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■^^^— ■ I Ml^— — — .SSSSI— ■— — ■—■■ ■— — —^ SS— » | a^?TofvNew*T«k Wrect~r7r^ "^B*~Th« AJldipperthip '"' Stt >i i „; :, 8 . 8. BISHOP, ..oj * Jr. i CaptWM, BHANKLANP. ■' If now loading for New York, and will have quickTaispeUaT 'For frcif ht or pimp apply to the captain oa board, at Washington street whaif, art* *•■•• ' • — «■»-*---- , H.K. CUM MINGS* CO., mll't^ ! '-■"'Jg>"'" '» 48 California street. iil^Ppr New-Tork:Direct^^ i " * — — ' .r*;3 w«Utst is* 'J^A »jTbe.A.l clipper ship '. . Ml • | -"»- TEUEORAPH^^2.* * '^\ I — ~fX HABXOW, Eli, CgmmiJider," . Lying at Washington ttreM wharf, U receiving freight, ana will bar* quick despatch forth* above port. xwtai.v»> • ' " ' J ■ - For freight, apply to • ! •— m \J 1 .(■'•>. ■ •■ ■• MUOftE k. FOLGEK, .>•} * EafU Warehouses, Davis street, toath of California. m 5 . - . ,-.;■.• ....-..•...•. . - . : For Hong Kong Direct! Jj&k Tht Btw and beuUfal clipper ship SB ' SUNNY SOUTH,^^ H. B. GREGORY. Eiq , Coauniadtr, |J Will sail for the above Pert .-*. '" Oa Urn Hth toy •*" May arxt. This elegant and beautifully modalled elipptr oOiri unusual inducements either for freight or passage. ""^•""SkV^S^DOTT. apSB ~7~~77 * s r*rent street. For Sydney, - VU SOCIETT AXD NAVIGATOR ISLANDS. JBa The luperior A 1 Clipper Barque 9 FANNY MAJOR, Will be dispatched for the above port, touching at Tahiti, 8. 1., and Apia N. I. > For FREI GHT or PASSAGE, having Statt-room accommodations superior to any ressel is the trade, being fitted expressly fur the camlbrt and convenience of passengers, . , Is Apply to 6. B, POST * CO., Cimingham'i B^rmtm^or to mia-lw . Corner Jackson and East streets. For Valparaiso. • ;- - _ J3* The ship ROSARIO, of 1.000 tons register, will be dWi dispatched •« »bore on the 15th insi. . For freight or passage, baring superior aeeonv -odaUo....pp»yt. j jUJOf4 mlStd .• California street REGULAR DUPATCH 1..1NE. FOB SAN PEDRO, AND SAX DIEGO, TIA SANTA KBABAUA. ;CU The favorite packet clipper schooner SaS LAURA BEVAN, F. MORTON. Commander, Will be dispatched as above, from Market street Wharf, on THURSDAY, nth inst. * For freight or passage, having fine accommodations, apply on board, or to __„_■ , "• PIERCE, foot of Market street, m 8 td offica up stairs. >2* FOB SKW YORK DIRECT- The A 1 Cg&clipper ihip MOUNTAIN WAVE, daily expected to ■^arrive, and having a large portion of her freight engaged, will bare immediate dispatch for the above port. For freight or passage, apply to RANRIN & CO, fBB Battery street, between Pacific and Broadway. £**. FOB lIOWQ KOKG- The fast-tailing A 1 wfjEtFrnnch clipper »hip HENJAMIN, Durouxt-uiltuni, *^^^nia»tcr, will aail fur the slime port, positively, on the 30th of April next. Thin line ve««el oilers uniuual inducements for Cabin and becoud Class Passengers. For Freight or Passage, apply ts * B. DAVIDSON * MAY, Bankers, to P. M4UKV, Jr., 170 s>au«un.e street, a 9 or to the **ap*a4n. North P«i>nt wharf .gifo, FOB CAI.IiAO UIBEC'T— The .uperior <Sjfllwo ) tar old British barque CuI.IMIA, C'ajit J. M. 600 tons register, and A. 1 for 13 years at LUydV, will sail for the above port early in May. llathisr a large Poop and grett height between decks, ihe aflbrdt superior accommodations both for cabin and steerage paslengers. For freight or passage apply to the Captain on board, or to ALLAN, LOWE & CO., ap2l 132 Clay street. A?at FOB 8% DNEV DIKRCT- The fine fast UlArailinp American >hip ALFRED, 650 tou«, — — , "^""'^Comiuander, having toe greater part of her cargo enraged, will sail for the above pert on or before the 21st April. This vessel offers superior inducements for passengers, having >|>lnudid accommodations, at the followiog rates : Cabin $150. Steerage $30. For which early application is necessary, as only a limited number will be taken ; also ior rates of freight, apply to J. J. SOUTHGATE & CO , Uruuiin St., Between Pacific and Jaek*on street wharves, a 9 or TUUBS & CO., 139 Front street ,SU P.IBA JIAZ ITI.AN-EN DERECHURA ICEJbL — Saldra »iv falta cl 5o •; de Jlujo U hrrmosa fraInglesa JAVA, de 2,500 tondadas Camara $C 0 Hutrtpunte 35 Para nete y pasage vean«e eon W. BCIILEIDEN, Calle de Sacramento, 2 puertai abajo de Montgomery. ap2B — «t PABA SAN BLAS-CS IlLKi:« lIURA — JaMtSaldra i-in fiilta cl \ ierucs. '27 del corrirute. L'ua her"^^^mosa fragata clipper AMERICANA, de 2,000 toneladas. Para fiele y pasage, Vranse con \VM. SCHLEIOEN, Callo de Sacramento, ap24 2 puertas abajo de Montgomery. tti MniPPERN LINE OF *£* PACHGTH FOB NTOCKTOH. iSjM Sehr ALEXANDER, HcKensie, master; Schr CISC w tI.A. Nickenon, master; Schr REPORTER, Small, master; Schr EMILY HOWARD, Harlow, master; Sloop JANE, Peters, master; Sloop KITTURA, Strickland, master; 6Uxv P. A. OWENS, Clarke, matUr; The above vessels «ill have quick despatch from the berth corner of Clay and East streets. All accommodations rendered by hauling alongside store■hips and ships for freight. Knight always taken at the lowest rates, and proper care given to the receipt and delivery of the nine. PECKHAM & DAVIS, Agents, f 7 Corner Clay and East streets. NOTICE. SHIPPERS' LINE*OF PACKETS are now ready 2tJs»to receive FREIGHT for Stockton and the Southern Mines, at their berth, corner Clay and East streets. Freight taken at lowest rates. PECKHAM * DAVIS, Agents, fl Corner Clar and East streets. Dm Docks. jgbt. V. ti. DBV DOCK.— This Dock is now in \)Ujgl operation at the Navy Yard, Mare Inland, raininf vessels of all classes and of the largest dimensions, for repairs. Skillful mechanics and materials furnished at reasonable prices. Office at Messrs. TL'RBS * CO., j!7-lv 139 Front street. £f* DBV DOCK— Front of Second street, berajfiltween KincoD and Miminn I'oiats. Vcne!«<akea out far repairs, at reduced rates. Apply at the yard, or to NEEFTJS k. TICHENOR, d»Mi Stewart street cear Folsom. Boarbing — Cobginga. . fJIO I.XT— X LARGE FRONT ROOM, with pantry A. attached, furnirlied. (without board) suitable for one or two single gentlemen, pleasantly situated on Kninn street, next door to the S. W. corner of Kearny. Will be rented very low. ■ inU BUAteni > (i. — Two or three families can be accommodated with bojrd and fine rooms at the three story house next the Foulh-wett corner nf Stockton and Clay streets, No. 211.' References r» quired. n.2 Ira POSTAGE REDUCED ON LETTERS!! Prom t:nlifornin la the Atlantic State*, 4'anntJu, Karopc, Ac, by J. IIAWE9 & VO.-H IZXriliLH*. JHAHK* & CO. beg to announce to the Publia. a that, in coDsequence of the recent Postage Law, and a desire t» keep pace » ilh the tiroes, tkty will hcrcafinr reduce the postage on tingle rale letters to 'ONE HALF THE FORMER PRICE, viz : TWELVE AND A HALF J)i;.\T«. Letters mutt be rnjo-rd in ten ceut (■■•■v'rmi.ont Envelnpes. Our Messengers' inrtructions ar" uich that they tpare no time or expeute to deliver our Letter Bags in New York IN ADVANCE OF THE MAILS! Letters received till within fire minutes of the aailirg of the steamers. Office, Nicaragua 8. S. Co.'s Building, Sacramento street, near LeidesdorK »96 J. HAWE3 & CO. A CARD. PACIFIC EXPRESS CO.'S Atlantic and California Express. OCR Arrangements in New York being now complete, we are prepared to forward and receive by each steamer Freight, Parcels and Treasure, fully insured, and at the lowerl rates. Collections, and ever} thing within the range of the Express buriuesn, promptly attended to. All orders left at our office, corner ot Waabingion and Montgomery street, or addiewed to our Agent. WM. 11. HALL, 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar street, New York, will receive prompt attention. Letters enclostd in Government Envelopes forwarded for t'l 1-5* rent*. _ . . , m 9 g. G. NOYEB. President CONSIGNED GOODS. AM- PEKRON* IN THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO, who have sold Uood. owned by parties not residents of this State, and who have failed to pay State Tax on the rame, are hereby notified to do so before the ' lIFTII DAT OP IJIAV, Or proceedings will become necessary to enforce the r aim Jawxs Walsh, Deputy Collector. Office hours f. ua 10 A. 51. to 3 P. JI , Sherifl"s Office, City Hall. ap27 Special Notice. - rpilE STEAMER SURPRISE WILL lIAVL ■*- OFF THE SACRAMENTO ROUXE FOR ON MONTH, to sake alterations necessary for the accomm dation of the Public She will POSITIVELY RESUME HER TRIPS ON OE ' BEFORE THE BOth *f W«y. ,14 NOTICE.— Having purchased of Messrs. Douglas * . Co. their entire stock of Wines, Liquors, &c, will conduct the tame busiae'i at the old stand of Douglas It. Co., No 57 Front street, under the style and firm of .... , JAS.W. SMITH It CO.' , NOTICE.— The subscribers having disposed oftheir late business to Messrs. JA9. W. SMITH & CO.. all penons having claims against, or indebted to them, will please present the same for liquidation at the old stand. No. 57 Front street •"■•••■- " ' '' **'"■ **" " * ~~' mU2i»lSos ■ -■« y.'--..-^ -•'':■ ■ DOUGLAS 4k CO. ■* NOTICE.— The stockholders of the Pacific Wharf Co., are requested to meet at the offlee of M. R Root its, 19T Sansome street/ on Saturday May 18th, at 3 o'clock P. M.. to take into consideration the subject of incorporating this company aadar the amended act of aa act entitled "An act to provide for the formation of eorporaUot ■ for certain purposes.". By order. _£!«,. -M" uMM> rfl Newt copy.) (^ «««, j

