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SXXLR, TEXXB * CX-Ooraar ef Iww aw> Birra—it an gin. at 10 o'clock, A. B, ««■!■■ mm Boom. Santa ul BiMMaa. Ooacraaa Mm, Ladioa" B«rf aad ChOdrae 1 . B«M Oaltara, Bait ul Cepa. TVlMln Biaaaa FilmliliU e«i Drawees, SUrla, Black aaat Fancy 80k binu. r""»-M. Tlualßj. Fancy Oooda U»> Baa^faKMaia.DiyOaade, etc. McKCKk * UERRILUSo.. t! «nd 48 California ttScO, at U o'clock A. M , at salesroom, Groorrta. sac 1 Kvnip, Candles, Freeh traits, CasUli Soap, Cham, Batter. Port.Cbee.lcaHßlackP.poer.eec & JL tTTWAJCT A CO, No- lie CaUfonaa m*b. at wlwniiiß. mi Mwnwul e< Orooertm, ProvtaMM, tc^— Bagar. Oeadlea, Been, Butter. B™, IM,Ou(H> CMar,Utwn,Mfti>ta« the l»k of • (Up Cteedtar. DTAU a-eruk « w_»e.ui oat**** •»* *4ow Bostgomery Ml. M 11 o'clock A. M , c. iOmtot, Hew ud ramftare, niUte liFutol Mahofanv and Black Walnat Seta, Banana In taieei;,!. Chain, «ii>i»..ii, Uea»a, Pertains, Baiera ***** rt ** S"S "* C ' _«^_— __ CrOROI W. OoraU>O,K«.lSlCJay towel, betweei iiiniMi and UaoVadArO-— Con, of 10 ■'dock A.M... Mli.m«. He- ul Hniil band M— »ni»aa» Birtnaadt, TaMee, CMn. *<= clou Carpeting. Wludo. ' tM^lMM^ainiuirW W«c,F«o<7 Good.. f»*i:«7,tct«. _ H. A COBB, 10S MwtKMMjr alreet. Expres. »«II«u. W. .1 lOo'cWk A.B. M ul«raom-Ot'|w«D| rroU Treea: ale* Watches ul Jewelry, te} Goocr,

Daily Alta California. SAN FRANCISCO, SATURDAY, JAN. 14.

Fn.t »eaa— ■franiepmc Urn—'. B«nati<io-Ap-painlmeena bj tbeGwrnar; leu*, from IdlTlkul Kr Wake.; Arrival «f .the CkD Seas; Ov Part, aad Lessee Cavreaanadeaee: Coert PluCMdima; C.ty Iteaae IJ^rmph.e— led" jo.tioo Meetiag ia Tiaimi; CaMjrii* Lefialatare ; Ovr st.Tui oto Cocnapoedaaoe; Cwumer"cmU and Fin&ac *1, etc., etc Faii r»c»- Portrj; Osr 6t. Leal, and Siw Orleiif Cor.eapotdrnce. Tk< HcLina Treaty-* The newt rewired By the Overland M»U settle* the «*"v»t»f of the Me Line and Juarez treat;. The story of the eeeeiea of Lever California preys* to be without foundation, although the other concutties, obtained an of a character scarcely seooao ia importance to the acquiaition of that psainsulsBy the tcrmi of the treaty tbe rigbt of wit ir granted to Ataaricaa eitisena acres, the lithmnt ct Tehnsatspee, from the Eio Grande to Maxatlan, " and f rum Ariioca v Gui.ou — the last, of son imponanx than all the rest Nor are these rijhu mere empty eoßccanou, grmnted with no cxpecta tion of their being kept ; bat they are conceded under the expraaa atipoiadon laat the I oiled States shall hare tb* rifbl to enlorca them, with or with o«t the eocKnt of Mexico. If, therefere, the treaty B»*U with the ir.domment of the Seaala, aod the * Oorerameßt poiretiei aa ordinary amount ot liamiua aod reaolatiOß, we may expect that the next imporUDt reeolu will follow. The right of way frost Arizona to Gsayaua, or coma other arguable Gulf port, U all that ho bees wanting ta bring that Tatt mineral region intu public notioe, to induct emigration, and the inveiiment of capital in mining enterpriser Thii right Being obtained by the MeLeas treaty, no bar eiiii* to uj Mcoeafful enforcement opon itrietly legia mate groonda, if cur OoTemment chooeei to avail itaalf of the prir ilegei conceded, for the pnrpoae ot protecting itc citisens and their property. Tbe other transit rigfeta may not be made immediate!/ arailable, bat must neeestarDy prore ot great importaaca. Of the general character of the treat; bat little can be known until it is acted upon by tit fieaate. It is probable that a weak or two may elapm before that action will be heard from. Ia tbe mealtime, the Uteet reports from Mexico nyioaaul Joares and hit adherents as being in an exceedingly bad way — aU the recent battles between the twe factions Baring resulted in farer of the ConierTatire*. Sliremon, who, a few weeks age, it was geaoraDy conceded, had reached almost the lowest depth of misfortune, and whow chances •i racecst had apparently dwindled away to a very •mall point, hat nddenly coatmeaoed to recuperate, and his star it one* more ia the ascendant. This however, is characteristic of all revolutionary movements and parties in Mexico. There is no permanency in the aaooass of any of them ; no stability in the minds of the adherents to any party, nothing but a constant aeries of aps and downs, desertions and renewed adharanees, and a gesMral fcalaidneopie change of all the popular elements that make up the material of tbe various factions. While we have always sympathised with tbe Liberal party in Mexico, we bare never had faith ia the permanency of its supremacy, even if attained, w&aout the assistaue* of a stronger band, stretched out by some truly friendly nation, to aid ia lifting up and freeing unhappy Mexico, and relieving her freea her weak and distracted condition. Jte ntiCcatioa of the Mctant treaty by the Eenate of the United States, may precipitate sash a result, Tendering it necessary for -our Oovcrnmest to intasfera, for tbe purpose of putting aa end to the civil war that has so long distracted the eounuy, aod restoring order and peace once more. On «he fate of this treaty, seems to hang the fate of the Liberals in Mexico. California* (•••liloa la the Cblm. ' The reported remark of Senator 0 win that, io the event of disunion, California will go with the South, is entirely ua warranted, by that gentleman's Instructions em the position of California. California will be tire laat to leave the Union ; untrammelled by sectional Interest or geographical position, she win be the last to give her adhesion to any section. California, when that alternative presents itself, will pause lsag, and give the matter earnest couaidera- ' tion. No representative of ben ia the naUoaai eouo;U» can pledge or commit her to say interest •horf of that of tbe whole Union. Strong to position and resource, entirely indepeadendenl of S3 the Elates, with a productive capacity eeeoad to none, California may stand aloae, or make what terms her interests may deem adequate, before the joins hands with any. Mr. Gwin teems to forget that all our commerce it with the North ; the friends of our railroad art from the North our riMThinict. our msaufactaren, and one-half oar producers throughout the State are from the North, aad yet. forsaoth, the gentleman states, unqualifiedly, that California goes with the South. Such may be the ease whenever tbe iatue is put before her, but It will be with more inducements held out • to her to Join their Union, than has ever bees given her to continue in the present. Sceh bombast does California as good, and dost her rea. harm. the wants all her friends, of whatever shade party, or aeetiou,and eai spare none, howevermuek Mr. Gwin may desire to nuke persona] Southern capital in the |«assiil crisis. \Te can neither hope *or expect other use of a station given by California rote*, to leag aa the worn-cot polideiant of other Butts are allowed to represent California interests. Tbefosyism of the past is passing away, tie very fwOdsost of pi etim, party israee are working their ewneure. California will be the first to feel the af- " feetof tbe reformation. Amid all the thriekt of fanaticism. Xorth sad South, a patriotic feeling — State aad natiol — beard and feltMads up as California is, with a people from all parts of the Atlantic States, its light in tims will barn dearest here, presenting (he gross salasha*ss of extreme party spirit and desaagogneism ia so clear slight, that our superannuated political refu^tei trim other States, wUI fly before it into darkness beCtting their evil eataret, and a younger, purer, aad more thoroughly CaUbraiaß representation wi'J take their place. Then win California be beard; then will her rights be made manifest, and her wants be understood ; then we may hope for Jast and fearless legialation, anda fall ackcowledrmeat of our claiau ia the natuMul councOa. Until the*, ere shall be misrepresented aad arisaaderttood J oar position be teeoadary, and our dalmi iisre- '"***■ ===== Tat Ecucne Mictzisz. — The January sumUr of the" Eclectic Magaiina" has been laid on oar taUo by tba agents, Messrs, Warren A Carpenter, of Ciay street. The opening number of thit ttsfiiag periodical, for tba new year, is tried with very excelbnt matter, and contains two ssperb iwctJnts, representing respectively the " Royal Family of England " and " Eagenie. Emrrett of tbe French, and Ladies of bar Court" f ji S*»A BrtTta M»ia.-A letter received from Naps, atatotiarsfsrsnes tothe silver mine., that "lilt excitement is stin on the increase, though I think it via ultimately end i B tie leads being worked by capitalists or large eompaaiea.'* Du. Cum m Altaic*— The Eev. r>r. Cabin, a celebrated Catholic Iriah lecturer, baa arrived in Few Tork, when be intends to enlighten the Batiras. Til SaciajizstamKiued i« Hckiolw Ce>— The two EaerameaUna, killed by tie Indians in gasrWdl county , were Marshal Cruthtn, and 21 aad P. H. Fairchild, aged 2*. Dnrocunc 6tat« Cmvi OwnmL- Tbe The Semocratia Eute Csalnl <^— mirvis ttth in Biewtutl oa the ifab in.t, to elect delegaus to the Charisstoa Convention T T 31 en. Bcatt Scrr n 6ac«a««»t».— Lloyd Terii oom-Bcootdsaitto-dsy.fa tut District Court, agsiasi Eaaual Korrit, for las urn ol t7«,4SS. Ulaoe! doe 1 »3. l-»it>uf that interest sines the above date be compounded — Ssc lit,, 134 im*. Caar n. Cs*ZaZ Basso^ Pn,m, ksserslse. rv. rams*, trc, Kse, ay Ace us Tu-Ut-rmM wtsa- . W.U|H«* M e.lM Hr k.4d(wp«a,wmaal k.a* (»_ ««»€ t. anew it* «acttae ~U k.U taW^Wj, «t m^lmn m. UiC JDrat. sue*, ty^ k Cm> mmrnm,,,,. TU..a .ar«« sale, as 4 wtU wank/ ti« -"-st T of thaw liiur■tkl


