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Cost and -fount). I.n. March -Oth. 1b53 a sa-a.l JLJ Porte Moaaslu, conta-uo* two certiSoates ot deposit from P»if, B«con It Co', of han r rmncuca, in taror ol Wm. M Mtniry. Ose. -aieJ Februa'y lath, 1553. (or tbree hundred ana thirty doilvs ,f i3J) Mo 13.535. the other tor eight hunting doUars, (SS3O) dated Feb £4rh, I£j3, Nj. 13,r333. a: "***** are hereby cautioned apiß-l receiTin? the tbove ccrti6c»te», at the pay-gent haa been stopped. The finder will be rewar-ed in addition to he coin contained in th<! porte. Bunaale on leaving It at the banking house of PAGE, BACON «V li. p- ;■•_:■ i 4 "»#_ UEWAUD — Su.l-i. M Friday evening, «T? *3 VJrfct>out « o'clock, from the steps at Jackson and 1> . vis (trnei, a t pa oak yawl boat, white bottom, -c* streak above, with a blue streak between. Whoever will return the boat and detect th* LL; if ahull re edy« t-e au. ♦•• reward, or ten dollars for the b at tloae. OGDEM H(JI F«AM BVKROWS, ap' Ir l Htora Davis Street, te%r Pacific. «T\-_ ■«•"!* A WAV— morning, from the front door <*OS«t ■•»-»•- Tneodore I'a>.. Ac Co , -,_„. of Ca'ifornia •u-i a» nt^romery street*, one Canadian br wn MARE thirteen hands h;gh : ... on an i.,. ... t Mil and taddie., with white cotton blarJtet utder. Any cne retarnir.* the same tn No 117 pjp >nt ttrn*t, «U1 be liberaUy rewarded. ,„! O.M. I««T- A tniddle^ized retriever dog, a ~ W *^». "£} V>*c* with the exception of a part of the breast »"« *- w , bttc 5 ».n«wer« to the nan-- of Jcck. A liberal reward wij be j^eod on delivery of the djg at the office of Comp. ton, Davidson A Co., IC3 Montgomery street, corner of Sacram *" to - mb UOCHBT.DOOK Coctainl-e six promlt- *• , * 3r T nova and other papers of but little value to any one but he *übs:rtbor, us pnymrnt ha* 1..»- j atopped. Any pi-rsan returning v to the pilots' office, Cunningham's wharl, will receive a roiuLie reward. »P' WM. H. JOLIFFE. PICKED Cl'-I:: tin harbor, a day or two ago, a clincher built BOAT, on which are painted th- words " Louita, cf Lcidni"- toniewhat damaged. The owner aity have it, on pay lor all expenses by applying DOJli-EDEOGoNZALr:^^^ ap4 3- Clark's Point. r>(>rKtT BOOK FOIKD -onuinins- valuable JL papers, among them deeds, naturalization pap*ra. ate. Tne ■ ; wri. r raa recover li ■ property by giving a description of it on apii!i.-t.'»oa to this ifTice rnhg. £• 51 I : £\V A D - I.O*T -At. -j <-f Keyt attached •jJJ •mto a stoel ring Whoever will return them to this ofti ■■ 'hull rere'veihe tSove reward. " apl %a — -For Sale. • Eltil m| TOLIIT-A mwgion cjntniai-g J£j|. eight roomi, tioe well of vrv.-r, shed 1 nt h _aea, i. s , sit- <. .•. • ■ ■; at the Mission, jast off th- Piank Ro-d. To rent for cue yrar ur mo c, wiJi one acrj of land. P ■.>•-.-..:. given imaifdutelT. Ajiply ts T. K. BATTELLE, •■Vt • Pi'iUTC Hmiw, M jcts-iaiery at. C^k A rHkIK»TOKVDWftM,nUUi SI BT_i ' :'.l SALE. »:•..!.. t ion t..i n ttroet, tec. nd door from t. 1: u> , in a pleasant neighborhood— is lalhel >__ placter«d, «n 1 has a goud yard with a cistern containing 200 barrels of pure witer. Apply ta 7HOMAB H. BELBT. cp24i- 132 Calif mil street. *m TIE A.TIEIXICA!V TDBATttE TO LET.— Propotite lor- this Tti-Mtreaod for the SUosius atfeh-d to X wJI be rncrived at my cfiiea, or at the office of John Mug £f q , ualil 10 o'clock AM . April .153 CIIAULEs i. McILWAISE, Mo 10 W.-H-' Idiag, sipii-g Corner Clay and Montgcmery «U. aw* HM'al A*Z> LOT VOa SALE- A very Li : i de»ir.J>le two story ilousa on I'ian street, 4 doors aY ye Kb rcy ; hit a parlur, dining-room, kitchen and a Urce pantry oath: Qr-kt, and lire* t-__io - r. in the second tt jry. The hjuse is I.- » . we 1 finished. tL ■ c ;: t.- plastered. App'y on the prcnures. ap2 7* fT» II -t"ar. rUK KILB-NolD on Lmg Waarf L»-3 b:*■- - : runt ■n J liavu «;ri* ■:». c ; :>-ii t ..e Apulia s»i. 1 .11 sum % a aruod bus'.ot^atsat a bar «wi reatajiaot. Tha jrl.-U,. ;:.:■ 1. : i -»; „ i! 1 1 ;n. I. . "• L*.WftCyCE. ATTARD St SfHRCQER Ml t — * verydmi aliie dweOkg-hjuie, in " ■■ . 0 r. .... re! WO &. WEST. rp^-7 *'. rr. 3 msnai- and VV* h tfn «ts. f^^O «OT.— Tbe li*c« tSuomol tne *hLLA L'XIOM.on ■ th-i'U2a Th' *a o.n is 31 K-ct b» CO Jr-eit, ultui-ii. i 1 «r ry '.-tpr-c: f»r .. bilii >d roiiu or rcsuuicnt U-ing fpleii<l.i y turcith^sd with chanddiert. mirrors, Ac. ard having h ap terras kith n ncj .icing, ■up] li d wiA a!l n-q -:t;u artcn-s Tn ;rv t ■ .■ *:su six private roura*. wnich may be » a*"d wi.h thr? Si" xm, if rcqiuruc, tni a privMte entrance from Ke_roy ,ia- l. Apply :o R. It - ss3 7 R.ilsL'mon. H . 7 « r*^o » n-.ii:inrV« store, 2;b l)up . .t. b tw<*n a Ja k»oa viii . Vii!...\ ■ .. su, ajw occupiea by Mrs. J. < . BMSLAW. .'-'.. r.; ::•: *u;t .li> for oC:ej or private re»ideiices nrstly CcisbeJ. Ci'p r!i-olnr« R3p!v on the rtv>miees »pl Al- \ V| • ■>. |-, TO KEXT.-Alarcef-ortroom cv ne 6rs: "oor and b■& ro. tn», in fie bnck bui! )ir s ou Hap >_t street, between Wa'binjron and OKy. ap<-T* "V; \r Hriuß mm: i?a.oii hmit _. : I .\: 1 TO ■^U^O■■iA D ttCT.— Ttroug-i ia 14 niuis Oa «'•£ alter the :'..<. \i of April the Furrt^t Line of Pew end sp*i."4idia Coatc.rd iv ahorse co&ch>-s wi i irave tte Crcscect Cry HofU ,^avntm--nt »,< very moruirg at 4 c'clt)rk,for Sunora, ; . . . through utii by the t" u l cwiag t iwns and ;< 1.1 .'» : lone '..-,.-, .'..-...-. .11. ;» ;a« .vi.i-« il 1. fan Acdreaa. F. nturk\ II u«». Foreman's ftauch, Anfr«l's I amp, Careon Creek, orosf- :■..-. i: •- ■.■!:. «us r.v.-r «it K'-. . r. r a Ferry, md th'w'« Flat suid ■ ■:•■.» k-r.i v: ftt 8 mora at <> ■ ■ 1 >ck the cam* day Hetuunng, will '.■ *. t.- tii : V 8. Ii t i Sanara, every msrninp at 4 o'rf jc«, pacing corough and by the at>o*e plsces, arriving at 6 o'dtck s .mi; aay. Tlis tin • r •on-ct* at Acgel's Camp with the line of stag-is froaa .jeooeto slnrphjr's -ahat-gs aad Va'lecitm, thus enabling f»» :r-« to r>-iec thov; totrns without detention and on the same J»y. S»a s c»« be snaured at the Crescent City Hotel, See— unento. at Adams A Co 's cad 17. S. llosrt, floaora, and at James M Us Si. Co.'s Columbia. a 1 in. C. OK.EENE, Proprietor. TUB tOTTAGK, CALIFORNIA STREET, Below M. sloitgi ni".'y — The siuuve .000 has been recently reStt v asd is iiu* open for the ii- j*;i.lon of the public generally. A la~pe and tpaclcui reading ro. ra has baeo added Mul arrangement* ruade to procu c the latest pipers Immediately on a.r. vsJ "f every s^amcr. UK*. MOON take* this opportunity of banking her fri l is for their late patronage and beg* a continuance of the cain«. ap4 -15 ARAIXE « lIAJwCT FOB __■ INVESTMENT.— '/ii'- f. -c» . cxturcs, f.-D >l will i'-. of a Kettauraut excellently located, and Daw doing a (rood basineas The par selhnp is ab. ut kaviiig tor the Atlantic States, and is Hip ,aed to k|] at a bargain. For particulars call st A G. RANDALL'S, Real h>ute Cruker and At-xt, comer of Montgomery and Merchant stt. •___ rViaii BAGK BAELBV; « J Kjf <Lr *J0 t>a^s corn meal; a '• : been Peruvian rice; 23 bf bUs supercne brown sugar. For sale by WAKELEE It KINO, ap2 Corner Battery and i?acra_r.ento «U. CUIU VlMVlt9009 half sacks scpernne; 1500 qr sacks superfine. For saie by FRANKS i. OLKSTEAO, Merchandise Brokers, apt* Corner Battery and Sacramento street*-. IJUOVELB.- 35 do* P. Wathbcrn's polished catt ate. I ►3 ehuveii. ttltj Truwels and horse nails; tor sale by GEO. N. SHAW & CO. mL3i-7 California et. whar'. 4^?C lIEUDEB A.M> HtIUNEK X WlAE.^in »w ;•; • ::.U az.d quoru, at reduce d prices — i'J.J baskets Ileidseick ... 100 ba.keu echrider wine. How l.j.d.i( and lor sale by BIDLEHAJI at CO , ■E-3-3 Montgomery ft. St t'tUt <Ht >I»IKLMUBKIM)IL< kJ Wwetavt - dirk Martell brand/, vinMg* 18-J6; ») i^Uves pale MarteJ brandy, vintage 1846 Mow lauding ex Aiooal and fir iU« by LOW'li, EBPETd A CO., fH3 California -trwet. U^_*l>A UK E— Khvarin — V MMtMU Ka. 1 China rice. For tal« by FRAKK.S ir. OLUSTEAD, Her. bandiae Brokers, k;<-7 Com-r rt tt<;r- and tV^in«r.n streets. VtlUI.'S CELCBUAIED CUAJIPAOE J^ ClJttt— SCO uses, is flue order. for itle br BIDLEMAH k CO., a : 3 3 M 'n' mrnr st 1.0 >-s. ».>_•» :.<■., k,- uld \.ric vintage 1T95 ; IC ■ tL kh Uld t-«zrac, vintage ibU5. -aeet liiaaiy ia tort.. > For s«le by EIDLEMAN a CO-, tf3S Mr>ctwmery ct. •-•^wVI lU«i> TU.H firoTTTifnuwitMMiit] J3 t«i lioa. <•'.■-' •;<■-, in ►!•>■■- »• af >r rale by Cm * . SOL'TU WOHTII _. CO . M j f* Battmy street, corner of Baßeek. Iron Wr house 01 ll»." ck street, txtwien Beaao— « and B 1. er_7. apiKMim Amc-ican Tbearre. sp m I^OCt 8.%1jE-By WAKCI.Kt: A KlKG, comer Batter} mr -4 Oncramciito strr* tt — uk fa»B** 5U bbls .-I- 1 pork; ____^^_ 50 bi * ''" p nk. ar2 I£k/k 111 - BbXLMM HOIK; -«- *^VF 3000 qr sacks hil-j flotr. For f ale by WAKELEE * KIWG, *•"" Co-ncr Bm*ry s."d 8 <cra-oeata ttt. H * «-»'WW VIAKIX I WII. LOW BAHE-lx p " * '* ni ». Ann .. » luige itd well select, d attorunect. For sale by OWNER, HrKLFS i TAYLOR, *** cur JSai:rmn ntj and Davis stE =: - bnsastquareeiEeiijysU. * Ft r sale by - T B.GiaFFirT3 UORR4H, _I__J m^^^^^^^^^_^_^^^ r oof fj| J*^' 1*"1 *" ."M. I-rool war. hooie. *•* _n i» ■ ure *p>'y *■ DEWITT k mmtlPON, ___: _"• ■•-..-»-.,. SI •«.%«-■- -The bulk 01200 tort can be taken oabaa-d store th p Ja-aes atw-n. toot or Jackson tb^S! c " b! - !i BIDLEMAK A CO. * * ... .rrl^-- , t ftto.' w '^^e^merTst OTittttACn IW FIBC-PBOOP "TOR. 000 ?3 birrr..t can be Ukea on ttoiiffi. m brick buiidios en J—'All^. App',t. ErDLEKAM & srp3 a Mcnt^fTnerytt. t «*I>A 10l >TAI.>»-< complete sets Bsras*s patent ►-J just retsc --4 . For sale by DEVVirT A HARRIS OH, t ; '." IBS' H4awl#Otl_r»> lit Filtß COVE •IRTIM-r.i Willed lUcerg} '• .' cases, eae— t -n, Ik. eats. Fur a*ls by l»£WriT A HARRISON, ap3T It SHr.»orne st. W Ml' FO3 .— j tor delivery on Monday, JLi ,- -Urc* •— , Ur-i 4Y oaijuoc _ KcKHiLftY s.. GAKrIIOCII. Cihs-2tP . o_________ /r-+ j, HJihXTJk i£li — A-r^-i-»l Io»o*e, a— Pur by €jr *" m ~ m « « TYAsUATIU. * O'J, .- mffl* > -H or 'r. "1... t TVhaff. rai A.HPAXJAX* AND WDIA Ilinncu f si ji^Kfcj •9»trm9t, «lle«i a co. =»»• i#>cuft*wj». I

