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Electiox.— The Boiler Makers' A^sociatiou have elected the following named permm m officen of their hoeiet y. Preaident J. Cullr: Vice Pwaident, W. Unrph/; iS cordine beereta-7, 3. B. Andenoo; Kinan> cml tstsereiary, J. Beardoo ; Tretuure r, S. Bush: Truateea, Joha Undy, P. T. Horn, and _>. gullivan.

The pause in the fighting in Virginia did not last long. A month after McClellan's retreat to Harrison's Ijti^jt.^ the campaign against Pope was conducted by Lee. This was followed by the contest in Maryland with McClellan which gave to history Sdttth Mountain and A._tiet__. jhe Virginia campaign of 1862 was then wound cp by the disastrous attack made by Burnside on Fredricksburg, on the 13th December. In this resume of the operations of 18G2 no mention is made of the desultory fighting which occurred in* Northern Mississippi, under Rosecrans. nor the fighting in Missouri and Western VLrginia. Compared with these struggles the fighting of 1863 is comparatively trifling. It is true that heavier and more bloody battles have been fought this year than during the preceding one, but they are fewer in number. They commenced with the battle of ChanceUors*iUe, where Hooker wm wonted. Then followed Lee's inTasion of Maryland and Penneylvania, culminating in the great battle of Gettysburg. In the Southwest the fighting has been on two lines of operation- the Mississippi and Tennessee. In the former, after an abortive assault on Vicksburg by Sherman, in the spring, Grant went to work. He fought a brilliant campsiga with John■Um, ia the vicinity of the Big Black; then turned <m Pemberton, drove him pell-mell, and with heavy loss, inside his works, and after a vigorous siege, compelled him to s_rt—nder oa the 4th of Jaly. A few days after, Port Hudson saectunbed to Banks. On the Tennessee, Bosecram commenced operations after the fall of Vtcksbnrg, and by a aeries of flank movements captured Chattanooga, and a short time ago there fought the battle of Chickamanga. In this summary of the events of the cot rent year no mention is made of Uie desultory fighting in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri, for though the consequences of, they are no part of the great strategic whole. Now, as to the results : no progress has been made in Virginia. We ocenpy the same position in that State now as in the winter of 1862, wit- this difference, that in the former yew our lines were on the Bappahannock, whereas bow they are on the Bapidan, but probably _ot permanently. Event! repest themselves in Virginia with a sameness truly amazing. The history of the campaigning in that State in 18C2, is the history of 18C8. In both years it commenced with on abortive offensive movement on our part, *-eh was followed by an advance by Lee, tad ended b, the defeat of the latter, and a «*reat on his part to his old position. I., however, great and material advantage, hay, been won. The Miasissis•JPP. « now atrategie^,, rf **OTernment. Guerrillas may aad do annoy ccmn*e«c« on the river, but iv strong „*„,, , are in the bands of the Federal troopsVßv the rescue of the Mississippi from the rebels Secessia has been cut in twain, and the cot-ton-toU, as they are now called at the East, cot off from the chief source of their cattle supplies. We have proofs of tlis fact ia the scarcity of meat now ia Dixie. By the captore of the eastern half of the circle described by the Tennessee, ire hare gained a position (if we are able to hold out it) from which, in the spring, another dissection can be effected ; betide* all thia, we have gained a footing in Morris Island, ia front of Charleston. Upon the whole, the remit of the year's fighting has been eminently satisfactory. We have fought fewer battles than in 1862f but we have secured greater and more sobta nlial advantages. A sharp campaign in the spring of lbC4 ought to nseop the rebellion.

In considering the operation* of the carrent year, the first thing that arrests the attention is the small number of general engagements which has occurred. In 18C2, the clang of anna never ceased. The ball was opened at Fort Henry, and the war ■wept down parallel with the Mississippi to Corinth. Before the fighting had ceased in this quarter, cannonading commenced at Yorktown, on the Peninsula, and the tide of battle rolled np to Hanover Court Honse, and then down again across the Cliictabominy to Harrison's Landing. While these operations were going on, Stonewall Jackson was pressing forward through the Valley of the She___doih towards the Upper Potomac Then the eyes of the nation were turned west. Bragg and Buell were engaged in a parallel race for the Ohio, and also Morgan end Kirby Smith. These movements culminated in the battle of Perryville, in Kentacky. The last blow struck in this direction in 18C2, was by Eosecrans, at the close of December, at Stone River.

We are now so fully advanced into the winter that a review of the militaij operations of ISCS tan be presented with as much completeness, probably, as on the dose of the year. Since the war commenced only two great battles haTe been fought after the middle of Kovember, viz... FVedericksbnrg, upon which Burnside made an assault on the 13th of December, 1862, and suffered a severe repulse; and Stone River, where, on the 25th of December, 1562, Bragg made a desperate effort to torn Rosecrans' position and get possession of Nashville, but was defeated. Severe fighting during the present winter will depend more on the elements than on the wishes of the opposing Generals. In Virginia, the caa-cei are against winter oper-tions. The mad in that section of the country has long since become historic. The climate, though very moist, may be better for campaigning, in the centre of the conti- * nent — that is to say where Thomas is now encamped, and a battle may take place there before Christmas.


Ther4«U to-d»y come earring newi from Lot A-ngeles. The citizens, exasperated by the Uir'i delay, broke into the Connty Jail aad hong five of the prisoners- there confined. Los Angeles for a long time has been a Very turbulent njace. So doubt the well duposed there , have abundant cause to be dissatisfied with the way in which things are managed. If, thu attempt at administering justice outside of the forms of lur k to be regarded as an ebullition simply of popular passion, it will be »cry severely condemned. If on the other hand the morement wu the result of a deep-seated deter-mica-lion to root OBt permanently the weeds of society, and inaugurate a lasting reform, then it will rise to the dignity of a semi-re-volution against the letter of the law, it is true, but really for the upholding of ito epirit. There maybe, and doubtless were, strong reasons for the citizens of Lot Angeles taking th* law in their own hands in the sjtse onder consideration, but if they rest there they will lay themselres open to a charge of passion and riot. It is their duty now to follow np the work they haTe inaugurated, aad give to the turbulent " City of the Angels" that repose, tranquillity and quiet which v hers of right Oar telegraphic advices last evening state that encouraging sews had been received from Burnside. and the (act that the rebels had withdrawn from the south side of Knoirille is held aa significant of a repulse. We have rumors of a questionable character that Grant had occupied Atlanta, Georgia; bat it is probable that the same hare obtained currency from the operations of the various Federal armies under Thomas, Hooker, Sherman and McPherson, for the relief of Burnside. The Armyof the Potomac has crossed the Eapidan, and we may expect to hear of a conflict in that quarter. The siege of Charleston has been resumed, but what effect the shelling of that city has had we are uninformed.




6 morn*.— lathe prirate note-book of the late Dr. Kaae. tho Arctic explorer, it is reoordod/hat ia one of to* numeroo* ezeanions nude on the ice, amoi c the habitation! of the satires, he found oae of them dressed from head to foot ia a (nit of fashionable clothing from the establishment of JOHH E. MEAD it CO. noM-l The Wat Thit do ir.— The only way that Baxatos. lUsTiMjs * Co. MSL-Possibly manage to sell their iamnass atoefe of new gooda 1« to aadenrtt erery oae tit* ia the trade: and this they will do for the next thirty days.! Kae frock coats, elegant btudness gaits, etc, win be ioU «br lass than Kew Torkco-t, ■£?££- T«i F»« at KiVADxI-Meawa: HTMaekie* 00, Ageata PhoaU las«ra«ee Compaay •"*«?*»*- Gentlemen : The aadersigßea holders of policies ia hereby tender their t»aaks tiroagh yoa to said oompaay for prompt psy-eat ,MU*mMu*r jastmast of their leases by the treat are of bertth,Uo3The PhaeaU was the first company represented here, and hat in every respect fulfilled the indemnity it promised, and i* by oar experience, a safe, prompt-paying aad honorable oompaay. „ .- . , \ Thomas P. BUwurr. Xrastee of Ovstomah Lodge, No. 16, 1. 0. 0. F. Trinta A Joßjmox, S. Rothschild. RgTAPA. CaL KoTtmber 12th, lSbl Jobs K. Uiid A Co. corner Montgomery and Baah street! , reeeirel on the last steamer aa immense assortment of winter elothiag— oTereoatc. with or without capes, bearer frocks. EagUsh walking coats, aad basiaeas soits of erery description. bo»-io ' « -vi'- u yWe are authorised to state that Hxtstoi. H astiKMftCo.of this city, hare receJTed per Wells. Fargo A- Co.'a fast freight a few elegant drees coats, party Tests, ties, and kids, tollable for wedding aod party dress. ' ■ a\ol7-lm TiMKXiM't Fc*d Ivsciutci Cokfajtt haTS romored their Office to No. 23S Montgomery street, soßtheast corner of Fine street. nol-tf Picrocii r bic Aucata. Card Photocraphf of d iitinxniabed persons, aad eopias of fine Paictinga, etc- are selling at New York prices at Lawbckci A Hocagwoara'a. Oprtdsai. 6a Clay at. nol-lm Dr. Eenaedy's inatitaM for Diseases of the Skin aad limbs— office and residence. No. 12 Itontgomeryetreet, opposite the Lick Hoaja, soil L. t. Outkat. M. D. — Late Chief Barreca et tho Hnngarian Army, and Honorary member of the Philadelphia College of sfedkaae. Omeo-Athist(odiealaßd ourgieal lasdtaUSaerejasßto street, below atoatcomery. opposite the Pasiie Mail B»-t— M r Co.'a ernes, Saa Fraasisee. Consultations by letter or otherwise free. Office honrt fro S A. M. to 9 P. M. tyl