Bi.-nrrt e» m Kumc dun run.— Voder the spbead wm to (band the uuHnnl of the IMnH<*iarrnkaTUteHi to derote the proved, of thUeTMiliic'i eeUrtaiomeiit at tbe Opera Hoon, UCaebaaealof in. Maaoalc Board of Relief fund. A waithierotyect tor the riiifesawe kinds**, eoald Dot hare hn ealeclei. Hi. bra'hrea of the Order are well aware iflkibDßtm amount of talfcring »litrta ha» !*•» alleriatwl by their ch-rtty. the food d«di of »H« ■** ""'r imimKrtW t>» dM mean, of th« aseodstioa. I he p™-«-M cooditiua of It. BDanc*. render mo* eppottilDe the **rofMr a.ndar»jß.o»dw.l«l ewtali . tUt Urn hop. -xpnMedtj him uUtb<h'**iUl°lt». fall a",*!!! be ai»th.»iLllt.d.™c**ol """SJ 1 "^ • Itnont ukiut ioto cor, u o It. wor-hy ot*« t. woald -omr. each a reeult. U« tbe beoeot prore a * bumper - .od r.m«uber tl»t f wry dJler tbne i»».»ted. it sonrlDat*. to the pleasure of the duiwr. pHHbt» nril onrafot tißf tkam t • wbom fonuoa hu teu 1— Uad U bar lUln?. "Ba that (tnth to tha poor laa-iit'icu-Bonn or Him Itwis .— Tbe pfrbmuxsa ,t U.U «t«»nt tlii et.nlng ml 1 be to tba bnnSi ■f o*a of tha awat «»acTw( ud ulested joib< l*i he oa d»C«llf»niii >uji>— Vl» fopbia Edwin. Ai bwj an •ware, eha ooaanaoad bar lilitriunk caner la ttiti St««, *hen tha div» ban was to lv laUary, an* haa iidc« 1m MnaM wilb ut comUtt -d aaocaaafall; tba many tiScnltir. which nmul lh« Toon j Mplrmnt f ■«■ f«m. •atil th« now taa*. ■. th. le*Oiug memm tm th. t'mliftjr* n» b-iar* •. Ucr itrlintfion. are Biai^rd by forois im~ ndrwaj sal (r-e- of motion, white h-r delirrry i» M-iMMnctnnlraMl TtMaaaaxkaof traenaist, wspUd with ao uurallicd rvpataHuo, bay. made her aa «l«t«l f» uriti witb oar pttj-guni and o 4 U»r», wko, we ai« M doubt, » ill raepos4 la Urge BUBbm to her baneit thjirrtlliln. annul Ohia Hani.— There wu v Of tr cnmmul ■oaaa laat f T.r-i&x, on tho oocaaloa of tha bearflt to traotrlck K<i((Ba Compaoj, No. 1. Prat Andanon want broc,b hia pnformai». In brilliaßt a'yla, aad at th. Joa> afppfd forward aod BMda tha (bUowlng. pratty aad *>nlOfDl ratrt»Bca to tha Company for whoaa benefit b. *a 4 bacai paiforainc : LuminOtmum^ lda aotkaow that uythlßK oaJd b-Tr anordad m* fioawr {Jrarara, nor that «i any uaaacuoid 1 havcbecaaiOtaplaaaad, Umb. iookihC ax Un 4 «<• b-oi^ht, a«d aaHog au Ursv an aadlese. (.Uierod to .ether, od an worthy, aa titurrol' ut, co dMerrins an oca too. I k<Ta played lor tha baaeSl of Ooarpanlra brlor. • a any cilir.o[U)fAU.Dtic sulea and hara alwaji f -.pubded to tha eaJI to do ao with tha sreatoac frstifica <fcm to aiyarlf. Ontif . lb(. fadevd. it i> io me Uiat ar,»ioj h alraaarr amoacat you bora la Ca tfarala, I am «ca<a la a iMMitio. lo play fjr a Firvmaa'e Cooipui> ; aad bat ComDav) th" o d«c one -n ihe 8(al«; one tixs which je«r. th. iuiik tit juurjnucn loved aad »«er tv In Luuvnt4 B>nator. - • If I amriflitlj lafonaed, Ihia Company waa arnanlwd aadar tk. n.m. of tha tmptie Camp By, a. Ut back a. •SW. It baa ka<l dim rear. ofeiutrßcr; ulßineyai a •i California aau ajca. Its m-uitw-r* hare erea more of Ba dnaatatiag power of fire, aO'l hare had tv ausd aul.>J Mda, aod »bouid«r to ahonaVr, ia opp-.ics tha adnacinx fluaM, our. o'un and foafroMer eSM-Dt than aey other oapany of Brraieii la tha world. Th y *. a aoiot't tha aaTiar. of S*a Fr«aciaoo la her Bar; *«oth. .4 they at«od prramiaaat amoojc her giiardi -urn in >a «pl. n.ior. of ber n.«tur.l». Who ttiey an, aad what nay nan ba. a, I. eamctaotlj iadictrd in Hi. U I ot tarlr •rlac . aatpaaT No. I— A »• 1, a. they ..y la ri«i.t«iin( I . » * a • — tt ta ga aaywbar —Or t in origin* and Ant • thaaamte lo tba ■ahahitaata of CaliCnia. I pranuna IhbOom jaay bai a^iaciaJ claim, to Croraal raapact from an- .trier : sat : Iriittor Bru:Wick au I ■ nnnih-r; .Vmur findrick *»•• tta tret fdnrnio, and It now bear, .■ BrjoVnck'e name! May Ha flraaien crcr be worthy of l*waclai to a Oo^pasy which ows.e> gnat a a>ma! M.j b. Compwy w -rk th- rre<tr*.t good. and win toe blchtar noBore ; aad a»y I, U in and futteaKn, ka by *le»*aa, W ratura oa aoaaa di.tant d«y to California, that I m«» bare apatn tbe plaaaara ot DetUrmific ix tha DeneIt of tha Bradarick Company, No. 1. Tan Crrr Oiui'i OoncimT — It ii not too math ta amy ■bat tha concert (inn, Uat ereniax, at Muical H mO. »«. nW beat ia came naparta avar given In thai city. To attempt aa elaborate criticism of the aanral piece* par (brawl woold occupy more tnaoe this w* caa d-Tot. to tteeobjert. Haoame Kwacriahtl, with bar IraltlM «» cation and brilliant atyle, waa oercr in better rolre, and wa* encored la eTerythißg abe «Bg. Including tha bcaatl-al-OLncediqMirtaiiima- Madame Feref <raa, ai nlsa^> •a excellent »ofca- Ilrr performance •ai arti-tlc la the Bighcet aenae of the word. If we abonld fpedfj anything, •t weald be the matchlena ** Qms eat bonra," from ** M»b»i Malar ■by the two p> ima doanaa. Th >■ wma, beyond ai] «ae<ioa, Che moat aplendid piece of Tocal maaic we baee rTer.i«mediolaCalilo>nia,aaa>pr.eaiott which wo do not heaiue to make, aad Wlirre tl at allwha werapment wi.l eadona. The coocert was ammlcal treat etui aa hi raraly atj-.iad Id any oomaia^ity. The ball was crowded with the dilf and babl jb of the dty.

4T*- Union KeeUngs la let Fresbyerian Charcfe. — Thate wnlte ki-ldiu tiie lat ere. b;'«ri«a uhnr b (Key Or. Aaderaaa'a; TO OAT, Union Me-Ctnc* cc fjilowi: »B)rt nmliir at lOo'clnck A M.: Snmitit 11 o'clck, bj R»i. v. B. C *otj, Exp» ie-oa atectuur at X o'clock. aad Prayer Meeting at 7 e'dock P. SI. Taese aie the c ouaa- aervloae of the vat of pravw, and It la bope<! that there wIU re a very artenil anr. of toe Chnatia. people of thuetty. JalU »*- If otice— Tie Stockholders of the Arizeas Copper Mining Company art hen*y not led that th-t* will be a mertiag i.t" the Comiiany held at their office, •oothean curn>r of Montgomery and OaUbrsia atreeta, oa WICOMeJD »T. tke 18th lnat,>tll o'clock A. M. By order of tb» Preaideat. J«l«-« W¥. BLACKWOOD, tecrturr. «*- Oaclsimed Merchandise, ex Maid ef the Sea, from Soet •*.— Io« oouaiin* oc a dmm< Iwinah marled • B AO>.-|aadl<mond. ehlpped bj Baboon eoMimed to orde'. I. r^ae-fed to call (or •erne wilhia fen ana from data, or toe tame wOl be .o'.d at aou*«. to pay freight end exp»n«. JNO. t. MiWrOS k Cn.OowUneee, i% CaLfomia ttreet «an rraadi-o, Jaa 13. l««0. j.u »VAU claim, agaiaat the achoon.r M.ltad. Hme mn-t be pnaael v tbe nnd rairnrd on or before the 2>tli last, or they »IU not tie allowed. A. H HALL, At Abemetky. Oar* A Co.a. JaUIO Pier «, St. nart .treat cecraiee:to Union copy. Kf Manhattaa Engine Co., No, a, a apeelaJ meetin: of yonr Compuy wul be held oa eAICKDAY KVEN ING Jannary Uth, 1-60. By order of ja!4 J.D.gnrl Ft, Foreman 0081 TO LET, WITH BOARD. One lart» room, raiuble for a gentlemaa and n » wife, and two nLg te rooeoa, at MR?. ADAHT ]al4-?e Corner htoatgomery aad tatter atreeta. nrAXTKD-TOirLL AIItKOCUI* » aiuiated aear Oak Hill, in Dpw rial, knows «.- AWxeaeW. a«im. lih farther dirertioea apply el riAliS E»PU>,lMKiarayaU«et. EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 80. 1S« KEARBT STREET, Kear ralifo: nla street. ALL KISDS OF HELP SUPPLIED It* the eaonesl a <lee. Oouatry ordVn cr jnu.l at uat.-.ed to J.H-lm CH4BIESBALL. WAMTED— A WET XCRIK, IP. ply I .meoi-vlj at HALL'a EMPLOT«ENI OF riCE, I*l Kaaray ttrtvt, np rtein. j.U IViRTED-l TUI'SG WOMAN IB A « Re'er. Appy at BALL'S EMPLOYMENT („. > ICE. 12t J .treet. j .] « R. C. W. KELLOOO HAS AB IXftareel In oar konae tnm thle torn. FA&CO * Oft. JaaaaryTth, Km. J^tU (1 0 PARTBEBSRIP NOTICE— MR. J LEMCKL A. tANDKK'ON be.»»ea a partner I' mj boner tron the let of Ja.nn y. The hoaioeat will he •ndncted mdv the name aad aivl. or JNO. H BOrIFORT* * 00. Ja'e-'m JSOirBTIWOtIIL [kIOOLVTIOS-TRE COPAHTIF.R. 9 'hip brmotWe eitatiu aaeer tbe Dane and «n I of W. W B4KER. A CO. Portland. Onuoo la tils day. by mo'e.l eoeent, di«olv«l, w. «r. E.«.r and J. M. Kal haviu bortbt the ia trret of Joaech lUaa-deil aod an alone aothonaed to oolie a all oat-tanaioa iadeMMfn^ea end » a-e a -orn-i all hNHia ..,* will ooedcel Ike l«■4oeaa ac hervlef jr., la PortUad, Otegon, ender tbe nun. a. heretolsa. W. W. RAKES, i. M. BUI I, *p w. m. Raker, ianFfaal»aa,Jaa.llth,lMn. J ' * t *" P "' I '|,lM SYDNEY COAL. THE CAROO t\f THE SHIP LOCK. EIT. aow diacbargia* at Nonh rvnat Do.k, aad lor aalala«aaaUlle.te.a>tparch> .«a«»» bINCLAIK A WILLIAB'. I* l *'" to and 68 q.y ttreet. removal! c. l. cordiner, merchant tailor. SS MOYTCOMKRV STREET, Between Pine aad Bnb, Pea Frandaoe. AVIaTB ASSORTMENT OP RBADT a«eow Ofe.a. aad ror O ,.t,ir,r Ooodi. Ganr»nt. Cv aa4 s>eee la th» Laleet MjrK .„„ warrantel to t£ Q^nliig aid r»pvir ag umt y doae. J.u l m TO LUMBER DEALERS. TWO TOVKO MEX (BROTHERS) WHO «**sZZ£rVl2£! ap la «- of u» target t!2^*!r?!?? rf Q^* !l "* -"Hem of nnd ng emplo). •Tat- Jaev have e«b . t»n yrertf rrcoromenrt.uon ir.4 LXJ^SSIZ; "*.**" "» « »• P"*t her* ot the HSI?.U7E2* J - An>l hyUttertoP.BßOl. Box et2,Poa«Omoa. J.l«m« GHAND DIAMOND RAFFLE Will paritively take place THU (Saturday) EVEKI.VO, at T o'clock At BARRT * PATTEB'S. rarttMlatervetedwlll pleas, attead. JaHle CHURCH ALMANAC, Jast reoatvei by T. C. BOYD. I* l * l mCUyWreet. THE Vineyard Proprietors Co. FINE COGNAC BRANDY. THE TJEDEBSIGBBD BESS TO CAXL the elta*uiM<«tl»lr»etofe tne a.bove Superior vi Ftvotite Cognac Brandy. 2 w *i? ■'oneapplyorOMaaA' Hew Tlatagta Is now ror exit U Bo« 4 or I>Q7 ra!d by CHARLES HEIHECSI, <* I **> **• Apt.l. Front Mwt SCOTCH (SLAV WHISKEY - JUHB Bast, .ys—ver. superior— *■* extra eaalUy. Fa-M!eUßo«lorlMityPaidby *""'»• ... . ■ CBAW.EB M'IMXKE, >»'-» B>4e Agent. » Front roeet. ST. CEOIX BVM-BELECTBD B. B. * Co. BMaw. For aa •la MM or Do y PaM by .... CBAKLBe) MKINCCKIt, J* I *-^ Sole Ag'at, M Front .trett. B1 A .T. AYIA *.anAc-rlmT choice • W.».ra»iat •eaKtlua. »« we la lead or Oe.y Paid try C«AKL«< BEIKaXXI, ****** aela agent, I. Froal ttreet. F'" SSI FA°":»^»«.RAPEAKOF A °":»^»«.RAPEAK0 * Mlp ■etoAjt.Mrr^tS'rM. 1-B »*»• •'eraalelaw.derße,, p«5 Ia tor sale to fend or Duty Pal-i, ly ***** not" A t -nt.M Front street. ff«ABLE CLARET- ~ " •B. __ , "Woan.gonta^Mllr.. For aJ- la k0.4 „ ,„,„ „. \, y J.H2P CUABL»g JJEIKECKB. _ J __3 UFroat .tr- 1 rtHtIPIOHE- ' &*\L£Zs£l ***-**< * »•"— « * * Mi ' Mi Agat, M rroai .u»u


