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their whole strength is there concentrated, is apparent froa the fallowing extract from tie Erzminer: -Eba'J we ara-n be tha dupes cf ill fjtmdri h*p« * fr'.^U w< rely tor aafet* upoa mud an -i cot upon mer? bhsl' we trntt to can and not -» «>«>r«T? Iletvrn lorbid! Thr "milr -*i trom :."«»h Till* to CtaMtaaoora is. dsobfi^ea. bow •pcn.&nd tr*i*s T-trAir a!! the war through. On thif rai*r ii •- v (ju iiii:t v of can »nd <--.:. nn utrmrr to fto-k the road 'rom C«»:i-r' n;» to Atian'asasy Ye bmucht thronr 1 ! ia lentb«ri a week's tin*. Two weekt bo will be all that Yar.kee activit* »rd is reccjtr will demst d toromp!ete the re-'r, ii; iir.r ■ f nurned bridges. Bat we doubt if Grant wiii awair the srrival of c*-f and the cornpleti'B o' bri^crf lie has i>nij nf trunport^'ion. and the «■!.<.!. r«orUi behind bile to m. r.'y horses and w««ress «r fact tur f L*-v br««k d^ 1 " c. lie haf u-a th^uas-i m- n aJr«ady iwu- t*d. lie-hits cannrm witb.n' lUait. and inexhKU't ii-le smmnnition. I< fmst of h■ m > ill annf, routed. dfmr.r&HtMt, Hn^S-det'OTed h\ captures and by ftrtrflicr, poorly |rrovid«j wi;b CiO'hinr <t»biuv of i's sma!lamif abandoned, and mort • f it* artillery diving. Is it to be«np> poeed that h« will wait a whole winter lor in i<l l<--Dew and But cvsil L w'l c' thr r pircdi<i opportunity to rnmplet* the «■> :.«r.-r,n of dispirivd «r.r: we&i «^i»d foes. Mid to inctire tteeaptura of Atluit* : 'Xwer* madness to think so." If th* y do concentrate to oppose Grant, they can have but liiile hope of retailing Richmond ; and if they give up Richmond, they will lose Virginia tnd North Carolina. It is under such auspices that the spring campaign wiU open. If no overwhelmiag and unexpected Jisaster should Ltfa.ll our forces, there can b« but little doubt as to the result, for both sides are agreed a; to tie satare and character of the " siiuiilon. ' ' . .

tbu any other general we have in the field. The victory which he recently achieved at -.'Chattanooga has produced aa effect upon I them somewhat similar to that which, ac- | cording to the legend, the unerring aim of I Davy Crocketthad npontheoppossums. The [ noraent he approaches them now their first impulse is to come down at once and save the expenditure of ammunition. And tfcej have, it must be admitted, good reasons for arriving at such a conclusion. The Richmond Whig of a late date, rehearsing hit achievements, thus speaks of Yicksburg: " Fvary one ntmenibrrt the cast-nine prediMion> of the impossibility of e&rrriag on the 'inn ol \ ;.■ ■*bnrr. Uantiemrn owninr pianutinTm «t whifb ur«nt't army was eneaoipea brfure Yickcbutv. ae:larsd chat bis eoldien wuaUl peruh loi . the ia' k of water, or die like sh«e|i with thr rot from .linking such a- they could obtain. M.reover. we were told that the icaUriou* diseafe* c: theelimaw would tieeiaa'-te kis i-mr, and «w>ui| c him to raise the Mere. Further, it »».- staud b) the *sme<raliable operator who is amr at work it Atl'nta. cheer hit us with the sazre avuranoe tha' thelacke«ile«tat least <wenty thoD»sd men it tee assault oa Lookout Mountain, that urant hm lost o,«ite Cftr thousand «f Uie flower of b is wm j- ir the various a"tmi.u to storm Uieestrecrkmccua' Vieksburs. Uow utterly fallacious >ll theee ire ','iiim and a«*ertio[>s prnvedl TLe tiete o \ icksburc procreaaed staadily to its eonc!u<ioE without, *o tar as we hare ever learned, any ceriuu.imptirUmrnl whatever In spite of w».er. nlinmtr ■ diseases. and related rcpu!se«, Qract cuoi|"lM i'emberton to surreadrr id it ?-• thaa thre* uiouth> frcu. the day tbesiese bseac." , , To all this is now added the second battle lof Chickamanga. The facts have recently I all been brought to light, and it is possible now to understand the full meaning and effect of Grant's late operations. Bragg h&d formed what he considered a firstrate plan to secure the discomfiture of his antagonist. * He did not dare to attempt a siege, and he sent therefore Longslreet icto Eastern Tennessee. He had certainly precedent? enough for such a proceeding. " Lee. in the Spring of 18C2, sent Stonewall Jackson nr. the valley cTrhe Shenaudoah to create a diversion, and succeeded in his object. Me Dowell was withdrawn from Fredericksborg and sent in hot haste after Jackson. Again. in the summer of the same year. Lee <3is patched Stonewall Jackson to GordonsT-Hlr for the same purpose, and won scam, for MeClelian and the army of the Potomac were withdrawn forthwith from Harrisoc'f landing on the James River. Acting upon these precedents, Bragg naturally thought that when he sent Longslreet to attack Bumside at KnozviUe, Grant would immediately break up camp, or at least weaken hitforce, for the purpose of assisting that general, and that in this tray Chattanooga would {all into the hands of the rebels with a trifling struggle. Bat Grant knew a game worth two of this. He did not move an inch to the relief of Bnrnside, for he knew I that he was able to take care of himse'.f: but, as soon as Longstreet was well on Li< way, he pitched into Br&gg and drove him from all his positions. If General Grant had been in Virginia, or at any other point wh »c direct and instantaneous com manicatiol. with oar war department was practicable, he woald never have been permitted to pursue the course narrated above: for one of the traditions of that branch of the Government is on all occasions to play to rather 'than thwart the rebel game. At f hattanooga Grant is now Crm'y fixed, and the rebels are already trembling in anticipation of the next blow. They admit that if Grant should succeed in penetrating to the heart of Georgia, it will be all up with the rebellion. at least in an organized form. The Dux. s Examiner tells its readers that— rwell short-Msfcfed and tim;d-hr«r'e<J •ovineei tkat re4sunee will ecd il •.! . •verrun. past b'lwrv «od prcsr&t fact> m - ut earth a dep'»ortt>leevrnt would onlj uioccf aworliof b'.oodtaed •n'i of at «!«. B«t th« c«eup*t>»n W 'rr-rr.' la w.-.i;.i üßoaeetioaablr render thr c of ihe r"i-cn- «.nr»nis.ri-.t. and it» It imp-ics.kle. The p^eeHion of ihitorej in thnee eruntrif^ wau!d t>-i: p up tat ltT.iff fioaner* to t-r hirben pttrh « prosi»rity. *of) at f> w or none bun their cott&n— not «ye» the ?r»fii<T.t—!hey would tet it ne»r!v entire. It i« from <hos« two State* we cowdrsi , the corn which fe»d» the armies— a straire fsct in miHt*iT bistou— for -■■-• nilesn' in!«-.i r .»i "Inhitherto fceen scp;>csrd to i>n tb« utmcit limit o' t-anft-orti»r aa army's rar<i>tie€— but neveriheletc trme." Tut- case is here frankly etated. If the rebels los* George and Alabama, they will BO longer have the means of supporting their armies. The question is clear and bovond dispute. That they have bat little hope of opposing a successful rcsutancc when Grant commences tq^nore towards Atlanta, unless

General Grant.

U. S. Grant — Unconditional Surrender Grant, United States Grant, or whatever ' 11 other fanciful interpretation an admiring |i,K>eople may place opon his initials— tas Vrjuck uiore tenor to the heart* of the rebels

News of the Day.

The t*:«graph resnmed its work yesterday, and briDjs us twin that the shelling of Charleston was resumed on Christmas Day with effect A rebel baltery on Stoao Inlet a*d also been silenced. The probable course o f Congress in reference to the draft, is hinted at in a telepam to a Cincinnati paper, and it is not at all nnllkely that some similar action will be had, as the financial part of the scheme v certainly eacoaiaging.


f ' {SIX PAGES.}.



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JLOI7IS LACOUR & CO., Hea.2o4 and 2oB Jn.Uson sU, Importers and Wholesale Dealers FRENCH BRANDIES, CHAMPAGNE ASD Olill U nlXia. 49- They solicit tho ratronaje of their friends and the pnblio. de!4-2p3w-islw Ale and Porter, EX RED DEER, FROM GLASGOW. •/Art BBIS. TF.SIBEJfT'S PALE AI-E, ■ \f*w pints aad qa»rf«: 180 bbls Tennent's XXX Stout. i#.U: lUO bbli Tennesr* XXX Stout, auarti . ■33- "jsgT 7SE2T Ex G HACK DARLUra and HELEN NICHOLSON S7O bbls Tencent's XXX Stout, pints and qti: ISO casos Ginger Wioe sc d tiinger Brandy ; I.V) eases Beraud's Onnal Bitten; 110 hhds and tierces Tea! ent's N6. 1 Ale. 5 puna Stewart's Scotch Whisky. Jur file, in bond or duty paid, by W. IX. BIC3IABDS & CO., deg-2ptf 708 Saasome street. 11. S. de FREMEKT, Successor to Faores & Bcj nolds, SH|P AND CUSTOM HOUSE BROKER, OFFICE, 413 WASIIIXeTOX ST., Opposite the Custom House,

