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_JDoilß California* - _ < _ By E. GILBERT ft Oc. ~ DAILY ALT* CA.UTORKIit.-l. pofclabMl Imi ■•«•■»•• !"»-»« ••• y«". m «<jT. pro,,!, »16,n0 ; for «i» mostlx, SM». »" rr »< m. aaWrioen .t ic c«i#~r t:i .,. or Hdrti[« ward, pt7*»>* •cUwawajan _ _ CKIKLT ALTA CAMPOKMA-li | utl-li-d «■«*• f*""'*!" 1 ". kf •■> |j«rloCtl^ will.: ia|la»f«,BlaU. mum ALTA CAUFOKKIA-1. | Ut,l»l,~l m il.» fcparuir. of e»«» ■Uil liiiiit. ut <k««Ue form, «Ld cootom. ««■'■"•»• of r T"?S J Ur. Tim >be« i. prepare P r<«lr i« nmbu* ■ WiJJ But* tad tbraatk £■»>(.. leiil/ "Wcr^tio., fcjr mail, W». Bis al«cefM*,t»oaU. ao^«.Catalofur». B.llH«.'ta.Ch«4.. C«idi.,Ol'i BroBM«nmm.. L" Blanks. Culo^hnH Bl«ni*, «nd *»rrj anna > of r»»cl Jo* FiiirMf .1, * »itc »r«tr»>*, and ci^p»vli PmMw W«mm, both my MM ••<) «v«». c»r*{mUv [ ri!.-rnj^i. Book Bl»l>« of etrry c•rrmtioß «s*««t«4 at t in" oAc«ILTiCIUMIMi BL-ILDIXO. PORTSMOVTH SQUARE


The most interesting feature of the news by the Birr* Nevada is the unprecedented ravages of the yellow fever in New Orleans, which threatens to decimate the city in a short time, should" it continue as fatal at at last advice*. History furnishes no parallel to the fatality of the epidemic, and the accounts of the horrors of the city are almost incredible. Down to the 1 lth of August the deaths amounted to three thousand, and the mortality continued in the tame ratio— about 200 every twenty-four hours to th« 18th. It was found impossible to procure lab^rers ml any price to bury the dead as fast as they wen conveyed to the cemeteries, and they accumulated its great numbers, piled up on the ground and exposed to the sun Men were employed at five dollars per hour to dig shallow trenches, in which the bodies were deposited in rows and covered over with a light covering of dirt — so thin that the heavy rain* washed it away, and made it necessary to carry dirt is carts and throw upon them. The city presented am indescribable scene of desolation, death and despair. According to the usual course of the yellow fever in that place, there is no hope that it will abate before the Ist of November, unless it exhausts itself for lack of material. The principal cities of the Union were making subscriptions for the benefit of the poor and helpless, their donations to be applied through the charitable societies.

The political news is not important. The Government appcais to have but little to do at the moment, thodgfa there is a fair prospect that it will be fully occupied before many weeks. The Fiahery question is still a subject of conversation in diplomatic coteries. bat nothing more. The " high contracting parties" keep the matter open lor the benefit of the letterwriters and political wiseacres who are fond of showing their familiarity with public affair* by knowing intimations of what Cabinets are about to do. The fishery question will be disposed of on very short notice, when more important subjects come up for arrangement.

blebtiko op LotuuMtNs. — A number of Lonislanians aaet last evening, pursuant to call, at the Saloon on the corner of Montgomery and Commercial streets, to consider what aid might be rendered those suffering in the city of New Orleans from the dreadful epidemic now raging there. The meeting was organized by the election of P. A. Morse, President, and J as. C. Hasten, Secretary. C. J. Breaham, Gen. J. Thomas, J. B.Carr, William Greene. Jas. buroee, C K. Garrison and others were appointed a committee to call a fotare meeting and re. port to it a proper plan for action.

From the new* published this morning, it will be seen that New Orleans has been visited by one of the most fatal epidemics on record ; and though auy aid from this •ity will be lata, it may still do great good to tbose yet suffering with diaeaae or its effects , and will be very available to strengthen tbose generous Benevolent Associations of that city which incur heavy debts on such oc. casions.

The economy demanded of oar apace this morning, by the Dews from the Atlantic, exclude our report of the Council proceeding* last eight. Nothing of very particular importance, howerer, vru transacted, other than what we persuade ouraelvea to notice in this connection. The plan of Mr. ChanTite&n for the improvement of the Plaza, was rejected in the Board of Assistants by a tie vote. The ordinance for the issue of City Bonds and th« funding of th* Floating Debt, although it has been tabmitted to the popular vote, was under consideration of the Board of Assistants, and will, probably, meet*wita •ante objections, in the session of this Board, to-night. The several coma of tI.SOO and tI.OSO were Toted by th* Assistant! to the '' relief" of the Street Commission. er and City Comptroller. Bat little other mischief was Ma*,

Thb ail Bteakek.— The John L. Utepkent will leave this morning, at nine o'clock, with the mails and expresses for Panama. She takes down TOO passen ••era, perhaps the greatest number that ever left San Francisco by one vecael, arid an unusually lsige amount of 11,383,473. The following are the principal shippers : Page 8af~»ac.e0....f544,0C0 ShollesV Fro. 10.683 Adam* Co 450,000 F. C Banfjrd 10,470 B. D.tlJsoo J. 5,200 Luard Fre.-es 8.268 We... Fanro A: Co - 67.200 Wyrkcfi *Co 3 000 Taiiant i. Wile ' 0,0. Sewtey k. C 0... 4,368 Kltcsia, O»good Ac Cc 40 60MB,o:h«n, Relcataln at Cue, tieU-r Ac C 0.... 19,47 cCo 4,375 timer, Flegenbeum at J. Gaerln A Co 5,009 Co _ 14.000 Oth-r. 5,816 Total «i 342473 Our Law Report is crowded out by the interest of oth er matter The State Land Commissioners are, however understock to have repented, and promised to obey the Djunr-Uona of the Superior Court on their sales ; and his Hono, baa, on these terms, discharged the penitents rom custody, and dismissed their contempt. The motion to dissolve the pending injunction on their sales is con. tinned for argument, to next Monday.

Colt- mbi a », No. 11. — In another column will be found a copy of a letter of Mr. Alex. Devoe, late Assistant Foreman of the Colombian Engine Company, resigning his position, previous to his departure to the Atlantic States , and a vote of thanks by the company to him for the manner in which he haa filled that position.


Thirty l»aya Later.

By the arrival ol the barque Fanny Major laat night from Hongkong, wa have files of tbe ('Una Matl te July Slat.

We are indebted to J. Frontin, Esq., Danish Consul,; Mr. Buckelew , aod tbe Captain, for papers.

Tbe Rebellion appear* to be gaining strength , though the Imperialists have lost no important battle or valuable riuee or provinces since our former dates.

A large imperia! fleet, collected with great trouble and expense, made an ineffectual attack on Chin-K.iang-fo, and after being repulsed witb loa*, returned to Woosong.

A meaaanger bad arrived at Canton with a letter from the Rebei Chief at Nanking to a Missionary. Tbe messenger gave tbe following information :

Th« long haired brethren, he «aja, are between four and five aaaa**ad , tha fighting m«a trorc thirty to forty thouiaad, while to- earlre boat, mea, woanrrj and children, in Nanking aad ita vtataity. ia eaiimated at a hundred th uaand. lha plßKder tt.ey ha«e taken aaa been lmmente, and a. there i* na want ef moaey amoDgat ihem, number* are expected to flock to their camp ; ihMr parposA. b* *ay*, being to remain at Kan aJat uamll they can SO.CO ) fighting m-n,of whom 00 000 wtaT be left to defe&d at>d retain mat p.aition, aad 30,000 be aaaraaed on Peking —China MmiL

We have ataae aaard that an army, in three dlvialoaa, ha 4 actaaSy beea marehlsg from Nanking for Peking ; bat on it* becoanlng known that the lmieriallate were collecting a large force at the former city, the Insurgent lore* were recalled. The aaaadaila* at Cant have bren buy lorwarding rein fmii—rina of men and munition, ot war by *••*, acd wo are ln'o used that .boat 600,010 ptmla of amnpuwder. and 3,000 trmlaad .old-era, thirty cf whom «aa cast cannon, have already faeea text. Bat Ibflr d>.tin*t!on may he Accoy, acd It may be they ar> Keoiieal with the force of the Bogne Admiral noticed ander the bead Ascoy "lity-two men were executed at Caaton under a ttroeg guard on the morning of the 4th , but we know not whether they were Insurgent, taken In th« Id, or pa tof a band of vagabond, who rceentlv ad a p an to fire the PrrrJaclal Trea saier 1 * T»-tn»n, or calcial reaidaace. An accomplice dUoovered the pUt, and tiz weia aelzed on the pretnUea with arms anc powder. — A. The Taoutae hu addressed a letter to the British Con•cl at Bhangbae, protesting against the trade which acne foreigners drive by going op the Tanfr-tze river at Bight, with arm* and ammunition to sell to the natives The Consul answers that he is entirely neutral; that the Taoutac may hire English vessels and English teamen to fight for the Emperor if be wishes, and that if any person* want to run the risk of fighting for or aiding the rebels, be, the Consul, will not interfere. A vast number of piracies have been committed, and several Urge piratical junks hare been captured. The total shipment of teas from Shanajhaeto Great Britain from Ist July, iss2, to 30th June, 18S3, according to actual invoice weights, amounted to 38,664,085 pound* • Trade at Bhang hae is in a state of complete stagnation The importer, of that place hare addressed a letter to be Governor of Hongkong, requesting him to use his intaancc to have the payment of import duties deferred unto) trade may revive. They say they cannot pay the duties under present circumstance*. Sir George Bonham refuses to accede to their request, and advised them to stop importing until better times Governor Boahara tbiaks be hat no right to demand any concecsion not stipibatad for by treaty. &He aJTi... the. to raeaorv* their property to Hongkong " ""T 1 « *• «»*»- of in*ecurity at Sbanghae JT"Tr *T^? h offlciais hare iamed irfoelsjaancrris, offering rewards fc, the heads ef the rebel a) avwa. liWt- I**. w» u sa m aftr »»'^-«sß9«aj


Later from New York and New Orleans

Ravages of the Yellow Fever Foreign and Domestic News. The steamship Sierra Sevada, Capt. J. H. Blethen, commander, 12 days from San Juan, came into port yesterday morning at 7 o'clock. She arrived off the Heads at 4 P. M., Wednesday, but could not come in on account of the dense fog. We are under obligations to Captain B. for stopping his engines to allow our Marine Reporter to board him. By this arrival we have papers fram New York to the 20th ult., and telegraphic dates from New Orleans to the 18th.

Subscriptions for the relief of the New Orleans sufferer., were being raised In all tbe principal cities and towns throughout the United Bute*. New York has contributed $30,000; Philadelphia $19,000; Baltimore •6000; Boston 94000. The total amount raised thai far ii •62,000.

There was a terrible earthquake reported to have taken place at Cuaana, Spanish Main, on the 19th July, by which about 4000 livea were lost. A alight shock was also felt at Trinidad, Port Spain, at the same time.

The Minister to France hu not yet been appointed. Mr. Dix has not released the President from his promise of the appointment Bancroft and Cashing are mentioned in connection with it.

Accounts from Newfoundland to August 10th state that the ship CkarUt Clark, from Hamburgh to Quebec, with 111 passengers, was lost, after having been 56 days at ■ea, at Freshwater Point, near Trepassey Bay, on Mth July, and five passengers perished : the rest had reached St. John, N. V.