Now v in Ten to Bit Cimrn M— A t Qrorcr »■". lisu Uw boiiten *• priM «■ tn dMctiptka of FiM u« Hm; CloOiint »«t. ten r»d«<*d Marly tn-iur. Thi* it a bet, wl tho** who wtah (« tt HiaMiilr** out cv rely ap» ebtalalnc tU Bwt extraordinary barfalaa. . >» U fl if \^'*T^tf ' y r, nm Fmimni Intgim ut» raoMsuraav-nniac •mpkryrf U» caUbratad operator, Mr. Mnier, whoa* work w»i imrM Ik* ram nann at th* uu (tat* Fair, I am now prepared to da better work then mar, ul Mw .tlutandiog Urn largo bureau li bj txptuM, then wilt l» bo tarraaia In mr prkat, I haTt •]» la b j anplor, * gaMnttd PirMaa anlat, far ntswklM PkotofrapUln Crtyoo «b4 India Ink. Feraona karlßf Fbotofraphi takta at Mber Mtabltakßatx, can fcaia tham nca Ispnnd by laaTinf tkoa wtta Be. A«bnX tpni bamwtlc«ll j Mated, altb»(h a mjmyMUM nanrti that ka b tka ««Ij mm on tk* Paciic *oa« who daat It. J»T-tf ' ' W «. tBXW, US l(o><t««Mr7 MnaC « Th« only itor« In tin dly le »»t i«od h^B* mnfci tarad or Import** Opn U it IHSUI k JOBIPH^ M Mootirosiirj itmt, oppoalte Tackar 1 ! m MUUf. - ' daM • | M Go to Tijra'i, mmc at Mntiomrj aad lacnmaato ■traota. If yo« want a iplaadld AsbntTpa or Photograph. He U th. ODly on* a tho Faolla CNit lh>t almoaphartoallj Mala hi« plctnrMu A. look at thaa wfll eMTlaca any i« of thtlr •aprrlotity. At tha laat Itat* fair ha ni awaraal th* Mrat Fraßlsa, balag th* analk ncelTadacalaatallooßP'tltora. «.l]-tf I BtuiniT At WiM'i focnui Rli>-Ai4 far Ml ocr, a foot i>n» I mm, of oosn* I go to th« auw plaaa. Then, If a Loach U nqnlnd bitnn mmU, bo sUat apaa tbtPadßCOoaattaraiahta inch 4aUd«l goapa, Pin awl O>keaa*ar*alwayifMßiatth*routala H<«4; an4ai tor Taa and Oofl«a,OBa wsald Uw«U naal« to walka bU* lor.cupof.lth.r. TS Coßßwralal atnat, hvlwaaa Baßmsi and Eatwry (traru. *O0 Finn, Wujoi. «Co »«k* tb« b«« Oothlng. **.1U aammlo Knot, below Maaniaiirj, Baa rmaolaca, - Jallm Wa would call th» atMntlon of tho Udiw to th* bow •nd .pl.iulld Uock of ladln', children* and lamafa fnrni«hln« giMda, « Him. 0. H. l»wj»'t. Mo. JM fttocktoa atrart. Ai «b. laaporu her owa goodi aba ran Mil lh*a> at a *aall adraaca an th* flnt ooat. »>ery taata and pare* eaa b* *nltai. ll*r itoek oT Inbafa wardrobe* oaanot b* iai|Hßld la th« State. Tba UMt *tyl«a and pattom* rae*lT*d by *TarT ataamar. aalMal L J.Curui,H.D.—LMa Chief Barpo* of tk* Bn <artan AlßJ.aod Dosorary auatberof tk* Fhtbdalpkta ViUefeef KtdiclM. OOn— At hU Medical and largleal InMitata, lasr» «*ato«i**t, balow Moatcoßerj.oppoatt* the Padfic Mall itMßahlp Co/* OSn.Raa rraadeoe. ■ OoanltaUoßO, by itt»r or otharwtoe, WBJIK. Offlc* to«r* tcoß tA.M. v I >. M. my It

City and county Auditor's Report. City and County Auditor's Office, San francisco, 1sth January, 1860.

CtsTUMDi :— ln conformity wilk the rrqocr»me.»ta uf Urn b«, I herawali placa before jon my report far tha Second turn a( tha Fiecal Yaw ll»aad IMO, aadlag an the Slat December last. . . 1 am, faatlamea, Tary napactfally, I. M ICKLE, Auditor. Tatht Beard *f auftrritm if V* dtf ama! Omniy a/ Jb« ISmmntm Da. Bcxiftt <ad> IA« IVeawyCo Credit of Gmtral Fond— From urn — ...»ir .lM M * liCBBCea ....... SB.iM 04 " harbor doea »,UJ U " flu.* iol'uuc Court aodUourl of seaeiooa t,4M 60 " wharf rinu l,Sol *> " ground •-•"■ IU 0* - | ouud <— . i I*3 00 " burud permita .......... UOO * aal« «1 old engine. Manhattan, jio.2.— _-T— ZZ I.tSH M •* Jamee 110*% ia aettlemeat of mort«agß on uty Hill ..— 1,000 00 • Bute of California, be mil ■uviitrxiK-uwt. ...-...,......_ 1,848 01 ta^MlM r j School rnsd— From laira 1*56-7 4 4 H - u« lbio-9........... S,tct 14 • kn lU>-M 8i,«2 M 94.0 MO4 M loan* on mortgag*- «.. s,uuo 00 IW.OM 0* To Special F« Food — Front connty ofllcara 11074 C 6 to t^rporalkm Debt F uiid— From vi« 34S,M* il Tj JuJ.-m.Dt fuuo— Fruin wit ii n jni i i 135,7 0S N To etrect Light toad — From t*A*«. ........... Mi j ' T \ ''. \.*. 90,24 aII To * DivrMt Account Boßdi of 1M s — Prum UN lp*S-» mmmm^m _ l$S!l 97 To Hokiog ruad Fir» Bond»— From Uue»m Mieacn 1«,«« 64 - later** on ■— " el to i«,:ts le Total nraipf for tbt Qaarttr. .............. .i;;«.»3« 74 TaUJ*x oa»n.d3oibtvj,t, IMt .. »,8M J» $784,377 47 Cl. Pay tunU /row tV frwii/ry. dj Geaenl Fund— F. r <i.m»ud. ndMßrd $1«7,40t » •y Bd»J <'■»-»-, _ «&^J^?J!Z?!t 1,44.71 7jt tbna ■■*!* itdiMid, aocouut cf iiu:-i 2 M fur dsDiaittl> mWrmrtl. aooDttnt of 1- W 0 .„ «... 1* W M Vor d*>fi.»od« r*^« rartl, fteoowit of l»i*M3U „. ; 06-306 49 e«^»4«7 By »ptdal Foe Fn B 4— F<k duu4< n-dwnml .......... ....- 14,011 «1 Bj Oorporauia Debt Fau*Fordsouadaoo aaxrant of »Di*r*il ftad Blakluf tuoJs of FuuJkl !>.»> IMamW W.flto SI By StrmC U^bt Fuud — Far drSMn<U ndr«aMd ».B3S t3 By Polite Coalinteat iuid — ror dtmanai redn'mad J,OSS 11 By 1.,-r* umxturboudiof lt>4B— F. a laaaaßdi i»lr»m><-... ...... __.........„... 1,4» 00 ■jiklq Fund Fin Boada— Fu~-, and> r«.»«nn<l — — 17/UO 00 Bj Judfmcnt Faod— lor dcm«ui)« mSatued _.._____ 110.714 a> Total pinnti lur tbafurtar _toT&^37 9 Otrt an Aowi, UK Dtetmhtr, ltW. tjOnM— Omrral Food $ 81 Mt 7t N-h-wl Fuud -„ 113U4 14 h|>Mal »-r Fuud 1,107 a tmklßg Fnnd « Ira Bond* 1- T.I n Fluking fund Scnuol Mali I,OUO U> Intamt aoc*.nac of lira HunAi and Boiuu of UM IU t» Unn.l ace ca< Bondi 1»5« )>U i.« Corporatkw IM>t fund— I,M i M Jo 'Ktuabt Fun-1.. ......... ............ ll.a 2 03 Fwlica ConUtig-nt FutH 1.M4 19 Po^nd r» Food 44 SO tlr. .t Light Fund 10>« M gpacial I'i.uid Faa r ai,d 6C J ■ 110.0K) It 7M^n 47 OoM«f< suUoI during O< »«m<i «aar«r, Octoter, JVbMMter o«ii Vtctmlnr, «/ Uu /Vaoal iwr l«i»-'IW. OaneralFud— BaiarMa ol City and County Oov nal. ; . 4 M.JU al t ilum if PoUce. 1] Otl U T»HA.ll«ur « O/iuuiU.iom ....... l,]Sitl >^|iaß.a «t WitlMMa ») 09 Coioutr.lor lut«rniaßU andcbaiaicat iifulyi* 900 00 Indwitiiai s*htwl „.„ 4.0U0 00 frnb»t«t*ae« of |tnaoaw-r» ■ . . 1,48 iaa Ga<, CilJ Hall ..__.. .._.... 3U 40 Aiip'^iujcdi 11u11............ ............. 1 £00 U0 Intrnit, eus(K>ni funded iUM ■«.( 3.4 M W .llnt^p an City li.U ..____.. SAM 00 for parp •»■ of urgeut nin I afcitj SJL'T 7t Far City and CouDt , UoapiuU asp. r*^ „ 1 121 M For Fira I^[*rtmnot— h«l4rt«olufllo-iB |I.BM 00 Incdralal u|«iiaßa M 47 40 10.M7 40 ror«uiUowry in public offlcra CM 7t J\*.lr«,l it|iuri. ........ .fc.1.-S IT Furatnwt rvoaiia an C.ty Fr-nt t.OOO Ot t,\» IT Fur booka lor Baoorder f<ir ISM-7 111 M ————— SM4S at) ep>ciatr<«Faad— SaUrka of Umnty oCeara. $ 16.377 01 stationary (Mask boou, ate) l.aiu ou PoßndfeaFmid- «,W »1 t iUi J of F<ju»d Kear«r__ ... 17 J Q0 Slmt L liLl Funil— Fotitta Uaialmeat of Cv Cobpany. Bay lur cat from July, ltoo. to rVbmary 21, ISM 11.3 M4l Licfatuif atraeu and rpairlax 1-^.j^ 5,693 41 Fin Bond Sinkiog Fund- M,» 84 M For Imiu. 1 17.000^ .dreitiritt, $10 17,010 00 Judgment Fond — For jadgmeata agaiaat cily and coaaty... 1*4,001 19 Corpontion Dtbt Fnnd— lo' l>tTdßt and tiokloj foodji on (aao>4 d.bu __. HI73U M Polka Contingent Fond— for coDUnp-nt eipaDOM of Polioa Dapartmant. j , —m*u • .— til 22 ichoul fond, MM4O— "~ ~ tala.Wol Ttfub.r. „.. $3,000 M - Janltara „.„_ Jlo >1 Wat»r far f ehoola __._._;.._ 904 a Lighting Schoola U at BUtlonery KJ n Ind4ental,(22. Onana, UOO «H 00 fxrcnanol acbool Ixins and tota.. 8.4U0 00 Bepaua to, and buldlac achool boiia*! , 7^K ol RfDUofa.boolL»m..*......_. . 3.(C7 71 Faro-tore and aundrii ■ IJIJ 7( Tai Co.lactor's ™-~ 1-ihni Sl2 M 4«,707 M Alwandlwd In tbi. quarter, damanda proparly*" I^** ** corro.Dondi> g to Uia FUcal Taar It in w. >■— al r»Bl Fira DaDarimcat ' ' IS 00 Straat *yl" , „ I\BM 61 e*«.F«d_ •.«"« Aaomnt draws a* tkla find. ....._..„........_. «ii v t M»M Audit* Dmantl (««<md, v a, wtf January, l«60<HW«lfB»i IHB-i7 . 1 tl 00 IM7-M .' is n IMD-M ____. 2M M 1»^». ZZZ 1«. M« fo'WF^d- * l ?*»» ISM-67 - „ . ait«i t« 8. pin. Fnnd- " " IM6-*7 ; M X Sp^ial Fre Fand 2 1 7» M foand IV. Food ~ IJi JJ Polica' Onlingont Fund 6* aO Jnoitwot fan 4 " mat M Co l«i»uoj! Debt Find ," sj,x»K 1»M »7_. .._____ t «4 M iw-m -. «;. - _* iiii 1IWW» -' • ■ »J Jj| l«4»-flu. J,Bgj ;g IIKH Total oatataßoißf 4 «J J7J JS B. MICKLI, City and Couty AndlMr.