: JSUning yottctg. i JO- Oould * Curt SUver Miming Com. pany Office. San Francisco. Jan. 2. 1864.— A dividend on the capital stock of the Qould aad Curry Silver Mining Company ha* been declared this day, payable on TUESDAY, the sth mat. Transfer book will be closed until the 6th Jnst ia3-3 JAS. C. L. WADBWORTH. BeoV JO- Special Motlce.— Eumon Oold aad SUver Alining Company.— The Board ef Trustees of the above-named Company. located in XI Dorado county, Cal., hereby give notio* te the stockholders that a dividend hu ;been declared for the month of December, payable oa and after the Fanuary. The Transfer Book will bo doted from he llth until the 13th. J. A. RAWSON. Seo'y. Office No 11 Athenaeum Building.) . . 6an Francisco, Jan. 1. 1864. j - Jal-td *"#■ Sarah Frances O*ld and Sliver Minns Company. Markleeville. — Assessment So. 7. of Fifteen Cents per share, wu levied hy the Beard ef Directors December ath. 186S, payable to a FRAHCI3 V. BCUDDEB, SecT. Rnnraj of tho Company, 9 and 10. northeast earner Montgomery and Pine streets. deSl-tp-td *»- Del Key Sliver saining Company.— Notice is hereby given that by authority of btatute of tho State of California, and the By-Laws of the Del Bey bilver Mining Company, there will be sold at public auction, by JKBOMS BICB m CO_ at their salesrooms. No. K7 Montgomery street, Ban FraneiKo. ou WKDNKSDAY. February Sd. 1564, at 11 o'clock, a. h.. so many shares ef the rapit U itpck of the uid Dal Rey Silver Minim Compaiyfstandin* ia the aames ef the parties mentioned hereafter in this advertisement, as may o» neeetsary to pay all assessments legally levied and now due thereon, together with all accruing expenses: . • Awecsment No. 1. f 2 SO per Share, levied July - uith. lSol Names. No. of Shares. Am't due. G Frank Smith 250 $6» fiO S A Chapin™ 78 1W TO 8 U Mather , „._!" 25 00 GO Lambert 5 IJSO Assessment Ko. J. (2 50 per Share, levied August 26th. 1863. Names. No. of Shares. Amtdua G Frank Smith r« $62S Cfl S A Chapin 78 190 1 ' 8 H Mather 10 2S 00 <i O Lambert 5 12 50 D B Kiting 100 — balance ITS U0 By- re'olution of the Bovd of Iru<tees, adopted on the i3d d»y of December, A. D. , 1 «63. A. 8. GOULD. See'y Del Rey Silver Minitig Co., CSS Clay street. FrancuMio. Deo. 24. 1863. de23-td2dp **- Whitman Oold and Bilver Mining Company's Office, Brannan's Express Building. riom No. 10. enrnsr of Montgomery and California streets. San Franeisoo. December liith. ISSI.— In aceorduee with the Laws of tha State of California. and the by-Uws of this Coonany. aud an order duly made on the 12th inst by the Board of Trustees of the same, noti-e U hereby given, that there will be sold at public auction, at the salesroom ef Cobb k Mnton. No 406 Montgomery street. BanFr»neixxv. at twelve o'clock noon, on the TWtNTXSlXf O DAY OF JANUARY. 1864. to the highest bidder for cash, in United State* gold eou. si many shares of the capital stock of said Company standing on the books oi the same, in th« samel of the s'oekholders specified below, respectively, a« shall be sufficient to pay all aasesa- , menu duly levied thereon by the Board ef Trustees of said Company on the sixth day of November. ' ls-B, (being asse*ment Ko lof $5 per share.) and now delinquent in payment, together with the expenses thereon of advertisement and sale, unless previously liquidated, with costs accrued: Names. CeniSca'eNo. Am't Due. Baldwin, Jr. J.Q-. ".. ..•..- 10 550 M) Byrnes. Wm 10 50 CO 1 Coehran. John.; ICO 500 00 Fraaeis. Abby B 10 SO 00 Levey, Edwd L 13J 650 00 Meredith. John S «0 «.O 00 Nicholson. TbrsT ! 20 100 CO Roberts. Ueo I) 65 33 CO : Tevis. Lloyd 15 75 00 r Whitman. Geo W 50 VJOOO1 de2-2p-td TllO3. W. CuLBURN*. Secy.

«ir Fond Oold and Silvor Mining Company's Office. Brannan's Kxprats BuUling. boom No. 10, comer" Montgomery and California streeu, bau I'raaeisjo. Oseamber liih. l»di. — In accordance with the laws of the State of California, and the by-laws of the company, and an order duly made this day by the Boar J of Trustees of the same notice is hereby given, that there will be sold at public auction, at the salesroom of Cobb k Sinton. N0.406 Montgomery street. San Francis«o,at twelve r.'elo«k noon oa the TWENXT-THIRD DAY OF JANUARY.IS 64. to the highest bidder for cash in U. U. told coin, so many iharts of the Capital Stock ef said Company standing on the books of ihe same, in the names of the stockholders specified below, respectively, v shall be sufficient to pay all muss menu duly levied thereon by the Board ef Trustees oi said company, on the eighth day of September. and tow delinquent in pa^me&t. together with the expenses Uereon of advertisement and sale: Name. Certificate No. Share*. Dae. All"' WaId"o~aZIZZZZZ2SO I *75 °° Adler. Henry 3» 10 150 BiaselL Geo C 127 a 75 Brooks. J L 28 5 75 Benjamin. F A 391 S 45 Hiroa. V „ .am 10 ISO Bunker. R F 401 5 75 Birt, E G 42* 5 75 Cook. John A 2fs 5 75 Cnxalis, Eugene ?m 10 150 Chamberlain, A L JTi 5 75 Chitobcrliin, A T. • im 2 SO Cnamberiain. A L 4U 3 « Ceoter. John. Jr IS4 5 75 Cornwall. P IS }£ 3 75 Dusphy.Wm ____J5B 13 195 Bumphy, Wm .... iiVi 5 75 , De St St arina. E J ISO I 4 60 De St iMariaa. X J 2M 10 150 Do St Marina. E J 339 S SO I>iai>ht.a. kalitcn A Co 4+l 10 VO Donohoe. Ralston A Oo 443 10 150 Doncboe. Ruhton t Co 463 10 150 Everett. A F dOZ 5 75 Kilkman. J ______37S i 75 Frecbo:n. James — 453 30 130 Fortune. H W 350 5 75 Fortune. U W 366 5 75 Ureenbaum. S __333 10 150 Oalland, » 4> 8 5 75 tSray. X B 354 S 75 Oray. R B . 355 3 45 Oallagher. W R i»M 5 75 HiKcninson. JF ii 3 75 Harden. JO 398 8 75 Hays. C C_ 415 J 30 llartihora, Saaiue]________4sB 5 75 ttarUhorn. S»iimel________4s9 5 75 Itarteaorn. Samuel 460 5 75 Johnson, Frank 210 15 15 John.loo. Frauk~_________4lt 5 75 Kimey.AG _____»_179 10 150 Klumpke, JG_ ____46a 3 45 Leiison L_ _________2&i 5 75 Little, Joseph W 2srt 5 75 Little. Joseph W MS - 5 75 Lewis. S L 372 4 60 Lewis. S L 433 2 30 Lum. A S 461 5 75 MatHewion.JW 175 10 130 Miller. Thos 279 5 75 Moulder. AJ.: 474 13 195 Moody. Wm E 455 » 120 JJewmark. M J J^ 5 75 Oliphant, H D *>1 5 15 Pi'kT.nP 211 • 75 Parker. J W S7 1 15 PurtoU. P_.. 594 5 75 Pa.rlt.i- J M IXV 5 75 UoinUL — .- 467 10 150 llosenfeld H yj* 10 150 Kosenleld. J 451 10 150 Kosenfald. J ■ , , . , , tsa 10 150 Stratton. W C S«9 ' S *0 Swift, Gao 473 7 ICS Vandewatar. R J , n» 5 75 Vudewatrr, X J •»» 5 75 Vogelsdorff. B W „. »;s 10 150 VogeUdorff. B W 417 10 ia> Voge s.lorff. B W , , w 10 150 Vo*eUiora. B W >3 3V< 4S 75 V»ndevoort.JC_, 573 5 75 Wagoner. HB 117 4 60 Waters. Oeo L__________S4l 5 75 Waters. GeoL 342 S^i *% 75 WaUrs. 6eo L 4f 6 , J * 30 Watson. N A zn lo 150 Weaver. «? , 10 i«o Weaver. C 43) ■ 10 150 Winanj. J U 43 10 154 Win.n. JP f J«7 JD jjo Zcller. John A__..___..__ »T3> 4 go -delS-iptd .IUOi W COLBPRN. Secretary

:.» . ■ . SPECIAL NOTICE. THE STORE "OF KERBY, BYRNE & CO. Closes at 7 o'elocA-, J». eftf. jal-2ptf

**- Notice — All peraoru are cautioned srainst pur^harfnr ary interest in the so-called Amador Ledge and Genera] Bank*, ia the Reete River MiniTJt Distnct. as said ledges are owned by the Mount Bullion Coniolidited Uold and Silver Mining Company. DUFF BROWN. i Secretary of the Hcunt Bullion C'nnaolidated • , ... i.'°'d and Silver Mining Company. Jacobsville, December c. lsoS. del6-lai* SHOT CUNSI SHOT CUNSI XVl<^ the undwsigried has received a lot of extra anished Kowling Pieoes. wbieb «^\*Sl/W. be offers for sale -t very raaaonaKle v pnees. The barrels are of the Caest Damascus steel, manufactured in Turkey, -jji the itooks. which were made ia Bohemia, are «legintry earvej and polished. Every gun is warranted to be a No. tshnotitgiron. Sportsmen are iavited to call and see them. ,_, . _ WM. RUDOLPH. Gunsmith. deg-lm2g No. 216 Pacitc street, near Battery. Sportsman's Emporinm. »" J *a # * OSTSTA3HTI.X O3f HAJTD, V>A^2 f, fin * assprtinent of GCSS: Colt*. S? rnae ? r \ r i; h »7'' s « » nJ smith i K. LIDDLB £ CO.. NATHANIEL CURRY & BRO,, , (StfCCIBWBS TO CHAS. CCKET.) IMPORTERS, WHOLESALE ASD RETAIL DEALXBS IS BxLnSy EJSes, Pistols, Etc., Etc. J».Sl7ir»tt»r¥-atr***,SajiFr«,oeUise>, tL^vs* -<fl* MAS os HASD A LAKiii X^>^2' "'«?»■ of Colfj.- Derr.-ior'a, ■ 2S.«I*SI Sharp's and Smith A Wejson>Putoli _«5r w * yl^Abo,Shjn> > i.Wur9««a aad Leaiaa . , N. 8.-N. CURRY k BRO. are the only authorl^Stf" Bi ™«"'i Pistols ia California.

