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thii suspension ; though we connot apprehend tt «, no mstter what that period may %•, we •tn be seriously affected thereby cm this tide cf tie continent. Q old will be able to command • higher appreciation, bat it will bt on the bub of iscrcvtliß and perhaps indefinable ralue attad i¦: io bank paper. It will be seen that it commanded a premium of 2 per ct»t», but m the paper currency must be the standard of merehandue nines, gold most «Yfntually suffer in traie aanaacUona, ainc« leii merchandiwwill be regarded aiiuequiralent. We hare referred abore to some tariff change*, •without ptrhap* bong sufficiently explicit. According to ¦ diepatch receired bj a Custom* officer, tbe rates on Sugar are at follow : «< Brown, or Muaeorado, not abort No. 12, andSjTup of Sugar, or Malado, 2Jc perlb.; White or Clayed Sugar, abore No. 12, 3c per lb. ; Bcfined Sugar, fie per lb. ; Colored, or Candy, 8c per lb.; Molmet, «c per gall Syrup of Sagai or cant, concentrated Molasses, or Ualado, entered under any other than their proper designation, are forfeited. The ahore rates apply to importations on and after 25th in*t-, and in warehouse." This dispatch is dated Washington, Dee. 27th; so that the new law is now in force. By Orerland Express, we hare New York correspondence and filet to the 6th ult. We subjoin some portions of the former in relation to freight* and California produce : rnuta-KM to Unrpooi uMIM and imcolar, on tuna U the taaeaa* <M lo.ur.uo. on w.r [¦"'"**¦ .l^««Wl!r«l. U b*«. .1 Bd.and».o*J lto 80,000 uU .wei. ul cora, in butt aad bit*, at td@i»^. TulUti., m>» Ji,wtM bu L«t a »U>a no niMCMiat 18c, «Dd lOU tku fluar at 700. In r»» Itwiuico Iten-u ¦- thing .«« ton.*.. •tuiiXMthrbrrtta «r» Hwlitg «ii"M aoo 30c, on «th«AB4»«rJMa«uB(OoJ J) ud KornauM ol t * t— (U-u.txk) we »hieh Ste •» demuitod, wu» but M« ~ (t«- m tn uO-rii t- Ik. IUI7 SobiiiMW (Ca.*uj o) tj Uvteoxil asiioiitatßt im|>laa>eßU •¦> 1 7i?wSK?i.*.*-ta,-«»r* t-t.w-ih d.-««i.d urn, »v« tki BB'kM bnM qotUactiT* . 4 briaw atu|>pii g1 ts car* «v.l* trm Tkn tulii were 10. «».«rt. «.»>• i«»>i»ltf«i> •mbraeail kbout lut< tM) bu'b^a >t 1 1 »v or l*aa<U»a dab. f 1 il&l 4k uli « v I li it»u«. tl «;•(*« 30 k,r •«*" la*> lUHJ OniMi lUri j J^ mm, »'Ui Mk»ot 11,200 bubal* B«y QoiuU .uJ C. u/» »«i 't *<9 it , ... Mooi— lhc autrket k«»« ap tor v>; wool*, »hlch kpprv* tv U Urn unlj dMOrtptiaa tor wbtcb tl»r. v *v ailitt drait'il ... li ra iuu !«u a mom inijni. y for fiat flescM sad ...ii»= I iui ut flo ¦ fwxitti*. £».»• <J SO.Oi* fl •«<* r«L«i.i:»l4v- Oc Tot to*, lull. J «4Oi t.Ltihuu in goo a< iu«uJ »i 1-t fjr taper, the acksa of Ooii uruiic ¦¦« v* n» am. lor l« •»•">« *«* *¦ P 0 "- • J>d • P OOI "•" U.I uurin h.Tt b.*-u acid; ike udaa ukbunl to 45.030 Iba «t 1 uuuu prK- ? blbk iUTO(o«*. ilidc»— lKduaud c iiurnwi nailed Mid 1 r*e*t are n;mlajdij u»Ji».««f. Wabnarof liO«a'McfOalf«Bi«D tk.u— Hu.t firm, buO deer quiet. Ml. aof • few t»l« r*mjiK.« e^at at i9^« <; 8u b lei do ca ptiTkU i».m. lViu«— Qui-t. Late aiTioet from EBgl.ud, lww«r»n, rt-purt tbeaimrket trm «**». »•» • hsmr of *aU« bat* of iiU.LUu Sa B.lme Ci 7, at t% 1, caab. Our Boston correspondent, under date of Dec 2d, writes as follows : U eeneral ba>ii»M there i* a gooj de^r. • of acHrity TL« wuiier a-a«n haa fairly «t in, acoonct* will »oou be racirea of tk» <lueii>« up ot inUnd cang.njn o« UU aadriren. TLe fiwi.rul bonsas i» brt^bt and d*ar *d:l, „ » d«iii»u4 ol lb. ftr*t »a«*-r. Tb* monej m» ket DtTer wuitea.wrouiidi'iua Tt* beat ewlorwd LOU^andac otDtaiKVe U nodrnteij abort maturite*. Bod ready buy en «t H» aod 6 i-r c bt. Att»* Utur rau the bank* aie takiu about a!l tbat li bSored them by their tegular la v.. «t.<ck m-rkH tb«» 1« not mocta doing of imsortaoe« aad ttie vanatuAa in pme, from wet k Co wr» k, are urn o> n-uca eooosßt. m~t>tr at pub k ant tl iirMlkt b>«rd of .r. k«n. Ol^rUon appear to be waitiec later adti»* [ro» £Qrope, • bfeh pre«ecto a nion to uy extent. Th* .•• L»ral btuUKai of tie week baa beea aatdanM, tut a Brtuer f.«liu« j.wTidw tbe market fcr moM artidei ol m rcban&be, tbe agiwtioa of •till bigfeecdutita leadio^ to , .v* aytcuUlir* mquir>. «onr ba* been arri.itg onite fr. cly from tbe Weat aad Oaaada, and auck* hat. rapii'y luoaaed. ProTuiau gtn- rally an dull, »nh uDLi-iti^ ir- aj«. t^ f r th» comiaf »ear. Cotum, with U*o-ab'e aivi. a» frura abroad, again b»« an n^waid t»uJtoc*. wiJi rery amall rtocka. Calcutta gooda generally beid >cry fine, wtUi aaialler iblpinento of late to tbe U H » 0..l firm, w ii h f ul. pricj forall grade*. Boou and iW* ¦ 0 iiet a* cf Ul*; tbe demand for UelifornU hu beea talr, with B£f»»orabte adriee* tbence for tbipper*. In Lrj Cooda, c .111 an upward tendency for Cottra* and Woolena, and a cool demabd Xa katifcrnia weateli lave aal'ed from thi* 1 ort the pa t week. »c bate ajT«ti«ed the Radiant, for December 6, In Giidaen t WUlia^u' line, tb ba toli-Wid by tbe Haro 1.1 r; and the *nj K. Balcb. la Winair 1 Co'i line, no date g !v#u. &uipnjecU light and freigiiU as brfore. • a •


t LOCK— 3OO qr ska Golien Age extra at J: %> 2gO t-*. « B£AT— MM aka, f X export, at $2 ; «v« do.; 11X0 do <J.< >c f 2 and UJ do milling ki f .' f !0u B» XAKLET— 2UO Ui at $I, sad Wd»»tWe rIW fti. HIKES— IOO dij.H3.: f B. C iKr-JK — 10U bnO«b« »t lbc %t B>BUTI'LK— <*J tk« lithKUt, print..— full f gcrM. Lt ¦aid.K-Carjj m : «h of 140,000 feet uwttw) Eedwo.4,« AIWi, and 6C.u00 da do, v 8 Blunt, at t X fur rui«B vi tie tjr ixt-ai, +¦ *•• WMcmli Prlctt «r Caatfornlm ProdaM, DAIRY PKOICCIE — Tbarapplj of Batter btacnaiiag. but chok.* frad«s ktb «:iU Bcana. W* qurt* good to csmjt diirira at £o®eoe I fair tv foot do at 4PBSuc ; asd TttitiarT | acWed *t 3>;@<oc y 18. Cbtae i< tu-ad> at 1 1 (> 2Jc r ft. KWiß— lhc market la well inpplki, i&d prlcat ban ne^M te 40@i»Xc » dot I'Ol'LTKY— s-i.ply j.lrDtifol. Sacki and Chickeu $S e»: Uau J'6-7 >Jn; Turkejt l.&l&c « B). 4KCU— AppI«. 4>4*6^c ; tan 6®lU; Q Inert te 10c > ft*. MkA rS — Curtd Meat* ai« extwxjinfl j dull aid almost onaafeaUc at present, tboc^b a food apri&c tr» :'e ie lock* •! f t«»rd w lor dv nuribcrn coaat. tbonldera a c oo:miD«lvqnoubl. at'c; idtilt^f:; Bunt 14c; La.d 12^ is-lic; Irnh U-*ta an doing a BBS* better. EltugiiUi-ei'«piici*fc«atr-l.«>». bwAZyOd'ti rorkS@6c; Mutt v 4^*6.- ; V«al S<4sc ft &>. IU »• on loot an in Ulr d«-ma-d - a^S »Bl *-a.ll» Ulaal|>ll Of l»r PrO«»«. P.r V<blm DeMeritt— «M aln tarl«; Hathawaj *Co P. r Id* J-oa. Muika bar »j Bray * Bio l'*r Vigilance— 3uo rk. bark) 11- thi»»y *Co l-er Oeu fi) «*— 3 M aaa baric} Uiilar tCo Per baoottßK ct^r— t 0 .k. t»r,ej £ G ».»th»w« *Co H. r Attiile OarotiM — IZJD tka irbe^t t Q Muhtwi i Co P.* r<«Mt Pi nc — cO afca wkeat II l> EUeiborat >U; -0j tk* u« • 106 >ka »h^>t M T«rp-y < Co y-T L «.«• U.i ktr— «UW •*• wlmt I H Ham F« Oo A•« H«r — lUU «ka oaia IN aka pstetoea 100 aka oummh to nuMier P r Mar j i bellej— loo ¦(¦ barley 60 akl potat. *• Kej - DO da. Mu>cli k Forl p.r avipnwa— ]S t.ii« bay 8 Baoaoa Per W.«t Wl-4— IS ma bay te ordtr asoimcLixtu*. brat ...._._.._»• k< 2,225| -tatoaa. . ¦ . aanto SiO da j ....... ...»»ki 2J.n : i;nioiii ....... ..._*«cka luu «l. •xk. SUujUaa luw 4S


moa in piiabcisco. TO ACAPCLCO. Par rt jar. G oli«a Ag»— January 1. Floor —- — » V •*• 1M f Joe |IU W) TO PANAMA. i'or «tiu. Ool ita Ane— Jaouary 1. i.j,sc« bn 4 PxatoM. ...........t« *io Ju;uua -»aa 4| >»*«..___ J>M 1 V»iu> .._......_._.ti»J 0 t ) KBW V .XX. VIA PAX AHA ¦ -i rtn.r Ootdwi Ag» — J«Ln«ry L t' it i i "2c L ..................... "'kt> IT W.ue..". SvsfiM 00 f-»»— — ¦« r« A*. York -.._ _ $&W. 648 X inuLi itK.,068 *« i[t T --¦..„...,.. , _„¦ »¦¦_« A.UOU uu Tj GUM MAS Par at-ir. fmwi January L .•.ri11.... |WI 1 L»mt« Cl 2 Af>« ••-'¦• U UrJ ..-........-*- S b i'.u«» No 2 Machinery ....<* 1 l!,^, and »b~- xi 8 M»rhlnf rf . — pc< 1« oi-ndy......... ...» 1- Mvuu.<<rjF ........... |-xm J4S grulu xa SINaU. kef 1 LUUtli • __._J)»« ltWl oaral More*— Ouay l>x« a»| fitch bbla 10 Cum, Pwto.'o x« 1 Tw Lb!« X crti»t« ruf« — mim e a x. 21 OurOuoia «• « 01, Co»l .M 1 Cknn* « 2 Oil, Unwed .pip ( Ciack* _....~-...— b»x 1 f«ini«.. ............. ...r» S O4acfaxg n .« x« J P*inn.....«.............tU la Oußae MUK pkg 1 PtilU .kns< 4Z wtd {!• - jouil 1 P->per.. ....—.L.l,* 2 ¦¦r.Kkrrj a* 1 retra^orj a 1 Or^ke-y jCi 2Pe *m&l tJI-'Ct« /I 1 Craabln a ) Powd<c ktgi 2< ______ N* > Pc-iJrr....,........_... ct f Drop A '«)idr,e •...«• *•> Pot»t«f __ki 30 uru^.4 MMlciu(*.X.M 1 Mill M.f1i .. .« 10 Dry ti.«ji1i.........ii-M 12 S«iely I'm--? ..t»JI 1 Urw Oowl« ........a IT H.go ( l>rj 0.j.1^ *»i> S B_Mlm» .._„—^» S l.i) G»«:rG »«:r ri 1 Scmba . a 1 W-rnn , .. I** 1 SnrlDg Xachii-a ct 4 »,i» *w*n- ~-CB 2 rrhovfls „„ x« 3 GU •. »indo« r« 10 -jio*. Clo»«€ b«g« 1 >>|IW ........^ S J .«tiUDMJ t>kg 1 Grisdat-BM No M t'U4 .....b«ni 29** i-kg 1 i-t«tl tdl 1 Hutf ttare ct 4 gton fixtorrt.... — .n 1 Ilsrd-are ptfcl « «ogmi tbu It U* « ... . n It* Amu 10 tu lloww_r» -P*C* Tmwar« — ca 1 Hoi x« 1 rw»»« bale 1 Uoopa__.. MM t VrgruUt* Jki 17 Harm _... No 1 V«yatn_— ... — Ikg 1 ink ......._ All C Wn on - *" J Iron Ban So «0 WIM, CUret eki • loobtii W_ t *iDf,CUrrt a 3t Iroo rb«.i» No t Vld*. Gbs_ip«o*~ «• J U-uum ut> ............ ci 1 Hbaty ............. ..bbl» X »iiV»;ut 413.010 40 TO KAZAXLAV; P«r itmr. fimini ftirmry 1. AcMi - M -I Iron * Bi«L Un * tfl'm 10 Akk il .._._- C« 2! '-Tr* i i h " * AoT.U „ ».No 2 Uiak MMMnHw ucl 1 ApplM trzt loc W_rt>l> a 1 ftaa^ amfk 1 MattiDp ......»tolli t M:o«i..._ >o - tfiniu* T. *•)«..... .4.kK« 4 t»,a,p.rco^B „ c* 1 Vala->-*gftllp~.keg 1 0--«. fcmpty Mo X XsJU kega 3 C_;Umi...~. <¦ S <>:l, MuMd ca 2 < torilia:« . .....a t Paper „.._............ba1« 1 CVjS* . .!»« 6 Pm>. ...._.... box 1 rneker- c - 1 C«rk J»flU 1 Dm.! txa 14 PoUtUM 111 M rva-nu jx 1 Tuwocr k- 1< M faniicsn. ...... xa i Pump ..__...._..V0 1 nrladwoaa ... T»» 1 Jaw«^__« M Ml 1 Oraoerx-.. b»a » -ca 'm — - -"> 1 Oraoma* [-f- 1? Ibo-aU bdl 1 H.n :1«a... t<JI 1 »l-*1.._.. ........l«ii II aar4*ara______oa I S»a» Olcwlla __~xa 3 llardvura. pkp IV riuib. r pea 16 H*i Poiaon a I <nnn . .....,......-.U>x I Ice lon. V Vmm No t Iron »-.(__.._ pra I(.| A kiMl^urruwa b<Ua S iron Pisa Mia ¦ «| V _l_a $4^04 43 TO MtIfZANJLI/t. Per aunr. Panamt Tamiarj 1* AleoVJ «• 1 Hap* b-« 1 Br, Ddr— • ._. xa V M» > b<nji< .ta It, (Hl.Oa! ca It <*r«l-J_— — ~ -«a I Qakk.1.».r...._...f1aka Ui Drafa .-«—.—«— ca 6 :t« m. <» 1 U.awi«— -t-l ' •"•«-*•<• ca 1 O«U F'tit *<¦ & Wta-, White «•¦¦ 4 >¦¦ *^i «« t ¦ _ j fc J,., . IWI,W» » TO BAH BLiS. far rtmr Pimm Inmrj 1. < «i lUiiiwT <¦ U VakM .—.,.¦ — ..— tt.n» W