for Salt, fiei%\)t ot~€katUT.~ - ja3m~o •"* T •-: h "o>;kii ;NTB"rria_" SB imP BBOKBB, Sal _ . If •• 4 Belaaaa, Bbvcaaaia*. Bxcaatagwi „<, IaTYBS-IIIS WHOLI TI.TfK AND ATTEN JT TION to the Bale, Freight snd Charter of Teasels. Has constantly on head a large number of vessels of every description tot sale or charter. . lias also at all tines a number of advantageous charters for various ports — foreiga and domestic Has a complete list of all the Skipping owned at this port, with full and accurate particulars of age, tonnage, condition, ownership and sailing qualities.' •«••»•- - ;'/"^*.- " Always on hand several Storeshipe, oa which storage is offered at the lowest rates. REFERENCES:' ' ;;7 - P. W. Macondray, Esq, Beverley C. Sanders, Esq, ■ 'Hassey, Bond*. Hate, O Samuel Price *V Co, -:E. D. Heatley II Co., *in Farwell at Curtia, • t»« . •>•■ r. ' AlsopACo, ... RankiastCo, ' • •■> ' Cross a. Co., <*av?M » * W. Meyer *Co 7** •& v D. Gibb a. Co ; ,fcM4s*;!i r Joba Pony, Jr. >dl tsl mi. R. Chenery, Esq., ■'■-- : . apM-la Store b)iip Cadmus for Sale; jg^i CAPACITY 430 TONS, COPPERED, and Chenanned up to 15 feet. Has two """"good iron-stocked Anchors, 180 fathoms chain and a winch capable of hoisting 8,000 lbs. Teasel perfectly tight, and has beca well taken care of. Will bt sold cheap. Apply to ■■■'■■-' • C. T. HOPKINS, No. 4 Merchant's Exchange, ia tha Rotunda. apBs4n „-. , ...,■■■ ■ ■■,-,■ JFff - FOB MALE.— The American schooner CYNOmtL SURE, of 100 ton«, now lying off Shaw's wharf, reaoy for sea, with all the fixtures for sea elephant fishing complete ; also, three months provisions now on board, and can be sent on a cruise without any expense. Apply to JOHN W. W. McCAY, — - —.5 • 8. E. eoraer Sacramento aad Battery streets, ~ ml-lm . . . ■ ■ (up stain.) X*A WANTED TO BIT Y- A CLIPPER QMCHOO.NER, not over 2 ysan old, and or about 100 130 tons register. •„» a»/ ♦-'■> ».»••• p»^^* 1 W. SCHLEIDEN Sacramento street, two doors belew Moatgomery. .: apBB •■■■•>■ ■■..■■■. -. . - JKJt WANTED TO CHABTBR-A iCHR. ■Mt of from 100 to ISO lens, for OUAYMAS. '-' . WM. BCHfllOEN^iacramento street, »p94 ■ Two doors below Montgomery. . - *3* GI7ANO CBABTEBS-AD VANCE D RATES— The undersigned are authorized to Charter good vessels to load at the Chinch a Islands, for ports la Great Britain and Ireland. France, Spain, and the Conti aaat of Europe, between Hamburg aad Ostend, at the highest larrentrates. . cross* co, -/: ■1 •■"■ - --•••■ Battery street *** WANTED TO CHARTER- A VESSEL _Bot from 300 to 700 tons, to take a cargo of logwood "^^"Aroa a Mexican pert to any Atlantic port of tha Unit, ed States, Valparaiso, or Europe. "•x~"ALBO, FOR SALE- From 4 to 3000 quintals BrasDwood atlpala. I For particular apply to W. 6CHLF.IDEN, ml Sacramento street, S doors below Montgomery. Sot Sale— -ao £et. MTO BENT.— A very large and safe WAREHOUSE, 40 by 1-25 feet, two stories high, on BATTERY BTREET. The Building being on the corner of an alley, and aeeessible fbr teams, front, side and rear, is very desirable for fitorage, or for any business requiring a large amount of room. Apply to BttOWN, BROS. & CO, Real Estate and Loan Agents, No. 7 Athenseum Building, apH 8. E. cor. Montgomery and California streets. aF O B MALE .—A RARE CHANCE FOR SMALL CAPITALISTS —A Restaurant and Boarding House 20x59, two story, rent low, with four years lea«e to run ; convenient to the steamers' land'ng ; a ? kitchen, with $I'<!Q store, capable of accommodating 35 boarders ; with bar fixtures, furniture, &c. Is now doing a good business, which can be mc eated by having no other to attend to — with other advantages, which will be explained to the purchaser. Apply at 79 Davis street, between Clay and Wa^hinrton streets. ' ml-lm* MTOTIIKPUBMC- THK 8 UTTER STKKr.T HOUSE has been re-fitted in a superior style. We can new accommodate single gentlemen or gentlemen and their wives with suits of rooms, furnished or unfuruUlisd ; also, single rooms. N. B.— The above rooms can be had to suit the times. Remember the House, and give as a call. A good well of wnter on the premises. »<»n>« I.N LEVY. MTO LET. — A desirablo commodieus two story RESIDENCE si>uated oa the east side of Montgomery street, above Vall-jo. Apply to J. B THOMAS, m > 145 Front street M WANTED— A SMALL HOUSE, suitable fora genteel family. Rent not to exceed $75 per month. If not far from the Plaza, can be let on application by letter, at this office, to " A. W." fl7 KKAI. ESTATE FOR HALE AND MONE) TO LOAN.— A. CASELLI, 105 Sacramento street, between Leidesdorff and Sansome street, offers at private sale — • Several 100 vara lots in different parts of the city; Several 50 do do do; Sundry water lots in eligible localities; A variety of building lots on Pine, Bush, Clementina, Jones and Folsom street?; Lot and brick house on Stockton street; Lot and frame house on Dupont street; Together with a variety of ether real estate, houses and leases. (100,000 may be had in sums to suit, upon unencumbered real estate, first mortgages and merchandise. Credits upon the Atlantic States and Europe. Negotiation of paper and banking operations effected upon accommodating? terms. jg BOISE AND LOT FOB SALE, Price 9400. ApaL A OXK-STORY HOUSE, containing 4 rooms, with j£B French windows and verandah, lot «<ix«o, froutiujon Mreets, and on the grade, situated in the west part of the city, fine view, 4c; and oflered at a sacrifice, as it must be sold immediately, as the owner wants the money. City Title. Terms cash. Apply to J. L. HOPKINS, Real Estate Agent, Stockton street, east side, Between Greenwich and Lombard. Office hours, 13 ta 3 o'clock. jiS MTO Ml T.— The splendid brick fire proof IHU'SE, (142 Sacramento streeL) formerly occupied as a French dry good' store. Pofietsion given immediutelv, and rent low. Apply to LUCIEN HERMANN, Davidson's Building, art corner Montgomery and Commercial streets! M FOR SALE OR TO LET.— The modern built two story and basement DWELLING on Folsom street, near Second ; contains 9 rooms, and will be rented low to a good tenaut. Apply to MELVILLE KELSEY, nall-t* - corner Califo-nia snd Davis »trest«. J-4 TO LET— THREE ROOMS, two front and jl'IM OPB back, in first story of Granite house 136 Mont"^^^gomery street. Inquire of _m 2 T. K. BATTELLE. MTO LET OR FOR SALE— A newly finished brick HOUSE on Tehania street, near Second, and near Capt. Folsom's splendid residence, with all modern conveniences and comforts ; lighted throughout witb gas ; has bells and speaking tubes ia every room, marble mantels, bath room, good yard, stable, fine deep well, and cistern holding 12,000 rations of water, six bedrooms, pkrlor, dining room, cloiets. library, kitchen, store rooms, etc To I :ase low to a good tenant. Apply to WM. NEELY JOHNSON * CO, ■19 96 Merchant street. MTO LET— The fire proof BRICK STORE, size 30x9", ntMth-es<t eoraer of Ssnreme and Merchant street', lormerl) occupied by A. K. Sabatie a Co. Apply to BENJAMIN COLLINS, m 5 1!) l California street. MFOrt M«LF OR BENT, LOW— A three 'tnry lIOIJ9E on First street, two doors south of Tehania Place, enntaininr 10 room*, and pla^ered •hronrhout, with well of good water. At. Possession riven the Ist of May. Inquire on the premises. apll A C'«m SALE.— Tho FURNITURE of a house 4|L containing Parlor, Dining Room, Kitchen and four ry^Chamliers. Will be sold low, for cash, on account of 1 'departure. The Home can be leased ac a low rent if deiiired. Apply on the premises, Piue street, fourth doer below Dupont, south ride apl3 / «^ /->. TO LET— THK OYSTER SALOON k»« I cv Jiiiiil sll the fixtures' complete., to let at a very Nyhi^riow rate, in BATTELLE'S BUILDING, 136 Jlontgomeiy street Possession given immediately. Inquire of ap3s . T. X BATTELLE, en the promises. HENRY SCHRODER & CO., AOENTH FOB P. J DE TENET* ED. DE GEORGES Bomkacx PINET CASTILLON\& C 0..... ....I-.Cocsac. RUINART PF.RE & FILS UiiriMS. O flier i No. 4 nerebanta' Exchange Black. JOHN MFLVILLE, WINE MERCHANT, BaMcment same ll lor U, in Battery Street, (Underneath Auction Store of Messrs. T. J. Poulterer* Co.) .au2S-3m , . FOB KERN BITER COLD MINES VIA SAN PEDBO. t> ""?Cl2dF*l The subscribers beg leave to inform the public thst they liave completed the necessary arraiii'-ments for running a LINE OF STAGES and a TRAIN OF WAGONS and PACK rom this point to the KERN RIVER GOLD MINKS, stopping at Los Angeles, San Fernando Mission, Lake Elizabeth, Fort Tejen, Gody * Bishop's ■ Runcho, aad the Indian Reservation. Goods vill be roceipted for in San Pedro and delivered at any of the above points or at White River. ALEXANDER * BANNING. San Pedro. January, 1855. ' j33-is DR. GALEN BURDELL, DENTIST, JpOKfj. HAS REMOVED HIS OFFICE TO 166 ABfIHI&CIay street, four doors above Montgomery .^mijU 11 ' 1 " 1 ! r '( nt * u>d *' v *. ***4 «*£T • ■■■ ' ■ J3B W. p. CAMP, RAW MAKER AND JUH/fUmMM REPAIRER, IfloatKonicryatreel, Corner e>f Pacific, VMlUb^U^V^ SAY FRANCISCO. BP^ From tbe firm ° r R- Hoe & Co -» I : .•^T^j^^*' ■■■<-•-• - ■■« New York. ■ - ■■/. Bp* Particular attention paid to Guming and Straightening large Circular Saws, stc , ... - . t „ py All kiEdsofSaws repaired, set and filed ia the best possible manner. , "1, '«,«.*,-•,* -- » t i**t>,mr n>b i apa7-3m* „ .:"'..": ' - "... ..:".';, \ .•.;■;-; y '„•; NION BELTING AND HOSE CO.— A fuU supply of LfcATHER BELTING, of all sixes, both Doable and Single; also, Lace Skins, constantly on hand and for tale at the agency, . . . . „. ... *.„ _ .... corner California and Davis streets, ~up stairs. •. N. B.— Orders received and promptly executed for F.urin He«e and Hose for Hydraulic Mining. . , a»3. :-^-.ttJ I BE.nO VAL. ~~ ~~ TBS OFFICE OF THE PACIFIC OIL AND CAMPHENE WORKS is removed to No. TO Front street, between Clay and ComerciaL '-• POLAR. EPERM. LARD, NEATS FOOT and TANNER OIL, CAMPHENE, TURPENTINE and BURNING FLUID constantly on band and for sale at the lowest Market pries. < « - .-.■ ; ; ... WILLIAM BAILY. :,»,,• >V»«) i V ,~,.;^«d.-V Office, 79 Front street. «. tt . -• " • ■ Manufactoiy, Taylor street. North Beach, it •J Baa Fraaeisoe, May »th, 1853. ;, gyi. ««j t^«. aHa-lai ie l?Oa» SALE.— A complete file of tha "DAILY ALTA JaP - CALIFORNIA " newspaper for the years 1t53 aad '54, Apply at this eaiee, «,««.<„« Us, twMI ,*» ,nW mji