THE CELEBRATED i ■ : ■ . ... WIDOW CLICQUOT CHAMPAGNE; ■ ■ - ■....■■;-.. Am ikvoicm: or ram riaovi I hwn|**i>e Wtw«, bakli BoetorDnt? Ptli, UWiMlhatainnM todadf lit •■• BHgfriiu — Urg«t leu la u.«.m. propontea— t? CIIABL.KS HIIIBCKK, M. A t .»t. M front *r»rt. _f - * -M.j b. tad, bj tk- tingl« cut, of HI n-prcUWt WiMMmkMU ItU-lmtf MR. 8. B. COLLINS, T n " '"'OBDIRIHJI, TK»T MlPllia JUt-KSiSiTsfesr"' •• iM "? f ' ■" wul S«l»rd. r iTutag, J.. l«tb, Win ti all ibc U\— report! and ih^i... wi ii v. rrtalti Adabtw* .Q mi Sson ayn «e^p. m. Jilt-l*

V _/Jgptriql, Notices. <-„. 4W Way will you dalay purehaelng a botilo of Dr. nan's Balaam, whea by Ite v joor try, hacking eoagh taoiua looaa, tba aorapud mtw which aocu"U» to anil eppr«Mae the Lnngi l« wily expectorated, while the tonic anßerdea of the audldu* keep up the atrength wader tha mucoporalent dlecharga. Combined aa It Uln a •klllful ud KleoUllc meaner, by a lafnlarly educated pbyticton, the preparation, of which *• in •{Making become! almott irreeittlMe. For e«le liy as«iti In eTtry town in the country. ,. .„, PAhK * WUITE, ; C--' * ' .1 '' General Agenta, t - US WaiUaftoa atrart, Baa rraadaoa. «»- Call at the (ton of P. * W.aad gat • Pictorial Almanac far MS9. Free to aU. Jalt MOT Tke raaaoa why Hoetetter'e Stomach Bittare tula t«e blgheet reputation arar 1U tbt "■ called tonic." of tha cay, la that they are sot made of raw elco" ka ueoneotheri an, tut b. cave they an th« 0. Ijr bittan prepare* by a ackaliAo ch-mUal proreaa, aid that •ill baai ihe teat of ualyila, thatabn perfectly oninjorioaato the etomech, and at tha eeme tima oontaiaa all the medical propertlea of a tonic. , A. good artiela will alwaya triumph erar aay pretended imitation. IthaebeenaaldtheteTerycltylaaparadiaeor haaibaga: bat lat a raally rn.rllorU.oi aril, la, capable of dolag aU that la prrmleed, aad It will nud tha KM af any oppvattloa dependent upon Inflated notoriety; and Hoatuiar'i fimed Stonack Bllten Imr .tldem* gr thia, for it haa baaa takaa hold of by tha paopla and triad, and not fcrnd waatlag la nrlng an Dyeprptio ej Diploma, Proatration, geaaral Inability; wOl remoTe tha bila tram tha itimirh and foroa aa appetite. Imparting k«tlth aad tona to tike whola •) atrm in a manntr trulj wonderful. When three beta aia an grimily known, It la not at all etrauge that tha public appreciate Iloatrtter'a Bitten, aad alary body win taw tham In placa of tha eerenl worthlrM preparattoaa gotten «p la thai city with tha daaiga of being palaMd off aa tha genuine Stoat Kh Bl'.lua. FsKhaam •haaU be careful and taka ldd. bat the onrvm Uoaietur"! Blttan . Kept by all tha principal Drargtata, Hotel! aad laloana. lor aala, la f naatliiaa to lult, by , PARK* WHITB, ■ ta Waabingloa atreet. Fan Fraaeiaeo, J«l« Bole Ageala for tha Pacine Cuaat. *Sr Wotlca.— Tha Harbor Maatar'a Office la at It. ». UA VKN V-, aa Batlary alratt, oppoalu tha Ctutom Hotua. Uy lha Act r*gulaUa< the dnllea of the Harbor Maitrr, It la prorldtd that • (be harbor dun aball bt 1 >T«blr In all cmi at the Harbor Maatar'a Offloa. within foriy-* Irht hoaraaltar tha arrlralof the ra«l Into port. If tut paid within Mid time, the Oarbtir Hum aball charge double tha amoanu" W. T. TIWMI'Sov, J«?-l« ■ Harbor Maater. *»-The annual meeting of the Stockholder* of tha BA* FRANCIMX) QAS CUHPaNT «1.l be held at tba "K»P»a«'e o«c«. earner Firrt aicd N-tona atr«rt % <n MONDAT. IW 10th day of Jann.rj, lßdo, at 12 o'clock M. Trnetiee are U be elected tor the Mieulng year. JO3EPU U. KASTLAND, J»»-»« tVctflary. *T notice, it he-rttr jl T en, thit I hart gnntol tony brutbir. WILLIAM v. B. IItKUKMERV, • powtr of attorney, which haa bren duly record' d. for the tranaactlonofmy mtreantUa ba Ineea. and t ,r othw rnqmu-a. JAMKS Da ftIEMKRY, •aa Frandaoo, Jannary 1, ISM. jal 14 a»-Pacillo Hallro.d— Su acriptiona.— Tha pre Ilmmary Articlre of Agreement, for the parson* uf forming a Oonptny to »«netmct a R,ilr,«d ftoni Saa Francleco to SlockUK, may he Inad at th. rollowlni: pl«.« >> U.I. city : SATHEK * CUCKCII, Corner Battery ami Clay atrertr. TALLANT A WILDE, Bettery atnet. bptwnn Clay and rommr relal. MAkK HKUUAOIM t CO, Uootnomrry atreet, new California. ALSOP * CO, Calllbrnla etrert. near Banaome. kIKKCOAN'TS' KXCIIANUK, Clay itreet. BANK* k BULL, Oornrr Manlgomeiy ami Commrrrlal. BANK kXCUANQE. Corner Montgomery and Waahlngton. B.IRKV k PATTEN. Corner Mn>. tannery aad Sacramento. J. H.CCTTKK, Corner Trent and Clay. FABKIK UOUSK, Monuromry near Pacramento. Ale«,attheßoom«of the XXX CIIVK OIMMITTKK, of the P. R. R. Conrention, Koa. 67 and M Montgomery Block. dta-tf ATaT Rooma of tha Eiecntlra Committee of Pacific Railroad CoaTeation, Noe. 67 and 68 Montgomery Block, aaar n. 8. Snreeyor Oanaral'a Offloe, Montgomery atreec Ban Fraadaco. ooa LOCIg B LCLU gac-y. «ar Notice-— To tha Uoekholdera of tha Orarlaad Telegraph Company via Salt Lake.— A. 8. Gould la lha aaIhorbwd Agent of tha Company in thi. city. I. A. BKK, Prwidrat Baa Frandaco. Aacnat 18th. 18t». aaU Opposition Steamship Line TO PANAMA. ATLAIVTIC AI¥D PACIFIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY. CARRTIXG TDE GREAT THBOEGH MAILS ! By Anthorlty of the United Sutra OoTernmtnt. sf^-J?^. The 'plead:d and Popular Steamahip K. H. HORSBIV— __OO»TMAJn)EB, Win \ MlMlon atrert Wharf with tha trailed Blataa Haila, Paaaangen aad Tnaaara, on aTBIOAT JANUARY HO, 1860, At • o'clock, A. St., pnactnellr,. aaanoßaaj TU the Panama Railroad at liplnwall With lha at agni&eaat Staamahfp Tsro-xvna. star, A. J. Jnv« rv mm „j^ (3000 Turn Burthen) FOR TtSW YORK. And the T> A I>aiEX« IHrZIBBTSZI FOR HAVANA AND FOR NEW ORLEANS. Fsaeengere by thai line an landed at Panama tree of atpeoaa, by theileameri of the Paamia Railrocd Compaay, aad ara laimediaUly traarporud to AipiawalL The North Star la nn<mrp«aaed by any eteemahlp to IbeCtlUoniia TrwLi Ix RPKKD, SArKTT and COMfORTABLK AOC >MM .DATUIN.S. No rexiitration or Tickete at Aiptawall. PMwnrr" are berthed at Haa Franciaco for the through triis and no rharg*« need be Incnrred tie> tweea Ran intixiw aad New Vrk and New Orlrane. eirept the Railroad charge 10 orata per pound on extra t ocaga (Ml be baggage free). Tha .North Star la Btt#d up with ITATI ROOMS la bar aalooae for rtnnA Cabta Paiwragen. Far Freight and Faaaage apply to /. T. WRIOUT. Agent. S. ».oornerSactaui«ntoaudl<ide«l.irttiii», Baa Franc^oo. IT. B. — AU peraaoa are f-»rbld trotting any mm on ac fl coaat of the ■»■■ abauaara, without an order fiom the Ag-ata. lm u For Australia. For Melbourne Direct. Tha A I Haatbarg Clipper Birqaa Jl ft Sdnard &. Bllse, fiaaUC »» Wna AMONDSKN. am, Thia krau ifal new ee-eel. haelng anaurpueM eerom- » aUooa both for Cabin and steerage pejaengera, will be diepatcaed tor tha aboTe port on or about the MKSr UF IWn» a rery bat eailer, ehe of/era nnseaal Itdacaeaeau tn •blppere of cargo, which will be J-n.-r. d aloaseMa a wharf, if teqnin-d. Appllcatioß fur Freight and Pjgeige muit be made lraaudlatelyto IIUOUES * nCNTER, Or to LI'BIXK k CO, Jail fachango Building, oppoella Cmtooi Uonar. For La Paz, Direct. Will be difpatcbed on WED.NKSDAT, U'h Jannary withoat (all, lor the abore port, tha (art aaillug Clipper Brig *ifK ' ■A-ngenettc, Bui W. B. TUTrLK. Muter, Haling eicellent anommoieliona lor paaMngen, and roooi fur a U- teal mare fr-lflit. For Freight or Pa-aage apply to Oapt. W. 8. Tattle, oa board, alßlaharira wharf, or to ~^ • B. W. TRATEIUK, Cni'om Honaa Kirhang* Itnlldlnic, JaW-7 Waahlogtoa etreet, 2d door f. onj Battery. TrVOODBN ■ Lower than arer at KELSEY__& CO.'S. Kelsejr <V Co. hare removed To Hoa. 86 and 88 Davis itreet, - ]alMplai Between Clay and Waahlngton atreeta. ALFALFA SEED. RJBCKKTLY RKCKITBD FROM PERU, aad br aale by HILLNIJH, BROS, ak CO., Jaltl . 123andl2aCallforaiaetreat. IN STORE AND FOS SALE, . II BHIPB MAST ROBINION.eOLDEjr IAOLS, DOM QUIXOTB, ABIT, AMD JENNIE W. PAINE. QOA CROPS HEW YORK FATCIIT tJUfiJ TOBA0U0; , t(W M. 6ue lailutloa Clgan| •00 M. Oerman Ui.ara ; «olM.Fh..ilHiee: IN ea-oa Ooldea Bw aad SDrer Flf Tobacco a new article, Tery en oetior; II balea Yara Tobwoo Wreppara and FUlcra | il balee daeaa. Tobaaoo: . 8 caaea Florida Tobaoro Wranpera ; ISS ball* elt-a n«e K^ufccaj Tobaojo: ; 6 fnlUiatd ladlaa Flgnrta. auo, IX f TI AIUK 00RTM, „„,... 2T caaai Fine Clgan, of Tarlona braadi and etylea IRWIN * INSLEK. il EMraaaoato atraat, «p «iair«. *Ja«sp7"- ' "■" IUL Fort and Sherry .Wine. ::,,,. OK «TJa\RTXR OKI. DUFF GORDON a%3 BBXKKX WINK; . M eighth oaeka FOBS JCICI POST WINK. . „. '>ll«iT ' '"* OK). F. BKAOO * CO.* ... CLOSING OUT. A II OLD EITAII.I.HED ITOVK AHD J%. 0* baatoeaa, la a Ir-I rate ltmtlon. with a gnodrua 'of caatoaMTa, aad a complete eat of tlnman'e imle, fot ea'a. Teeaaaaey. Btore rent modrrata. For partlcnler-, luaaire at 1M Clay atreet, between Montgomery teal t aaaoua itreeta. . .......... itt-*jL'S OR IILE-AT TRI OtRDRI Or O. W. CHI LOO, Lo. Aagebe, 7U.000 Brail Tr>aa, iwt yean old, Iroaa law graft aad hod, of erery Tariety caltiiated la OalMbmm. " ■ - - Alao, 00/00. oca year aid, Oalifcrula Uiaeloa Oral* Tlaee. For aartkakua. apply to J.H.STKWAKTACO., 1 4afl4pU U* Callbraia atreat.