ELICTIOSS.— election in Tennessee resulted in favor of Johnson, the Democratic candidate, by a large majority. The Congressional delegation is equally divided — \Vhigs and five Democrats. In sorth Carolina the Democrats have elected six of the eight Congressmen. In Kentucky the Congressional delegation stands, five Whigs and live Democrats. Th« election for Governor in Texas is so close that the resnlt will not be known except froji the official returns. The Democrat* have carried both Congressmen and the Legislature. Hon. T. W. Ligon has been nominated by the democrat! of Maryland for Governor. The Democrats have carried Alabama by a large majority. DrfHdiol mortality la New Orleaaa. The yellow fever continued to rage with dreadful violence in New Orleans. Daring the 48 hours ending on the morning of the 18th, the whole number *f deaths was four hundred and ten— of which three hundred and sixty were of yellow fever. At time* th* dead could not be buried as fast as they were taken to the cemetery. At one time there were forty bodies exposed, ininterred, in Lafayette cemetery, in the morning, and at sundown, bad increased to eighty. l"iv* dollars an hour par man was offered for laborers to bury the bodies. A correspondent of the N. Y. Tribune, writing Aug. 11, says 1 Th« yellow fever report* of yesterday show *a Increase of 3C over th« prftvioui day. The bad wather still •ontinue*, and the uiu.l heavy raln« pour down upon us every day at noon I vl.ited the er>mf>terie. again yesterday. The one In the«th V i.triet much Improved, Tha cart, with load* if dirt did not cemmene* t-« arrive until the evening of Tueaday They were at wo-k all day TMterday had kea about alxtyloada of earth to the burying ground. The carte In going into the bur ia! rrrntid l ad to pan over tome of the graves, enubing in the ccfioi. Ac. Several men had been at work during •hedsy thrr.winr the dirt on the cc flint, half burled In the tenchei. The cholera has appeared at Cumberland, Md. and fifteen persons died in two day*. Kent, Md. was very sickly. There were one hundred and eighty-eight deaths in New York in one week, from " tun stroke." The weather was hotter than it had been in eight year*. One hundred and twenty-one men. seventy-two women, two hundred and twenty «lx boy., and one hundred and alxtv-alx «irl.— ratkirg a trtal o' ive hundred and eighty five persona— d*ed In this city daring the week whirs, ended last night To', •how* an increase of fourteen esses upon the aggregate mortality of th* forerolnr (even d»v«, which was considered a. being very high. There I. no epidemic, and the character of the prpval leg < remain, unaltered, as the predisposing caoaea— earing or unripe fruit, erowdei lodging houaea, at d noxlcu. c halation, from rundry collection* of fil'h— it'll contlnu* unche:ki-d an! unabated. Th* overpowering heat of tha twirJsy* has iwclled the catalogue fearfully; but tha record will not thaw tbs gross number of dnsth. from tan ttroke until next Saturday Forty-eight adult* died of dltntOM, thirty five of dy.entery, forty-f I«bt cf cnn.umptton. twenty-*lx of the varlou. fevera, one of Chagre* fever, and thirty five of Icflnnmttory dlaeam. Of violent and accidental death., we bad two cat*, of .cleide, four of drow.Mng, three killed by tud4en fraero'ti of the limb*, and Ifteen by ran .troke; eighty 111 shlldrrn died of cholera <nfantum, thirty five of convulsion*, 'hirty one of dre pry in the h«*d, nine of smallpox, and th'riv five of maraiKui. Two hundred and Bine of the entire Dumber worn under on* year of age, and three hundred and wreatv-.evro had net attained to ten. wo hundred and alxtyti!cr> p«r«on. died la the five up town ward., aad eighty five in the fiva d:wn town ward*, fhe fifwea eaae. of auo atrok* reported are thoie 1 f penoa* who had been, or were about to be, Furled at > o'clock yeit*rday evening ; bat we drrad that th« next return wi 1 .bow a fearful .meant of death* from thlt eaa.e, a* we heard that the Coroner, had a Hat of Cftv-fonr death, whl.h oeeurrrd darln* Friday and up to two o'clock on Saturday evening. Forty «-T»n of time were from the exeat.lye teat (.f the ton —A. T. Rm-mli, dug. 14, Pram El Fnso-t'ouflirt batwrra Asarriraas nad .Tlrsiran.. New OaLCAjft. Wedoetdty. Aug. IT, 1893. The Tirmfun* hu received advice, from El Paao, Mexico, to the 5Jd of Jcly, which report the exiiteaee of great excitement Id eon.*a.aenoe of a d .turfoanee betwran a party cf Am*rle<mi and siexlcan. at that place. It appear, that an Am -i leaa who bed rrcent'y returned from California, wa* *e!eed by the Hex-cans, far icm) alleged offen.e,ai>d cast Into pri ion, on hearing of which elrrnmitanee, a party of his friends (alo American.,) ecmaeneed an attack upon the jail for the parpr.e cf effecting Ms liberation and reacu*. A ruard of Uexieaa troop., however, eo:n cum ap, and wltnei.lnt ths acticn of lh» Americana, Bred upon them, can* log tbe attertobeatatartlal retreat, ihefliatwa* afterward renewed, aid the District Attorney of El Paso County, Tex**, who wa* present, killed. One person wu also severely wounded. What th« retu't of the iffalr would be wa* not known, but the Mexican fore . were armed and drilling near tha American town of Paso, which wa. in great danger. The Grand Jury of Washington have indicted J. C. Gardner for perjury, committed on the trial of his brother, G. A. Gardner. Two companies cftroopi rom Fort Adams and two from Fort Hamilton, each 70 .trosg. hive been ordered to be ready t-> .all for the Rio Grande on the 6th inst.. Major O. Porter, of the «th Artl'ery, In command Major Delaflel*, of the Corp* of Kn*ln- rra. I* a'*o ordered to superintend the erection of field work* on the frostier. Tfai* movement of troops it aade tom-etthemoremfrtof the Mexican tnthorlttei, who have thrown large bodl** of m»n on the Rio Grande More troops frorr. the part, on the Atlenrlo are shortly to follow. Probably I.SCO will be v- 1 . There are several pilnta in the Fishery negotiation* additional to th'.e generally own. Great Britain make a several demand, M which It will be found excedlngly dltlcult to accede She propose* that wt tball repeal our Fishing bounties ; grant American rrgiater. to vesael* built In Brltiih arovlnee* ; admit h.r to the Atlantic and Ft-He coasting trade, aid *.taali»h a reciprocal free trade with Canada. A fugitive slave belonging to a gentleman in Kentucky was brought before Judge McLean, of the United States Court, in Cincinnati, on tbe 17th, and remanded to the tody of his owner. Judge McLean. In answer to the objection* ratted by soaasel for th- .lave, decided that the fugitive law. of )7BS and . 950 were eonatitu'lacal. Tut no State had power to pa*, a law preventing fugitive* b*lrg delivered np to those to whoa ih 7 cwed service. That no proof wa. n.cessary befot* the Supreme Court that slavery existed In the ttata from whence the fuiltlve escape.', as It should be taken for granted that a supreme Jud^e knew the law* of all the States. That States could not be compelled to give up fugitive, by a law of Congreaa, If the provision In the Constitution aid no. do .0. That slavery caa 1 aly e«Ut by iha authority of law, and a. It so axIst. lv the slave 81 ate*— aaid law not being an iafrlagemeat oa the Constitution— the free State* are bo and to neogalse it In delivering up fugitive slaves from these State*, apoa clear proof that they are such. Th. aTiakery Qaeatf*>a* The Washington correspondent of the New York Herald, under date August 18, says: The great Importance attached to the flihery and reciprocity qu-s'lon, a* well a* the Inaccuracy of most of the .tatem*nts which have racent y appeared, purporting to give the poet i a of the nrgo.lati jd« at toe present lime, have ladaeed ea to take aoute trouble to arrive at the fact, of the caae. We have re*. aoa to believe that the aunt xed atateaaeat can be implicitly relied upon : Sine* th* (allure of the " protect" negotiated by Mr. Everett, but net presented to tie Senate, the British Government have presented the owing proposition* for the eea iaeratioa of cur GcT*rnment: Pint— The free navigation ef Iha river St. Lawrence; Second— To permit colonial ballt vaaaa'a to obtain American register., that pririlate beta' already granted In England to American and oth' r foreign built veitelt. Third— To abolish the .y.tem ef toantle* to our ashermea. Foarth — To threw op*a the California coasting trade; that 1. to aay. to allow British veaeel. to load la the Atlantis State* for Jrala. Fifth — abollih the duty on nan broagtt here la colonial bottom*. filth— Reciprocal trade with the province. In certain arti cm the growth of each country, based upon the "Retioroelt* bill" l.trodu* d by Mr Urlnnell in 1843, and paaied by the H >u»e of a>pif*enUllve*. * If ttes- prnpcitioD. were agree! fo, a part'elpaUon In the British North American fisheries wu to be extended t} Anaerl can fisbermf a. . "*""» The clipper ship Telegraph arrived at Boston on the 30th, fifty-eight days from Valparaiso. The Sovereign oftkt Sea* has been chartered at Liv. erpool for Australia, at X 7 per ton. It Is understood the propoaiuea to permit colonial built vea.»:»to obtain American register, ha* been declined by the cabinet on ihs ground, principally, that It Is proper y a matter for CoEgrrtilonvl action, latter than the exercise of the tr. ay makir g power. It wou'd be for Cot rim to determine how fat It la expedient to amerd the t.r ff by modifying the duties on lroa, copper, hemp, «c , so a* to enable our ahlp builder* to compete with tbe colonist, OB equal term*. Tbe proposition to aboliah she ax.tern of boantlr . to our flhermen waadeelleed, upon th* giound these boaatJeaare m*tt« n of lnt«rrul policy, with which £u|ltad eanaot be permitted to lnt rfere. The propcsttlon to throw open the California coasting trade waa r-eellned. on the ground that the constitution declare* thai all the State, of tr c Un on .ball be on aqaal footing, atd that, there! re, the coiatlng trade • f California could not be opened to Ergland without carrying with it alao the whole ooattloi ' i de of the 1 ted State. ' As or the prop aition of reciprocal trade, It was considered at much too limited, and there appeared to be no dlgp:sltlon on the put of Englsnd to extend it to an interchange all ar tle.f . of the grow h, product, and manufacture of this country aid ta» respectively. It wa. even doubtful if «K. r-telT^r"?^^" GffgßS «~»- » «he article* eaami ratel la Mr. Beymoar'. bill of last «e*.lon ThM li the prestnt pwltlon of the negotlattoß. It It, however belieree 1 , thU a project of a treaty msy yrt be agreed upon, atttfresppest to be * strong desire on bothsWe*. to settle* tte matt/v It U therefore, probable Mr. Marry wil •übmlta propc.iUoD, on tte 1 a-t of th'» tovernmant, drialag predielv . hat the CnlUd etate* are wlll'nr to sgr« t o- anl We hTw ltt.lsdouitwhen that proposition is made, that a »M>«dv aoln Uonoftaedlmeullywlfibehao. —".-«• -peeay *Ola BpeaUiif 01 the Mexican boundary, It Is highly probable this g evernment would be willing to Bake treat saenflee* to obtain a lice between the United etatei and Mealeo, taxing la Lieut. «.'ti. Cook*', w.ron rout*. But tat* would extend tie boundsrj*f sfatae/ttt lURti we at* 4*l* la tht lnr%*{UaXi, VaUcy,

Railroad Accidents Two trains of cars on the Camden Amboy Railroad both running at a high rate of speed, came in collision on the 9th August. Both trains were broken to pieces, four passengers killed and a great many injured Another terriple collision occurred on the 19th, on the Providence and Worcester road, by which twelve persons were killed and a great many badly hurt A train of cars on the Erie and State Line Railroad was thrown from the track by the breaking of a wheel. One car containing thirty passengers, was thrown down an embankment a distance of twenty feet. No lives were lost, but several persons were seriously injured. The steamer Mississippi collapsed a flue on the night of the 17th. about 20 miles from Buffalo, killing one man and scalding two others. It is said that R. M. McLean, of Maryland, will be appointed Resident Minister at Constantinople. Two Steamers for the Amazon - The Star of the East about to sail for Pars, takes out in section two small steamers with the machinery, boilers &c, of about 70 or 80 tons each. They are to b. pat together In Para, and to go up th Amason to Its Peruvian tributary. They are buUt her. a , the P.ravlan government, snd a Peruvian tfflser goes out with them They are brought m»lnly for exploration rather than tor commerce. wtV^SLj^t^^u to iv «- *,■"*" » h » t ocmmercisl affair. •Thrfjs?*t ? ? d ',r, r lh « nneeiUed •«»«• of European poliaea! The rank of Eaglandhad nearly determined »VnTi» hamate of interest to 4 per cent. Coneo a had fallen to 9J!te»97£ Moaey la Mew Tork li durer. lftroutUe Bsa^r nusesai wSS^yrjxzffvisr* ln Mew York v"* ■- Freight* to Calif remain without change.


Ballißg *f the Arctic. .rn^J^S? ite4BUhlp Arctic ..Ued'.Tno^nio <£?&&,. erpool, with 100 p.M.cgtri, bat bo ipeele. Amokg hir patten gar* are Aoiuata Bemont, Charge to Hun. • D* V IJcVTm Seerttary ofb. 8. Legatloa to Lon'doa ; W* H Welch; PrtviS Secret rytoHoa Jame* Buchanan ; ttempe Prime ««!,.££ t; Ml-Ufrto Beldam; J.ILI^V, Ch?rg, t^ritTalie Jaektoß, Charge to Aastla; James WaK>a Webbof Mew

Th* Pfew FwetalAi-raas;«aießit-ailaii,»erte> loaaiHrniaaplr. ' The ttoicm of thi* morning *aya tha" ST.he' Sutaa^f'the German Coafederailoa will probably coma Into the pottal a 7 rang*m«,i. lataly oonoladecf between the United Btata7 aid Bremen, ana that th* M laa Mlni.ier intend* writing tjhia Go v.rameat to do the .aae. °» " "™ lha Otrmmim the I rat ateaaar of the Bremea line, 1. bow en* at Mew York, having left for that port en the »<£." Dsoaark, Norway and Sweden, ll U thought, will slss msks atimllarp atal arrangement »•••".•«• It ia r.portad on good auihnr| tT; that Hob. Robi McLaaa. of Marjlani, has bae> app latad D S. Mlnl.ter to c"nshuwin^:e. Th* Carai.rr Mine Fraad. _. , , WAJHIIISTOIt Aug 90th Theeommltiloa sent out !-y th- Aaerietn OoTeramentln search of the .11 ged mines of Dr. Gardiner, In Mexiee are now on their way to thi. havi.g arrive, at Naw Orleans Ib the .teanuhip Tumm a few day* dace *"«>•■• One member ol th* commlMlon ha* already arrived. The report, whaa m.da pabll., will agree ia almoat evarr point with the taatim .ny given by th* Bret commit," n and d 7 ay. in uu>, the extoieaee of the m 1... a. alleged by Or "ardiMr •»«• u»osisbm. Mtjor ° rdlMl wUI probably retch the