tPantrt. WAMIiO.-At the City General Agency ani intelli- "" «-eace Office, No. 87 Long Wharf, third door bek> w Sansjme street, up stairs : £HI saui!5 aui! Karma. LoU, for s le and to rent. .I* Merchants, Farmers, Mechanics, Hote, Keepers, and Prteiltt Fhmii^-ssupulied with help at the shortest notice. Those * uiun ? help will be particular in specifying the exact •tyle of help, tc, they require, and also the amount of srafei. Merchants Clerks, Laborers and Berrantt can find immediate employment by applying as above. Notes and account* collected. Money loaned on securities, personal and real estate. W. C. BABBITT 4. CO., »Pl j__ Successors to Gilbert St Co. WANT —SAM FRANCIBCO INTELLIGENCE OFFICE. Commercial street, below Montgomery, in Gibbt' Brick Building. A. R. McKENZIE k CO. M. B. — Persons repairing servants, either male or female, such as clerks, waiters, cooks, stewards, chambermaids, labor* era or ineeha&iea, or a_y other description of helpthat are required either in tne city or country, can rely on being prompty supplied by at the office ; we devote oar whole attention to tneh kind of business. Also, those desirous of obtaiaic« situations in either of the above capacities, may apply at this office. 'apl] A. R. McKENZIE WANTED OF MR. JOHN JUSTICE, formerly of Graenfield, Indiana. Supposed to have left St. Joseph, Mo , about the 221 of May, 1819, for California. Since which time he has not been heard trom. Any information respecting him would be thankfnlly reo Wed by addressing Judge HAMMOND, of the firm of tfarrmonl it Lockiow ; or to J. C BELL, of the firm of Ball k McElwee, No. SO. Clay street. San Francisco. Oregon papers pleate copy and tend bill to Evening Journal. roß2elm WAiVTED— A PARTNER— With a capital of « 1,000 or $5,093 in a respectable house already established in businefi in this city, and in one of the best losatioaa. The business carried on is profitable, and managed by an experienced merchant The increase of capital alone it wanted to injure a very profitable return to the capitalist. Apply for particulars by letter, directed to J at this office, and where any communication can be attended to, by specifying at what plac- the parties can have an interview. apl WASTED- Information of CHARLES VAN DBSSEL, from Antwerp. !«ium, who landed -bout six years ago at Mokelumae Hill, between Stockton and Inertmetitj, no thine having b«en hears; from him since 1350. Any information of his whereabouts will be thankfully received by bis anxious mother Apply to J. REVALK, c rner of Montgomery and Washington st«. Sacramento Union, Stockton Journal and Hokelumne Hill Journal please copy. apl ANTED-^formal n of SILAB 11. JACKSON, who yT .iU-J from New York In F- binary, 1653, for C»l foini*. When las* heard irom he hal been wort on Kanaka Cieck, and was sick with bilious fever ; since whici tims his friends htve had nothing from him. Letters addrrsiei to him at Sacrameoto -ity leinain uneellsd t jr. Ar person potspssing l'.f ram -n in regard te him wit: confer a a.tig favor 01 his parents aad friends (y corr-munieating the same to ?'unuel li King, or Jo*e;h D. C. rVacb, San Fr&nciico. Editors of country pap .r» will oblige by noucing th'i. «pt3* WAIVTEU— PRIVATE BOARDING— A few respect » v able working men can bi accommodated with board and lodgings Id a private family wh-re th- is no children and where the comfoit* of a h->me can be had. No. 8 Kay 6>t • Row, on Minsom- street, near tteKaM'tt House. TeTiiS flO per week. at .M 4* WANTED. — ISO tons sung', on b ard storeship TretTT cult. Apply to GO?*, WHITE * CO , spl 96 «n«i »f H .r- rr at. earner Clay. WANI'GI)-A (pri to do the gooctral h a-t»jii, washW ing ir jiudst Ki.d coatiag lor asm ill family. Addr-st b' xNu 743, tan Kiaisitcu P. -it ■ ffia mh29 7* ANTED.— A Woman »ho uudirsracdl Ap^l; k the northwett corner of P_cinc and Mas..n «t«. m iMlm •. « ; A-> IMI- Ay ■ nr gi Ila a ssU uu Aj,j.y _t the *» Duuo'ii ■••>lo> 1, No -oy Hup n*., bet*, en VVa hiiiirt r.T.dCs»'trvf*« mh • 1 'ir ASTAIV I U.— ;ny iceiof lam».B M_ s na Wliiaow >? Uints. ROBKRT hA f!iKn>r of *«iwi»n» »r>ri M^rrh»«t»t« VVA •'I *>— >.lv. r PUter Wtn:ed -I OAK. V - 1-9 ww X- »ii. i.[ti.i|ii.iri. a 27" 2.111il ■•*• "•• 1 « • •>* Kit E; '" " " tiOo tacks b ttu», 7 >-.*.» 1 live 01 : 133 .i-z x.'diii a, s.s'lilijz >\»t ra and ljbiten; luOXe.* .yiuj; " k'ifs rid r>iue»ar; -.") bb's d led app'.es; 25 cases lard: iiiranljc 1; 1 < hhJs li ms; ::'■> 'juvm <• ft a, 1 lbcad's, 10) c<u>e* ground c ff^e; Tim ss< it salt; .i«J dozen 3-hoop pails and K>o Mies wrar pir>v twire; bruoms; Ml b x • »> <■■ p and • t irr.i; 300 tics assarted craeken; 1 1 0 cut' r eh.'w in j to' a?i-o; _ 0 boxes C Ld. •; 3UO ta.M< pr pper, allfpice aid 25 »p:a i'ihc mn'er«p*'es cljvi-.. SOS bnara aalera'us, in felu-f ; 200 cases pr served goods: 30 h ! tb'.s h rruu. J. H C< (iHLL it ■ «.'., pj>4-3 115 K-tfr-y r>treet r^ar W«»hlnstnn. "-llji M _T-> R*. 1 tlllNA kKiiK; r9%W\9 M ruaU Baiavia apr; lii bf o s <ru hed sugar; gn Keg. lat lard: 41 r-»».s l. lard; 17 •'. h: *>bls No 1 mackerel; 70 cases oreterved mutton; 43 easjes mrdinnt; M '■'•I. Z nte . v rents; £1 i ooz Konsmt's oystert; If-J duz tieth 1 b«t-rs; 45 I hi tiL.U com meal, Oh 4s corn m al; t- ' Lox-a Ad candlea: 150 boxes ass'd eaxdy; 871 om'-s p -srl starch; HO .ea coin starch; 300 e;_« Ctiile b an-; 50 bbis Can in. Ti e; 115 b<;xe« C. 0 HMfK 225 res ' and soap; r.V: buxes dtoegton bittfrt; 175 xea C c.d r; 1 : 5 , r 1 ; » c raug at al»; ]25hfbb!sdracg>>tale; I^s boxes sa-ssi>anllt syrup; 130 cases Irish wniskey; tor talc by BURS, MATTOON i CO., »p4-3 54 «n • 56 Front street. •*a» \ UO/ 3-nO'>PKD BUK3TM; *Jf j*b*J Zla coils Manila rope; 4"i run w;»i ping paper; 250 ex oes R W matches; 83 Woz brojms 320 bjga C. K. c ff(->; 150 bap. Kio coffee; 133 cAses ground ccffae; 350 eases 8. P. and Imp tea; 50 bblt yin- gar: 340 boxes mac. and verm.; :h.ii doc pick handles; 50 bales gunny bags; 375 kegs dri'd a; pie»: Vis bxe fresh R',Jple»; 33S box brandy peache*; 161 boxes pie fruits; 180 dozen pepper in class; 140 dot mustard, in glass; 275 bcxes pipes; 30 M regalia elca s; 390 tins e*kes, jumble*, Ac; 55 bates army duck; 136 Boxes Resorted spices; 80 cas«K codfish; Fer tale by BURR, MATTOON It CO., ap4 -3 54 and 56 Front »trwet. \i\i I RAGS ( nil BEl!V<t. 50 lbs. each. •J 17 tr 150 bags C. A. coffee; 50 bsgs pepr s'; 525 cases *Je and porter; 175 cases ou B. peaches; 200 ca «k Eng. ale and porter, 125 bbls vinegar; one doz each; 100 kegs vinegar; 550 mats No 1 C. sugar; 250 mats Batavia sugar; 3efO bbls and hl/bblth 1 / bblt Cr aid 75 chests blssk tea; powdered tugar; 300 boxes brown soap; 375 mats Manila rice; 100 eases preserves, asst; 250 bxs C O soap; 50 bbli currants; For aale by W. T. COLKMAN St CO., apl-3 corner California and Front streets. »» X.