In this city, Jan. 13th, the wife of R. Jordan, of a son.


In this city, Jan. 12th, by Rev. C.H. Northup, at the Bethel, Mr. Philip Hener to Miss Doris Winter, both of San Francisco. At Jamestown, Tuolumne county, Dec. 30th, Henry Reck to Honora Foley. On Calaveras river, Jan. 8th., James Spence to Miss Sarah Reardon.


Near Knight's Landing, Yolo county, Jan. 4th, Oliver Skaggs, aged 34 years. On Cow Creek, Shasta county, Jan. 1st, Geo. W__ole, formerly of Illinois, aged 26 years. In Stockton, Jan. 5th, W.D. Fullerton, aged 34 years. At Ward's Ferry, Tuolumne county, Dec. 27th, Samuel M. White, aged 34 years.

Vest alt for Foreign and Dossestlc Parts. - Ancenette.. ....Hnmb10dt.....__._....W 1. Waltoa oaa;maa On.jmu ..Peck, Kodj»r« A do Kiullj Banning Haaatlas .Swain, Bunk.r A Co Oathawaj .......... HumbolJt 8. L. kiaKkk k Ot Samuel alerritt 0re(°B~.- UierneUir, Clark AOt Mnrnlng Olory Ctlleo T. U. « J. 8. Baoaa K01cu........,._ ._...._.llomboldt 8«t ...... ....WtuJ. Waltoa L P Foeter Part Towo^ud..-D«w" A Oehricke Don Quixote Hongkong De Witt, Kittle* Co D. L. Clluth Victoria. JMu A^k. Bt .rm Cloud JUu Cc4orado . K. JC. luimond Ork « Viet rla. _Jalch A Webber Rubeoi i- mv H0Dgk0Dg.......... ..J. Saulular Eduard * Klite._. M ....Melboarna._..«.Uu«hii * Uauter Pride of the ihsa Stu Diego. .. N. Pierot Eulu. Uunikuldt Bay Charlss McU<n NanuuUiic San Bui _Lent, Bb»rwood A Co Asgcuetta- Ts P.i....._....... W. Travtne


laVvonaa bj Wa. acniu, M.ih.m.tlral lu>t amaut Maker, m Montgomery street.

»!!■...__..._.._.„_, T II ■HI ..„ 4 49 Kom.a ......... 8 17 ironra c ««

Shipping Intelligence. SAN FRANCISCO, JANUARY. 14, 1860.

Arrived. Ju 13— Stnir Cada Sun, Haatingtoß, IS daya from Panama ; p«i jenger* to J T bright lkj u « UjrKk, Majtaew, It daft from Taakalat; 535 M ft»l luukr to W v Taltot * Co. Brig Mtrclwu m»n, Bojd ltt dan fro* Fort MtdUoa ; 185 M feet lumt*r 10 0 * Melgi Schr Blh> k Prim*. Il.ilw, I haan from Hair Moon B*y ; prodaca lo Vauiine A Co • IKbr Fa .Dla I'iprr, Alfen. 4S boon fiom Albioa Blnr, 15 M lamb r io II WubiiM gchr J X F M.n.flrld. lUrwi k, M boon tn» Albioa BlTrr ; T5 M Irei luubat la H Walbarba* ■ r TaWgraph. Poimt UM\loa>cloek,r.ll. Wcathrr tkr j wind light from N K. At laixlowo, a birqua It mUca N W, Inward booad «i Cleared. Jan 11— Ship Barrada Broa, P»al», CaDaa, ma-ter. Jan. la— bimr Pacide, P.u< r«>n. VkUMia ; CSN Co Ship ijut Indian, Lacraw, M.iiUia; runt, tmiioij & Co ■— Mai lad. Jan. 13— Stmr Pacific Palteraon, Victoria Br. ahlp N«t4mir, Doren. Hulbonrna Uaaik bq» 1'u.1.1, Yon Uacbt, Valparalia Memoranda. Per Bjack— ArrlTtd at P«rt TumuraJ Jaa. lit, baa* W B Bcrantua; Jan. ii, off CtUam Btj, aaw ahlp Jot» Maratiall. . Par Mercbaotman^ — Stllad in company with the bqa Anbe Parr; tor tliii por.. On 6tb iuit.. off >*aab Baj, m tba bt Ig r'randaco aud a h«nu brig bound np. Per Fannia Ptpar— UfTachn II t da/ and 8 I Blu* leading.

GREAT CLEARING OUT SALE, r KERBY, BYRNE & CO.'S CLAY STREET. ■ TUB BALANCE OF OCR SPE€IAIi IMPORTATION mm HOXjIBATS, Now rtmnlnlcf en hud, will b* offered tat tale during the nut 30 D*)i, At Lets than Home Cost! Tbe Mlowlog article, hare bNQ nJoeed a. m*Btlo»*d below, ami tl» pablic can e» for themaelna « h.ti.t tb.y •re cheap or Dot: 100 pea Silk reduced from $1 M to II p-r j.ri 100 n« s,ik Dir«i»> r.ducd fr.»m |iS 00 to $17 M. iwi * > do do do zr to to i 0 00. 100 do to do do 10 OH to Vt 00. 100 do do do da 46 00 to 87 SO. Vtlnt Kcb«i do do «0 00 to to 00. do do do IS 00 to 00 00. da a* do 100 00 to TO 00. do do do ]» 00 to 100 00. 100 Brocbe Sbevl. do do 2* 00 to )7 to. do reh do do 1M 00 to 100 00. lUO rrench Mer>ao da da luio 100 pw;d l'olat Lar* gr u do do 40 001* U OS. da clv do da to 00 to 40 OJ. do da do do 1» 00 to M 00. ao da do do 100 W to It 00. And ■ Oraoral AjoortlMßt of DIIT OOOSS, RcdaoMl ia Ilk* pioportkw to ih- abon aratioood «rtltitl.-», ail of « hlcb we »r* dotti\<tu vf dowliic u«t to auk* roon for our Bpnt>( dujrk. KKRBV, BVH.NK * CO., J«8 7|.t' 16» «nd 171 CU;»rut. HAVANA CIGARS. 1 JA.IIE** PATRICK Si CO. WILL OPKN THIS (WKDXESDAT) MORNINO, Ao loToic* of FINE HAVANA CIGARS. Cossistisg or thi roLLowito BRANDS : «• j. o, pcntßiisii" FLOR DIJ.L U.«HCU| DAMAit FOHGCIEKTAI OI'UDALVPEi EL CAPITOLIO) I.A ZtBAOOXAIAI FLOR DC A. a. UARIZCRIKTA | ." ITATII RIGHTS | ri-01l OE COLUMBIA BRITASIC A | LA SIATALIAI OEHSRAL 9ITTH| FLOS OB HURT CLAT | AI.BJA-DRBII., EL SORTI AHIRICAi CUBA K> HI PATH I A | LA VIHOUIAi LA FOMTIOAI LA SKVILLAHA} COBOIA DUCAL | LA HVLATAi LA ROSA OH BNCOALi BROTHER JOIATUAII LA VALBHTINAI LAILBOARCIAI HEJOR DB LA LABIIA. Which th«j oAr for nle bjr the lUTOLI CASH or invoics. jai-ipu FANCY DRY GOODS. Per Goldon O«t«. ...... ».") ■ex. J. . | TAAFFE, McCAHILL & CO.S, Cor. Front and Sacramento its. ■ 0 PISCES BLACK DRESS SILK*, ALL WIDTHS; T5 CASIIUKEI AND ALL WOOL PRINTED DELAINE ROBES; PACIFIC, MANCHESTER AND ENGLISH DELAINES . PLAIN, ALL WOOL DELIINE3 JLHD DEBAIZSS ; ENGLISH AND FRENCH *-4 PRINTS i PLAIN AND PRINTED FRENCH MKRINOES; BRCrntE, STELLA AND WOOLEN SHAWLS; CHENEILLE, DUOCIIfiE | AND GOLD BORDERED I POARF3; ENGLISH SDPSBfINS MERINO EBISTS AND DRAW. ERS; . ;. ' , JUSi^J GENTLEMEN'S ENOLISH AND rRENCH BUCK GLOVES; 1 A LARGR INVOICE Of LADIES' AND GENTS' ALIXI ' AKDRrS KIDGLOTES; PRHITKD CLOTH TABLE AND PIANO COTEKSI ■ LACE CURTAINS, BY THE TARD OS PAIR; , ■ , , ; LADIES' CLOTHS AND SUPERFINE WEST OF ISOLAND COITUS; , ' " " A LARGE APSURTMENT 01 OKNTS 1 ITKNIHUINO : goods, etc, '^ TAAFFE, MiCAHILL * COExchange on Guaymas I . ' AT SIOIIT OK OM TIMK. ' . } Vornkby - , ',":'.] , n.. PKCK, MDOIM * CO., mi» leg-iptf ' H WwliUitom itnet. Wow B»tUrj. t o b ggo; X MART ROBINSON.^ ./'"'« "•»( -tiw _!__■;:.•. l i&T ' &O CASKS TH. 1. HARDSBOTS'I 4O com Tarpio * TarboraojVl Bomj Suckle j 40 com H m. Sacmi'e ul J DouilnluD, Theee bnnds an equal to tin laeat ntunlactirtd Tobareo ißiportfd Into tale aaarkat. Havana Otari bf ttrty ikamer. A.B. Rue KN BALM, MftMaSf c«. CUy aLd Batter; H«u.