Th* Ch*)lers..-lCa>Baa.i«i M *r for 1.d1.a,

A report to delating hare thltSv2S I «Tof dk-. tore oeeurred in Cnnjoeilaad, thl* State. A diapateh from WuWngioa .tates tha the V 8. Commissioner of lndl« Affairs hu left f r the Indian Territory. wi"w»n

I»j«ry *• th. €•(<•>■ Cr»j>_P,Utieal-Arr«et. _. . CnA»i.a*Toi«, 8. C, Aug 18th The papers throughaut the State continue to complain of wl ' wkieh It 1. .aid have c*"de * " d great injury to «£. Meurs. Stephens and Toombs, of Gsorg!., are stamping the St A" f ppoiUlon «° » , Oemocratlo candidate for Congra.. D. D. siaoroe, a clerk for Mes.ra Parowlng * Laman In this city, baa bean arrested an a charge of robbing hi* employer*? The Fever •■ bo- rd «■• JT.aißi Ctfßma»laa;a-.Be-lief fr.m Am aial«-Bealth *>f S^TaaSiah. The rtcwsrd of the .hip John Owa-r-V^fore^^u of yellow (ever, ha* dlsd. No new case. howt v«r occamd The .hip will .1 again for her^tuiToa. BordSSx!a. .otna'co'duC ~" *■!'"«•-*-•"' '-**! uJnftZ A meetlag in .Id of the (offerer, In Mew Or'ean. waa held at 4ugu*ta ,e.terc.y. Mr. H. W. Hill, a Planer of LouSana, ha* authorised tie Howard Association at Mew Orleans to draw oa him for •■00 ere y week the fersr continues. The health of this city continue, exoelient. there hiving been but eleven death* during the week jut closed: "*"""« "««■ The) Pestilence at New Orlcaae. The total anmber of desths during' The e^dingU)!* morning, were four hundred aad tan-Including three hundred Mdjixty-slx by fever. The weather T^r/aaSvoV*; bla, being hot, cold and rainy, alternately.

Th« s?« ver at Bfobila. Iccoants from Mobile which are dee^itd*re^b'e,^potuha fever to be on the increase, thcu|hihe suthorltles sad Press endeavor to keep the matter silent a* poult)*. '


Fift*e» Days Laur-Tk. Bloabade Kmlseal •MB* Port prated. » The Boston Traveller contains the following: Latter* received In thto city from Montevideo and Bruno* Ayref. 10 the l.t of July, bring important intelligence The aquadroa of Urquiza •ommana'.d by Com. Ccc, and with which he wa* blockading the city, ky the assent of the foreign powers, ha* beea bought orer by the besieged, and at laat »cccoatu •as lying qalctly la Us harbor of bueao* Ayr** Ths blockade of the city ended en the 39th of June The price paid by the Buenos Ayrean* I. not known, but to probably a large one, a. the Mlntoier 01 War had a.<ed the Bala for a further grant of money. Urqalza probably .u.peet-d that treachery T." S r."^ 1 Ihe de "» B » 0 <>« Coe that a body «f hi. troip. •houli be placed on board the veaie'a, to which Coa refused to accede

Letters also Hate that the tame golden arguments had been at work among the chiefs in the camps of the foreigners. It I* also .Uted thai Ota. Flore. wu raUllg an arm* l! tte north, and young Pedro Komi in the .outs, to attack Urqulza Iheae eoaaldsrailoaa. together with the .oocaMfal working* of Bue■o. Ayraan money en the ouulde ablef., render it probable that a statement In a poctaeript to a letter received in this city from Bneaoe Ayres Is correct, In stating that Drqufs. had astaally fled from hi* camp from before the eliy, tad was about to be panned by the Buenos Ayreans, who eta feel no ecafl dance of permanent quiet while ha 1* at liberty. It I* al.o .uted that the Buenoa Ayraana wl'l shut np all the •mall ports opened by Drqulsa, and that they will alao, with their new piwerful marina squadron, blockade the ports of ■ntreßloa, the peculiar province of Urqalca; tut this Utter preeeedlag, it to thought that the Freaeh Admiral will forbid. It 1. .uted that acme of the troop* of Ur cult, have sacked and jyad a •mall town in the vicinity of Boeao* Ay re.. Th« port of ■■« no - i yre. having thai been op.ned, ba.lnea. will tmmedta ely reeommenee; and on* or two veuel* had already sailed for thto country.


Tha ravages from ckolara and yellow fever in the Interior are a* bad a. In Mew O-laan. and In Copenhagen On Mr* Seall'* estate, (Harmonla,) ISO ilavea died betwaan tha 4th and 7h ' f Augu.t, *Ld 40 were <m the ltflrmary. Thi* I* by no means, In location, a pscullarly unhealthy place. Havana 1. very hevlihy for nmnir, and quite a* much *o as In winter as we are icf jrrce-i by Mr. Aobernoo, the Consular Agaat The aallora are particularly healthy, a* awh le Tbe ag icultoral eauw. have bean lcalng, on aeveral plantations, ha f their forcea.

Information received from Ballav eoaflns. th« report that besides the owner, 1. Anclme, the master and most of the crew of the .chooner Jenny Lind, which vauel had bean employed kidnapping Indian* from tke villages of Sanctl Spirlto and Aaancloß, Taeatan, and filing them to a certain Dan Pueho Marty y Torren*. at Havana, aa »l«vea. wara all ia orison at Baltae. Her. Mr. Marly ha. .atl.fled tha authoritfM thai Ibe 70 or 180 laalaa* which he haa la hi. employ ""aame ken of their own free will under contract. V J Mere °' The great number of deaths on the plantations 8 ,.i ultiaataiy affect the amount of sagar raised. The shoera thi. season ha* beea very aallgnant. Price, of .ugar. however, arelower thaa they were, and the quantity o^haaYS^y "ftere was a scarcity of ye.i.l. la Cuba when the Chtrokm left, Ia one weak, for three day* there wu mi a fr«iT.. 0. the North tide of Cab* which .tTßVo?ourre. beforTfor etvan year*, at 10 early a date. vol. Wm H. Hoberuon ha. teat fer exhibition by the Chtr1 • Cllb J!f plo "« a> *»* •" «-• tepl^aea^ton! nected with lua.a,wh chma 7 - • — id - ° i th.Vdraa^e of agrlcaltaral (deace la Cuba. aaraace Th« Cuban, will not touch a Yankee plough althouch It I* work?*" ahead of the »pantoh '" con ' ce ° len « ' »* *™*

Eighth Ward Returns.

The Eighth Ward Returns have at last come to light, eight days after the election. The rote in Second Ward wu more than twice as large, and the returns were known several days since. We have not space now for the returns entire ; nod most of them are of but little interest as they do not vary the result The following are the most important : Bigler, 546 ; Waldo, 144 ; Purdy, 552 ; Eno, 139 ; Wells, 561 ; Robinson, 132 ; McConnell, 554 ; Newell, 137 ; Bell, 550 ; Winters, 139 ; Mar lette, 547 ; Woodwerth, 142 ; Hnbbe, 545 , Day 156.. Soule has 162 ; and Brannan has 490, and is elected. The Democratic candidates, except Grant, receive from 450 to 480 votes, and they are probably all elected except Ant Greene, for Assembly, over whom Mr. Haywood is elected. Perhaps the official count will admit another Whig, but it is not likely. Haywood received 175 votes.

For Mayor, Gray haa 171, Oarrison He ; giring u>* latter a total majority of 1066 votes.

For Marshal, Seguine receives 448— total 5018 t Crozier, 930— total, 497>— making total majority for Begun* 41.

All tbe Democratic candidates for city offices are elected.

Van N ess is elected Alderman and BcboJu* AsiUtant Alderman.

Th* Charier Approved.

We were too fut yesterday in supposing the charter to be rejected. Tbo returni from the Eighth Ward show 448 for the charter, and 18 against — making a tolal of 747 for the charter, and 630 against — leaving a majority for it of 137, aad an entire vote of 1367. Not one voter in seven voted on the charter, and more than half of those who voted for it lire in the eighth ward, in which is a considerable amount of land claimed by the city, which tbe framers of the charter desire to be given to the oocn pants at a price far below it* present worth. We do not understand why settlers outside of the eighth ward are notjast v much entitled v those ia it, to presents of large amounts of land from th* city. However, the charter is not yet law, and if the Legislature in their wisdom »cc fit to inflict it on us with its present pro vi. ions, we tnut that at least they will correct its grammar and rhetoric.

Fwllc* C«art.— Before Recorder Baker — Pept 15 The only one of intsrs«t mi that of Ohia •i-f «7m^TewTwv SeVieS!' ** toMI * fcli ■"•*•


Ckyt. 13 -There has been s limited number of sales to da; f f om first hands, there having been oa all *Ma* tbe anal Indiapoaition to operate that are nraal on tha day preceding tha sall'Mofthaitaamer.

The Jobbing trade hat been vary fair, chiefly for the Interior. There, ti a contWertbl* number of country merchant! In town, who are buying freely. The river (teasers carried np full freight* this evening. FLura— The market he* been inactive a* regard, tranaae tlon. from Srst hand*. Then has been a moderate Jobbing trade at $149914 50 for repacked and domestic, and 91* for GslUgo and Haxall, Gaum— The market for all kinds his been quiet We aolt •tie* 450 sack* Barley, domestic, ta lots at 3;; 670 do California Wheat at 3H»3\c Paovmoxa— bear of f w (ale. by Importer* 73 bbl* met. Pork told at 937; 60 hairdo clear at 916. 10,000 IB extra ciear Bacon at 17V*); 33 tea bans at 1714 c Mo tales of Bate. h»va fallen under oar notice. 900 kej* Lard sold |li *■ eve nlng at 15 . Jobber* have had a fair Inquiry to-.-'a» for a'l de ■eriptlon., and have made f*le* at about the following rat** i clear Pork $333534 In bbl* and half do; men do at 9339929 ■dear Bacon at 18H»l»c;Ham» at ls^wzlc; Batter at 18 933ri Lard at 104.918 •; Cheese 2*c.

Coal— US tons Lackswaana ex Jsmei H Shepherd, sol iat 9*B; the cargo of the lal. • 600 t}na Wea< Hanlej •team ha* paaied Into *eeond banda on private term*.

Cacdlss -S.le. 900 box** Adamantine, at 35 1 9-i.

Cimk st— There wa a ipaaulatlva movemsnt In this artlele j itflrdty, and about 2COO bbli obanged handi al 94 SO; at 95 1000 do; told this morning st 99 50, Cc.nnt BAGs-Wenoteaala. 30 bale* at 14-, and 8500 loose at 13 cast*. Btbttp— 00 bbla Stuart* (old at 70c. Yxajt Powßns— We kaar of a sale of $ogress *t 940 V (ross.

8 oaf -Sale. 950 bom No, 1 brown, la lots, at 9 littlOc.

* aval Stobss— 9oo bbls tar ssld al 96 60: 5000 Ik Manila ■

Wooosn W a \ x— Sale . 200 do* 3 hooped palls at s3 75; 100 do brooms at 91 90. Fuxcm Ship Java-TMi v«msl to-day for 93900.