<T. FIKKISK GOSnBN BUTTER; /*sVt-arU 125 b tie hams; 100 kegs lard: ICO cases lard; 50 csiks b»eon: 1 25 kegs fttuart't syrup; •50 hf bb'i S H btcon; 150 caaes fresh peaches; 100 cases strawbi 200 kegs pickles; 123 car* saleratut; 160 cases mustard; 175 cases pepper; 350 boxes ad.m candles; 12) cases French candles; 175 m sardines hf and qr bxs; 850 kegs nails; ■ caset salt; 300 cs tebaeco, Tar's breads; For sale ty WM. T. CnLtMAN tc. CO., *p4 3 corns r California and Front streets. BII.MABD TABI.EM- Just received, per Jannet, S.M from LondonThree of Thurston'a raperior Billiard Tables, complete, Includirg cues, balls acd other appurtenances, For sake by HABTLER, BAINE3 tt CO., «p3-3 California itreet. I7IPOBT.4JVT PAPERS hare b ea received by us lor the lion. CHARLES W. W. FITZWILUAM, who was at Vancouver in December la«t. Any informmion as to where he can be addressed will be gratefully received ty F. ARGENTI it CO , ap4.7 San Fraaclseo. Oregon pap»r» please copy. HAWS AND BITTER- Per \Y\ag )d Racer, from New York— 15 tfriree ha-rs; 50 firkins butter. For tile by BASTLER, BAINE3 A. CO , »p3-3 Califorcla street. CIIIL.C I" J-.OL'«— HJf and quatter tacks, oiiginal packaret. For tale by J. R. WEST, Merchandise Broker, ap3 3 Corner Front and Paerkmento st*. IiXJJ.X: WIKE- _ C 10,000 lbs gal .aniz d ferric wire; 15 000 lbs annealed f-Lciug w re, For tale by J W. BKITTAM, ap3-T Pacn»m j nt'i »-••»••. nrar Front. SVKI *• al*-*a 1 *-* HOLAUKsj4U bbN 1" . t j X c 111 1 •> ■ "O'J hi lr 1 . Porio Kicj 11 o _»eea; w). k. b 'li tSunnain in la •...«, For tale t y *pi Hl'^KV 'ND Ie HALE. O>K OB TWO tiEX -rM.MiSltiPt AND T..K X Wiv«si . ri alee) two or ihree «i: gat gentlemen, vi bj .<•: ' initi -<i»i...i wit:, I'Oarii id a private funlly. Aj. .y at the corner ot Xi ai ny end Union tts. ■ raw inude Mi. 1 .-I r-c prrn tod regui e<l. -* ,- ' up WALdIIS tjAI» AWW LETTJittPAPLU. If il CHafS • Uld b.u- run .i For sal by DEWITT it HARRISON, '"I Ig9t-»rs:oroert. I'ILOTUIAG. — An inroice oi fins „]. thi_g. con 1 ti.g \^y cf r 1 1.1 k Co.v, PautaliH ns aid rJnii.el unaer clothing. id.i reccind and fat tale by W. K. VAN ALLN, up -? Cnrrer J»cuoi ft. d it- r> nts. Vtt-yi Xttiyn A H.TIOK— 1 w nib., -rotor, •5 c 'in; 1 tr- ad in p if .vi oititrr. For sale by <,«!-. WdllE A CO., »p2 96 a- d! <■ a-, ry at-«»>% c rner of ria-. I 1.1.1 tiil> TAB. »•. Uectiy 0 per V\ ii g d Racer, 2 of H-«i.ura'» n.a.u artu r, •. tn f r taW by , I ln.»> 4. BANcnO^T, apl-7 I- id tdoi IT. nesr ■- a.-run ntu st. SHOW CASES.—'- large beaut Jul show cues fjr sa'e by 1 A. McCiEA & CO., a: -1-7 Ratterv. ne»r Clay st. •■5.11 V POT.- One SOO g» bH I'ry Pot, French manuac- £. 1. • imLroved p»Pern. For tale ty GOS3, WHITE it CO. ipB 96 A- 98 Batten- stn . 1. <■..-. Clay. LCJIBtIB.- Kt-Jwood lumber constantly on hand, or -Li I cut to order. SAGE it SMITH, lrth'M-lm 45 California st. OILII.UTU: OILCLOTH.:! A small assort mi moi low i«pn— -ii nil cloth, jutu-iyt dby FRANK. BAKER, . *P' 149 Momgomery st. CHILE PEAI'HBN.-lW(i«.| and ceroons InfiittJ rue order, justreceivid and for rale by ._, 7 W. K. VAN ALEJI. p Corner Jackicn and Buttery tU. TO ABI.BV-SoCOsj.ks Chile Barley for sal, b - •■-• I RANKS * OLMeTEA[> _52tZ _^li_S3i_^a*i 500 -™ € &MBI €ORJ\-!M tasks Mexican e.,rn for aa! e hy ' ~* Fa**** * OLMrTSAD o«^»^7-«H-r«-» WW M rtttoi

til if elf HbvtxWiii}. PACIFIC MAIL s.TEAnSHIP COJIFANV FOR HEW YORK AND NEW ORLEANS, VIA PANAMA. COMMENCEMENT OF THB WEEKLT LINE. DEPARTURE FROM LONG WHARP. FARE REDUCED. ■i^-j^ THE PACIFIC mail S. 8. CO.'S steamer COLUMBUS, _M__B— O Edward Mellus, Esq., Commsnder, Will leave for PANAMA, with the Throu jfa and Way Mails, touching at Monterey, San Diego, and Acapulco. On SATURDAY, April 9th, at 9 o'clock, A. M. For freight or passage, having unsurpassed accommodations, apply on board, or to E. KNIGHT. Agent, aps Corner Sacramento and LeideniortT iit». PACIFIC ITIAIL. STEAMSHIP COJIPAIVV. FOR NEW YORK AND NEW ORLEANS, VIA PANAMA. DEPARTURE FROM LONG WHARF. ■■^jj.^ THE PACIFIC MAIL 8. S. COt'B St a_» r T""_lMt. NORTHERNER, 18-B-i-B-i J. B. G. Islam, Eiq , Commiinder. Will leave for PANAMA, with Pasiengen, the United SUM Mall and Treasure, touching only at Acapulco, On SATURDAY, April l*th, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Treasure for snipment will be received at the office until 12 o'clock, Friday, noon, April 15th. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to . E. KNIGHT, Agent, eps Corner Sacramento and Leide.sdorff sts. STEAMER FOB lIILTIBOI,WT BAY. DEPARTURE FROM LONG WHARF. ' ■^ THE PACIFIC MtIL S.S. CO.'S STEAMER FItKMONT, _^gfc^B UOO ton», ■bib-R_B--b> A. M. Burns, Esq , Commander, Will le»ve for EUMBOLDT BAY, with passengers, and freight, ; '-. On SATURDAY, the 9th iniit , at 9 A. M. For freight or passage, having unsurpassed accommodations, apply on board, or to E. KNIGHT, Agent, ap3 Cor. Sacramento and L^We^dorff st". _ -rf-w. PKOPIiK'M IiINK FOB SlCll*J+eCLjSZjjl'&tLii l\>.— Freight reduced; ci per ton. Ti . Uv. rstauuncrt SENATO-4 and NEW WORLD will leave Pacific Wharf daily at 1 P. 1 take fr i<it m above. CHA3. KIN TURN, Agent, apl-T fu'icin wharf. _f»-_ FOB lOl.l'l, TEIIATIA AND jj«HKtJ » t'KK — Tn.- tt«m«r KA»tIION w:l .- v," Central wharf on WtDNfiSD.VY, Apiii the ti.h at fo r .'.l c«. For freight or pa«>ag"ip[lv on bT«rd. _p_£_ ___. fos THE iveuxy DIMOVKRi U iS^t G)d -'i'i'us " Auitr.lie .Svdnry auJ Port Philip, tow lat th» Islands for fr» sn provis ons. The fast a.iiipgc ijperani^. GhN VKZIE.BX) tons, Will pos ltiv-ly ,il in a te*d«y*. ■ ■ Thi» iplendid »hip hat b^n thoroughly refuted at great e»pi nse. tip em y f accommodation of puiengr*, is wrl venill a..-i and ci mm diou<, allordi: a larga pr..mentdr>. ii w ii ounl and will carry lresh p ovisiuns and vege:atles from ti.i. port. The Part War Jen« hat e*»mio< d thii vessel, and promunces ha. at.v; d a:.i itiun hin cv«-iy respect. Cenifica' _• may bcseen un bot-d. • r at counting-, o m Dr. Anhur We hered, a w.ll mown pbytlcUn, of San Fran e;«c >, s"i i "pn 1 lit ship a« Phy^iciin Hni Surgeon. Tnstengeraare inviiei to n ni»in on board. The ship is now ie<idy and i*»inii in iicight. Phi. ptswi I trs-n-rsue in sending their frclguc down as soon >> p "ktule. Tnn Height list is yet op for the furth-r arcommedation of tho— wto w .n to ship by tnis gnod ipp irtjt.ity. Art)' , on buard, at KM tool o. Clay >t • t, er to 11. R REKI) ii. CO, apS N >. 9> Front street, --* Tb° bar priviloren In t*ie aa'^ontn be ri..,. o « A •■♦. |>ABA JUZATLAN EN I»H *i IC»:«« I'212aK UA - — S-Hratn 10 del eorriente me-, la lu'imiiri In c 1 it-a 3KJi)LI>, He 50a t.nea!a«, yenls d. 1 corn nt.- la 1 v eva oa caciipper Hum iligmsis >MiT >NL di 400 tcnladas Amboi ,L,qi"« ofreei n »t.p.'iloTS c modadrs pin pas geroe son bum v it-roc, y r>g strtdo - omo A No. 1 en 1. utlr. ». Para tlete y pasaze, veanae con lot capltaaet a bo d >, o ron W sCUI.EH>c.N Corredor de bequet y Adusnv, eille de Kearny, No. 187. ap3 „-^. I'AIM < tllO »X «*t.\ LICIN, MAIM SSm. «LAd, *AZVILAK YGU\Y*MAS— £■» Jraeo 10 d r. n < 11J". el berganline M. jic. 1 UNI- N, tv cavitan Ri.tto. Pa a Cabo aan Lucai y Acapulco, taldraen 15 d.l cur. ion c, bernntii c (1 ran ad no JULIA, tv capitan Rutto Amboi buquea son muy veleros y o;re:tn buenas comodidu dcs para p*t*i^rt-rtS Par* fiele y pata.e, veime con rl capit»n a l ordo. n eon W St HLFIDEN. ep3 callo «w Keawif, Wo 187. y£ A l.t-lAM II L.INK OF fPACK-TM *nrH? v |R !ii..hAMtKlO <11Y.-The uudi.-r-uu- tl v. il .1.^,.. icnfirrt da 1 if •« 1 re«uliry for .-acr«ment > ity, 011 wiio-e „unc uality of saiiirg *hi_j>.;r» may rely. Mont 11 ■• will find it for their advantage to ship by t .ii Li n, as they an; a 1 fine vi'«' 1* and s«il punctuaUy. Merchants having freight on clipper ships can hive tha same shipped free of charge. Freight to cacramento City $5 per ton. • C. CLAHK k CO., Arents, ap2 Frnnt. comer W»«hmet >n s'roet. >*_ t.O(t UONUKONU UlltEC T— Will sail 01 SSSiS'-ke I Hi t.f Apr 1. the fine last-sailing Hbro'bnqu-> LO Kt>A Captain L. jaabye. For freight or pa— wge having superior accommodations, apply to U l LLMANN, BROTHERS & CO., 1.4 Callornl* street; Or to CHARL&3 liAl'M. ap3 7 Kearny st , text door to Cu-tam House. ~j£L FOB ACAPILtO, VIA CAVE ST. SK2' U >*Aa— sail on the 15:h injt. the fins birg JULIA, of 2iJU tote burthen. FOR SAN BLAJ.MAZATLAN AND GUAYMA^.— tail on the 10th inst tbe Mexican brig UNION, ilutib, master. For freight or past age, appl. to W. FCHLEIDEN, Eh'p and Custom Ileus? Broker, apl 1 -7 Kearny ttf. ~_il FO!i MAN UIEI^O ANI) INTKK.TIKSgyIUiATK PORTS.- The fine fa«t-s_iling A 1 star ASluiua, Jaiu-s Chapman, muter, will tail on hrh >r regular trip on Saturday, 9 h intr. For freight or passage apply to K. E. RUMOND, 77 Davia at, near Clay, Or to the Captsin on board. aps 7 -g-t FOB lIV,nitOI.UT ■ AY.- Th_S64_l'"^ VV VAN DOT, Wm A. Wf«t,moiter, williail for the ■Sura port on Friday, Bth inst. or freight or passage apply to HICKOX tt BROWN, apS-4 3.' Front street. P. S. — A letter-bar kept open until the hour of nailing. .J£± NOTICE TO SHIPPERS OF FREIGHT. # For Port Phillip Direct OK FREIGHT. For Port Phillip Direct. The A-\ British barque WILLIKG ii now along tide of Davis ttreet wharf atid ready to receive freight. Shippers, wi'l please send down their goods imm date y as the vesiel will clear at the custom house on Saturday. J. J. SOUTHGATE It CO . aps Agents corner Pacific and Davis streets. JSU. FOR Ths Peruvian barque CHARLES SSSbALL, of 330 tun., burthen. She lias between deck, with a good inventoiy, and the copper in good order. Can be t«Lt to tea without any expense. For farther particulars apply to J. GARCIA, Montgomery street, over Montgomery r atbs, mh3i-T Or to the Crp an on board. JSgi, FOB PUC3ET HOI ND, VICTOHIA.SBL T " * Hi ' th « Cth.