•fir-fottot) to th« Members of tat> Bt. lndr.WaSoeiaty.-Th. First Aaaivereary Uinn«r of the St. Aadrew's ?ostety will be heM at tha Hum loaeeea MONDAY KVKNIMO. the 3oth hut. st * e-eloek. M .mbars eaa teewe tbeir tieketa at Paur Taesasesi'a, «0 Baara-MBta street Of at the Meetiac m Monday aecrt. bo-IM « 4a*l>ar_U bj abaenct) trom tola State H> K. JUTJSSOOS-rTXB wUI holJ my Pewit? it Attorney. "" "" '»"" ""?'"'* •"""•• *^_" J noSVIw J. C MECSgPORFFEaJ HA-WXIC HAU ASSOCAtvnOjrT^ . Votlot) la ht)rwr>y ctran to %h» •A ttoekhoMert is the "Mamals Ball Ann■^/V" <"»-•» of toi City of a»a f'ranei co." that JevJT the Anaaal Election of JTiaa Traateet « /V\ a Treasurer therefor, will 1» h.lj at t_e efloe of tho Astoeiadon. Mo. o Mamio Temp la. dn BON DA V. December 7th. prox. The polls will hn epea from S o'oleek tiU 10 o'clock r. y. *> Aa aaaeadaeat to the by-laws of the Asaeeiatlea. prepoaiac to ehaace th. time dunac which tt» Mli. shall retaala opea at eleetiOßS. ea that it sh*l M from 12 o'clock ». UU 5 o'clock P. «. will th«n be preaeated by the Trosteea lor tie approval a* disapproval of the stoekbol-en. By order of Uio Board OiTr-ttoM. aoP-td L. a OWSS. Seeretarr. *er California Wine*row»r»" Aaaociatioo— Tha California Wiaeerawars Asaoeiatloß will hold 'r?AT*S!" b TL?l wS!?«w S!?« < S rthi « yearoa WKDSESur Jt4, h j .IBJ. 1B J. tl pwemb.r next, at 10 -. a. at MISEXVA 11 ALL. in Uto eityT By order of tho «^e*dg«t. J. s. HUTEIZu Searetafy. caa Francisco, Nov. 16. miaf Pacific SaTlngs and Homestead Association. ? •taa J-ranelM*. jfe>v*a_B«w jro, IS4U. »X ."-Si ■ _____ >— -• 49- A ■oetiasr of the Slot kbold.r. mt Uto Pact-bs ■— *iBC* •• J Wasaiiialiiasl As. .•elation will be held la the Fuartb B lsUlet Cart Baam.ea Hot DAT. .To veto, twr SO, at TX •'clewk P. X. TtM» atw.J..« (aera ...lly *r hy prwxy) te veajaieetea'. By eureler ml tit* Biree torn. * noE-7p9 (a. P. M I D O LETO.f , BefTOtaiy. SPECIAL NOTIOE U. 8. BRANCH MINT, Sn perlnlendenfs 0 fflce, Xot J2,lSfi3 . .»- N.tiee ia hereby given, that this Braach win close for the Annual Settlement on SATURDAY, thoStad-7 of December. UCX Dae notice will be fives of the time of Re-epeniax for the reception of deposits. - „. BOBIBT B. BWACr. 8013-td SnperinUadent. Soath San Francisco Homestead and Bailroad Association. 4»- Certi-eate ef Stock. So. *7». (Two Hundred aad Seventy J Soath Saa Francisco Homestead aad Railroad Associa-jon. Issned Deoembar Ist, lag, to Norton. An persons are hereby eaatJone. acaiaet porebuinx said Certiaeate. affidavit of IU lota having been lied in my oiso, awl tran»ferforbiiisa. A- S. SOULD. Secretary Baa Traadseo. October a. 1863. ocSt-lm Mr Bella BTantleml and Astronomical Acadsm, Mf, Froat street, eevacr ef Clay atnet. The beet M-lham-tia-l Scbeot in the State. N.vitmtion. Laad !lnrvayb> s . and afall oowne of _t«_ ewjatto tor $li»>. w ithout limit of time. Pull Co-re, of Navigation and First-class Maiter'a rn r i— . jtq qq Ordinary Master, embraetac every Problem in the Epitome — .— 40 00 Chiof Offi«er> Coarse aad Diploma 3u W) Seeoad Ufficer'j Coarse, aceordint to SehedBla, and Certi-eate ef Cots peteaar . 29 CO For farther information rail at the Academy, ba. tweea 4 aad 10 r. v .. or addres. CAPT. JOHN 11. BELL. Priaeipal,« Post Offlo. 80-MO. 49T" Death, in the Blood.— Tsa. it la In tot) blo«t that th. seeds of d_«aseaad death are eaceadared. Attaea them there with that mightiest of a-] -gtarnats. Briitol'l S-ltaparilla, aad yoa are tafo. 5o matter what tho oomplaint— whether tcrofola. try tipela*. cancer, salt rheum, fever and atrae, Hver disease, or bilious remittent fever, it ia through the blood alone that the exciting oaaaeean be reached. This great aati-peison aeutralisas the acrid matter in the veiaa from which the moat terrible disorders spring, aad by which they are fad aad aggravated. It strikes at the hydra ceiled In tie vtnooa jvstem. tad ex terxiaitet It v rarely and v jwifjy tt Hercules destroyed the haadrtd headed serpent of which mortal distampen are the aatitype. Be-r this in mind all who suffer, for Uit religiously true. Sold by all trustworthy drugfjtta. - HOST-rrTX-VS-trXH it SEAS. Agent*. boIS-7 B_.l-rMont_i>me*TStroet.Raasßloak 4ar*Xle«raas Personal Beqoialtea, nade the patron-ieof Dtr Jlajoaty. tha QUXO.aaii Royal Faaily. tad too sever ai Courts of Europe.* BOWLAJfDS' MACASSAB OLL, " Pre-eminently aneeoaafal dmring the last BALI* CXSTURT ia the Growth. Restoratioa and Improvement ef the HC-LA3 HAIR. For children it )aj invaluable, aad ia in regular use ia the Sartory. BOWLAJfDS' KAJ-TZKJS. TSia Royally patronised Spooi.c aradieatea all Cutaneous Defects aad Discoloration*, aad pro. ucea • -a-lt-v.purity of complexion and a aoftaet* aad daUeaey of akin. It ia Invaluable at a renovating aad refreshing who. -^ . BX>WI__JaDS* ODO.ITO, Ob PiAuD-vrairiea— Preserves and fa-parts a pearl-Uke whitanesa to ti. Teeth, eradicateo tartar aad spots af incipient decay, streagthoas the guma aad renders the breath pure and fragrant. WM. E. F. KKAC3K. _iat for Cililom! j, ieMawTwaai TO CalUbnila atreet. Bo k ctf* t iltttsjra.i Itttsjra.^ The) — X MloTalsT— — Ml 3a *)je A tei it H C Uiforoia tor the sale of t-e above £!_-**?? -_?*&.-5i " » I V» r «* •* »»eat wttl. «_rchaats aad jobber* on ti. most r»_wa»bi. ana. WIJJJAiI B. JOHSSIOS. C 3 Moßrtitineij tttwea, aa-Bokw'a Bitter*.-Tho e-tebX-thad repo. Jation ef Beker's Bitten having txdocediraad-la-t tniuaoßj. the p-btte are eeedonXSataone atw <«> wa«tJ»Wi»'e B« the additional wtte labell, gt i botUe, tatviasthe ajnature of Joha 9. and i. GOOD U OTEL PROPERTY FOB S.A.L-B! ON ACCOUMT OF DEPARTURE. a THAT OU) ESTABLISHED £7fozf^ PubHo House. kaewa as the sW-ft»Wt AMERICAN HOTEL, BSDWOOD CTTT. OMsity a«_t ef *_,a M« tee row a ty. Lot Is tSO ftet froat aad rear, by IS* fact ia depth. Improvements ooaaist of the Twe Story HOTEL, containins Tiirty-thra. Rooms. Storeroom-, doeeta. Io. ; STABLE. B-rn. She Js. Corrals. Won ef WaUr attached. A!so, One-Stery sTre. proof BRICK BUILD J>*O. 3. by S8 fact. divided into Two Storw. renUng -t $10 por month. Hotel it wall furnished throughout. Live Steak consists of four Cowt. Ud aeveral Josen Fowls. Ac The above win be disposed of aa a whole. aad offers aa opportunity seldom found for stepping into aa established business In a thriviac aad iwwia* pi*?*. The Inauguration tf the Sax, Fran. oijco aad Saa Jott Ktilroad (whose Depot U near the Uotal) has already given aa impet-s to travel. "id the bu-aess of the place, and population c the Own ty are rapidly aojm.n ting. . Tie Peat C^c. aad offloe of W.lla. Farge* Jk Cot Express are teeatwi at the Hotel. lor further particular., termi. Jka.. anply on tha pnmitaa. to D. W. ALDRICH. l^q., «, to A. «. klMdlL «a, ctx, •o-Mp2« 5 i-j Sacranumte street QUICKSILVER FMiom tub eriDkLrp* xivital.ariaaal»lbr__!tT_; *"~ a-ra Mining Asaoiiatioo. Qnickflflvei for Sale, fUai m ixw -auu-m xuxi Bt BIHROS tat CO.. >▼* **-■ Ota-. ltoatgo-iTV and Jacksssi si John McDonald, Deader in jPaints, Oils. Glass Varnishes, Brushes, Ac.Paper Hanging?. leweea. and Opal C^Burnhii FW4, Alooaol Campheae. Uaips. % ic*u O^ammjiir tf _eaadstTeet.(oU 3eJ a Fraackwo. falS-lptf _ ■ «ara/. AsTtmo-v o * B-CTI-ElirS PHILADELPHIi Ffi.BOOTS & SHOES' >•>. foa mitta-,1, me—. ■■■■■< a-tsw Over Xem Roberta. MorriJoa It Ce.l. J. ixo-vd UiKin «ad r. vohmau, tMtiilme-t tveqitte-ter. - -__-_______.__-__-___----_-_______________ Estraordlnary iTlerlt I%fT7»nr Bixoxa to that wuirn i-'X ilaasas every one, aad nub it the eeaewita SAIMSEVAINS' WINE BITTERS. This -Mat daUcloas Wine, w-erevex introdneed. . hat tseomt t-« aooeptad Popular BeTeraxe of tbe Public! D»potT!la.3<»«J M iMnatra«t. San Fraaciaeo. .ft« £Th._T_?B Bnod - - »af.rior kinds are eftea tabataaUd. . teat-ap-t-I-»-l"^7'© _E3ll3_js. A wr rnuuoar turna a un «.n; ' , Bean 4 ! Bean 4 ! Beans ! eail-ptf mjhmtmti^mmfWiiSSkm.