Ii tkta dty, J*Btt\rr It, 1181, kj Bit. Dr. Btaß rohn, Itaui louaow to Uihk4l llmu, Utk of •»« fitif On frtend« h»w attrtrf np» tk« U .rf.lceM rfauM lif» under tbe nioit aupideM of wpriii » new *rm O tho tcglnnli ( of * If «w Tmr which cuu.ot Ml tat pri/»e propitli-iu K> w worthy «tim»bta kad 4«wrrla( » coups* n» aiticerat wi h a for their fatnr* tifo aoeem pin; than. M»jr Hi*i«n ihowtr iv etxieut U«ilßp. *ad «eh racarrißg «nnlTtn»' j of tta* nnpratl 4*7 pruT* that tte|»t y«x hw addtd to their man of tffactloa, proaperitj and ba|<p!nrH! la thto citr, Denmlwr SUt.byße'c. T. Starr Elngi lion Bcisuta Mat Houbooz Fairaan, all of feaa ItaMiaMh In tbl. city, Juiu; I, lß' *, by B*t T. Starr Kb* Mr. T. Wisb t > HiM L ¦ Buna. - •«¦ • - ¦*- J- - Istbiicity, Jui»r| 11, at tb* midmc* of Oforn 8. Wri**.t,l*i, bf rUt.T. tUrr Kins, Bint Wni ta OwiIIUAWAO. *


In this city, January 1st, of typhoid fever, Miss Mary Anna Gelston, aged 19 years and 10 months, daughter of Captain R. and Mary Gelston. New York papers please copy.


c>,i<.M IKI. OM T.C* Tk—<« t.J UK I. fc.C»«; HIR ¦¦ TscauK 1 iskixt, Kht>.*niuiutl ls*u- •¦..¦. »UlljlO of til* " Wooaia ?. iiur," TiktUTJ IUW, U-, f — U ;« Otxum Boom. ...

Shipping Intelligence. SAN FRANCISCO, JAN. 3.1862.

Jan I— Ship Morning light, Tbonaa, Hi day( fui rardiC vU Valiumu» 87 d J.; coal, to Filnt, P *'mJj A Co. Jui 2-:usr BtoJier Jon*tb»i>, Furrn, 68 boor* from Virtor.a; {.atpe n*r« ¦ ana frtlght to B J h tn ]-y fchlp l~rbr, buichlu»n, 141 o»j( fin !*ew York ; m-Jw, to Ueo J Or iuu ». Ship Amttbytt, D.rg», Udk;ifrjm3<Ulaghusß>ji coal tv Sinclair * Moixi j. Ban . LaoLora, Brown, Udtjifrom IV.kulit. lumbar MWCTalbottCo. Bqn* Autk ifcud, Foster, *9 dajra £*~«ib Jquiq je ; nitre aooa to Cruany 4 Ulbble*. Bque AabnmkeaK, Heed, ISilnjn fro.-j Tort Orchard; lumber ta Banton * tttwardBqae Ad«.«uJ. Cooper. Dingle;, 11 d»}« fiou Foit Lu-1-low ; lubber to Aumm rliiuut-y A Co. Bque Ann Pnny, 0 <«»», li daj( t:» hi P.-ft l'i-c •¦very ; limber to 8 L ItuUck I Co. Bqae Chu Imtsiu, EojuoUU, 8 day* fc*m Port Tuwn» end ; ionibrr to U A K» , • B^ua J«uDetu>, U.tca, 7 d«ji (rwu IlambuHt; lumber toC UcUu. Hooe li>u>, Mujbi w, 9 <I«ji. f.oa Iwkalct , lumber to WCT»bot *C«. Lque lwaacwne, fchaader, 7 d«j« from FurtDiaeoTerf limbKUrLlUiticktOi. > «q » Broutca llobbk «, IS d»ji from 8o»bocl j lumber to A'i»ttt, BIiDD * Co. ' Bri( i B Luut, Smith, U itjt bom Nuulmo; oou to Ihot AndtnkiD. liiU BOMr. Abpiil, Windinf , 6 <Ihji fr m Port Orfor J lDKber toll B T«ctieuor A Co. Zttg OUnoue, Mcrg.n, U bour« from Iluuboldt ; lambsr to J - G«rwooi. Brig Merchuitmmii, Bojd, 16 d*jt from Pjrt Madiion lumber too A «eig«. urlg WLlimutia, LfimKD, IB d«>i, from Coow B«j co*>, to t- FUoa«u. Br Khr indenToor, H:rgi-si, (rom Ntntlmo tU Victoru, 12 dU}>; cod, to order. gJir L. P Futttr, Jobuton, 1 d»Ti from Bumloldt; 1b .. l*r, to J. 8. Oarwood. Scbr Monterey. Loper, X hoar* from Hendocino ; lumber, tO J. T. IVIIM-11. fcchxCoru-li» Terry, Bfllyer, 10d>jr* (tat Bho>lmter Bar; oiatcra, to A. Ladlnoi. Bahr rioreace K. Waltoa, P»ynr, 11 d»yi frcm Bogna Hirer: «*lu.« toW. K.W.Han * On. tthr N,»««igu, VTiMiom, 6 dayi Ira U»a Tedro ; In balUft,totU.t«r. Bcnr eboating Eiar, IHppy, 18 hn fin Bodega; lumber, to Order. MUM «y #»lMrapk. Pcnrr Lo»-.-» 1- ' «»r dear; wind freah from MW. At aoadown, a ablp and a barque 29 miles W, Inward boofid. ** ¦ Otaarad. Jan I— Stmr Golden Ago, Baby, Panama; fiMbef k Jaa *— So daanutcea. ¦avtled. Jan I— Stmr Panama, Wakeman, Guaj m». rtiur Ooldtn Age, B»by, Fanams. Etmr Senator, bet ley, San Pi dro. f tmr J I Wright, Qonuan, tan Pedro. fcbip Ocein Bird, Biiard, Uoogkong. Brig o*o Jumery, BagUT, Ilnmboldt. Brig curaooa, htgley, Uanurcy. ktuurtuda, r» r Endeavour — Left at Manaimo, >hlp IlnnuvlU* and birqaeKaramiwic, loujinglur thii port ; at Victoria, Br l-que RrtrtrTei. l.r )bu port; Br bqiu« Pruth and l*ria» •>l tbr tea. fm London, aiscbg. Barqtie Scotland left Tic tori* for Nan imo 19tbnlt; tuMdij, bqnt* Aj-l* lUr ca.dacdOold iiunlcr paa ed > let ru». bnuud to Nhuaia.o Uvr 4 Jib, eff Cap* Flattery, puaed a (quire (teni boat, buit vi up, Mpp -r.ntl j not loLg in tb. wat.r. Per Mornio g LlgUt— Left Cardiff Aag tlit ; wai 34 dara toUieeqaatcr in t c Atlantic; Itenji to Cape Horn; waa 17 da;* fr: m 50 8 in tbe Atlantic io SO 8 in tee Pacific; »idaj« to" V»!p». am; kft there Not 2»th; waa becalmed three dayi efT that port after learfe* ; crowed tbe equator Sec Utli ; the laat tiro daja had .iruug breeaea from b£ WBW. Per Leoßora— Peo loth, off Cap* CUaut, during a gale from S»W, «pllt aaili and (prang a leak; tv compelled to put back ; Dec lith, pnt isto Port A&gxw, itoj pod the leak, and Bailed again Dee Sit. Dec M tb, lat 43 10 N, lon lit 0» W, aaw bqne Vernon, bound X. Per AnrUand — Had Una weather dnricg the tint part of the pamge. Dec 331h, 10 milee ¦ cf tb* VaraliODea, experienced a liearj gale from K.-E; earned away tbe >ard, apht forraaU and foretopaaU; waa compelled to etinl eff ihore P. T Derby— Wat SS da-. •lo tha Equator in tb* Atlantic ; (58 daji to lat vi S m the Atlantic ; wu el Ca • Horn V 5 daj* »llb«tor k . ta X W ga:e>, crefced the iqnaorln tb* PadSr, lIT da- . oui, in U,n JoT W ; aince tn.n had 1 ght wind* ked calms. Par Willhnantic— Waa «ff tb* eatnnoe to tb'a pert oa tbe Sih alt, when w t .» i. a 8 If galo - i>«l waa blowa <n ; waa ul a>.e l«d to throw . t. r'n ara Ibe «eck load of lnmbt r, to | r> »i ut g< aihora. Per MotJ*r*t— Off fcadocino h«ib r, aaw the achr J X Whiting eui Fann>. buo.J ny. Per Brvutaa— In Uoud'a Canal, (aw th* tqa* t lorence, boo^d op. Per O encne— Left Kne O k. achr* JB I ord, Wm Irelan, Pj*a,xa lielen, aau Cmoa Forever, ijadlAtf Per Berchantniitt— r*c 15tb l«t 41 a. lon 120 90, aaw bqne OaK llil ., b juu4 uotlb. Per L P Fo.Uf— «ckr blaneo, h*uce, ariired ttth alt.

Vessels for Foreigs and Domestic Ports.


C4EDLFF— P.r Jljn k g Light— Of d-r, 1876 toni coal. TALl'.\HiI O— IV- MoiiiiuK llsht— Baßmain, tril Co y* c- tvbaceo 10 ;.M« 004. -.1 T*TQi*h S3 ca «uuoa .'.". I^T«< l.rk— J Uf 114 iM-miula 2 bale* bilk — n«« * Co SI to Iron — Mant-i, MM li>i: • o» uiu > i v.(- liuti— Oiler, 133S tuw< »ug i.' 2AO i#. lfc ru».n SO ct milt. JQUJQCL-P r Auc »a<S-t;rv.». y A Dibblw.4COo.jli bitntt, vi K>i» FOKT OR B ARD— Per Kahumkeig— Rentou A How » a. 1»< M n lumlx-r. POKT IX'DI/I ww — Per AdtMde Cooper— Ahum Phlnnej A Co, 300 M ft umber. BELLINGIIAM «— Por Aioethjit— Sinclair * Moody 300 lone coaL POBTDIS OVERT— Per Aan Parry— SLMatUckACo 150 U It lumber. POUT TOWSKND— Per Cuae Deno*— a A Mile* XX Mfttanber. HBMBOLDT— P«r Jeuwtte— Cb» McLean, TO SI « lumber. ROGUE RI VEK— Per t X Walton— W F Walton *Co 400 bbU Mlmon. « U TEKK AttT-Per Lmdok-W 0 T»lbot k Co, 300 M fi lamker. HCMBOLDI— Per G lenctw—J 8 O«iwojd, 160 Mft loot k«r. PORT MADISON— Per Merchantmsß— O A Melge, \U HftMta. MAM AIMO— Per Endee,Tomr— Order, 180 totu cc«l. COO3I BAT— Per WUlisuntie— JE Fl»n»g»n, 250 torn cnL r TECKALKT-Per Uj«k-W 0 Ttlbot * Co, 540 M f tantwr. J>OKT WSOOVBKT— Per lwrnowii- S L Mutkk J Oe, 100 M ft lumber. BEABBCK— Per Bronte*— Aduoi, Bllnn A Co, 300 M f lumber. HAHAIMO— Per J B Lunt— Thw Andenon, 200 ton Hd. PORT OKFOBD-Per guui Abigail— U B Ticktnor I Oa, 4* M ft lsubcr. DUMBOLI.T— Per L P loiter— J 8 Omrwood, ISO M fee lumber. UINDOCI.NO— Per Monterey— J T Pcsaell, 100 M fa lumber. BBOALWATBB BAT— Per Cornell* Terrj— A Lndlam 15jb«ikrUojf.eri. BODEai-PetßhootlßglUr-Ordertf Mft,larob«r. KEVT TOBK— Per Vnby-iito T OrlmM, 8M bblf lOi n mtw—J R Deuw, 13 a ttrnlih- Stmoa M«yer. IS c nidie— B O Shaw, S» bbU 34 lif bt>U » biekr 1000 qr caki win*— U W Br>cf * Co, 100 Cf coal oU US 1 pel pUuk 1Z pk(> »ice It Cauls*, 1 a md»— a a Bancroft * 00, I o mdea— l'boe D«j, Sb» md«- D Dajea, 1 box mdcj — 1 8 Uowell. 1 tabd 10 cake S bbla 41 a U \>\f aidae— r Till man, i Iron «afej— g Rich * Bra, « b-di tin el 3) bun tegtr 4 a indie— l 0 Jobneou * Co, 1 bbl It a mdK— Jai Q Oatter, 100 bbli ctmeiit 10 ct 1(17 bit miie8881 Bra. 4ei m^es- 8 II K»l't k Co, 49 bbli 20 h bblf liquor— U Webeter * Co, 100 }.-caki 60 bbla wtM8 J Ti.t n, 208 pc* marUe— Aleop « v, 10 pk(i mdie— O-o I Br»K« A 00, Ml bbla whu,k jr— U *p * Co, iU mdw— J W Brittan, »*a pkjl man— J A M Pbelan, lix bbl. wbiily luO !-;«•*• 100 oa 100 pk t ¦ mdae— K UMe Donald tu,.uu. mim — Uai^mg k him kin, 1 bz rod* -J (Krduu * Co, 1 ok U tbti n>w-G Ungl«7, U pk k i mcrcbaodbe-V Huxion A 00, IU OMt pnurttUecht, BroUMt* * Co, SO eaaaa booU SO cam U trakk. menaaßdlM— Tar. Brooki * Backua, li 4 (kn md«-.— fl »ood> A Ox, fictU.u-tcWintt A Konn.Sca mdee— Uampai A bchwala, 10 bale! tobacco— * mold Undau, 3ca mlaeJotw, W. ul A 00, t ea iJib-Wb Alvord A 00. bM krgl nail* »7 pkg< b<«- erase * Brlchan. 1 oak 44 ea mdaa— Ju Patilok * Co, 1000 ke«l n»il< 2» DrU butter— D M i X Walierr, « Mia 6 a mdae— J Frank * 00,0 ca tobaccoOio 0 Joawoo k Co, »0 ban Iroa le< boopt— B l Auger 140 a batter— PaUiran A Ctabman, VO plpei liquor— U W (iuioa, 1 bx mda»- J T Uallwk A Co, l» pkaa mdae-W U Wet »te, 20 kega SS bxt mdw— J Uod»i.ill * 00, SOU krgi uliUu hardwue— Villa A Dull, W pkfl DidjeKeliy, M.Ht A Co 1 cak « bbla 23 bxa mdaa— Ueo J Braokl a Ca, 1W pkei aaaea— frank Baker. Is in olelotii— Turner Bin. 20 bbla aagar <8 bxa gl u»w»re— U Uaatburger, 4ca ate— D Oohu A Co, oca mdaa— fceri Btrauaa, la Da do— Ne a'.udtor B oa, V dodo— X II Parkirr, W>, b»b >ug>r 4 ca «f.-tj iu*a IS bxt pluoa ete— &lurj bj Or>nt k Co, W pkgi ou)«— Sebetla broa. It a d j— f uilei A 3 do 00-F B Tajlor A Oa, M> ea ml oil-Or-der. -JT.VA tout 100 «k. ce»l 140 baiaa cmkum 4U4ai paila U0 neat* tuba 146 «r 40 %i b 4a wine ;» bbl> M bf d i wi Uk*r 'A ca ternUura 11 M, HI t.0r.i1.1 «v bsi ttaUicaollMObucMdlea lUh< aArii Uhmu. IW.o I*l baMa 9U U>U to pipia 21* aa 4aO k» U3 pk«i mdaa. tSw )nwftiwt >«mr i»-' .iimnnn— l

Strike for Liberty.