t**\ ' in Sew. Carpet Establishment. >- J . CSs •800 ROLLS V^lTet "^Sd"Gilt " Bonieril :v^< »x»> . / iod'doxu" ;.* V . • Cornices and Cushion Bands. FINE GILT--BHADES. it 7*l v iff)" 1 ■ «'>*!: '»ai ?i« t/ a^ ;■ T'V/ITT ' 81 California Street, 4olS-2p Ifc"""I fc"""- Om door Ororn Battery rt. - ' i.: -. • Ml|-Xm*4 :.-. 4,000 yds. STAIR OIL CLOTH, New Styles and Patterns, FOR COVERING STAIR CARPETS, -. tfJ JVST KXOKITZD AT O. H. SHERMAN'S CARPET STORE, -:... - • >v« ■ ' ' ' IS* W»ahlno;ten (Croat, oppoalto th. •"-' ■ • • aukit, ,- • -- > - ->.-— • •«•;■ .. \. ■-..!•« -». jMK«» FOR. IILB WHOIIIALK IID KM. tail. Aleo,. well reltct.d atuck of . CARPETS ASD OIL CLOTHS, p.per Hantlogs Sialr Ro4«, lor. Cocoa Dow M»t«, aod • Urge afleortaiort of a: oda tbat are roqatrea In n«aM I'nn i>hlii(. The m (tali will to wU M • prlc* thu will tall ail KK AJO.N ASLK F KKSONS. J.T-lp . SALT! SALT! SALT! If|n/k TOWS C4RMKI ItXABD jUUU S«lt,«Oo»jn>M«uai£T.Uiiji. Tar ado la fauUtlao ta mit, ot ndwxd ratro, kj • BARTON 4 BhOS, ' Podlto SUt Work., d*M-Im2i> 46 Bocrueato HnoL IRWBI & lI\SLEE, SOLB AGENTS IN SAN FRANCISCO FOR GOODWIN'S . ■ Patent Chewing Tobacco ■O. *» UCRtBIITO ITUBTi ' ' EDWARD H. PARKER HAB ÜBOTKD To Xo. 6O California . Street, Fir»t door Aboro Front tUMt. - d.JMplm G-OODTTIir'S PATENT CHEWING TOBACCO, A> IMPORTANT IaPKOVEBBIT nr rcni^cj c» /■AVJJ CCT CBBWtXQ TOBACCO, Br Mtiin. E. OOODWIir & BHO., Now fork Oiij TOBACCO of th« BEET QUALITT to wlectod, nnitlj wnppmi in TIN fOIL, and PATENT PRESSED. Til* grr«t KlvasUpi of thi» ot«t oth*r braixla eonrfat In ihn aba of the pvlugw, midnls( it mot* ooannlrat to orrj In th« pocket, «nd bj Uin( FRKSBED SOLID, it kwpo MOIST and rKKII, ntaioo lv FULL RICH FLAVOR, and Improno In qulltjr v It la luod; wkilo I other branda, aa Boon aa tbe package is opened, the qnallt rapidlj DETERIORATES— the tobacco gran ing drj— and littering the pocket, to the great annojara of too w •umrr. Tho droaainf which tho PATENT TOBACCO andrrgoea in the prooru of mannbctnro, froea it from all grit or impnrlt ea ao objactfonable in tho nee of Ping Tobacco. Cbewara will do well to give tbe Patent Preaoed a trial, and Jndgo for thenuelna. Pot aalo bj Wbolceale Jlorcbaata, who rccelTo It dlrad from tho mansfketnrara. , i , ■,■ ■ m, K. OOODWII * KSO., delMp »r and »» Wafer atiwt, Sew Vni k Flrat Premium* Awarded at tlio 6t>i« Vain, ISSB and 1559, and at lh< H«. chanlca' Inatltato, lv Fnarlici. THURIVAVER Sc ZIIVTf, uninuumuinauuv Baskets, Willow Ware. Tots, LADIES* WOKK STANDS, Children!' Carriages, Hobby Horses, kt* 99 DATTKUT ITICBT, oclMaia Bet. Comßiorckl tad Otoy, Ban Frapdico. FOUR OR FIVE DOLLARS WILL BUT A BOX or CHOICE -AJPFIjES, (riTTI POVMDBX At «3 a.d 83 Merchant alro.c, Bolow Montgoawr/. doaO-2ptf a. BUT AST KILL dk CO. PURE WASHING BLUE. For thellaundry and Family Use. . 111 IF. COLOR IB BITTER THAU THAT . of aaj luolgo. and i. Cboapar aa<t man OoKTrnient. Pn-,*r~J bj E M. Kotlogg * Co , New York, and br aalo by the Aicenta, Ja'l-aplM O«O. F. BRAOO t 00. Oas Fixtures. COHIIITIVQ or CHARDBLIEBI, Bracketa. peodanta. Drop Lif kta, Olaaa ijhadei, etc. f■* tale at niuni pn«., br OONSOT • OWIMNKR, a, « and Sa rront att«t, *«*»■»'/ M and M Pino moot. Iron Plpoa AL.AROR AIIOKTHIT, KKO« Uth to 4 lnchaa aalttble for Wau-r, Suoia or Oy~>< aalo, la IoU to aalt, at rodnord ratra, bj 0 iNKOT A O'OOHSOR, ' »,Z7and*)rroatelnot, d^p-tptf taaadtoPmoatrert. FOR SALE.. ABOUT •*O,OO» Or IMAIL MORTOAOK notkk, woU aecond oi Boat Eaute, la tsauofiaoOtotlOOOeaeh. Applj to H. A. COBB, • ~ «. H. ■ISTiIN, aolt-tp ' Koal Batata Awtioiwera. OUB.TICB— 10 IU« Brown ShxitlngalT In., HawDSMtU. ai Baloa Brown ghretinyaST In , rrrmont. 30 Bale* Brown shirting. •■."«>* In . M"— ihntftta. SO Brl.a Brown Hhirling. »'^ in, Vremonl. Now Uiditig n " M..J of thf S«^" For aalo by — >i MB-If. JN >■ B. M«WTO« * 09. Sheep for Sale. lOfin KWKSI ALIO, 800-WBTH- • ofiUlf EBS, croaaod with merino ram.. . For portlealara, apply at the Baath of Saa Liia Ooaiaga, raebeoo'a Pa^.to Mr. jr. ASRBSO, ' • Or*. • r. RaNJURJO, JalO-lmJp l?lSauoaMatßet,bac.Jaokaoa*adPaclSe, Russian Cordage. „ »A COILS RVBaIAHTABBKDKOPK JSt^f — Aanrlod aiaea. fclgut package Lcgllno, UarUno, Signal Halj.r*, Ball. maker.' T« iuo. etc etc. • . Jnrt landed and for aalo br . ' MORRIS SPETEB. | JalO-2pln> .... .Ut ITaahiagtoa atroac PABIHBOMP A BIH80M* OBACC °~* X »AHT HO. , i caaoa P.lklng'toa'a * PPlater«i ter« Pride " Tw|.t lv ejr boxee - Atlantic Oabla " Twi.t ; 10 V bom » O»mo • ock " TwUt: 10 emm •' loTindMo" TwUt. . War et<a la ijnant Itlea to ialt *»»2pl« JAMES PATRICK * CO. j BIEDCAGES. THE LARGEST AMD PXBKBT AS. , , •f rtM ; B » '■ *• Slata, I m aalo at redaoad prlcoa, wliol'ule and retail, by „ r—t jai>» g tf .;...;•';■ MAM , *i?<aS%^ CHURNS. CHURNS. CHURNS. A FtL K AHO oommtW aiiobtA »« of TkoranaMtar aad Daaher Ckana. For aal. in lota to tnlt pnrchawra bj ';-,,■ -'-,-■ ■ -• ilam * nowxs, JalMytf , ...... ■•i-!i-.~. ■- HOayatj—t - jWKAPPINGPAPER. v i m'^JJ :"' T ." "LAM * BOWBS, i J'Ufrtf » •"■ ■ ■ .. ; MCUyrtreot Tlr*2J£r ß^^ mBT **D TALISSIAII.ImI >M 4 toftd **'" "I P>rllw * llU^ "■»«" ■ ' '— *" f . ■ IS BToBA ''.'"""*■■■' Splkoa. M floe and Fence S Ul. For aalo bj '-■•'-■■' Of talk HALF BBLI DRIED APPLEI. A I.COHOL— ,-,,..-■ ...j, . „.,-. v ,-♦»<•'«•'"»• T«e»7*oe,Mi»r o»t Now laadlnc« Maid of than* and lor Mia t,y oVS ip „ „; , , , jj, 0 „ mwT .« A CO. VBW PIOTVBKI FUII THE STKRaiI J^l oacopa, Jtul racrired by aka»a»- ., - — <■ . LAWRENCE A nr>O?BWORTn. 't ■ « ••iL.i^r'.^ i^. |i r'^^B <t ,- jaii-^ flao.r.uuaa.oo. '