49- Notice.— Any and all Powers of At tor - Bey i-ade by me to aar aad all person* whomsoever, prior to tats date, are revoked. GKORGE C. WALLER holds any rraeral Power of Attorney, aad UKmRYL. DODGE and LUTHER C. DOItGE a special Mwer relating te my estate ia Harm eoaaty. November 2l. US3. _ _, _.__ Bo3t-lw T.W.PARg. **• A Keetioc will be held on Tuesday Evening, November 24, at 7 o'clock r. *.. in the Mannar's Church. Clark street, between Davis and Draeua. to settle the preliminaries for a b wediih Lutheran Church in Saa FraneUeo. All 6candinaviaas are respeetfallr!nivi«.d to attend. 8014-1 ttICOLADS STKOMBORQ. **- To thai Members of the Fire Department.— l aoderataad a report has been circulated to tbe effect that I have withdrawn as a candidate for Assistant Eaciaeer. I have only to say that it it an untruth, and without toy foundation. P. E. DALY. noSt-S* Foreman Paeitc Ebcjbo No. 8. «*-Sacr*mecto Qold and BUyer Minins; Company. Office No. 408 California street. Saa Fraaeiaeo. Novemb-r O. 1963.-Kotiea is hereby riven that at a meetinr of th. Board oi Trustees of aaid Compa-ty, held thia day. an assessment cf Two (f_) Dullan was daly levied upob each and every .hara of th. OapitU Stock of aaid Company payable forthwith in United States (old coin, at the office of the Company to tht £ecreUry. By order of the Board of Iroitm, noat-3* b/W. MOORE, Secy. **- Hadiaon Oold and BUrer Minint Company.— By nqeen of parties repreemties a majority of th. Capittl Stock cf the Madias- Gold and Silver Mmmc Compaay. notice is hereby rivea that a maetint of th. £tockbolders ef aaid Company will a* held at their office. «2» Commercial street, on KOMJ AY. the 30th inst.. at 7 o'.loek r. m.. for the purpoee < f eon sideriac the expediency of duiseorporatiiur and dia-olricg the Corporation ; f»r tte purpose aUo of sanctioninc or otherwise pass l» apon eeruin acts of the Tr-itees: aad for other purposes of mere! inter*** in tbe Con nary. n024-td GEORGE COSQDON. gac'y. 4aT- Joeepnlna BflnlnK Company.— At an election for Trusted kytbe JiMephine Mmmc Company, held on the 23d inst_ the lollowinc centlemm were elected Tr-etaes for th. eoauinc year: Frank Henderson. Esq. Joseph Siller. £•«.. J F. Lirhtner. hsq.. Levi Btevens, E«q . H. A. Wateoa. Es«- C E. Biteheoek. £ea. M.Kohn.E.q, 0. M. BUkt. iS, E. Sehnix. £>0.., txd r.t their meetiir, on tame day. Frank Henderson, tsq.. waa duly elected President of the Com-P-uy. nu2l 3 W. W. LAWTON. Secretary. 49- Job Dondaaa Oold aad Bilver -Cln. mc Compuy Office. San Fraaeueo. Oct. )», 1 vis.— Notice.— The Annnal «*eetiac of the Stockholders of the above Company will beheld on S ATI' RD ATI the an day of November. A. D. 186!. at 7H r. v. tx the Office of the Company, No. 56 Metropolitan Block, corner Washi-stoa and -teatcomcry streett, Oc-O-td R. I. POLK. 6ec>. 49- The above Mretirr was adjnornel. for want of a ouoram. nntil the TUIKIIKTU OF NOVEMBER. IAO. at 1 o'clock, r. m. _no3»-7 ROBT. T. POLK. 6ec'y. **- Flntna Oold and Bilver company.— At a meetinc ef the TraataM of the Plat „ c <>«>d and Silver Mininc Compa->y. held November 2d. 1865. an atWKamt of Seven ty-6v« CenU par f hare was levied upon the capital atock ef th. Company oayable in U. b. etld coin to tat Secretary, -t hit Office. No. 1 Government House, or to M. A. WU EKLER, Esq. S-perintendent, Austin. Lander county, N. T. noif-30. B. C. GALLAEER. Secy. *3r BolJc Creole Silver Minimi Oosnpanr. Reca« hiver Dinriet— Olive Braseh Silver Mmmc Con pany. Rease River IHstrict-Burteaa Silver Mininr Compaay. Keese Hiver District— cwift fcilrer X icir t Coinpaay. Reew BJver District— Panl Silver M it in« Company. Ueese River District— Athena silver Mmmc Company, Reea. River DistrictNotice ii hereby riven that tt t meetist of the ■ rastees of the above named Companies. San Francisco. November Sd, 1563. an assessmeat of Twentyfive (2») CenU per share, was levied on each and every share of the Capital fetoek in each of those Compaaies. payable immediately in rold coin to tbe (secretary, at his .face. So. 224 Montcomery **- Federal and Betmblie Silver MiningCompany, office No. 606 Ciay street. Saa Franeiaco. November ast,M«.-Motiee whereby liven, tba i» apeorda-ee with the Uwa cf tbe Ktat. of l *U1 -rnia and an order daly made by tbe Board a Trajte- of the Federal aajßepß EUt«H! d - incCoa-pacy, there will be sold at Public Auction at the Salesroom of JOHN MIDDLETON k 60J No. 4Cft Montgomery si reit, on MONDAT. December JSth. I*3 at 12 o'clock m_ to the hi«h « t bidder, for cash, In C. S. cold com. ao maay of tbe akaraa o th. Capital Stork of said Company staadinc inth. names of the following camel persons as will be E*_ c> "* T . for *»c payment of. aa asaeeament of FiftyCentaper thare, duly levied thereon by the Board of Trustees «n tht ltth day of Jut. 1863. tocether with cost of advertisement aad ezpentet of salt, nnlest aaid usetsme-U and eharcts are sooner paid: s K d?S^ Certifieatei. Shares. Am't due. A. Phillipeoa— £2 3» SO ».*) i » 2J Ut — 50 CT 82 51 6« JO 25 0 Wm.R. Scribner. 36 37 40 10 15 o A. Gold...____ 41 s 25 Joha a. Bates— 48 5 •2 S O. 8. Camp - «o 10 S ( B.C. Howard 9$ 100 io iJj { By order of the Board ef Trn^eet. Bno3e M.SLUVKRICK.Bec'y. t3f" Bacramenlo Oold and Bilver Mininr Compaay Uffiee. N o. 408 Caafenia street, 6aa FraaejaeorNovembw 2M. U0.-N.tioa liahereby £viti! that in aeoordaße. with tb. laws of th. State o California, and the by-lawa of said company. an -n order daly mad. by tbe Board cf Trusteoa of the BaeraaMßto Oold aad fcUlw MiaiacCompasy there will be sold at paUic auction by John Mid djtwm * Sea. A nction«rc. at their salesroom' .Vo, DAT. tht 2d day of Jatntry, a. a. U6l. at . o'clock r. H. to many of tha ahares of the stock of saj oompaoy. st-adisf in the names of the following pottons ar tharehoVaers as will b. aecesaary for tt "V ß fH} ** eafeasmeiita heretolore levied thereon. aad -till rettainior due and aapaid. tocether wit the expenses of advarttaemeot aad all other expervsta of rale, to wit: Kames of Jfo. of Ko. of Amount E-areholdera. CertiScaUs. Sbaraa. Due Jojßgoel K7 a^ j^jj Johnfteel 225 SS a; Johß Steel ■■■■ 22» 27 SJ JnhnMeej 231 J « John Htwl Zi2 35 i-> Joha Steel _3t » is Jch.b.eellZ SS 10 . 12 Joh«6tel| 2K $ Jf John Kite iM la fa JohaSwel Mf* }" ]jg By order of the Board el Trustees. »«*•«» B. W. MOOR-TBScrett-T. «»■ Die Vernon Silver attains- Company's 0Be« r*n Fr. D eu«. Kov. 23d. lSoT^embtri' aiiSOAY. the pi <Uy of December. A. D. liil *■•*•»«" he *ul« at t-.a-ctioa rooms .fJerouVe K .T? *. W So - Sr M"»«*»mery streS^urthiTrtty at U o'esoek a. v. of that day. a ii-antDi-Wr "f.h.«sof th* capital stecV of tha aboV.J£J3 Coaj*«iy..Uadinc » tfc. name, of t-.folloVinc t VpTS-^u^" Oe r!?.TSk t W^lr^t*^ Ce^_r_sfa%.. A D^ J W n.°A W MoSil_i_d.3~___ZZ- 16l1 6l S *a. *Jm-M-6oott_ «- *t It son tt£L??^_~~~ $.». »§ Cath-rioa Faacaa— go.CWa.eatM. W » » ,„ No. Sh tret S 5 flO 20 00 No. Certitcate. « 4.1 41 44 49 50 SJ t M ,„ No. Shares A 1717848 6 * f M »» 00 James f. Wade- . * >..CeT_-cates- Jl IS 14 15 16 rt \ _ „, „ SUU t Hi / VA <» P. U. LavaU— - ■ v-» j-tf-t No. Certitftss. . 67 66 70 1 ,„ . _ „ No. Shares 6 » »%{ »** 000 By order of the Board ef Tm«ie«. no2i-.» RODT TVPOLK. Secy. _»*• Btevenion-Kebot) Klnlnf Comctoy.Sotiee if herebr ciren. that in aeeord-nee with tht law* of ibe State cf Cahfornia and ao ■ rderduly by the Board of Tnuteea of the Stevenson. Kehoe Mmmc Company, o. U. NiaotaeaU day of N ovasßber. JM3. than wUI b. sold at public a-o 1 ** w** th> ealearoom or Joha Middletaa k rev. aortaeast ceraer of Metuceaaery and Cahferoia streets. Baa Fraaciaeo. to U>. birhest biddw for *t'_>^_£- 6 - roW _!"'"- OB THDKSDAr.D.fIMnbw SUn. ltkSS, «t tw.ive o'clock m. of tb&tdty so maay« ol tie capital Mock „f »id bt " J_iVn?K.ho c Mioitt Coapa-r fttadioc U tht names of th. ful' lowi»c jb-rebofder. at wiU bt^Becessar> for th. t£ m iSL! t J t 9j* tmt ?5 •«— ■eßtTfevied by J* B«ard ef TrusUra of said *tr<an.on-kehc<. Co^ut. ». f^Uowa. u> -it : A«m««? per share. leviedjSeToul aaTal-i urttT "" •*»—• •* adv«_seaw_t Laasin» f! I • A »Mata-e_t Snares. Dne, fe^^.t__-____: | » X S Z t sr m^ m - b^-~ I » "■■■- Si VeceUdor-. B^tfZ___T • I *» 87» _*«»vJeeob I__^ £ J » « €»£=-_=••{ TTi Mealaa-la. mTZZZI j g » Hamilton. Er*ea .... S » to DorMi J J (old atocklll 2 s S "~ ?* i --.-g ■^aVwimtrofthtßoartofTratteet. $3^**