Hevie w of the .Tlarkft,

Tie greater porfon ef the fortnight since the departure of the last etaamer, ha* been characterized by the tame Inactivity Inour market, to which we then had •eoastoato advart. Until with la a few day* put, the d man! froat the lnteii ,r had rt* maioed imall, and there existed no s'Jmalus for .peculation as well as no necea.tty for the trade, who were moetly .applied, to enter the market a* purchaser*. Mo marked ahartga from thU condition of things oaa be noted now, a* raring taken plaae, »at there ha* bean a palpable increase of the country require menu for marcht&dlie, which may be tha forerunner of the lon» -expected Ml trade The course of baslness general ly. through the fortnlfht, has been dsvald of Interest. With the exception of ProvMons, of which there have been aon.tdar able parahaaes oa .peculation, it is difficult to mention any article In which there has been any movement of .undent !m portaaer to merit eitended notice. Sloes the 30th ultimo then hare arrived from— Atlantic Dome.H« Ports.... 15 Europe ........................ .. 5 Pacific Foreign Port* "**" 9 Aa.trali. \ Pacific Domestic Port* „..,.., „ 65 ToUl 7f15 Ths importations from home Atlantis port, have been heavy, of which but a tmall proportion have changed band*, receiver, sot having generally endeavored to effect sale*. It is superfluous to remark that our stocks remain very Urge, and with further aotl Ipated additions on tin way hltoer, are not likely to be very speedilj exhausted. Bass— Gunnies have slightly declined ; we note sales of 850 lie., In lots, at a> He. Received, 567 bales, Mo 8500. Bb *** -There I* an arspia *u|.ply of new large Bayos in the market, for whlck there exist, a .teady demand. Old Bayoa sr dull atd will sanely 4e ; we note sales of 4800 small bag* new Biyos In lots, at S9s^e. Rec'd, 480 bag 1. Bin- There li a good demand for favorite brands of Engllah Ale and Porter ; ordinary mark* are unsalable. Caaks and bhds .re more Inquired for and command better price* than bottles. Our qu .Utlon. will be found reliable. BaiAD-Fllot hat declined t 356 eaiks, in lots, sold st 9o; 503 tins asiorted cakes and crtck=tt at lCc; 15} bbls Davis and King's Navy realized 9c, on account of sixe of package* being desirable. The atoek la large and the demand limited. Bee'd, Cscaak*, 1370bbl>, 98 c, l£6o tin. Candlii— There has been rather more done in Adamantine, and at slightly better prices ; we rote talcs 4850 boxes, In lots atS4»26^i. Hec'd, 113 et, 10,856 boxes. Coal -There 1. an improved feeling to be observed In both Foreign and Anthracite, and a material advance coon I* anticipated by holders. We note sales 106 ton. Lacktwana. ex Victory, nd 20 do do, ex 100, st 926 ; 50 do Cannell, ex Cloo. p .tr a, at 933 ; 800 tons West Hartley Steam 00 private terms, BecelTsd of Anthracite 1018 tons, English 498 do, Sydney *Cdo. Coma— Transaollsns have been llmital md confined to small parcel* taken by the trade. Holders are firm at quota tinea. Salei 460 bigs Wo, In two parse!., at 15%915c ; 103 da Green MurU at 181-9 c( 100 es ground, In tin, st 18c, Be celved 390 bag., 656 boxes. Coax Mxal— market for this article has again declined, and closes heavy. The enhanced prices ruling early in August caused a disconnauance of Its are for .tcek feeding, for which psrpoae previously there had be n an active demand. The (leek 1. large, and entirely dlsproportioaata to theeontomptve requirements. We not aalaa of 300 bbla and 18* hf bbU, ax Clsopatra and India, at $3 for the former and $4 for the Utter. Received If paneheons, 1105 bbl*, 5326 hf do, 80 ca. Par Soass— has been little done within the fortnight 1 staple articles. In the absence «f any aotivity, the market cannot be qtoted so firm at st the data of our Lit review We note sale, of 75 bales 30-Inch O.ncburg* at 10c, which It a decline. Ftouß— The languid condition of the market which we were compelled to note in our last review, hat remained unchanged up to the present time. The extremely limited demand which has existed during the (put two months for sound and sweet barrelled and Chile, forces us to us conclusion that the amouit manufactured by oar domestic nUlls hi* been nearly lufßalent to me»t the eossumatlon. In our Issue of August 15th we gave some statistic* retarding the number of flouring mills In this State and their manufacturing rapacity. We arrived at the concluiion In that article that there was then thirteen mill* at work, grinding 710 bbla per day. We are apprised of there having been since put in operation six mill* more, which are now making at least 300 bbU per day, and It to safe to assume that there are at present, and have been for tome time past fuli* 800 bbli Flow tamed out by oar domt.tlo mills. We do not anticipate that thi. total of production wM be dlmlaiahed within the next sixty days, a* the dome.tio errp of wheat to amply sifflclent to provide employment for the mill, daring last period. There are also other mills in pioeese of erection, which may get to working soon, in which ease the amount manufactured will be increased, and tha time curtailed when they will be obliged to (upend operation, far want of wheat, lathe absence of demand the few holders who have en deavored to effect sales have been obliged to submit to buyers' tonal, and the prices pall la lie ta* a marked decline. We give the transactions of ths fortnight, sad la the order made, which will bast »how the coarse of the market : 950 bbls and 800 hf do Hope Mill* at 913 for the former and 95 50 for the la tt ; MObbl* outdde brand* oa private term* ; 930 do Beottaburgh Mills st 914 1 8000 hfsks Chile, snbj et to Inspection, at 914 80 ; 9000 sr do do, also subjset to Inspection, at 914 ; 790 kbls Richmond City Mills, ex Oxaard, at 910. Received 10,347 bbla, 950 hi do, 131 eases, 9096 100-lb aaska, 765 J 50-Ib aaeks. Tarn- Than have sales of Mackerel been made at a decline, Codfish has been la fair demand at rather better rate*. We note sals, of 390 hf bbls Mo. 1 Mackerel, In lot., st 99 50993 50, ICO ■carter do at 9 1 93; 890 boxes Codfish, also In lots, at 60 «*c, 100 ease* Sardine*, In hf boxes, sold at 94 95. F»crr.— The nme saute to which we adverted to la oar laat notice- the abundance of ripe dome. t!o fruit, h«a operated to restrict tbe demand for all dried description!. We notice •mall sales of Figs at 16c; 2 ante Currants at Ufa; Dried App. pies lkqr bbl* at llVtjo, Obaiw— haa beea a moderate holiness dona in domes Ucßailey, entirely for consumption, nothing haa been done InCtlle. Bale* of the fortnight comprise about 6500 bag* at lV#3\«c. Wtqaote the closia^ rate Se for a prime lot Be reived of Chile 887 bags. There ha* been a fair Inquiry for Wheat for milling; purpose. and we note sale* of .boat 10,700 bag* domaatie at ranging from 3«3*0; 1900 sacks Chile, .lightly *ea damaged, (aid at 3*c. Received of Chile 8830 bag.. The balk of Corn here is unsound, and little In request »0,000 ft m tag* and pockets ware sold at l«4ewl%c Received 103 bags, 9400 poskets. 1 utera Oat. are dull of .ale and the stock large, with only a all proportion In rime condition. Small sales have bean xeatSwflle. Isreral parcels of domestic hare leaUsea \9S% cents. Received 168 barrels, 1199 bap, 908 pocket* Mb < ABDWAaa Airs Mxtal*-- market ha* generally been in ctvt. Stocks of all descriptions continue amale. We note tale* of 100 dcs Am •» L H Shovels at 939 50*930, whisk 1. a decline; 90 dot Gay's do at 914; 85 dos Amu' short handled do also at 914. Small tales of Malls have been made at 5%96c and of (hot at 93 50 per bag. An Invoice comprising {5 bnd ea English .beet Iron, 593 plates Engllih Boiler Plata* 3-16 and 3» Inch, and 95 reel. Lead Pipe .old at a round .am. under. :ood to beabost 00*er cost and charges. Received of Mails 1338 kgs Liqcoai aiw Wuiii— There has beea a moderate demand fcr Americas Liquor.. Whisky 1* without thange. Brandy has »llght'y Improved. Chelae Foreign Liquor, and Wines •ell readily at fair prices. Ordinary de.eriptlon« are doll. We note sales 975 bbli American Whisky at SB9«oc per proof gall; 223 octaves American Brsndy at 67V,«790 per proof fall; 100 do Bordeaux do ordinary, at 91 23; 103$ cases claret at 93,67*1 •93,65; 300 auk* Bordeaux do, superior, at 938; 3CO dj do •lightly Inferior, at 933; 300 basket* Beldalek * Co's Champagne at 916. LvMßin.— We have heard of but little done In Eastern, an ) prkea are without marked change. Sales 70 Mft Yellow Pine Flooring Board* at 98ww988 ; 100 Mft Tallow Pine Ship Plank to arrive, at 9.00. Mat BToans— *tock* cf all descriptions are ample; we cannot note any material change In prices, and the baiiaes* done hu bean moderate; 800 ct Turpentine In tin sold et 95c; Invoice of Manila Cordage, large sixes, si ig»- 100 bbls Pitch 1 6. Tar I* held at 9 , at which figure we note .mill jobbing •ale*. Oil* —The market for Polar has declined; sale* have been made within the fortnight of ebon 8,500 galls a170'960e; 900 tails Boiled United, In wood, told si II; 150 do do, In tin, at 11,10. Paanxvn— For Preserved Fruits aad Pickles there to an active inquiry, aad the tendency of prices, particular ly for the latter, I* upward. Preserved Meats and Oyster* ara In large •apply and not much wanted. We note sales of 300 boxes as lartad Pie Pratt, at t5,55w15,80 ; 50 c j Freak Fetches at 17,50; NO asPlokks.inhfgtllgla.l, st |7,t3wM per dot, ISO kegs •<»steil.»w79l.9q per gall. FMviiis*, -The fattalgari .<a««>ta«oc* ef aU kts4* »a«e »<s■ kyfs, * irsMw • My rntimK taw ■■»■■ if teaae4

£*• There are «m,a.i,, U *»**™i^^—r~ butßone ofiiimikediHiportit *'- Wltkln the put few lobbers have tod for the coaitry freely; aad with th, m«ulfe. Utlon of a Urg»r demand, which will .con be felt, w* are nre. pared to (eeprloe. generally Improve. ' Immediately after the departure of the laat .teamer, an ac tire Inquiry *pniii| up forPorkontpeoulatlon; the trade hay(a l also been forced to rater the market to supply themselves, the sales hive been considerable, and seller* hwe been enabled to obtain advance i rate*, at which ths market closed loVrably firm. Transactions comprtae 610 bbl* Clear at 9173133: 742 hf do do at 915316; 1,?68 bbl. Met. at 924996; 180 hid] at 113,25*114; 130 tb'jl>rim3kl 133 to 924. At the dose we 'earned of 100 bbli Met ■ selling st 927, which cannot h-.wtrer be cfms'd red at a erl'erhn of the market K0 hf bb!s C'ear »nd lop do do Me.*, ex St Lawrence, .old at 915. Received 9268 bbla. 995 if do looboxe*. In Beaf we have heard of no trans ietlon« rf moment; «la* been confined toj-bblng parcel.. Received) 437 bbl*. 8 19 hf do . The transact iona in Baecn hay» teen eoraiditrable, and about »ha middle of trie fortnight holder* obtained 17 1-3 and 17\s for parcel, of Clear, but st clnie no more than 170 coaid b» glaired for a prime article. The sale* comoil*e about 23J.0C 0 lb '- ««iived 15 te*. 414 hhd., 349 c.k., 63 bbl.. 1308 ea. There has been a fair Inquiry for Ham., at about <be .atie rate, aa 'alt rioted We note I*a of 580 package, at 17»17^«» Jr mu«lin<nv red. and 16 l-3e or coins coven; 32,000 lb. nauard,. .old at 19c, aad 20 «a*ka Jewel. Rarri«oa A «•.'. at the .am- figure. Received. 1557 tea, 133 hhd», 6rT7 «sk«.3l9bli The market for BaUer hu been heavy, the demand having been limited to tb« requirement, of the trade We note .ale. of 1,460 and 60 hhd. at '■ 9336 c: at tbe c!naa37cwa. a fair quotation for a good arti-'e. Received 839 hhd», 18 tea, 436 "•«•. 23:9 fkn». 1403 bbl. 739 hf d-.. 4 0 ke*., 354 oa, 1004 pki. Th«re ha. been c»rab'e activity in Lard. chl«flr on •Decolation, and a .light Improvement in price, ha. re>u't- d The market opered after the departure <-f th» .teamer at 14*4* for k*gs, »nd 17n for cues; lone islet ham been mt4e within the fortnight at 1«^» for the former and li 3 for lb* latter, but the dosing r»>, r*«p»etlve!y, were about 15 and 17J,;. Traa»action. include 3>CO ket. and 645 case. Reertfad 5 tea, 22 caka. 110 bbli, 30fkn., 3283 keg*. 8140 cue*. Cheeae ha. been In fair demand : we no'e >•]» of about 150 •aekiges at 19930 c. Received 46 tub., 986 cm., 439 bx., (8 package*.

Kiel— There hat bean little dore In Foreign or Csroli"*; the rrarket I* heavy with a downward tendency. Small <t . ■. of Carrlma have bean made at 7e. and of No. 1 China at ths ume flinre. The importation, have been ll«ht

Salt — We note .ale. of 50 ea Dairy at 2<*e V Us, which '• an Improvement, 3'o toe. Mexican Rock, ex Demoerasla, sell st suction, at 118*120 ? ton.

Boi8 oiP — The demand baa tf • n *M*dr fnr sll detcr'ptlont, s* abont Dmvioaa >ate. ; we not'ea sale* of 831 boxe* H 11* Mn. 1, at lfa>'oi*e: 810 do Doaird juiv'. Brown ex Frigate Bird ai He: 800 do Clarified, on private terma; SJO do Cclgate'., at 10c; 10Q do rramteml Olive, at 12Jr.

Stabcb— Tranaaction* have been l!mi:r d to .alea cf about VH boxes Colpte'*, st 11 •'•■>\

fee* as— Refined Furart have declined, owing rather to the oneral dnllnet. ' f trade, than an v eonddnration* of .toek*. "al*. eomprlM 130 bM« and 390 hi do Kaat Boston Cru«hm), at I8H» 1 6c ; 100 bbl* Do to arrive, at 15c Th* Importation, of Raw nay* bren l'ght: we em nnlv 'ate aa'aa of 1885 b*ci Batavlan AtoG, at auction, at lO^OlS^e. R»erivrd of Befine*. 20 IN. 70 eh.. 10»btl., 330 hf do, 41 pkg., «0 c.; Baw •8 hi bHi, 46 bx*, 1383 bags.

Ptbtpj—Th« stock I* larre and the market I. dull. We noHen .ale* of 500 k-». Ea< t Boston at 91 00995*; 100 <»o ftuart*, at 87 1 9e. 900 ea Lemon at 93. The Importation of Sand wleh Syrup ard Molawe., ex Z le, from Honolulu, waa .old at auction, and reaM<ed the f 'Mowing fair. ■ 460 half bbla !£?wu,* tt = ltoi'*" •' S7l-B»3*>: 230 pkg. Syrup at 4>943He; 100 bbla Surinam Ifolasaes, ex Oxn.rd, .old at 37 1 So. Tiu-Tha m«rk«t has been cuiot • holders are generally firm at our quotations, which will be found reliable. ToajACce— stock of man turnd la large, and the ajarket la heavy. We note ule* 190 ease. Thomas ft Son. GraDe at 3«»34c; 15 do Twin Brother, at 30e.