HOLCOMBE BROTHERS IMPORTERS, JOBBERS AND RETAIL DEALERS IH ■ Philadelphia and New York CUSTOM-MADE ■ BOOTS AND SHOES! , ' • , ' - .■ .'. ariiJi i . • .... • ■fit IIiTIS ? conmivED otiß two rail "torei. opening all our »ood*. and having I l^fnod' "hipped on every Meaner, the \nlttl ■ "^ Paris designs, we are determined to offer greater inducements than ever, , Call and examine 1 3BBM I! NSE STOCK! I,AI>I »■,<»• B.IL MORA U», (Opera Style.) : ■' ' MISSES' BAI.HORAL9.' " ' . ■ CIIILDUCK'N BALUOBAM, i Men's Water Proof, Quilted and Screwed Boots. ; Men's Double Bole Grain and Calf Hunting Boots, I Men's Shooting, Biding and Cavalry Boots. AGENTS OF WEED'S CELEBRATED '■' ' OPZBA GAITERS AVD B 4UI OR ALB. CORNER WASHINGTON AJTDIKEABNY BTB. del2-2plm HOI.t OttHE BKOTUKKS.

-M^ -Hf . irssT Dsauximoa- or EaKl j JtZIIjJT*aRY GOOIfSL, «EGAJ4AS, Flags, Banners, &<,., ATLOWPBICK3. !>• WOBCBOSS, ttlS-lt, Mawnia Temple. Re. « Poet straas. M. between CTay and Washington sttZ have t&ii Sole Asency fox the PaciSo Coast for — BOSTON PIANOS, fftrft Smith Bros', Harmoniums (•' ,:':' akb Treat Ac l.insley's melodcons The H»i:«t A Dar'is Pianos ara'aash supplie-1 with their Patent Suspension Bridge, which is a decided improvement-it girea » full »n.I clear vibration in "PPW ootaves. produein* a quality of tana mequalled in firmness ud purity. Oar Malodeoui aad II armnniunn are of the best naality. aad warrantedtogivesarUfaatioa. Jel»-»»la> g|^ ACGIST KOEHLEB, £^ SIASUFACTUBEB 0? TRUSSES i - \o. Aff» Wn*lHn*ton ntmttt ' Js3tf •■-• ■••■:• v.--. „.--- . ..-., . . • Farm To Let. jgm OF 200 ACRES GOOD LASD, WKIX £g£ fenced and watered, with aa enhard of 15 _2I_ acres: a' good home. ban. aad other in provea>enu— situated about five miles from the Oakland Ferry.' For particulars enquire of |V' \: ' WILLABD LEONARD, AnaI, Coner Front and Clay streets. Saa Fr»aei»co; i Corner Broadway aad irth street*. Oakland! ; " ! " dal7-»plB> CASH ADVANCES •fITADB ok mutTmhm*wiKmWm OSAU. AJTO , I'u-^tS ■ Jjl«:=i_. * .■..;. .. OTHER PROD HE, Oondcnod to our correspondents fa KuropeV •* "*- J. LOWEJJHKLM k CO. deS-Splm 3U9 and 311 Froat street

. IIKFERS BT PIKMIBBIOK TO Jlesirs. A.E.S»batie k Co.: Uessrs. J.T.HaUock k Co.: Mrssr*. Dickson Do Wolf A Co.: Jamrade Fremery, Esq. d027-2p.'w GEORGE KOItDWELL, . Architect and Property Agent, HO. 334 HOBTGOXERT STBEtTT, Opposite the Entrance of the Russ TXouse. Ean Franoiseo— Property owners will see the advantage of having a practical man as a»ent. Terms moderato. Property agency solicited. detf-Splm L B. ADBIT AND JOHN J. lIALEIi : STOCKBROHEKS. MKMBKKS or THE STOCK' A!TI> ». j 8 ? o .^** Board of Brokers; snd of the S. F. Board of Brokers. STOCKS H"H(i:iTAM> HOLD OSLTOS VOnUUSIOIf. Na. 604 Montgomery. : de3-fotf ■' - ■ Between Clay andiMerehant sts. MONEY TO LOAS^J MO.VF.TTOE.OAX OaCTTTPBOPnty and First Olum Stocks, in sums to suit. 1 . . DAVII> HKMkiqUJta. 1 '« '-;. ,1' '^• aml *«ate «nd Stock Broker, I : No. 612 Merchant itreat, between Montgomery and Kearny streets. . . ■ . jal-2ptia ■vgiiyawq stocks noCCUZT AND SOU) OIT COKSXSSIOH ' ' DAVID lIEBTRHirrKS, > Memberof ~San FraneiscoO»t) Board of Broken." No. 612 Merehantj street, between Montgomery and Koaray streets. ■ ■ Jal-grif First California Guard! ixii. .fOV ABE MEttr.BT OKDKREI) »«^W^T to attend at yonr Arnory on Pine street. Ft!* for DRIIiL. THIS EVBOTNO. it IIALFPAgTBEVKN O'CLOCK; AND 05 EVERY TVENINa, THEREAFTER UNTIL EiaHTH WSTANT.By order: • „ , • "^^ I. BLUXC.M E. JR.. C»pt. Commanding. i OEO. Wi BAKER, Orderly Sergeant. '. Jat ANGOSTURA BITTERS TIME iniDERSiaNBO IIAVIJTQ BEEN appointed sole agents of this celebrated Bit* ten, have received ag<un an invoice ef the same, and will receive regular shipments hereafter j BAKI»IA.\.Y, JHEISKM <fc CO, . ' " ' SOLK AQEHT3. .' _des-^>ia We. 310 Front meet, np stain. ;HEAVy__DUCK t\{\ BALKS \o. 1-0 TO 10.0 * **" . • HTDBACUO BUCK, j Jost received aad for rale by v- •••;' J-''-- ■."<'■ ■ ']"-■ ■ Z "***• P-TAAFPI,",.''^ ' dail-lptf • - Corner Front and Sacramento rtt "I *aJO X® 5 ? 1 ® F "™« BSST CAXXKX i*» \J COAL, will be landed from Ship Abo ia a few dajs. aad for sale in lota to suit by ;'-.-..*« " •-■• THOMAS AHOK&SOir. . ■ de3»-2plm -->^ ■:. „, -; , : „„ 737 Jackson street ■ mOM IB* HKW •• AIMIDKS. MINIS > I .U3WBI Ji'l lv! t»IM>SICI ii Jl'*; .OCi tjJl I J.XJ . ByBABBOIACOH (?80-apte Coi.MotUuiasrfandJaokioaU

I\UW YEAR'S PRESENTS. iT^.'^Dlreci T^.'^DIrect ■Impoptatlon of "?*'"£ \FrGTkcH - Porcelains, I 'Al il. White. QUt and Enamelled, " ■ •' *- : Dinner and Ten Wets, n ■'...■>> '■ ■■■ r. t:i.i -.- j „ . rwtlrnek, Xn*r* and Tollrt K«(a, I I'luiif Articles, K««-... t . Y> n ■ ! - Crockery for Kratanranta, ' I '"' '.WHOLESALE ASD BETAIL.' 631 Washington- BtrYet, below Kcsrny. VA I. MABCRE, KXCHIEr HIUCCTOB Cl.C 1 . a of the faint and rewriting Workshops (in PraneeXof the hou.e of havUand, Brothers k Ca.. or Now York, hu th« honor to Inform tha pnblio that he hu joit ot>ened ■ store with a splendid in vbice of French Poroelalni of the latest styles. Tiiose who honor him with avi«it will find anar sertment to please the most fastidious. -i • ■— ' i«r-HUlongexperieneein the bosmess and his conneotinns with the Brst manufactories of . France enable him to receive and execute Orders exactly ta every ones taste, either for 1 private families, hotels, or restaurants, at the most moderate prioee. Liberal discounts made to tha trade. , „ . ja3-2dp [; ;*5 Fi.7 i'J^O?. l!i V.l.'i Kv'-'H JIJKIOS-COLLEGEp Junction Second and Bryant sts. ;;;;■ ban 1 ■ fbanobsco;^' ■.:;;■;/■"• rwiuk classen will kesvue th sis ■*- 6tudiea after the * Chrlitmas Vacation, on MONDAY. Jannary 4. \Ut..,. „^,.. :..,,. ( • Hl's«^.?l.l9f^s?H I 's«^.?l. 1 9f^ s ?? D HnDDABT. Principal A Prospectus containing full information can be obtained on application at the College. ■ Jal-2plw . Ore Bags. tjj'jtf .i;i« i)olJ7i'2_W^trJ liT..a c' liSt'JfJi. *jLa U: —j"l«-.Ii '.» i-TT*n>v»ii UJtn «il .in OW BOTEBEST aVAIiITIKS AJTD »Imentions. For sale by *-. auIT" 1 No. 6l3 Battery street.