JStm CORISTMAS PRSSENTS. J HBUL-IU jiMiiii»itirii iMilßUiLULJilMiiilii "f fJ»TIBJKCKTVED.-TK« CHOICEST WFt_ED rf ffSlfelir I *' AHCY:OOOI>SKVJUI RED RIDING HOODS. 3pera. Velvet. Cloth and Silk CLOAKS, received by every Steamer. FRENCH CORBETB, ONE DOLLAR ! BOSKIBLATTS PillCS OF 1 18HI0I, /-. US and ISB MONTfIOMERT. ■- 1 : aoM-lptlal ;.V "" OppotiU OoeidtnttX* JBROMB B.GB & CO., | '■' ■ ■ - \'. AttTIOJIEEBS. . ■ 9Sa Montromery Street, 9Xf ' I" PO2sr-t_L> SATURDAY. •■•■': • •• .* ■ ■'■ SATURDAY. 28, 1801 «,U o'clock, *g. WHT. •.:.',■.■•,•:■■,■■ Special and Peremptory Sale . OF n SUPERIOR FURNITURE ' ■ '.i»-.;: :1 .'.!'" Its >Ul J J. McFadden's Block, Montcome-7 St. opposite Market COMPRISIXQ A FULL AND COMPLETE ASfiORTMESTOP PABLOB AID IJED-ItOOM FURNITURE. nun kick <% oom »0-4-2p AUCTIONEERB. MONDAY, M0NDAY.......... Koremker 80, 1868 e-ff 13 o'clock Jtl. Special and Peremptory Sale OF TH* ENTIRE STOCK OF - '. ■■ v.N", ■ •• ; JD. BLI-WES, ESQ.; HORSES. MULES, COWS, scrapers; CARTS, &C. A -LA-UC OPPOSTCMITT FOB ' COSTBAITORK TO _iUPl__B_a>B 10118 STOCKS. ._ _„_„_. ~""~* 1» HORSES. B MULES, 1 COW. »• CARTS (• NEW.) ** 6EIS OF HARNESS. 1 DOUBLE SKT OF HARNESS. * SAND SCRAPERS. 1 prnw » PLOW. . ALSO. OBTE LAS«I STABLE FOB a-CAHE OK SAU-ACCOMMOBATES TWENTY-FIVE HORSES. «" For particulars apply to the Auctioneers. 8022-2P DRY GOODS. WM. P. TAAFFE, IMPORTER AHD JOBBER CF Staple n.n<l Ffttioy. DRY GOODS, DUCK, Carpets, etc., Oorner of Front ud Steramento itrecto, a«18-2p SAW FRANCISCO. CAL. SOLOMON & HART, US California street. OFFXB rOKSALETHELABBEST AND btttt-jortmentof IrsunaatsTts X-aattavat Fl»b«« Ha-rClothsß BrsMatteUeaß ■ h^SiaS__f —-l Banda and Plnai Also, a «mt variety of ' WIMDOW SHADES AJVD FIXTXIBKH; FIOTUBS OOBDS AND TABSSLS; Oe-ttre Taaaela and Loopai In all colon and styles, at prices that defy oomdstition. lel&lpU ■ '■ ■ ■ ■' ■',"'■ ■ ■ . HAYNES & LAWTON .1 IMPORTERS. Wholesale and Retail Dealers a ■■, . v I OEOOKEEY, GIiASSWARE, FRENCH CHINA, ■ ■•' ■• i 1: ti .■ ' ..' .. ■ t • U ■• COAL OIL LAMPS, Table Cutlery. SllTer Plated and Brltanln Ware,, BTa, ito. <510 Sansome (Street, CeBXEB OF MERCHANT, l/-fe.« :...-■ . ■ ■ . J ..-..-'■• i ■AH raXAJrcnaoO. ' se-Vlp MEXICAN MINES. . / •'.-.'. . 'iliW ______ : :■--: .-.'■. .- • j /f_ X s-XC_XI_EHT OPPOBTITBriTT IS presented to obtain orit-inal Interests la RICH SILVER MINES ia SI HALO A and LOWER CALIFORNIA, with perfect tillea. aa the undtrtir-ed caa vouch for, having mado the translation!. •; Apply rtonct to. .^ata A. C. BAHDAI.I. * CO^ noll-2plw ' 849 Sacramento atreet NATHANIEL CURRY. & BRO., (■VCOBUOU TO 01.1. CUBITj I X-I _? O II T E It S , WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS 15 Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Eta, Etc ~T TTTs-Bttaat tJHaol.SaitirrasinlßH. •W% -_#'' ■-*■ •■ HAJTO A LAMI Va^s«^ teaortment of Colt"«, Derrioter'f. aßsSr Bharp » and Smith A Wtnoa'i Pistcli. /TXAlio, Sharp*. Warfflsln and Ltman't ». '. Woftenholm's Bowto Ka BBJ Poekot Ovtlerv. N. 8.-N. CDRRT * PRO. are the only anthorUedAMoU for Oerißcer'a PUtoU ln California. , jy— >-2ptf „..i .•■■.. .1 .. , I Sportsman's . Emporium. V, _■_«< COnTi-TLT OH HAMD, XSP2 " "»• "»ortDient of GUNS: Colt'tl P®t WeTaoT/'pllT'o^ Si t'^t £2^ ACSBBT KOEHXEB, jjjf fiUHUFACTUBEB 01 TRUSBIB Jt£ 6»9> WMhlatrton Btoßtitt. | ,„ CANVAS ORE BAGS AW BXTBA ABTirUC— rOK SAUB BT •-• ?-< EOUfIKKS. MB? ER * 00. » i » 804-_pt_i s,' i , v « ,-,-; , MJWs-hlncUn street ■» i" , el -i6 '«^ Iwotice. >;" j'j.Tr ~*« j *■! *U PMWOIM IJ|||;D TO TOTE

WwTICa^I mt»EBT CACTIObT AIX JOHSSOH,' at I will not bt rwpontitile for any debt, contracted by her. K. A. JOHNSON. no2l-3* ■ Bast and Jackson streets. a 11 0 INK TO I.ETON riBSTSTKBBr, Bear Clementina, eontai-is» seven rvems, hard Bnished, with- water on tbe prcmiaes. Also. Subling for Six Horses; yard room 65 by 40. Kent low to a good tenant. Apply to J.FEEH AN. comer Fiiat and HatomattroaU.-' J .v n024-l» A OTI_O IMMEDIATELY UOHMHXICO, a gmall new or lecond-hand STJCAM XCOIBE, avetoeUbt hone power. withboUer: also an Engine ten to fifteen horse power, with boiler, for which one-third cash and the remainder in mod mining stocks of Washoe, Reese River. Hubboldt. Silver Mountain or Mexico will be given. Address through Poat-Omee J. tTkSS WORTHY. San Francisco. „;t •■■ . - ■■ , boS4-Iw* k,..: i.< -."f ' -|83l T f CPORa BEWABD-TBE FOLLOWIHO *H>_s»J Certificates of Stock of the Sacramento Gold aad Bilver Mining Compaay, located at Virginia Citr. Nevada Territory, hay. been lost. They are of no value to any veraen. as their transfer have been stopped ou tbe books of the Company: Certificate No, 152, for 10 shares, dated February Certineate No. 154, for 20 ahares, dated February 27. 1873. ■ •* . . Both draws ia favor of J. C. Wilmerdlng, and endorsed. * -* ■ "naj ■ ■ Certi-eate No. Sl7, for 5 •hares, dated August to, 1863. ■ Certificate No. 32% for 5 than*, dated October £ 186 J. .. .*.,!,.>.» ,r< . -*^-..^ ; r--'.w" .<jo Both drawn in favor of 8. Lubeck, aad endorsed. Tbe above reward will be paid by leaving them with the Secretary, at the office of the Company, 406 California street. Ban Francisco. Nov. 23. 1863. ■ . ■ ao-t-30 Iff O T X O X 3. Echo Gold and Silver Mining Co. Mr The Publio are hereby cautioned against purchasing or negotiating for the following Certificates of the Capital Stock of tha Eoho Oold and Silver Mining Company, itandiag ia the name of tha following persons, at tht same was sold for usettmtsU at public talt, to the highest bidder, at tht salesroom of John Middleton Jt Bon. No. 400 Montgomery itreet. on the Hit day of November. 1863. and will not be transferred by tho Secretary : B E Babooefci ! Srt Sh * r "g ; 1« • 3 , _ , • ~_ _____ 145 10 J|g |Q 9 L Clemens-—- _ 114 30 tpi ._;________:__:_- c ? f Dei>err_-___:::____..iM *" : » B C Howard i ...™"! 228 • ' •- 6 : , o _---_Z--______s : • t A F Scott 150 •-- r ■■- i n 1 1 It 4 By order of the Board of Trustees, - »_ N. SHI VKRIC-. Secretary. San Francisco. Nov. 2M. 1963. 8 024-7 TO l=t. ___ 1M TaFINE ROOMS AJf D OFFICES. singly or in diuites, in the magnificent new building. Nes. ffiI.66S.6SS. and 657, an Washington BtreetT below Kearny. For particulars, apply at J. WORKS' Hat Store. 609 Washington aL. or to DR. L. J. CZAPKAY. oorner Sacramento aad Leidetdorff sU. no2«-tfned R-ST-.UZIAX'FB. «3- A Meeting of tho Restaurant Aatoeiatlon wiU be hald THIS (Tuesday) EVENING, tho 34th iasta-t, at "li o'clock, ia the Polioe Court Room, for the trant action of business. By order of the Chairman. San Francisco, Nov. 24. 1563. n024-l REMOVAL. *9" Tht Office of the following Companies b Removed to the THIRD FLOOR ia the New Building NORTHEAST CORNER OF PINE AND MONTGOMERY STREETS, via: .. „_ Sole-ad Cold, Silver ud Copper Minins Company. . Occidental Copper Mining Company. Ktoc» Consolidated Copper Mining Co. New Era Copper Mlnlns Company. Yarbrough Silver Mining Company, Ironclad Gold and SllTer -fining Co. Copper Hill Mining Company. n024-lned EDWD BARRY. Secretary MONEY TO LOAN Offices. Nos 24 snd 26 Naglee'a Building, boutnwest corner Montgomery and Merchant sts. MISS EMMA HARDINCE WIU LECTITBB AT PLATT'S SMALL HALL Tins CTCXSDAT) EVESTIN S, HOT. 24, To Commence at a Q garter to Eight o'clock. 49- Subject to be Selected by the Audience. tickets — Firrr ci_enni. BOjt-1 ikJsyriCß IO TUB CEEBITOU AND XJ debtort of the late Una of U.DOPMANN k CO.— Notice ia hereby given, that the undersigned have appointed and authorised Hermann Cordea to attend to all matters in liqn-.deUon of th. affairs of laid firm. th. aam. having been dissolved by death of both partners. Allpartiesindebtedtosaii firm f • «<in«t«d to make immediate payment ISL." 1 ? 4 H.erm»_« .Cordet.. at No. 314 CiUornia ■treet: and all parties having claims ataimt said firm, will present them for allowance and settlement. JOHANNA K. C. DOPM4.NN. Ezeeutriz. and FR«J)K P. LAUTERWASSkR. Kxeeutor of the estate of H. Dopmann, deceaaed. OREtCBGN ROEPHE, Kxecutrii. and HMKM ANN OplU>BS7Eiecutor of _i estate of Edward Poepke deceased. Ban Franciaoo. November 23. WO. n024-lm LKKUfI OFFICE BOAKD OF BIIPE-C visora. San Francuco, November 23. 1861 Inaoeordanct with resolution No. 3\020. of the Board of BupervUors, sealed propottls will be received lor five days for Fuel to be furnished the Courts and Offices in the City Hall, for one year oFDeeemKr^ V™**- i863 - t0 -• •-* -» Tbe ooala to be of best quality of West Hartley ; An th racita. egg a iie ; Lehigh. or BelliDgham Bay. n f T im B_* !ril>t i 0 " •»11»eU<1» 1 1 » eU<1 ~»• delivered in sacki SrftJ°?_s"- _**«*- ln , lo^ f ordered, and to be disbuildi? W re « Bir9d - - « ffi cet and roomt in the T*e buketi of Kindling Wood to bo .applied "^ *«» tou of Coal, without charge. Bidders wUI rtate a specific sum. per ton of 2.000 pounds, for which, they will furnish any or all of "••fo^MngdeecripUona: aod it will be optional with the Committee on btreeu. Wharves and Public fES&nffisrs&ga. am " u tim6> whleh ♦t, G ?°>if? < i in _? eioot B o Bd » will be demanded for «m tbe public may require. Bidt will be received until the haur of meeUrg of ife. B .? 7«. o '?ic^ !JDAY sva NiNa. xoT&k THE PEOPUETB OPPOSITION STEAMSHIP USE FOB New York via Panama. ' CKEAT BEDtrCTIOBr IH sUTIS! THE DOUBLE-ENGINE STEAMSHIP MOSES TAILOR, f.U. BL_rrHEs_____L_»__TOMtt_jn>EJL WILL EE DISPATCHTO FOE PANAMA WKDir-MDAT. nSCEXBCB »S, IMS, From Minion Street Wharf at 9 o'clock a. x eonBoctiag at Aspinwall. by tb. Panama RaUroad. IJLJJ-Jigj ftpu^._s^S._D-^ With the splendid Steamship *'"" ix •—#_.**._ —_..._.2500 Tom, FOB HEW TOKK. Panengtrt are landed at Panama, immediately R? "TI'V b '-i he « Pwl » B~B ~ B*ilroad™mpany" Steamboats. The Company also have wharf YacOi' ~"«2b A JSS__ r er^ A *"»" MMt " WIU »>•"•»* For further information apply to - I. K. BOBEBTS, -„-t, noM-td Ho. 407 Washiagtoa ttreet. MMICM STEAMS-iIP~UaE BEY. HottAOAT, Proprietor. K. WAKEMAN.. » Commander WILL BE DISPATCHED For Cape Saint Lucas, Jlazatlan, Guaymas and Ln Paz, 081 HOIDAY, JIOTCKBU SO, IS6S. At S o'cUek p. _f. t.JSffiSlg^^S.X!"* v o>doek "•" For Freight or P«asa«. apply to Sp^U-I^vo^- 1 « f . »««k*pdt»e> must make out f ?' «J"™»oet at the Custom HSuaeTN °bUU RntJVf TiUi 1 " d y" 1 *" »• elee«d. ■ . OAUFOMU * OBE6ON S. S. LINK. ___•;. HOIUDAT, Proprietor. j FO5 PORTLMD AND YICTOHIA. j^V ,-T^fl^auhlp :J ti :; i^gjfe oregout, FRANCIS CONKED — _. __00KMANDXX. WIU leavo Foleenn ■_>«•« Wbarf, FOR THE ABOVE PORTS, ; [' OH miDAT, NOTEHBEB ftf, net. At 4 o'clock P. n. For Freight or Paa»ag». apply on board, or to JESSE HOLLADAT. Agent. ■p°a_ss?' W " oorßtrProßt -»d Jackaon street.. for Catlap, Direct. . ; wnx «_!_ es ran decx-urx. VltVtr) n lf;»Sia_»_; t ,. : ,, 1 I HflM Th. splendid Clipper Ship UriUiam Sell, sJKX^ 1 *?? Tons.... FRENCH. Com m'dsh ForSanLulBoblipo,Bantaßart_i_; San Pedro and San Die go. rx. »'' a,'' ■'' X*efi»et__tr ' ■'-". r ' : "■• .T jaWr __"* i1 "rs"^i' 3i" »,'«! IQf i■■- , ■»ae_fi_ffi_|^ " ' "" SWiatOl''"' 1 >• « • JOflH 8^ BnTTW-3_ -_iflt_ie-jli.-C* Win I—Tt) Itttd-w wharl. ' ■as-! •»!•.; a. ao^r.-KZ' oa 2«s «aa j.-r.r- ■ | • ■ I UVJUDAT t _^__JV«T-_arst-_t ' 30, IMS. UMO-Sct* t At 1» eysa-kfds. Ai M."* '""*"** )' : For Freight tr Passage.^^ apply te ' *W '^■■' ■■',"- •Ear— &w.y__£Bj-

