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California Digital Newspaper Collection > Daily Alta California > 2 August 1853 > Page 4 Advertisements Column 6

Daily Alta California, Volume 4, Number 202, 2 August 1853 — Page 4 Advertisements Column 6 [ADVERTISEMENT]

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Jlisullcntouff. NBWFM.hj PATEJIT BAFBTV L(«p AMD FEEDERS, AND BEN2OLK FLUID,— The greatest Inveßtlon cf the age, beta* a perfection In the economy af arttSctal light, by a »acce»»tal combination of perfect security from accident and explosion wit I th* ate of flaiJ eompennda.The prindpte iaTolvnd In the eonatractto* of the Lain* and Feeders 1. the same a* that of the Safety Lamp of Sir IT. Davy for mtßtnjßurposet, where there Is a preaaiir. of lanamab'* ,!t,ri . " "I* 1 * 1 *" to five them th«> precedeaco over all >ta. r Umna In as«, is tha aasnrance that they may b« used wtth !ftj£s?rt~* ?7 •"*"'» "■ oil or eandlea. trlwiTaai expense. tlthate.aaonUI liub]oloed%rlJact% aaffr'ent (unslatltr Tn™BeSS^ ! °« willeo » T! » " »=« tacattaawaaax Dheneo^?H,, ?'. 4 U *«P«^rartleie,anmUed with aw»ISSSZtvZS," tar ? ea » i H**»« • F^ect l!*ht, from klndt i ef e L^ar J l 1 of C"«d<"!'rt,Ofnu.<Jole*,aPd all tall, by U " " ° ' s>MDl fai •* -=oleaa:<, and w L. F. rnLLEa *. co., «<i» BtM.k..*. w o!a *«*»*• far Callforcla, •or. Merchant and Moattcaery st»..3aa Fraaalaao. =, v tj, CERTIFICATES. We have had aa o?=crtnrl*.y to tnat tan Patent r .^r> ..4 Lamp Fr^er of Mr. / hn New.:;, cTThia. "ij.T^rTl li, tneaiureofprotMlioa which their eonttrncMon affords. In the trials to which we subjected them, w- endeavored, without * feat, to produce ezp!o*!ons of the. vapor of the (laid mixed with sir.anito bum them by the pressareofthe vapor alone Th« pr'cclpie adopted by Mr Newell tt that of the wall known Davr L n-r.p. lie has so combined tha parts that we are satisfied thai all risk of exp!o»lvo acr!- a !a removed. CHARLKST JACRSON.M D.. AIT, A. HATES M.D.. Aua?aistoSut9 ■'..■•'■■ 3 B- •€?::*, An jtzt! 30th, JMr J K-w«n,ofß.-- ha. exhibited to ma alaia*, and alao *calAinl g 1 fsrciabwi wtth wire gaaia protectors, upon 1- ■ principle of Davy's Sa'etyLaaip for - : ■ -«. aal aal used both these iastrnmecU before ma, wlthl^ilAsinablelrai'J*, and la both, when .-tear rs, the Case wat axrest'd by ths wire g\az«, which is enat i with tt'vcr. 11 the lastntmecti are faithfully eoattracte i aad carefully attraded to, so that tbowlrcnuxs doea eot sacVr Injury from c >r:o*i jn, wear or violence., 1 am of opinion that the protection will prove I against explosion. NLtbtr* short o< this conviction wool Induce m* to countenance the continued B** 1 of the hunting Sold* so called, as I have lon thoa«ht they OB«hl to be entirely discarded. If Ml prohibited from aw. to frequent and dread/a! are the «*i**rnal ocewlunodby Inurance jr»%r» latsaeas. _•■:-_ „ . B.SILLUU«,BexIoj. ■ aw llavsa, Oct. 18, CCtltSB OF PKT3ICIA3C9 AX» 3ns«HtO.t3, ( _ . Mew T rk.Oct. 17 1332. > We