COAL OIL LAMPS, Table Cutlery, ! SilverPlateU and ßrltunla Ware, KTa, 8T0., : ETC. <>: oa! ti ■!■ <". Bdi n 1\ << ■ ■ ■ ' ' 1■ ■ «516 Sansome Street, C9BNEB OF MERCHANT, ! I'" ■' SAN. FKAnciNCO. ' ' se2s-2p ' WOOD AND WILLOW WARE, Hanila Gordase and Har Rope ij . COTTON AITD LIKB2T TRUCKS, , Shoe ThrosKl, GtUtas Tlireud at HaesUac j -7.L ■ . ■ ■. ' ThreiMl. BRUSHES OF EVERY DESCRIPTION : -: : - :.-;:': r I :. Aim ••„' \- : FIBEINQ TACKLE OP ALL KINDS. rvuir. imDEßBia?rxi> hathto just J^lr_l oom » 1«t«a1 «t«a Batisfactcry and permanent arwngements with the manufaeturen. arereceivin| fonstant additions to their large and well assorte! ■took of the above line of goods, and are prepare* toe most liberal terms. 1 Parties desiring to purohue the above line of goods ara respectfully iavited to r wJ?f. *"" «« «fmine for themselves™ . ■ Wntton orden will reoaiv* our prompt attention. Jjl. ■'..-"' '' . ! KUH at HOWES, my29-?ptf Woa. 810 and 312 Clay street. Wood arid Willow Ware. I FKIDJIANS * CO. lIAVI.-VO rTK. «TV ,??" td "" tntBre ' t of H - DOPMANN & CO.. 3H California street, respectfully invite tho trade and publio in general to eall^nd examine om iteck of Wood and Willow Ware. Tubs. Palb. Baiket*. Rope. Manila. Jute. Cotton and Hemp Lines. Cotton and Hemp Twines, Brushes. Brooms. BirdOagas. Matohes. eto^ eto. • -■<■ ■iTl* haT " m * de '"^tcments in every respect with a view to offer all detirable advantages to the wholesale trade especially, « u d hiring our own home in Now York which will attend «xo!u»ive]y te ettr purchases, we will be able to sell at tha lowest market rates, and on favorable terms. - : I Country ordora will receive our particular attention. V, -.vnUJ x . . L. FELDMANN k CO.. ' :deB-lm2p ' -~ -3H and 816 California street.' SI O1 1 I jol. S£ ' <>' 3T I Lease and Fixtures for Salo. EPES ELLERT, AimaFARIAIT BOOK- , itere. importer and dealer in New and Old 1 "^ 8001^ Bta"«ne^r. W™ > Pnorocr«ph Albums. • Engraving*, Fancy A'Hf". Cutlery. Porap Bpoks. PortfolioaTctibbsM; |f^fl^* Vhiloioplpal Works, Btondud aad ; [Tpirs I ; Toys^ toys iTnrsT RE«'r.ivF.o.~AX ibtoicb'of W ■ Toys and Fancy Goods, which we offer at very ow prices: also, a large assortment of Brass and German Silver Musical -Instruments en hand at neatly rednetrf rHee*. m;^»>«v. » ■■- 1 tfiTZa* ' ÜBYBB * CO.. «» Battery gfc,' <*-->«. • deiMplm ' -» between Clay and Wathiotton lU " OTABD, MIPUT * com BKANDT— IO* eaief ex PriaoeasJnst reoeived aad for sale by noW WM. X. COLEMAN k CO. ,

OlQce St. George Gold ana Silver Mining Co., Virginia District. ttrCtrritcate Ko. SIS. for Tweatr-eve Snares cf above C«mpaa>'s Et ck. was sold Jun. 4. 1864. f « payment of a»esssents thereon, etandug in tbenaseof ft.A.JaJfEa. .XKwxavu BJD iat-a : a. a. 810 BLOW. Secretary Be-openlu? of the ErenlogScbvols TBK >:vi;\^« Ni»«cii>, o\r. or which U»a Setter street, tbe other on P«t sine*, soar Kearay. will open TO-NIGHT, f, h '■ «>.«4. \W»'rl*ru. - Far erfsusitm. apply to tha PrUetpabajraMasheols. Pupils ander M years at an adnt<»aa free. Tnbion fae a/ aduiu. oaa dollar ptt mvnth. By order of lioaxd of Udueation. _j isS» IIaTIMSCEfTME rtwoy wUO isi XI ■ retti-w 1 .. uadcr the ]eti«r "K." for the addre*..f LORD MlLTON.4*rfiod him at llaioa C:*b Reoma. earasT of Monuomery and Cs l-frrnia atraata. . » ..-a'w M .».. . •jaS-l* WA?I tt ri! r A TO«»« Jilt wHa V r It tboro<irl.!ya*<in.i o t«i with Bookkeepin«»rd iSntriM Pesmaa aal. Ariikmttirf«a, %. A estiaa as IlesMissiisi arCUrk.- K». M rt»ble re.rtnre. givea. Aldrwa. -1». V,*" AltiOmeeV T . .•?! 41:9 1 n ta;: itX-V w-^U.* • ..r>V»t \TKrA»tE»- mt. a>tohki w«mak. a JfTij asiUatioo as Oook, Wajher ana Irener. Pleaee apply at T7l Uarrisou strict, bet w«n Tbiru an 4 ittausUastl.' J ~ .-»■». _ .. is 6-3*, DIUH) • »»SKJW » - "J«Tf C«— WUX • BK Out dtn eolorso HORSE, hrsnded B on !«ft hipleeC braadtd «n left ht»_*-*" M .<*»U j***sai.i \ a L SrfA'Kafi^Pomnd-ketper. Bae Francisco, Jan. 4,106*. . iaS-7*

. Proctor *% Onmrsles*. •• ADAJtIAJXTIWE CANDLES rgWR tmDßMiairKD Ann Rzcsrr JL I&Q, direct from the matiunctarat, rcrala thipmente of this wall known Brand. The attention ot purchasers is particularly called to the fao that these Candles are of * ULL WKtUHT. as Two uof stost luparlomenlity. . - . vi -.: ■.. y wm. t. comtAjr *oq SAMFRANGI3CO SAVINGS UNION MOKET TO IOAN, U KCHS TO •UIT. Apply at the offlc^ ' . «rW <wtfS- .-.* Mil CAMTORNIA BTRKET. ASPHALTUM. FOB UU H LOTS TO STJIT, HT „ -.■ M. PIERCE, -', - Boothern Puckrt Office. noiy-tf , - Comer Market tad Bait streets : Wine and Cider Presses. THSTE ABE PBEPABEIJ TO IW AXI7FAO M tore WINE and CIDBR PRESSES of the latest improved patterns. • - - DKVOE. DINSHORB k CO. Abu. for sale, one new FIVE-FLUE BOILER. all complete— lB feet ( inches long. 42 Inch diameter, ln«b fine. . „,..,..., oolfi-tf ~lfi fmf\ TO SO.OOO' O.UIBTTALS AUsUVU ALTATA BRAZILWOOD— for gala on reasonable terms. . Apply immediately to .'itii-^- Uivr. *J. «-REJSi. ■: . '. jaS-lw 716 Montgomery street, up stairs. I Gartriages: AW IKTOICB Of AM. SlZXf ', ' <OB OOLrflAttMS-fortaleby. - - • n029 . WM. T. OOLHMAW. ..'! , I The San Antonio Pottery QFTEBroK "AUE, TUB FOIXOWIRO eror/ article in the trade, and of Mary dewriptioß 6TO!UrWARE. . ■ \ FIRB BEICK.;"-"^ WATER FILTERS, ,' GRATE TILES.' : WATEKJARS. : ■>■■■ BAKFRS' TILES. ! 6TOIfB OHUEHS. .._" SLABS, of every gJ«e,' '. ' BTOOT6 .WATER PIPE. FIRE SANQ. >. '.I' DRAINPIPE, * ""FTRHCLAT, i- 1 - POTTTEKT F0B = HEMIOAIA FLOWER POTS ef assorted si««: Beer Bottles, Bteam Idniags, *c aUof which the propriettr offers at revocable AlUrders promptly atteadod to. -.-Siv* *ft I .01 »a:>--: . DAKJM, BKASHAH. • ii San Antonio. Alameda county. Cat •.' , J.A.BANDERSON. myl«-U Ho. «1S Battery street!