GkoUl B. Bout aim a peea oa Biill Kbi, wltk tfc* •Oowbt r— r . ' " """T^ * «*k«, ¦¦» wmßtrjmao, wirt »* I ftataaa «fca km wfcfc* r» •»•<, , gtaavb <*aar Man eoa"» Wa« i •>*»«. 1 ooli tod tht tbawM Wow, I only ••* tii« Korn'ml tot, A*4 rnnm b»n» U awry ">• ft Hi. or »1p» mf tlwnaU •„ Wi»rtairkla«»«iiaia««era« r , 1. arn>ior for tl» coauln* lUbL - T .dayaixllM ¦:!*«> rush; TUttMmm »»', 51a" »*T.rUjtnb«>m*ii !»••>' fiw»-oTrVorktt.w»««-»«nl»5» !«» red (tm ML nor r .wifw. Mr fcombl* plu!*« oTMth I toy, W»r cuwr.d« o! ¦* ichool boj d»», iMlon lb«, ia tb> ¦Ut^k't Tfew | Am* if thj t«i»a»t uro** w«i ab< fr j» >« cj"ntrj-'i n* t» tbrowa Tb»K»ptr«Midttio«l«.r»CTO«B, A Ml tl> »v mo »v toy wiUW koat »• baffla*. arfii rain lort: <Jh ! lat dm ant aatiin itr tt<m tut >» J-* b j eoaiitrj'* ovwtliro*! v A-4,lm.tU.mtt l«U««Mtnw, | Kdulil* Mot-, I tnrm to J' «- mkiu,-«i ; <oui «^-« c .« •> o» p«^B ! Saaß«tn»npai4ftr a<>4 nll>i ( drea : trua >n| htU au4 «itj<- bk. Oml B«t. yieid v • y ur: »• B adsoU; Ohi|«i l» ,ri Yd «o<J — >l. ! r.*Biin«,B>ia>,u' Wo* rkridn, Old •»><• 1.. > uar I »«r • r«»; * U, th ««li yunr Uwt< bi Mk v the dMI, Oif* thorn TOUT bl»*IM •' <1 <».«i «|*<4 ; Tt«n i«un thrai tutbr ft«td o(Imm, ¥ .» « r. > l.k« ¦ li>~- <>' rx v'» d«m». Ai*d • b»- . II I.**1 .** r»i-".p *r- f u ia; d wrgßg, A t tht •li 4- »•» J mm »lo»|., A t « nd: Of car* and akUL 4«e4!nbt « • CA^ '.A •- t«-r'» Will: An< y v- >oui* b<rc di»»« tb» firoril, An< fri l^* li" '¦"' oaaa»<Kliß( word Tuat torU ) o*»r •« v. gth «po tL« h*— Oh! It ib*a ikwi nuweaod t>l w. ht it ¦ %- )m* (•* he-a «t>iH-k of Ot4* Ttr «^L a'..oiiu> r'> i r»i ai.(! v uM'tooU; T , ol t |f'i . i--'- ti «<.d .M .t: T-r u<>. .u.r lit - kt»l tri-b M «)jf f*«J r\f y 111 that c n'.d bvlall Th- Lo j mum tbat to «a • *•¦ v* mill Ml-l llii< c» I « ItbTtj ! C> rikc aa tiiaf • »o k w n>i » ¦x tra*l t tr w tor U» . r jw« ni > mo v : DftAwiaa Ratiu* s — • in re w scmr « piso-Art in the lit* «f * midirr proT<x»tir» of laughter Mid ihit ktv»- ?(( d'.fptr.-*, Id >ume meuurr, the rar-tij of « *o'p lifr. Not long a\f«, r larmir, «bt did oot rrnd* •o tar from A cutnp ol ' tbe bjvs" as be wihhed li« d.a, w»c *rciKi.H:it-a to t ..>i. »-v«-r\ mornisfr. thi-.i fri erkl rowi of pt»t*lo»« h«d di«*pp*»red trom his field, lie hore it some tia>*; bnl v ¦¦¦-. ite Ixt bnil of bi* field of fine "lid-Bt-vi." bc^AD to dijapp^ar, fcf bef»o to thitk ttiot eon of tbiup t»c g>. rfiLt euougti,«ndde-u-r.i i:i-j v ciup it. Accordingly, te made ¦ »i j> i t-i CHtup rrt: :¦, o«-zt morning *od araa^f-o tiuist;! b^ g'Tg «.rou2i to »er trfcether tht col.ti-rd teen providril with (food •icd wholet.iaie pro»i.i us. U«- b»'l not |.roc*«dnl Jw when b« found * ••»K.y M jjst spring op a Sur died of " fciJupj>.' : uliicti !r>ok»d njarrelous'j like tboef that <br (tudf wife brooght tc hisoarn t»t»le. DJt'.rg, tbe l»i!owiEg colloquy *-n-u.-«i : 44 H*»i- fine poia'cs b'-re, I £cc." " S(>'ieodid !" was ibe reply. " Where did you get Xken T" " Dr«w them !" " Doe« GoTeromect {'art is si poUtoes in your rations?" JSSI*S "Nary potato I" " I tbnugtt you e»id joe drew themT" ¦ Did 1 We iWt do that tbiag I"' " Bat boir, tf they are rot furnuhed in yonr rations 1" '• Easiest itiog lv th* world. Won't you t«~e some with us? said the »oUier, M he e*a;ed bimself fct the t»Sit opposite the urnoking nrfitiWi "Tbss'c j-00. Bnt wiil to i oKige me by Ulling how jr-u draw your potatoes, as they are not found by tie omnastary?" " No'hisg «*sier. Draw en Ay the topi motU It) .' Somew^e! *itb * iioe, if ore it Uft in the field!" "Haml Yep, I understand. \Tcll, ccc here; If you woa'i draw any more of mine, I wiK bring you a ba^Ltt every marnirg, and draw them myself." " Bally for } oa, old ielloir !" TO the cry. And three cteerß and ft t : gtr were givea for Farmer There we'd like to bave written bis name. Toe e.iv^nast was entered into ; and no one but the owner drear potatoes trom the field afterward. Shortly tfter the battle of Princeton, a witty Scotch iarmu*ed biajelf by writing ft hnmorow balisd upon it, which 63 »tur.g one of the officer* who Lad bthared Tery badly on this Ktjiiß, tha; he *crt the poet a challenge to meet lam in mortal combat. The tecond found the farmer busy with hit pitebfork, to whom he delivered the challenge of the redoubtable hero. The good nasured farmer, turning toward* him with his agricultural implement in bis hand, coolly aaid :— « Gang awa, to Hester Smith, and tell him I hae nae time to go to H to give him satisfaction ; but if be like* to ecme here, I'll do a* he did — I'll im awa'."


The intelligence received thi« morning orer the wirea, ih»ugh i>f so much importance in a political point of Tit w, s-.tu-s thu» far to have exerted but iiaV influence on trade, becaute . j*rh»,« of U>« c-Jtfl'Xting teadeoae* which the t » t.iN if CJttecilj stated, are calculated to art. Fir-t, we l.n»e Uic a»-uracce that ail fran of an unmrdiate interruption of Tii-ndly relation* with EngZaad Lave betas dii*ipated by ' the eontcro; la'.ej »un>nder of Slaton and S.ideli. Tv ti.'«r having most tt heart the material ii:'»r«t* uf tou coa»t, thii must be regarded a* ne •» af the mutt cheering character. Our coatniTce v not likely to be interrupted, cor tt»e -i-j-tui* iy important export branch ot it tuddeuiy a-restcd. AllTery well, so far ; but it cat. tcarueiy be denied tttl the very contrary would !»rt been more consonant with the views of j>artie> favoring certain speculatioc«. Goo 1¦ at i.»n i, or to arrive before tbe next war raaoc n.ty rtach ut, cannot be expected to advance in price wiih the »*me rapidity that would oth.r.-ii'e, r.robajiy, have been the care but »c have A **)?• in lucreated tana*. An earnee: of J^gh duties &a '•luxuri'*" ge ,er*liy ;*> giron, in Uir .». :, i ¦ i.i'> rates ai « huh t!J\ f itaa:::g • ticli* Lave bt«li as->ts6c<i. Tea ir i ; p*y • Gutr of Stei ; Off.*, oc , ai.ti J?Ui«rh l.j aSJ 1-, . v c j;tt i'j. Vbit u-eatuiifcly pffrtt* iWafiyrwil J ffff f* of tue i* ace uewt ! But, ££- t,t i.ii r t« -<i, »c liavc uuuUt ia ti.e uf iauw; «ud. luJerd. this if the moaiKri u:ic«iu.e t the mtgtttgtOfL A priT»ve di-fffft' cni*ua%iu^ trvia aa unqut»Uun- ; »Uy tei.aSle souiee, «»y»:— "Bai.ks of New Yuik. Bj«um aid PLiiadd^hia hare tutpended cpe^e paj meat. Oorerument miut folio»'. Coin, 2 per cent. premium. Sterling Exchange, (6 to the pound." In the face of the peace newr, what could huve led to thii increaaed trouble in the tinanees, we are left to conjecture, particul&rly un hare been told all alocg tlifT the baoka were groaning under a plethora of specie ; and we may observe that the immediate effect of the tuKpenaion on the bndneas of the country it, from our want of information at to it* caoae, a mailer aU.i of much my>terj. We eatettain cot a doubt, however, that in the end this taupention will be found to hare been a aaving pulicy on the part cf the banka, as well for the cuuutty at large, a> for themtelTet and their iountdiate creditor*. The fact that en exchange on Ezgltud coctinned to adTaace until a rate equal to 3 1-2 per cent, premium waa readied, abow* very clearly to our mind that a specie drain had been inaugurated or threatened, that •uoo would have left tbe barks without money resource* -from which to aid themaelve* or the OoTerrment. Apart from a return of American aecuritiei we can imagine no caute sufficient to have set in progress such a drain. A month ago the imports (or eleven taonths had been but eight million* greater than the ixpjru, and the balance of the current trade could readily hare been restored by remittance, without disturbing the healthful cone of tbe finance*. A reversal of exchange would have fallowed, as we were still exporting largely of produc, and were importis g little of merctusdiK, tad the backs would have had nothing to f cat ; but it must be erident that a rcfirn of any considerable amount of the public securities held abroad (estimated at their minixum to be three hundred millions of dollars) would h&ve soon exhausted the banks of the cm ji Atlantic aeibotrd. To prevent cuch a diawut wat probably die leading object of the cuspeasvm, and the infer•ne- the jourw pursutd vit the mnt jadicioi* one that, suder the circumstances, could hate been auopted. likes, ifcuir,, it ii U Ci, prtUy dear that the people have not coase op to the expectation of the baoaa and the Government in the matter ot loan raW-nptiona, without which the former, is, their t(<u to aid the latter, *. ud avon * < ¦addled «iUi at burthen greater than thej casldbett. A* long *K« a* December 34 the Yew Tor Ti iTiuiii, in its monty article, gave the following inkling «»f a ctate of things which we hava no doubt* ta.- ain<» b- en going on from bad to wont. ThatjiurnalMTs: ¦•< AH- r~«t<i..n.. rUT i,li '¦ < 1 1r.M0tJ JC lt.«ar c. Slfcswr k•¦i •• l i i •<¦ I)-.' ' t urj • .:.t u ... «f I - I t off ¦•*<¦¦¦ ¦"¦¦• mr *. u» ..niniiin •» d«» r .Aia-'liJiL'fc I*,* • I <«ti «ttt» Wt-' n »«Hf>, ( rt.mlt .<«! •<¦ *¦ -' » «tl • *tm4 * .¦!(••. h*-"-l«* <) />^« lvi !*>• k- l «liUMCfkM'tll« ,hM, • .»-•»«<¦• •«: •» O«u«4 »it*i ¦hMaasavltt'* Y»« tr «tl > IH4HCNM *«- « f >•« -* -i* t** 1 !- 4 ipoiirt «f nt^UiWlw T.^- - ¦•..».«. Hh« >nßtr» •.¦•• be *«aU »«•!.« in. n. i • I »ti< * ¦• mJL mi n*a ul nt aata»-*a«aaiCu»« ieth» !< t*ti» Iratmt Mr. haw »li,i*4i"?liu'>' «' "*.«•, wit j^.r, «l« 1 c:iui'to> b>b>i aanealeafar. Mr C»*«*iai.-nr» v I »- «•« • <J«r I T ,cu >. 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DAILYv: AATA t (UIJTORVJito':'^ Sfrfßßte