-Tbe brig HOV£.R, Cui-t. hav.n.' good aceommodatloct for ; a-*iu;er». Apply to 21LA3 E. BURROWS k. TONS, lon Store, .vis street, - »j3 nrar Paclflfi. j&L FOB TII It -UUlw>WlClsa__pa_U_Ul-M 9_| Tiic clipper tchoomr iUALI'u, &, m_ter, w.U sail at above, on Tueidsy, April 3 h. For freight or ptiaaagu, tpply to PLUMMER «V CO., foot of Clay street, an 2-3* Or to tb* M««ter on ho*r3. *&£> E«'-R »Al>E.— Th-» fast-tailing r.i.h trig \O1— I.iMV laveniory complete and teady for tea a* •mmi - h ■!■ cargo it di? charged. Appy to HASTLE&, BAINE3 k CO., ap4 3 Calif jrni . street. *3"*4 FOX nONGHOKC-TV fast sattt-g Brhihh 29B_t NAVAKINU, Csp'ain Paige, will te despatched for tn. u.uvep nt in tli-: lu.h mot. fur freight or pamge, apply on board or to KU'CHIE, OsiGOUD & CO., ■p2-IO Culifort ia ttrfet. . i-Zac POX IliKniUT OU CUAKTKU ih: J^2^ 1 Kin I" ij» RuLiSL._\, ot 7.13 i". ur.i.. 11, witb liafTianiit iiiiu a.uunt lor pasfe. g--ri-, &ud very superior imi'ing qaaUt|«4, will b« ready to sail in about eight d> ya Apply to cspta n John tht- 11, on board, at Law, wh irf, oh to B'JI.TuN, 11 AHUUN A CO , mh3l-8 92 M=>rrh*nt St. £- f FOR I'OBII.AKO, 01-L4.ON Tee A 1 _M__K r: Pr" ' br:* A< . A IK, T.ioluh. Johnson, master, will tail m. mj ■• aa aataiaay, April 2J. or freight or padcage, hiving super! accommodations apply to ui._>ter en buai d, or to IBVU. It TICHENOR, mb- * Jac-i.m »t. wharf. _£_-, FOR. MILE, FUEIKIIT OB (UAH. *f£2£ 'It'll— Th- A 1 K-i.linur. b-.i, clippei quo VI - uTTIa ANN. a <• v: 300 ton» regster, will be re*dy for sea in a Era d_^s j,nd bus a tul inventory and o_e year's stores on 0 ard. For terms *ppiy to ■ LOWE, EBBET'? _ CO., «p«3 < alii rnia street V^jy NASON'ii MAE FOB HAN PEOUO.--B 11 ''' 1';-'1 ';-' ciit.pcr bri< COL. EHEMtiNT, John trsk lAA^mtr.-, will have iminer late dipatch on her regular tup Car -an Pedro &nd intermediate p <rli. tor height or passage, apply to master on board, or to (!tO. U. PREsToN, m h2o 11 BacrMmeuto t-t, 1 tii c up-tta'ra . WANIIB I.n.nKI>IATKI.t — Tj pur- ; c ' T" ehu» or charter two or tnree ye, from 170 to 300 1 Bsw freight lamber from the mills of Uij California Lumber k-u v hCiUriug Compacy Apjjly at the office ..f the Company 163 Montgomery st. «■'» H.MUG.m, Pr«aUcnt ■rajii *OK fI«ET f«OIM>-ir- ANo 1 br k SBs&r'HAMi.LIM ADAM!., S. Calais, mas er, will have im uut( detpa ca for the above port. For irri_ht or jaiMf-j i.pp!y 0 . b «r.l, Jsckinn street wharf, or to Joseph galloway, »p3-4 Corner Davis md Jacks n strf ett. >£* FOU IIoAGaONV, DlBEt/L- i_ e dip_Br f : 'bi\t UO_.D_.N GATE, Capt A. Uarstow, to sail 00 v . - ou of Apr J. For or pascagi apply to master on board, or to CA_.&, HMSfcli It CO., Ph24 6j&iniomoat -<*5a sVOIk »ALK. Th- c. pp;rta and copper la-teac d £^|American brig TIGRIS, 160 tons register, a fattsaUer aua BsMW] carrier, with lull inventory, in compete order. being newly a^d thoroughly i pitted, and ready t r any voyage' Apply to ROBERT KELLER &. CO , ' apl Corr ganeomc and chant eta J?.i, FOB BALE.- The fast saiUng American brig SJgIMOKTi: ZUM A. 25 items ruler. GOSS, WHITE St. CO , aps £< and P8 Battery street, corner Clay. u*Oa FOU UunOlil'LU.-' lipper s<hjoiier MULSS*STO will sail for IK n /In.'j, April SUi. For freight or peas-^f, apply t > FLUMMER & COapS Clay, bft. Front and Davis sts. -Al FOB I'BKICIIT OK CUAUTJUB-Th» 2*5%;* 1 batch barque ivVUOPA, Zii totn, Nollr', rxaitar A^p'.y ENGCL3. LOciPEK * CO.. _ mt»» C»r. Trout and WhsMiitt-w s<*. VJi* WA»T»B TO riK(Ui*K-A flsi iata T- F* m Ibip. Apply to UUetET, BOND A HALE. ""'• ' ■w_aa_i HTM!. - . ■ ■■ - ■ 1

ilpxticn fiaUf. F. F. Fargo, Notary Pubic | H. F. BjW«». Auctioneer. By FARGO & BOWBN. [169 Montgomery, Real Estate Agents and Auctioneers.] Al«o, win give their attention to the sales of Btocks. Merchandise, Cargoes and any propert/ that parties may wish to offer "^ygSfi?^ Pi-, charts 'and other .pnur^. nance pertainin* to the rVal estate busings, of JametM. Carter It Co , hive established them.slvns on Montgomery street^ in the Metropolitan Block, two doors north of W .nn s Branch," where they have one of the most commodious offices and sales "a^cUsj- &• of Heal K. «c will be made every TUESDAY, at 13 o'clock, M. , _»_.>._? . Parties will a' ways find a Rpgirter for property to be offered at public or p-ivate tale at our counting rjoms. * Dscdi, Mi)rtimg.!i, Leases, Bonds, Stc, drawn at ahort notice, and on favorable terms. . Kills and notes protested. AckcowledgraenU and affidavits taken, and al notarial business promptly and satisfactorily rxOC Monry to lorn on unencumbered Real Estate from •1000 to Al°PriTate 8»le.-8fiveral valuable and well located Water LoU. _?.'■ .. , Houaes and Lots In differßPt part* ofthe city. apl TO.'IOHKOU. Tnetday, April 5, At 12 i/cK'CK m , Will be sold at ira'evroom 163 Montgomery street, on Tuesday next, the following disiia*>l« city property. Cottage on Biley Street. A now and well built cotage, situated upon a lot twenty-two by sixty feet, lying between Cl»y and street, front ing on Riley street, being a portion fiity vara lot No «3 ; the h me two stories, twenty four feet by lourteenwlth a kite Sen attached, tan by twelve feet. The location is a commanding one ani well worthy the attention of pers jns desiring a residence. City title. Terms ca«l>. ALSO, A building lot next adjoining the above oa the west, twenty fe t front on Riley street by sixty feet deep. fame title. ALSO, Eleven beautiful building lota situated on Third st'eet ba-twe-n Townseud and Brannan street «, being in size twenty by sixty feet. ALSO, Twelve building lots situated on Townsend street between Third aid Fourt ttreeeti. Sam- aiz ai above. A 80, Tw.»niy-two building lot* on Phelps street, twenty by sixty fact. ALSO, Ten bnilding lot' in the rear of ths above, and fronting on an alley 20 feet front by 60 feet deep. v across caih. ALSO, Afi lebuillingl .t on corner of Jonei and Antonio itre being part of nfty vara let No 1094. tit.. xuli-ilivi.ion of 100 Tara 1. 01 No, 'J7J. 20.\60 100 leet from C'helaea street. ALSO, Valuable Property on Nlocktoa street. Two well located • uildiuglots on Siocktun street, corner lots 20x60. Beautiluilyhtatrd. ap2 Private Male. 1 pair 18 inch fine French burr mill stonet with box and 2P'-rin-/ ennrilet*. apl 0 V*iHM£ li.«< 1.1. V •_ «JO.| aau-ooiK, corner ttitctf2i ram nto st, ctfer lor s+le, ex Q*xna Cock, Mete jr.aud Quuen of th" Seat— BUi._ ti. eclored aid white; Brown, Hal and b .'hod drills; Co ton duck, assorted numbers and widths; bro h- tin. a, 30 inch, 4, 5 and ( Bleached shaetirg', 6-4 to 13-4; 111. ach-d -hi 'tings Tickings; denim* mariners' strip Cl tn* cassimeres, satinets; Billiard cloth. (Scarlet y.i low mi 1 white tnnels; Prints; itlnghumi; cathmeret; Hfrinoet; yhigs, alyacc&t; hilks. b mbazlne«: Tab c bbbbb-b! napkins Bheet<ng and shirti' g linens; Ca simere and • net pants; trier gre, a d blue F. O. shirti; White an I colored undershirts and drawers; Ca 'c 1 and W. L B shirts; Ch ck and hickory shirts; An »«» ■>rtrn-r.t of hosiery unrl shelf goods. mhl9-lm m.y X iHIMA, \% I.M.LU K.UEK AND OT-EK M2A vt. .->i-;ls-Carolina li-; • in tiercei; Chile dour ii, bag< if .00 lbi , in (elect order; Cherry wine in M ki; homan < em«\.t; Pcot h a c iv bottle; Mnrleil a brai dv, dirk and pale, in hhdt; Cru;.|.ed augnr in tierces. lovt lea of superior E gltsh stationery; Snr,«ri»r cut glatt, tmsJl size printing sper, Ac; Widow glass. DRY OOOD3. Invoices of linen d .nintks, Dialer, grain bags, sheetings, towels, _ : Duck cotton h >•«; Cotton Lit drawers, Ac. kc. Fur sala by CROSS It CO., »p<-0 Battery ftroet. 1 I*7 TL. TOM. «.l!«; IR.CCBEO II ATI 8; — L a*J lUO LbU ext a hum p. ri. 100 halt in In extra cl*-ar pork: 185 firkins G jshen butter; 2i (1 krgs f>eah leaf lard; 400 boxes adamant. candles, 6s; SO bbl* N. T. 1 ruiht-d sugar; 100 bbis N. Y. mo wdureU sugar; 10) bbls N O. sugar; iO) b<t|(S Kio Cuttet-; 75 caies Thomas's granpe tobacco. For saie by U. X BREW3TEU k CO.. sp3-S 109 Battery, comer Merchsst st EX IS All X COCK, GOLDEN t.'ATK AMD TJNGQUA— SHOES. .L«dlPs'Mitses and Children's; BROGAN3. .Boy's and Men's, Enameled and Gcat, t<OOTS..Kip, Uratn, Celt, Hungarian. Copper Kail.-d; CONCREds GAITERS.. Enameled, Paent Leather and Calf; SLIPPKRs..La'I •»' ard Men's rin'.roid red and Enameled; HATd.. Men's and Boy's C ssimere, Biuih, Kottutb, Wool, M ile -kin and P<ilra Leaf ; BLACKING.. Shoe Brutltei; V . . Ladus' Men's and Children 1 tale by SAMUEL BAKER St CO. aP:Ia P :1 No. 117. a(Tanaentf»Bt. OPKlfllffCl DAV!