«#-ea«eUJliotlc«.— Th* u-rt»rt>n»4 hmvf«« Sees aoi'Oiated. t>» tb* IJI I UAU L LPH I A lijAKl/Of »: < KINK I 50KBWfafTfe;KS.asthMr Attmml £«a FranoiMe and. tke mjiihi, wmh. «i«nt«a u> batiat Scd wb>n rnrvryraae v Imbtlj iLMttl< iLUrult of M..4 I'oi-i«-'-tfr» *rr eoneweed. AK JEM 4ij T. rLETCUEB, A»«t for tht sew 1 #rlt cad VhTlsdelrihra tuartUof rr.d*»w,ucr». )aS-a tlP*n*A»rv*. W DaaiaJi barcoe Cacton. U^ptain iTF. Assneiaan. Laai Hscgtaw, is air ready to duchanra. m».*-.w«. • ■ r Consignees are requested re «a!l at tteoScecf tbe unaecaisaca. Mjr itxUht. mxA raoaava tfeeif ordns. •-- -- •~-^.:**m -m i v.-v^. J Ail stows, when lasdad oa taa • will h > at the ri*k of the awatrs ikar»»C and it not removed before 4 o'clock r. v. of «ach dsr. v.ill be lUtti t\ their expense. . ~ - - jat — *gQCPM<.r^niAr aco. **- Datoiah barque Cistoa, Capta'jt I*. P. Aemaaseo. Torn Uai,«u«.- ;*f :tbt» Urn »|^-fj r or tka eaderaiciie^ aonxgaaes ef ihis •*.»: q ue. will kwreape««iMefwraiiy<]«»i«r< > Ltracv/) by iiererew. JaS ROOPMANSCiIAP S. Co. *»• Monnmestal EngtseOOßptay, 80. 6.— The ABLoalMeenaceftbeCoßiptar tti« Mrr'ttrc of L-ffie-r. WiU tie b e.« lliiS Jut*i>.T> L VtS Ih U. 6th ingtaAU at 7 «'cJ"ct. £b^ewv**Ml r jaS D. P. McCMXLAS. Secretary. xr TmoilLe rneioe Company, I»o. B.— The ttftlir •toataty Maetinr a( >Ba Camsaay wj,. be b«Li Tlili Uitaedaj} iVti'lM. f± iutt, mi V>t a'alaok. ' • - jmi .... " T. B. fcOaiySOK. geeretary 4aV>VlcoaaX Tinrrnß CjmpAoy. Ko. B.— An aijuorttd UoEtliljr ii.m'lnt ol tbe oosp<uvw>ll Uteid 'J'Ul^<|a«»«a}'> i.Vfe.\UN <i, bit. Urt.. »t **- Frm-nca- a.m-rto» 3*Bflv«r Klnlcz OocdwtmTJ— At a.Jaastias <X •>» Joarl of Treats »s of OeFrepe* BSaerifeea SUv.r to iviag Ce»u>aay bald tttts«ar. Jaamary eib, l» >«. e« aMeswinaßt «f Jlay Casns a arena re w« i-n<«l «»!« nrt «d "tij (ban of th. C»»l Mt^CiX tit rM ftmlJto Amerieaea bU-er Hieiiar Ooeivaar. c«y»bl9iaueeliaW1/ teta^aeci»taTTvlnt?iotaawaH>»la.*. .-,« 7 '• ' A.ft.UOUm.6es^eUtr.^ - I m Clay street, eepeeite Ueaesderfi. ki- tuirs. i 6ea fraaoUaa. Jaeaarra. t»t. j*s riiMU.tTgrs Sur FnaaaaeC Jaaaary 4 th. 1854.— toi:o«uk«Mf [irje. uui atmsil iswuy of taa ssussrirnlnm of it« abava Com&tnr will ba mS^j^t&lfS^m^^mmiSSl rasisat sVmu. oTxECpLuT. tat tihdir oi 1/brean. i»SiuU * ,J? T X, Allure reoauttdw reVreaaat their t'tuk tilatr U >tKca or k> proxici. «li/or»ar«rfaierTesi(tat:'. * \ Jsi i* KUBT. T, POLE, eeeretatr.

IN LIQUIDATION. DEY GOODS At Reduced Prices, SUITABLE FOB HOLIDAY JP2ESENTS ! BKnro thk cnoicn stock or GOODS IN THE STORE OF CLEAR Y & CO., No. 2O Montgomery Street, OPPOSITE THE LICK HOUSE. . ■ Consisting in part of Bleta Fswer »res» SIIU-, t BUCK snd PlsUsi CaV* Mlhe, Foulard., Empress Cletha, . , Frcncti <Herla*<, DeiMaes, Bepas, frrnrh I*rlma, Asd all the newest styles of DKESB GOODS new worn. ALSO. . BROCUE SHAWLS, New Style WOOL SHAWLS Single and Double ; Velvet. Cloth aad Bilk " CLOAKS and MANTILLAS. . LACS CUSTAIBS. LACS SETS, CAMBRIC . rj , HDKF&. 4c. *c. : Torether With a full assortment of j DOJIESTIO »RT GOODS, House Furhlshinl Goods, &c. The goods are sold at CREDITORS' SALE. FOR CASH, and WILL BE DISPOSED OF REGARDLESS Of COST. . . de3o-zptf SEWING THREAD.; . J. A P. Coats, ralsl«-y, Kannrartarer*. THB— »7JrnrK*TGjrrTs ITATJ! REF.JI apr Minted SOLE AOSNTd for the Pacific Coast for above COTTON SPOOL THREAD, Aad are vreparad to supply the trade by package or tnvoi-.-a. in-bond or duty paid. ITo Owners or norees and Colts. ; _ the «i:bsohber nAvi.vti <»ayW_ eviry eon*enienee asd situation pertain. v-jT*Oi'jg thereto, tot ether with the best traln- '^ l^"?*\iig trick tn tha State." (always dry and sort,) Is pr oo*r«J to give his whole attention to the management aad breaking of. Hones cad Cottsi learnittic them to trot also, to b» kind and gentle tn Barns*!, on tha most reasonable tenai. Klil-i^-»l> I ■'■ agrxas to -"(Captain Hanferd.". the futest horse la the woridofhissraand weight— "Taylor" stock. "" 1 h«kHill.: v "JToraMfDotuad~--;p«Moek'r . ", Billy Clifton." "D.C. Broderiek"-"RatUer" •to«k.-<i7 tr,-. fUU ifut.i-oJ. '<*'>> A .' -'r.-.'-ii i ", AUoU ii tnd»Tills.7 tba rutert thr«» y tar old in tbaSutr^Mtei BoTtitotk." «!«:-«« * " "'■ . CUA3. H. 6UEAR. 4sS»-Jar* . Fire Mile Boom, San Franoisoo.

_ A2-Sortn Sonoma Oold aad BUrer X intnc C^mpsny. Koese -Rivw Dirtrirt. Lander County! N. Ea cCee ban Frasciseo. h j3 Kearcy street— fhe Crn itCT.ual meeUcK of the stoc»h ldpr» ef the D4\ Or M) tiree o'cl'«:k. r. «M« M al the «See of the CouM>any, for tae election of Trustees for the entalic year. AU stockholders an rtiLected to be present in penos or i-r"xy. ooi-td C. WEYL. See'y. to'-S ■:- . c. WEIfL. Secretary "o2« vl C. WfiYL. Eecretsry «»-The jwrf Me»iinr is PM-sc4 until tbe Pl tfsT MOJtDAT IH J A> CA liV, UM. at 2r.« •etMd C. WBTL, 6ecretary *»• The abeve Meetr re is ADJOTTISED unUl niI.KfeDAV. Jacuary Tte. 'Bf •; «• Jr. n. .»*£-« ... . CWhtL. Bemtaty *W- Bnell Explorice and Mining Company — i'« Use v hereby riven tha* ia aeeordaaee with :h«Uwt of the cuie cf Cai.'nrcia, and aa order <ia.f made br tb* iioard of Xrustra of the Ko«'l Ex.»l«»rng *nd iliniog Comi.any. there will ba mii at ooblie rvM-m. at ttta salesroom at" J*rome I'.i'e $,ftl'r? -r V. M ; >l>1 * x>aietT ' tI * et - bm " on rtli>J)AY Jur-uarrS. lxstatlZo'eleck. noon, to the bia-hcst biddfr for ea»b. in I nited Kut« roin. <• ta»a> «h»rai of the capital »»«<-k of nit CommnT.staadingißtiaaameof William H. Mintxer as et-iU U aeeaswry for the payment cf five awessmeats.ainouD»ingma!l to One I>»Uar(st)r>er share, which awre 4ely levied thereon by thr Board of rroia*... Jane Llth. Jml. 21,t July Slst. 6apt«mbar Tth. a&d November ith. 1 stf . t-gether wi t q tbe ez-I.rii-o. oi liivcniftiiitLi asd sale, to arit: Wm. H. Winter Ha 4th aj^Jmeit. 16 TO Wk. h. Wmtaer. W sth awemtent. 20 00 Hm. U. Miotirr M 7rh aaeomect. 23 CO By order of the lioard of Trustees. ■ _ _r .. -rv JO P N H-TrTCOHß.6ee'y. 6^a Francisco. December Mfc, iwa. des-td «- The abava Sale is POSTPONED mtU WJOJSKsDAT. J»tn 6. M 64. at tl o'clock. # i . . . JBy order ef th c Board of Trutae*. J. H. TITOiiiB. ijeeratary , San FraneiseD, Jaaaary 4.1864. jivS

- «*▼* Bock*. Stationerr, Cutlery, &s, pcsltirely Se!hog Cff to elote the Antiquarian Eookstore— under Russ Hotel. Jatastt'::- '--o'.. h 'spes kllzb77- '

SAN FRANCISCO MACHINE a An iron "XT^ronxjs, Kortbeut Cor. Fremont snd Mission st«. A IX KIKDS HACHIXEBT IfADB TO order on the most reasonable terms. Atoam Earlnes. Hi»;h and Low Pressure) Qunrta MilU. BawHviiilj. lining Pumps. Hoisting Machinery for Aiining purposes: Agricultural Implements, etc eta. ; Castin«s of all description- made to order. Also. Wine, Cider and Xobacco Presses ef the latest improved patterns. Steam Engine* on hand. and. also, one new fiveflup boiler, complete. 18 ft. 6 in. long. 12 in. diameter 9 in. flues— lor lalo by ,_,_„„. DKVOE. DINSMOKB k CO. ; iIKPAIRINQ promptly attended to. ocaO-tf Steamboat Machinery for Sale. OXK PAIR EIVOI!SES-I«.INCn CIL< inder. 6 fwt stroke: I One pair ENOINEH— I7-inch Cylinder. « feet . - stroke, with boilers complete: ALSO, Two DOCTORS-To be told leparately, or with Knpiutß. • For further particulan, apply to „ . m U.CLARK. northwest oor. Gay and East sts. up stairs. ', Ban Francisco. Deo. 17th. 1E63. de!7-Xm Billiard Table lor Sale. Ojxk or i.nsiw ftuin best bore'wood Tables, ulinost new.hgving been used but a f hort Ume, will be sold cheap for cash, the owner pnvinr no further use fur it. Apply at Page's Lumber lard, omce northeast corner »f Market and Davis streets. . nog-tf

imum, DeWOLF & CO! ..,.*! " OFFER FO« SALE HNE OLD WHISKIES! CESTUBY-XACOB VAS HOBITS. k OUiIST IjAWH-JACOB VAS HOKUTti. iiacKA-Jsii. t. MLri>, OOCCDESTAIV-WH. H. MEABITS. "A. A. A. H -TE>T OLD AJTB CHOICE. JOLL «H.L,'S— I'ISF. OI.D BOUBBOS. I. 1_ TOrs-OLD WHEAT. TAULET-WU. 'b. DAXyS-IH CASES. ALSO. Fine Old Rye and Bourbon Whiskies WITHOUT BRAND. DICKSOH; DeWOLF aY CO., 'JaS-lptf. Bole Agents. San Francisco For Sale. .. Ol.n BAILS. PUTITABLE FOR TABPATJIiss or for chips Inadirg with rrein. THOS. W. McCOLLIAM. jaSlm Sail Maker, No. 611 Front street