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CAUFORNIA AND OREGON S. S. LINE ' ; f. : - v • ; < w» ": 1 IXmttl, TROTBAir IIS CSXBCX9T CITT ' TOTJCHEK) AT mSSOCXSO. ™^™T . COLUMBIA, , f IASCU «v>ir«ft» wnil*»ef oleum Kreet«**xfftxilieaiKn*»ura O* MOADAY —JABU at*,, »»•*, At « attack, P. H. BATES OT VKXiaHT. •>•* K«r»k»^_^; .¦¦^¦- ..:..„.» s ppr. r t«. rSjii »•»••••«« ci«j i a •• for frwfcrht « («w. »ppl » <>¦ board, o. U. 210IXA0AI * FLIMT. PrapnMure. ' flUto of Ladia* wUI be famtt*«a to »][|«n of aarge Sootfcw* will t» doled. de~U EfITAL IAII gTIIS PAPIM fu, AUMII 199 C»llfor»l • ltrw*U . I . ->4 -JftVi tt " »"•««•"-' • ¦ ¦-'• *-« •-¦»••: • 1 LT .'."l^f FJ.CZ yi r.oa;'AST *&: I . f»CS»K MAIL *T»IMSCIT CUaIPAHX, *>t -». ,or*ijl»« %l terwr. W ib» Ziit ,f fa*:**-!, «r.» » m»Siilwt ¦ sr*o •-,¦'« ,i.n^ s., tt« KMiuat;; of ti» tvaooKßaskl by i«.!».-i of tbrtragb Mlli of lading to be tnnff kr tis* •auuadon of tt» ahir* of »• >•»•}-« JfiJjjwMJsCcaiisi-j.fcTat* J«i».> s.;.r.:«s j^PT. 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Janoary lit, 1392. janl^t UIULITIOS-THK CuiMUTJKIt •hip &ereta*6ra tx 9tini{ between Ptvpbta Srshh and D»v i« Me D-in.-l, aadar ih. o( BMITII, Mc'JANIiL A CO ,ia thi* dty d^otnd by aintaal otnuat. gstiieiaeat* caa b* m« ie with eilier mamiHT of ih* inn, m both an aathoriMd to «!<a In Uqaidation, or la m*k* collnctloni fcr Udsbttduaa. STITHIX 3VITH, DATIO McD&<«l>L. Bma>bar3lJ<,lS<l. TUX 6UOCIHT AJD PROVISIOS bntiax* bmkfcn carrkd ca aodar Uw lam* o< Smith. McDanial < Co. will b* coaticaad at th* a» piacsby J*l-lm ». McDAMKL. Bulletin copy. CoP.%K-r>icusiiiP. — 'i'UK vxv>Jt-&-•igntd h»* thixlay tbnud a copart-.eril-.iti oaiWr th* Inn of «UITII A CL ma and ban taken the tlonm tortheatteiiain^f (mil *ad Cl»y •tre-M, a*w bk>:*. lor ifcet «w*rtion «f bum a* imporur* and «bm».t *"*""¦ BTXPms sMrrn. JaMAj U. UMKS. Lan F aoci 00, Jan. lit, IKI Jal-lm Bu.U fa copy. OPIRT»BSniP-TUC VMDH.FL•tgned ban thU day enlert j iutJ cavartßUibip r— laaona. aid will conttaae VnaaM* at Mo. UM Iron! umi, mte th* arms aanw, SI JS Ba EIXI3 A Co. M 0319 KU.I-*. F. L. WXAViR. Saa Inaetaco, Jaaaary Ist, 1882. Jal-lm nillC PABTSUSHIP DUMTOrOKK 1 «udßg bttwMß lII* nml- nrfgned. under the name and*tyl*of UTAH' A B&U. and doing batiatm In it* traach Machaaka'CkHbißg «tor«, H«i W«hm«tca Mnet, ka* beea tks d*y diaaolwL by mataal kohl S. J. S. BTAX3, 8. S. 11 YiMi 8u Fraadaca, Dec M th, 188 L c« i. nrinsßioi to ix jtokh tux »??• public that he will oratmo* th* kcaiart* of tb* abort firm at th* old pUca. de£O 7 Dit>*OLl'TlO.\-TilE COPA&TJIKitahI? h*r»taft«» tihtioy ander th* Baawof (KITtUX, R *Y * <yuKIkN. ha* thi* day btM <Ji«»t»-d by mntiul ceaeeat. Foe the peadio| hnriaw tithes «f th» Mrrin ater* aanud will ai(a tft* aaow of th* aim la liquid iMoa J n tarty irttiea tnt of outstasdlßg accoocts I* rtspectfallj raqanttd. TkaaktW for th* libwal cocldmc* txiawei on tham. thentiriof part»r* wlkit t eimdttaaac* of Uw tarn* la knot of thair ¦accrwnr. J. U. O"Brl« a. tBRIOL J. J. JBJSX. Saa Tiaadaro, December IS. 1 Wl. Th* aadmiciKd aaTtagprnrbae'd tb* taleteM of Ilia U « putmri, wiUooatna* la carry oa Uw UM IHTLNS A"JD f IVMB:nO BCSUfeSoßhuoWiiacooaai, at Uw oM IUDd. 7k) (NVw lam'-er) Mant<om«T itrret B**t •id*, near Waahißgion. lhankral lor pait tatora, a* reepwi'o'U loUeit* a coattaaaaoaof th* aw . d^Z7lm J. O OrotlKf. (.ISSObCTIOSi — THI COP AK.T:* KB. » ih li li hiihn anilm it i 111 ¦ nf n 1 fHFT * HAMM, 1* thla day omM by mataal nwit Mm B4SaXI wi!l coatiaa* th* baain««* en hi* owa aceovat, at th* »a» later/ occupied by n * H, .V*. IC6 Mjntgomery itrwt. I. A. HAJSKT. Ean rnaab», Oacemfcar A IML in CONVEYANCER. rXBAIi E9TATK A -ID HOCSX AOKST. dag K*.4o>H«at>oiß»Tyitrt*t. Dukoi.l'tio.l - ma cop.iktkm. •hip hereiafor* eilttiiur andK th* trm*f HA*MtY * U A MM. I* tb-t day i >»>» d by mmtvU nataat. Mr. HAIISI laaioa* aacheraxt tsttttUUwkaaiata* of Uw flrm. JOS. T. HAMf, aaß-tf 4M Slont^uaery Kr-et. nllJOLl'TlU.t-TUK COPIRTIKSahip hwiiomn exiariaf betweaa tt* aatmtpud lilbtolaj il—ilnil lijia.TTul »«rnl AU *»ut« J~. aad daataoda. wUI be .*tti«d If JO. OOU, SMITH, and th* baamxn emtiantd by him fee Ih* Wi»i aad-Wiac aad lair Wind Saloaam. J. S. OOLOSXTTB, JACOB T. WI.ISB. Saarrucbco, Cw. 34,13(1. d*;S-:» NOTICE. IS CtlMIKdt'KaCE OF 1 TBC VSCVaiTS of C » Ut a CAM 1 10 M, th* law arm of CAXXBOS, WIIITIIER * C. wdWKrrcd. All aaatttleil acaoaata of Uw Ut* flrm • ill be arrwgad by tithar *f th* mrri?lag paitaoi*, at thatr Ist* oiflc*. Tbk si;o»cßiß«,Rs,»i:aviv«. a«'"r th* U» ana of Crawn, "Vknti-r « (». o»>iit thi< aay eaterad mtoeoaartatnaiSk will ntitn» (be bn am* a aatkr the mm* arm aam* aad ante, at viS asd 4« Front mUfrt, a* before. w. nAiTK. w minus, K. B. BfH JAM I «. F»a rrucifM, Ho». 2T*J>, IMI. daW-lai MISSION WOOLEN MILLS. niHC vxDißsiasxo aivK ifon.iJL ed a Cbpartnmhtß tor th* parpoa* *f aromeatißg Uw btuiu*i* at ti» IUmMB Woolna SULa. taklnc effect Deceaib«*Utb,l!l«L,aßd*rawaaawaadßrmaf LXCSAKDAMCIM^ „„„..„,„», DOSALBMcUCJ-^AX OTIICS— O«r Purratt 1 Oki Baak, cor. MaitgaaMry aad. aacramaalo ttrwta. toAla Dt»«olullon of Coparlaer*l»lp. TBS CUPAUTXIIUUIP KXIBTIXS between th* aaxfara!^**, wa*r n> arm aame of X egIKL-1 A COl,«lUb*daaol*edaai!wSlitgf Dieamber next, by limitaUog. ETIKNNK CGSTX2UC9IX li afpatstxi to Nttlt tb* knilaen nf thi trm J.J.OTTXSni, lcdovic romii. The bob im of m*ate*eat arm wm b* eoattaaed at ttt*mm*Bla** ty KTIKNNa COSTaJUCSTB, eht wfll doaUatawat»ntl»ae»hi*oa»tom»ra. dala-lm m.7OTICB OP DiaSOXOTIOM OT CO> IX PaBXSBUOir.-Ta* nvtaonhjp h*ntt*n •¦> tottnr nnd»r tb* aam* aad rtyl* «f BUtWCLb A Xia OABi, at Bal(-Mcca Bay, waa tftfa day (X Bidweil wlthdravm* km th* arm. Tha kiamim ill h*nafi*r b* ¦mfiirtit br J. L*ri. JUoCabe, whawW muc copakt* casmp aiaiiii- ¦ tnaaHuetta th* aadaraltaed, aader a— wm a r. -WlUtat * CO, a»« mi* ia> e»r.r»d Ig maWMa. a-tr-^l^l-^ V-'H^r* 1 rwtßUß ' ¦VBisasa or vox above 1. fcom* wm ka coatlaaed b» Uw %am* alaeaand •» dartß*ma*aaaw,kT . - .» iii. wniiT. ¦aaftaadaaa.Paa.taa, Mat. / . «aVI» awmmmfimtß U3 : V JnawftJll ¦ FORWAROIN 6 & COMMiSSIOIi A6£MTS BtwßaaPaiTwaadLMAaaalM. B .EALCKt IS bVaBBB,OOAmBOI, JLr^rwn Wram, AaV—* ¦¦ 'J 1 ' 1 '; ¦'«?*»» O»Waa «mm Matt ami* Ua» beta— i*a !¦¦ I ami N.w Baa P«dra. ...iUS J»O«".^t !MM« rmui iuton, *- »- Twaniia, ««w»aal»Ao. ¦ ' M-HoaAAi«li I MARKET STREET BAIIROAD. DEHI.TO THIS WBUBX, VHB WIU*" JWMBA.T riua CISCO, WMUai«»aJWi:io»«; mou mis«on_; rro»;s a!m,»" '•«- CVmattlag with *h* lUtW Wil*f Ca/ aad tta Laaa • Maajaa«haOßttw*)m*a»fram thmdal*. .-* *• • *at»' ) .. B». IV. A. PIOCM, Trm—aoC :¦ S Exß.-tVHoxie.,.-OStaTm BBLS. BCDSOJI RJVKO. CXiIUU HSM; s - . 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HJTATUES, OATS, ONIONS, BABLBY Floor, *,¦' at Y ATI* A. CO.'S, ¦•w B*. StOB oi.jr atraat* ¦»*-«» Cwfcirihwßuliilnit ;WJ«» It KIWABD-UITOIDIO i'wi, or •. M OOITKKLU LAB Won rt, «1C CUj nwl brt»«i Mm.tnmttj »o4 K^tbj .l.«u, will n>cimlMkbjnnirard. )al-«> SSKATII * AKIIULD Atlß BtTAlb iMhIUK a Orocvrj «v< Pr< Tl 100 Udsw in f«D Irin- .:««. la a um9n "lib «b»lr h"s«« is Htwimitii u< II d Bluff «d«i «Ui b» !••«» ** t>nhi«M las l«w «•;>. t hr -r rij^ctmt j •oiidtwl fnnttM«n4athrt«(iwit "** EUt *' SniTH * ARWOtBi^-i • ; rraatttnat, ; "V. " Piano*; ' ««^_ H«OOS4> BOVKB,» FOCB iR^W «f Umti^t * Caaatoß-. rep«ior ud wrti , IKiTa tonmOKßi*— two of wt<b ocU««, two of tlx ud ni iiif iu»ta» luatwood t mm «, tnlj fioUbtd. Ukil - CXOMT > DIBBLO,