- Beautiful tlon of East India, J«p nese and Chinese Manufactures and Curiosities DUNCAN'S CHINESE SALESROOM, (Late Tubin 4; Dtincan,) Wl'l be opened on Tuesday, April 3th, at 10 A. If. The building formerly occupied 3/ T. St D.. extending through from .Sacramento .-trect to Commercial, has been enlarged by an additional front of thirty feet on Sacramento »trt^t. The whole interior is being fitted up in tho matt costly and beautiful style, an! the d S(.l y on Tuesday will be found worthy of the attention of btiamtersand citizens, and credi able, to San Francisco Every cour'esy and attention will be shown to ladiet visiting the rooms. a p4 •> CI • V LICENCES for the qaarter commencing on the Ist day of April, 1*53, being payable in advance, are now due. All persons pursuing any calling or transacting any business within the corporate limit*, Wing to take out same, subject themselves to a penalty of #500, together wl}h t_ addition of ten per cent to th 1 amouutof tha Licente. Owners of Public Vehicles are hereby notified that the new Yearlj Numbers are now ready for issue ; and that It will be requisite for them lo bring their former numbers and License! to this office when applying for their renewal. Office Lours trom 10 to 3 o'clock. * LEWI? TEAL, *-pl City Tax C lli»cctor. CUOICE B««EH, BULBS, AC.-Just recei"•Ly v d, a splendid colleciion t,f choice Moss and Tea Roies of the very hi.'neat order. These Kote«art potted, and in fine en wicg order for the parlor, and worthy the attention of purchasers. AU i. Bulbous Roots from Holland, Hyacinths, Tulips, Narcitsai, Gladioim, Tuva Hose, and Lilliei, all in perfect order for the garden and parlor. For tale xt WARREN ft RON _sp3 Horticultural Room*.. ENTIRELY NEWBTVI.KS PAItIMJIAN-iILL'»S-6 cartons MI.X AND LACK MANTILLAS, of the lttt-sr. fashion »nd of gifat variety ot live, color and fab i.-A VERY CHOICE iMVOICE-jast revived from Parit, via New York by express, and tor tale by D. L. tUjH-i It CO. »p43 113 Battery street, newr Washington. (L^OB » A l>K— lo,ooo quintals Brazil woodJP 1 >,000 quint. .ls aa t; Deliverablit at tha Mexican coast, and at very low rates. For particulars apply to W. BCHI.EIDEN, »pl ; 1 87 Ke<rny it. ALLHOP* HI'KTON AI.E, IN H11.1i.hx Iguui FaUui, from London, 100 hhds Ailsop'* be tt Burton ale. Now landini and for sale by GEORGE T. CKOWTHER, ml>3l Leldsd rfT »t. U'twrn rsm-nt > and i^llfomia. BI Ii Ii I i"V » II ».»!•.- 200 bb's Billings' htnis; 200 bbU BilluiKt'<houlders; la store and for tale by ■'--; O. R. WADE, m>i3l-7 II ittery »t. lir>tween~Jark»nn a d Hurtle. i «ALl>li<JO AJIU lI A X It. I. FI.OL'R-SOO VR bbli euuetfioe ia store ready lor delivery, and for tale by J. R. WE.ST, J Merchandise Broker, ,p33 Corner Front and .--cramnntn sts. Ex TOwnrsKnri*— 100 boxci AdMinantin candles, R. Wiggins It Co.'s; 104 bbls corn meal. For tale I y , 3-3 UUSSEY, BOND & HALE. HOIST Wit K EL B— Three of New York make, ex Helen McGaw For tale by COOKE BROTHERS It CO, ap3-6» 130 Calif .rnia ttreet. A .i.thl!A\ BKANDI- 25qri:atk^50ei.htin, i D eto<e and lor tale by __ R WMT> J. R. WE3T, Merchandiw Brokw, mi 3-3 Corner Front and S<cram»nto tu. MELOKtI! MELONH ! MKLOSs : — COO ibs mlon strd, the choice varletii-s received. At WARREN k BON'.^ Bo tijulturxl Rooms, at>3 Corner Pi. and Battery streets AH HAH US BOOTS— I2,OOO fresh roott jtut re i^ cchedandforialeche.^^^ At \»ARRE(J k SON'S lJ.nticuitu Rooms, opS Corner Pi- and Battery at'f>e>s. TB» Oraillll BTBVCUWI«K !— Punaaim»3 ported, and a general MJOJtment of Drugs and Medicines, Fortaleby T . P. BEVAN3, mh3t-7* Apothecary. 130 Broad aray. NOTICE.— I have this sUy appointed George L. Cock?, i^l of the hrm of Cooko Brotni-rs k Co. my attorney, who will attend to my bu»icc-s in CaUforcil AMEa M. SWIFT Pan Franritco, March Sf, 1853. "31-7 RO TIArV CE.IICKT OF BIPEBIOB QI*AL. ITY.Juit tectivedand for sale by pajcE & hAMUEL PRICE k CO, pl •-. 170 Montgomery st. SPIUITB TUKrBNTINE>-SOU g«iious ins-,al ' forMlBl>y BECK4ELAW, »pl l>»and 197 lar.ann Iran ,IA CA-BH tIIKAPI'AFEBIIAIVGWGS A \3 just recdyed ex Game Cock, and for •■''•'"*. by FItANK l»AKfc*ii, ,3j, 3 j 14» M.nit»(>irni— et TOM AND SHEET IKON600r0U.,K05.12t027. w For »ale by J. W. BRITIAM, np-j.7 * FacraTnfrinttrßet.nea'-Frrnr. R_..M«»'AI.-PICKtTr 4. MOUNT, have HWH| to N .. «7 hrgnt street, bstxe«n J-aora-^eito street _ and L.>n»f Wharf, ore door north cf Mesirs. Ta*ce, MeLabUl * Co. »f>ka Th« bulk cf £00 Una ul storage; can be »S taken in a nre-proof »to-e. _ App.jrlo r-OtWEIL fcCLRTIS, $fi Lcsg WaWt MM Oar it.

amtim Salti. By THEODORE PAYNE & CO. BBAI. BSTATB IKD STOCK irCTIOIRIU. THEODORE PAYMB aui.'lßJ. P. DEWBT! (Office and Bales-room rr>ni'-r O^lttoni'a .nd Mcntf or— cry its.] Thwodobx Ha nut.. - uci A Register for Property at either public or private aalea is al w»t« open a* their o flier. Ob MONDAY, April 11, At 13 o'clock, A Wplecdid Beaideace •■ .Stockton street. 4ft '1 h»t beajtitul, comm diom and convenient twj.«t.)rj JHL 1 attic dw..liiug home ti.uaced on ths wester. side, of .-u>c_ton, between Clay aid eacramento su, the second house north r f the Unitarian church. The lot is in slae 30 fe. t front by 137 ft C iacbrs in d»pth. The h use Is 90 (t lront by 4 ) ft i 1 dapth. containing 12 rooms with kitchen attached, outbuildiegs, Stc. Tae house is lathed and pliitered throughout, well an 1 subj'antially built, has marbls mantels, grates, silver mounted door knobs, Sea, balconies to each floor, th-ee. water tanks, gr .aids tastefully arr<n<f d, and in 1 v ry reipeet a superior establishment. No position in tail city can aurp\ss it tor drive nience or magnificence of view. Tne furniture, whl:h Is «a. tirelynew, can te hid with or without tba premiaea and will with the home b« told as aboro unless prvviaiuly dUpjs^d of at p'ivat 3 tale, ;-*;■- Vp Title satisfactory or no sals. Terms one-half cash, ba!< at three per oect a munlh lnte rest for one year iniili ALSO, That beautiful Kuildisssj Mite obi the corner of Second and Harrison »ts. This ipl -noil si nation, probably net -tiled by any In th • elty. U directly opposite thi bri k ma&sions of Messrs. Win H. Dow and U. A. Cheeve-, an. bat a very short distance FoUom street, which is now being graded and planked. Lot Nol. 1 The corner of Second and Harrison its, having £8 feet 9 inches front on Second at by ISO feet dtpth on Harrison St. ALSO, Lot No 2. Situated next adjoining northerly, with 68 feet 9 Inches front on fecund it, by 120 fee. depth. also, Lot No. 3. Situated next aiio'n'ng northerly, with 68 feet 8 inches front on Second st, by 130 .ret depth. ALSO, Lot No. 4. Situated next iuing northerly, with 68 feet 9 inches fronton .•> 'uni st by I'M I ct depth. Each of th»se lot* hive also a front on a private street op^n ir. m Ilirrison st, and are subdivltloni of 100 Tin lot No. tiß, With a itn -ll out! story building _■ each. Tile latitfactory or no sale. Te' ms cub ALSO, One hundred Tara lot* at •-«• Lagoon, with a Cottage thereon. No. 18. Pituatnl on the r .a i to to«- frt .ldlo. near the Lagoon, with a one and a half story cottage tLereon, with outbuildings, ice. „:. . ALSO. No. 90. Situated sdjolnlng. ta-h lot contain* on* and three quarter acrtt, and tvjuld make a tine place for gardening puruo «s. ALSO, No 11. Sit-ated on the Preit.dio load and nearly oppotl c the Broadway I Uitt-g -, with a on* aad a half story frame hou.e thereon., a well of tin • water. T. ii lot Is fenced in, hxa several tin- tree* and a nio.t ocaatiful view of th i bay and tarrounding country. Title satisfacto. yor no sale. Termi cash. ALSO, One House and Lot on Filbert St. *^Z<7' A convenient one-st iry • jlt»g < aitu it on the northerly side of Filbert st, neir Dup commencing 137 .eet 6 inches east from Dupon' at, then easterly 34 leet 6 inches front on fritbert at, by 137 fort -i inche. iv d-,.tb '1 he premises are well !fn •!