiikle Saloon, and it the Ccauaereial Exchan^ for All Nations. f, bl


And Machine work in general promptly executed. Patterns made to order, f«bl f ;., _ :t>: ■ M. HUTTOH. JOHN TVILBOM A IKON'S HARNESS REPOSITORY, Bxsiitxvr or tkb Ex. DobaXjO, coßirxa »r TVnnimn and KKAEL-<nr rrurn. Tha largest, cheapest and best aaaarfat of saddles, bridle*, harness, tc , constantly on hand, at wholesale aad retail. febl < . a. ton. , a«o t. uToia. 1. x. ton. - G. B. POST Jfc CO., COMMISSION MBBOHANTB, (Successors to the late firm of 9. H. Williams A Co.) - OrFlCm SACRAKCSTO aTHKT WUAIIF. ROBERT 8. fIABTIN, MARINE REPORTER FOR THE ALTA CALIFORNIA > febl EcaxxA Stats 'llo^si, "(foot of Dupoatst.) COAL YAliO— AiM>ta«r »mi tot of taat sapenor Scotch Oannel coal, at mo Coal Yard, Briery. Bear California »ire«t. ijjilo 'm] A T. I ADD. jTIOBUS- I'rtiO |rjee asserted sixes, just raactrMl and for MU sale by CU A3. D. CARTER. JtaM tt. Mar Jiilmii.

Priffg Carrtnt. KXTISBO AND COftIUCTIO FOR TUB ALTA CALIFORNIA. »•■ Fraaci*ee, Feb. 0. IH.V4. Aiikca — Per lit I Starch. ] 0 Pots, dull ............ .aoaii MaaaMaa....... 20 ci.Taxjid. ....uca Symp du11. .......... 40*43 Bread MtoflT*— Pickles, per dci... 4 sna.M« Caiic flour. iuJlbskan *r a — ; Do quart* Jo i 50..'.-, Do. 100 lb do 5 Ma— i Lemon syrup. 3.50*373 D0..d0..501b 875n— Uancy. IU Sweet Western 10 CuO Do aaa Amer 25 CiaJle?o t Uaxalls ... 11»— Oil** Oil, per d0a......4.30 Bvckwaeat,prira«ibbls,soj.7 \ me izr. zii1 ...... ....10a 9 Corn Meal ia bbls, sweet, an- Watte Wise, do.. rfnlL 10*13 muial and ksgk. .— -- »- M 1 ilTlif ill. Do., half bate... — jsbbiax ratesjNavy Bread, pruao 1U... .56 . ...... com, per i0»....!-j

ruot Broad do. do. ... M Do. round pomu with short Crackers io»l* handle*..:. i- •!> Rice, Indian 34,1 Do Iom"*1o"." iiua Do. CaroUna. 6a7t Bcytheet!dull. 8 S^-p 5 Spadee lOalS | pl ! 1 P «" • Pitchfork-, doU Vt «BK-;SC±S rkri^r 1^" 4 -"^!: Chlifc KS.Siurur.-S hT;.:::::::::;;;::::^ g-^- ««» Da- Ea« Jj,i» SaataVaaa 5 L »cSSWaaVV* Cement, per »om.»:auci r«,w«., * . "tSTJ-* Lime Putty -- 7,00 Bar iron, earwo P 3»ji Lumber, b v retail ia lot*. — Do retail "*" \ • Common Boards. T«*.» Sheet Zinc.. .""."*".". S Plaaed,»era lOOal^ Box Tin, at adv.ratea.*" G3orsia,planed,perxl4oals<> Lead Pipe * 10 Timber, per M. ~- 75, Pumps and flx:ures,V.*plVnt T Plaak,per a 75 *- gaeet Iron, modTdem Do.3inch .....73 ex heavy which ia... U» Do. l\ to 2 ia, dear,.... In Boiler Iron, ■•-„,--„, Scantling....... ....... .a75 — Iron, — lia. mi. I. 18 Cedar, for furnitare. 100a125 American .7T_:. 7 a !o Shingles, pina..........8aU< Galvanized... ........10al3 Do. large. Cypress......*) Pick 5.. ........... ..5a12,00 Lathe5.................. .t0 Small erowbara, pr ds, U',oo Nails Sa? Bmall AncSiora, per 1b....13 Paliaf, per 100 Large Do, per lb. ..12 Window Glase. best, 25 Tin ware, a7a*a»aa<t perct advance. «, Ajrricul. Lap. moderate *Va*. Plata Glass, Eng, 50 Banea Tia........ 35 peret. a«!v. Wire. .... BaJ Sashes, per pair........3a7 Pi, Lead... .".V.Yaatt Houses...... ...... nomiaal Hollow ware.. mil ■■«■— Axe* C*llia*' 80.00 Gu " n y ' IS Loaiaannr Plenty and dail. Coffee — Harness, J*>. Sandwich lalaada. ........ 