„.,. 800,066T . ; OF CITY AND RANCH PROPERTY r OT OB VOUOH ITUET, niK U>t on First atn*t, near lulaoi3,ffl by 67 feet. , •- 1 Lot on 8. B. corner of M nloa tad Seoood atiaatl, MO feet aquan, with Brick ImproniMau. - I>ruu, put cub, fealaoLe on tima to rait per. bain>r. Water Lot No. *18, on tUaart t>4 Eut (treata, pCed, capped and planked to ta* caotroof EaatatreeCi~. -; , Water lot No 48 J, cot u.r of Marktt and Mats atreeta. 10 jr. Acre* of i^clalmsd Swamp L»nd OB Sao. Joaquln Hirer, mil dlt< bid and U red. In on» or two luta. I rau : on* ba'f ca b. bilance on time to rait purahawra. N B— A Lot if Uoraee, Boeep aid Uogi an bowoo thj land, and * 111 be told at raaaonable prior*. If wanted. Appi> «o -. M .-n-BaAWSAN, -•, v. JEL a £ijlX3 1 «*> MwttnawTT rniH, ¦ l.n-9'i- Or to CHA*. B. BOND,« „„ „ , , „., , „„,.,_ RMlitaaiffiit FOR SALEMnuikrincrAsoßi/iLDuraaA. IEKUT-, ERICKV4J will ¦• 1.111 at* U.-galo, if applied for noa. I rq-.)r-> of I ... JA9.K. WOI.M, AiehiUet, ... . l Putter atf^oj>pc4K*tk»)lear«pe4it.ii Mark* '<¦ • . d.31 .t. ¦• . a r; ;; "."¦--¦ ¦- - ¦ B *« *»«*»i— > , RANCHO AND STOCK FOR SALE. sffiSlfcri f r aale, the KANCiIO FAS' f A *4T*j[T| »^£S| ISABEL, iltnatwl ia tie Comity of *,"*S>3 .^rw Pan LeU Obi mo, » Ijti-U g Kaacboa -«. U If imoiloD aod r'anU Margarlto, COI-TAININCJ FOUJI IgAQTJt3 0* LASB. • Bald R«nctt» i» well watered, ' and baa two good ' and cab* ¦Mesial UGUSfcf , a t-lABLK and CO&JLALd thereon. i r — ALSO, 1 - • •¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ »,oeO HKAD nIXKO SIATCITTLI, »td a ban i < f T WESTY MARKS, with to AMIRICAN BULLION. Apply to TEDDORi) GOXZUEZ, driJT-gn ,-„-¦. .^» -At aUntoray. FOR. •ALK-'tNIC Or TUB HOST XU(tibly aitnatrd Family Wood and Goal ?ard« In tbia cuy, doing a ca-b baiineis of n»«rly one thoamnd dollar* per mooth, and in a respectable neighborhood that m growing rapidlf. Non» need apply that ha- le-a than from three to fbor thooaaod do'la ¦to iavtnt. For furtbtr puticul&rt, id Ire. a CXIO J, at thia office. de2lU* SS.OCO-GKOCIttt! AND MEAT BUSINESS FOR SALE. oo TO IK SOLD — A WtLL STOCttKU conntrji itare and gnod pxyinx bwnrn, tomther with a comfortable h<-m». Tlie bnaii.eaa m eaUbliabed lijribepniniut propiictor, who ban carried It on blmaelf f .' 9 jmjs. Moaibly tfedytl, lifi.O. Addrwt U C. Lock IVi TOO Baa Francisco. d*2:Mm» FOR SALE j. , „ A LOT Of L, VJ6n ON TIIIC lORTB fUifJi-ido of Natomaltr*et.betw«rn firat aod Beaind MtsS. htricv-, is; J< Icet frcnt by 80 feet in di pth, with Four DwelliDi; lion m thereao. > ." . Tbin property wiU be ditil .1 ird-ilnd. : ? - • ¦ WM. LKTmaWELL, de2l-U 430 Montgomery atrest. AS PRIVATE KAI.E. "~ ~Ei\JL±l<3L±xxs Lots On Bryant street, WestofTblrd, I- i BtHWU :tt*»4. TIXE3, BT&KXT .'.fcaftSSMK-NTS, *c, PAID JSB.ORXI3 BJCCB & CO., •- - ACCriOSKBKS. <i-18 ' Montgmne y amet. TO LET. TT~ Fl.\B r'I'UMHIItU UOO3IB IS •ZHAT eamt»l aa<l c «gautly fnrniabed booia. Bee Ulte B&ild'og. corner of Waabington aiid Dnpont atreeta. dolt-lui ; FOR SALE, In BCayba' "^"a-lloy. tm, TnE KLKOAIT KHTABLiaa. mi nt, h'«!y the H. 3'dfnce of (b» Hon. James Yjs fwiX Vajmi Tho Groand ia » cO-Tara I>»t, and thelloTaa la e:c^»Ltly fiut-b- J with all the moiem imov^uunu. On thn premiwa are atkblfa, carri&gtt baoaa. ecc^ etc . B^iDK on tr.e Balrjad. thia pr> k j«rtj affrda » rsr» opportoniiy tgr an elegant honeatsad, anJ » i:l 1«• (oil Tery delS-tf ( .».-.« Ar--, -• .f . Asak'men. ASKUENT TO LECT-O1 TIIU NORTH a de ofCoaimtrcUl aaeet between LstdetdorfT »nd at-eeta, 75 f«et rroot by f.S f.« rln dcipth. It ia lUht and dry. Arp'y to JOS. a THOMAJ, «19 front etrtvt, between Jackaon and Padnc dels I Farm for Sale. •-¦* TaUTV.tEVES ACHBB OR -¦•-vliCbxice Land, within the Pu-110 liiciuof B*a J»«, ti^T,' ituaieil i\i mil« froai tli* U.ii!a*l cU.ioa, aooa 4rt— to be built, with i»n mtm front en tbe coasty road. Bcirg aIItTUU bctton Un 1. and tbe Uing uioi.t furctvLuot the wboU year, i: la capable of •o.l^ioiaif t. 6 Wvit t crbpa of every kind, withont tbe aid o( w.iUrirx atd rsaanring From 2M to MO fruit rrr«( of flTd y* ara growth are on it, and a stow of ayeamom. TLc climate it acbiowl* Ictd to ba tbe most d-ligbtral and hsjiltky In the htate of California. Title pertect. A a the owner ia cai ed away from Cttifcrni* be will aell che&p. For p-rtlculira a; ply to JOHN t MILLER, Coyote Ci««k. Santa Clara County, or to J. T. Ballock A Co*., lian » raaebco. dell-lm* For Sale. , a A. BAfICII OF lOS ACRII, AUkV \; '> Jaii. in^ tbe ranch of Got* Heller, on* mil. aod a Vtii^half from>>n Aatonio. It to gsod wheat laad, _2t»_ well Improred and wate-«d, and baa nerytnisg r.-tt-*~«r v to c>rry on th* boaineH of fuminf . tat i utfcalan, tnaalrecf fiAMUEi L. PALUE3, AtTKadweUAUot'a, (\rufr C*lifoi>fa and lVttt4-ry -tr<n*t«, Or«f <A\XBi. Ml "LilL'i; V. on the pnmlkra. doll PUU. R\uK, THK UKvl:'l I&'CjL LUT on r>aez atr<*rt abr>ve Folanm, hetw<-«n lat and '2nd •ir» t-\ beii»2 129 feet front by t~\j f ct >le*-p, with tae two hon%M thereon, (one brick ftftd tbe otbor wooden wttb <;aUl.v etc J bard linim.ed, aud a lib all tbe coolsttM far f>miilM. Titli perfect. «S> op It.a p'.aoa l> well knows aa the rxiirnos cf the Bweian C'JU'UI. . I Apply a» tlie office of tha Unviu Oooeal, in tb« Brick II jurt- 1 , between tb* boors of 1 and S. . iteTl-lm* K4K.iI Full tALE-UKki niLik. - m j, and a half from San Antonio, ad tbo Mara ja t2?i*\ V»l!f y nl. Contilna nT«nty ana* of good /•.._ land, well fenced. . Oath* pla c hi ¦ naw huue and cut building, 6i>o yntsg fruit treea, a larg» <inaniitj of woo 4, and a sever Mling atrc-ftm cf water. '1 itW perfect. Kor tersia apply to B. H. UKLO, oo the prt-misea. d«l . ¦ _^ ISanch lor .**a!c. _„. ABOUT 300 ACnXS>, (MOSTLY f It^lnrilsi cnod fcr.c» ) nitn«t Jon Rauian l.iver, and CelS&WJolnlnt: ths flroiiahlng Tilla«9 of He» cislMirtr. ,-y ,, The farm conaiata of «b nt 80 acr«a of rich oottom land, aod U put of th« calebntel corn land of that district, tho b^laace ia anUnJ, aoßTlly Uanberrd. On ta« clacs ia a EDO two-a*rry 'nire r niid : nz ('athed and plaa terM ) to It 40. with addirtona of Dinteg Room and Kitchen. The house conuUna ten roosoa aod a ceilar Apply to ' • wan. boyzs, - (Bcetuntra <'o>t« Laundry, detlm* Broadway, below f n nt, San Krw r:«co. House© to X-.ot RESTS COLLECTED BY !*u.>&i"»» I !i;iTf v lIOOQ9 * HAOIBO9, n>2i-tf° 41S Uobtgomcry atre-t. FOR HALK. FOX BALJB VERT CBCAF-ICITBB ba aoM innd* of wn d»j «, HDDOK aad UIT oa Oi»y il»l batwaaci Taylor and Jotae atnala, wald«»oa if Dr. Pardea. Tbe boure ia tw > r corks, hart tniahed throncr: nut and in imud order. Good atabla and oat baildIniia. Lot a by la), running through to Rtley atnat. Apply to , - - Lcr.vT a miv's, ocU . :Bnkara.No.fio9Hont(caaryalna«. rf », LAUD VHIK. lALK IN T»K oCC3lr^f&tT Of tAN MATBO, diatant S3 to 35 n llm ¦T-2J>^nom Pan Fr*cci»co, aoi oae to thre« mtl*a -*.-*t >»¦ of tbe commenoed Kailroad from Ea> Fraodaeo tocia Joan. The property offered tor ule pgoeact* all tne adntitana of K»cb Soil, Hood Cliioita, fins Omainraul 'fteea and ¦cresnfil Water. It conaiata of • rukty cf tracta af from SO t>;il)0 Aeraa,crmora,lf d.-sirtd; anowlincad aad partly improTed. ¦ ¦ : XUTI'ILB IS PKK'mT, and poaaMlon will ba orna inunedlatdy. T.'rtaa: Partly eaaa, and tbe . balance «n naaoubl* tbxe, to anlt On pnrcLaser, bearing 1 per «amt. tntaraat par month. . ia<ia< iwrnA k UIO Fo» 9*l* at SUilwoiil City. altar ih« R«!l. road llcpor, TOWS CLOCKS— SCO by S» feet; BUTLDINO LOTS— to by 100 fe«t '. '• . ' - For par ticnUi a aa to price, Ac , a;ply In ponon to tie underaljcned, who will ro ow toe ground to aaow ihe Und. ..-^at-fca a. M. MEZW; year ßelmont fot oOlf. : FOR SALE. m STKAJI BSiIIJIB AND BOILER, fe^ PI -MV*. *c ; TOKMNS LATUK: Alan, TWO Col-I'l'.:; DI.STIW, ia good order j anitablefjr diaUiliiis C isi^hece cr Alccfcol. Enqctre ef * J. S. WOL*S, Anhlttct. SntUr a'.rwt oppo«it« lbs Metrji cl.Ua Mirket, dt3ltf " yt^ t an Tra-dMa. FOR SALE. ¦"'¦ ' 1000 iriNK aIIERICAX BVWKS aUi™-"^ * '¦•« L"" 0 by Malno B itl>j. lu'in:^ of KGS-f ¦ , .' 8. HKMIRuksON. - tt - M n ieZM 93 .Mtrck«nt atrwt. "'for sale. J~n (ISB STKAH KSOHK A»D BORIF, Si? ro'rp:»lf, so tuna -power. Oo be e»a loiajonu r.o. OS nalhckatreet, rear of American Kzcbang*. Abw, One Bt<*m Jroeiw, T-in n oylindeT, 14- inch atnke . 1 . . Inquire of W. H. M'rWBE, 68 Uiilxk itrott, ro»r of Ameticau JExduwgt. I da 29 lm -•» - -¦] •. '~ ~. ..•*' Thoroughbred: Stock for Sale. t-jy-J^ THBBUBBCRIBKRtIASPOIt «M1l«h a frw yoong .hnrtbrrned DURHAM * T*^»« B Di.LSaiid IIKIVKHS: l*sw:«e Mm Alr¦*i M*ilf ¦" •* "- Ala*, pure bred and U rkinlre PIGS. AU tha abort atotk vmm l»te import tMtooa, a>d ctD be Ken at my nnrb, near San Antunio,!. tonatj, Cal'iomia. adilrma *» r> -•»« CtSt lm» , ' J. D. PATtBBSOS, tan Traodaco. ' WAGONS FOB SALE. SVPKXUOH. , BUIL.T *" AIl« WAUOSINew^and in fine oidcr, • . <¦, 5 ti" -i;-*".<a.kiiii** . *rtf liliu bl "--"~ ¦' — -~-.~ ... p A -':-.. G »>.P.Ki!ißiLi.*cet , 3 t;^* *.tf.S.»l«i>>.. -- • Oarrlase r>rot; dol-lf Comer atarkat and Tliird atreelm. 1 Weir Yacht. -¦__ I JV&V a*tBUSH«U>— I» TO«T« BTTBJtrv^ then— of t»et m»l«i l*i« and workoianibip j rooVi\ Ballad for hlih «p«»d, and • aapettor aeabvat, SSS-corarkWy rlif^d aid Wfll fonnd In ewrf tea t «CU. Dimenilona: S3 Vt loofc 13% bet wide, 4 feet 1 lachetdcrpw Voraaleby _-^. -* J ¦"•'•-.- ti *r~i FORrSALE. - r m; oiie iteah »taroifli«t »o-nicn Cat bom, S feet atroke ; Reynolda* Patent Cut-off. Oaa bTSn^nmßin,. Inquire of /^ - BAILEY A lIA KKI.HOiY, Oil" AND r VCAKFKEHS. ;WORKS. B»T?a«a»«T^\i' > Hi.''"»l»'i ; r«a* Mmli : ¦SfJia. \ Mma WmlUngton acd Jackacn, ; ' nnntßi vbit>au ra«:rAai»B , %T «• aarpl* «ka» a«*)aa«rm^ba»»a tkOlr^jrKh "o«*iid«UT«rtd to »nyi»rt ol'tba a, # «»l»*»»« »l»*»»