have examined th« Pat-nt Safety Lamp and Lamp Feeder of Mr. John Kewsll, of Boston, trd are fai'y convlac-J rom the experiments we have made with them, he has oS Uln?d the great d-t!daratumof preventini the rUkof eialo. live actlcn In the utocf burn in* d.'dt In lamp* tad feeders. JOHN TORRY, Prof, of Cheaolatry. WM. H. >XLET, Pr of. ttj Chemistry. • oWBOTW Couiai, » „ .v. v „ „. Rranawi-k. «t»..rvo. 53, 183». > a Mr. John Newell— l kav^ b» -A your Patent Snf.-ty La-np aa4 feeder In my family, M from the time of laMr ißtrodaalion to puul'e nolle*, and from tha principles employeki In lit eonstnictlon,lfe«lt.itl.«edthat IU ate ita aol by am§ dicier of explo«!un. 1 fully concur In the mure extoaJc-d remarks of Pr f. EUlhaan, which It la uaneeessary hint to rope*t. Yoors, Aa., anl PARKER CLLVKLAITP. Prof of Chemistry. A. 8. Eo3X-«B4rai.l [■*. BaawßaawMaT WIBTEXBIB6 A. i 0. TOBACCO ASD CIGAR WAazaOL'SE, -7 CLAY ST., betw-.n Battery tad Frcnt, have for tale: SO ea*ea of Ureaner't, Meptunn and San brands tubaeao ; 50 do Wo team k. Sina* tobacco, funcy braads J 20 do Colemaa Wortham's tobacco ; 20 do A. Thomas 1 Sans' crspo tobacco; 10 do Diadem lb. lump tobacco: 10 do Diadem pressed twist; 10 do Dlvj^m unpmied natural twist ; 13 do A Thomts *. Bons' 01. ye brand : 100 gro»* Goodwin'* yellow B. tobacco : 100 d-td -t O lodwla'a smoking tota>eeo ; 40 do Anderson'* *moklßß tobacco; 50 d-> An •«■•»■ d'» solace chewing tobacco ; ,„„ . Watscn'.Bne •«* la foil: grape and virgin do! 500 M American a.-.d Herman regalias • 100 M regalias: '00 M Millars en i I nadita. 500 itroaa fancy wax «n i -ra»toae«; Clay and .tone pipes ; teal tcbaceo j Havana cl^arltt ■ ra-' S'ncjn; and va>lous other «rti jes ■ vfrif to their line, such Bt— Americaa playlnz card*, writing paper, etc. Country taprchinu are eapt-claly requested to call bsf pnrcn»»itig /•!«.'» Jy3-3m ytJtjL aiimiO STOnU-l«0 Clay atreot, Ul*«| I&*tji MoatiouieTy aad Kaaray, Saa Fraacl«eo. *2fr^ Tb.-»i: i -.,.c.-::>err-.?«:tru::7 Inform. bl.rr!as-lt»eJ ~Tr it public -. ■,- - fr.r a*!ethobo:ta*iort2ieatol UDSICAI. INSTRUMKMT3 TebefouadtnCalirjraia,froai the belt aad iai.r t«aa aanufs«tor!ei,eoQprh.'E7 PUaot,French Organ M«!odlM Double reed .^araphtret; French Ccra«u, with .- .Ury »»itm; Harp*, Spaaiah Gsitar*. vi. *, Clarionet*, F'a^reilcu, Flutes; Aecordenns.WlndlnstrumanUct all htadw; Btricgt, Pegs and every description of nuilea! olUx Italian Operas, complete by the firtt aoiaoctoit Instruction books for alMattrcin<nits; 'Professors and Amateurs wl*hln(ituperl«*r tnatronv;-' wil find some rare old It3l!an Vlnllnt Orders for tualna or repairing Plaro Portet will besrasaw*. •y executed, by the nut acct mclished tanert and *k"f!i workmen, who hare been tvr marj year* In Ke-s» York \si Button piano nianulactnrl.