South SanFran Cisco H v m t st rod and Railroad Association. *J- The Fonrtreath (Jaaaary, 1h«4.) It»U>Ilm«n( »r T»n OoUnr* p«r alsakr*. to <!■• and pny»b:- to (ke* Secretary at Ihe one* of Ihe Amm latina, 9*. jjh tiajr a«r*«'. A. S. O»t'i.». Secretary. Ban Franciaeo. January 1. 19J4. Jal-tt F. JS. efa.33.c3. lOC. **- TS O T 1 CE. trr- The Eighteenth Haathly fa<tal> meat (Car the month of January) of th* Patdflo. I»iln<i mm* Hamrttrad Am. aaclatlom ia now due, nil payskkl* at lha Offlee of the Secretary, aarih««a* teratr of California and Tlontcomrri atreet*. m. p. hiodleto*, ial-2pll Secretary. •»»• Notice.— The nest Jleetinir of t v .e Aiseefa- \ Uo» will be held in the FOURTH DISTRICT \ COURT ROOM, en MONDAY. JASUAR.T 11. at \ 7X O'CLOCK P.M. Delinquent Shareholden are hereby nctiaej. that 1 aecordinr W tae Uwt of the Assoeiai'oa, their 1 shares are forfeited, acd if the installments are not paid en er before the llth ef January, their shares will ba »». for the benefit of the Association, at the abeve meeting. iel-11 S. P. MIDDLETOy. goeratary " «*- Elegant Personal Bequisitea. aao r the patronage of Her Majesty, the QUEEX aa J Royal Family, and the several Court! of Europe. BOWLASTDS' MACASSAS OXL. Pre-emiaently sueeessfal during the last HAL 7 CESTURY in the Growth. Sntoratioa and Improvement ef the HUMAN HAIR. For children!: ii invaluable, and ia in regular uaa in tha Nursex7. BOWLAJTD3' KALTDOB. TVj Royally patroniaed SpeeiSo eradicate* ail Cutaneous De: ecu aad Discoloration^, an J -„■ rod uc •- j a healthy- purity of complexion and a aoOnea aal delicacy of liia. It U invaluable a* a renoratiaz aad refreshing wash. BOMTLAJJ Utf* OEO3TTO. 0s Px xix. Dorunci- Preearves asd imparta • pearl-like whiteness to t3» Teeth, aradieates tartar aad spots of incipient decay, strengthen* the guati aad renders the breath pore and fragrant. WM.K.F.KRACS3. * A*ent for California. deS-lawTufim ."W6 Callfcruia street. W Setttb in tho BlooiC-Tee. v to tn tao bload that the seedj ef d^esaa »n-l death are «ngendered. Attack them there with that mightiest of an detergents. Bristol's Sarsaparill*. ud yea are safe. Ko matter whit the complaint— whether scrofula, eryripelaa, cancer, salt rheum, fever and ague, liver disease, or biliocs remittent fever, it !a through the blood alone th« the exciting eaaaeeaa ba reached. ThU great aari-poiaon aeutralSaee tae acrid matter ia the vaias from which the moat terrible disorders spring, cad by which they are fad and aggravated. It strikes at the hydra ceiled ia the venous jvitem. and exterasiaates it aa rarely and at gwiftly ai Ilercales destroyed the hundred headed serpent of which mortal diitempan are the antitype. Bear this ia tr uid all who suffer, for it ia religiously true. Said fy all trustwort iy druggist*. HOSTSTTnO. SiIXTH k D2 AJ. A*enu. ■dfCW-T Ke.t^ Montgomery straet. Rasa Eoafc DHU If ii 0 Cold, an Irritated or Sore Throat, nnnuniiiii if allowed ti prorrese. rrralta in BRDNnH Al ••"*"" v^ 1 ? 101 ""^- Bf-nchial UilUlibillnL and A.<thsi»ti» disease*, oft times TRDCHF^ Tn>eh« reach directly thr affectIIIUUnCO, ed parts. »od giva almoat imma- * diate relief. For Br^cebetis. FOB Asthma. Catarrh, and Con.nmo- .,,-„. 5." Cod«!u, t»e Troches a'e ore. COUGHS 'I 1I 1 , Pn . bli '^«»S,<T'?i"lSinrer« UUUCUO should have the Troches to clear and strengthen the vr>i-e. Jnaajd jtary officers and solder*. who ami nn levertax the voice. aad are exCni lIV "°"^ to «"« i< l"' changes. should '■ULUO. usethem. Obtain only the genn- , _ . ItnsL Brown's Bronchial TroS2V ,, k * TillC Proved thair effiea«y by a teeVof serioe/b^Physirf * a=d r^ Omir-nd?<l "' d PT *~ and have reeeived^sUßtoniilsuSSm many emiaen J D9D. A genta for California, dea-lm BXDIXQIQ^ A CO^ S«j Franfieeo. Helmbold's i:\trai t JBucha CUBES riABKTES. . nj Hclmbold's Extract Cucliu cuara qravei, brick-dcst dsposit Delmbold ? s Extract Bachn CUKES IRMTATIOS OF THE BLADDEU Helmbold's Extract Buciau CURES EIPLAJIMATIOS 03 1 THE KIDSET3. Helmbold's Extract Eltuhu CUBJB CATARRH 0? TUB BLADDEB. Helmbold's Extract Bucha CTJEE3 DISKASI3 ABISUO ?BOM KXPOSTKE OR IMPRUDEfCB. .-" ■ , • Helmbold'» Extract Bncho CURES SXRTOC3 DISXASS3 A XD PRO3TR A- ■ TION Or TQS SYSTEM. From whatever cia« onziaatin;. aaj wKeiher exuting ia either «ex. Belmbold's Extract Bncba IS BATK ASD PLEASAST IS TASTB AJIB ODOR. DiieMW ef ties* OMms require tho aid of a drarettv ■ Helmbold's Extract Kucha IS THS ORKAT DIUHSTIC. Strengthening, doed Purify is g. and lavworw tn«. CtrUfleatai from weH-knowa aenaas b aa ( arts ef the country. Price of medicina $1 per bottle, er six hi *»- delivered to any addrese. Diraet letters to HSLMBOLB-S Medical Depot. Se. KM Bomta Tmth street. PhOaderphia, er HKLMBOLO-S Dru, aaj Chemical Warthonaa. 50. t-i« I Broadway, New Tork. BoM >J DrmtgUU generally. Beware af Coual * rfW '*" HILMBOLD-8-tak. a. oth w . HOSTBTTSR. SMITH * DlAS.Agee.ta. ra Meargomery street (Rum Block). *U MoaUomary ftreat. j. jJ-Boksr'B Blttexi- Tno "eataWtehed van J -

«r* The above have been selected with special care, aad can be recommended for KASIILY USB. „ _, ._.„ v * The very Best Brands of Cigom. noS-tf SPECIA.L NOTICE. Superintendent'M Office, U. S. BRANCH MINT, SM Franc Uru, Dee. 28, 1861. «- The U. S, Branoh Mint will re-open for the reception of deposits of Gold and Silver Bullion for Coinage, on TUESDAY. JANUARY 5, 1861, at • o'clock a. v. BOBT. B. SWAIN. de»-td -. Superintendent Brlgnarello, Macchlavello & Co. MANUFACTURERS 07 FARINA AND FLOUR VERMICELLI. HACCAROXI A\D PASTE Of Every Description, after the Italian and French Style*. 70S SABTSOHB NTKELT. **- The WHEAT used by this well known manufactory is from the TANQAROO Boed. expressly imported from Odessa, on the Black Sea, and the best artiole: is warranted. "del

<** Hale A ioreross E<lver Minmt torn. pacy. nfSee. "San Fr-Deuc^. Jat,B»ry 4th. W3l.— At icicfMinguf the Boerd of Tnureea, held this day « . asse^ment of XwentT-KiTi( 5) Dollars pa^ -hare w«s levied on each and every sbare of tbe C*p:ta! So:k "f the Hale * Sorcrow Silver Mining Jcmpiiiy, payable forthwith, in U.S. g 11 coin at •rieoeieeoftneCimpaay.ißthis city, brorderof the Boaru ef Tnuteea. javlm JOEL F. tMHTVER. SaeV. •y M-.unt H jpe Oilier MiningUimpu; —Notice is he.ehr frivaa. that by a resolutien •dot Ud by the Js.,«i of Trustees oi tha Mount II peaiJTer Aiiaing Company, at a meeting held on •ill* day. an ««»i-imeptor Oae DoiNr p»r share was levied up an every chare of the Capital X <k of said O.mpu >, pajalrte iauaidiateij. in gold coin of the United fctates, to THO^. BROWKEJOHX. Sea'y. S. E. coner of Uontcomer* and Pine ttreets . banrraaci co. Janca>y Uiu W6J. jafi^sA «»- Occidental Copper Miair.R ComjMisy— oE.ce Xoriheirt corner of Pine acd Montcomery cxeets. iaa Fnneisoo. Jasuuy tth. 18fi4.(Uieca in "al'did U utict. L'js Angaiet county).— Notice >«' hnthy given, thst in accordance with the laws of /he State of California, there will be/old at public .uteuon. at the aaivroom of Oobb * S'ntnn 4»> jontgomery street. Saa Francisoo,. oa FRIDAY. -he iifl d«r of fobrniry. a. b. 1864. at 1 o'clock r. ». ot tn»t day. to the hie hert bidder tor e»b. in C 8 ■-••/3.M many shares of the eapnal slock of -aid Compacy. nar.diag in the names of the fc:i >wi . -' siiarehoidors. as wiii be necessary for the rev* ' meet of tbe ttjjg; t meet <io« thereon, together with tee expense* of advenuemeat ana sale, to wit : N«n«. jio. thtfar. Anount Da*. G~ a H.k, ut ti co • t «yw> ___..„_____„ ft 44 HO T V v**»«l?j 45 33 60 <«« JIiUkU 174 ti eg H D fl.irK.»^ , l-^JJ 38.70 Ff« Him SI • « au V. H V :n> . ..._« i?o " S8 7c I I) Littl-aVId, . 10 S PC Mn a H Uarns ..„!! 10 1 oo i C Ldr «/» — — ■■___ 2* - . t6O lea v U'jn,. ._.__..._ S& t jj J; D riu«.»T Tt Au».sm't No.B « » a Drtaiot: Ti *».™.Eit\o.V a eg By order of fee Board of Trustee*. iaS-Im BDWD BABJIV. See'y