] tot!i ;-gBttllHst*l. Va»-v «J jfy.L.'e tl »■ Pacific BlaU SteaasUp Ct.*! line. FOX NEW^TOBK^ANb^ MEWfOEI^ANS. nfc-s/' '■ " YIATASAMA..^. -. .*:. ■ BT ITEAnSUIPI ANB BAUBOAD. ■ The new aad slefaat Steamship *- ? •'■' ™*^™*^*".S i'WI at L. WHITING, Coatmaadsr, . ■• Win leave Vallejo ttreet Wharf, for PANAMA, with tha Luued Slatet Hails, Passenfen and Treasure, "' vo *.''', ', -. :■■ Oa WEDNESDAY, MAY loth, I Sil, *-_ At »wAclock.A.n. [;:■- •- • .** TUX ENTIRE ISTHMUS TRANSIT BY RAILROAD. ' Fsssenfers by the P. M. 8. S. Co.'s Liae, will make the Isthmus Transit by Cars, over tha Panama Railroad, which ia now Inished from Oceaa to Ocean. jg*> .1 ..» jritt Tha completion of the Railroad obviates all the difficulties aad inconveniences heretofore experiet cod by pasts ngsrs ia erosuof the Isthmus, ana makes the transit fer families meet comfortable, safs tad speedy. Taa Railroad Company hare placed baggage eosdacton ea the route, who will cheek baggage oa board the steamer and accompany It through. . . FIFTY POUNDS of Baggage will be allowed ta each passenger FREE I . All above that amount will be charged at the rate of TEN CENTS -per pound. " ' .^Z^' ! . 17* Treasure for shipment will be re eeived as beard the Steamer, on TUESDAY, May 13 h, uatil 10 o'clock, P. SI. For Freight or Passage, apply to FORBES * BABCOCK, tin • Corner of Sic.rame.eto aad Liedesdorff streets. The SONORA will be succeeded by tha favorite steamship JOHN L. STEPHENS, to leave oa FRIDAY, June Ist, 1855. *ys «t W4/ mil Change of Days of Sailing ! Nicaragua Steamship Company's Line. FOB IfBWTOBK AND NBWOBLBANi, VIA SAN JUAN. tax SKoaxisi, qciarxsr ato tnuTHixrr »ovx». Oaly 19 Miles I. mad Carrlate— aiaxaaaatisea ■ - Basel! n -"a ' n'lT^aQL THE ONLY DIRECT LINE FOR NEW ORLEANS. — ja_^^»^ .The favorite steamship . UNCLE SAM, kBBbHBwI C. H BALDWIN, Commander, Will tail from JACKSON STREET WUARF for SAN JUAN DEL SUR, Oa WEDNESDAY, BIAV l«tm, 1833, At 9 a'clock, A. 2H. Connecting oa the Atlantic with the magnificent and fast sailing steamers NORTHERN LIGHT, for New York and PROMETHEUS, for New Orleans. By the last voyage of the Uncle Sam, connecting with the Northern Light, passengers were landed in New York in TWENTY DAYS AND ONE HOUR! and it is confidently expected that the present trip will be made to New York in 19 days. For further particulars, apply to C. K. GARRISON, Agent, Corner Sacramento and Liedesdorff streets, San Francisco. [■?* The UNCLE SAM, will be followed by the SIERRA NEVADA, to nail en Friday, Jane Ut. 1655. mil KOYAI. -»IAII. MTKAJI PACKET CO. AGJENCY. ,•*!.—£*», Notice is hereby given that arragemenu -r**swis*f have been entered iuto between tbe Koya' Wg&..teJ«.. Mail Steam Packet Company and tho Pacific tifiWffrW Mail Swam«hi(j Company, for the forwarding of treasure to the Bank \,C England by the steamships of the two Companies, by means of through bills of lading to be fronted by tbe commanders of the ships of the. Pacific Mai] Steamship Company, fer the delivery to William Perry.Esq. Agent of the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company, to be sent across the Isthznus^nd embarked on the ships of the R. M. S. P. Co. All parties who may wish to forward treasure to Europe can now do so in the way expressed. Further particulars, if required, will be made known to application to the undersigned. The steamships of the R. H. 3. P. Company depart from Aspinwall twice a month, corresponding with the arrival here of the Pacific Mail Steamship Co's steamers. The freight or specie and bullion from Panama to th : Bank of England is (1%) one and three eighths per cent. DUPUY, FOULKES t CO, ol Battery street, cor. Pacific. NEW LINE OF STEAMERS. FOB HAK bEaS DIBECT. WILL LEAVE ON THE 31st INSTANT, jy^jj-dS^ The splendid Hamburg stsamer <^ffV» EMILIE, ■ »'TiW Bl 'fll THEODORE RUSS, Matter. This ve«-e! has keen newly refitted, and offers excellent accommodations to passengers. For freight and passage, apply to Messrs. WM. MEYER £ CO., California street, er to W. SCHLEIDEN, California street, ml 3 Two doors below Montgomery. California Steam Navigation Co. •ffaZwaa* ARRANGEMEWT3 FOR JANUARY, 1855. from ValUjo ttrt* Wharf. FOB SACBA3IENTO, VIA BENICIA. Daily, at t o'clock P. M. Steamer NEW WORLD, SAMUEL SEYMOUR, Masier. TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS. Steamer ANTELOPE, D. VAN PELT, Master. Steamer CONFIDENCE, WILLIAM CI.ARK, Muter. MONBAY3, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS. FOB MAISVstVU.ftH, VIA BBNICIA. Daily at 4 o'clock P. -M. ai l ""■ [„ By the Sacramento Steamers, connecting lafnatßaJawSawi'''''' '*'* -""P"""'* Light Draught Steamers at Sacramento. Throngh Tickets Usued. • FOB STOCKTON, VIA HABTINBZ. Daily, at 4 o'clock P.M. _ Jjav. Steamer CORNELIA, E. CONCKLIN, arJawß«BwKMa*ter, MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS. Steamer URILDA, CLARK, Master, TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS. FOB COLUSA, BED BLUFFS AND lITTEB3IEDIATB LANDINGS. Daily at 4 o'clock P. M. m *J*IC?!!-fc» " y *' la Sacramento steamers, eoaneeting slSi3lsg3S»wi!.h the company's light draught steamers which leave Sacramento TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS, At 13 o'clock M. Freights by the above boats must be paid for on delivery. Fer particulars apbly at the office ef the Company, Jackton street, between Battery and Front to R. CHENERY. President Office of the California Steam Navigation Company, July 12th. 1354. jyl» For Sail Josr, Santa Clara and Alviso. F ABE 83. - -IT^"*, NEW AURiaCiEMSNT.— IV DEPENDENT ACCOMMODATION LINE. The tteamer UNION". Capt. Chas. Tkern. will eoatinueto run resularly. leaving San Francisco from Long Wharf every TUESDAY. THURSDAY, and SATURDAY, at 9 o'clock A. M. Returning on MONDAY. WEDNESDAY and FRID \ Y, at 9 o'clock A. M. Freight takea it the lowe»t rates, f.r which apply on board, at Long Wharf. N. B —No connection with the monopoly line. m 7 BTEAivIEB EVERT DAY FOB SAN JOSE AND SANTA CLARA, VIA ALVISO. -IT^a, The s'esmeTsOPHlF., Capt. J. W. #olk, ■aJTiV- -lTqC"'''" commence on SUNDAY, the 7th May to run DAILY TRIPS to the nbove places— leaving Alviso EVERY MOKNING (Sundays cxcepled) at *i o'clock, and San FraneUeo at 3 o'clock, P. M. For freight or passage, apply on board, to J. R. WILSON, at Alviso, er to m«-UU J. H. BAIRD. FOB §ACBAJIEIiTO A; JLiRs'SYILLK. •IT*""* Ik, The Citizens Steam Navigation Company"* iaawSSaa. iwmw QUEEN CITY, Ueorire B. Bu-cUy, Matter, will commence her regular trips for the above places, leavimr SAN FRANCISCO every TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY aft. moon-, at 4 o'clock. For freight or passage, apply oa board ml 7 FOB NAPA CITY, SONO.HA AND MARK ISLANB. m dC^^Jsi Tin new and beautiful steamer NAPA 1 ' Cspt. Guodrich, is now running tri weekly tv Xupa Citr, touching at Mare Island and Suseal Ferry, and connecting with stages for Sonoma, Russian River and the Sulphar Springs. Freights and passage at low rates. AC R. CIIENERY. Agent. _ . FOR FET.ILC.VA. — From DavlJgg32saiS|BsW* trecl Wharf, between Broadway and Vallcjo streeta. Tbe favorite steamer E. CORNING, Capt. Goodspeed, having received her new boiler, and been put in complete order, will leave as above every TUESDAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY, at U o'clock A. x., returning on the alternate days. Fer freight er passage, apply to the captain in board. C. MINTURN, Ac-nt, did ' Cunningham's Wharf. J. N. MOODY, ARCHITECT, ml is Na. KOI merchant atrrcl. ~~ REMOVAL. S. fiI'TTnAN BEII.I TO INFORM HIS |fl Frieads and the Public ia central, that he has K*\l# moved from 159 to his Kewßriek Mlwrw, IN3 ""^"-WaeliinSfUMiet., II doors from the El Dorado, where he hopes for a continuation 't your favors, and he must also uiform them that he has seeared aa entire NEW STOCK OF CLOTfIING, PIECE W* m GOODS, Sec., and 1 is prepared to sell them CHEAPER than aay haasa inta Jity. : . • A variety of BOYS' CLOTHING always oa hand. fy Please remember, No connection with ihe Old Place. apia-lm < - ---■-■■.- ' SNUFF AND TOBACCO. PETER LORILLARD, KAircraCTUlXB, «MSfi»3«P/b. « Caatiaas Strttt, Ftm Tnk, ■ •'- SaecetMin of Peter and George Lorillard, offers for sate an ' kinds of Sana* and Tobaccos ia general ose. ,-,- . '" Fer particulars, a Price Current caa be obtained by ad dre^inras above, v-i «««w»f m s- 1 - - - Thiseaublishmeat U one of the oldest of the kiad ia tho United States. - ■■ . .-«.-■..■.- — •- »IHy. ERASIVB SOAP- -.;»-,;-, . ».i 50 bozrs Chemical Eraiive SOAP. Landiag ex Westward Ho I aad foe aala by * «*•*' I 1 H. F. CUTTER * CO., : alO .^ , „. »1 Froat street. T.BIBD APPLES-^ 11 -■■ " ~'- ' ' MW' & jm M hf bale Dried i%^~Z^^"^l^Z «**««» U ' Laa«ia«.« Cbaralsr?aad 79F « f! ;»* ' T * M»j»t« . Foe sale by -y;« «**"'*• :?»?« w«ti tiwo I /.,-*• '• ftwTTEm a oar - : apll -W I ■ -^—d riwatstras*.