Important to Housekeepers AND OTHERS. ' M *>*'''"X'^- w ?^'' a> y"* "i.iissss PTOUUPULU.-PTJLIJ! A NEW ARTICLE OF [BEDDING, SUPERIOR ' To «nj other now Id oi* la tbls Coaotry. . • . - . ■ ' .—,/■:.-.. . • 49- FLKAI WILL HOT LIVB IS IT. JACOB .CUREIBEB, Bal. ' Xrapartcr laadwlsk lelaßeU Pola, 104 BlTTBnt ITMET. N. 8.-CW Tloklßf la MMntbl l» a good Mrfu; kl"d. aill fa -A.TJCTIO2ST RAtTr ... . ■ . . , * •'* ' * A? ■ y.»i»^-> r(f f .-«.■,«,-< -nut *. » i JOHXC. BEM/S, COURT BLOCK. ■01. IMU9 lt« CI.AT lIAIKT .... . . .- . . .- ■ O ARPEI T S, OIL CLOTHS, PAPER HANGINGS, WUfDOW SHADES, ETC. IB lI A 1. 1. COSTIJCK TO >EI.L RT nock ot Carprb, (11 Clock.. Faear Budsn, Wlaa .w Eh«dc« ai < Qoaim. as the kw«i Aactisa PricM for BUTT BAYS: Ik* tikna <tt foots Um>» re. m«inJn» as kaad win b» eloaed rat at FCBLIO ACCTIOS, to uki reea fee ear anrujtles Bpito( <i—4t. •T .tH. .- ■ • HO TICK. C«n nod •itmlM tin ncnt toporuttou of ICOS ANDCAKPETd illtatil* fcr ChlUtui ud ».w T~r'. Pnwsnti. Country Dfftifrt tnd Trftdtn fraormJly, will piMM b*ftr 1b Mlad Ui»t lin det^rminoj to Mil fn«<U tower Iht • uj otbtr MUtiliahmeDt la lb» ellj of s«n rrasriKa ChU sb 4 •zmmitM or nock el Canata, Oulhj, laa, Bhad<a,*c^udJad(*(<»7aßraalTaa. JOII.I C. BELL, Oaipat,, 81»4« aa4 Uph*latn7 Wankowa, CoaH Block, tio*. IS2 an 4 1U CUj unt, aaai Kaaraj. WINDOW SHADES. SI ZLO.OH. »iIK O. KDWARDS, Papar a>a(ar, ate., Kaarjr (treat, •«• Soar lobU> af Call feral*. Furniture and Bedding OF ALL, KINDS, And from tl» Trrj baat aumfkctnreri ta la tha CnrM M«U», »hkk »ill b. icld chop by J. PEIRCE Saa. 115 anal 11T California atraat, Ooraar ef LaMaadorK 111 AVB OR HARD AID WILL BK OoXataatlT recriTlnf, l»rg. IsTokM «f ICTLNITTXR. My imi|NHiu Ibr manafacloriif and ptrchaoßza tlio Kvtrra Banibcrarrra, an rack that I caa atU ICR. NITUIIE <» brttur u-rmt thu aay «Uwr ImporWr. Exary Tartety af Uonatbold, CWnet aad CoaaßSt Bonae raraitar* ob hand. Fart* a la mot of HOUSEHOLD TUIUnTVUI voM ie w«ll to call and aiamjix my atock kalbra tnyloe alaawhen, aa I am oaterßUaad aot to ka asdanoM dj m; J. PKIRCE, ALL IRIGHT AGAIN 1 THE FOUNTAIN HEAD llf FlXIi BLAIT | AT TBI 01.0 STAMPIaf fraoad— TO Comaaarelal atraat, d«»-»Plai ketwtaa BaaaoaM aad Ba»tary. HAVANA_CIGARS :p. o-ajssoxj, IWPORTKK Of PIXB HAVANA CI9A BH, ef rarieaa Drmid. and d-acript-ooa Ka. 11l W-fciagt. a .tra«t «*Moi»l» OppcaitatkeF»atOaea. Bass&Co.'B \o. 3 Burton Ale. THJC rnDERSIbXKD Ell OM HAID aad f. r «alr ih. abon atWkrab d kraad, Tall 10nhhd< t .zeraraJaa4i 7Skkds« Kuai. All^uf tbe am kn» and (aanataMi a> baiag tha wry Saaat faaUtj. ' OKO. ICMLXT. aalT-J»tf Oeraar Ualea and Battery attaala. STOPI LADIES, AT wnnrs fotjntaiii head, tuhiob. JUT OPESH) FOR IOIR ACCOM. aiodatloa.n Wublnstoa it., two doors below Stockton, aa tba aaaw aid* aa the BapUrt China, ■ AKD OBDSS TOCK OAKEB, OANDIEB, aad etkn (nod tklD|a *<r CHRISTM A§ aad KBW TX4 K'S. *»«rvtlilc, la rraan aad it tka B~t Qnailty, «nl will ka aold < kfiapar thaa tbe cuoimoo articUa can ka k*d at Mb« pUcea tkrwoithoßt tka city. eeflO-lalp At Private Sale. 2 0/10 LB *- COPPKK WIBKIUvU Tor aaperiar, ax Mhooatr Pafa ; ay JAM. K. WAI.IWIII6UT * CO. MT-Bf C4PARKLIKO HOCK..— A HILL 18. •9 ">'■>• ht. Utaaa a Oe.'a aapartar (paralai Bock OIARLEs amXECCB, aalMplal " Bale A put. U f roat atraet. HOAR1 » bbla Adua'a Boatoa Craahad tint; ■ MO kr kkla Extra Naw Orltana S%gv. Boar laadlaf ex Uald ef the aw, aad far aala hj d»a7»» JXO. B. MKWTOJt * O\ Kio Ooffe. THE CARGO OW THE P. P. POOOE, aow UudJeg, aad lor aale la Ma ef actlaaa tkaa any bv-aaaik. ■ , -. JulO apla» JAMES rATKICK a CO. TORMLE-IHKBAH ADD tIXTEaU 1 Of TUa bTEAMEK OAKLAND. The akera wiU ka aoU chraa, U apslied •> aooo. fey BIQOS k tCMLKS, > J«lftga-T . . 1*» from atreet. K. JM. VAN RKBO * CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, lOO^°^B l °J fc rt].?y" IST COAi - DOTLK a AWDBMoI'i ' ■fcffl Ip-1 ■ Jack wo atn-et. eae door kehw lancktaa. VRVP- i " ~ ■ tW krp ««t Baatoa !jrna. Bow laiidhi ( ax HaM of the 8«a. aad tor aale »• dag-»» JNO. B. KEWTO.t a CO A llllltTKD JKI.LIC9 CHOICE Z AS. /* to CBiraara; Para Doary; Greaa Peaa, aaa Tneh Paackn. la alora, for Mle ky ii.r«r*: jamm h. cdtt««, Olt-iMf 17 rraatatraat. XI.I.IX*, JABS, ETC- •■■ Ucaeae aerated J*Uira,»B>eaaa> 1 .' 3t caaaa IM Carraaf, »«• caaa. 1 3t «aa» aaaortrd Jaata, X-Ib caaa. M <»• Freak Übatera. 2 B> taa*. SO rv« Ftnh Qama. Mb ram • , at ceaw Ultle Neci Bay Oanu, H> eaaa. 26 raare Frrah Tonatoaa, i Mow laadiac, aad far tale »y >H»T. • fIEO. >■ MtAaw « Ce. " OOAK-EI ARatT AMD TAXlaaaAaT-Z"-MT'- »OOkklaKoMaaaCa.-aEitraClaair^ ■ VJOhf kMakokiaaaOs.'ibtraClaar. far aale ky JaMpT ■ • ■ - .- 1 .. JAMES PITEICB: a 00. : O. STEVENS & CO. j v ■ .• 1-j.j • ■ ntpontu o» " ■- Watches, Diamonds.. Jewelry, j Clocki, SUver and Plated Wan, i • 143 ; VaIHUGTOI STREET, |«.Moßl <O ai«ryan4»aaa l »». " iflO To »» OP Ml BIT HARTLEY JL U VV Ooal, ax Hi.doo, fnr ml. ky '. „, ' MTUt* AKDEMOH. jal3-t»tp , Jaclnoo . traat, »pc door b«lo» Stockton. Mixed Brandy. MAnUrnnt MIXED BRAROTi O»V "> «««r«w »laaa MIX KD B«Al»DT;' < ' ' — ■— a* aaihtk ataa. MIXaD aRAKDT. ■■■.■.. .i M. S. WHITING & CO. |I»« a*««lOTatl> TO BRICK STORK •■-■•X* lt» front .trtrt, near Waaklajioa. ,. „,->■ Grape Imperial Cognae.^^ 1 CA .tIGtITn " PIPKB " SRAPaf IM. Jull-lilf . 10» Bauary atratt, X QRACK OOHnOH— - KM Toae Elia«toa P1( Ire.; Xe. 1 Mackaral, ia kiu aad kalf kbit, »i Uadißf. and for lale, kj aTtVK.Nd, BAKER a Te, Ja»T U rraat Mreet.

JflteteUaneottg. H trt "JW »^> "XT *** - KENNEDY & BELL'S "" CARPET STORK LARGE BTOCI, LABGE SALES in] VERY LOW PRICES. . ..-•. — » To lan «v cn »n ■■, frc*» i«.»t,-a>. »»a [-j j**4 m u» FtoaM toporwL 500 fleeei of mew Hew Stjle Seal Bruiels; -■•-'»■ 50 yleccs of French Beps, new itjle of Certain Mods ; 1,000 pair or Cold and Cryrtal Bordmd Shadn; OIL CLOTHS, Of mcy Width U4 Qulltr; PAPER HANGINGS, RUG?, MATS, ftC. Wholesale and Retail. «"• FBICZS WILL BK BIDCCSB OX LAST lUII ROCK, 10 M IU BOOK FOR JWJSO 00001. KENNEDY & BELL, 8. W. cor. Xontgomery ud California its., BAK FRANCISCO. JaU ■ . - Nl^ JE^ w£«A* v ■■: - ' , .g». ■ JAS. PATRICK & CO. HATS rORIULB, IS ITOU AID k» (Tin. Ik. Ulowtxg w«u kmurm trmad. of Vlr|l» Buikittn* Trtaraa, Tan»*>artk. ol Ibna an direct <ro<a tb« awaafectanr, hu^jooll/ n» *» J* feted at cwpmtini; low jilcm: lIAJLf POIXDI. T. * B. BARMROTI S PBACH ; TCSrilf * TAKIXOCOir* APRICOT: J. H. gBIAMOI'S PBIBI 01 lUI CXIOX; a. l. KOTarn's vsur; WX. SHEAXUfS BCX ; I. A a BABBOBOTrS OOLSCS OATB; A. L. BOTBTXZ'« ISTINCIBLB; A. L. BOTSTBB'I MAXTI OWX; HAKTBT BIRCH; KaiCXKBBOCKXB; KMOXA ABB QCMJi 01 HSASTS. BRIOIIT fOIJDI. PXIXLISS— T. *». HARDOROTH; •OLD HAf-JOHX HL aaHANtB; •ALLBOO, CLOPTOHJ I. K. LAROBOBS * CX). ¥ 3 BXTXA; »IW»-i SOLD LBAt; MCBBZLL A BCBKTS lUlf-CUXXB: HOCKACAT.OOLDC9 SXAL; OIRALDA, ITISI BAP. «TC. BRIGHT HALF POCXOS. OOU> LEAP— J. n. OBEAKER; PITPI.N-JOHS W. TOCNS; WINB RAP— OBO. W. CILUAM FAHCY TOBACCOS. I3YI3CIBLS TWIST; PLAMTZB-S PRIBK TWIST, la Ml ; WUCB SAP TWWT; ATLANTIC CABLI TWIST, la fcfl ; f IRFBCT LOTS, mall plop; SAIU COCK TWIST, it toO. ■ ■OKIXe TOBACCO. nAROSBOTTS PBEBLBS3, KIIUKVfKW, ASB BTODICS 1 . OOLB LKAP. nn cit. JOHX AXDBBSOH A CO.S BOLACB. Mcpr. LOBILLAXITI COARSE KAPPIK A!fO MACABOT. For Ml* by th. 3ia(U Cm. m r*ckaj<k JAM. PATRICK * CO. *+*t« NOW IS YOUR TIME TO Bay Fine Clothing Cheap! SELLING OUT! SELLING OUT I AT COST. WX IRS TIRKD OF THI KEIDT. Mad. Ootkirg Mulo»«» aad uk. tku m- hod K> dr<* ont omr iaMaa wick of Via. aotklac fer la. par. POM «f awaabaariag mlj to ardor, mat lnln t la fleaU' Fine Tur nUhln g Gooda. WtaikikMMn tkalßMt qnCitj of Dr~. Sotu, Ooau, Cot. »d Tmbi fer aztj Uin. ~— ---i nia prspantaaaslji lev. rmicii, wilioji * co^ 4»ie-t»l« lUaaanßwatoMntt.balraatatcaMry. • . -_. - _ _ -. . BITiTi 3300K* FOB TUB ni Of B00KXBIPE&S mail BCiWtgS SIX Arr»aij.<t by BU R. Calklna. PnMlia«< aad tU br A.. BTJSWELL IS* CI.AT ITREKT. itwiu.iAT.xmi*. EXPENSE AND LABOR Taaatawtkaof feapablkblaTitea lalhialnk. laS-tptf O. F. GIEFIN'&BRO., *o. S9 FBOST JTBEET, ■ ■■ ■ . - . . ••■ . ■ ■ „ - - Offer for aaloi 3000 *•■■• ■ A ***«ca»A«T»v tUUU .aitkw,. t,OW ll*. MAPLB tCOAB, paaiatt •^OOOIba.BXTRXA flOMadnauaadialtbanis »,000 Ib. SULTANA BAl3lM,ladns«| 1,000 tuXM It Alf I N X ; » «M OCATA JBLLT, la Hb., ,V>. aad \ ; Jkn.; . . lL» i ': »,0M U*PSCXES, La bulk, Mrtaaaa, Ua.»Mj m : M.OOO Aa. CBXSTMDTB, hi ttai aad caaa; »,0M Ilm. TBUOW AnUCAB DATB9, ALMOUSO, ■"pBCABa, BRAZILB, VILBBBTS, SS9,'UIBT WAUTOTB,*. OKEGO.\ APPLES..n r , >««BI« . ■ . ■ : :■'■: roYamnjAJ echt Sew Spring. .Importation ! ! I — m «> *****' OF* '**♦■* • k " l?v ****«**-» MARBLE GOODS Vj EX' TAMSMAit.-AUVf |»r) i~>."> •« r -»*-.. ..... VsJ » »••. > ;^ 5 ; • 0 »Hk a>4 S.II I n tlu' auU , 100 Ilallam W«laM« Maatcla »4 am,,, j «™im «••!••. YAOUOH •• ■ Aam'ail«a» Iliturr' Bu"l«U ' aa4 «'•!», 11l t< IKO. i ... : • i , O j. *» "Of SVt TIIKSBJ «OODI ARK MAWCFAC- . r»r4by«r.wa k«-M la ».- T«k «4 Italy. Urn »n kaova uyalallaa »f »afca mJ«i •apartaoaa a»j fartaw inMJi.X. atcapytag at w»d. U. DrHnak MARBLE DEALERS! •I -•• "•■"- --•• ■ •>• [ AttatlM b «itwi~i t* aw liaplill ail ilaml at | -JTAUAH'tBIHEJ MARBLE, rraaiKu«l*cac<_«al*k. «' ■ *■ -riVi^mi. M- TMi ■k'paMl »m WWVravd (akbaM tatarrayuaa) by w»alar »»i a«»thlj < i£ -. JKWjUb. K. BllKat*. A«Bjrr, JaM*l4 • *— — — • Mial.iaii.j CIIOICB TAULC BVTTIK1M irklM a ttai * C*i krud, v Do, q,,^^ uJ TJUbm, few Ml. it >Mr-T 810. P. BJUCW * C»,