Value Value 503 bars Iron, 30 ban leg i 411-8 tens seal 134 round do, 19$ bundle. I ■heel Iron 15io| WiTHSkAWM FOB CovnrvprioM. 100 roll* matting 369 sea abaynih 18 34 ca brandy eherrie* 44 10 ca cherry cordial. 99 6e*curacoa 30) 25bbl.brandy 17J Withdraw* FOX Expost. 40 pkgs drug* and msdlclrei 10C9 Emus FOB WAaSBOCIINO 125 bbl. brandy 55771 33 qr ckj 90 bbls brandy 9403 KqrckslOObbUbrsndyiiassl o""uy.«ui _ _ Cash Bicimi. For Duty, etc 93,802 60

Domestic Tlarkcta.

NEW YORK, Friday. Bept 18-Fionr and Me.l. The m»r kofer We tern and Stats Flour 1. very firm; th> danant rood for eiport. and fair for the home trade and the Ext — There I. little fmh groand here, a la-go propontun of thla h.Tlni been «o'd prcr!ea.. Canadian 1. firm and In .mall »tock and he'd at $5 23. J The ..lea of Western canal are 9 000 bSla. at •3 C6>si 12} for common to straight State; $5 08.95 25 for fancy Michigan and Indiana, and common to good tJblo — Southern flour I* arm : the supply of too 1 brand, Quite light; thrae are wanted. The .ale. are 700 bbl. at 95 37 a6\ for lxnd to .tratcht food brand. Baltimore Alexandria and Georgetown, and 93 75 a9B 75 for Fancy brand.. Rye Flour la firm at 93 50a93 02} for fine Cora meal la quiet at $3 tt to 93 18 for Jersey. Grata —The demand for wteat I. food in part for France ; the supply 1* moderate, and the balk of the isle, are to arrive ■ holders are firm. Sale, of 11.8C0 bu.bels good to prime White Ohio at • 1 31 a $ 32; 9COO buahela good to prime Red Ohi > at $1 17-$1 19; 2,600 buahel. prlrce Bed •onthem at $1 33. and 11,000 bmhel. prime Whi'eGeneave to arrive, auppowd at 91 37 19. Hyp I. dnli, aid price, are no<a-l-'al: the aupplv I. larger. Oat. are firm at 46a47 for ttate and Western, and 41.43 for Jersey. Corn i. buoyant; the demand more active, owlnc to a report of a break in the canal. Bales of 18 000 bub. at 71a72 1-2 for unsound ; 73*73 19 for We.tern nixed ; 74 1 2i75 for southern yell .w, .nd 74 for r und.— WhUkey.— market la better, the demand fair. Sale, of 410 bbla. at 85 l-2c fcrWeatern, and S3 1-2.26 far prl.on.— Drudge 1. quiet. Provl.iona —Our pork mark** U quite active, the demand la mainly for .hipping, and holder, are Inn — 8ale« of 3,500 bb 1 at $.5 37 1-2 for met*, $<7 85 for e'ear, and 919 87 12i|l3for prime. Beef I* morn active, th« demand I. in part for the Government Sales of 600 bb!* at »7 50«$lO tor ecuntry Mp... 913a19 1-2 for repacked Chicago and city mesa and $4 73.98 35 for prime Prime meaa 1. mere active, bat at eaaier price.- Sale, cf 1.100 lea. we.tern, at $16>517 Beef Ham. are firm. If ale. of 63 ob» good weatera at 913 Lard i* better, the demand I. more active for .hipping Pal*, of 450 bbli at lO^alle. rut nuats are baoyant. >• of 970 bbl. •ndtc«at3'4*6 1 for ahoulder., and?Uiß^^ for ham* Bacon 1. firm. Bale, of 300 bhd. we.tern ih -rt middle* it dry salt, at ?3fe.714,0 Butter la r.her firm, and In demand at 13USc for Ohio, and Ual9 for «t«te. fheaae I. Kliin* *t*tß\c — BeeswaxAn eaite r market with a good demand; .ale. of 3000 Ib. prime American yellew at 38a^9c. Feather, ara in gord .apply and in fair demand; sale, of 3300 lbs Ohio lire .cc.a at 44i45c; 700 lbs Tennessee at 43c. Lath ar« in active d*mand and In good supply, aid prices ar< aihadeeaalir. (ales of 400000 common at 91 cT. Lumber —The mtrket i* almoat bare of Eastern (prucn and pine, and price, are firm: .tie. cf wo cargoea at 913a914. Lime remain, .teady at 85e for common Rockland, with sales of 3000 bbl., and $1 23 for lump, with (ale* of 400 bbl*. Muter 1* In good dastard, and price, are firmer; sales of two cargoes blue and white Wir djor at $3 93a 9330; calcined li «t«d»; sale* of 300 bbls at $1 75 fait -jjal». have been nude of SOCOia'ki factory, 1500 di Aah.on., SCCO ground do, on private term*, tha market I. dell, ard the tendency la .till downward. Coffee la In «ood demand at 'h9 advance cf >*c noticed yattrrday; .ale. 3000 biga Uor9<lV; 100 Maraialbo at 9^»S»\,n. Sugar, remain .toady, and the demand la fair: tale, c f 300 hhdi Porto Rico at Jas>4e, 100 Maw Orleans st4%tse. Msluae. I* still dall, and buyer, are holdIng off for lower prices. We know of no isles Hides—The 1. more Inquiry to-day from the tiade., chiefly for prime des;riptlona; .ale. of 800 Rio Grande 33 lb«, at 17 l-3c; 1300 Buino. Ayres, SI lb., at I 80; all .tx month*. Leather—The mar ket i. moderately active for light and mi Idle weights heml ok sole, with a gradually decreasing itoek, at buoyant price*. —Our market 1* easier with only a a moderate demand; of 3,0C0 gall* at flße for whole parce ■ and VJ a 70c for itrial: do ; crude whale tends downward and 1* dull, refined Is in fair request ; aalaa of 5.0C0 winter bleached at s*:; inmmw «t 73 a 63; apring at 53 a 84c; crude sperm iadu'l at 91 40 asl *3 lard la ateady, aa'e* of 1,200 galla w.tern at SO a 83c cath. and 67 1-3 4 mo. ; red 1. firm ; .ale* of 63 bbl. western at 47 1 1c; sod liver i* firm, with a firm demtnd at 919 ; Blephrnt I* bet' Ur, tales of 3,000 gall* winter ached kt 73c. Naval »t iteiOur market la eaaler fonptrits lur>entliie ; sales of 3CO bbla at 4So; cruda Is unchanged In value at $3 37 1-3 for North County, $3 50 for Wilmington ; rc.iu I. quiet at 91 44 a 91 30 for North county, $3 50 lor Wilmington . tar 1. full and noml rial at 94; pl'ch unchang'd Tea.— the auction aale* today, by Hem. Hoffman It Co there did not appar to be much spirit manifested. A great portion of th- blasts were wlthdriwe. The price, of grreos we. well sustained ; thi by son. sold at 33 a tSJc ; gunpowd.r 33 a 58c ; Imperial 33 a So ; hy.on .kin 10a5»; Oolong 33 a 33; Twank.y as a2Bc ; Souchonga S6s. Th* >apply on the way from Chlaa is not large. and the demand tbl. rammer will doubt'ei. b= veiy Urn which indue* much firmnet. with largo holder*. Rice — tinea ou a I, the market has been steady wit a a good d.nnndtor export and h me use , 800 tea changed hands at 31 3 for very common t3 <\z for prim*. Th» market Is quite care of the beat grade* : .trletly p ■ lma woad bring 4 1 3c for expert. We net cc the arrival 5.(.00 bat. direct from Bengal, betas the flnt ctrgo Imported Into the United State. ; the vessel U now dlsehargtng at Fowler * Talmadge'a ric i mill, and sample* of the lima msy bo offered for tale on the market in a lew days — Lead—The market is very firm, the advanced pretensions of holders are generally above the views of buyer, and the demand I. fair ; Spanl.h at $5 50, Kegllib at 93 61, Ga'ena at 98. Whalebca*— A bevy market the demand t. light 9ilea 17500 N w Bedford as. 33c: 5,500 prime at 35c Fire Cracker. —3 300 bxi Canton 40 pack were dUpoacd of daring the week at 91,35.91,40, which i. an Improvement. Honey—The market hat been bare of thi article for the last 14 a»yi. Thve his Just arrived 19 t]erces a.d 90 bbls, wbl h retn»ln pnaold. Tobacco remain. Inactive, jut any change in price. Bale, are diminlihed to the want, of the trad*; the neck of Bjani»h I. much reduced. Sale, of 111 bales ol Havana at 938*935; 140 bale. Cuba on private terma. 118 eaae. Slate and Ohio a^nd at 54.12 l-Bc. Cigar*—T»ie *to«kof Havana i. large: aalsa ICO 100 at 933.938. Of German eoc.ide-at.le quanbtlea have been sold. OneJlot of 800.000 ha* bees been dtaposed of for Canada on private lei mi. Domestic are In 'air requmt Sarnie la without chanie in price, and the demand I. mederat*; aaln 780 bag. Sicily at 9tßaß>. Tallow— The demand ia fair, with only a .>ight .apply, and prices tend upward; .ate* of 80 000 ID c ly rendered (Butcher. ' Annotation) at 10 l-3e. Alao. 23,000 IB of prime elty and Philadelphia rendered at 103»»10 l-9a, oh. all fjr home eoniumotion. Indigo—The market i. dull and well •uppl'ed, and prlee* .till favor the buyer. We have only 1 > note 9 ease* Manilla at 35-90. 8 Caraecs at 91.10-, « Bengal at 9135; 10 afadraa at 90at3 1-3- Copper—Old remain, firm, tale, of 35,000 at 34e New • heath tella freely at 26c, and yellow metal atSlo. Dyewoodi aru in llmlud demand, wlih a good .toek; aalea 60 tons Japan Wood at 947.48, ca»h, duty paid; 130 tun* Marac-lho Fu.tie at 918,93, ca»h, on bond; 200 tons St Domingo at 918.50 sub. Horns—We note a sale of 19,000 Bio Grands Ox st 913, on ti-»e

Fiauncial licaaa.

TheunietUed .tate of political affairs in Europe root tuned to fxsreiae an unfavorable t&naence In England. The Hark of Edj land had neatly retolved to rain the rale of interest to 4 per cent. Contois had declined. Large amount* of the pre clou, metals were being trinafcrred from Groat Britain to the continent, and It wu ta ugbt that the drain mare than overbalanced the receipt, from Auitralla. The Money market at Mew York on the SOth alt wu Terr atrlngeot and had been .0 for ram da; a. Th-5 effect bad b*en to dapress .tock* materially, a* well as to dlaarrange financial affairs at tha South and West. Uommercltl paper pasted st 9 9iO»iaoerasnt, bat 'on sail" negotiations weie effected ratily at 6»7. Exchange on London for the ateamer of Auc SOth was at 899W per cent premium ; on Parle. Sfl7 1-3951 13%, m?'h,^^T ta °* Mew York Bab - TreM Aug. 19th, »•» the total experts of Specie from New York, from Jan Ist to Au f 13lh.wer^$ 13,395,080 49. ' vu "™ lfllo The Mew Turk City Bank., 95 In number, are bow compelled by law to make weekly report, of taeir condition Tharrendared by them on the 13th Aag tt ex-iblta the folio win total.: ■ Lo»" 995 S3 IMS Specie 10,653,«8 Ureulatioii 9430,964 Deposits 58,176,773 . Compared with the prevlona week, the Loans Sara daeraaaed •x,067,087 and the Circulation $62,089. while the f pscte ha. lnereawd $i\l 477, and the Depoaita 9180.788. The trai n California Suck, from the sth to 30th August, In Me* York, sum ap about $60,000 ; price, hare declined la e.mmoa with most all kinds of secnriUcs. We append the tale* : August 3.. ..$9,000 California 7'«, •?()..* 3 di. ...87 3... .93000 « " - ..b3da....87 " 8.. ..93000 " " ■- 87 " 9....*8.000 " " " 87 " 10.. ..91 000 - " " ..«-- 86» " 10.. ..95,000 " M v ..b3da....«1% " i0....«i,000 " . " " sia* - 13....91.000 ••• j " " m " 13.. 1. $2,500 '• " '■ 69% '• 13.... $3,500 " ■ ' 86 " 1«.... $9,500 " " ** 88 • •< 18 $1,000 " " " 8$ - 17....93.000 " " •• 88 • 17....93.000 " " - BS% •• 18....9500J ■" S, u• " The High Court of Appeals of the State of MlMlsshrat haa dJi/ad A.I tkatMma of W $8,000,000 boa. "fry ttsV.taS