9 Unuer da Manilla ............101 HiJeel »o*a OMGov't Java.... 11 Horns, per am..." « — Caudles— Li«|***>r— ' ' 5pernu. ........ ..45a3C An>. 8randy........ „4P«CO Do. pataat, (Judd's) 5.' Fr.Brandy ia ea5ka,.. 1a1.75 M0u1t!......... ...... I*l3 Do. extra 01d... 2.00*4 50 Adamantine..... ...... 36a*' Do. i D ca5e*....a,00a13,(-0 Solar ........... .....Xiiiij Hoi. Gia, ia easka. I 0" a 1.13 CijZ&r«— Do. ia eases *VMk».ot) Best Rega!1a...........7559>- Jam. Rum. ia ek5......1,50 Medium ......31)a43 Do. - eases... T.flf**Xtt Best Havanaa. 3^a3» Whiskey, American.. 3o*33 1nferi0r......... ......10a12 gt. Croix Rum,inesk ..I,'.* C0mm0n........ ........5ad Do ia eases.. T.OaaaxaS Cheroou, small dimaad. Irish aad Scotch Whiskey, Coal— ia casks .. 1,70a2.03 Liverpool, err»1. ........ 40 Do. d*. in eases.... daiO Cardiif. ............ .40a<fcl Moaaagahala Whiskey, ia Sydney .....23a3* bbl. OOaI.CO Cumberland ........... 35 Mad- Win* incaka... . !al s*) AaUracita -3ii Madeira, aatra.... 5,50a3,50 many refuting to sell Do. ease* .A.COal'J.t.J C«r«lavg«— ! Sherry ia na*k*. Ma)9i American, iaa!l.... 13 eztra.... M .....^,51-a3.2t> Do. larva 131 D*. iaea*«*......5.00a12.C0 Maaila 19, aM Pur* Port Wiaa > *ka,l9Ba<iM Bale rope, per lb, 5ma11.. .10 Do ia ease*..... tawala.W Cork*, per at ........ pie- ty Claret us eaaka. ...... aaaa. Do. Claret Do is ea5e5...... .2,£0a3,2) China Fancy «aa*la ia Buaae ....... .....3,Wa4,t0 moderate request. Baillan* 4,B0»-l,ia Dry Cooel*) Champagne, com...B,t'oa" CO ClotheaACaaaiawraa.aaaß. Da. super.... M,awaM,(» Ladies wear..desir«hle art. Bousy,(a fair article)..! i.CO eles ia mod*rat* demand. Anchor (genuine).... I*V« Clothinjr-.IOaSO #> ct , CUqaot, (el 14,00 Boou, light. 5t5 per ot adv Jse**o& 8rand... .....13,00 if d 10, *) per ct ; common Due da StoalobeUo.... 14,00 10 perct | Heuloiea 17. S3 Shoes....... .Soalldemaad A. Sersent * <»., Marl Sir, 4-4 Brown sheetuigs... . 8»3 Ay, • very fl»a brand... 13 4-4 BleacaaU. io.i»l Bock, inftr. 8,09 7-i Dri!!>.>.... ........ 14-17 Do. saper l.\CO Bed Tickißf ....... 12al* Do. spark... iJ,M Couoa Sail Dack.....50a43 Cfaamp. Cider it ease*.. 4.C 3 MatfcaaaDaak.. Ha* Ala, Byass' and oiler •■>. BlaaxeU, white .........4afi proved bJa, pr iox, 4a4,33 Do. e010xed.........5a7 Dui»6«x ...... 4*4.* Prints, e0a..... ....... ."a? Putter (Dunbar A Co.'*) 4.M Do. aaadlajn ....... Salt; Abbott & Sons «,Nadaa Prixu,fi3e ; 134 Maiietta- ico Do.M 12 « article. %-d Miuluu ..13 A!a,uiDbia IS.M 9-3 L^was.. 15. Do. cues .....3,00 Rsd Flaa.Shts, f doal2als Cherry Cordial .sa*J Bias Plaaaaldkirt*,... Absynth«.....naaiae.3t2.ta RedFlaanel,med.qual,...Ss r»a— tved Utals, &c Do. twd » Preserved per lb..dall Wkitariaaa*!. 3O*3t D* oyiters, uU pr do* White Domets.... SS JAM Floor Baiae. SOaTC 0* Lobsters dull Hoaa, jer do*. aoa> Preserved Clams dull Linen, ia half »5...4,00a6,C< •ardiaaa, 1 baa pr d03...3J0 Hat*, 50 adv Do whole bx*. d 0.... .7.00 Capa..d0...... ....nominal Pr*vi*i*a*— China Fancy shawls and silks Mam 8cef.............13C0 and hdkf*. sellia; at *4v. ; Prime P0rk............ 00 aeeor*w« to the style. | Me-i* P0rk. ......10/oall,ri9 Dr*|i a.