• 1 A trail of tine water on the lot, i'iU;, k«. Title sallafaetv: yor no Sal*. Term< casa. ALSO, Building Lots on Powell and Jackson at, adjoining <>rac« Church. Lot No, 1. Slt^Htea on Powell .1, westerly »ide, an! s^rner of J 'hi at. beinir 3J feet front b» 75 feet >>pta, to«<-th*r wnh the irame bui ding there ia size Mby 60 Isel, forme, ly used as the Uld chapel. ALSO, Lot >2. Situated oa John at, next adjoining, atd in slic 30 by 36 feet. IUO, Lnt No 3. Situated next adjoining on John it, and In slaj 24 by Oi :eet9iuihej. ALSO, Lot No 4 Situated on the northerly side at Jacks ■ it, ad joining he r> 1 d nre of Rev Mr Ver Mt br, ami in tiie -4 i«*t front by Cd feet 'J inchet d. pth. ALSO, Lot No. 5. Situated nest adjoining, with 30 feet front en Jackson st, by 36 f<.et in depth ALSO. Lot No. 6 Situated next joto'ng, with 30 fie', front on Jack -on st, bj 3 feet in depth. Til] ;s fa', st.rto' y or no shK Terms cask. Acts of «a'e a' pu ■»-r.' expend. aps CHARLES D. CARTER, BEAi. BSTATSi _CJK>T AND At'CTIO.MII. [Office and Sales Room No. lOi Montgomery street, opposite Adams St On ] Having established nim«elt at t-e atiove locality, for the parpost) of transtcting the LEAL ESTATE BU'INKSS In all Its branches, will give especial attention to public sales of every description of Real restate, carefuJy complying wiih the reauirements ot the law. AUCTION ALE of Real Estate on every THURSDAY commencing the thi'd day of March, at wh eh time will be if fered lor tala a great variety of -lesira It- pr perty. IjsP* Houses and lots at private sale. Loans negotiated. A Register for Property ait either Pahlie or PriTHtv male will be kept at the otuee for ia- ■ pictiou of the public- mhl By QRATIOT, FIBK & PERKUfS. AUCTION A.ND COUMI-.SIO<f BIIaCHANTI. £. J. I-.AH. LL.. tio M Firs-proof brick building Mo. 5. r runt street, Sacramento. Office in San Francisco, at Gibbs _ Co 'a California ft. Regular Sale Days Tubsd.ts and Fbidavs. We have the pleasure ot inurini-g our friends and she public generally, thnt wo will resume oar regular bo-toee. at toe old stand, on Tuesday, Nov. 9th. A fire proof brick building, 25 by 140 feet. la now In progress of erection, which will be completed In 15 days. Conslgneu* can rest assured that merchandise entrusted to us will bo eaie atraii Stacy future conflagration. Thankful for past favors, we hope for a continuance of the mine. mhl By W. W. BACKUS. [Salesrooms No, ti Maynard's Block, California between San some and B.itwry sta. ] W. \V Backus.... Auctioneer. JIKMIIBE AT COST Great bargains at i*' BRYAhT dr. KINU--., corner of VVaihlngtsn and Mont gom*ry ttreett, nest to Wion's Br 11. in thd Metropolitan til' ck. On account of toon changing tk )ir place of business, they are now offerii g AT Uo.'T to. ir entire and extensive stock 01 Furniture, consist ng in part of — 4 rose wo >d parlor s;u, in urucatelle and plush; M •! -, ii 1, any parlor sets, in hair clotn; . rosewood chamber i»u; 16 mahogany cli> ni .-r sett; 1 ■'■ doz mehozany easy, ro. kin? find other chain, in haircloth; 9 do- black walnut ea*y, rocking and other chair*, ia hair cloth: 40 centre tables marble and maho(r»ny tops; 12 sido tables, marbl* and mahogany tops; 12 pairs mchogany cttomani ana stools, ia hair cloth; 60 sofas and t-te-a ti»tes, different styles; 50 dozen ra.h gany, black walnut, nup'e, and piimed caseteat chain. 50 rosewood and mahogtny marble top waihitands and cabinets; 25 rosewo d and mahogany maibla top wachitands and cabintU; 30 doz wo d «eat st tt *es and chairs; 10 dos cane teat alo.ili; 150 maaoieany, map'e, oak, and cherry French and cottage b«d-tt-a is; .0 sw in,' and rocking cradles, SO toil, t and 1 xik.n^ glaa ■ •: 200 curled hslr mattre^e*, all siaea; 50 moss ma'.tresjes, all sizes; |-.'5 a ton a d ciher nun f,i-j, all sl»ess 210 feather pillows an 1 bolster? ; i:0 hair pili.wi and bolsters; 100 most pillows and bolsters; 300 pairs blanketa. wide «nd single; 100 comforters, wide and single. 40 Jo- piirs sneeu and p.l ow eases, double and single; Ac , _c, ate In fact eve y thi g in their line— articles too numerous to mention which they are :e-ir-ius and determined to close out immediately. Those wihiog to purchase will tare atlcait 30 er cent, by aupplying th;m»Klvet here N. B — Remember til ' plica— corner Washington and Mortgomei v streets. apl 4 tl-OT «ll,\«» A.X— Cl-U«_r_rw»Rw) Al WIIOIihOAIU%_y J ) d z fancy caasimerd pants; 30 it . l'u«a stiinet pauts, 0 d.i i-i.'t'oniiaV p nts; 100 daz checked thirty Id' il ■ D B. hickory shirts, 9io d a tsney calico ahirts; li 0 doa Jt nuy Liad shirts; 100 doz white L it shirts; 50 dm D. It blue n .i.hhi overshirta; COO sV * pins and regatta undeshitts; SO d jZ )(rsy n.erl'lo undershirts; 100 d 1 o<.h<%a wrappers; S(jO oz cunutry knit wool locks; 10 ca es line seal hats, SO caws block K^uuth h i»J; 5 bales era, h Just received and lor sa'e by Jc^lnlNG* it B"»EW3TER. nj4 7 No 3 r.inpir- Bi .ck, CMlifornia it 250.000 hf.rl N# " l AND 3 CUINA 50,0 0 No 3 Manila sugar; 50 .M» crutced s 'gar; 100 hf bSls powdered sugar; 200 fir. ins Orai g- c bu.ter in brii.e; 6") t.e c» s bmon side ; 75 tierces sugar-cur d haw, »hit-> and coarse covers; 300 kegs lat lard; ICO cases refined lard, 22, 16 and 10 1') tint; 250 boxes > (l*m*n:in» candles, fixes; .' OO 3010 ba.a 1 lie bean.; 2011 boxes CO. soap; 1 50 doz fresh punches;' 100 hf and qrbbU N 1 1 maukrtrel; 100 boxes eodfiih; 100 i-» es iresa ujsjsß'a 500 rases claret; 100 bbls mesa pork; 50 bbl- cletr. For sale by CV GOODWIN tt CO.. »■- i 3 California, it •>SL Is MUM. BACON SIDES; mi KM 500 mau No. 1 Chin* sugar: 6.0 m as No 1 Cn rice; 6CO bags frr-sh Chile beans: 11 (J (•«»«. half sallons. p ckl«s£OJ casts sal iatui, 1 lb papal s; 350 care* ale and {.otter, qts, .'0 gro Pretton * M-rri:i't yeut powderr, 2")0 ustes i ha np-iiißtj ciJtr; _7."i0» es pin truis -00 the:tt eun^iwder and imperial tea, S lb caddlss. For tale by X E. BRKWSTER It CO, «p3-0 109 Battery "t corner Merchant. EX HUIP CATO15 hhda bat >-,•- in email piciagci; 150 ke;i fn-th c anberries; 50 box. a «ps m candlri, tixei;j 100 d z 3 hoop p«i't: .1 J bales brown drillings; 10 dozen c rpet bags; 5 d - ;n carriage ru«-*: 5 c «..i assort <1 confectionary. J j«t received and for sale by SWELTiER * HUTCHING 3, »t> -< fl i Front street riABBUGKB! ( IbBIAUKIt!-Ei Virginia Ann %J and F. W. Brune— , * Two vnry fine extension top birouchss'; ' One fine top buggy. Also, An assortment cf fine dj-ele and single harneit, earrlaae trimmings, *c - "• From Brewiter'j New York Pcroiitory, and for «ale by nuc , JENN u & BHEW 6 TER, 7 ap4 14 rali f »rnu st. ro-tw-. v Battery and ?anirnv>. 30.000 lUOOlbaseod; POXATOES ' SO tons California barley. On consignment, and [or sa c ky E. Q. LAMB * CO., >pl .''•< Hiy st. NCW 081.K.N4 !»V«l'I».-4J bli's, ia prime I o ; c*.-,c *.-, will be soli low led >,'• con.Ur 01 -nt, ty . JKNMIMQ4 * I'lini ITK, |ip 4-7 Q.h'.r/lwcnxrt. 0 .%.'»' B-IWT Mis and 500 b-gs now l»ad'r S , ex F. W. Brow, For sale by •pM ITNIT, IVFO * BUlfc - ,I?!^kR..£ASBV^^Ba^MiBMHwBsHHBSsBIMax.^^BBH

3.n£ti(m Salt*. By HENRY S. FITCH 4 CO. MAt _ *«T»T» »rrTtijr«*«s. H«.«t •« ftrcH . \nctioneer. [Office and Pales-room in Mechanics' «i d Traders' Exchange. Montgomery street opposite Burgoyne • Co. s.) HENRY S. PITGH reipectrally ainounces to tH« pnSll.' thaf he has associated with htm in bus'nesi Mr. A. MARIUs CHAPELLE and Mr. LKOPOLD LOvVENBERO— *entlemen of experience in Real Estate Sales. By this association we are enabled to transact business In the English, French, German, Spanish, and ltaliaa languages ; an 1 we have determined, at all pubUa sale* of importance, to present the property and the bids made therefor In the languages nuned. Sales of Real Estate, Vessels, State Bonds, City 3crit>. Mining Stock, 4c. sre, made for Adminittraton, Assignees, Receivers, Mortgagees, and others, carefully complying with the farms of law. Persons desirous of bavins; their property coM at private or public sales, will please hand in description of rhe sam.>. to b. entered 00 the register at the "House for all Nations." HENRY S. FIT"H A. MA RUTS CUAPELLF. LEOPOLD LOWEMBEIG. apl I ol- far K-«id«-are. Ob *JATI'KO%I . April 9, At 1- o'clock. Henry 9. Fitch It Co. will sell, at their rales-room, on Saturday, April 9th, at 1. o'clock, property of th o lowing description: I/ots for Residence, on the Plunk Road. 20 Building Lota on the MUsion Plank Koad, cash lot bein? 25 fun front un Mission st, by 80 fi:i. d-ep. ALSO. 40 B lil ling L-ta on Minn st. I*o feet from the Flank Roal, being parts of 100 v ira L t« Nos SSI ivn4 •266. In. sel its are b^aatifully loe»te i for residances, >xt"tidin^ a distance of 520 feet «Jon« tb« Plank Roil, in % part of the city rapidly improving They aro we'l suited to ea-cl-n'n< purPoms, having an abumiant supply of w,ter durirjj ttw> whule year. '1 hey aay be fcuad un thi southerly »id ■of Minilon st, along the wsrrn ''-rmi u» of the bridge, tenipjrarily occupied by tome French jt 'a. Title* tat s'actory or n3 tale. T<rmi cash. Deeds at expense of purchasers. ALSO, 3 beautiful Banding Lot) on Clay st, 23 11 by 00-, part of 30 var_ Lot Ho. ■_, ALSO, 3 BailJiat Lots on Conucnrcial «♦. between Taylor and its, beic; lub^liyitiont if 50 vara Lot t"JI. *_.«■ >. II beawtlfu' Bui" Jin Lots on D apont an 1 Cheirmt sts. each •24 11 by 60; bein; sub-divitl- ns of SO vara Lot No. M together with a small oue s'ory hSßaesv These 1 <U are very desir»M/ located F.r reailence, being on a grade with *rocktoa »tre t. at all limes ircesalbie, and iv the nei h')O h ied of some very d ie impr ivemea:i. Titl's .-p ■'.* Ik T-'rms c-sh. Acts ai sale at expense of purchnsert. ALSO, ?