..^»ro»-Fer Hlero-3 hod. 133 bb . 7 ea.aa 130 fin. butter. -. d^.*' 733d0o "> 3SJ •"■» doora.Meaaa tlo«*d oU. 3 "•«on..3oobiicaiidL.,3Jbb!. 43 ae. i bakt ebampa«T«, tori? l«,d 50 J., *•"*• lIX b " mmm. s►» proTiaiona. U box. ofealta 0 do " "**•• M Tok » p ' ICO 0D • nour . vn b«»dlea "GaH kvi i.** 11 * 5158 ■«•'«• oata. I earrW. 300 brooms. 10 U aeau hi } m^ 7 hhdi ls PtP^« 3 Wdo S4 bbls «lr, 20 bdl«. "«. 7£-i?&l*} M] " P»iIVSO box. dab, ICO hf bb * meal, 3 *0 bbl. elder t ? b *'. 13 b « clitaea plaa. TO pkg. ferattare, «S0 fe U :«aTi,s 13 JEi~v*£ k - * hhd » »" « 1 1 baa b«ck»he^ '-*» m«rbl», i hoi- bdlM " »Pooarda. 6 baiaa blankota. 4 bbUUaaorVsbbl7s<Fkr^!j* k Bor *»r > . »•»<«« *■•!*». 1 5 ua« » bbi* whiakM tKf}*!? )ttlc^ 10 bx » ehe^*' * *"• s drum. ash. 2M bdU u£r&J 3 *"* ™ m - *° bbU »**••»< 10 dry 3do .pi 0 " 0 *- W hor» raae.. 31 bx. chai-a, SO pag* dry gooda rar » ) " oaB «. W hone raket, 31 bxi chalss, W pkg. H*»»«-Per A'ehad' *IH.^_ 90 , 0 / mln itoll< »- «» «• »"» •"<•, 1396 bkla 100 bx. 7h*^T ?I mM -onm. 43J es ore 47 cka * bbl. 313 c. bSadTaSV*" Ut * **"•• 3549 wo.. furnltu'e. 30 b>. 1 lahS^.^SS"^" *" tobacoo. U b» tkn* butler, ). \i iiTcrorkVr^ w**^ Mb " 10 l * x ajndh* 6.. j.wrtr,. m bu !vS«i e t*r.S7 u "^- * )0 b " men', 6bb'jbeet Ulnk .«I|- 'naccaroni, » Ho^ox _so Per Paa.y -^r* 5 bf. IT" 6*6 '* s)caaweetmeatß,3J nlla m«Uio f . 100 ok,. ,"^ "**"*"• 00 bg. p -aa, 130 ea Urd. 146 b.lea m « n i«V*Vs? rt ~\r l- * ■**> 4000 pkg. md:-, 800 mat. ea..l.793^bb,^tS^m' T' plrons. lCOcbickeos 3 Whitehall boats, iOO^aatT P »■» Y:*«-F.r A«aioa-*OCO lath.. US c./. b«tie- 99 «nn. coal, SOS kegs plcki-a, HO pc* lusher, *W hf bxa «£d : i?s>pkg. mdas ur.Btcifled owiaiaa, Talcahuaso— Per M-d - gat- ««7 1128 bag. ioar 681 30a STiMkVS f,T 170 ° do brM • Jl dJ i 7 *— Chi < ftain -' 583 1 bt t floar. SCO do bran, Pvo ts j»oniD Per Julius PriDgle-i3 piles, '.T x(t Umber; *00 bLU aalmon, #:) bbl* oil


Per Arclw d'AlUnee- J J Ch«OTlte.u; Bohon, B.rron * Co: Rloux Halloa; PW Plumb: Abel r,« J; Th-odor« L«rof; M spejer; U-rrlck * Co; V "Won A Co; P M«ury Ir- P Torqaet; Order; Moeomble * Co; T Lohr* * Co. C. Christian•as; i"",'"*' Foul *Co Joaaph * Brother. : Rail* Tlaaot * S°i?£gr 7 £ W ' m * Co. 7 M ?»mm^t * C. ; V aWo* F de St Our., Mode, Baysrqne * Co; I«o*eheax * Oallry; A Guy; Vlreent: p D«,pa rlll . Groa; M Labatard. a E.jmrltetattein * Co; E Carailk-r; Man*, Fln.oce *Co Hitter **Co 8 DaTld.on; Dillon; Morel A Van Barer; H ! »«hn*der * Co : Rousiet, later A Co; Bourdln Brothers. ¥. Thierry; PaUstoa frere*. Verdier A Belpaome. J 0 Bohroeder * Co Losa-d here.; Belloe * <••«■•»; U«*»io A to, Fredet A E»elllaril Mr. B*tal lard; A Bonnet; U Wnard. Her — Clark, Church A Co, Ocden * Haaam Maconrfra y k Co. Wood* We.t.Jß^rd7, J.RHomn^T* Co. Wood * Kenyon, Conley. Kl'k * Cof Sr m , * H°Vh,j T*ji°B J ? C< ?2: E J «H« W H^h^r A Co J. A. E3w* J. W Brooks. E Spear. R (ioodmaa. T pp t ln^, f stocks Ala. p A Co, J Curry, Story, K<-ddln ( tosj A Co, E F Jone., J Palmer; tea order. Per B»r»tw Pacny Major— Oaden A Hayaea, O«o Herkiaa. Maeoadray A Cj. R Coin. Hn«. I y7Bond * U.'e B t » o«i A Brots«r. Patge * Waoaier, Chi L O«den j J W~i*l R Par Madonna-Wood * Co. C, p , Tho. W Ra«rll. r«r Ulero— A 8 Maniflell, Altep * Co: O CUffo d* Co J V www r Oi '' B W olir " •*» * order. toIJV O Per Ch;efein— 3 Price A Co. P<>r Ju'lo. Prlngla— A J Peps.


Per S.'erra Meved*. to Ban Juan- Mis. a B Groealeal. Mr* B J Plumaer. Ml.. Hennrbura, Mrs Kent and daughter. Mr. B Son""! » " *." B » rt1 ""- "™ • Bi-I. Mr. Charl*. M Hollar. Mr» Koeenbaum and 3 dauah e-a, Mr* D H Jcnee. mi,. c'/T) Jonea, Mr. M£» Mr. " D pp ' no - Mr » ETa. Homl lira well, Mr. G Go. in,. Mr. R Menderh.imer.lij. J D Abbott aed child, Mr. VUlll.msaidrhld, Mr* M Beard. M.« Mary Bar. f. '", dd * wo children, Mr* Martin "d two children Mr. J Pr ,?' "si" Flleb< "•*• l - "«-*». Mr* E William. Mr. a Pa. cell, Ml..EJone«, Mia* Katherloe Kloppenlum Mr. W £engrove^ Mr. £ Brewer. Mr* A Cotter and Infant. it- Aon. Powell. Mr.Bßarroo. Mr. I evt Baaheld- r. Mr.iHßletnen JB Devw-, J C McKibCln, J D Abbott. J A *»cry, U B As. n r'. w .*7J" ' U ?"' BBrinMa c »" ■'>•«' Wmßaitticg (i Blel, W Ball'ey, J R<rns, J Bevtn, J Byron T Brown J oar n?y. J B.yer, G Biuce, N B anehaid, O T Brown T Brown J Bailey, A Bent-. J Banln. W L B. f cb, « Barrel Bached r »■"?»» Log... J '» on< - i A Lunn.t*-, J Layman. W H More, B H Mun.oa. Mr M.rUatt. T O M-rehaaVw Motto. J Menkttrta. P 'Mulligan H B Meyer.. D Mayser. T Murtoc" F Munger, 8 18 Millar, G Martin. 8 McX, ady. J Mc<, RMe Creasy i McElrey. WO O.e halt, M D Plum, Morg.n Prie., 8 Cornell, M Carter, J Caney. J Canoey, J Crosby, J . handler.T Cowley. C J Deptslar, X Devi*. R W Durbar. W T Duabar. Ja. Dillon OD,p X Dun.en. I.a*e C Fo.t»r. H *-•*"• X '"'•»• J Flti««rald. H Fo land. P B Gr.nt, J Gray E «eoahin. T B Gray. G Gu.l,»|,, J Gallup U L Gr«t. Ow-n geff J. F Q ? n *'" n '\ C T B.owntng. Cha. M. Holla* W Hanrdleper. J. 8 H.ndlin, P Hurriioo, M Harri*. D llolly H Holley, 1 boa Hand, J Hammer Sol Harrl*. M Haroevan. G Hawaii. li Harri., L U Junta. O jmklna. 8 Jonre A U.pen, burg, J. KUtnn. M Krt'gHaa. 9 Sling. j Lock man J SnraiVa! 0 Bio c, X X htevena <5 W 8t«»«^ D C S.awart, D Sha" wood. P O Bu', I> Swain, T Taunch. I(J Th. n,p.. n j" Taber. D TreTibly, D Vo.era.y, H V erra, X WUtxtirT Wl" Ham.. John William. B WillUma J Wl.ltaaa Jrwilni J D W O o.,er. J Wood, U P W^, 1 D Wl-.^. J D Peon^So, J W Pa'en,T P.lmer A Peri. W Plait M Percell j r^do-aTI P.dor«t,Wß,» W T Rlch.rd^n, D Bo g «r*. O( } R o bW»T H Roaeoberir. C W Slocum 81ocum. R Smith. O»n lib H smith. G R M Btßi ° ell * rt - W T Ston^TioLdiU. an" 160 >n tbe.t' erac<>. PiraepminiUp John L Bt«phena-Mr L!ere.Tey, Wonr.F.rgo ,* Co', moneog^r; Mia W D Kennr, MrSw it nj !..-» itiUto lin. X Stradley J VV Scott aid lady, l> M 8c it, Mr* McKaaney Mr. Bjler and 2 chi dre». M . M Barnard, Dr H M StaTS JPlmmital X H Burn^ I >iwr*-nc«, 0 "- Mar a Pimental, Mr. J Plnwnral E H Burn.. W Lnwnnee, Un M.r a Ptmenra!, A i Danvl. and lady. J E B»rr. H E Dcd**, rM > m »d J Raid 1 lin m "w 8 H BrBdl "" T ' " H " ke '"* ' nJ ■=»»* w K«S- H A Stln.-, W Harmwi J Lyman. J r Trouiwine, 9 «oosa, W Harvry J Vincent. W John*. Dvv M Keaney. JII P.- |in j W A ner. P B Wood. E O Al»ord. 1 F Laken, JO O>an't (to! X n nix, J G'.y, A Bowman. J Harrlt, C L t>b«oaid J M SanTa M A Hi ', W X K,ld. J A Richard,,,;. J M ToW.. L F aW?" 3 MeClintocn. J Kill, W Ludwlch, J Pnddia J W Folwll. F V^i»^ c 3 8.0-n. W H We-r. 1. L G«Snwood, L IMM.hiin J Manan, E X U.wl y, J 8 Pratt. W Ma.loo. A D Ball a, J W V *?*k „ Orelw d- ° Lord ' wUe •»<!». hUdrea. JM » tlo.«h, R Hone/. 1 Sammsr. J BariUia, H Mitchell G She. man, £ L °"[ '• T J Kimball. J H Wl.n«r. J D Power JCa ■ .k W. afemlrl.B ' "™ . T J BeKIDIn. E P Moonhead. J Math, J Stoul. J M DaTi^ T Pfen», I Tattle C C ripji, Clintnck, E Dnqu«n-y. 8 W,nche»t»r. Mr. J M Donahue, L IJaba i. J G.. D ard, J M-y*r, (i Down and wif-», C D Murray J G Hoffmaa V M -ola, M A D«r».y, R W Pe*rtall. T Preble, J N Alexander and boy, J Borradlale, W W Delaihrnntt, A N Bao Francl.e^, 9 Elliott. W R ad. J Rathbuin. RBt»dman. 8 Pefoon. J « Wb*lt»«, J D.»l». wife and child, A Burton, fc S* 1 / 187 ' TP, J Muodiiy Adam. * Co', msaaennT Borford * Co', mnmyir. and 560 In .t«er*i(4 """«"• A Per bqa-» Amazon -Ms Jeakiaa and ohll i n " "• do » I1 V A ' e " ndor L - irti i tie, Ldo La F.ra, R Feraw, Per Fanny M\'or— Black word, P Cady.

MARRIED. In rl. city, en the 14th, by the BVv Mj. Sfenwr, A ft Bana diet, F.*q , to FaX»t Bvaaowi, aU of Boaterset, El Dorado county. In tke Prr.byarlan Church In Heneeia, oa Sunday evening ih* 4th iaitant, by Rev. Mr Wordbridge, KnwABD M Dbbbv to Nanct M. Kxzia, ail of that plact.