v!2Urpgrtiggmento.v !2Urpgrtiggment0. 4_r Xllinola Tnnnelland Mlninf Company, otttetlUPaliforala ttreet. Hovomber.Od.MO> v-t£. is hereby giveu that at a meetiag of tha B?arfofTruVteea' ff * h » luinoiiTnnnel and Mm Si^»SSSheUI thU day. an asssssmeat of Twenty <») Cents per share was levied upon each in_^ver>share of the Capital 6toek of this Comrany. r«y»W« immediately, in U. B. gold coin, at ?&s*&<<•«-■ JHO.F.POPE.geCy. W Echo Oold and Bllver Mining Company Office, No. 60S Clay itteet, Sta Francisco. Novtaiber 231. 1863.— N0tice is hereby riven that by a roaolatioß adopted by the Beard of Trustees of the Echo Oold and Bilver Mining Company, at a meeting held thia dav.aa araeatsaent of rive Dollar* per share waa levied ea the capital atoek of the Echo Oold and Silver Minins Company, payable immediately la 0. 8. gold coin to tho Secretary, at the OAee of the Company. —_ n024 . H.BHITERICK. Bec-y. mfSoHh Bonoma Oold and BUrer BUnlns Sampan. Rtate River District Lander Ooanty. tf. T_ office Saa Fraaeiseo, 8a Kearny street— The first annual meeting ef tbe stockholders of the abov. Company will be held oa the 6IXIBSOTH DAY OF NOVEMBER, at three o'clock, r. *.. at tha office et the Compaay, for tbe alestion of Trustee* for the easuiag year. All stoekholden are "2525 4 * .*• p~-I^^VSHp ~- l^^VSH, B**j. *f The above Meetinr ia Postponed unUI tht TW s NTY-THIRD OF ifOVE Mb¥R. boM O. WSYL. BeertUry •9- The above Meeting is Postponed until' the ■e^nth December! at s f. m. a024-td C. WEYL. Secretary *»T* Kelsey Oold and Sliver Briwt».£ Oompany, (El Dorado County.) No. 60S Sacramento atreet. 6aa Franeiseo.— Notice is hereby givea. that In accordance with tht lawi of the State of California, the py-lawi of Kalsey add and SUver Mining Company, and orders of the Board of Trustee! of said eonapany. there will be told at public auction, ob MONDAY. November 23. U6g, at U o'clock a. ul by Messrs. Cobb * Sintoa. at their auction rooms. No. so6Montgomary atreet. in the City of San Franoisoo. ao much .Ctae capital stock ef said oompany. standing ia tbe namea of the following parsons, aa nuy be necessary to pay all asaesmeata bow due by said parties, together with the expenses of advertising aad sale, unlesa tht same ahall have been previously raid: . ■• ■ . Kames. No. of Shares. Am't due. Ash. Jacob _ SO t 80 Austin. Joseph .„■ 1 20 Bergs»u,Ole-.. 1» ' IT 60 Bass, Thomas J , 10 100 Camilla, A. de 40 6 00 Cobb. H. A 13 • It 80 Clark. L. b U • 1 00 Fulk. A 40 4 00 Fromberg.A SO I 00 Hadler, C_~ __. ___ 21 - I M Kohn. R KO X 00 Leger. O St . 100 Lewis. W. F » 1 00 Loos. W. W , • 69 Miel.C.L < . .;! -■S Meyer, I«^"» , SOO 46 00 MUI A W I 30 May. Prosper KB 4fi 00 Xeaile. Fanny 1* 1 00 Pabud. F T 70 5 00 Due ob previous aas'mt_. J t 00 Powers, fin 19 1 00 3eofield,R.D 67 ,«TC Stratton, E. N . * 60 Shean. J. F : 35 .150 Toler. W. P a .'id W«t. C. I f IK U 60 Previous assessment j 10 00 Wolfe, F IS 12 50 Yeates./. L. Jr 220 Balaaoeduo T 00 By order of the Board of Truttees. ocSO-U 8. C. GARDNER, Bsc'y. JWTae above Eale U POSTPOHKD -nt_ WEDNESDAY. November 25th. 1853. at 11 o'clock *■ -„ at the tame place. By order of the Board of Trustees. S. C GARDNER, (secretary San Francisoe. November g.l»g. a024-id sw-Cal«Klonla Tunnel and Mlnlna; Company Office, No. 11 Government Houae, Saa IFra nciseo, October 15th. 18SS.— Notioo is henby riven, that in aooordaaee with the laws of the J tat e of California, and aa order duly made by the Board of Trustees of tht Caledonia Tunnel aad Mining Company, there will besold at public auction, at the salesroom of Messrs. Jerome Kics «V Co., No. 327 Montgomery street. San Francesco, ob MONDAY. November Twenty-Third, (ffid.) 1861. at elevea o'clock a. v. of that day. to the highest bidder for eaah ia v. 8, gold cola, so many shares of the capital stock of the Caledonia Tunnel and Mining Oompany, standing ia the names of the following ahareholdera as will be necessary to pay all delinquent ana aaa menu duly levied thereon by the Board of Trustees. September 11th. isa. together with the expaiMi of sdvertijiiig aad nit: Shares. Kama* No. Certificate. Am't 175 Chat Adams— £17} 8 OcwrfC U dwit Hsmiii ITI f| 40 J W Bumham 45 it 47 41 40 10 R W Bill.t 543 ie 4 John B Baker iso 4 a Thomas W Birdaell 4* « 6 Mra Louisa Babooek—— 4£# I 110 DCeraoa O 34 »3T M»S X Thomas CaagbtU..... ■■ « X Alpbeui W Crow - 61 5J M SO U MnMKCcriaa 145 341 It U Israel Doty -___-_-- 170 171 If 49 William Davidsoa-— — - IH 1M IS7 B FMDow.H «a* *i 7S tiilbert Douglass -in Its 164 W* I*7 1<« 5 Joha W F.pley SM " 25 lIC Eldrid te _ 40t) SS 30 Fiaher k Robbinj tit ZW » .vo t,. r» MJW4OI 140 ZM WJFord _ KO 6 J P Flanders - • 20 I 75 HHFUgg SH4S4-S sot sos m a.7 aog n M JoMph Oardner H» -i« 2* M 2UO W< I Oaylord too 60 John P Gallagher 157 1M It » jLOriju IM iS 5 25 D ft^tflff n lliu M U KAHydt^ UtUl. 141 Ua 4f 120 John PHiekey ________ i_c 8 tfeo W Uanooek____ la I M OeoWKardy IS UI 121 . I-viH«™aa« "'S ». S Wm Hardy ____________ 17* IN m » John Hngbas 101 tot tit ti 10 T A Hofi_i_a_________ it X i JamasHoHaad 17» I 11 G^ T Hawley SOI 10 * MnKJukton mat n U CalviaP Johnson 4tt 4» 470 li W Jotoph Ke-atry -.-_.. 104 lOf „_-_,. lit 107 Mi 10 li PJ Kennedy _________ ISI io 10 John Kelly _________ ZSt 10 11 Samuel Larmora 101 lot 10 1* J B Low . flf io 10 WfiTjla. j!J J; 70 J-h-tM--~ uoist _ __ „ US IU I*4 TO » JSMexl«y____ » ♦0 WUJL T» 7» frO B AHMurdoek M 87 M i F 6 Milmi j"4 { 100 Daniel MeMurehee JS7 425 414 160 41 Joaa MeFe*________ Ti 4M m JWMeKay »4 <# *° H WilliamMeKay aWM73tt ** 909 310 10 M Patrick Klhil 416 417 411 419 430 49 • SWPoweB U" v " 10 X J Parksr IU 10 10 Sarah J Pettall 10 10 O E Parmelee— ______ 487 10 i Lewu Raphael 484 6 U Uarvey Rota 138 46J 11 55 JBRiekard SI 22 3 X U DHRusseU so 1. 26 W O Smith O4 SU SW iKS 1 8 S5 Wm ffmltii Itt 144 » * J Borbier 401 i » ChasSutro. , jag j » BPSniUtr _04 815 574 S 4T JRTUton _6SS«SS7 1* WWThayer °* "* 5 JO Thomas Jf Taylor Ul 181 SO }J Peter Taylor « t 10 IS Matbew Toomaa______ 222 22* 15 •g S BTonsj J7» 577 S7« 10 *> J W Weore 171 17S 17g 48 W»Wa« w It 7 ? S M Ma^ard_ , (*M W " OAWtwI. _M277St " „ „ . _ 2W 300 li 61 W N Wad. ♦_) go 30 ,V°V* Weytemea SKI SO ___ B " KOOHET ' *"'*• aoSaa-^iel" Dee *- bw *». "65. »t Ue tame . By order of the Board of Trurto-. R w • v S.B.ROOSEY, Secretary San Franeuco. yovt_ber2MB63. noM-td _.•*" 6t - Oeorc* Qold and SUver Mloinr Company CVirginia District) Office, northwest corner MooUomery and Sacramento sfrr«U.— Notice. —Asßfficientnumber of shares of the Capital Stock ef the bt. George .Gold and bilver Mining Company. ptaßding pn the booka of the Company in the names of th. following ixnou. will be sold at public auction, at tbe aaJatroom of Jerome Rico A C... SS Montgomery itreet. Ob WEDNESDAY; DecemW 23 proximo, at 12 o'clock at., as may be neeeaaar? to pay the assessments' now due by said parties toV£Z*££EZti * dTWti ' int " 4 - tlrf WNW N o m ßti»li No. share*. Amount. ?K-4 B k^___rzzzz:S K.Ch*telaine 6 3 7 ffi Mrs. U. R. Thurtoa 10 15 00 J. Mc<KteT".~;?~Z *? ffl ZM&£===:Yo • 'lIS W. CB, Smith Z___ 5 , 7 $ AL. X UalloweU HZ 5 - TSO X »bort Hsyes™ 10 15 uo w. p. Mern__rzr._r ~ I ??! I_ Kaplan ZZZ 6 9 ra S. Mar.Mi.i-i. j . £ gS.i;..^. M yi Hi R3paa_____i_ Ss J»»« J^Robbin.^. ~ M w OU AatsSffSSar"" v 15 1 Per order of Trustees. S M Fr».is^ W .v.->l^ lOln ' 0V - S r o i 4 - Josephine Milling Company. •*• Notice ii henby given that ln accordance Witt aa order of the Board of Trustees of said Company, that all shares on which the assessments shall J? v ™' l »" Paid by the FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER aext. will be advertised for sale. -*-" W. W. LAWIOS. Secretary. Charles Cany Mining Company. «S* Offlet. 33S Montgomery itreet. Baa Francisco. Sd Htvemb*. 1K3.-N.Uee.-Ih. aalo tfdXl quest stock ia the Charles Caay Mtaia, Oomp_T; advertised to take place oa nurad*7_e^_£_." by order of th. Tn__, pj^d v T,t« o'clock at noon, on FR_. AT . thVtfta taat. ~«^ GOMEREVAHS.Bce'y. Lady Adams bllver Mining «o". BAN FRANCISCO. KOVIMBER Zi. 1883. :' •*" Notice is hereby given that oa th. lbh - November there was a«!d at ISctiil^ 1 , U?.^ ar_sr*^s«^^^^»*«CerUaoate No. 191. » aharas. ,■. '■-,', ti^.^_r.f h s:te. u «^-^as"^ »°»* - R-T.POLg.Cecrrt-ry.: (SPJ_C_CA_I_. IVOX£O_J. ; T The Santa Bota Silver Mine, ;*»\S't«ated in the District of Opedene. aad fu™_«uoa of Urot, But* of Be_ora."fi*iit«.-A ■^^..•f th «, wbteriben of the above named ■«— *KoJi»Mo«tioß«r; street, (second floor^ oa FKIDA Y th. iTth inst., at BP. M.. when busiBttt of ii-porUao. wUI billid befoV7-em^ - . a_ v It J# J <.BKNKDX. Secretary pro. ««-. ; Baa Francuco. Nov. 84. »*3_____no-4-4t 2p , ,E»Pr M eU^. g^_M,uS! f J ta^ A ° (^| mmi