S3di!S 3lU«;rCaiiforriiai c ' MON DAY aORNINC. MAT ta. IS 33." *~"? . .. law BKPOKT. » ■ .... 1 ■ j x - 1 >% - ' — »-~.,-> odifst tail aia 17. «. DISTBICT , COCBT- , m «a*> ,1. .^- Dwciaiaa ias latlwtsl Caswv Umj>a m >»a Ainn » 4* Story ts. Skip Lite Yankee.— Tha opia- : 1 ion in thia ease, al read y referred to, is of jreat length, and do«s sot on any points further titan we mportcd some aayi tgo In nnnonudm the decUioD., The Court was of opinion that the ship was not lir»bl-» aa a carrier for damage arising from sweat, unless negligence is p* ru ved ; and that, aa it waa impossible - for the Court to come to aay eoncltuioa from th» . eviiJence v t» whether or no any system of vtntilation could be considered a certain and ucertained ■ means of preventing swear, the Court could not say - thst imperfect ventilation, or even the entire absence , of vsntiUtiou, would be negligence in the master, . and make him responsible as carrier. If, however, ■ in similar eases of libel, it should hereafter appear that science had tUßsestad or axpereace had ahown . a remedy or preventive of damage from thia source, I which shall bo generally recognized and adopted, it . will be negligence in the earner to omit its use. Dw- - cree ia tha ease for claimants. SrPEBIOB COCBTCeaaaaitmeat of A. A. (oaea, Zaej., fair Ceo. aaaaaja.» as*« Mr. Cohen was tnmmoned at chambers to be examined by an attaching creditor as to the property qt Adaais i. Co. The question was pat by counsel. " What amonat of money of A dams & Co.'he had la his possession aa assignee V which Air. Cohen declined to answer, having previously stated that as _ assignee he claimed an interent adverse to Adams i. Co. After some words his Honor made out a commitment for contempt,e ontempt, and Air. Cohen waa taken into ctutodr, bat sabseqnently released on a loietu eorpvt by Ju-l-,-« Laku. There are various opiaioas aa to the rights of these proceedings. , «T»v * T WELaTTH DISTRICT COCRTTka teaera Caae e)f Haltrs a taaa a t— Blajata f . * aaotwra e>r Tesoola. Vaughan vs. IVhUing— Referred to on the trial. The argument was closed by Col. Peyton for plala ■ . tJ. in reply to Mr. Shafter, at a late hoar of the •▼«• - ningv ~», ao «o— »^r*>~»« H % ««*»■ By the Court— lf the defendant had probable cans* to believe the plaintiff guilty of robbing the ship, he undoubtedly had tho right aa master ef the) ship, t» i restrain and secure him by imprisonment. lie might detain, but had do right to punish him, unlesa in Ui* discretion as master it was noceaaary tor tho safety and discipline of the ship to indict punishment was . to assert his authority and deter other*. The Jury, however, were to be the judges ot the measure at" - the punishment and the correlative degree of necessity which ensued for its infliction, aa alse to pass oa the question of the probable cause for stupeeting the pltiu titf of a felony. It wae also the exclusive province of the jury to estimate the damages, the measure) of damage* bein^ Axed by the bodily injury, the mental suffering-, and the indignity to the feelings and reputation. .The jury were instructed to bring in a sealed verdict, and returned it into the Coon at 10 A. il., Saturday. A verdict was rendered aad recorded for • S,OtXJ damages. X lUroiis.— la the vicinity of Georgetown,' a ' few days ago, says the Ketet, a bolij vill'.aa ap- [ proaehed the door of the residence of a Mr. Starkweather, during his absence, and addressed Mrs. S , whom he saw, and requested her to show him th» huuaa lie then asked her name, and followed np his impertinence by insisting that she ahoulJ give ujt her money to him. She poured out all the change she had in her port monnie, amounting to several dollars, and gave it to him. but this did not satisfy him, and he commenced abusing her, whereupon the turned to the place where the k«pt her revolver, took it and attempted to fire at the raacal, but aa it wae half cocked only, it did aot go oil The fellow was scared, however, and sloped 1 instaater, with the remark that he would visit her on the morrow. The husband fearing that he might pnt his threat into execution, remained at home until near evening, when he left for Bottle Hill He had scarcely gotten out of sight, when a friend of the first man appeared at the window with a bnge knife in his hand, and swore he was going to kill her (Mra. £>.} according to the promise of bis friend : He had the window partly raised and was attempting to climb in, when iir*. 2>. promptly presented the pistol, (cocked this time,) and firea. The ball did not hit him : still attempting to gel in, Mrs. S. fired again. l*i>on th» second report of the pistol, the fellow sprang Back, threw np hi* arms and cried oat. " O God. yon have shot me." Aatheeurtfun fell before the window. Mrs. S. was fearful of approaching, but all bein* etUl, she ventured to look • out. when she saw the fellow running down a ravine in the vicinity, holding his left arm closely to hi* side. Mrs. S. then gathered up her child and started # for the nearest neighbor. She had not proceeded over two or three hundred yarda from the house, when looking back she taw the infernal scamp walking rapidly towards her, holding hia left arm aa before. Upon coming within a few yards of her, she turned ana informed him that if he came any nearer, she would certainly shoot him. An assurance like this, backed up with such unmistakable marks of courage, was sufficient to stop bis approach, though he still held the same mnrdaroua long knife in his right hand, which Mrs. 8. saw at the window. Upon reaching the door of her neighbor's house, woman's nature gave way, and she fainted, but waa, however, soon restored. Measures were immediately taken to find the person who had committed tba outrage; but all attempts were in vain. Mrs. S. says that the last time the fellow approached her ■ there was only one shot in the pistol, and she waa determined to use that at a sure distance, had he persisted in his villainous intentions. There are but few women possessed of the> determination and courage exhibited by this lady. It waa fortunate fer her, that she was thus possessed. . ■ Auction Sates ot Krai estate. a. A. ixlovxi. a. B. furrow SELO7E& & SINTON, UA& B3TATX AOi.iTS AIR> ACCTTO HZXS* — A. A. SXLOTBK, * -Jetiwaeer. Offlee fxJSalserooaa. >o. H-J Mareau street, woea Montgomery aad Seamy. Particular attrition will bo fivea to Salee by itn «■« Estates by Administrator*. Executor*. Assignee*. Hot Utwew. Receivers, *c., carefully complying with the law. A Register for property for sale always opea t o2oe Strict attention given to Les-in? of Houses, ColloetJoa o &eats, aad Management ef Real Estate, in all iv braaenes. Txus or <sax*.—Acts5 ax*.— Acts of 9ala at purchasers' rxpease. Tea per cent, of purchase money will be required at tune ot sale froca all parties not known to aa ac respaasiblsi Titles satisfactory, er ao sate. 439.^ A. A. IBLOTKR. Aetarv Paalic. ml ra nixaxra. ictiis raAjraXEs SEIJBI & EDWARD FRANTrT.TTC »I«X IJTATB ASSVTS A.ID ATCTIOaSZBS. OOra iis their .>ew Krirk a*aiMiat«a, North »f»t Corner ef Battery aad Sacrameato street*. FaMie Sales of Estates, VesMla, stocks aad Farahare as- * teudrd 10 in eompliasca with the leral requirements of .Mortfate>, AJminietrator.. nnardians and Partaenhipa, LOAM.NR OP MO.VEY.— rartiealar attentioa paid to this intpoitant Sraacb ef bosinvsa. Saws of V-iXJ aad apwards caa bo placed oat ea securities at " sad 3 per cent per awßth, Pranch, .-ipsmai aad Italian spokea. I*nd» ezecuted, aad Searches ef Title correctly attended to. A kcguterßoek always opea for ißspeetloß for die sale of City improved use 1 aaimproved Buiidiag Lots; also, eoallra. Ed litxican Titles to Ranches. A c. • RE.NT 9 COLLECTED. $30,000 TO LOAN aa Real Estate sad XerehudUe. *£i At i*T*va»a ajste. Sevsral ehoieo Lots, imprared aad aanapimej. ■BOTart Lota, IW> Van Lou *ad Water Lmsl Also seven! faa Saache* with alazleaa titlts aia WELLS, FARGO & CO.'S EXPRESS HOT ICE. ! FOB TOE BTEA3IKK OF 71X V 16th. via pTnama. Our awxt Rejnlar Kxpress fbr the Atlantic StaUs aad Eaiope will be dispatched JF^^^ B7B 7 •■• p - **• S. Co.'s Steaaiaaip <£* : Ltf?* SONORA, "Hfffa R. L. WIIITLXG. CasamaiKlT Oa WID.fKSDAT, 11V lOta, M 33, Ia ehaege of a Special .Vesesafer. TREASURE received for 'hipmcat (aad insured) uati! 12 o clock ea TUESDAY NIGHT. Say \Uh. aad Naall packages aad parceb reeeived anul oae hour of the tnao of tailiij. ', WELLS, FARGO A CO, ail'J corner Monareiejeiy aad Califoraiei streeta» . WZXL3, FAHGO & CO.S SXPBESVjrOTIC'C. FOB TUE STKAJIItJt Of HAT JsUa. VIA NICARAGUA. , ■ »—- Our next Re^alar EX PRESS for th a ATUt-THC 3TATZS aad EUROPK will be dispatched ff^fj^ By the .V. & Col's steaanaup UNCLE SA.VI, awaßSsaßsnv c. 11. BALDWIN, CommauJsr. Oa TTE OX EHD A Y, .HAY l«iU», O4A, At 9 attach, A. 11., . ;. »;-.;*•«(> U charge ef a Special Musssapr. TREASCmi; received for saipiaeat (aad iasaied) snail la o'eluck. TI'ESDAi NIGUT. if ay Kta, anU seaaJl pack. a^s anil parcels received until withia oavo hoar ef tho uu | #1* seilinf ~* — . , * •' WELLS, FARfiO * CO, B»t3 Comer Masit^oiei s aad California Greets. PACIFIC EXPRESS CO.'S MPBKM NOTICE. FOB TBE ITIA9KK9 OF SAT ItitJs, ~^L"XIX PANAMA AM) KICARACUA. tf^f^ °" W»xt Resalar Expresses for tho , Atlantic State* „il Eurnne, will ba dis P * tCbed ■"' ?*CI&C? * Cl&C Ma " Co»VIA PANAMA, Aa<l .Mcirsgu;« Steaaaship Company's steaSM* UNCLE 3AM,^ VIA NICARAGUA, Oa WID.TBSDAV, »AY IBUI, I*W, - . ' At»»»wlaekAJaV la charfe of Special Meeseatrr. . M,• «*| LETTERS covered by COVER.fME.TT ENVELOPES "' • TaktaatU t-» eettta Eaefc. . „ m £-+l> ra> TRCiSHRX received for Shipment aad laswoii. ' SMALL PACKAGES and PARCELS nctinl «a;.i . wtehiaanoea-miawMoee- taoasaoof saiHaa;.' ■_' - ,"» Oasoe coraaf arasaiaejtom bbm hsaaavesnovv stYoeea, - ml* (A> I R. C -NOYF.S, Presidaat.