OPPOSITISS TO gI«AUH| m ¦W, ** W ' fi. T* tMTTaft ¦ Jan. CHABWB. t. 11l Now World, (umn „> j. roou FOR SACRAMENTO daily, (U'iditi aiosrvi Ccu>Ktla« with IUM Irift Wmn *» ¦UTITULB AJD KKD BLVTT9. PAXB TO »*<Y»*ni l l |7 l n OaffTf IP** • « I •* a» PTCMn, *** * TKHTTt— l?ill!f M* ftaaa stau boom wirrmi. — , •• corn ncs arwira | fi^ |j TUiam TO unmim .... _. f *•¦ ; ruiairt to MAiTSTOL*. 4 tar Aptly aa board. ¦»»« J.WBITIIT, JK., riMlili Winter /Arrangement. «£g*j3ff PRINOESS. ¦nirHi Captart MARTW Tor Sonoma, Eteald a bury, and Son. »—¦*--—» — ¦*--—- — -- ~ •-— I, ntrrcM will ItiTt sonom» mif ' MOJUit, WiO.tHDAI an* FRIDAY. AUO o'clock .4. M. BatarateftWtniaavaSaa Praaetaeo fcr taoMmr TVXIDAT, THURSDAY * IITCBDIT At 11 a-clor* x. M. *t««»a ohm for test* fteaa «Bd Bwi Jjtxirc »ll|l • for freight or paaaags, » P yl T b> CAPT. »LEI>, a 1%. <tta«mt whwf *#-P«H.-D,»t«.h-» Ukinjlh. <lw»r PMSCVS, >>> th« SONOMA BOLT* for IICMUM UTU,«UI mat iiii»n iiKiioririiiiu ¦!¦>! oorrss a nxaoos, tiuit m rw P «Mo > Bfa..«,uw. *Z3 ~~~ PtOril-i LI Ik.. For tfaoraxuomc AID MABYSVILLE TOUCH 138 AT REKCU. -^ Tb- am aii iliml Mtmtmm wSSmasmm Harramfßri> WIU fepart fIM» Jaskaua <jm «<tar< Kreri To*»dnj, Tnnrsdsy «««• UstanUi -» • ¦»• ¦ ij» • c. m A!fD I. RAVE SHRilliM' ETerj Moidsjr, WntJimftM *s* rrMßj rh • »«*™r bw r»-a br '¦ la tkbeftt, .» £¦* .•;»•» •aTial tad la the tmt ain .:«r. ft ti. -k Ugh. I. - .lit t. tr~-ly ftr th!i w.. OAB!M PAMAQX TO C *t:».AHrSTO... »'• mm> Die I r »-w*sa to * ii's.vuyto •» <• nxi^nTT.') »AeaA?is»rv>. »i ?K>ro» r« mi} D«yU!>CK, with » mw, l-j>-.«».t» Ri:iS will romittt wth tb* d VOHM*NTO, »•/>. eit/.lUbia rnJchttod Pwmjau.'Ulfl.iviii., f K£t<JH? TO XAKTSVIIXI. »* ttS ! » <5.»>!« !br the faiteriw am "• »t-«W »•> ik Apatuf tola boat M iatnmn If nrai'l •¦» "« -. PKTEU O 1»t»« i, ocIS rf Cakarnsdrr.ODrMV nnlkJ)l*doa« Contra Cobt- - ¦ — — - ; taii dat, JA.t. s, t-oa •AsrsAirc^ca qaslans -avii-'mio *¦ «H . X *. 8 A • tH „ 11l 1 A. 1. AtllH A.V. tt II «,« A* IHP V At 3 US, A *'» " M «»«i.V.. -ft I ¦.!> .t. - •-> v. for »»a Jose.' 9anU Clam, *n:» ¦w, Sllnj. ?as Jccb, an* Wk-sstU^. «•¦ AMD tKTIH MHIU ' f^ OAT, Aownbw *J, U* fcrcrif «fcr^ CEAKU9 TUIiSNa. JIv.UK Wlliw Br. *lvt»7 Wh«rf *r Ahrlra ETBKY TC HI" H ITHT3BDATI THT38DAT and SATCO»4T. v 10 o'clock A. M. |W •uaiMetiDi: w.ti !*mcm twr all ttw »»«-» tiniini Ihiwgh ftc&ate »nl b» fu:r i«i»rt oa hoar*. Wmr» lanack loud from San Jm ««J •amis Cl«r«, i^.l'J. S*torniai, l«f,-. A Mao SV*IT MO.NDAT, W.l\ !CI3 AT wl rUIUAT, a • VelDek A. M., Mawb wftbtb*gta«mt.i*i l<«i* 3u Joa* ua «*ot»C'»n ¦ • o'clock. •ar »t»i jht ct fa»M«a, apply am bi»rl. oc» J. WHITNiM. J». flaatiaa. Xerada, YO auk* ha* lipilir Trip* (t«a> rAdflO 3TSMJ laMTtng SA!f rBANTTSCO my MOMDAT, W«Mt«aV" OAT and rUDAT, as « P. Jt, Eaioralng frcm BACKAXX2ITO on TCX3SATB, TfltTK.SAI3 and i AT D «\D AT3, at » ML — — *J»*iaJ CAXCt VASX SOeta | PICT 2» c,u aTtamfrr fi m pariM __ To? laa Josa» SaaU Clanw Ulroj •--- 3aa Joan, Tta Altlb*. west' 3 LiniTr packet:*- j, will lcats caiTiuk «ais 3Si* (Seits <uM>.Mooaor CegiumUaJ a>n«-. Ma » «- akra, acat WnTi <«ribofa, Amo, «»««¦ tar J».« ' THOauO * V and « ATfIUBAY, aj i I*. ». ITOttAtl ABO VOBWAMII6. Appljtotk* Oaataisa, as WM. a* a> 4«g THOB.J. »aW,i»% DAILY LDrX,BT7SDATS XTf.vr ~. oxjiv •«.« «.;•»»¦»»-. tOIUIA VIA LAUkVI^. "" Ajr» *w»»:i .-«»« •»«•• »Hlf(»»«tl T iTafa 1 TTaar. l -° •• a« l »'.iqm. r.<« .., . -artaa »«•*. »«i« a<> ¦ w ' _.» rtniimiiawi ragALBMA. Cap-» , 4b£££m3i> O.M. Baztar. balU «i|it.aalj f ;.- thi *CauiTils*Sl ro»U, with na«nalU! wr*4 IkaM lor wuxßfars »ai tnl^kt, will a***- -vai» ftaMLTni?B(3cDdili«xoa9ttd)k*aad(ran PaiaißS Iwltig fniainanrii Iliniiaii mi Utortll* a.- .1 •* iafaal »4 ih» *v:« fi'w a* Fato *»•« Qwatla ¦MTtac saa Praiiaan at 1 f. H. tmi u»:L>pa»k •• TV, A. kU,4ailr. Pratrtt wUl»»i mti il 3» A» -»a. ¦tall • a« r. aa til 1 P. It. 3»rf nlitl^r^,.;.,,!, .. k«rt.rr. OaUXUI KUVVXl^fut TaUiJ«a»iiiry>««. «. •.— rjßj-hon* Totl CoKh.a for *• iv 1U)««\ *•- ¦I.TTiTilllinnJl. flijiai iLHll|.» ITWiaiillla Dkiak*» Maca, lawm PMatuu oa th. antml af t.a «a»«> MobiuSMUikoia at * P.M. tksauatey: ««u law SaalaVaaiH diilj at IA. at, mm iMan *iu> laiawaaai al Ta«il»aia laaialat flaa iiaaalaanaail) l I M Ma •uta Oaj. Jal»4f 131 T lit DISTRICT COIHI O* THI Povth Jasldal Diacrtct af Ilia Ihita af fllltanal. to tad tir t*. City u4 Conotr of i*n Vnadnfc W«H AS 1 1L (3 SAT, PUatia; «. ISWAJLS I. ICaV t£u£S3 Aeooa brooxbt la tb« DiaTtlct &«it of Ua foortk Jarcial StaMet of tha Mata at Oaliiarata, at aa4 te tka> cit> a»4 oaaaty af gaa Pratlaoa, aa>* tt» iiMllft M»t m aaaf olty aaJ no— n of Ba> fmciw, la Mil nfciaj. ItnOlatk af m.,1 Wall hi Conrt. Xtearatoaf tto Itatoef CalHbntoa>Wgiaa«t«« TaMwulr. N- niwm. Vlllkai 1. Sanhut, AtajakaV aa >mcb, WBHaa Uulomt. Van A. Cbaiotar, kia wih, U»i» C. Uaujhl, I. 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M« urair—lly a»Jaaaa4 ft-oaa Vi»i^ aay . •attto tV» ¦»¦ i ¦¦ af aay «aal» m Baa weaa <a» araaalaaa.«r>»aiiaa»aajo<ta»oa«a»aaioank mf lalln TaTyaa an kanby aaatSad Iba* «yw bßkaaoaMr ' ao4 arm th. a*ld cranjJartt aa aOor. r~n*"«t tb. -*1 pUmtU *.U »p!»j to tt« Court t* th* nM dHHa«M btteQaßßlaiat. - - aiM« aa*r «y had th* Mat of tka Bsfrfca Cb«t «f Ota* •saath JaficM SMrM, af thattala «f Cat*. kraia, at ao4 fc» ib* atty aa4 **aaty af Saa rnoMco.ihiaStbd.rrfUetDft.r. totter-wof - jj»l-r* — »— -.Mb.*— -«».- WjaSKUWTOW BAKTISTK ¦»•*! "*^^! By kteUß* laAawoMltafajry dart4i^i <HWB.o«>y.>M'»«d>. mi^Umtm *£ n« PerftM of Ue Wottf* Barti»l>fj|fi« - nun rom umaw iwnu, FLORIDA WATER 1 aaraj Inm ftoafcal Itoy ol wtjaitaj. ft-. 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WOODWQRTH, ALLOVON ' & CO., ' '.. Paris and Sin Francisco. .:• - ¦ - |r^ IHPORTEBI Or FIAIOM?% vra^R 'ORT* 8, i borcfa and Ptrlor Harmful WV r g'Wt om. Harmonic I Uiuf. rU* Kwl ud Pijn V " V V 'O|i», ltetodtobi, J l»no Cortri, Mom Stoo'.f Mn«iclUcln,««e- 'i ~' ¦ •-* Kic)u«l«Anmttf rth«»J»of thi Btodwt Pl»nofort Ed the Prtn» Ulodwm. A li'jirtrt ci(M<BO*irtti Ibrkira, alvajr* en h«od. ¦ SB, M.»tiomrr/ it, (M *o )4m FnuMtoo I ,*ouf^U!;' ] t .% ¦•'.-• \-th- ¦—:-— »i — — i:; i*am,-.a - U '¦:?:?£ £*i* n ' RyflA CUIUiOKI WAIiKVgr OIL ifi«»J" »" l» *i-Uk<Uit ord*r, fr» frua foota, M bwaui«rO>> ¦ „-•¦- ¦ :-¦ ..¦¦¦ <¦.¦• !s-i.--»-, MutoliloUUnH. .... Kit B.UMMID, 1 ADAITI A]\TI^B «A W DLKS nnni tiiotaiiuynu akx kscibii R v* Otrwl tram tte i»«anl»ctniM». nf«lM ib I wa»a» Utf.w.n known bnwd. Th» «Uol*« of p. ¦>Mir«l«>«rtlCTil«rtT«»a«dt»tti>h«ttl>ittl»»»Uadli "»¦» i . T ', »^W.' W. PPHKA»VOO. niN IKBD Oil,. •**•• — "r-r; ; -,r 2 I d. -mt*.oQunu»*oa