^a I=itnunentt of all klcUt twaatred ia icp rr!or tt7ls by %mot ikilful anecttoic * - • «ALVixoairj3i.uoc:»7«., °r 'g h, rraiafaio I^l Sr.LS Tv Al G d an MAW k. CO.. Saip CsLt.vDi.sa9 iSB Qksb\sai. Uisctiamt*. LAHAIN.t, 1 -vi. ,_ „ . , fc'aaJw!ch WanJt, Would take th:* method to Inform th^sc iat-rett»d 'a sending vetiels to Australia, that they wil! find it (treaty to thlrad7untaz» to have tLeir ship* c ,;i at I.ahaiaa, where they can be furnithed with fresh recruit* at low pr:c. a.and meet with prompt despatch. The anchorage of Lahaina Is alway* acce*»ib'e. Ve«»eU can safely lay halt a mile from the ahor<-, and there I. no detection where the ably •• ready fcr «a, a* Is often am •*•« at other portt cf the Itlandt; any wind Mo/ a lair wind Maot the I*lacd where the far greater pcrtl.c of the vsgetablea are grown. we fan always f j mth tten at' the low»«t price* and with little J.-:»y. Th.- enargft en vessel* merely touehlog for recruit* are tm-.1l ti t exseedinx $10 Fre*h B-.fl. ol *operior quality, can be bxt-i a) six cents per Ib . and can be packed to kr> [> aa long us a... aw*! packed in a tropteml eilmate; Irish «nd Sweat Pott c< • it •1 50 nor bbl; Pumpilnstrosi *3 t.i HO per hi ire.- aV]. ns Irom f 8 jo $ 0 per hundred, stc, tc. *.c. tahalna. May 3J. iwSt. la i DOIIKBJIAhI.tU BY ITbTssIB DO!»A. lIJ llLt'3 Union .r - Work»,s«rcrtr of yu»i. n andF'nt •trrsts The undersigned bavin: recently Imported aad j ranted an Improved •"TCAJi RI ■■-*-.■. cad la other ■■- laeraa*ed his facilities for'zi V,:Vr*.l* etweqaeEliy* aitd to maUj.lsily reJjcs the cc« o*f thasanie and r-5«;..-ctf-j!\ invitet tie attention ui' thoaa laaiTLati J. ' G*n».Mulav tsjh icdc!..- . ._. t.» ml^ Irons, aad a.l ither Asaeriptiont c lathiaarj.tnataat with aaatligt cflron as'! .•r»»* of ever} clnd ciad^to najdav. ■teat.. i-palriß»,bl*ei*!aithlaj-,tural3xan(!*.nUhrai 'xeeutedwithd catch. " (team em >• t iai at on BBaßaawßai AXao, C!rta!artawi,a£.J a failouorlacst of eDKiceer'tfiadtart. aul JAMK3 DOWAHCe. tt*«SN'MriM.lPAßl!.li.-!, qvarl bottles— fc3 For aarifyint tie blood, and fii the ran of Scrofaia. -r*tjTlal Dmww, aa«am*tiam, Caticeooi Er«v'' Srabborc aaaa*, Llvei CompiaUl, DyipepaJa, »j-o«a!tis. «a!t TIIIIISIS, CaMsafHaß. I*BTB* Boras, F.)ma!3 Co-«pU!a»t, Ery]!pel&*. Loss of App«Ute, Plotpl"*, Botit, G-iaeralDebtaty, **. faaaared and *■ :J ■ .» A B. A, r> .auda, ii(aaiiaUanjChaa> Ist*. «9w Tork. Tka eaddr*i:ne<i have baaa tpi^batod wholesale Aaaatafti* Oaamrnla,aad wlllkt •uaatantiy aco3H?d wttttMi »a.a»!.!a nediclaa. »RWITT * UAUaiSOa. sal r TP IJE"rl JE"r£ ' IF<m: " A 1 I.IIBKU JlA*J|> & FACTUi COI!?A^Y Is now prepared tor-«elv?or-derafcrgaag-aawed B«-dwo.d BoarJs ,| a very superior «,i!ajIty, %ni In sach tjaaaaiaU . as t;ay Le desired by ihose la th» trade. S airsplea may be seen at the We -th Beach wharf. The Company* mill* are D full cper&ticn, and erTaasrmeEts have been madrj by which • iv , 9 ij of tMrty Ui ftny M foci per dmfJßl be received. * Caai tawed lomberpcs-oiies t:>* advantage of being of ant|jnn thickaeat, »ndofe<st». wldOi* at ettfc . r end. Of cod ran aueh labor !