BTBOrOLITXN THBATBK Moifrl GOMOLI BTR££T, NEAII JACMJO.T . « „ MANAGERESS M&a. C K. BCICLAIB RE-OPF.NINO. EAGACEMENT OP THE ROC33ET BI3TEML ■ •1 ■•» :*. 2 M»»aay KvoalacJlay Ilia, WUI be presented the gorgeous aad sapeTaararal ballet eautled h, ,)»ui mk t nrt r ■ , fu, tSATHANIBL. jo, «« M t*J—*» Sathaniel ■.."...-.. MTse. Careliae Marietta...... ...MUe Themiae 5imp1ice....?....-.: .....Moan. Cesay MsphutOß holes. ......_Moaa. Roaasei To coadadt » itU the grote.que ballet sf FRI3AC. tt ?*^ J - J Frisae ..::..•..-.■.:: Moaa. Corby Rosa ......Mile Theresiee raicsa oa> ABatxaawa 1 Parquet* aad Dress Circlo. » | Private Bosee $8 to *» OrCtttMtTw* 80HH.,,,,- „-.-, Mimntaissstsiussi «V 1 ■seoad aad Third Tier 5.......... .................. M ..»l Box Offlce opea from 10 A. M. to 4 f. M. , Doors opea at 7» o'clock. Curtaia risee at quarter to «. rSsats aad Tickets caa be seeurod frosß H A. M. 10 1 Childrsn in arms not admitted. ml* MEBICAN THBATU- SAN3OMT ST. CORNER OF HALLECK Manager .......!?Jtr. VOLNEY SPACLDING Stage Managtr .....MB. JAM£S DOWUNG »r\ Tkla (Tloaaay) BTcalaa;, May t-lia. Will be presented the beautiful drama, ia three acts, eatitUdw . NICHOLAS NICKLBBV. flmika...: M.«* Laura Keeaa Wackford Squeen...... ..........Mr. Lemaa Ra'ph Nickleby Mr. Cardea Nicholas Nickleby .'. Mr. Mardea Xe»n>aaNo;j< Mr. WbeaUeigh MissS<jueers . ..Mrs. Taoasaa To conclude with, ia aeoadeaaed fen, the lanjhabla axtravaaaa, entitled CAMARALZAMAN AND BACOCR \. Camaralaaaaa Miss Laura Ktene Badoura Miss Julia Gould Bung...'. „ Mr. Wheatlalga Jin Sling.. ..Mr. J A. Smiia Daaascb Mr. Loses r slicks or AOsnssioa. ' 1 Drees Circle and Parqaette......... ....$3 00 Family Circle 1 08 Third Tier M Gallery »v IS Oreaeetra Beau ~ 3 00* Private Boxao 10 00 Doors open at 7J, aad Performances coauaeace at i o'clock precisely. , BOX OFFICE opea from 9*. A. M., until 4, P. M. fy Aa efficient Police will be is etfedaaee. mil SAN FRANCISCO HALL- WASHINGTON 3TREBT, betwaea Montgomery aad Seamy. Misieal Director C. D. ABBOT Stage Maaager 8. C. CAMPBELL OPEN EVERY NIGHT IN THK WEEK. y ■■MM This Hall .has been thoroughly cleansed, enlarged and ventilated, thereby rendering it cowl and comfortable for tile summer moß'hs. A great variety of aew features will be produced during the present season, and ao efforts will be spared to maintain the previous reputation and secure a coaUauance of the liberal patronage hitherto bestowed upon thia Troupe, — TUE SAN FRANCISCO MINSTRELS, Now consist of the following TarssTto and highly rorrLAB DTLINrATOSI :— 8. C. CAMPBELL. the f.ronta ballad siager. EPH. nt»K.N, the aarivalled Bone Player and Negro Delineator. JERRI BRYANT, the celebrated Tamboriae Player aad Humorist. C. D. ABBOTT, Violin*! aad Mu»ieal Director. W BARKER, the well-known Taaor. GEORGE I.OE. the celebrated Banjoist. N. LOTHIAN, the Violinist. A. Muitt iAN. Falsetto. W. D. CORIUSTKH, Instrumental Perfonn.r. A great variety of asaft, Da acre, Daela, Qaartettca, Rarlrttaa, Barles^aes, Ac, will be offered each night. Box office open from 111 to i. Seata can bo seeared. Doers open at 7 o'clock ; performance to commence al a quarter toe o'clock precisely. rains of snarwrew; Diesa Circle SI »■ Fnvate auJ Orchestra boxe. „ r-t ••' Parquette .......... S" eeats Pi^" Ushers will be in attendanes. apSO D AN«'I.>O MCnOOL. #.Tltt. P. F. lIAZABD, WELL wr, known in the Atlantic States as having had /fijjr one 01 tha largest and most fmniooable \5|J« Oancin • Schools for nearly fifteen year". 'U^ respectfully inform* his friends and the puMic that »> the request of mmv families, he has opened a Dancing School at the ASSEMBLY BUILDINU. tri Mentf-amery street, between California and Pine street. Mr Hazaid wU also teach in PRIVATE FA3ULIE3 and SCHOOLS. Days and hours of Tuition at the Hall: Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 10 A. M. till 2. for private lestoni; from 3 till Sfor Ladies and children, and from 7 till Id (in tho eveninv) for Gentlatsaa. COTILLION PARTI r.S, exclusively for the scholars, will take place, every two weeks. For terms and other' details, apply at the t lull. lal-lm «. DANCING SCHOOL., »•> ja AT APOLLO HALL, PACIFIC STREET, Xi f'fs^ Above Stockton «tret t. lA*^ MB. P. F. lIAZABD WILL TEACH AT THE above Hall, oa Tuesday*, Thursday* aad Saturdays, in order to n-eet the wishes of many families, who find it incoavenient to send their children to hi* ether school at tho Assembly Buildings, oa account ef the distance. For terms and other details, apply at the Hall from 11 till S on the day ol tuition. n9-ln> DANCINO ACADE3Y. , lUB. A. KILVEBM.-TIITII r-»peetful]y inSA form* his frieads and the public geaarally that, having Am secured the fine Hall knowa as APOLLO HALL, on • '.am P»f iSe. street, one door above Stockton, h« is prepared to re-un'e his tuition in the Art^hji lour experience ia which warrant* his saying- that he will leach ail tae mo.-t Fashionable Dances in the shortest possible time, and to tae satiifietioa ofthepupiL His charges wi-l be moderate lo •uit the times. Mr. Silversmith will give, if required, the most satisfactory evidesses ofhis capacity to tgaco ptoperly the beautiful accomplishment of Dancing. DAYS OF TUITION. Fer Ladies, Mi**es, and Masters — Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons, from 2 to 5 o'clock. For Gentlemen— £ame evening*, from 7 to 10 o'clock. ' PRIVATE LK3 30N3 either at the Hall or their reiidejcm ■Ha MADA7IE DB CASSINS— The celebrated Diviner, Stockton street, corner of l.'mon and Wsahingtea Square, explains the Past and Predicts the Future. Can be consulted in English, French. Italian, Greek. Arabic and Russian, from 9, A. M ., to 5, P. M., and from 7to 10. P. M. aft Mm* . MADA.HR ST. DENNIS-Late of Penasylva aia — Caa be consulted on matters of Love, Law aad Ba?iness, from 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. Office : second brovn cottafeon Union street, betweea Stockton and Dupont. aplO-lm* JKlonetaro. MONEY TO LOAN. THBITNDEBSICNBD lUS NOW OS HAND the following sums to loan— 830,000,913,000, 910.000, 95.000, en improved property, for one year, at 2 per cent. BUILDING LOTS for sale cheap. GOOD NOTES discounted. B. E. HOLLAND, Real Estate and MoatT Broker, fit No. 150 Montgomery street, above Clay. tjSQafa -"k-rferk —wrnwrßo.Tj-j 1 00 to »3»4a*«.701^< r»*sfJO,O<IOTOLOA.N at rsssoiable interest, en Grain stored at the PACIFIC WAREHOCSS, of3-tds> Corner Broadway and Battery «treet. 9IONBY TO LOAN. fe^A Ann TO lOAIr INSOTISTO <9o_9"9vf VFvf tuit borrowers, apon Real Estate er First Mortgages, aad also upon Merchandise. A. CA3ELLJ, 105 Sacramento street, al Betweea Leidesdorff aad Saasocae streets. t2»aV>P^. bTbAO ■* »V3l* TO LOAN OX •9-6*-9*Vr\7VF Merchandise stored ia the Paci£c Warehouse, Broadway aad Battery streeta. jll GAMAGE * MacCRELLISII. CERTIFICATES OF DBfONIT ON lilt. following named parties paid for, at the highest market rates, IN CASH: PAGE, BACON A CO. ; ADAMS * CO : WRIGHTS MINER'S BANK. Apply to B. E. HOLLAND Money Broker, mZ 130 Montgomery Mreet, above Clay. ONE VTO LOAN— U sums to suit, on real es tate aad other securities. Several amounts. Apply to r. J. THIBAULT. —■-,». RealErtatoAswat, No. 113 Montgomery street, a*> stain, tS Opposite M«tropolit«si Blncb. . HUMAN HAIR DEPOT,™ ? 101 SACBA.TIENTO STBEET, rova oooxa arrow mm - FA7ARD BROTHERS, (Successors to M. VAUTIER, formerly 120 Searay ituM, LADIES' AND GK.iTLEXI.f9 HAIR DRESSERS, Mtnnfacturert ef Wij», Toupeet, /\ "v^m Sealos, Bands, Front Piece*. /l\ ; T| CurU, and al! kiads ef H& ' "fa^jf CONSTANTLY OS HAND: /-. aVV^ Fresh assorted Perfuaiery oi" Paris, Tpr* /!<#■* E.The-, Comb., and •^^—•"aC^f^ Fancy Article*. E&M^L GEXTLEMETa 4W*K - HAIR Cl'TTl.tC y^H^VjA suavin«Vmaloon. £rj£3MlmS^^B[ IU ' r Cuctur ' eeats. fl^^^^^» HAIR OBEMI>O Gentlemea residing ■ the interior caa h»ve «Vi»s or Toupeee made to order, by sending their meuuie aad color. ,No.L Round th* head v un. I From temple to temple, below the erowe.. 0 " " 3. Frees the hair ea the tonaead to the pall of the neck ....6w'»^ i. From ear to ear.. 00 - a!3-lm ■.>... jfcTjl IPUHOIB IBABO 0K ctßpianofokte. VI * S\J H FRENCH BOOKSTORE, " Sacramento street, 2 doors below Montgomery. apSf) ' }. s m hi ■■■ ~ «a^> '^s-» »» *r»ii 1 ■ v W. SCHLESINOKB, . « I NXERPR EXER,, ; Of the English. Spanish. French. German aad Hungarian Languages. Correct Translations of Deeds aad DocaawaM ef aay kind, givsa at too shortest notice, and faithfully exseated. > ■ : HP* Ofleo hears, from 9 o'clock, A. M., to 4 o'clock, r *Ho. ISI Maatgoatory street, opposite Meatgom.ry Keck. ,at.tlB t -f". - ■ - -^ *•■■--• -..**„ 1 ABMTTIH ALB AND P«BIBa-~ „-■} 100 casks Maraatri's Ale aad Porter. *™^'" 'SJ -Tl Kow laadiar aad for sale . y^~»«a*» "£* (W^M^^v^few&wW