Observation* by Thomas Timn.Tr. Mathematical inerrument Maker, .ign of the " Wooden bailor," corner of Long whai f and Front .treet. Reported for th** Alia California. ' *«- ■- I Maaiai* ■■ | Iw. a. | 9m. m. > m !■■ Sir. | H»a. I Taa.| B»a.|Taa.|.«a.|T«a.|H«a,lTaa.| 4.. «>.7n| 68 «*.7oi 79 1i!5#.73 IS JJ.IM Kh CW. 5.. 29 71 »9 29.74 81 Si 74 80 ** ! 73 Do. 9..&.V 70 29.75 7.' J9.74 7. J9.7.1 82 Clcady. variable. 7.. -29.7(! 81 49.7- «3 29.75 «4 29.73 81 i Mostly clear 29 72 *0 -J9.:a 66 29.79 6S ».'9| 59 Cl .ady Taria\» 9.. 29.71 .'9 29. V. 83 29.-J 82 29.731 S» C ear, cloudy 10.. 39.78 89 89.7? til 29:91 84 29 7«l 3t D»


[bkckivxo at thx orrirx np thb alt* caiifobnia.] Acapuico July 1". London Aaa. « Aucklnd May 14 oa Angeloa. Saut S Bau»ia Apr. 29 M%aUa Apr. ' Bombay June 3 Meahco,(eity) Aag. 30 Boiton Aa< 90 KWboume Jane I Buenc* Ayre* Jaly 1 Naw Tork Aaa 90 Canton May 17 New Orlean* Aut > n.peofQood Bope. ..May IK Portlaad.O Aag :» Callao Aos> 10 Panama, ab« >• Calcutta Julo 111 Paria June Io Constantinople July 89 Ri,. Janeiro J u :y a «-«y«nas M%y * San Diego ■ pt 3 H-vana. Ju y 13 rihaacaai. Juae 9 Kingatoa, Ja May 27 Bir«apore Hay U Honolulu Aug. 13 San Juan >*»p« J Unngkou Ju c il Sydney fnoe *) Hobart Town May 5 Tahiti Jaaa Ih Lahaina Jane 11 Valparaiso ..Jaly 0


THIS DAT. ForSacraaMwto— CoaSaiai ■ IT. a.— racite Wlart For Sacra analn — I P. U.—rwci*t » hart. For Saertmealo — — 4 T. n.-Cwnl wharC For SacraWMato— H. T. Clay — 4 T. ■.— Cntnl w-arf. ForSuxttoo— A»«nc«a ««al»— t T. Cmlral Wharf. For Sao Joa«— Saa Jan »A. ¥.— C«atral Wharf. FarSuJaaa— liana*. »*. B.— Csstral Wkan. Far Pauiaau— I. Corsiag— lSoVioC, A. a— OsatraJ Wkarf CoatraCoata— lav Uaraa— »*» a a.i.* r. «.-Pacil< Wharf. Far Alam»si- Raaasr- L»a* Wkarf, 1. A. M. .*i «4, P. B.


ForSa. Joas— Daily,* A. ■.— Slop 0«<-«, n.aa. For Saa Jaaa. SaaU Cm* aaa aoatsrsr -Tissa.f , thareaaraas A. M -Slop OSV«. riaaa.

Sapping Jnttlligtna.

POBT SAN rBASCIBGO t lIPT. 18, I9U. TH ST/aT i HIOH WATBH. ai.x5._.... ............ 5 53|T»i»a0ajn3t«...........i0 «7 a5rt...... ....... 6 osiTwia a » inn*. .......... v 09 par T» limat a* Vaauu - MaMw*«r •II «mli arnTia*a- it *. -■ • ill coot- a f«'or *|>aa i*« amprw*H* of ti,» paper, t; ararariiig. a>r tk» Maria* lUpoiUf forth* ALIA, Cuimu H. * linn. ,M, M will boww oa tkair arrivml, a of llwr ••»*•!, car*>. rmiinw p num. a»r«. <«••« tp^aaa, iv M v uibn of »—aral .iun>i Uvoa the* iw.i '<" an? part »t It. worM tt.r will to t*—tf*By rap. plmc wit* llmol tarn AL^A, ftmm of cfcaflaa, oa applicaboa at tte nmYm Sttcraaoate straot. below MoaiaowMrrArrived. 3trr. 15-StFa<B.hip Sierra Nevada, Bletken, 13 ds fa 9an Juan; paA*»m, »r«, * c ; to C I (J«rri»on. Ship Arch a Alliance Boatroueb, 179 d. faa Havre, via, Tal p.r i*» >. 60 da, md«e to V Marxloi; 1 • pan. Barqu • Anuuoa, Thompaon, 81 da faa Mew York, mdte to Clark. Church a: Co; 1 paaa. Buqas Htero, Saakury, 194 ds fm Boston, md*« to A 8 Haasfield' Barque Ltnwoad, Martin, 143 it fin Baltimore; sodas to Bo*> era Il FallertOß. Br bque cUeftala, Edwards, 38 da from Talcaauaana. Sour *c to 9 Price * Co. ' Whaling bque Bio Grande, "earner, fm a cruUa of tea mo. wi h 930 abla oil to Bailey * Gilbert. Bqo«Maloona,Bu*aeil,:ds>fm Tsleahuaua, floor, Ac, to Wo>d * Co; 4 pass. . Bqae »army Malur, Creaay, 53 ds fin I. agkong , aaaVae to Og-*-n* Baynea; Spaa*. Bch Aitoria, Scott, 30 hears fm Santa Cruz, 700 aha potato*.. to Bnaa*a ft Co. B ch r Jaltus Prmgto, WUl»wr, 7da (ia Pogef. Soaad, pllaa *o 10 A j Pope. Sea Suaalt a, Thcmpioa. 5 or* ta Bo mas Bay, 7000 ft lumber to the Bollnas Lumber Co »loop C W Cl»r». HUey, 6 hr» f: am Billot. Bay, 1000 ft lumber, to Mocta«nie * Co. S.rr. 13-lteamshlp cSr-'.Ts^nry. fan Juaa *- fa* C X Garrison. _ . _ , kt Steamship John L Stephens. Pear*on, Panas... B Islgat. •hip John Land, HowM, Calcutta; J B ifO"^*^ Bch Taraato., Hamboldt. Payo> * Houghlon. Sch Flying Dart. Fr eman. Humb lot, «—•» •ah eopeweU, Kamp.ter. a.cra»eato. 9 P Grew. ataUeal. Chips Frlfals Bird. Cope, Callao; Hsnlet Hoi.a, MwQwW*s*£!&** D»lsy, *,We» v «2«?T« Tarttlp, WtUki. S'la»a!.t Bail rruiu Bbha, ttsa*. Vspau SivtT.lai

S*«k«as ■■ date, Ist 47 ■, land la sight, -a ship Or trite Fredtrfch "akii *, of M ■, 30 bbl. sperm thl* aeasoa. "**» Aug 10, off Tur 1* '•'"*• " h abip Oliver, Croaker, Caeh ICO >Oia) laim aMa>sK>tl *"• ror°k!* "' '"* ** **• ' '" a * * i? Areol9 ' fa C* 0 *". for ■•• J»lo°rclill^. la °"' 1O " m"• "* bq<- * °~ r «^ "^^ l « .TkitedsM Prf^'T ' »<» < •■<» M Mitchell, .rrirsß^^ '*" **" f>r »eei««o, Jua* %*, las »3a ■. Ship V alparslsa, laaaall, of aad fa PhfUaWphla. Jua* UlatV or San Francisco. July 4ih, Ut On north. lon 33 J. wass.^^ Aa Am ship Bound W. showing a white Baa: with T T la It. area earn May 10, Cap* Bora Soaring N ay W. i alia*. Bqu» Ha&ud. of Salem, for San * naelaeo; Jaa* IT. la* 38 Mlon ii 1-*1 -* to W. ' May I lat 31, !oa 39 03, ship ■ Mayo, cf sad froa Bostoa •» Cailao. Ju<w JO, lat 29 433. loa C 8 35 W, fj Ip Mary Ann, 01 aad from Sos 00, for California, «4 da oat. .Tlcna«rstailn. The p lot boata Daaciae Feather. Empire aad Fanny aaaaaaa list xvaaiDg and reported a* vessel* In tight (award bound. P»r Sierra Nevada— Left San Frsaciaoo, Aii|3Jt Iwla, sad af lived at San Juan del Be d In .* d* Th* paaMßgar*. SB «e«e and ladaaaadra Malls war" lakarkb ,kL L " P~'y'* vu — mtT SUrof the Waal, lor Maw York. *'*" « T '» | n< August iota and would probably raaoa thai pom,Dihamoralagof9e P t.9th,ta-i»adaya froa aaa Fraa, daTrthe'DHaTn Tldi irrlwd fro " '" JaM si thll port l» It ta?e^aa.?-^« l .k"i Uln « to<l a^ tB *•'«■««»• satire pssC^mp"','^ wtli iill . Ec ? la '" -««-*«-«*»»» Th. from Virgl™ Bai "T»m^ . '*2 'Jl"'J 1 "' atoMm4 wxlk "** *** nw minute. Ju ** 8u - '■ *>■» hoar aad fortytlJvlf.TlSrSw^ffi £ aTaSr^ *" known. The Company on ihMtXaSUVtoVJ'Z' *?£' torW . from &**S?X3S&g~£: /™°if th ° s^Jl-lW" V Slarra sVrvadaaraJ B Dm,. aVa. of the Tim*, aad Tr.nacrtpt; Be a jl-(j l-( C McßlbblßVNaval Store keeper for the C S iqnadron oa the west coast ot *ow ,*« atd JM Browa, Awl V l» -•-»<*», Par Fanny Major— »ai"-d la co with Bran, ban* Lonas (or thij port Th ? Scotch .Uppar an p Carriage™? an* al rj..aakon<7Sdsy. t'r>a LUboa. leckioed tk* aauriaal ditiibi roc' rd -_' ln r lf M wss becalmed 13 days. . if la* JapaaTlaada. L -ft at H»gkoo*; .«w*i bqaa Aurora. Vaoatwrg. lor this port. unc; Br bquo Panama. McLeod. do da shrpTiaqaa, Whil aor-, torHYork *no>. At A oainp a taa^ Lamaar. Hrern^ him' Merlin W^eh. for Manila, soon. M ShaaghU, akip C.rrlagtoa! erlln Welch, lor Mania, aooa. ' I Saeaghoi, aalp "inrartaa. Fvaaak. nn Cl?*^C I?*^1 ?*^' rr< J.^ tllJa "* : ahtp rle-iwood. Dale, do Jaa* S9 ■; "'•■•*■■ *»■•. '•«•« ImUM n, arrd X.v JUt; sh' D OrtaaUl. Fl«tch«r, awes arrd June tSth; Urtasa. Sear*, fns 11 ag. M.h*""i. r TUT U ' /l Jf- <hph ' p Arl " *»*"• ■kaneaal, .14 Jay l«lh; ship Tsar, Fierce tor -. hampoa. .14 Jaa* 13 b. A* Mua*C hsr, txiu* Her. d, Terry, for Sandwich 1.1 .-a*, ski Julr »ia At Whampoa,»hlpa Arw»l, Bnwtts'; Geataa, 1) »ins ; Gwtrada. Wind*or, unenr ba qua Gulnar*, Lucaa. lor Furoeeaeoa At Ningp->, achr Biaoda, A 1.-n. usear. At Sbasghai. skip lo|j*a <I«ta, Baratow, do. The ship Challan^*. Pt.u* tor Lua4»a. si July 14ta. Br ships Stormwa* sad fan.. for a. Jaly 13aJT Pur Ht«ro -Was off Capa Horn for 41 days la a-'avy ga|*a, tea i ape la .t|htandba«n>gaonha»ar|w the whole Haw Was eompeiled to ma In aad aaenrr la *ai:h'a ChaaaaJ. wb*ra we lay for 18 day* In a heavy gale While laving to on* ta* Cap*, lost head rail*, and shipped a heavy «ea which broke mala Tall in several place, atovn skrll.hl aad doae other damage. CroaKqjator July 31 ' alnce which »*— miakuiuJ Uai aad northerly wind* Per Llawood— WaaorYC pa Horn 15 day*, with a •aaara•l»n of heavy galas from Wto HW Cn»a»d tha equator Aaa llth lon 118 40. .lac «hlch tlax hay aapwriaaaad I*BI northerly and NNW »|ij. and c.lm. Ixth las*. lal 38 ffl a loa M 13 paisad war R 9 Potter, bone*, lor Bh >alw*a*r Bay. Per M>donaa.— Left Barqitn Aradla, Murray, tor this port. Id* •all or it Jar. br ship Glob* Irom Liverpool, for thla •or*. put la in diatreaa, leaking badly D d was eb'l«*d to flaraaraa her cargo of joal Bqu* J. 1. Cobb, Crowall, fr«ai Cailan. for tlan-pt, a Koada. pal ta la distress, sad was ob laad to day ahar 80 ton. (iuanu . Whale .hip, Nlchcla, for PriTirJ.aae a. I. 1900 bbl* •perm to tail soon. P r imaioa— Paaaad r*»p, Bora la Ba* weather; sroaaad tax equvxr August 14th. 1. 14 133 dec 30a »la** wblaa-tlae k is aad light nunharly wind.; Aug 13th at 0p m laag 137 dw*> osacrved sl>i'« t omet, aouul 10 Jag abovs the hor auk ■ last aig'.it Aug 47. kag 131. Per Chieftain— Lett Bqoa Madonna, Bum.L dig fo. this port to sa I ■■in', d y. Per Jutus Brintle— Lett si port Gambol «chr L B Foster. 133 d*ys from Bo.ion ; M. at pit siadisoa, brig "a»boa, Idf r thia port. Tha baruqw Hope tor this purl sailed BBB* 3. Lauschbd — The ap.r-L.I .1 .hip Kuroelrda*. built 'or Messrs. Ha*c ck a Dawson. of rhUadolphia, wa* laanrksd from la* shlpvard of Messrs Gardaar, BalUm >i«, oa Tn>sd»r svaataa BM>ut.ix o'clock, aha la over 1400 1 si sarth D.aod ia«Ureas* mercbaDi veuel evar built la ibat city Tka MVstra Gardoar arw now getting out Ike material* for a *hi? of Mill •(- mention, for the same arm, which will be Imaedliuly ova aaaaa