* saved acd much waste avowed la coc*-os*nco. Dealers ara r»»;«c?!ui.j inviteo la esarr!rethe*amcVk. H. MEIGGS<, President. aal » errverr Bg»b a^d McnUemery stg FOB "Al. C; 000 I 1 new Keadcza peaches ; 4.CQO 0(gl of 53 lbs Chile flour; 2 COO do 53 lb. new Calla beans. baTOC*400 do Solb*peaa; "* fOO do ! 0 lf-ntii* ; 300 do 50 !b* Garbanzaa bear*; 50 do .'0 Tbyme (Oretanc) ; 150 a.. 50 wi-'tuti-300 do 50]*)tb»E. 1,700 do Sn lbs 1 bile wheat by CHAMFH, RAM 'ACH 4 CO anl **<•-■ 3>-111 .. tt a-- -.».. M ,',-. T crT. f IQI'OB" — Tbe nudpr.'sned cfTfr fov sale— JLJ -'J «•• jfcth as iq- cities '• Dtard, Duccy 4. Co." brsndv- • ' qrnici p»i- Fr™pch bm: iy: " ** & 0 eig' th caaka Ameriran braEdy; *-J) hf bt)t American gut; 5 elks taperiur twaa b!d. 50 fcf tbi* jlmerican m ,t; 4 ) bbla old d'co^btia whisky, IgtSs 50 bbla " Ui-cle Asa." cherry braadv25 if tbl* do. do. do. 123 dczan d . do. *.. 25 ii.z-a strp-^rior 3cr:tcli whliky; SO coi n ccrdlaU, llqno'i and • Ci. cooks brothers ft CO.. Jr-- 1 * no C.:if.,ixla it EMWINC DOAIiUO AND fLAKK^-Th* cubseritwr.owa^ig the f .r P^anoßCroefay • nauaat allttJr k *aw mill*, now so •item.:- 7usedlß a. I* pr^par— to -e»«w and s!t board* and clack of any dtaaaj. •i- n«, up to J6ll Inches, lnto board* of»«y raqu'redthi-kceaa, down tooEe-eiabthof an loch. TV- snlfcrm ";ckß>M»ag rcp«rlor icrface of the boards tawed by theaa ma-Meet eor=ni»ad»d in th!t market daring tie pas: season, fire to tea dollars per M over the boards of arm Ma.- material taw. d la tbo ordinary mill*. FVr«l-ed<ed tidiß taw-d m . re sv-nl7, aa<2 a* casap as by acy ether pro«eu. O. ■ HCTTOti, tat Market ttwt, '.-.'!, Battery. |r9.ArVA3TA BAi^ttwA-, H .-!HA.iI D. (ata» Bay.)— A train of Patna#>r •: .r < wl' leava ,-», *.:t*.(lh* arotalni of tka Caa<.-t ki»M,; ii^at . a air 1 Pj*^ea|er»'^av!=jCTß«ao»Ooi- 3 caa!ai!ieiaorarat.axilv. ai As?lßwali oath* sane i»j BtawW flhawtaal UMlt frsco ccaf go. Parafroai Vcrbascasto Ats'nwuli •» "*■- _ *"? A. J. CKi4Ty»t ?•;■■ PToaid— t WpLRXIVUn* ffOTHE^J.T.PIDWELL be- & log abcot to erect a brick bUi J'a g ca hit old tuid ;.• tratdßriacltaeractJoti a* •«. h* rataidaißlVaVMffiS! that during It. erection ha Eay be found at HwtKalfflf ter s new *t-ne bulldln. Mo ltd CU, s£t "belo^ Metttc^ ;7 t ;, r to iL^d frh r i , t sSr eMB •*--••«»— All orders from Us coantry punctually atv B->d to , nl J. T. PlbwtLL. * aI 1M "acramect. ttr— t. X^l'v*-" T® OW.TB-; AtJB «*%■■■ — T*, OF VEearLB UOIHti TO PCGKT •«;fl»O — d^ralgcod ofiira for sale PUea and Tlmoer, nt the beat < at V M Madiaoa. tea mtiea below N.w Yora . -Ul a* daUvetad at the vessel 7*7 * .M-. at reasonable tana*L W- are aja. prepared to fa Bibaario'a cfau*u*ad y»rd* U »»K>rt »wBe*. laqulr%of - i-ha ' W. RiMM. Ccr. aid P we 1 .ta.. ap stairs, or to D C. ROB". ji24-lt* Pert v.«---. V-'.T._ ,a jk **<•»*» kvii.* iiibai- *»<-».«• •i^TallvJV llA!lOUlti8 — «O,OW> nii» t.oj'st*. Alw, Uvoten tacc c«talaa, aevarssr*, wxlaw , staia*, santia <asask, *«siT «*<»•,*••_. «^^_ to v_ ', > a- 1 IM aatwaWJaMff M-

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