- 1 : , -i, Mm* IMUU^ .kwioj.l '.!..— TEAS— lmperial, Gunpowder and Young Hytoa, as am W MaOO 1,2 and 41b canisters, and iatlb km; Ooloag, Pouchour and Souchong, ia Vk Ib papers, half ehesls SUSAit— China, Km. 1 and S, ia bakl containing A meta, 96 f«i ■ ;. -|v etek, ,-w .<!O * WJ3BIOM,* ■AGO-U^hudunniu. x i^, m 1 be* *at**J» CABBlA— li mats. ..-,- CHINA LARD— Ia IQ and 20 Ib tins. , - . sxnoSU RJCE— China, Koa. 1 aad S, ia 33, Ib and SO Ik M . p a^, CHAIRS— Sanaa, of variow patterns. • „-. , • *■££ SILKS — Heavy nettibavu, assorted colon; checked tits - cambists, figured and plaia; Hitkin; Mack Ml in*; ponree hdkf.: silk baadas; aatia hdkft; crape ahawla, richly broidered aad of assorted colon 'eewng .ilk. PRESERVES — Ginger and chow chow, U casea. PEPPER-fa bales of SCtlbs each. »1D . MACONDRAY&CO. OFFER FOR BALE * FLOUR— Chile ia 5Mb sack*, ia bond. ' ■ • - ■ SYRUP— East Boston, in 4, 5, and 6 faL km, COFFEE— Rio and 2aaili* "^ [ROVIS IONS-Mea. Beef, clear. Am* aad prim* Park. CUKNT SAcSs-Ia bale*. TlN— Charcoal aad coka. _ DOCK— Cotton Dock 45310, aad Raves Duck U balaa, BRANDY PEACHES— Ib half fallou and qurti. DOORS— gashes and Blinds. alO WINKS AKD LIO.COK* NOW ON HAND. Of |fh CASK* BVABS' ALB AND PORTER; <■**■ \J\J 300 eighth casks Damettic Brandy ; . fgr.- SOquarter it do do; 150 bbls Hononf ahela Whiskey ; 30tl)UN. E. Rum; 5 punt St. Croix aad Jamaica da, (pure) ; t )> New York Spirit! ; 90 bblt Philadelphia Gin; 10 pipes Holland <"o; 1 5 bblt fiae old Bourbon Whiikey ; ICO kef » *terliug & Waltou't Cherry B.andy ; 800 cam Champagne Cidar ; 100 cs Hock Wiae,(Steinberger Cabinet); :■* * 300 eases Sauterce ; 100 cases irnuine Boker's Bitten ; 50 qr casks Pure Port Wine ; 100 eight catki do - do; ■■' SO ease* Wolf. Aromatic Sehnappt ; 800 biku Heidaeick, Momm't, Jacqueses, lit ether brands Champagne. Also, is boDil.duty paid, the following choice brtadi of Otard, Dupuy * Co. inqaarten and elf hit ; Bi.quit, Trioche at Co., in eighth! ; rVlUroiain; G V. Bernard at Co., Bazerae ; DofT Gordon ßherry, ;,-„ . E^e'-adelrl! 1 Far sale, in quaatitiae v suit, at the loweet market prices, by GOODWIN at CO. 4k MEEKER. °^fl No. 64 California .treat FOR SALE. FINE BRANDIE* of direct importation, in bood, in quarter cuks aad oc'.ini • Jeaa Louie' rintage, 17*5. 1811, aad 1838 ; i j'/ft^rand 0 "'" 10 "*1 1631 ' - 2l2 l S e £T 1 g 55 * Ct! - John DuVsnd I'co.. La RotheUe ; A.dc .M-.ndorc. lr44 and 1846; ilontezan, IMOand 1643; Sazerac rte Forcr and Fin, 1850 and I8S1 : i. Rixat, La Rochelle. Sample packages of above in store. For sale, in lots to suit purchswn. by JOHN SACLMER 4 CO, m7lm 179 gaanome street JOUJV DI'BAND tc CO.'S I'LABET, in «hole and half Casks and Boxen; Do do Bauterne & Ban ae, in whole and half Casks and Boxes ; M. Rolf's Crown Brand Burt/undy Port Wine ia willow bound quarter catls octant and key • ; Sherry and Madeira Wines, in quarter ca«kt, oetares and boxes; Muscat Fronlipnsn Winr, in kers and bnxes ; Jaequrssoa f I'ili Champagne Wine, qaaru and pint* ; Lftbour« Roi do ; Bonhe's Sillery do: Vine Claret and White Wines in boxes; All of direct importation, in bond or duty paid, in lots to suit purchasers by JOHN SACLMER A CO , mT-lai 179 San ome street. LOI'IT'K FKEXCU JH'STARD AND CHOCOLATE! TryM>i-ue*y'a 4 Radelia Fruits, in jnic*, Peachef, Btrawl>e">»i. Fift, Apricot*. IV art, Cherrier, Plumt aad Currants ■ IJrsrtJ y Fruiu of different brands. Brandy Ckerriet ; -' Noilly's Vermouth. S»i-i Abtynthe and Kirrcbwasser ; TeysonD«au'a • Champion's assorted Jellirs of Quinces -arrmnii and Applet, ia 2, I and H .ipots; John Dnrand't an I PlsfnioTs Olire Oil ; Sugarplumt, Kt* Bordeaux Prunes, in glass cartoons Jid jaxs ; Olires, in kegs, Capers, Olires and Anchovies, aiiorted, is Mies ; Presenred Meau. Vegetables and Pastry, assorted ; fine u.orks ; Maruauine, Anisette, Orancrflower Water, Ac, 40. 1 or sale in quantities to suit purchasers, by JOHN BAULNIER 4; CO, a'-181a '- lBI 179 aanM>me >treet ALE— ALE-^ALE. r^S> 50 ° i'UD.H. AKD 3O TCS. TEX. U'jferai^E.NT'S Well Park lirrwfry Strong and UcuUs J*^,gg,siroaj ALE ; ex Clara from Glt<;o<r-'u-t arrived and for sale, in lot* to suit at lowest marks rates, ky GEORGE T. CROWTIIER. 36 and 37 Leideadorff streets. ALSO — IN" STORK AKD FOX «-ILI : IS i hiid< XXX Stent; 40 hhds JrfiryV Envliih Air; M hßdt Samuel Alsopp 4. Sob's Burton Ale; - SO bhdt Abbott's Diamond Ale. N. B. — All •»>• raaranteed and delivered free to any par ol theeily aad up river boats. apzl TO BOTTI.EBB. AI.U AXO PORTKB I2V BI'LK- ABBOTT & SON S BRAND; -31 hhds Royal Diamond Ale; c*6 liiiiix Pale Ale ; 134 hhds Stmit The «lKi>e i- oow ia tplendid conditioß for Moulin? , aad •rill be di<pu»ed of low to close tal<t<. Apply to DICKSON, DE WOLF at CO, «S->bi Mercliam, near Battery streat EX " iiHtCMItLD." tiAAA BIS. ADI.tIAXTI.M! CANDLES, 1 13 boxes Athten S.I t ; S,£os bars, 20 lba i Ss<> bbls Hocongafaela Wai, key ; 350 octaves American Brandy ;" 50 caies, each 6 dairy d.«r >». EX - PIKEXIX* 1 — From Manila— 1 ISfi mat. Coffee, SO lbs each. For sale by DAMEL CIBBA, CO., B-e-dSJp corner Front and Vallejo streets. EX CI.ABA, I'BO.'n GLASGOW933 casks " Tennents" bottled Ale and Toner, hi quarts and pints; 111 rases " TeanentV bottled Ale; '« qf bbl! } " X " M C«"»P"y" Blasting Powder s v*2 qr erairs Scotch Granite Earthenware) 50 bblt Oatmeal. 100 Iba each; 2323 pieces Rockhill Caithnest Paving Stonea241 pieces Polished Hearths; 108 pieces Curb Stones; 900 ton* bestEaslfield Splint CoaL For sale by DANIEL GIBB at CO., «P>7 Corner Front aad Vallejo atrets, Ij^X Ki:i.'VDEKR,FROn BOSTON A 2i.0 Lbl« aiandard Crushed Sugar; 4'W hf bblt standard Crashed Sugar; 400 kf hbl. Powdered Sugar; 100 hf bb!t extra No. 1 Mackerel; 100 qr bbls extra No 1 Mackerel; 100 kitts extra No. 1 Mac kerrl; SO hf drums Lju-liik Codfish. For sale by DAMEL GIBB at CO, a|»l~ Corner Front and Vallejo streets. L»>ni\(; EX COLDO CITT AIVD boston lk;ht— 100 firkint choice Goil.rn Butter, in double packages) 50 case., each «ii V oglish Dairy Cheese ; •it hfbblt Dried Apples DAMEL GIBR k. CO, «pl" Corner Front and Valkjo Hrfta HAVANA CIGARS. '■IS CAIBR, Ex Clipper Ships WATER WITCH and GOLDEN CITT Landing asd for sale by B. CtT.L HORN, apit-liaSdp 15 Froßt street com«r Mer<-h.»t. OTTO.f I>CCI£— NOS. I TO 10— ~ 100U holf, ia lots to suit "V. S. Pilot," "Boston," and other brands. For sale, at lowest market prices, by AIiRAIN & STORY. m !•■>-*; H Front ttrerl. near Clay. AXIXKA ROPE— f^H) coils small sizes; 500 do large sizes. For sal*, ia lot. to suit, at lowrft market rates, by AD&AIN & STORY, ml* C 69 Front atrett, near Clay. ABI.K SALT.Af ~ 135 doz fin* SALT, in roend boxes; 100 cates SPICES; 50 da assorted MEATS and SOUPS; 90 d* TOMATOES. Landing ex Westward Ho I and for sale by 11. F. CUTTER & CO , ap?> SI Front street Poster: alb; widest— The and« signed offer for sale— BROWN STOUT, Barclay acd Perkins': PORTER, iahbds; INDIA PALE ALE,inbotUt, PORT MINE, iiVood. FALKNER, BELL CO., »»g> ISB California street. — — - _ New growth 1854 Hept. For sale by ■i»ia UfSrtKV. BOND k. HALE COTi'lt AliE AKD POBTEBIa balk and in class. For sale br ■9-10 Iit'SSEY, BOND A lIALft COBDAfIB -Manilla and hemp rope, all aizes; ~ Spva Yarn — Houaeline, marline, ratline, oakum, eta. Ia lots to sail, for sale by MELVILLE KKl.?i:v, rt3ea* ' ' Coraer California and Davia straeia. I.OIIR! FI,OIB!!S»txi quarter sacks fretk ground Domestic Flow choice kraadt, Fui sal* la lots to suit by TILDEN at LITTLE, aat Fjapira Warehouse, Beale «ir«u W ni !l** v ANI » Ruin7 ' .2 bbla superior 8t Croix Rom; IS do cboiee old Bourbon Whiskey; *do Moaogahel. Whiskey; " Landing and for sale by ■»■•• n.F. C ufea^co^ LAYING CARDS- ' : 36 gross II if Mud Card.; IMTrXi** f" .. N »P° ta « 1 do,' Landtag ex Caanser, aad For aale by ' - -lalU "• P * C "TTER A CO . JUIZ »1 Front etrwet MACKBBKL- ~~ : 100 hf bbl. l«« No. 2 Mackerel, 50 kitts Ursa No. 1 « . ., M *!„ MeM Mackerel, extra large aad fat: Laadiag ax Weatward Ho I and for sa^Vy '"-" •«•« • J~7 I i«:«*;«u\>T f"• r - CUTTER at CO^ ■ > '° 81 Froßtatreot CODFMH- .- . il5 druma gilleted CODFISH. ■ Landing ex Westward Ho I and for sale by ' '" ' -'-•■-'- -■' i ffiS T" II; '• CUTTEa at CO . nip , .- . „-a . .-«^ J . «....»«■..■■ t| rro>t j^.: ICAKB9ITATB OF BODA-: — r~r~ M kegs of English SODA. •r J^*°^* * ' VamtiMf •% Won ward Ho I and for sale by ■10 «J* ■»*** W^ l "- «l rnt atVU*.