üb-di'i«ion No 49 oi 100- ar» Lot No. 312, :23*«0. rommenetng at a point 60 fart .rtn.r'y Irom l*<ice street, and -5 td. t south- j*jfc;r.y from Bryant street ALSO, 1 Su v -divi-iins Not. 26, 27, and 29, of 30-vara Lot No 1137, beginning at a po nt on tnd woeterly tile of Leavenwortc street 8 • f •* -t —sllsaals fr — crarue it.> ttree", forming to gp her a front of 57 1 . Ire: on L-ave.iwortb street, and hiving « dtp h of 56 feet. ALSO. 3 divi.l ms Noi 17. 1.-, 19. 20, ani 31, of the sals'- X) v ru Lot. e<inainc at a p >u.t 0 1 fe^-t w»at If fon L»it n worth stre-t', and 40 feet fr Jin ."•cruTient > st-eet n >rt -i I•. thence northery a 1 the nt t'd> of'->% 1 tree! 97 IJ. theuc- westerly 56 feet, th>r.c-i -outhe 1/ ¥7 12 f-e., theaoe easterly 56 Ivt to t c p'»>- of ' ining. A m<p of this and _M f jre^rning properly in our s Jes room. ALSO Lit Mo 1, part of 50 vara. Let) 475. fro"-ti X -20 fi ton •« sidaof Maion »tre-t, and 6 j I 4 >• 'b* «ou:n si 4» of Greenwich strrets, form thd • .uth west c '-r» r of said atreeu. Lot No 2 put of sam 1 50 rira Lot Sot6B 1 4, adjoining thforegui"* t 1 ihe unuih, on Mwson «'•• t. Hois- and I. stt on Nseraiurnts street. That sa v ibl** I.c •-•- t-v!) ri. itu t d ou ifce uor her y side of 3acram nto «t, 5t ft eavit tr "i X- • ny at, »b .vi _St.lS t. l cl whi hin th- rear «re bounded by biica bu Mines The building i< -dtor es high, and c v: n- • nih ■ gr. ua 1 door <.ue »ror>-, lent dat 9 ■ 0 |> r mooti tor n n- m .at is, and ood • 91 — ' ntH.i at %Ji per month f. r flfu-,-u m n'h-t On tie tec* cd story are .1 1 m 111.., lei tn>th r f> $ I ) p-r monfb, rnnt^o f" m month t-i in 1 th Fur iba .rivilegn -I light from tha^ ard 9 .& per muuth 1* piM Ten 50-vara • •!■». 50 vara lot No 106J, •o-ih?e.k - uin r j^ie. and pp > 7arrel at*. fenc si in. SO vtra I t No 1006, northwest corner Jones and G'Fsr t- 1 sts, teuc d in. Ten I'HI-T.rn I ola. 101-vani lot Ni Is .i toai-H-Mt •«■ r Mia v n • and Rryantsts. UlO-vara lot No 3 4, noitawe.t -oruer Ilirria and daonausu. ALSO, 30-vara Ist Km. 647. Forming ncrt_--ii«i r < t I'iyluraua Pine streets. Jim. Water Lot-. ! Water I. ola ! Water 1 ot No ai'J, 4>IUaU7.6 ou r'reoiout street, between X-rk t ad MiKlou sire»tt. AL«O, Water Lot Ho. 32 >, 4". 10*i J7.6. on Beale street, be.weei. Slarket and Mia -ion ojre. U. AtSJut 100 Tara ■*■_»! 100 Vara Lota! WUlsul-iad ■ hh.> lUO rara Lot X*. 177. Sltnated on the ii'r;h..;:j tide of H irruou street, between FourUj ana Film sts. ALSO, 100-vara 1.0 l >o. I«i9, Forming the 9 ihe'.ac corn r.i fil.h and Harrison streets; tc gather with a hi.u-e on the same. _ Titles Teims cath. -L-o. 100-vnm Lot IVo. 339. On north-west aitltt ut Branuun street, between Harris &ad Pr ; c-< streets. Tor two oppof ite lota are under rul'i< a ap-T fl^lill.TlA."V -fc »« 1 >.^M_>4»N STOUT- iOO X hbds. BAdS 1 BURTON HI 11 hbd«. CAMP ii. CO. 3 tDINBi RG STRONG ALE— 30 hrds t.% Je.nnett. Jutt arrived and for 1 ale by ROBERT MUaRO. JSS - aut-ooae street. N. B. — Sh'pmeat* of the above c lebrat. d brands slwaia n hand. .■- ■:■ sn3-l4* ___P_»l&__ «lISA.M> HtFrLC-A . iv.. action MJS|'MM) t OhTK. V\m ru a--ta --t Si. Son makers, JJ S B II U which vrss us- dby lh*>rg Lt d r, Kg .at Miss " IST II ■ , alhrr-- Ha' r«C. ncrca at ran ~rai c» o Hall, valus 91000, will be rarH -d fur on th-eveni-.g of th- 30th *pi . at 8 o'clock. ;tX) ti-keu at ii each. Tlck-ta c nbe 11 .nin d at the >l ■UT.talm-er Hou»e, eornerof Commf ret 1 and Kurt. y ret, where the rafla will con. off, and all other informat in giv 11. i.r3 »1NX401,1 1 I C:OP.\UT>**.— smLF Th« ...'L>«rtiier«hip hcrctot re e^'airtin. brt»«n the unde'si^nedln kp^pir.g the O>acoat 1 ity Hcnl. in -•< City, »i., is thit a.\ dt«toi<ed by mv v cn • ent. Tr c Uotel will in future be conducted by D. 11. Paris an 1 Mr*. Jane orP.o, who w.U attend to itt-icg ail the acco&s't if t. c .'M dm J »H!« RbBEiT3, JANE COX.-IN. fcatai— City. April 1. MWI I i 33 FOti HAMJ- K7thoun.Vr,i^jra— 1 100() doz rv titb.ead .■ ale and *• ru »: 410 doz tup. rior I 01 1- ny and Madeira wires; ICO boxes bottled :r it«. *-. As a'lo. a*«onrcw,U of hardware, brtiery. kc, recited ex Willing, from London A. R (iiEHN, In n Warekome Ho. 3. of Messrs Croat ft Co., ap2 4 Ur Battery • "'re.t B-Uim, p-r Winded Kacer— lOelir.thi t'inett. Cost il no. * < o. cognac; ■_±l. 5 •ifihtts fine ch»ra:i*_ii- coense; 5 bait piut s J-s 11-.-nof t*ey cograc; 3 casks 4F. Mart- 1 1 ogn*e, 5 h»'.t j.ip 1 .">. if tjeewcac 5 hni: pipes ( Li d. I v ur * Co erg-ac: The aouve braadiei a c ola 1 nd ol vr> superior quality. For sale ty A WHEELW.KI.iH:, ap' 7 a H letk f*t. Sa^ rw and r«iitfc»ry .ri. AVAIS 1 (ICIKt - UAVAAA 4. IfBAJW 30 M N>uvii siundo re,a iaj; 10 M La Lrf-Mai r gah*t; SO M La V lv. i d r «d!ii.s, 10 M La i-a ..a lip raa; Now landing ex Wir.e-d Rarer, and for tale by UW.Nhh, riCUll * TAYLOR. apS-3 ('1 rn.r c~am.nio and Uavta sts. PKIVATK B(MfiDl>«.-A frw respectable p^rsons can be teic:m r diUd w th Poa.-din? ard Lo gin.: in that fine, comtnodicui 0 1 dn_ tdj mi' the i»sidracn . 1 Judge M Henry , on tie soutbeajt eon of VIV jo and 3-n-some streets. Several ri el•■g- >. h tn-b r* can be had 11 S(:pUcitlon be made Inmrdiattly mthe p.emiscs. Tera a mo-u ■ at-. at 3-7 LADY ><;KK-> RV THE nUrJLi EN E T'e vi.d, r l.Led wi.l be hnpiy to furnish tbe oriuuale L^dv Passengers by ih- Imltptnl ntn t any description ot B . nets or Head Dresses that she may h M 1 in her ship tree of charge. MRS. GRO »\f. »p'2 MilTiner. .-n---' . f >"*y »rd "ip pr st». %m'oui>i-.> WAUG! UOUUE.M H.tu_:fv Ex V via Ann A large assortment of t~*lj d • rip ion, snitaU • Lx ttramships, «\c. Kor sale by OWHFB, SI K- .1.3 It T4TIOH, au'J-3 a rof -"f a - < '•• «n^ Pa i - -t" •>•'. Hut _UI_lT!l K<m -_— ibbTS n w audin. ironj IL ba g.i. Virginia • nn, a large *m wnll se.ext d •lock, suitable tor -n ps or rtea^utoars. For tale by owner, sicKiaa Si TAY OR, HI 5 * Bffff r*B ant*. tr» Bad f>«vt» street* QglMfl VHO.M I- OK auK.-iuiWl "Jt" that o me ''tiilJiu« ik-cu, if> by, Uaecn * C will be a. •* tor on. hmiu what it w uld rual i.> get It out, »-i can be fiti.j.l fr. m any tize, .rom JO 10 40 te*-l r/lui c»n '■■ seen at tne Sioae Yard on Battery st. tx t, between t a'if .r ii and P n- >tt. ii.h2-i UU f HARLE3 B. GHAUT •^ UTICE>- I hava th's day a. U.ed an! »-'d my rnie . - i,^ to Mr. :>■ Mantes ij ihn cigar -sta . i hmr-nt No. IT » Wathin.ton street, aid I have from thw day no more to d with eiib> r. mh3.7 iMW r»»»i>Ll, 1' E,x;i.MibK>« ATTKISTION.- A large awaJwcH 11* lertrd t'ock of tool*, cottou was u>, em 17, em ry en t . an pip>-r 1 1! ow etc, tte. Just iecsived ex Virginia Am, »n» for sale by OWNER, Si KEL" It IAYLOR, ap23 c. r ■>• - rr-mi»n o and I'.ti. «f«. C^OKN.- Per Vulaut. Si.n B a*, a steal] CM go v t _, •> J t- rom, > f v, ry fine quality. Also, 175 b»gs su er or rice. For «*1 ■ by n^TLPR, BAINR^i k CO., «n23 < "»H» rrj»«». SI ».A.n«IIIP l^brfr.M.BMk. — 1. .1> X k5 who wrrn wr curd .1 tins »t am. rwi 1 b tv u'ch.-d »itl. .-boea free of coat at MRS SKY-" 1. 1 its* b<t aedaho. • IBM in S-ctam nt street, between M. n;g m. .-y and K«*«-i > atr^-ts . »P« 3 LAATB-RJIS!**! Ex Virginia Anr. s_j how ding Ine o the m .at «uoipleta asjurto.auta ev< received in San r r«nci*c '. For sa'e ly _. __ »p^ ursaeiy OWN g , rKEL <, at TAYLOR. ijb.nwVAl.. -RO .cjj..wriLi.«.KK. *■ Co^»" c asX moved to California itrtet, b- 1 w Battery, where they offer a large assortment of dry good*. cloU.m, >>»»•.*«. Ct>tTfc £\£l4\ CAIXOSH raWEOAK-Ins^si JU*UOUi-<->F* for sale ■• •» ytnejrar a_«imtac "'j-T ]*_•«' '" lf ' W ' >>y P.W.m-NT. PI.AXA DRlfi ■TORI, W. H. J. MOOU ijru' tbecary, Clay street, a few doors ab.,ye KwrSfanFranciico. WfI.j.BKOOKd »-y» Pre.rrictions carefully e»mvoiis>(l. n,n_j a OO!<l>'< wHL__ww_M»— A^ort'.d lav leee tf O C li |or salt) by MjM C. O. WABDWKLL * CO» >pB-gp 8-g Ciilf rnfat X.reet Whtrt nI'BBEB BOOTS-Ucu t fjr s«la b» RIHBER BOOTR-Oou s f>r Ints b« C. U W.A!v[).Vr:! L apX» California -> -' Wh iff. CK.UKNT--.7g barrels for tain by O •*. PO«T * CO , »nh3C-7 r.--- -- rv»'TB»-nIK «♦»•» **■«»)< ssb. JU!»T itKC-ttTBO-'-M »Pi». -«r- la • Uit.j ru fr uoopkt •> rntcirav • SBBMasSBBMtKSa^aatSSBtmMtS