♦•Henslej," " Carlton," M Lala,"and ' Companies. •'■ t \ **■ An AjieMment of Fifty Centa per share oa the capital itook of tha HE3SLEY aad CAKLTON Silvsr and Copper Minisg <> Companlci was duly levied on the -9th day of October, 1663. payable ia gold tain; and that aa assessment of. Twenty-flve Coats was levied upoa eaah share of Uto capital •took of th a LU LU and IBATABA Silver aad Copper Mmmi Companiea. on th* Zlth day of October. 1863. payable aa above to th* Secretary, If o. 608 Montgomery atreet... - ' -'-^yrJ gv "^, AEyordtrof theßoardof Trustee*, - <r& *> Q. J. TTJENEB, Be«r*tj_T Bm Frano-wo. KovemberU, U6B. aoU-tpUw* La Providencia Silver Mining Company. Aff | COPALA; SINALOA, MEXICO 49- A Special HteUag of ih* Stoekholden of the LA PHOVIDENCIA SILVER MINIKS COMPASY. (Copala.) win be held at the Oflee of tho Company, No. 436 Jackson street, on TUtSDAT EVEN IN O. Sovetcber 24th inst, at HALF PAST SEVEN O'CLOCK. A full and punctual attendanco ii particularly rtaaestod. v b-rintM of importance will com* before the moating. ' By order of the Board of Truateea. ae2l-4 ... FRANK W. BROSS. Secretary \ Office Santiago Mining Company, Saa Francisco. November 17. 1863 49- Tht Annual Meeting of tho Stockholders of thia Company will be held on TUESDAY, the 24th in« t . at their Office, at 12 o'clock boob. nolg-td gDWAKD A. BREED. Secretary CortezGoldand SUver Mining Com* panj's Offlee. n~ Notice it hereby given, that tht Stock of this Company it ready for issuance, and owners are requested to call at once at the office and receive the same. R. N. VAN BRUNT. Secretary Ban Franciaoo. Hovember 11 1363. nelS-tf Lander Bllver Ledge Mining Co. Office S. E. oorner Front and Sacramento sta. ■ 4V Stockholders *re hereby notified that all Shares In the above Compaay Delinquent for A«•essmentt at the expiration of Fifteen Days from this data, win be advertised and sold aoeording to law. By order of theßoardof Trustees. WM. W. KNIGUT. Secretary Saa Francisco. Soy. 10. 1868. nolt-tw Sarah Frances Company. *»• Assessment No. S— Fifteen Cents per share on the capital stock— waa levied by the Board of Directors November 4. 1863, and payable to FRANCIS V. 6CUDDER. Eec'y. no9-tde4 We. 8 Barren's Building. Crockett Consolidated Mining Co. *»• Notice.— The atoek of tho above earned Compaay is bow ready to be issued. Parties holding stock of tho original Crockett. Poeatsett aad Fredonia Companiea are requested to present the aam* to the President, at his office. No. 428 Montgomery itreet. and .receive their stock ia the Crockett ConKhdatod Miami Company. no7-2n?o JOHN H. HILL. President Iturblde, Tffjo, Tesoro and Baneherla Mining Companies. La Pas, Lower California. **■ The Aaaual Meeting of Stoekholden of each of the above Companies will be held at the omee, 109 Moßtgcmery street, ob MONDAY EVENING. December 9ta. at 8 o'clock. BoT-td V. CALVERT. Secretary IV O T I C _B. Office or the Manzanllla Mining Company. *Sr Ths FnbUo aro hereby Cautioned againrt pnrehasina; or necotiatioc for CertiScate No. 19, in favor of A. Lfibert for 137K iharet of tht CaptuU Stock of tho MANZANILLA MINING COMPANY, at tha tame was told for assessments, at public »le, to the hubeat bidder, at tbe salesroom of Messrs. 4 erome Rice k Co.. 337 Mont tomery atreet. oa th. 14th day of OcUber, Imii. and will not be transferred by the Secretary. By order of the Board of TrasUee. • , TBOS. BROWNEJOUN. SeeV. October 24th. I*3. oc2l-30 HKISB BROS., HIIIK <t CO., 7« and 7B Federal it. 406 Battery itreet. BtMTO-T. Betw'n Clay Und Wash'a MAS IBASriktO. DEYGB & CO., IMPORTI-RS or AMEBICAX AND EUROPEAN Fancy Goods! AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ALSO, C.OAPB, PEBFCnrRT, HAIR ASIt f5 Tooth Bruthas. Portfolios. Portemonnaies. Ladles' Bag^Phototraph Albums, Cutlery. Willow and Parian Ware, Children's Carriacea. Ac. Our atoek of Violin. Ouiur aad other Strings is very large. Our Foreign Ooods are selected by one of tbe firm, and the American by the Boston House (established ia IS-4J We have the Sole Agency for i tar ■ mallet at davis> firvrfV r M BOSTON PIANOS. II #Hi Smith Bros. Harmoniums, AXD Treat Sc L.i n«j le y '» lTlelodeons The Hallet A Davis Pianos areeach supplied with their Patent Suspansion Bridge, which is a decided improvement— it givea a full and clear vibration ln the upp.r octaves, producing a quality of ton. unequalled ia firmness and purity. Our Melodeons •ad Hgnnonia-u aro of tht but quality. anJ warfantod to give ta-sfaatlon. nolT-2plm J. PEIBCE, Importer and Manufacturer Ol 1 2^ -ETJSNITIIEE, 2S Comer of LetdesderK I AH CO3.STASTI.T BF.CEIVI3SU PKB every Clipper large and w.ll aalaoted invoices of the latest and moat approved patterns of FURNITURE. *» FAaUOB, » -t-CCKPTIO-r BOOK. ÜBRART, AJTD CHAIBXB, Aad would Invite the attention of the publio to my PRKSENT STOCK, tht -nut and lamtt ever offered In San Frenoineo «r All Ooodt told ia thttt Wareroonu art Warraatod as represented. nolS-tptf GOODWIN Sc CO., SBB Wnahlncfton Street, Iwtorj 50. 510 Washington Street, feWIItVIV WOCLDADT-UTBIM |J_e«l____Sr I> nbUc «»»' ">ey will sell for \J», the next SIXTY DATS: l\\ FURNITURE, Bedding and Mirrors. AT Greatly Reduced Prices I We hay« jutt received a large aad varied assortment of Furniture, Ex "Syren." "Commodore." "Harry of the West." " 8. a araat." "Princess." aad other*. We eaa furnua immediately: > j. -. 104) JPAKLOB lim, sos cn.iniiEß riits. Also, Office. Library. Dining and Kitchen Furniture, in any ouantity. TO TIIK TKADE-We offer a Urge stock ef BPRIROS. TOW, EXCELMIOII. MOSS. AND FEATHKRS. Also. BROCATKLLES. PLCSHS3. REPd. Ac. with our usual saaorunent of Cas. GoeaU. OOODWIN k CO.. Ho. 528 Waahlngton itreet; ■ aeHplm 49 and 81 Ftnrta •_. Sacramento. H^ MILITABY.M H J^ imi Duo-xmoaT or attt-b I JOMMiITAMY, GOODSJ BEGALIaS, Flofirai' -Banners. &c, AT LOW PRICES. . j i '■ >■ ■ D. HOBCKOSS, tWM-lF ■ Katealc Temple, go. « Post street. MOWEYJTO LOAIM m|OSKT TO UiIOKOTT PRO. WIINIfiC STOCKS B^y Gnx AmD SOIJ> ox coMinssioar j- -„..- • t DATED lI EK BK.CES, j i -S^i Of "%■ IIWIaMOW Board of Broken.-nol-tot No. 5S Montgomery Block, up stairs IIEXHY Q. ADAMS, j Law ana Commercial Copyist and r , . ConTcjaneer, OFFICX HO. 20 CO CRT BLOCK, j Clay Street, betwaeu MonUomcry aad Kearny sts. Rtfen to Thoa. Young. Eso, County Reoatdtr. " • W.? V* r." 804-lslm ».^*ww|J naTIST SPKRaI CANDIXS— OM.SJ_^tIM *" PtUa * 8W •*■ VUttCQXMUMiTaX