* I>yce>^ Do li. bb1». ...... 5,50»«.'.0 ■Vleaaal. per ga1.... 70 a i Clear Park 13/JCaltro Arseaic bo demand Dohfbbls 7a7 T Arrow Root, per l!> 2i Mackerel \<>. 1, hf bbls.rt.SO BaJsam Copat v a, per1b.. .25 Do No. a, bbU...10,1Q Brimstone, crude... nominal Shad ................ .Nun* Borax 75 C0iiiuh. ............... ...3 Camphor, r«n°d perlb.. ..2t Hams.... ............18al? Cre^m Tartar, per !b.. .nom Bacon, EngUzh..... . .13*14 Cork*, Vi.i per pr0.... ..1t 8utter...... ........ ..55a£0 Corks, bottle per sr 010. Lard..... ....... .....S5a2S Calomel ............ 1 .>! Clteese, a sup. for 8 mo. . uoa Caster Oil, per gal, 1,73a'.!, 0(1 Salt, prlb ]}a3 Canter OiL, pu pr dozA^OaP Do Liverpool in sacks.. 4*4 Olive Oil, of G. 2laury.4 V Do Amer. in 15 Ib biig*..37 Bordeaux: a*r*oz 3M) D* d* in b0xe5.. ...4,0U Eatery Corn bob. Potatoes, aw— ........ .7 Emery F10ur.... Do Irish 2. . . • Gum Arabic, picked, 30c p 11. 0ni0a...... ...... 3&a3tt Glue, per 25a-10 Pnint« and Oil— lodiae, perlb, 3/-0 White Lead 7.9 Kre050te.. ...... ....a0 salr Rsd Leai ...............7( Manna si> | Fancy C010r5.. ...... 12i«2» Hsfl*tii, Calcined.. Litharge.. ............. .12* Morphine, per 0z.......5,C( Whiting.... ........... ..2| Mta*jalh self Chalk, white.. ...... ...Noa Opium, per ib, ia dea1.. .5,01 Chalk, red ............Nom Oil Peppermint, Eag....l,C!< Sperm Oil *. ....1,75 Oil Lemon .......... .1.0 Waal* Oil ..1,10 Oil Vitriol, more plenty ...xi Liaaoad Oil pr gall.. ...1,0) Potash, Am.-.. ...... nom Turpentina pr ga11... ...2 00 •aiuiae, per 02 6,0( | Ro*h .6,(0 Quieiuilver...... 81 Tar .....10*15 Rhunarb, per Ib ....... —6O } Pitch.... ........ ......dj10 Sugar LeaJ, e0au80a..... 25 '"lonp— SaaVaa, Spiui... 3,0( 1 Brown .............. ..3alO 5u1phur.... ............. .-I 1 ExeV5i0r. ............. **9 Salsratus V..4 Castile 19 Seklliu Powder*, pr dx, .5 51' 4tnti*>*icry — dall Soda, sup. •r1»...4c per I! . Piper pr ream.. do. Sarsaparilla, per d0^..12 0 Ruled add Lined da. .3*3,09 Sar*apari!la R00t.. ...... * Fia* 80-. Ruled. ...La dess. Trusses, ea , in dam, pr da, 3 ! TenWax, white, per 1b,. .....(!( Yo-4H2 Hyson.comiaoa i 3«» Do. yeU0\»,. ........ ...51 Do. do. »ua>'r.... 48*45 Tartiric Acid.......... .*!■ Souchoag, — *a*a....«*30 Carb Ammoniri .........2( Do. fine....... .40*45 (,A!I the .bo*, i* ds- Oolon?, fine 4aW45 ■■ad, for which we rive . Caapowd*r ....... ...SOaCO fair wholesale quotation.) 1mperia1.. ............55a70 (All patent medicines dull.) Tobacco— Heavy. Fruit* - Thomas' Grape Braad... 371 •randy Fruits, pu 4 » Do. Virgin do ..374 Do. d-y. qt* 8.0! Do. Nectar do ..37* Preservea, ptn...... — 4,0 Sauzdara ,] ..37* Do. qt*.... .... 6.9T Greanev do ...30 Gin^r.ia»,ea*eof 8....4 Myors* d* ...'.O Other Caioese Fruit* 4 Lefurt do ...2i Raisin*, pr box, dsll— plsut] Cnmraen d* ...SO Currants, per1b. .....c0m. Turkey SmoScin" 50 Almonds lOalS Ky. Leaf. 7..r"*iß. Dned Peaches Ii Solace tttairar*—. Dried App1e*.. .:......... J Goodwin'* Smoking, ii »-lb Drie.l Prune* >■ paper*, pergroa* 8.00 Walnuts, fresh 5-H Goodwin'* Pressed Chewin* Tomato CaUup, pta, da **' per gros* *3» Ensliah S^ucss, do. 1,:- HiKrllaa**a*Artkl*a Qre)ceriea> — ■ Oar*, pair..............a.10 Brown Sugar..... 