Virginia Manufactured TOBACCO ! Tit c roixowTjce bradTds of half POVSIMi -Mary's Own." X Harrey Birch." "lavincaie," -Knickerbocker." • "Apricot," "Queen of Hearts." "Sun." - "Pomona," Greaner's " Sold Leaf." VAIXTRAI. LEAF POCHDS. - Flood A May's - Extra." Ayree&Son's "Tea Leaf." Brewer's "Gol.l Leaf." Greaner's " Gold Leaf," Marrill k Burk's " Jewtang," .* M Lola Montci." I " Cnele Sam," -Valley Queen." ■ - ALSO, Royrter's ■ Invincible Twist." Konter's " Perfect Love." FIXE CLT A.\D HNVrr. Anderson's Solace; ' Lorrlllard's Snuff Rappee and Macabor. The above TOBACCOS are all guaranteed t be ; of Virginia growth, are in original packages, and tnta ta the brands. Forsalehy j»Vtf JABKB PATRICK * CO.


COMMERCIAL SALOON. BICCI 4* CO., MAJrUFACTITaEIIS OF I'l'StlU OF ALL KIKDS: Tip Top, VUllftV y, Coguae, Uaspberrr, Hum. • Lndteit' Charm, Coff*«, « liocolnt.-, ' KlrsctawaKncr, Sfeclnr, Florence) l'knsnre, stoftiarlilrnl Bitten. Sealers in Wines and Liquors, at Wholesale and Retail— the but article is warranted. Italian Vermouth Wine. Italian. French, Spanish, and Portu-, gaese Wines. Ale. Porter, Cbampasne Cider (on draurht and in bottles.) Later Beer, etc 034 Commercial street, three door* below Montgomery, op'VtiST^fiaftSlr A.CELLA. SQUABZtVS PUHCH. FTRST PREMIUM. SACRAMENTO AND. BAH FRANCISCO BAT DISTRICT AUHI- * CULTURAL FAIRS. nossxj MAiarTjrACToav, (Wholesale and Retail) Xffo. 44 KeidesdorfiT Street, opposite the V7nat Cheer Laundry. V«<IITABXA Won J> DTFOBII THX • Pablio that ho it now prepcred to rnpnly MLT B ng puTci!ll^ ollfaA(AL4nd «** Buna, C>sTniae, Colfse, Tea, Arrae, Wltlaky, Pliae Apple, Strawberry, KlrKr.b, AoU- . Mworee, Kornlna; Comfort, Antt. DyapepUe Appetlaer, laOj*m Tes and Ooooa. Be would also direst attention to hij gtoek of Wines. Spirits, Cordials and Ales, AT WHOLES ALK AND RETAILAmong which will be found the finest brand* Cognac, Rochelle and Stserae URAXniES; Irish, Scotch and American WHISKIES: Bollaad and English GINS: -. Italian, French. Spanish. Portuguese. Rhine and California!! K«i and White WIN KSSparxKng and Still * Aaisette. Kum^eL Kirscb'. and all varieties oi

IT " r P 9 .P Tt * t Coa»olldated Boise Hiver «old »cd surer Mining C 'aipacy. — A Stockholder* meeting of the above Comrany will be held at t'-c • mcc of the Secretary. AttaMim Building. f "uthea^t c.-rn«r of Calii rai« and Uontcomerr •nwu. on THCRbDAV EVJS&ISa. January 14. i»fii. v "% e'dock. ias-td JOS. N. SODTIIER. Secy. *** Bilver Cloud. Forest Prince and McranRinGold and Silvtr Mining Companies. Alpine tiirtn^t.— Siackhotdtrs' Mreticg in the above Com<«nies vili be held on FKIDA 1 . the Bth tnsu at < o'clock r. v . at the Scandinavian llill. Sansome s reet. By order. . . _ ALFRED A. ESQ VIST. Secy. J*^-ttt m Jfcgkgon street." **r Daniel Webster llinicfc Companr. (Coso.) Assessment No. L— At a meeting of the .ioard cf Trustee of the Daniel Webster Mining .0.-c(»ny. held January-2d, 1564. aa snesmeit ol •0 Cuts per share was leviei un c»-h acd every hare of uid stoelr. payable immediately, to the baeretar/, at his offioa. ■*^ S ' 1 .. ALLESn.BKWLFI'.SeeV, .»«• -i-3 Montcomerf street, <jdd Fellows' BaJL *S- Carrazaiita Silver Miainz Company, LiwerCali.'urnia; 6ffice, 46 Jackron street.— At a meeting of the lTurtees of the Carrttalita Silver Mining Company, i.oid this date, sa assessment of Fifty ■,■>''.■ iftb per shsre ws» lericd 01 on each and evtry thaxeuf the assesuble stock wf tbe rompanv. i"J«bc lmzaediatel' to th* Mrrttitr in U. S r> Id o>.in HKNRY VAN VI.LT. *«>. pan Francisco. Jan. 2. 1804. j»s *r Ccdicia Silver M.iniiut,Gotni>say, laower CUiforoU; Officr. 4W Jackson street — Atamevdng ii the Zrasteee of the Codieia Silver Mining Cora- .■ . v. held tLic date, an asseaiment of One Dollar p r ss&re was levied npon each and every share cf he C»H'*l-Su-eic of the 'lumpany, pajable forthwith to the tertiary, in U. S. col<l coin. HEKRT YAH PELT. Sec-y. EanFraccistro. Jac.-4.1>64. j&5 aa-Maaaadaa Silver and Coppar w<"--i Company. Calreras Coortr. At a meeung o« the Board o: I'ru tees of tha Uansudu Silver ana C«p. Uininx Cmpsay, held Drcember 3L 1803 a f-s luriui wu Only adoited levjiag an uiKftint it fi!ty cents (U; on each and every share of the japitU stock nf said Company, payable insmed>ste't in rold com t« the secretary, or to J. Masaudas, sapennteaaenl. . « - J»-« GIO. COXaDOS. Secy. 49- AlsswdsGosl ttiniag Ooaptay, Omce M.rt ne».«t 00-1 er.MoEtr'tn eiy and Ja'-kron. — Notice >t hereby cirer.. that th» Annual Meeting- of the MooKholders of the aboTeCotniany. for the election "In^rrlvV 0 ?, ?t? th * r """ia^, »ia be held on <sO.NDAY.thellthinsU.at4 o'clock. P. v., at the jffieeoftheCjmp\nr. L. FR Secy. fiwa Fra»cU-o. January 4th. 18>S. j«5 7

Goodwiv k Co. Ko. £2S Washington street, have a large surplus stock cf Furniture and Bedding, which will be eeld for lesi thin auetian prices during the holiday*. de2l-tf You can become a thosouoh AcoorxTUnr and an elegant Penman, by receiving your lessoci at DooUTTLa'B COMMIKUL INSTITUTE, S2S Mont gomery street- delg-Im Gku.d DisrxiT-Of custom made Clothisg of the latest style, at Colkak B bothies. cerner M »nt<omery and Washington streete. dell-tf Dr. Kennedy's Institate for Dusski of the Skis aad Limbt-oSce and mideace. Ko. 15 Xoctreacoll L. i. Cxatiax. 5L C— Late Chic/ Saireot ot the Hungarian Army, and Qonctary mrstber cf the "hiladeUißia CcUece of Meiieh.9. OCoe— At his tledleal and Sunieal fcutitute Sasraisien.lo street, below llontgomary. opposite the PaeiieMaUStoasuaip Co.'kemee. San FraceiMO. >.nialta«ons by letter ot cthenrite free. OCe* hocn froo « A. M. te « P. M. «rl

J. PEIRCE, Importer and Manufacturer : ' 1 -o? ■ ; ' : . : ' i:: :X vFURNITURE, l j^ a «IS, 417 sued 419 C»M for ni a StreeC Corner of LeidesdorS. I AM rU.VSTASTI.Y BECEIVINO PKB every Clipper large and well selected invoices of the latest and most approved patterns of FURNITURE. ' ■ ■:'■ ■ ''■■"fob ' - PABIVUB, BEVEPTIOS 8008. LIBRARY, AS TD CHAMBER, And would Invite the attention of the pnblio to my PRESENT STOCK, the finest and largest aver offered in San Francisoo 1 «W All Goods sold in these Warerooms are Warranted a* represented. . - nolB-2ptf H. lIORSTMAXX *t CO., 740;w»»hlMKton a»., opposite the Plsuuk 1 1 mas nut. WE HAVE lATEI.T KKEV£*£^ai?X ceived a large varie'y of TJI-D-£^p£=££& H.OOM AND PARLOR FUKNIm TUtIE, which we wiU sell for the next sixty days at greatly rednced prioes. Call and examine our Stock of Goods before purchasing elsewhere. H. HORSTMANN k CO.. 740 Washington stree. noZI-2dp3m Opposite the Plata. FRENCH FURNITURE, JUST ARRIVED FBOX PAKIJL— RICH ROSEWOOD PARLOR AND BEDROOM tURNITUKE, of the latest Styles. SPLENDID MINISTXRI &L DESKS. Etc. Etc. At 807 Jackson street. delO-SO-Jdp* between Stockton and Powell.