t ACCTIOX SALE.** THIS DAT. VOI2EK. BIS A 'rVEBgTKK.Sos.S7. 2U» aad SI 6a-somt rtrett. near California SelL at 10 «c'«lock,atsaietroom.BooUa_d£-oea.DryOoo3i. flothtng, Faacy goods, etc, eta. JOSES k EEKT)IXE\. SX and X» California treat OeU. atlOo'clocs, at salesroesa. Oroeeriea. Prev-de-a. Ent-ra. T-ea. Tobaeoe. cto. X- EXLLZB, SST California street. Bear Kearny - Bt__, at 11 o'clock, at Salesroom. Hew and Seoondtaod Furaiture, Bedding. B-reaaa, Stands. Carpota. eto, eta. . : DTKS k BADGES. XT. E. corner KontiOffierj aad Ptoe streets -6eH. at »X o'clock, at salesroom Block U Trade of a Country Store, etc •

CRUMB CLOTHS, WIIL-TOIV RUGS, Door Mats of Every Description, CJ _-3l "FL-JE*.:JS2 T S, "" FOB SALE AT *" JOHN C. BELL'B lVew Carpet Store, , unon mm-no2l-_p : ;i grj :; Corner of CaUfbraia street. : ■ PAOIFIO INSURANCE COMPANY, 1 430 California Street, j ( SANFEANCISOO, rnVmX AOAINST tOSS OB DAMAGE BT FIRE, ob BUILDINGS. MERCHANDISE. WARES, and other Personal Property. Capital Stock, $790,000. The largest tnm at present to be taken on any one risk, if 934.000. AU Loaet payable la United State* Gold Coin. ! The Personal Liability of Stockholders, ondtr the law of this ttate. reoofnlnd. Tbe following List of Directors is a aoffici'nt sjuarantoe of tho stability and responsibility of the • - . Louis McLane. - Lloyd Tevis. W. C. Balaton. H. F. TarchmaeheT. Frederick Billings, Oeo. B. Howard. H, Carlton . Jr. A. B. Forbes. Wm.M.Le_t. A.L.Tnbb.., J.Q. Kittle, Jonathan Unnt. J. B. Thomas. J. B. Newton, J.O.Bray. John O. Karl. Asa T. Lawtoa. 6. J. Hwstey. • J.Whitney. Jr.. . Jehn WishUnan. Edward Martin, L. Sachs. I_ B. Beachley, Jas. De Fremery. A. BeHsman. J. G. Kelleca;. Wm. Sherman, O. W. Beaver. Wm. Alvord. Klie Laaard. Charlea Mayne, William Sharon . Erwin Davit, AdamQr-nt. . . P. L. Weaver, AlpheaißuU. Bam'lC.Bigolow, A.g.Staes. Herman Miohala, M. P. Jone«. H. L-Dodie, ■ .-..' D. Stern. K. L. (ioldstein. R. M. Wilson. U. llanssmann, D. J.Oliver. Morton Cheesmaa, JabesUowe*. H. H. Newball. : F. W. Brooks. Edcar Mills. John Arnold. Sacramento: Sacramento; 0. T. Wheeler, T. R. Anthony. Sacramento; Btoekto_; J.B.JtwetL P.W.aKiea, Harysville: Marysvillt; J. a Ainiworth. W. 8. Ledd. Portland, 0. Portland. 0. I ; I. mr-TT, President. A. J. RALSTON. Secretary. Bel2-2plm riRE INSURANCE. Manhattan Fire Insurance Co., , OF sT«W TOIII ML Belfefrirc Insurance Co., or vbw toil ifitna Fire Insurance Co., - Oaf HK W TOKK. UrCOBPOKATTO IMC Theee Companies Insure Bufldlßga, Mereiaadlie. Dwellings. Jlonsehold Furniture, Vaesels ia Port and their Cargoes, and other Property in San Francisco, from Low or Oamago by Fire, oa the most Favorable and Liberal Terms. Leases equitably adjusted, and Paid la V. S. Gold Coin hero, without delay. B. B. SWAJUI a* CO., Ac«Bta fa>r Bsub Fraaelae* apg-fotf -OB Front street 'up stairs. GOLD MEDALS AWABDED TO "BRADBVRV'S" NEW SCALE PIANOFORTES. WITHIN THREE WEEKS .-j-^^ FITS TIUST Pa-XHIVin been awarded to tbe celebrated If V | 1 1 Bradbury Pianofortes, as follows : Kew York American Institute. September, 1863. Ohio BUte Fair. September. 1863. Illinois Slate Fair. September. 1863. New Jersey SUU Fair, September. 1853. New York State Fair. September, 1863. Oottschalk. Mill*, Mason. Morgan, aad Btrakoteh give tha strongest endorsement as to their raperiority. A. hohue, Sole A*ent for the Paeito Coast. Bm Jut rerrtvea. at Ul. If.w OUiia,>r<«•traat, a small invoice per Ship Lawrence, ao-l-lp WIOHTMAH ft HABDJJS BUOC3SBOBS TO JE r RANJS. BAKER, 416 and 418 Clay .tfreet, IMPORTERS AUD DEAJLERS IN FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC OABPETS, OIL CLOTHS, MATTD, 68. Upholstery Goods AHD FAFZSR HANGINGS. teS-aptf ,Sfc.*-. -: -AJe and Porter. f rifl CAaUS BCaeTOsT IMDIA PAUB Ji- W Ale. quart*. KXSYDNEY. r JS HY Jennenfs Stout, pints; | - 190 bbli Ttßßs-t'i Stoat. tjuarU. 100 cues Ginger Wine: 80 cues Oiager Brandy: Sm eatet Orange Bitten: 60 eatesjStowart'i Scotch Whisky. Xz ORACK DARLING and HELIS NICHOLSON 170 -hds aad tiernes Tennent's No. 1 Ala. ' ' 6 past Stewart's Scotch Whisky. For sale, in bond or duty paid, by ', W. H. -UOHAaUM at C«X, no3o-2ptf 7M Bansom. street. Virgiiiia Manufactured npmE roix»wn« brahimi of half JL POCXIW: . , "Mary'tOwu." " Harvey Blren." "Invincible," ', ' -Knickerbocker.-%-£s&, :&«.»-*: Oreaner'a "Gold Leaf." WATirnAI. LEAF POCTHDS. Flood k May't" Extra," Ayret k Son't " Tea L«at" Browtr-t "Gold Let-;" Grcaner 1 . "Gold Leaf." MurrlUAßurk'a-J.wUng." Uiii-wT ' : .."LolaMontet," . ilasJtt^ "ÜBoUSaa." Valley Queen." AL-Of ' > . • Roystar's "Invincible Twist." Royiter'i " Perfect Lovs." fui err axd uttvrr. ABdtrao.'tSoU«o; , LorrUlard'i Snuff Rappee aad Maeaboy. The above TOBACCOS are an guaranteed to bt Of Virginia growth, are ia eriginal packages, and true to the brands. For sale by noS-Splm JAHU PATXICK * CO. ASPHALTUM. ..— MOBRILL BB0&." | ... noTB-2plw Saaramento at. 2d door above Front „ Ife LOMBARD IXGOLS, j Accountant and Mining Secretarj. . no. i«i uoTKmxwman hotjsc, ! Corner of Washlagtoa aad Saatoaa Btroebb nol6-lm-naM L. B. ADSIT AND JOHN J. HALEY, STOCK BROKERS. m« KHBKKS OF Tin STOCK AHI» ATJL Exchange Board of Broksrsi end of the H. F. Board ef Broken. • . ... „ , ■TOCKS BOreHT AHaV SOLD OBLT OH . OOH-OBSIO-r. No. 601 Montgomery. 1 . , " BoS-tptf ' Between Clay andtMaraha-ttta. : H. HOItSTM AWN tft CO., j •■»> '— ■• i ;,.•»' la c»v^ !""•> f >-»»a~,| * 740 IWiuhlocton «f^ oppoalto the Plaaa. t-BRCBSTS--. W» HAT- X.ATKLT BsV s2,K'ir B iur«'aar_ffinia_3! H. HORSTMAHK at CO * ' ■ . j -V* TttWathlngtoßttr^ ■■;... ;: OppotTatWplua.' San JToaqnin Coiyity Bonds, payable in W yean, for tale. ''r.^^Z.'r™"' H. 8.-lh. above being the whole istua to th.