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Instance gnaiantead. tar Freight or PaMagr, apply to JOHN DkWAI « 0. f GJCaBICKB, Jal V. Enetatroot, ao«. Commewtol «»d Market - Fox Mazatlan and Guaymas. Ibe A So. 1 New Oraaallan Clipper Barqne ' ***- Cataliaa, SJLv I. DSVOKOk Commander, Hiring the greater tart of bar carg* engaged, wIU »»U lor tha «br>T» porta on or about t -.• tit IKK <m J4SD4RV, 16t2. ror Ffrfiht or Pu"k«, •Owing iplrodia •eocmmodatioDS both for Cobin ud tMn|a fmtagtrm. Applj to -• s.u»m ¦130 > ol 432 JackKß «n*t, d«3l td Or W the CAPTAIK, oa boarl For Lirerpool. PASSAGK OHI.T. The ?| lendld CUffr Ship |'i<. Carrier Dove, Q£a£ cipt. r. m. xosnu, Will nil on cr abont tha lit prcziam 1 hit ihlp bu Ttry mper or tccomaodatiou, and nit l»ki> a fo* nicra pajMngwa, tf lmmedlalo icplciUcn b* frtci or passaqx. tint Oabin __._____— t**" Sec o«l CAtto ................-..—..—...____ 100 Apply to d«2»-/ WM. T. COCBXAH A 00. BOI'TIIICRJI DUPATCn M*K. Far St» DtBf* ma lßterntH!i&'« rtrts. Ifer ncmlar Parkot CUpp« Edioowr Will hoy« qnjck <9ip«t<^- on h«r nynJ^f trip to Ih* atwv* p irt*. for rraltb.l at Pauu% »jply to K. PICBCI. gaedwrn P*ck«t Odn, de2S Oornar Mark«t and Xut itraot*. OLD PIONIKB LIXK T> OBXGOS. For Portland. Tha naw A 1 CUpptr Brtj Sonny South, \*-JJt* J. C BU3U.NSLL, Mut.r, 14 now racelDng Irvißht at Jack wn atrot whart, aul « 111 hara qnkk dii^teh for porti on th* WomM» Riror For * reigtat or Pauajc*. »l plr to tha Captain, on board, or to BitKiiß A WIULIjhTCS, d>24-tf 3O^SaeraßMS(oatnrt,nprUtn. .. For Valparaiso, Xirect. Win pr.»it rr\y mU an or before tha Jth Jin^lSK, tha aplenfid A l o.ipper Ship tlHv Hornet, ]3zka2 IMO Tmw J. A MITCntIX, Cool, Cff?rtag raparfor aocomniodAiiosa. /or PaaMga* applf to tha captain on board cr to W. SCHMIDX*, d SI MTubtcgton itrctt, 2 duon b«lo* Batniy For Callao. JftMßUgo Only. TO SAlt. JAXCARY Ist, 1803. Tha flntelaaa Clipper Ship jsf j: Ctallenjer, tS?J> Oaptoia WEfSOK. A: ; 1> t-> tb* Hum un board, at North Pniat Dock, or to 080 T. GttIMUSS HtZ\ : UllmlKMt UKUVLAU lilßilC. For Steilacoom and Olympia, DIRECT. Tha rarsrlU Clif p»t Brig. tfj: Enernr, S£fi£ Captaia BAGUET, Will ban knnwdiate daapatch far tho acorn porta. SmPi-rr.B me DVtlc&Uily r*<ioe««<l la almrn, that tbia TMael gym Olract, toochin« at aootlwr port*. A few PaHaeosara eaa be coconacd»tad. BAU.UA WIBHB, i!tl9 Pter a St«out Knot. BLACK BALL CLIPPERLISE. For Hongkong. Rill Daslah CJppcr ihip i fck Benj'n Howard, Cl^A? ¦ 1,0-K) Tuni KLITOAARI),Cora. Tuto »rt»l la B0« rady to noeiT* cargo at Cay itraat wharf. an< will n.l (or th« %U.n put v airrartlaad. and »top at th*tater harbor of 80301.C1.D, (»l»d tadwwth«r permitting) ' Ha* elnrant accommodation* tor Cabin Paaatngara; ia i A I. a id In*;ranc* c»n ta •ffieted at th» V>wMt ratea without tf» war riak. For Freight cr Pac^afa. »l'ply to KOOPHANSCHIP A OX. Colon Varehucie. 4*17 Corner if Uakm and RUtery .Irwta. I For Honolulu ! KXOVLIR DISPATCH 1.1.1k;. Tbf Clipper B*> y tjpL ¦ Comet, tf^'it* COM. JOHN* PATT.Cosraandar, WiU Mil fur Honolnln, on or abont B ATE H DAY, Jannary 4th. lor rrelEht or iraaaag*. h •Ting mparior actoounoJ*tiona, apple to M ;».UKR A MKKKILL, IXonorala Packet Office, dell-td Noa. HT and 1W CaUft-rai. rtn»v For Valparaiso, Direct. ST* TriH r Tt»ar '¦ SCHOXKBKRO, Marter, W.U aail podtird y on the 30th instant. For Freight or Paai^'t •> P'T " ">* OH'tais, on board, at lodiaDocX, or to J. C. WTSASS. .lo'.OM lUCalrlbmUXiwt. For Boston, Direct Th. aaicAiAnal Int^taaa Clipper ghip JtOL Cutwater, 5SiW»t W. 0. POTTIR, OomaoancJer. Ihia beasrlftll new cßlipcr ihlp is sow !u berth at Ftrite rtreat wharf, has a large part of h*r cargo engaged and will haT* banediate deepeteh. - At Beaton preeruts ranch greater ftrflittrt aa a market fcr woe), hi4M, oii. dye wma, Jtc- tbaa any othar pnlut, ¦hrpperawill Had It greatly to their a»i«ntage tafenrard direct by thia ahip, thereby earing th* ooe« and treoMe ol reahtpsin* from New York. Al>VA!»CKS_ Liberal adnncen willbe made on wool, hk!ea, oil, dyewoodtand «h*r m. rch«nrtl-« fcrnnt adbj ihietbitanaeoaalgiMdtoonrtrienditn Boat«a. lor balann of freight (at loweat ntn) or Paiea^*, biTtag raperior accommoiatioaa. apply «>- •. .. M*.VDIK,LOU)RACO-, oeW 406 Front atreel. Pot Sale. . The Whaleahlp JC/Sfi Harrison, *%&££ SIM T.ns Bin then. Wall I und and la good ooaditioa. Vor particulara and krm«, ajpljr to UCSCEX * MKKRTLU Hooolnlq PkIX Offlce, . Jo J-10 117 and 11* CaukrcU atne*. ¦ M rOB BAI.K.— THLK tCHOOIBS / ilt n '- r " 1 "•' ¦" toil neieter. She ia in (ood older, ana teedy for any Toyacn. Apply to -- delS-U Bi'lt-NX AS A CO, CUy atne* whart ~~ T~Z aXKAMES »^##, Princess C7IOU BALE- TO U.ODIA PARTIMLB1B 1 abip acconnt. 80-*4 internet in tfee eteajner mnnlagpnoneottheßnit pretttaM* xaafm lv tt^ country, rartiee wlahtag to engage in eu»— co.« ligahronblaoppoTtaaitThiaoweOeTed. If not sold by IhteOtfeittt^ tba abort tßUnat will baeloanl ootat aoctiou. Apply to comr.usDox, , Mil •¦>¦•: - ,- Boi.erbbep. ;vA "| QoTtimlfairol RIVI3R BANK NURSERY. ;Jj , SAIJ i JOSE, , CALTf 082UA. : » ¦m> TIIK IVBICBIBEBI ISVITC #.^^ the attention of thoU- f.<raer patraoe and the C«ST pnilic to luxe atuck of fruit aad Oraa- *^ - mental Trere, which they oAr fcr eah the pnae« enuon. ccnturtirir of Penra, (dwarft aad •taadarda.) ApilM. Plaau, Cbctrie*. Paachaa. Aprkota, Onpt Tlau, Ow Mbentaa, Cunaata, Xajpharriea, Lawton Knckftarr*, •ta. , ,; . ORXASIITII. TSCEI. : American Bn, Slippery Km, Rarer Maple, Aih4eared Maple, kionntain Aah, rtnwbriry Tree, Eagdatt Wahrat, Vreach CheMnaV Hop Tree, eta. . i , - ¦.<.->. r»* *r BTEXOREBXI, . i : I Chlseae, American, Siberian. aa<t Calf.jrniaa Arbor THm, VaahlOKtoDia GigaatM (Big TitaJ Cwlroa Deodar, Califc-rstuKeiiwood,ttc „ , ORDEKS, by mail or azpteaa, wffl raeatre prompt attraiion Tonia, eaah. ¦ ¦ - Agenta^O. 1. Waahlnsfca rtrwt, Wtwem Battery and Front; aud Gram, WUMmm • Backler, Pedflo Fruit Uarket, Claj atreat, Kaa rrudeoa. t deMtw ¦¦ » v f. gAßpmaoa a oa. TO GRAPE " GRO WERSI FRENCH GARDEN YIMCTARD.TBK PBOPBIETOK OP THIS BTAB. llitiraa»«aega«eißfcra» iiinaa liilium if mila» oat ThMyardat taat he ha* en head a Urge qoutity mi Planta and Cnltiaga of roreigx Orapea, hethlkr table aad wine. Than. are teal* at »»ry?-iace<J p-k»«. »ar•ona may call at the Vln.yer.l and jadge fcr thiamreaa. ¦bra tarx* ftiaatltte ata takaj, aa adTaaHagaiiaa <•>¦ eoanl will be made, i- . «ii» > A.DIUUK. 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Puqnette •» *™ ooSl l>A?V€lAfi N€HOOI,. ' , • m MB- JOttKI'WILL OPKH nIS BTKMi 59 ISUCl.ABBforl»(li<>«»tdKeDtlem«lonTn«BDAT KVKMNQ NKXT.Nowinb-r IMb. at P^rt Hrfl, i Uußk comer of Clemi-Q'ioa and Fint itreita, and wi-.l coLtiiinc tbrongbths Hum gi»l''K lom-m od Tawdayi an 4 Fndiji of euh w«-k. Piivite lenou glten. Fjr ptrtical.™, iuquire at lh» IUU en the alw« yarned 1 mniega. > noli-tt Banking anb (gyc^angc. V- MARZIOU & CO. BANKERS, Importer! and Commltsiun MercbanU. Rrttaiar Hit ofamMng Packets Ww«n Harm and Saa 1 Frandaco. OltSc. 49 Coamncltl a»r««t. MonajnceHeiandepoilt. 1 ickauge on trtnex. HIR-tf ! ". ¦_£» Exchange on New York IN SUMS TO SUIT. ¦ .- ¦ ¦ ¦ •• AT THE LOWEST BATE 3. FOR BALE BT •. . ¦ ¦• ' , K2Btf WU. T. {.'OLEHAN & CO. DVH'CAIV, SHE RHI A N A: CO. bankers:, , Corn.r Pin* aid Hums «t.., Haw Tort, I«raoCUXULAR KOTBS and LETTrES OF CREDIT rr Tnrelers, available In nil tin principal Otlea of tbe World. Al O.MKSCANTILK CRtDIIS, for one In Burcpe, Chln«, *c fc- 1 Donohoe, Balaton & Co., SELL E3ECI3C^»3SrCarE O3ST NEW YORK, BOSTON, PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE, ST. LOUIS. And other principal cities of the Union. ALSO ON LONDON and the BANE OF IREL A2JD .jel DONAHOK, HALBTOB * CO. Exchange jon_ Guaymas. rnllK VRDEHsIGSKO DRAW OX ¦ GnAjmaa in tomi te «uic KUDOIIM, HTKR CO., I •p 314 WunlngMn ttreet, below Battery. -„,-v.i.i. » ''iS.'i-'M.'K «! Oalllnrata ilno sma.'wo scboozi. . : . ..i.-rwtS? MR, ELLIOT WODLD HKSPKCTfuIIy anmmnca thathia rezn'ar eonran nfierwni in Vocal Huale will eommtnoe TUESOAT ETENINO, Jaonar j 7th, 1882, In the It .moment of Calrarr Chmch, to •ontiDni two evei.iD^» per week, fft a term ot lhre« mojtli". 'J erma : Fira Doll«n for ttie oonras. Al. pur'iraio rr,*t-d*r> rrqantvl toattaod the flrat lf-K-u. mhKh »11l brglo pr. mplly at half DM I in«» ('clock .No new Ugiuoe'B will b» admitted aitsr the tectmii rTt-binfE-All priona dnima* aroblainlnca knowledge and i-ry 'ke thtt.will en«b c th.m to v.c ¦m« iir. flcieni in leading mn»ic v well m ainiiluK, are ru-p«:tiall> «olidU<l to We.m« mrUil'iix f thta titu Jal It Collegiate Institute, ienicia. FOB. tl»n;» ONLY. TUB KEir SK.-SIOK OP TUB IN- ¦ atoU (the fourteenth ) will <p« ¦ M the 1-tb cf Januarr. Inpila are nqoettcd to come on the 10 Uor ltth? TItKU-)— Board and TnlUon li theatudiea b-loni-Ing to either tiie Kngli h or Cla»iaal Oonw, pw montn. — *>1 °° W«hin«.._ — * W> Ibe room* are ready fnrnlibtd Mo extra f.-e it cborgeJ. Peraona wlahlng more partlcolrf lut ru.Rt. n ia ri-»ard to Mimt. range ot »»aJiti uogkt, *c, will pleua rcqacet a drcolw trosi the pnaCJD«I« drflMm q J. I LATT. College Scbool at Oakland. THK (IKIT TBU9I WILL COMMKSCK ontLelotho Jan-ary. BtndenU from abruad board ' ,*iii the Intritut im aoder tbe c»rt. of the Principal and , ,Uw l.rrn. Kot.e are rmivt-J nccpt npon a»ti«factory evidebc* of Rued oral ch<ir ¦» t*r The expense are irom $SlO to I3W per Tier, wtth extra . ;Ichn-i;'» for l-n-nrh. Bpantah, ulil Draaiaj;. 0 ForcircQJira. adirt** A, a liv KEY. I. II ERATTOS, Priorlpal. THE FRENCH & ENGLISH LANGUAGES UOOUT BY • ¦». iib* Siotkfin, 4a?. .. oalto eh- rr»eeb Oooniiato fiu9tncs9 €arDs. MKltlllS HPKVKIt, j . IMFORTIB AHD I'OfII HISSIOX MKECHII.T, Agent nambarg-Bremen Fire Inaorance Company.* ' sa« IC«f*lnjr(«H Mlrerl. JtMm g jKI . -' J.LUWUNUUII, IMPOSTEB AXD COIMISSIOS MERGRANT, SOS Califtrni* ,treet,T*tmir: Jallm - IIKXR.Y BATES, W. 8., rnvsici An aktb stthobow, Eootni 10 and 11 Athaoenm Bnildlng, tip atain, B. JC. C«r.luiiiKiiu»> • ji<3 Cmllti.rnln ata. BAN VXAHCIBOO. ! KB9ISEHOB— Corner Dopont and Bnah •treato i ot*-Sm .....:-¦--.¦.-•.:-,». MeCABK * VOX, . O JtrNHSXiLOKB AT LAW efflca, 101 Merchant atraet, ten Fr anciaoo. An4la tkaCoiit Hoa>e,Be4 wood City, 1 inmu'cktm, . ,» o <UU4.». fox. ;- SißlraidiM. IcajiTi lUdwool OJtj. | A. V. GILMAST * CO., f Importer! and DeaSen In Foreign and Bomeitlc Wines and liiqaon No 12 frost •treat, «v Trandaco. OcntUntly receirlog the but uaorttd Foreign and domutfc Goodi in oor ll»o. ' 1/iIN * WIMOUKII'ftR. ¦4anc4»ottr»ra aad Importara of _ r _-_ Harn«*k, teddies, Drlfilo*, WHlps. 0o!!»n, SABDX.B . WAKB. . asO.. -ff, KO. f * BATTXRT BTRKT, H. Bv— lUpalriug promptij MWmJed to. QoodawTtmtntOmword Bta«c Oarneaa, Srago Btodu and Leehe*. « the beat iroalfty oamtMUy «n hacd. eal« ¦ nx»»&tlaii, Moxioo. E. CON NEB & OO« c inPOnTIHO, FOIIWAUDINO.COMMIS- . 1101 ASO hIIIPPIBO MKHCIIA>TS. MinloulaTclcn'rwrtrtd and dbpatched : Drafte and OrdcnKeeotlat'd; Mining Compaalea eappUed with all aeoeaaary artlclea, ice. Ac s ' ¦ oo »-«a> MaZATIiAM AND MEXICO. • A. HENRY STEVENS, General V Auctioneer and Commission • b \ I.* '""Merchnit. 'va <o dl . . - '•" Murphj '*, Cala-r«»*» C»u»»«y« • -¦.:...• '" :f .'-~ ¦i'r ¦*"<*> WUk ATIKHO TO 'T»l -11HIW - boalnta. In all iv branches, at hts lama Wareroom Id Korpbj'a Outdoor toh ¦ promptly attended t».-v ¦>< ~t"~T * V ¦ Kpeeikl attention irlTea to th* tale of Stock. ~ -' Coo«ig»m«nU Miliclted. del7-ln ¦ . f« xdiaiio fccu.,/.*.^ ¦¦.*-» v* COMMISSION MERCHANTS f -. ",'. j Wboleaale and bull Dealan la Toos, Sugor.Rloo j AND ALL KINDS Of *3ta.ijci.«fc i'j'ftv l>p*o»* pyi «*Oi «• Via (Mrameato ll« •»» rrauaottaei* & |yl» *a> r ,. ....... , „.., , t ,^ rr M .*svM*i-'t i OOLKMAJT'S OAIffOMIA IIHE m>» IwTnk ami lam rrutsU** J '" til* rfci**"! '' '"" *~ '* *"- «^a«M™» . <¦¦" -..>.- >-.- .' #¦¦*-. ¦ . . .MX- «&TIII« K!*9ABIiIBHSU < ,&sfk uau of roias ctlaiw otirp*B« i* •¦< iHSaaCteiTiltrly „...,,.. r,;;.. . ¦:.ftM.'S«w tM« to Ita f rui>M«r |,aliaday«adt«rt!i«l,w.fhallr»iytipo» ni OaUlbrml ftli;tfita-«»Jr»ld»cictror«-«ignU natuttsttf |C ¦*W««»*Utoft»Oßefci:irintolMsTe«a!»,futt»ll«n o»ll»«ttUted,a>ulliHT»rywty inparlor; scd-vhlpp*" «Mf rely opon prompt teat and dlfpatch. - ! «eoMlnfc> nake tnJi peonJlarly tha OAUTCBJTIJ ' UHI, »»a the adTmntage of eTnty C.lSBnni»» t» nHy I ; li|aM>feyotiretfcrt>aa4 atwatfan, «op« *¦ B«»rt« th« WTle«< eilliMa»HialiiiaM|.i in ><i at .«.-»!... ¦ #ox>> forwarded rreui any pattof ttt •otttrj i;*») tkW.Ul»nntallfnminil>f »u,a».4 >coa .1 > <a>«e4rr«*f&.Buii>«loa v- •¦ : -;v?a!iU»- ; «££ » -;~wm. »; cou»* *OKT~ ( ¦kU-M i «• W«4l»tr..t,Jf«Tr.*«H.. !»*•«.« , _ A i-iswrrSr-s iw -— r*