~ Bunking anb gydtotiflc., . -LUCA^rTURNE&TduCO.T^ * JKmS^ tJCSI^^ Jaat^H JiasCl^sasaMl. .^tfLj wBSawE aa» C twin mt Meattajaasstit y taaul JTacauwa aarewta).' • Jams H. Lwcia, , ,T*^ " fiim 8. Tcßm, I *'^*; Jam 8«»h»s, ] William T.Shoma", w B Havar L. PAnmuea, ■„ . Baauw B. Run, , . j.,.^*! IBt Louis, Mo. . . ; Ban Fraaclaeo, CaL : Draw. DRAFTS AT BI6HT or ON TlMtt, ia samt to •■"«•■» ■*'*■* zzi2£nnii->. si'««TjLt*l»-*'' ; -i ? " •"'• Metropolitan Bank ;....•..;;........„. -New York Schuchard * Gebhard ;..... .New York Exchange Bank ...".. ....Bo* ton Thomas Biddle ft Co. Philadelphia gsinuel Harris *. Sons Baltimore 8. Jones* Co Pituburg Riggs*Co. \ .....Washington City Lucas* Simoads :......... .....:.. ...... .St. Louis f^jT Gold Dust, Bullion and Certificates of Deposites purchased at the highest market rates. • ■ ■ . - ■ apw - DREXEL, BATHER * CHURCH, JBb> . nsffla J^l JBaW 'JSI ' JrC RSJ ■ ■laslfaafry atMat, cantor mt CoaaaterclsU, "J^.i DRAW AT BIGHT IN SCM3 TO SUIT ON . Van Vleck. Read ft DrextL New York J.W.Clark * Co.. ....:.. Boston Drexel * Co.. niladelphia Johnston, Brothers ft C 0... Baltimore A. J. Wheeler, Esq Cincinnati, Ohio HatkaUftCo. ..Exchange Bank, St. Louis, Mo A. D. Jones, Esq, Cashier Pituburg, Pa A. D. Hunt * C0. ..........................L0ui5vi11e, Xt J.H.Lyell ........Detroit. Mich ALSO— Draf s ea Stuttgart, aad Frankfort-onlhe Maine, Germany. Purchasa CerUfieates of Deposit and other Exchange at current ratet and transact a general Banking business. F. M. DREXKL. Philadelphia. •kwTcHURCH. }B"Fra,cbcp. James King of Wm. & Co., SOUTHWEST CORNER OP MONTGOMERY ANB WASHINGTON STREET.." •:• IXOBARSI .-'-..; en 3 a «? PHILADELPHIA, tad ■■'■-• t. ,H «i " > •* rt "" - WASHINGTON CITT. • :",.%:■-. LOANS NEGOTIATED. ' ' CASH BOXES, DEEDS AND VALUABLE PAPERS Stored ia our Fireproof Vault at lowest rates. mia-lm . ■ . -- - . - ' CIRCTJLAR. BANKING HOUSE OF F. A. BEILLIERE, Paws, 31tt December, 18M IH ATE ESTABLISHED A BRANCH OF MY HOCSE tn San Francisco, (California) under the name and style of ABEL GUY. , - Consequently my house in Paris ia responsible for all operations of iv branch ia San Francisto. • P. A. Hni.I.IF.BK Banking House of-AB EL O-TJY, Washi.iotoh stbkct, Between Sansome and Battery streets. IBEO TO INFORM MY FRIENDS THAT I AM now prepared toteceive Deposits and to carry on a regular Banking business in all its details. EXCHANGE for sale at current rates oa L. YON HOFFMANN * CO NEW YORK BARING. BROTHERS * CO LONDON F. A. SEILLILRE PARIS fS^Jdp Tbe Pacific Loan and Security Banks CASB DEPOSITED WITH TUB PA. CIFIC LOAN AND SECURITY BANK, draws interest of one and one-half per cent per month, and on deposits for six month', two per cent per mouth, and is secured by Mortgagss, State, City and County Stocks, U. S. Mint Certificates, *c. Miners and others, by remitting gold duit to us per express, can have th £ same made into coiu or bars at th« Mint, withont charge, and can have the Certificate of Deposit seat by return mail. MARRIOTT * WHEELER, apl3 Office, »6 Merchant street, San Francisco. EXCHANGE ON LONDON, LIVEBPUOI., GLASGOW, AND VALPARAISO, in sun to sun. For sale by inySS DANIEL GIBB * CO. . EXC HANQ E. Bank e>f England Accepted Sterling Bills, aad ia aatna to mail, OX LONDON, PARIS, NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA. For sale by PIOCIIE, BAYERQUE * CO., al 3-3 m 8 E. Corner Montgomery and Jsrksnn' EXCHANGE ON LONDON. NEW YORK, i VALPARAISO, ! LIMA, and CHINA, For sale in sums lo suit, by ' ALSOP * CO., apl> 1 • California streeL »^IfiIIT EXCITANGE ON NEW YOBKFor sale by J. R. BRANDEN * CO., Sacramento street, opposite Nicaragua 3. S. Co., »p!8 * (up stairs.) IJVYCHANOE ONBVDNEY.N.S. WALES MJA AUSTRALIA. For tale by ' A. PETTETSSON, Corner of Jackson and East •treeU, (up stairs.) apgO MINERS' AND EMIGRANTS' ~ AMERICAN AND FOREIGN AGENCY. BILLS OF EXCHANGE PROd'RED; Letters written and forwarded. Passengers conveyance negotiate 1. Small parcels snd documents received in charge for s*fe keeping. Miner's city business promptly transacte I. Consigumenis of Gold far sale, manufactured into com er deposit carefully attended to Offit a ARMORY HALL, corner of Montgomery and Sacramento streets. «Pl« RICHARD IVERS. CDantxd BABBIT cV CO.— THE OLDEST INTELLIGENCE and Commission Firm in the city, continue at their old stand to furni>h Merchants, Farmers, Hotel Keepers, Contractors and others, with "help" of all kinds. Pariicular attention paid to procuring servants or " help" for private families. Orders from the country, by mail er otherwise, promptly attended to. * Persons applying to us for help, either mala or female, and not leaving their order elsewhere, will be promptly supplied, free of charge. Office, t3 Commercial street, between Battery and Sansome streets, first floor. "No connection with any other office." apl3 Alta Female Employment Office, No. 300 Waahiagton at.. Opposite the Plaza. MRS. S. S. BI7TLEB respectfully informs the public that she haw taken the Alta Female Employment Office, No. SOO Washington street, opposite the Plaza, where ladies and gentlemen wishing "help" will be supplied at the shoruwt notice. Orders from the country will receive immediate attention. Those wishing situations can be supplied by calling at my efliee. , „ By adhering to the "Golden Rule" I hope to merit a sharo of public patronage. , all WAKTED-AT THE FEMALE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, No 51 Montirnmery street, between Pine and Bush streets. Orders for all kinds of Help will be furnished without delay. Orders from tbe country promptly attended to. Thixe'in want of situations can be supplied by calling at *ur office. Private families, boarding housa*, hotels, Milliners, llre»«niaker«. and others wanting help of any kind, may rest amured ofbeing supplied, free of charge. Also, Dressmaking and plain sewing. By purtuinr an honorable course towards both employer and employee, wo boiie to meiit a share of public patronage. MRS. M. A FOWLER, aplMm* MISS LAWLOR. . WANTED.— Information of DENNIS HOWK. of Lyons. lonia county, Michigan ; n< lait heard from at Poor Man's Creek, ISO miles north of Marysville, Cal , on the nh Augu.-t, IS 3I. He is about tix feet in height, •andy complexion, and a liitle round thouldered. Any information cf him nny be tent to his wife, Mrs. Sarah Ana Howe, Lyons, lonia county. Michigan, who is very anxious for his safety. - . m 3 WANTED — *t this office, copies of the ALTA CALIFORNIA of tbe following dates: Scp 2 id j Nov. 13th 13th, 17th, 51th: Dec 261b, 1651 Also, Jan. Ist, 11th, 12th, 31»t; Feb. Ist, l?5o. mil WANTED— FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS at one per cent per month, payable quarterly. Security abundant. Addrass DEPOSIT, at this office. f33 WANTED— Information of THOMAS HART, formerly nf Dutches County, New York, now supposed to be in BanTrancisce. Should this meet his eye or any person knowing him, they will confer a favor by addressing Samuel Foshay, Benicia, Cal ap6-lm* WANTED— PAGE. BACON * CO.'S CERTIFICATES, for which the best rates will bo paid by D. BRIGUAM, Ja., Athencum Buildings, ■ 5 Corner of Montgomery and California s a. TTTANTXD- INFORMATION— JOSEPH HANGER, ▼ T of Luzerna, Switzerland, son er Katherina Barth, ol Willisan, deceased, will hear of something to his aivaatage by calling at the Bwis. Consulate. 73 Clay street. jo 2000 -*K«M «l,«0O TO S'J.OOO • V VTVFo wanted on A No. 1 improved Real Estate for Cor 13 months, at 3Vt rer cent. Addre.s G. 11., at this office. • N M io STALLION FOR SALE. . . Tnk ? WELL BRED IIORAE fy~7f\ P . EAC(M 'X; lie isabriglu bay, lfilmiid»;i indies ftl\ high ; » years old ; was imported from England Peacock is out of a half-bred Cleveland mare, by the thorough-bred horse Bay Middleton , Any one desirous of purchasing the most beautiful horse in the country for breeding purposes, will find in this Stallion a horse peculiarly adapted for the breeding mares of California. He can be seen at the stables of the subscriber in Commercial street, above Kearney, in the city of Ban Francisco. 1 ■- >»t r »»e'i .. If not sold toon, he will stand for mares at the above lamed place, at $20 the Bare, and $5 the groom. '* ■ »s3O-lm -„;.. j. h. MALLETT. FOR SALE. - * 1 •<•'■• "ij ol "* BPlKiniro lIOBSB, with ■ 7y~TC\ ir *y •""' hsrness complete; 1 splendid Carriage >f*TA, Mlor«e kind and gentle ia harness, and war ;iin ranted snaaoVi, .^^ ,^,0,; 1 fine Draft Horse; 1 pair of Pla'f.rm scales; 1 pair store tracks; Iron Safe, weijht 1200 tks— will be sold cheap for cash, mrfj „ s • Apply to Jk-uii-AL i*Al«i« J. 8. KENNEDY * CO., s»3 B. «■ corner of Front aad Commercial streets. MHTOCK HORSE BLACK HAWK, DAVID HILL— AII persons who are interested la the improvement of fine stock, can obtain all the inftrKxiloa by calling upon the undersigned at HU Pine street. Bevtaty applications have been made, and as 30 only caa be served, it will be aa object to register as sooa as convenient, as they will only be served according. No person is authorized to negotiate bat my self. m3lm ; a- ■■ciw».-n>:. ■ . B. T. FISK. *.¥sflL C W ■UMC^-A COLLECTION Of THK |E»I«!«« »»" Boat admired Compositions for the Piaao, mMm Violio, Guitar, Flute, *c. V~. . »• t.* v «•<- '"JltsT" J ,"* f"» sale er emalatioa at the « :t* f>r.A £ 1 n.MsiJuti ***» v<»» .t 1 FRENCH BOOKSTORE, •** B VatM Saeraauato street, a doers below MMtgoaery. . apSO ■'• "Jx **sj «a »«*»!«■»«■ (iriiuu ..*-««» wjsij VTTB oV CO. Uv* raeved te We. I*4 Battaiy ttroel,, i »Vw>«e!^ „. . :.'; : < •-- ;• sO-kt •