2Jn(!; Oakum dnll Pea0cha. ................. 5 Paiii, per d0z..... 2 50^4 50 Loaf, waits. 9 a lo Croons plenty. Crushed, wjito.. 9tll Rraaka* 7!a!.CO Ccffeo fell Cotton Shiru &13.00 Col Toe, demand. Lioeo do .........iSa3S Pepper, 1b_..... ......... in Ship Caaadl**?.... fair r««. Do. gr0cad ......... 12$ Good do ad». . .15 Allspice, ground... ....... 13 ' rocker) 3o aTipr c «d» Nataegsu.... .......1,30 Glassware.. .13 a 25 do C10ve5. ..................13 Oilcloth* ....... —..OOat.oo Do. froond ......... 2. Looking Glasses, .mod dem. Cionaiaoa.. ........S3 Room Paper.... .fair dra. Chocolate, Amerioaa.. ..15 4-4 Slatting, China, 5*7 00 Do. Spanish 23 8- 1 Matting, China, p».6all»!oo Mustard, En«. ta ila bot.3,.'H) Carpeting, sal** at..sUal 50 Do. do. wliolo, do. 4,20 Furniture for house* and c»tDo. ground per 1b....2S See. ia ia fair demand^ at Do. Am. 3 ib do* i 1h..3...-> ajout saving rate*. Gia*er ......... ......10

AD ritnasTZt ATOK'9 NOTICK— EiTAfE CF WILHELH KUENZLER, deceased.-All persons h&v. 'Ml claims against la* said estate ar« hereby required 10 **> bibit then, with tbe necessary vouchers, t» Dm i fir ' jjiiJ. within ten months from this date, at his plica flat T* i.7ii.i_ Clay street, below Montgomery. P«c- !». laSl. '• *-' THEOFHILE DE KUTTTL Dec 19. 1351. dee! 9 law4w AUJII.'VISTKATOU"i fiOTlfr: rtoueo is hereby giv«a that da* undersigned have been July appointed admiutitntore to tha estata of Francisco Rodriguez Vida. deceased, and all persons indebted to thei said estate are toaaaaait to make icmediato payment, and thorn hating de> sand* oa the ***■», to piesent tho sane to the subscribers. R. C. JA.NIOIM, a * * > A P. EVERETT. Hoaoiutu. Baadwich lalaada. Oct. 10, 1851. Admia'r. A UT ION— The public, aad partien ar!y mineral waaar **_/ dealers, are hereby cautioned against par :o««a»; from anybody, mineral water bottle* having ta* name of Lya4» * Putnam pressed oa the side of the botiie. All suca bottiee boIon; to lisa subscribers, who hava never disposed of »a», aad nrho reqaira all for their own trad* This notice to ;i*M» »•» eta** the aaUcribara have discovered laat other persoaa ar* mice said battle* for their trad*. m Lilt** »Pt'TN4M. EACt'L'TORM HUTiCk. »' •.•'—• ">«" ■* Ci claima 11*1* I ike ■■- »i« of JOUN JOT tU <■"— •_» ar* hereby cou;i«d to «xhibit th« «•»•■- •:•» th« » e*s»ary you. k r*, to the wl>«eMbor. •« ta* •**»• 0/ Has y BjcJimiWo, E»*. . in th . HissiOß of Baat» t,rn», withia «"• "-alka ftoea t.e d*t» of tin, uotiL-e, — su«h ala>aa* wiil b« karred. Dated aanta Crua. Uac —• iW». __.___- jiull-Uwlv JfWEPn BACOM. Executor. BAL OLD LONDON »*»«**• I'wfliACFull proof: la I* «> •■ ■• *<•*•» k«if«, f»»r taia by ruuprooi, m Jl aIARKVVAt>I>| lM> putl * CO, lac Id lia ***** Buil.tiaie, i Mkaoa st. airier Ul&ii** ■ ** — rr ° T •*'• °* <**•«■. 07 >as ... * f,SI 3J1IO.", BARKO.t * CO., Hsrtiia. ,v

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