- JttisttUrnieons. FURNITURE ABB 33 23 3D 33 X 2ST C 3. JOHASG. CLARK & CO. iiroiii m flip™ -- ~.CfP FURNITTJEE, BEDDING An AC I RRO H & ' 138 WaxUnrtoa «tre«t. * vi ritiiciico, ■art* 4*J-S • j •■* - __^ TPI niVC MOW Ul ITOKI TIB UEOUT STOCK OW litSSb Turk ivts ovraaxo oa Tnc PACIFIC COAST, WHICH WI WILL SB.LL AT LMI PRICKS THAI IV COSTS OTHXJU TO in POUT. JOS A» a. CL*HK * CO. «i2vT?^!S?!? ■"*!" Frearte..; «» ud M>«IUIUIl m> | UU k M;M ;| H<m||||a JMJ M „ JIMP PATRICK & 10. .. AM IXOCLABXT Of RKCZIPT OF IVTTU, CLEAR B AC »■ iidii, niai, no poaut. truniTTi njifr»»n«riiMiii»* i.i«— itm LABS-e»J. B. * Ce.VtO.B>eaaa,hlUM><aeee: WAILS— "OId Cotoojr- ud - hibc UDi.'umMM 1M T»e fallawlMft- w.ll kun Bruo e>r VIRGINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO A. L. KajtWa "trait,W B .anwS«talMttr a ). a.enwr^^enusllUCiskmr ■ A. L. BejeMr*. »X«j-i Own;" J. H. Iniiiil"lmart«X' A. L. t.jaiei'.-InTtariMe IwUtj- !■. tnwt ■ ; " A- L. RoT«ar l i»lßTlcJbi», > *kalJ poaal.; Joaa IlldneM * Co.'.«Hola».Heidsieck Champagne. 500 Bskts., Quarts and Pints SZ EDWABD ASS TTf-Tint. - VOm SALB BT ]a«J»la JAMM PATMCK * CO. NOTICE. In TMtmen t or S nail Capitals, Bar Jap, ie TO FACILITATE TUB IS VllTa»*.t .ad cjrewl.liaa of eaKll 4 .pttata, t.*i*«*. «c, tb*aad«r,icnad.furtb«au»lmaadlb<Hrlßrop<ieafr:aa4i aad tomapwdMt^ oftr at r*rl*ete sa:*, tor r**h at am «cr*dit «-f Lin«orM««rfti »««*,p«»»tol«ia w«^kl». monthly, or qturwrlj liwl»<n», v ma/ b* a^jnil bdwa as Ih* Urn« of parchaat — Tarloo. profwrtiw ud lot! of gnud, ritasUd oa Battarj. Broadway, Datia. Dram, Depose, CaltHnia, Cotamamal. ftnt, rol«»m, raalth, front, Jackam, Ilantem, Harard, lomkard, MarUC, MaM(aaOTT, Duaa, PariAc, aacramaala, Jwifuoi, Swckton, Iblid. Cuioo, Talkj«, Waabtogtaa, *s, *», Mnao. io th. eit^ >od rout; of Sanfru -ro-of tb* Taiu of tXO u> »10.0CiO %»J »p-ud. aacb. iiiuwa aa tunuHi uim> wUI !•» aada K. parcbaiir. of antmproT d BroaaTtj, for tb* aranlaa ol Ha» ataada, Warkabera, *o, 1c Tba Utla. of aU aroparua. aSarad, to ba a>d4bclor7 to pcrrJiiifii i. Tba aaferaifaad wfll alaa mO ta rasa Bsaraar. ikan of tfca Saa fnociaco Oaa Co- H.i UMialil TaUrw Baona4 Co.'. nrit aad gMaad Martyafa fr. J r Boada of tha atira af Saa fnaaaea, Sacnaanio, Xarja. »Ula, t.n Joaa. Ac, tc fut. at Caii-wni. Bonda. and of the d)*r«t oowUaa of th- Stale, aln frnck ud lojliab, aid otbar Corapeaa ■aWflMa latatwt will w allowaj to yawha.1 1. am tl>rir liayaUlia Sjmama. at ta. lav of >X wot* ptr Ji«« aa mn o*e udrad DoOara pmtA, or uu rwr mat. p-r urn. rIOCHK A BATKBQCZ, Jal-ap Oonar Mnannaiaiy aaat Jacaaom. Sazerac de Forge and Fils OOONAO. r*£\ EIGHTH PIPES SAZESAC OU »«AMBT; JD nauur io ea lo; *k*tf do «a do. la Bend. Far aU. b» WSI. HWIU * CO., JaUJptr im Buiaij amii PIOCUE Sc BAYERQIE, AGENTS AND BANKERS, »»t|omirr itr..t, corxr •« JtckHi. BBAWOX ■„„...,„ m»T^f dIL Wtf*» T>_ 3NTo-t^r Vorli. BSARS OH X.. 0. OPPE&MAMU, l*7mbl. tn tke prlacraal dtlaa of IBANCX, ITAIT, noLAM>. rsrasiA. MMini. HOIAA3TB, 3wmiai_iM>, srAEf, OMMAST, *. '••T •' •• » •«.«» *, •■, tka am aj »-' eat nau, and tir a BMderaK ——■—■-». nnut tins aad eaaai Ikwa be pa^J-at lxedsarMa, Misty, taartarty rratkeraiaa, to tba auaßiaa af daaaaitsra ta tba f»I.tqPAI.dTIKa of Karopa. Jails PENMANSHIP BOOK-KEEPING, French and Spanish Languages, TACOHT, DAT AXD KTESCTO. At DO.UUI.-. Canaa.ntaa lai.tltmta, •«. M «nw>Bi nui, Tba a*ara(. 4W17 attaadaao. at tola laetitata, la ■••> OfKS DAY AND ITINISO. - a»i-ta-^ To Consignee* tad. Stip MutenSTEAMTIti COLU3IBIA. ,f— — IV . OM ■*"» ARTBila THIS ".T c *"»"■■ low* ca J"-*'*^ la 4 oaiabtalaaß«at. BUTTER ASD T.ATtn 000 choick bcttib, Jm\?\W JnaLllarnaiiaAOo.-. braad: Ul»tf Car^rfl^t^C^S^. WINDOW_ GLASS. X*AHOE_SISBEIB. mOO ■ OIE * JrsT arrived, aTAzmsxz) GLAas. aUoalorp. loraalak' "Ma, LWa ™' W ** r F£^ ENGLISH AND AMERICAN VARWISHES: A Boan'a, TUoVaX aad ecaer aoaalai Iraaia an t« M ar.aad» J rial.Ml..p tt 4 ow .b, ■ MMXt «^«« .ciMERot, wanna « co. J**" 1 * htrraatKreat. UNSEED OIL R A iiiJl?.J5 oll ** 1> ' 131 ■***■"• For tai. la W. to eait fc» . - - CAJHEOX, WUITTIXR * CO, J*s-*J * 5- * lot rioat atraat, WHITE LEAD. JSWITTt, ATLANTIC. „ rOHIT KITIB, *»r lala la aaauUlne la aaW ay CAXJUto*. viu'rnn * ca, I* 3 * IB* Ftaauawt. CROSBV & JI4TTnEWBO.t, ixroßms of WIICHM, BUIOSBS. TISK JIWXIIT, ■OUB A»D FtATTB ttLTXR WAXX, I*4 M»»t (oa>«r 7 atraat , ear. SacrajMata, •AM IBAXCISCOI rraa»iaaoa>»aarwdb7»KaMi.Bi,. d.a>tpl»af • THOMPSON'S SITSCOL IYVRSERIE9, BlnuM«Ui.!..paßlT.r,atSa«olir«T 7,S7 ,S» c.e .o t »» tT , (aaOanai jA A LARGE ASD WILL BE. CrHLVetr.l Mort of «ppla. P»r, r~cli, rlaai, 4B^aV rtf T»ee— aaa aad tva> )aara akt. a»— - *T* , ißSTaad «acaaa Waraa«Tnaa.Alaaaßd, "-TjCgj aa.aa»lalbW7> taraaaaial ' O«»P« TIN K.«, oa. » tana imh old. rfeaak. km— aad aattra nrtrtk* Alaa, fanlaca. ra aaaaUrto. Wm. ■ laiitiiij.Car "«, a—r*— rr. tail llai ■!»■■ . a— VTT Raaa.«aa>kala. flo«trir<c Marata. faia^al Uoaa. ail I. h. «4d a, ABDICiO ?IUCM. to ■aka raoaj ay a»w neck. v — Far faU partlrmlara, arpl j to ia-TBOBTFton,' Or to *. L. lAXPOBd! «tj e*Ki M* *• Fraaa aai«a. Baa r lailini .. OrtoBAXBtABALeWB^' 0,to«00I«A»»er5t UU ~ > *' . A^BaaslMtwCatoiennraraiahad. -JS? 00 * 7 ' ' alt bar af tba abo~L i".a»«. aa apt hrartaa^k, Old Tom Gin. Ifl " 1R «Oa»B:alT BCKJITT* - l 3& """^TfSST Ofard Dnpuy & Co. Brandy. i^>t -■■■-. . Awta,.a.t lacttoa * tab a*?. T kl. „11 b. *m*iUn££?. aaertaalty »» ... ... whale, to aw *aa ar *m bMau<lMUnt.>par(B(kaataa«L Eel»Mic».r^S adiaaaJnd. Afplj tof.B.*, LaU Be* AM^ rVaT

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