iIeWIIW~T|( -a K^«» i»n OPE'M. SAW FHAIfOIS-O * HUTU. SIR. '1 Milt't L«»> iv >.a lv ana i»« tut hi* beatßt will take place at •- - •«•«»• |»n>inV • •»«-« t _„,, on irEPyS*PAY. April ASA On which o c-»"r» win •« o.» du«Mi tee opera of CUT MAJISEKIaQ. Ihe tktfnf • MI .a X CU4D, ( y perrri slnn of Mr. L wis Qiierj M 133 CAtOMNE CH»°SLAJ(, Mi.- IE Mtt-4. H » Mid. BCa'ILL. and MKc* BOOTH, lIS. CH \RLE^ X I-"!, (wh ■ has tjluntmrt-dt jluntmrt-d > MH. WM. B CHAPMAN, HA. COII INS MR. B> OfH aad It 080 LODKR, Who will on this negation nndert-k* iha ehaiaeter of O.BA BL. TH« OIP » CHISF. Th» rou-ie of the upe» wilt be pr» lu-e^ wi. h Foil Ban-1 ard I Gl c Com: any >.: ' professional friend*, who have kibd'y prorF-rad th>-ir a*. r-<i c«. Addei to woieh, th > W--M 1 TTollni.t, MI-Xl UAU^KH. Will attd hit most »alu • aid in h:» mawnin.-ertperforsianee«. Ttk) whole tn cooc .v ••■ ■ a a laughable fauee 0 j the Cornpisy of th ■ eauhli iu-ni N j crm>« in fh-» m«uUr prices. Dr ac Circle and *3 Pis. »l Tick 1 d paces to be taken dai yat ih~ Ti»aTJ nil tf»4'.'cl,-fk v S i .xDELPH TH£A i'BB. bt'Fo.Tr »■» ■ aaaT *atr_f Maaa---- «■. In. !!--■■ tta^s Manager Mr. J. Thus. H a.< i liloMA^'-- BK?t.-. »iT. TH1 3 o«K-»-sy) EVLIU.V., ..prii S. Will be periormed B<»u aicaairs beacUlui co-m4j\ 111 1 dv* asrt, of I.OMDOS A3<UR\NCK. Lad? Gay S»pani.*r Mia A.e»U» F sh-r «c* Sir Ha»euart 1 Sir I. Baker ■"d.. • j Th maa To coiicluie w ltn. fi -it tinm ac- • an mn i.luz lares, n tired dX IN > HI M.N. John Cc01ey.......f» p lira tfl er>. ....... i 1 h ro-a rji4.xot «- Ton - Dou.-t open • t «i^ : curtain ris^s ,• r% Prices of \dmi.uton— ■■■•-iU m urvatu bux»s, each, Vi 30; Partra-t : •-•: second ter *l Box totes i* spen from tO 10 I. NOT! £ — Tlvrt* jtill 10 no 1. .rn.-vnc by this 0 in . »ir» >n !*arwla7 f^"mn^ ' ,_j AME&IOAST .-.A'.'g-. Acting Manager ...>t_ i. P» OC to». tt^e Manager Mb :'. A. .m --«*--»- *lVu__ THI (Ta~.Hv> . . * April 3, ronna 1 •tsEtTausxsam. POP. I.<Mi IU . QL'uSTI )1. Mr Pr^inro»e Mr *v»r Bobbta ... M , cM .if- - Bl'L'K'.KT'-l NEW ml **•* SKR'Tf.tDKBS Will a?p-ar 11 1 . -1 ' D r „t .tnmo. To bs foll'i * dn» . Uu* 1 ...» i .reo entitled W.LF'JL aCi iKit Pjthag>ras :»r.hoo-» Mr Spear Th- »i i« to c m-lud" wih THE SEV ok tAt "KK.:.n*DZB3. Adtniss!nnat the-, .a imissMisiiel r r:cc«: Dress '"Ire!" and •^rquette*.; Pit 11 ; Gallery 50 eta. I) ore .p-natoi^ . •>.!<><-*, to •oi»smos at 7 ; reeisely. '!oi »ifle«»foen *.■-.' A. m t> 1 " *• m p^ SAN FRANCISCO THSArae . W«Mi'n_t.'ii im iw we- 1 M-> «« -iu.:iy mid Kdamy.) MI^&A H\L" ER t r ia.- n vat, v y ia<j Thettre nricet. -<■-.«■ Pi *1. TH > (lv ad,«> VaJsUHJ ApilS. Will be pa form*" ih« ♦» c- of Tat Tn.UJIr'EIER** WEDDiSG Titus Tsul-wj .. ..Mr. <tn preen A er <*a tn 11 -Kl H1U J ER win •'*.." -• srrera f*yo:ite placet) on lha VI Ha T ' ■•• 1 lUI •! U THE i.NVidi tLK 1-r.IN B Furibond ....... . Hr Thanman A-riconna... Mi>s Chapman To-Morrow MR. LO *■.«' BK>7 F~ f_ic«« F -.D :l'il - •reeeflrei* ..til rquiir. «1 I)nor«<ip-T» i- * n'~ltv\—4:t'*%< > . *t '->•>' t*'*T 1 «ri* ADI.FHI IH-Af>- HOdiJ «#■* in -t.ti.t.i ■, BE uric. On TUESDAY ■'»'.. Si »t. <«prii 3 h wiu *9 parf jrmed <h"> i ihly «ucc s fe uow-d/ ot 1.0 ._»UM A-<-L' \»^K L«< ' G»7 p tr»t» ■' & « A f +*««■: HirUi c urt Ci ir-J*y. •Ir L. iti-r, illli- Pi nn it: *c -tnj, in amain * it •miH a.i amii'-ing 10 a f<ro-» "a —i -■aim itiiU'ii J hi C mlv, (.» v,oU« udlcor ) 4 . f«i • -iu««a. Mrs. ■ i.l -, *.- \c. hiuJ J MlUAlli(..Wttl»uW -tl HI I'kl uu (ir-Hii ».v M st eet. Ijo d itjgi «tiuw «d*» on -t eit ec ivvs pupils r th*> Forte and Singing. Ladies aii^.d* d-t ih> ii usi huuses. For terms a?ply to MADAME WAT.DOWt mhll-'-n* Between the ri n«,,i 11 «i,j X tui-.v _| * - HAOAJIE Ot t.i.<t4l^4. THE CELE*/f*P 9RATEO DIVINEH, sxplaia* the past and predict* i/ttte future Can be consulted In Ka /!l»h, French, *^# Italian, Gnek, Araolo »n.i Kus«tan. from A M. v 5 • P M.. an..' from 7toloP. H. Wo. .IU4 Chip >j: st, Uilainu Broadway «_ d Vallsjo. mh-Hm' ii^ gT JIAUA.IIK »s?. VtLXXI-* L.«it> ..: !'• -.0--Sjr ij?£ *7 *n:a, can be cousuiti' J on mnttera of love, law %*zM mA bran***, from A. M. to rj P. IL ... t, caa bo ooaaa-ted aa atiiwain of love, law in.* , u .r.~». ■■- .m - 4 ■.!•»?.■ ixSif' OOce second brown jotter on Ucton ttrnet, be r— ■ Stockton «nd Dnpo.n*. mrft-i-n* €ii«As»«: (|KtB«!! ClGAU**::*— ExcUpoer •hip W° niced !«•«••»»: l.ll) »ON l'K."» has the pleasure to ir:f..-m hs numerous - «anti i-ust rters, t-at i adiit'on to it 1" d.l r.-nt r» -d* nf <-»r>u n« H<v. ■• cig*r» ree« iv».-d by th« ia^t »tf mners, ..'- h* just rec-'ivod vi . New Y.<M fr m Havana, th« foil' win; ir»n ». comprising ih,3 flaest lot that ever w-.a imp rtrd into this market : ■HUM For df C-b'nai; Rio H .uilo superior; For do P. ria- Ma 1;. Ha: Mor de VaYntiv Dm< "tmiraaM; F' r *« femirarais: Fr<y GnuuUo; Trabuecos 4 mir^rnia; » la an In ill id -up-ri,,r: Impa-io, Arnan sujeiior; Canuia. For sale at moderate prtceo, by LIT- MOSTE3. lajporter and Tea c in Genuine l!.irm Clg-irs, 103 Cl»y itr. et. near Hnttrry. sp3-t3 <I«RP'*Klf «•> 01- ri:iI)I,l;V, ■■-_. \J DAN St i-it.— Looted at liiam nd ?priu«a, CaL — Th« subscriber havirz been ->;r.i i «1 Ag _ tor :h- «i.l- o( a few - h*r.-s n u:t- abeva named Wat. r m • ny whii his now a successful oper->to>n for over twnty m:!- ». aad neaily cum-pl.-t>-.- sisry milt-a, ia prepared IB itive all .iie n- omarji infer;. a iii nto pnrUes -c- kinw a d^siratle <rtß_-i »n-' is coedJe it that it la the b at paying », te at rk in the country. C H. Wr'aT. Stock Lroker, Howard* . Buidina, Mo it^iirarry ttieet. This la to certify thst Mr. Charles a We*t baa been aa r>olnted At;- i cf the Corporation of B:ad!ry Be da. A. ibf city ot San F a ci.-co, with power -.0 sell a... k of said ■i.ryt re n, a'so to receive and pay over dividends to itc k; Eo.'de: tat said city. L. BRADLEY, _ sal is Pretii'ent of »*iil Corp. rwlnn IHO.N DOOR* ».*-» MBS IT s>. K« " SL lr n d.»i'» *i..l fb::/fr« tw .. i^i- a; lJo< r«. 10 h et 11-4 tuchc* by 4 e^r i' in i tn i aad 1 feet; *Jfemt*- rs 7 re. t I IS t»ch»» by 3 »eet 7 .noli- a; Bcsement shutters, • f-.-rt 3 1 -J inches^by 3 f-.-t 1 Inches;* Basement f hafrrs 4 feet 1 1-2 .r ihes'by 3 feet 7 inches; ] Loe— a, hinge hoo- », — «. For sale by R. • dorb, Jl a 1 ' — 1» ".iw-nC. n <« -.r.l ?in- ... I.U-C Bluxojss;, Jv. Kichail. A. Wtouu.wsjs«rr ni,I.XO.TIE A CO. WHOLESALE COAL •• •< ■ m .'♦TS, Clay street Whan, dan Kraads o. Laekaw*— a, , if I Ltvssrj ooL, (Orn-I) 3ehuyl_j;L Sydney, l.ehitfh, I'urtitwrUad, N.:iae<utle, (steam,) ' Cardifi, -*r..tch. and ib«r A >ptt n. of Co ■ ■ constantly on haw*. Jtuawiniaapyited at the. «h..rwel nttio- at >r- lowest mitrket uri:-. ■■ .- Ms _. WIiKAI.WU4.MT, IVX ■afßiw-asii. I r. I'U'XUM, PUIFIt COAL. UK POT. WHEEL WttK.UT a CO., PUiifKIKTORJi, COAL D X A L X II > . EUxxjtcx STsutsrr. ( Hm of American TtoaCre &ah r>'aji>ci»co. Laekawana, Newcastle, (Mmubj Comberlanr}, SvbuylkilL Liverpool, (Ornsl) Carditf, Lehlsh, "y«li.«y. d«otch, And all ouier Je »ciytti n< ot coal cana'antly tin band. ■Hnemera. Bestauranta and Blnektmiths —>»Hi d at the) -urt^»i nu'i~> —Ml hi th- lowest n»— k.-t pncß. fTJS" r»»lr»»«rf»* tnwv oa>r«»»«r>- c.»» ••»».. .f '•haras ea>l lei HtlkN* L)^s»ll, JEWKLLtK- 1 , ITU CLAY d.Kr XT Have Just ' p. n-ii a argw ami va.- I'd assort r'.ctly chaaeci, • '•»• d and o'»i. ■ ilv> r 1 up* ana goal filer b 11 g irt ho d-ra Di mint ear »no a. .i-.»Je s»<ae; D « do d • cu-mr; L'o do d> eiesuant; Go d m 'ii- ted ch»-s. i»tie'l iw. ■M'm'-'S of enrl'ely new o«»r---«. mh.T! -7 , jtA.>.*.n.» KAll.kW.tlr. fi.u «; fl«W«u ■ (Navy .; — A train ol fmt-a^r Caxs will ban Barbsx oh., th- sroaalnii of the Cha«rea 111--r. dally as xo'slcji »». M. "^ _— 'DHttralrwTirui Cr-M-eur ii..r«..__, hi ibr _»n-«. »rrt»r» ->t \svinw«U aa th« same day. wbero tatty mo eaaMr. rtaoat ■"■»»■ Pare from Barbaeuaaio Atptnwill, Hi* 00 pi VJ. CKSTErt. Vl>- r--.-. ill. : -. 1 >lht.Ki »> •* COAtV- XMtussof t unir«rt»ia<J *^_r e.m.n -i.ytit>r .rin>; >i» »aiintr.»' v -•-. ;■< -r ■.: I■• • •*■ for aal«. aw d ce.ivared frtuu ih« ja-d or ship iv qnsuatitie* to «-*«-. b, JiHL .. LI nKKT-nj.. mo l «'o«l V-»-'». 8J 1 l*y at. Ul.^> g| U>>HITM »M«.r »OK #-0-1 • Ur.At— uui-awg. aU/C . t os, *•: so .id— 1 I. i.h.d .v— — ti, wi ii - <nn -f triaiia. . * "*• »rt..« up^.rruntiy tor ny ••«!• a.'»iri u» • f "i'ie'i"< •■» bu-uir-. ►. r funrit par. Bfiih'» ■■n«i'» nn iV nffmia-- m ■ .:H.«a «hn • r, h-J»..4 %■»--. .•il)«i..«S I* %I r « PR V k if rtt-AKU* iTJI <■ O 1"■ -■•> au - a •*"■ "•» third nooae ws« o i\rntuj> "sn frvie7»eo. Br-akuvtatdA M. Dinner at 5 •. M. _k«rd by thn day *.«.-!! ».r iimiu n, wthl. r *l>h lv ;k,l:i< uui)>-lm* a X I KO•• X * K-»-.,.0 ...... A3 its «uJi, . _ Carm-sl _LJF r-.J ', tr. in V-panuu. > ur salat oy T«>"), BARRON A CO , a~>' i. Mrrehiint rt. A 1>.;j?1.-» a% tO.'N liAl'lil..-*.^ **-«*.■%?• 4.X aad General Commission Merchant*. Panam* I DB i.A (OVA A. MACILKNZIE apT , *■ •a J. v. ii.v*k\\ SHIP BROSfclt AN Cii.H.vtLS UN MEeWAWT, Mo. 5 I.ojso W«m, ■nUMm" '"'"' " Ink * ttlM.t^. COMsLisION MfcKCHAUTS, Bricsi sture, corner ron: and davcramtnito stneta. ' _^ -——----—---—---—------——————_-_—_-___. is* SODi ■__■! V it 11 HKu»- \ ;jb.rr. l*u>art>l-. .'i..tFor sale by V.AKSIEE *, KIJI J, ,p) Corner Battery mij ,-»4iTnm-|jV> ' •. .il VIPIwIKB UAL -vac. Oj ; . ._ 30 U bait ild me** pork. *..» by •t>\ ' g' v i' K<L _ «_(..-•>««. .— «K(h V»l . _ ..:,.. .... ,. u( ,.... 1 m ■»■» « ry ss-va_sa tba mm r.r~ o tm -%.r# 9* »■-'" ■■ ■ ...» %a, k^Ve«n^s<ibrtfj«trt.-rTbtiMni*v*. »U»M

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