WAHTKD— A GOOD BVtHBKM MAS b»ln|l««iio hmi good Mtaatton by sd-drrsslm'-A. ZV 1 at this office. ¦ Good leferonce required. Jal*» j ¦ - . ' * WAHTED-1 PA«TISa ll* A« OX.O e«ub:iihed and pronlable, in one of th* best loeatlon* in B«n Francisoo. Capital requited. 13,000 or*IMM. Norn need applj excepting witu nr.wUw nfereßC*. Andrtse Lotk Bjz IMS widntalpsme.- J..1-3* AHTKD-AM ADtRICAS MAS AMD -ihlswifctoCfcokaaddoeeneral Hanwwork t.r • raaefc and private family. K*w Er^lend peraons *»¦ sired. Aodresa Pert Offlc* lock Box 1786, ud (iT'ptec* rtidtaM. . j..,,,: ,>. -i-. „¦*>». IHrORHATIOH WAHTBD-AI «O TH« - Me ef O BORU 8 PEO PLKS, a Blacksmith by Into « • hen tart Heard from, la Much. • in. "••• at Buckeye, KljuU county. Abj tenon knowing mi factj In reg»w t.fclm, will confer so evtrl atlig ta.ur on bit f«iul». wto arrived oa tbe l»t eteani-r, DT it B. J MoQ*lt,Beaicla,Calilbrnia. a, fe .". •" a*»^lm| 0 LUAH-TIIE I'SDd«.BIOHILD lI AS - from «,100 to 12,000 to loan, on good iwcnrity. Ap''say *"t" y : , u rn 1 '^r^mr- • ITIO LI4HUII lIKALKUB. HOTKI.-KEEP-1 EKB AND OTHKB4-4 retired t New ;T«rk Wine Merchant having lri-ure, will oomxunlcate MgtoyT«luthle ioformatiois incla 'lag «I1 th» new methods or t««biuttlnn, »nd new Ciaoovnriu, wi b full direction! for using ib» vat, ensuring ¦ eavlng of Mir per rent, ror i*rticn'»rs adirma A. B.K, Box tS, 8. »,P»tf'B-f. All tommuniouiona atricti? cootitentUL j.- x»: <I**>-14 < ' ! $C.OOO.'£ ATiU-JC rmAR.'VHKII WAITRO-WITU A CASH Mr CAPITAL of from JoUR- to MX THOUSAND rOLLARS, ia in wtaMinhoil, profitable Wtoleeale U.jaor bo«in »i. Tbii la a desirable opportunity fur a-i actiTe man. Addree* PAKTNKII, Box 1.45J Post Office, frith real name, stating when an iDterriaw caa ba obtained. ¦deXlHi ....-..¦ lauv or Hucn.cxPKtUKacs la Tmchloß, wiibee fur a situation in a respectable lKim?y, to take charge aitd lustruct cbfldren ; In a stood French scholar, and would b»v* no ol j -ctic v to travtl or go Into ta* country. Address 0. B, o,tc*ol trlaptper. dol7-tf . .. „ .., ,-- ... . - Consignee ffl?ticis. Mtr f U!p B. B. ForbtaY Capt. J.O. Bi laid, from Bo ton. Will commence dlscf-arsim cargo nt V»lh j > street wharf, oa THURSDAY M ¦RNINO, Ja-i. 2, 18.3. Gontlgarea will plea*« ctll at cur office, p»J freight, and receive oidere for thtlr guode -. . -.' ; -¦• AllKood«, in lan:ei on tb« wharf, wlllbeattbe ilk ul tfce owners Ib-reo', and If not removed before 4 o'clock P. M. cf each day. will b- stored at tbtir experse. FLIKT. «A»ODY * CO., Jal Front atreet. Bear Broadway. . Kf Barqnt Zephyr, Captain Late, from Nsw York will commence discbtri. tag < ur^o at Tallrji «trtet Wharf on TUURSaAT MOKNINO, J»Doarj 21. 180 J. ConalgQN* will p!ea«e call at oat office, pay frt ght, and recetre their orders. All gooda, wben landed, will ba at the riak. of the ownera, without regard to toe wvatber, and it vat rumoTed before four o'clock, P. SI , cf each da;, will be atored at th lr riak and exc-ens? . Jai-* OECRQK HOWISi * CO. Mr- Danlah barque Dan, irom Hambnrg.— Conaigneea bjr thia Trwel an hueb* aoiifUd that the (nuiral aTeiage eertlncatea am now re»d> for dillto y, at the office of the uadt r.l^nt J. a DAVIDBON 1 HAT, doll -10 - ¦ Montgomery atr«et. ODlfidal IS TUB PRUIATB CHllttT OF TUB City ud County of Ban Tranches, f-tnte of Cklifornia. Dectmber Term, A. V. ISSI. jloiids;, twmUr 24, 1561. Freaent: lion M C. BUke, Probate Jodfio. In the Matter of the Katata of C.vr:;EIUNN HTANJf I E LD DeceaMd. la open Uourl. On readies; and filing the petition of John Torrence. Ad ¦ miniatrator, of the E>ute aforaaaid, eetdng forth that be baa filed bin final arconct of hla aduaibUlration npon aaid Estate In thia Ouart, tog«lbur witb a report of Lie Administration of a-tid Katete, and U;at the aaid account hut I ecu flnallj erttled and allowed, and that the Wu^lnj rra' ettate remain In bi* bands to bo dittriLaUd, to wit : Thai certain lot and paml cf land tttc&te, lyisg an 1 bring In tbe aaid City aul Conuty of Saa Frandsco, described aa followa: b«lnron the aouth aide cf Wathlsgtrn sfreel, beinfi the eauterly part uf the 50-vara lot known on the official map uf Ban Frandaco, aa 119, beginning at a point on the southerly Bide of Wn-dilngton afreet, sixt**foar (84) feot, four (4> forties easterly frou the easterly line of Powell street; tbence easterly along the soath line of WasliinKt n mm, i>eTecty-t<>n« (73) f>set, two (-) inches; tln'uc- aoatU>rly at tight anglea to WsthtnfVn atreit, one hundred and thirty seren and one half ( 137)p feet ; thenoe weaterl/, p'rUlt-1 to \V';i.-hiD^t -u street, serrn (7?) febt, aix (C) Inches; fhanc* norUtetly, i>arallel to Powell •tr*et,atxt;-Djne (IV) feet; thence aaanrly, parallel with Washington nroet,foar (4) foot four (1) iaciex: thence northerly, parallel with Powell atreet, «ilt>- t iiebt (eg) fe-fc aix (t>) inchec, t j the 111 1 a of beginning. And that Marietta 8. Torrence la the oajly danghrer, and sole heir of tbe deceased. It is t-rdered that all pe-3-ni tut rested In tbe EiUte of tlie said Otthcnce t 4 vS«l.l, be and aprxar before the aaid Probate Curt of tbe (Sty and County of Baa Francisco, on MONDAY, tie I'inu DAY UF JANUARY. A. D. IS62. at 11 o'clock in the fjreuoon of iald day. at the Conrt Room of aaid Ouart, in the City Ba lof mm City and Coo ty of ru irancisco, th-a aud there to r how caniw, if any there be. why tlUtribaiion ol tbe said Estate remaiuins: in tbe hands of said Administrator, should not ( c made to the said Marietta 8. T«-r-rcuoa, aa tbe daa^hter aad sole heir of aai-J deceased, according to law. and M pr.' ycd for In aaid retiUot. A n 1 i t Is farther ordered, tt at a cr-py of tbla or;Vr be pcbllshed for ft>nr nrowiTe weeks, betore tb« nl'l Sth day of January, 1563, in the » Rally AIU OdlifornLk," a newrpatx-r printed and pnbllalied In the said City ud Coua! j of Sii Krmuci ,«... M. 0. BLAK r, Pnta'a Jod«s. Office of tbe County Clerk of the Citr and County of San Fmnds-x> :— I, Wa ihii-Ktcn Bartlett. Cunuty Clrak of the city and county of Ran*<», State of lalifrrula, a »1 ex officio C'erk cf the Probnte Oosrt in and fur said city and county, da hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and eorrec: copy of an order dolf made and entered npon the mlnntea cf said Court. f*— -1 Witnva my hand aud the Seal of aalj Proba** <1 if Coart, th 's aeiy-nd day of Decrniber. A . I) 1801. l-_,J ; WABHIVOTON nARTLKTT, Clerk. de3-tw By 0. Hi'.tuti, Deputy C!> rk. Trustee'-* .*>alc VUTICK IS HKtIKMV tIIVXN, 'I'IIAT I.^l • l.y Tlrtne of the power In me THtod by a certain I wed of Trnat maJeon lti« "th daj of 4L-r|l, 18W, ty 'saic Graham to m", and which If r *t r rf in tha effico cf the Record-r of tlie Connty of Ban-'a Cm, la thl> Sive io 4of F^ooHe, p*»g » 729. aitd filUiw'cjy I will, on the MATH DAT Clr JASUABT. laei at the Court Hone door, 1 i thf ely cf £an Kruuclaco, b t*v . n the boors of '0 A. M and i P. 51. OH that do , itth t for t:U to the tie. ¦ est bidder. Tor canb, the fol'oifiog d^arribfvl property, to wit: '' • ¦ ! All that certain plw* t r parcel or tr»rt rf Snd lytegin tie Oon >y cf Barbt < ru». atate a! Calltornia, kmuu m tbe rancho called •* Cast • d» Ajui tirtvo," cooMlmni f ci sqa^re le«fn«s t f land, which wa* IB at..! a V-m Stawjc I autro t-y the Me\ c*u oa the 'J7th il j of May. 18>*2, ai>d rounded aa follows: Oa the ¦»n by the mocntaioa: on t'.e we-t by the Pacific ocean; on ti:*» north by tbe rancho of IK»o Ju %v O -iip«i «; ar.J oc the sonth I'J tlte rancboof Doa Ililarln l'n-h »— b-.i-i? tb« sttni** en. Teyed to aaM O ; nhnr-'l by t'.c h* Irs of aald Ca«tr» ou the first day of October, W- 1. and f>r which a Patent iras la aed 131 3 t!« {Juited SIMM, or so mach tteraof v ma; b* | nuva ary to satlafy the porpr«e< of - tro-ti. , deStd j J. B. CaOCKEIT, Irnatca. f« TUB DISTHIIiT CUCIHT OC THK Fourth Jndicial District of tli- Elate of Calirornla, la and for the City attt Conntv of in fraiiciwc. HII.IUM KKKLV 111 .iMi'.-M.'M it. DA»IKL 0188. Action t«t>nght in the DMnct Court of the Fourth Judicial Dtartet of th* State of Cabforniiv la and for tha i if, and coontr of B« Frtnctao, and tiiecumi lain t Sled In mid city and evnety of Ban frandaco, *n tho office of the Clerk of aaid Dntrict Court. The Peopla of the «»*»• of CalilorrJa send greeting: To Daniel Uibb, defendant. Yon are hereby reqn*rvd to sj.r »..r In an action brought against yeu by tbe at>TTa earned pl«in*iff la the Divtrfct Court of the Four h Jndlcia: District of the £»t« of California, in and for th.- City an 1 C. wAy of S«n Franciwo, and to answer tha coutlauit tied then la within tea days, (exclanlre of th* daj'et *errice,)a<tfr aervice on jon of thi» anmnions— lt »irv.-l wl;hiu this connty; or If sorted out of connty. but in thia District, within twenty days ' otherwise within f<>rtydays — or Judxaect by default will be t-ktn against you, acOL-rdi&g k> Ibe prater of aaid eompluint. The said action 1- br jßiiht to renurre 7-.o from an ntf'ncy hervWfere ••utrnctt 1 to you by Raid plaintilT, of his lntrrtat in the " New ld.-ia (JuickiiiTir Mi 3»," Us Utda, ap| nrtanancen and prhllecefl, nnd*r a Unse of tbe s»ot*, i on accomnt of your fraudulent conduct aa°aoch agent; to compel you to render a judicial accout to tho plaintiff ol yoar said agency, and of th - money a dua to him la tbe premlaes, aud frandnlrntly withheld by yon; to set en* k> ' much of such idomfi aa will pay a net* for $*2,< fl-l 37, mad* by said pUintin; .dated'toeember 31, 15A9, and now held by yon, aud to have JuJ^m' nt rendered agaf&at yon for tbe balinre; to restrain yon and yoor amenta and coaf drrii a, pend.ngthis suit, from Interfering with raid plalttiff's interest in ia!d n lue an'lmon'yt, and from MlIsg, aasigoiog or traMMrrint aaid not*; ta aaT* a n«eiTor api eintec*, and for ginfiru relief » And yon are hereby notified that if yon fail to appear and anewer tbe said complaint as above required, th* said rlain tin" will apply to the Court for the reluf demanded therein . •¦' -• 'I »»«O» Wltneaa: Hon. John 8. Qager, JuAio of ocr wid District Court of the Fourth JuUoiai Dinuict of th» Stats of California. 01 ten under my band and th* Hal of fhi> saM Di'trict ,^-,, ttnrt of the Fourth Judicial Dunrlct, this fonrth Ij. a. \ C*j of Octobtr. in th* y«ar of our Lord oc* thuui ¦ «-v^i aandeiffhtbandred aad sixty^D*. WABHINCION aAUTLETT, Clerk, " By J»o- lUirai, rxpaty asrk. I Jate* A Lake, *t '.')'• ft* rUn*. . no3-U«Sm JU TIIK DISTRICT COVRT OF TIIK Fonrtii Judicial Dwtrkt. of the tititw orOallfonf'i, la and for the city andconcty of Bin Franrlnro. ' ' ¦¦ ¦> ' CAHTES BAULMANN aad i.LIZ4.RKTII 0. BAHLHANM his wifo, Halotifft, ts CADWALLADKX MMQO LI), et Rl., Defendants. 1 Action broiwht in «»• Wstr lcJ Court of tbe FonrthJsrtldal District of the> B<ate>«< CaUforola, in and for the city aud oounty of Ban Francisco, and the complaint filed ia aaid city and county of Ban Francisco, la the office of tlie Clerk of wid District Court. I The People of tbe Stats of California, Mid grc«Urg: To CadMlledVr Slngold aad J, Iheo Dean, defcodanta. Ton in hereby required ta appcor in an action brought aniaat you by the abore named pUint.Bs la th* District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the Bute ofCaliloruta, in and for the dty and county or Ban Francisco, and to answer the complaint filed therein, (a cci y of which accompanies tnis sumsoua) within taa days, (exdo- - sire ol th* day of serriee.) after thu acme* on you of thia summons — If served within tbla court? ; or, if semd out of thin coubty, bet In thia District, within twenty ' da;a ; otherwise within forty days— orjudjjment by default will betaken ageiuat yon, according to the prayer of said oompUint. - iif sjsd *s »J»J"a io i- i*»t.. I Tee s«id action U brooght UilsCnnrt • requiring the said defendants ts set forth the natnn ol k their several claims in and to the lan-Ii and premises deecrlbed in tbe eomplalat on file, and that all sdTSiae claims of said tifoudanis, or eiibor cf tU«m, may be determined 1 by said decree j anu that it be declared and adjudged that the said dtfendanta, or either of them, bate noMtateorln ' tereit whatever In or to said Und and premises ; and also, that wild defendants, andnach of them, bo forever debarred from asserting any claim whatever in cr to aaid land aad premiMS, averse to tbe plaintiffs, and for such other and . farther relief as to equity i*aU s««l meat. •-=••¦ •-¦ ' And yoa are hereby noticed, that If you fall to appear and 'answer the eaid complaint as above required, tue • saidi>l»latilf«will apply to theConrtfartbeiell«(*-m»n.lfd iniiidomplaiuL ..,- - „.¦.,¦.- -¦» .¦¦.**¦-, •¦¦¦.- _A^, Oltuu nniW my baud aad tlisafilofthoPia • { Cf. ItrfctConrtoftl»rooitli Judicial Dlrtrktjfih* I lv_wf Btot* of California, In and 1* tha city and conoty of fan Francisco, this 30th day of September, in the ¦ year of ear Lord on* thoniaad eight hundred and aixty- ***¦ { WAHfINOTON BAETLKTT, Clerku ; >r— !< - - By j hj. Hum*, Deputy Clerk. - U. W. WoodjiijJ, PIJT'a Atty. ftxWA ..ocS-Uw3aji^, " H THE DISTRICT CUUHT OK TIIJ£ I Fonrth Judicial Diatrict of the State oi CalUbrßht, In 1 and for the City and Oounty cl Ban Francisco. 1 LKWIB TICBaHCR vs> 1/UARi.US . UZ> AY , et al. Action brought In the District Conrt of the Fourth Judicial < >isti ict ot the> State of (.allforaln, and the «omplaint filed In dty and county of Saa Fraiicisoo, ia the ' ottioof tho Ofrk of said Durtrlct Court. The People of the State of California Mad greeting: f T.. chsrlM I'iMy md Samr.el 0. \Viias-. , ...... I I Too are herefcy required to »pp*or in ac irtlou brou/ht aaUnst jonby tlie above named plaintiff In theDUtricl cTmrt of the Fonrth Jaddal I'i.tnct cf the SUts cf Call- , tornla, la and for tha City aad Connty cf Kan Francisco, aad to answer - tba compUlnt (in d * ihnf In, (a c-.-r j of which acconrpauiea thia ssciaioiu,) witbiu Ua dayi, t (exclusive of tb« daj of strrip*,) after the servic* oa i- yon of this anaimona— if served wltaia thia county : If serve I out of toil eonaty, but wribia tbU JndMsl 1M«r trict, wilhiu twenty dsyi ; cr If Mned sot ofitld District, " th. o within forty day*— or judgment by default will be taken agliaet yon." "* -' ¦» ••• - i> -* • '"- *" * ' The said acrJanite krougnt to obtain a decree of thia " <Vortfortheferecloi»r*of a.e*ttaj« amtgan desnribed ' In the C- inj'laint, aad ezecuteoV by the *sld Easmri C. ¦ Yon an-1 Joha Warwick on ta* 2«th day cf March, A. D. I ISM, to secure the parasaDt of a certain promissory note tat the earn cf ttjAO, with Interest at on> per cut. per montn, d.twi Msrch *»th. IMB, executed by the defendant t'way. and payable to M. ssra. Joath k Haater ; ud I it be declared end adjmdsed ibst tba couvejaoce toiuid > Uinav. mentlontd In the toßplalnt ta have been made andtakea subject to to* lien aad payment of aaid ntortnoe; that th* preen hw eunveied thereby may be told. * and the fine— as apejtsd to the payment of said asm of ' f 8,000, with lnuire.l thereon at on* per oeat per month Km starch 2ath. ISiS, together »W» the caata aad «x- ' MimaH f I*"'* suit, etc; aad In caa* soch protemls are ™ not anfnaletlt to pay th" tame, then t* okuia an eiecotl a • aoatnet a»U eVWanl Obtrlai Duty tt tile btluca re- ' malnlng due. ud also that eald debodiata, aud all p«r- * son* clalmtnr by, tbrcniKh ur nndu thsin, may be barred and fcredoaJj of all right, title, eUim,.taa, equity of reL d»»PPtion.aadlat»i»atlnandto»aidß>ortga6«d|)lsirileea, ] and fcr other and rartke»r*as«. : ktv . ¦•¦¦¦¦-•„. , . And tfya-aJI ta apaaar aad aaswer th* said complaint : aboverequlred.thepalotlirwill take dctiultwaimit you, r and apply to the Court for th* rdlof douuoded ia «h* S CHftn ondtr my hind md Seal or tie Dlitxict Conrt of 1 ,^>_, the fv-arth Jndlcal District this Mthdiy of 2 I UU. VSeptstubtr.ln th« ycarofor.r Lcrloaethotu * l_w-/J aud eight hnndrM and aUtr-en*. . . vTABHDIfJTpf, BAKTLKIT, Clerk. » I '¦" • ¦ •By Jwts H«"«K», Drpnty Oerk, . \ Oha*. IL B. TTiinams and Lorsoa* Bawj*( Attvraeys br H" aiisSeWOOL AHS^ T AEt^tt

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