M£TALS! METALS! O/|/| TOXM FLAT HID.BOtim OUU Bi.RIKO.Vc 373 taut Boilar aad Shatter Iron; 140,000 Ik. Fascia* «od Bndfc Wins 4,900 boxes Tia Plata, beat brand*; 123 reels Lead Pipe; ■*T33^K AfclKA 400 kef. fcoiler and shatter RireU, 30 eases Shealhiaf Copper; M kern Compeoiuoa Nsilsj [» «. rnttflKA 4S ea»ss Sheet Zinc, all number* „ .. 4i.U*> lbs *heet Lewd; -_-_______ 7,000 bundles She** Iroa, all ambers I „Oi A a_* mo da falraaiaed Sheet Iraa; .: » ,r» taeitinn<t 3.800 lb» Braxier's Copper; M-n-ia>x l.ono lbs do bolder; •» C.OOO feat leather, India rabbrr, krmp and cotton ko» < * X) dor bibb, Hop, boat and rockinr eockt- " 330 Forra and Lift Pumps; ' 5,000 l.i Capper Btxtmai; - • ' 300 Hkrbf r . lU»in», with ptafa; ' 1.000 Iba Sheet Bnaj * 1 21 !U! U '"PP*'- br **» *** aanaaled Bouliaf Win; 4.000 lbt Bane* Tißj t,OOO lb. KoU r; 100 Jack Sere» s. * '*■ * **" Tfc* above, with a vary larfc aseortaeat of other Coedi ta oar line, an now offer* d at tbt lowest market pricoa. THOMAS H. etXBY A CO.. ap23-l» 48 and 44 California street. "Harvesting Implements. EX TORNADO. £5^ - 1 SEVHOIR aY MOBGA* t~^j * — I REAPER; _ V-SiV * 1 Weeks' Resper and Mower combined; ■aßOßSaaabt doz WUkmiot'i Gr» r * Vise CruJles 3 Ketch.m's Improved Mowers; 1 Hall • I horse Planar*/ Paver cad combined Thresher; C Revolvinc Hone Rake«; Hand lUket, Pitch luikt, bcythe'. Saeaths. le. 11. McNALLY, SS Waikinftoß street, between Battery asd frost, apSl-lm Oppaaita Merchants Eiehanft. _t- THBBIHBBI, « BORAX JLjJ.IJJP I •>••"• 1 "d 3 bone powen ; CAST IBOX lloras Pomers tow S, 3 and aaaxSnasnis»«aß«aMSmi 4 horses, (leM patent.) FAX MILLS, Excelsior and Grant's from N«. 1 H I, (very low;) • CULTIVATORS— SteeI and iron teeth | PLOW B— Plow Points ; Land Side. ; HO KM-: RAKES— Revolving and oa wheels ; HAY HAKES ; HOES ; WHEEL BAEKOVVS— Tar brick, coal and farfea j ftFADE* and SHOVELS : GRAIN CRADLES— Sevthea and Eaeatbs ; HAT FORKS ; HARROW TEKTII : POTATO HOOKS and Spadiai Forks ; FRICTIOX ROLLERS ; Grind Sumo* ; WAGON « : Cam i Haad CarU ; OX BOWS; WhifleTrw: ■ AtTSAGE and HEAT CUTTEBS ; KECK »OKES: Ox Yoke.; CHAINS ; NAILS, Ac. For sale low by J. D. ARTHUR, acS3 3a No. 3 Washinttoa atreet. Bear Davis. - T^X NM.'VOUA— * * 1 (t(l .OOO of eaoice Havaa* CIGARS, b-»t brands aud for v It by the uodenifaad ;—; — Rt ,»lia deLoodn»; Flor da Tabacos; IxMdres in 111); Do do; Cutraactos ; Do do; Reralia de Loadras ; Henry Clay \ Do Botaaict; Do do"; Do de U Keyua; Do do; Do Ctlca; Do do; L«Ddrec; Do do; l&jtg aka Loodres; Queen of the Antilles*; Loadre* ia 1-10; do do; Kr r«ha Londres; La Loteria; 1 lo do; Filmore Rue jer.; l'« de; aioeuzama; Lnadrrs; do: T. B. ROMERO 4. BROTHERS, 80 Eacruneau atraet, twa doors from Battery, mS-ia* * (Up rtairs.) Dl* BOM cV CO. HAVE FOR SALE— • BiueHUaart'; MarUiw; VVbiia Blankets ; Delainre ; Bed U .iU. ; Si, 10i and ISi bleac'd roods; Beartat Blacke:t ; Shawls ; <'ambri« ; K»ntuck.f y Jeans : I'-non Duck ; Brown Skeetinfs ; FaeUagai Giarkams; White Kla»»el«. m 3 8001 • AM* HKolisi— !«o eases of hearr and lijht. ' For sale by na3 P. L. ROSS *. CO. CriEExE— 10,000 !(.. lar ? . Cheese, ia tia ; 4.000 lbs do do iaoood; 33,000 :bs»%ll do, in tin. " For sale by GOODMAN BSOTHRRS, IuUM! 50 Front atreat.'"DCTTEB- ~ MM l:« kf ft v.rm Butter, ex GrreafieM ; 100 do An do ex Neptaae's Car ; IV) do old Better; SO hhdt do. email packages. For sale b» GOODMAN BROTHERS, niK'^i 30 Front street. ABO— ~ J 59<) kers new Lar<! : .">•' • »-si Jr»fii 4 Harr'soii's ia 18 and 2) lb tins; For sale hr UOODMAX BROTHERS, »'M ft) Front rtre-et. HACOX— SOlihds Extra ( 1-w: <A> cmm* do da. For ule by UOODSIAX BROTHERS, oi*o4 SO Front street. 2£\g\(\ BOXK« \VI.M»O\V GkVAJBS■f VTVFV A«wrt«d*iz«. Tor sale by OLIVER & BUCKLKY We hate al*a landing, ex Telecraph, Chamsrr, Goldea f ;;v, Water Witch and Saracen, lat^e addhioas to our for. Bier extenaire stock of I'ninK, <»ii«, V<mi>l>^>, Bnuhea, Stc~ &.C. which we offer for «al^ at tbe lowest market rates. *»ami«, Oil* sud Uindow <;la.. Urpsl, JUrchsxtt' Exchanfa Baildines, apgl Washinfton street. HE. ri,Olß. Ac— No. I CUitim Rice, for *al« ia lou to salt. Superfine Domestic llour of variOM brands, ia larre ot tmu'.l paxcels. For rale by GAMAGE aY MacCKELLISH, PACIFIC IVAItEIIOL-AE, jSO Broadaar and Batlery atraec BIMJASD Tlßl.K'i.-T.. saperior Rosa « ood Tables, complete— Thooipsoa's make. Kcr »»'• by S WSHELTON.or C r. SWAIN, ml corm-r l.'slifurnim and Davis street;, up stairs. Spibith op ti:bpotisi-:-i\ twsNow liLdiar and fur »»le. Apply to S. W. SHELTON. or C. F. SWAIN, eat aoraer Califoraia a>d lUu. straeta, np stairs. HAVANA CIGAUM, EX STEAMER GOLDEN A f* and clipper ship Got. Morton — _" A V.'VXi ehoicen brand' Havana Ciftrt; XS,QM Garcin Cirarritoa. • For sale, by MICHELS t ROHTBAR, -;-4 Waihinrtoa street, opposite the Plan *r<OIHUH<_y S3 drums Miperior Codfiih, Undinr ex Charmer aad -..:»«•]. • For tale by H. F. CCTTEII * CO, eplC 81 Front street. CAX .TfEATK— ISO cases Heats, in Slb eana, eon n'.icg of Beef. Mutton. Veal boap, baaure Me.ti, ie, 4 c. 1 "ot sale by 11. F. CUTTER A CO, ■ |il6 91 Front street. - wi \ •<;I* T EIOBMB POM'KB-TWO OF ti HALI.'d latent improved Eirht Horse Power, with ! hresher, S^prntor and Cleaner complete, received per * Gear. Mm tun," acul for aale by WM T. COIXMAN at CO, »i:3 *'««nfr California and MnMcimm streets. . \»AVtM KOPC—auOeoUs Manila Rope, from one . * il i" t«o and t h:!f iacbes in circumference, landiaf ex < 'hanner. For sale by H. F. CUTTER t CO, anlS SI Front street. :JIOII: J1OII %«<«► — T>t cases Tobceca, Dickcnwa's, Andsr «L sou's and ether brands. I. sso itr and for sale by 11. F. CIITF.R & CO, ap!6 * 91 Fropt strmt. r|\lin I,AT!>T PUBLICATION* I.\ Z. I.cjluli. Frrm.-b, German ana £paai«h lateratare. Fur ule or circulation at f<e FRENCH BOOKSTOHE, Sacranrnto street, S doors lit low Xantfoaiery. np CO BCRTOJI ALE- SALT A CO."8 No. 3— A mpply of this svprrior Ale alwara on hand, for sale in lou to teit, by the oate importers, wnrrE * wilson. Merchant street, f V fm Eajtwvaa fisnsis ir and Bauerj. CBaV.TIPAGJTB CIDEB— 10U eases SUPERIOR CIDER, ia qnatts aad pints. Landinc ex Westward ll* I aad for va'e by 11. F. CUTTER ai CO, apg? »l Front sttfet. A3IEBICA2T BBA.TDV— 4UO |>acka(«s American Braady, landinf ex Clet> j>alra, an 4 For sale by U. F. CUTTER it CO, fat. 91 Front stroe*. _____ __ \.J 40 ea«ks CUrat. extra I«ality, laadinff ex Waaar U'i ick , and for aale by H. F. CUTTER A. CO, «P'» 81 Front street. IAA no/ b noo.Tift- ; 'M-\J\J IJOnesta Painted Tybs; ■ 100 doc 3 !.<,..,„ d Pail, . 10 dcx Oak Ship Backets ; - 10 dos Bottle Raskeu ■ Mdcx Peach Bathets ; 1 .rnlitr with a feaeral asaorUMnt of Wooden Ware and BaskaU. ror ssle at lowert whotm-ak p.ic*i by W. lI A WXlll;t!KT mill* 1 1 g and 1 14 Froct Mret, aear Wasniagtoa. neH'iuovßMu ~~ 75 do> Anna' 1.. 11. K. P.C. ft. gaotels. Fersxle by H. F. CUTTKR *. CO, a|»U »1 Front street. f¥tt\ HIIEBBV! f^^\ t-£E?J TIIE l,'.\Dl!n«lfi.\ED aresolsl^^J^ 2££MArtllU fir Peter Kr>rbid<-r A Co^ of XrrrJtOaaaal •c U Frontera, and receive re^adar sapplies of their c • bralxd Sherry ia wood aad bottlo anerry. FALKNER, BELL at CO aitT ■ 188 California atteat. SAFETY FCB— The nndersifned has constantly on hand, both dou and simrle Uped patent safety fuse, of saperior eaalhy, maaafactnred expraaaly for me by Messrs. Bacon A Brother, .which is •flere^for sals in lots to COWARD n. PARKER, fg- 137 Froot sLieet CVKtP A.ID 9IOLAMHB*, EX T v H. ALS ke f» p } rap, superior; -I kbis 8. 1. aaotaaeea, extra 4 uality. For aal* br P.IXGIIAHA. REYNOLDS, oagt g:l Baasome strew ANB COODKAn invoice of 4» caaea Woßs * Proro.t « Pie Fraita, l>reaerves, Meats, JeUiea, *«, landinf ex Cleopatra, anal . Foraaleby - '*^~-*< it F. CUTTER ft COj -"■*£ mg 81 Front street. O" «* H:*all. PickUs; Forealahf " ' '%****•>**•■ v**"** 1 * « B. F.CDTTEK at CO, V •»' V« ' " ~ "" m 1 n Pram atraat.

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