At Borton, Auguaa 13th, by Mr J Magona, a clipper tern ef ib ut 870 toes, waled Un Oaaaa Pearl, owaad by Mei*r». Al>ht>ua Hardy « Co. an I Joahua Sear*, and to boo aaaaa**ial>» -ap. Wlathrop Bnar. raoeatly of itraimßlp W lllaa Paaa. She will load for Sao Francisco In Meaar< Timothy Daft. a Co*. las Th« «. O-aa Pearl w.a built under Ihe rape'taaal<are f Mr Wm. Dart n of n utuar hip Syren, -of Sale«»,) *ilab«i>, from Hoaolala for M Bedford, jut la t> Rio J.. .0 r.. July I, to rstvalr damage* sustained ait >; pi derm liar Baa 4, with kneea. rail.. •c. »aa twlstrd off utiihaatem bowsprit started and ]lbt>. ora tprung. a tea itruck Iks ship, washing akyltght everbo«nl. iiatUag up taa Souse), waahnd away booby h«lcb, and broke the wheel— rytog a man overboard, with the longboat, ap»ra. «a. She aUo aw 3 two quarter boat*, and waa struck by Ughtnlg two males being knocked down ln.ea.lbl*. Sao waa anrnlail to leave t m "»^a^ waßß^^Beaaßßßi BB# IW^BxrWVJP ■lv July 13 a hiMA»i£i»L« VaTio«.— Tha ah!p Benjamla Rasa, whal<r belonging to Warren, II I, aallrd from that port laM winter, went round the world without owing any an I, except .o the paaMie oat she subt- d ibe land at Cape de Verda, sod oa th* wa* homewa'd th > island of Trinidad. Ose wee a oaly waa captured. la th* ata of Japan, aod ai 1 hat nme the captain aad b at', wnrw ware lost. The remamdrr of taa men betas Alaeoaragnd, the? concluded to return borne under lha uiuui m-nt of the .hip 1 * caoper. aaa .ha arr.vcd safe at Warra*) aft** aa .bsvace of aiout »tvaa aaoath*. the litth of June lvi. It Ike same >;aVr*h' l'f>, excepting what provlslos* hid btaa aos> (umeJ. She Is now ciearwa'lor another whallna voyage— lß**. ton Aiveriiaer, Aug 6 . Lacncheo— Aug 13th 1 . at the ahic-r«''» af Caark* Mallorr Mystic, Conn . tan slipper ship Pamprro, of 1440 ions. Baa Is owned byJiuLea Bi.hup a Co , aaj la lntvaded for th* California trace. Lian .*. July 29 -A bos t, tome alia, ad varjjj^thn' ar-tielt-a ware taken from th« Cbuaao, .. fr**aVwaa*arlaaa and ihli - rt for Cauio-n *, whi«a waa abaadoaed tW aillas M B of Cape Krlo. May 13. by th.. Dwaagaan aasartao. which arrived hera May 1 from Rio a* Janeiro, aad hay* beea «epo*. tad at th i Custom House. The slipper sblp Xsthar wa* raoaehed at Hew York, Aug It. She was ml tby Mesa a moo A Was'ervel' a eon for asaar* O icdhue * Co. aad i. Istffnded forth* CilU nil sad Chlaa trwi" Ihe la abuat 1300 tea. register, aad tarailrai i a a* follow., length ,a dec, 310 feat; beam. 38 Jew*, depth of h0M,33 '«»«. Tbe clipper ship Povwrelga of the Sea*. McKay, waa ip si Llv^. rpcol, Aog 9, for Macula, to sail 89th. Doaaeetie Fort.. aa»''JJPßwMF«C^wier Iffrd. NEW TORE— Arrived— Aug 6, ship Lanark, Kaaop. Akyab; 13th, .hip Bald Bagle, Caldwell, daa rraaabeoi 13 a ban* Virginia, Bonarh. • uatraila, via Rio de Jaaatro: -Sth,.alp *lbaay, liorh'm. Manilla. Cleared— Aug 3. ship Farrieaae. Varev. Ban Franeiieo; baa 4unif)Bucknam, Chahm.a, Maariau.; «th, ablp Bra Whaa, Fraser, Canton; Bth, ihtp Mandarin, Peret, flan Prune Ilia si ip Margaret Elisa, Adam*. Montevideo; baae laaa, Ceok. Si; liti. ship Raven, Croaker. Han FraaeiMO: 13th .bp Bavm, Crrekar, Baa Fraaelaeo} dip g.lane. Cave, ehaaf ha«; Union. Button, aUo da Janeiro; : th, bqaa Tboradyka, Baw>er. St Caibe*lraf. *c; 1-«:1, ships Buu(h^ra Citwa. Paiaw, San Francisco: B'ew.t r, Week*. Puela Arena*; 19ta, ahlp Fliaway, SewaU,M>lb*urae. Australia BOTTOM— Aug ahipa VVtaged Arrow Bears*, Cal utta, Faany For sat, Pnlerson, Maalla; 134k, ship Ocaeva, Tusker, Calcutta Cleared— Am 3, b<ru« S-atherae', Waltoa, Aoatralla; lOta brig Unity. (Br) *ay, Algoa Bar'C Q 8; 1-Jta, ship Wt. eh of the Wave, Mirer. Saa Fraaetano: bqa* Urienul. Heard Aas•r» la .lth, ship Northern Light, Hatch, Han Prancitoo. Tlmo. lean. Clap:-. »an ■raselaco; bt|ue Auckland, Nelson, Aa* raila, . 6ih. bam Kate Hasting*. Match, Baa Francisco BA'] riM.HE Arrived— 4u« )h, .hip ha Qalncy Prisms. Lawis, CaEao; bqoe Mary Br' Lavtaey, Callao. Cleared — Ist (I, ship Honousk, V>»id->n, Macao. PHILADELPHIA- I, (Up Jaaob Bell, Kllllaa 9. n Franciaeo

f.Kiia Port*. At TAB May 13. Oao Law, Coopar. Fa'moath. A»OT- ArrM.y7. award Aiaop, Keaay, Baaaghae. aa* aid llta tor Hongkong ABO3OBIAN-«ld* 39. Rebecca, Redd!*. » (too. AsKilEa— faaaed May i, sb«n», Uorhaa, Meal la. for New York llti. BoraSlo. awlft, •ingapura, fir do; 17'h, Malay, Drown. Manila for dot 16th, irfatoo. Devea«. B'jaSr.a, for Boaa> «< at; 331,001d»a "ie«c •. (rmsio, Manila, tor Bo*loa; x*ta, Ariel. Ayrea, New York for Ll..n<». n <; Jtla, Marlla, Ballare, Boa. d. for 1 hi ■ •: Juaa 1. On. of tan Ornaa. Oroaby. Mi alia. 'urß-.ton. Ma/ 43 "qua Eepl-r. Baliard. fm Baaavta (or Boston. June 6 •-i) Klyin Fl.b. Hlrk-la. tram Manila for 9j*So*; June ship aaduga, Cook, Cantos, for Maw York. BfiTRUU r-lu pors Jaly 8. bqedeoj Adam*. Cornlih. Haw V rk, June S3, lor B i ton » on 11 aT 4 VIA— In port May *ld. .alp Daniel Sharo, ami a. for -tn»ap - ro at d 8...:0n. nap. e:ed to loal aoaae oorJaa a* a. Arr. nod-t-. ah Waa;warJ 80, Johnson, Maaila, aad aid Jut- 3 fir M>w York. B iKDKA' X- A<Jv July 2? , Hambourg, Arnaad. tldow, for fan fr»oj.cij « B M AT— irrJu.e 7, ship* Worth Star. BareUy, Slagacere; Fo la , rr r <»dwwli 8..1 d CA«JJI»f-» 1 Jaiy 19. Hlberata. Naaw. Baa rrsMlsw. (JO * k.S— Pui in July a. Jaa M daa. hero, atlk, fna I naitua fjr dan Fjwsl»eo. >-'ALCCTTA— In port Juno lea, ship. Concordla, .r> Bos 0 • in twelve or 5 days. O.aan Issjle, Somes, for do, lew day-; Joha 'itlpiu, ,do do. J«aay Lind ■ ah4a«oa, 'or do Idr. aVth Sarafn -, W«J. worth, lor Jo m i. ad ai sad to .til la a r>w day.; Abb* Praif. Baaraa, to load for do, J.m«. tlrowa WUson to load for a port ia Eaalaad; AJbalroaa Ka .wi« s Ida f<r Load Fraaeoala. Qardaer, iac. tqa FMiaa, Lewis. (Jo; I nnett. Mix. for China, lag; Nelson rlaaa, QUehrl.l lor Loaden. di. to re air CM II k .hip. PolynMi*. Homer, Bo.ton; Boeaa VU'a, Ua> nell, do; E F ateaoa, McKla, FhtlaWelsaia. all wta a* a and Bad aot .Id pravloa. to 18th a* h*a beta resorted. and ljta, ahm ihia! * oin ' Haw York; is * Haa» Maaca. ehila alohia COABT O» aUMATKa -Sid May I<\ eaikk, aaa (1 afxß Ood,e,N«w Tork; 13 b, .aiiiornU, Fraaelt, do. Feppe'oa toe tout seareetnd prices ih. uu 'oa«* of 9u*>a«ra, Ma* »4. ship. Plato, Woodbary, ffoa Haw Tcrk for O traltar .early loaded. A .oa nalHoajd Hop-ktaa.fmdoJaaS-Ju'lantwni bq.Jfllaa Ana, **nTnaa f-naa M.rtel !ea, !d4; Hollander. B»r.tow, ftn Boston, JiT"* Mai *ky 10 b"l»«-b "l»«-« re^ -miUi. aad (ire too. Dodge, ■ Yoraj '.'ta. .hip Callfurola, Kraac!*, do. At Regie, «uxetra, Msy 13 .hip Medora. /.ard. ha Ouaailat for Tallapow, 111 1 Anita Idg far Boston, and aid .boat the ra *aW of Jan». H 4 VttE .. hi. v Jaly 37, Courrler dec Mar* and, aad Chta Mo i 'or san r r ncl«co U 41 UURO..ald Jaly 19. Marba, Peaua, Valparaiso aad nan UVia?OOL..CId July Or"go-, »rillaa-», Jk!. Fraud.. er. au«1; Baaialor*. Whltnsld, do aa* t.d A«»g i. -.14 Ami 4, Marat y. Malalaaa, for eaa rr.aei»so. LOwDOM. . Ld« July » for Saa Fraaelasoi Aratajaaa, CfAsaa. ler and Amelia Tbomptea. Taompaosi MAURITIUS.. SM May 15 Genwv*. Tucker, Beaton. MSDaA»..Arv Joaa 18. B livie. Bean. Saa Fraaataao MI&O DIKP.-la 9 rt Aug l, LooJ*o Maria, for Valparaiso •ad dan Kraacis«o. ready. io;A.Nll«O..«*Jua* 24, bque Caatoa, Qlbbs, AsawaJta, im Maw fin* ' rEMAM(i ArrJaaeS. Waatlagton Alston, Day. liaaaaor** 18 h, >alp Bat loon, Doaae, fa Calcotta for Boeloa; todllparV far Joan id Mary ud, Hew Tork. *^^ SM Jun- id Mary aad Java, Maw York. a ;ii.L V Jo.'y 14 pat ii, Li-ntu ila, fa Loadoa tor BaaPraa> si* > w th Io * of fo-'-lop-msst, cap 1 frbow.rpiit udllo-ooom aiM.J «PiKK..BId May 18 «h p Thorn.. W -taara Ournd' !Tsw V • k it I, Hilton, berry, Caleatta. Jan. l*aTb^»Paa: tv k-t. No* r OB for 9aa Praoclaeo. May 18th. taoaMir- ID. •• 1. « nua; «ih. Maawa o Cap^ll, Ins Tork. ' Arr M.v it, i .1 , A.abeUa. f.raat. Meiboara* Mtb, Sir flea o .'^ b WltW>T CmlU jn>i * Wadimgtoa l.ton. Da?, «?,I3 ■ll»» a tor alcuaa. See. Peaaai% -»—»-.■", ,IT BKLJtHA Arr Jane 19 a*aaa^e*Baaoa, Wast, AdelaidwIJ h Fmpir- Thoruolka, CalestU. aaa pro«**aaa tor Loadoa ' *U«)tn.Jc*haaßatra,Kaa»rbrook,»ewTort *~ wo "' T4 M. '. BAT. C B.. Arr 14. Indi.ool.. Caßßaart, Maw to Janeiro, Aug abip " tar * d ' "**£** M: ota *» Bff fcr'Xillrtla. 1 "'' 7 * Clunaa *'**** tttm Oaf Al Mjma^Uw hiy I .hlo. p»r««4»B, nn 4 %eea. faiCar^hf. »» •*■ fraatiteei l»««Kaa, /aiatta, fresa BeaeaZf 4,, '

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