**-Ft»uoo- Americana BUyer ltlnln* Com-pany.-N«iiee is hereby fiven. that ia aoMrdaae* withUws of the But. ef California, and the byUwa of the Fraaoo-Americana SUver Miaisc Company, ther. will besold at public awstioa, by Jereate Rice A Co.. at tbeir salereom No. SI! Moatcomerr atr-et. ia ItONDAT. Deeeaiber Sst. IMS. at 11 •Vloik a. w.. so many tßare* ef the capital stock ef the said Fraaeo-Amtricana Silver Minim Company. atandlßc ia tie names of tat) partial menloned as subjoined ia thu advertisement, as Bay ba Booessary to pay all taaaasiaaata daly levied and now duo ttereoa. together wit- all ecerumt eipt-tta ef the sale: __^.^,,., _»„ , jr. nkaaaa . Aatt dae. lassssmeat ef SS (Okree del- Bmm *~ lara) per share, levied December V, t*o: •* *— * *»*•»■». Christopher Schmita , ,„ a. SIC 00 iiaaaasmsii ef I i(tn ilnlln.j per share, levied Marsh lot Christovter «*»»<»« n «6 00 Charles g ~* li W M Assessment oi S3 (avo dollara) per share, levied Avril JJIM3: - .\j — "r—_r> mtuuf" Christopher Sehaita H . mm Charles Kraft.—.—. — _ U .. . 000 Aaaessmeat ef 119 (tea dollars ' »i share, levied Jaae lan) per ihare, upon all . ' shares iaseed prior to Jaae 27. IMS. aad tl M-lO* (oae dollar aad fifty eeats) pea? share apoa all ahares isned a-bsMueat to Jane -T. 1«J; levied October IX I*3: (Prior to Jaae IT. ISdJJ ,_. ' CaristepherSnhmlts , . .. B IT.J m Chariot Kraft H »"» « QeorfoDearlove- J «_ RHBenaett U« WmßLoomis , ' 18 09 R Jluhleod orr.. » CO U t »0 00 J..- N.IT»«- . UOO Basal Smith t » 00 "7-I°. « e*oo Charles Boarqniia 1 H 00 F Wolt.™__ _. 1 M CO (Subsequent to Jons 27, 18c-v) - SMathi.u I TSO R Moniensleni 30 « CO R P ClemenU 10 IS CO Alex Gordon— a* *» 0 . Henry Fisher M «* 09 Joliua Bsnbert « 10 W W N *%"«* 10 li 00 SHeydeafeldt 13* 1» »' <aj*,~~* it UOO Mrs HF Street-— 1* UOO Him»«N. it UOU C-aiAlpen M 43 0* L P^huTnaflhaf ___ 10 15 00 MEsflbu M 4J09 Joespa W Little , » SO 00 Mrs X A Beaa __________ 19 UOO -fHeSigg-. 1 «?!$ <leoK Whitney M OS 00 TJBatorv IS . UOO Abby I Whitney M a 00 By order of the Beard tf Trutees. _, A. 8. 60ULD. Setretarr Franoo-Amerieana bilver Mmiat Company, 9_a Qay aii sat BsaFra_eisco,Kovamb«TU.l-08. ae.» -»td 49- Fond Oold aad Silver Minln* Comsev ny.— The public are hereby aaatioaed ac-iast pnrchasinc or aegotiatinc fur the. full amount of the followins; shares ia the Pond Sold aadl Silver Minim Company, as a portion of said Certificates wire told for assessments at the salesroom of Me*n. Cobb it Siatoa. «Jti Montfoae. ry sircet, on the 4th of September. 1863. and will aot be traaaferred by the Compaay for the amount of their orlsiaal issue: Cert ideate No. 312, to Oeor*. L. Walton for five I q ares. Certiaeate N0.351.t0 L. F. Ireland for tea sharea. Certificate No. 368. to B. W. VocelsdorS for Ive abarea. ZAlao. Certifie-te No. 147. to H. B. Wacoaer for Ive •hares, sold under execution, Nov-mber Utl. 1563. by Jamet S. Allen, Constahle Firmt Tnwtthip. county of Saa Francisco. By order of th o Board of Tnntees THO3.W.COLBU&N. Secy. Saa Franeiaco. Soy ember Xta. lita. bo-1--p-T **- I^oyal Uold and Bllvwr Mimn« Company. (EtmwaldaJ No. 30S Montsomery street. 6aa Fraaetsee. October 30th. laSS.— At a meetiac of the Board of Directors of th. above mentioned «npaay. held this day. an aeseasmeat ef 20 cents per share was daly levied upon each aad every share ef the capital stock ef the oompaay. payable en or bolore the Ztth of Nove-abar next, la U. d. gold ooia. at their office. Farties paying thdr asseatmtats befare tie 10th of November proziao will be en titled to a discount of 5 per cent. By order ef the Board of Trustees. aol-aap W. FISK UrrCHCOCH. Secretary 49- Whitman Oold aad Bilver Mining Company.— Notioe is henby siven. that at a aaeetint of the Board ef Truateea ef the Whitman Uold and Silver Miami Company, hald at iv .(So ia Saa Franoismt. thu 6th day of November. IK3. aa assessment (No. 1) of Five Dollars was duly levied upon each ud ovary ihara of the capital stock of '•aid Compaay. payable immediately ia gold win of the United States, to the Secretary. Braanan'i Express Building, room No. 10. corner Monttomory aad CaliWnia streets. Saa Fraaeiseo. By order of the Board of Tnwteee. no7-33-2p THO3. W. COLBCRN. Secretary. 49- sierra CooaoHdated Oold aad BUyer Minio* Company.— Notice is henby gives, that in aeeordaae. with the laws of the State ef Cal ifornia. and aa order daly made by the Board ef Trustees of (he Sierra Consolidated Sold and Silver Mining Company there will be sold at public auction at the salosroea of Jerome Rice * Co., 317 Maataomtry •treet. Sob Franei*jo,oa WKDKZSDAT. November 25th. I*3. at Elevea o'clock a. *.. ef that day. to the hicheat bidder for cash (U. S. told coin.) so many ahares of the capital atoek of said oompaay. atandinsin the names of tbe foUawiag shareholders as will be aeeeeaary tor the payment ef the> auma act ODP<aite their names, together with the expense* of advertising aad sale, to wit: No. of No.ef Ami Names. Certi-eate Noa. Sara. Aafnts. Dme. JT Walth _21t_!23 40 3 Sl4 00 John Ryan S9 S) 3 rOO Mrs MJ Smith 475 W 3 17 90 A X Uawkins Z 12 3 „4 5 « T TO) | SIS 00 Timothy Shieldl— _ls7 158 190 ______ ____161 1«1 163 164 165 760 781733 SO 3 » OS Thoa -ladden 127 to 138 125139 to 147 US Ml to 945 nrn ttaowts) ra i s moo QLOagbcrg ITS 179 180 _______ ._lBl 183 __IS4 185 188 I*7 fen 3 ITS 00 ¥Jf2&==m » 7t T * • 708 Li 4 iv m _ • Ml 503 JOS 3 71 75 W C Stokes 33 43 «0 3 21 00 Wmßohm 339 340 U S S l5 Bishop SheMoa « — 725 73) 727 . 73 72» 800 3 13 00 P Williams.. 111 23 3 g75 John Harding XH 694 40 3 14 00 A F Mitchell! 198 194 B8 _- 1W S» 3 70 00 JFEddv KO 50 3 17 M ChasEMurray 268 g » 1 75 James Naary. ffll 383 to 3853X9 to 3963 PS to 3W» *» to *<t *v to mm to 431 IS 433 6» 3 818 MwT)oreatTaylor_ 104 300 3 105 U0 Hist Laura A Taylor 171 . ..-— Uataatmtßts) 300 S 3 167 00 Robt MeGinlay 5*5 5 3 1 75 Julius Thierback- C) 10 S 350 J P Davis 483 3 3 70 P . MoOovern 485 4W 487 .. BU3 7_17-t -"-_ 72J 380 3 123 00 KKoud.l mi J 175 A'A.lolphiu 519 sd> 2) a fat C W WhiUock 530 6SI 433 tJwi_4l_ . pt-fmati) »I 3 SSO II Washbnrn... „VT 50 3 17 50 Leonard Waahbum. SS U 3 17 50 Mrs I H Tobias 670 10 3 360 Timothy Canty «75 J 3 70 D*nd Qays 704 70S __, 7UB TOT 7WI MOO 3 359 00 WUlett Southwick- 7U) » 3 1 75 JssMeElroy 70J 10 3 350 AlfrtdT-urbej. 7U | * \n Madam Lechard— . 759 5 J 1 73 oca-2plS tl>eft ' W.FIJK-UTCnCOCIC.Sao'y. 49- PUU M fauna; Coamiy, Oaytoa Duv. trirt. Contra Costa County.— Netie* is hereby siven that at a m.c tin j hald th i{ day . b; th « m&rfbl " Trustees of the Company. Mr. A. M ARTINUN wu elected Secretary of same, aad SaareboUere are hereby requested to pay him ths i. T «t am' '-11,I 1 ,, I **? deliver/of their oeAueTSTof .Ziki O^ Ml Mont™, 49- Fond Oold and BU yer Min tn« Coaapaay'sOSce, Ne.lo Biaaaan's bpresa BaiUiaa. jprner of Jf oatsomery an-t California atneta. Saa Fraaeiseo. Novmber 12tb. lsea.-NMioa hTbenby given, that at a meetinc of th. Board of Tiualaw of the Pond Oold and Mirer Mrninn Company, bald at the offlo. of aaid Company, on tb« «th fayof Septombw.Ufiltfl tssst«eat&o.S)of F-ui Wl Jars was duly levied oa each and every •bare of t as Capital Stock of said Company, parable immediately, ia gold coin of the United States, to tb« Secretary of the Company. By order ef the Board ef Tnutae*. Bol«-<0-_p THOS. W.:COLBn»S. Seo>. Aurora papen copy. WOOD AND WILLOW WARE, -fanlla Cordage and Ilnj Kope COTTO N AND I_CN-C-f TWI-TZa, nae>e> Ts-tibj. ClUlsi Tbrwd 4k afanajfaio BRUSHES OP EVERY DESCRIPTION in FISHUJQ TACKLE OP ALL KINDS. npm rvD«E»w«r.D eutoo MVtn M. eompleud satiaf-etory tad •emaaaat arran« with the B-uufaetarers. are receivfau eoaatant additions to their lane and wall aasnri.3 stock of the above line of toed*; aad are prepareto sell eastomen at iiasllj ratea. and ath. moat Übsral tormTparaaTd^rinTSTp-^hiS the above line of food, are naaeetfnl& btvttodto give us a sail and examine for taeautlvt*. Written oidtn will receive our prompt atteaUoa. _«._. . Kl___i * HOWn, ay-r-lptg Hot. 300 aad 3U Oayttrrei. California ProYlslons at "States' Prices." Mf California Bacon: si» ease-faSLeafLari N. 8.-All the provisions we offer for talt art, of .MS BS 1 *^ "**"*«• «*»•*--*■ • y^J/^ m TO «» DA-IT C-OXA-a. F. L. TAYACS_WWB fiITTSBS. ¥JI a.. TATAC BXOS TO IXPOKX HIS &» ftf* n |rTr iori 7- by -"a»^t«rinV.lw»y.*_?. Pl___f 6 b> ?*?'lh* »■ •• f?*^ !■ Cauteraia. "•T* •<_>•»_» »/L. T»ao. No. U Kear-y street. Seroti? »«. .Mark's. Place, or to his Branching * CO. Ko. Illlfoatgo-i-aen-30-Mp* t> Kearay strJet.^^raaSUo. -: : . - Tallow. 200*000 ssJe!ta' loUtot-itpur«aaters.hy . . , : J . BAH JDBJO. BOLADO * POJOL. eelVlm-p : Tl3 ca-Metao stfes-. To Captains or Yenels and Wood Dealers. l^oKajAti: on rmciußT- too cobtkb f ef OAK WOOD, delivered eVtt? wWfat PtMadaro. on the north tide of Carmil Ba/Mo " V?-"- VPil iSSfrL}? R «W«^«p7wAl_lKR A CO_ No. <wa Front M. at to U. JACA-V MoaUny* ■* ' t. - . . .. t , . . *>«JO-lm_tp t «100 Rewsird. j -i^JTOs-B-aj. rROITHKHOWin gCte-MV^a^an^h.".?^

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