| opeeiol Kotuts. mm acandlnavlan Society.— The regalar monthly masting will beheM en TUESDAY, tba sth instanCat S o'clock in tha tha Ball. Hniomt street. A general •ttendanee i» required. Bverder CUA3. B'jVi EV. jaS-3 Seerctarr. ? «- Notice.— The Annual ilsati3< of th» SKockhnlden ef the Clay Street .Wh.irf Company wiUbahaUoa TUSSDAV, the fi'th dn;ofjuafry. last, at their efloe. Xi .■•■•» Methut )tt«t, in Ifnmoiseo. at 1 «|cl^-« P M. > H. ST rtATi- i Prasldmt. J«S^td rTll IABS^S. Saereta^y. ' *** Anaheim Water Com f .ia y.— By resoution of the Board ef Trateees of the Anahria • »terj Company, the 7th Instalment ef SeventyTwo Dollars ({79 is called fo?. pavsblo ia United dtataa Sold Coin, on er before the at h dsy ef Jaanary, A. D. ls«l. to the Trearunr. Mr F. jVhneider. v Anaheim. By order 11. KROGER. i r—r CT"^* 1 ? A»>»h«im Water Company. — I Aaaheim. Pen. 19th. 1863. d«29-td i 49- Worth BoacJj aad Mimalon BaUzoed Company.— Notice iehereby given, that tbe Tent* i •Ke&meiit of hi so t Dolbr- ney ihare in the stock of the "North Beach and Mission Railroad Company." hu been levied by the Bo«.l n( Directon and U due and payable al the ouco of the Company, eoraar Fourth aad Lauua street*, with in thirty day* from date. > All shareholder* are requested t» make payment en er before that time, er «uea a»asameats will be • gromptl, «»n«Ud £ ! ban rranciaao. December iL 13oU. jal-30 *jt- California Trib* Wo. 1, cf Lie I. O. B. M.— Above named Tribe hu be»a instituted, and tha following o(E«r» h»ve be»n dnly eleetii and installed by P. H. Jacob Weisf. T. 3. CLuneath. and P. >. Ad»m Smith: W. S — Loui» Korsikert W. P.— Harra Lande: S. S.— W. B. PUliner: J. S.— A. Wiener: C. R.— Mayer Misb: W.— AGin.bnr». The meeting* ef above named Tribe »n renlarly held on tha corner of First and Clementina streets, every TUaWDAY EVKNlNU.atTK o'clock. Memken of Sifter Lodf «« are invited tn attend. dolB-lm2n MATES MISH. Chief oi Records. aw Bell's Haatieal and Astronomical Academy. 406 Front street, oorner ef Clay street. The best Mathematical Scfaoni in the s'Uto. Navi- - tion. Land Surveying, and a full course of iLaih•inatirs. for $U»>. without limit of time. Full Couna ef Navization and Fint-elasa Master's Diploma—- $50 00 Ordinary Master, embracing every Problem in the Eritftmfl - - .. 40 00 Chief Officer's Coarse and Diploma 30 00 Second Officer's. Course, according to Schedule,and Certificate of Competency ~_«~~ 25 00 For further information call at the Aeadeasy. between 4 and 10 r. ■ . o» address Csvt. JOHN H. BELL. Piin-ipaJ. ' del»2m Pert Ofcie Uax SM. «- Kotlce> — A Saecdai Keaans of too Stock holders of the baersmenro Valley Railroad Company will be held at the Office of th« Coirnany. ia tae City of Bacrsnrato, on SATURDAY, tae 16th DAY 07 JANUARY. ls-H. at 11 o'clock a. m.. to t*ks such action v the meeting may then delermine. upan ;be inoiwo ot tbe caiit..; stock of tha Campasy tv One Million of Dollar*, aad tha «xtension of Second Xort*a*e and "ther isportant business therewith connected- By order ef toe Board under resolution pened at a meaiins bald oa tha 14th of December. I+3. liE 1. W BQAGO. Prwiden*. San Francisco. Dee. IS. 1363. del>3o *»- Ban Fnuteigeo Saviuss Unicn.— Tha Third Half- Yearly Dividend of this Institutioa ha been declared— payable on and alter the 6lh inst By order ef the Board. JOHN ARCHBALD. Cashier. January Ist. 18S4. j»l-lS

Korici.— Having reetired by the lwt EUamer. from tbe'ed*Dratei«ftab!ishment of CiorET k Lixt. Broadway', New York, a splendid assortment <-f goods, selected by them for me. suitable for Business Suits, such as never have been Imported in '■'•market before. I tovite my eu«on>rs and the pubuc »c irensral to call and rxamine. I euanntee to masufmcto'e there roods in a style that cannot be surpassed. > HarsTiAii Smllkax*. Merchant Tailor, 434 Montgomery street. jil-lm OprosiTiox.— Warracjed for one year— W. B. J. Eenaey's tew celebrated diamond-pointed Califofria Oold Pens. Factory and saleroom. Armory HslU corner of Muntgomery and Sacramento streets, (up stairs). jj.s-5* In Labgcst IvroiTiaa ef fine custom clothing ia the r-ia c are lit rf ton. UisnKQS* Co. Ihey receive new ttylei ev«ry steamer. ds3o On Yorsc isn Sttlisb Mm can now be suited at Hicbtok. Hastiics * Co. Their new styles are perleotly stunning. de3o-lw For a nice Holiday Present call at Sarm-'q, 42S M ntc ornery rtreet. and buy one of these Colon Albums, for Card Picture*. He hu jtut received a large lot, and they an a new ttyle. not to he had at any ether place in the city. de23-lm

For Vice President. WM. W. MONTAGUE of Locke k Montague Frr Corresponding Secretary. LTJCIAS S. PSASE with ParreU k Co. For Recording Secretary. COLL DEAN 6ee'y Wide Wert Co. For Treasurer. JOSEPH M. SHOTWJELL with AUop k Co. For Trustees. A. O. STTLaS with S. A. Wood. GEO. T. H AWLEY of Hawley * Co. BOBT. 6IMSON Attern*y at Law. J. WARREN COX Cox. Wilcatt k Co. JOHN F. POPE „ „„ M'fWt JOSEPH H. WILDE 3 Draughtsman. Surveyor General's Office. WM. WADHAMB___ Knapp.BurreU k Co. WM. H. ELDRIDGE with Wells. Fargo k Co. JOHN Y. I.YVTt . .....■■■■■ Phyf'" B -" jas-td Bulletin copy. : T Q Xj^El T, ■■' wm shirk sro. ««« sacrakehto C;t Street, between Montgomery and Kearny: one *'"■*■ ol the best stands in the city for a. dry goods bniincsf . The store U all fitted up and ready to be oeccmed without any extra outlay. For terms ari»!y to jas-tf F. HENDERSON. 640 Sacramento st TUB T*i*i\JVfsi IS TBK "?irst Unitarian Church, OIGE4BT NTKEET, ** *' WIZiIj X!B T»TnvnriTn-» OS TIURSKAY i:vr.MSO, JAXI'ART 7, AT HALF-PAST EEVEK O'CLOCK.^ fffutr. coitbch wii.i. be opes fok ■*- Examination en WEDNESDAY, during the Dsy and Evening, and on THURSDAY, whei viaiton will find the amount of yearly rant, with the number, marked on each Pew. The Dedication Services will be held on SUNDAY. Jaa. 10th. of which more particular notice will be given hereafter. jaVSptd

Ntro^bbttlisemeiitfli. Mercantile Library Association IV O T I C E. 49> The ANNUAL ELECTION for Officers of this Association will be held at the Rooms oa Iflon&ay, January 18, 1864. Polls open from • A. M. to » P. M, ud from • to 8 P. M. - - ALBERT MILLER, President.'' I W. S. ARTHUR, Bee. Secretary. Jas-td Mercantile Library Association ELECrrIOK. .HOSDAT, JAN. IS, IMi. MEMBERS]]' TICKET. '.^~*'.-U For President. HORACE DA^S _.__ of H. Davis * Co«

-:L GOODWIN^ .CO., 688 Wasbinarton Street, syj22S?3| EXTEN SIVH STOCK OFj^W Bedding and Mirrors. Greatly Reduced Prices ! ■ . _ ■■. • ■.. .■-'■-■ i,V ■ t.'. • ■ tok • THIRTY D AITS ! Having Kreatly increased our facilities, we hope U future'u, supply with MORE^OM^ESa. No. SSS Washington street; Factory. No. 510 Washington street. Also. 49 and 51 Fourth itrett. Sacramento City, formerly occupied by J.Q. Clark k Co. : de6-2plm

Amor* the urtralf at the Occidents! Hotel, en January 4th. were: Gen. J. Bid w»11. Ctico. ««n. Wright, U. S. A. V.rt, Kngat, Kasramento. Oapt. W;m, Suraaiento. Ziri^zzv l^ ■ <>- 1 .: 6 "^- K.O.baTW.r'iineOO. hmith I). Towite, P*ttlaat» U. R SeeUy. U. fi. Navy. M. Metcher. V. S. Nary. — : . " ~ H. Blackman. Valieio. «H *»yer. Canon Citr. Thoe. tie-jtt. VailOo Mills. J. It Aiven. City. C. f. Wood, i Jatland. C«pt B. X Wntenou. h airport. WU. liardy. Forest UUlT^^ ■ J. R . Clark, Sacramento. K.R.Hewe*.PlaoerviLe. M. Claasnn, Martinei. yen. «. Paieheea. tiaeraoaßta. - ' r. S. \ anboskurcb. New York J. W. V. Mi *»ru ld. the celebrated Writing Test Spiritual Medium, will receive calls at his rooms. So. 319 Bush street, previous to Urn departure for Burope. jal-lm

a ircnox sii£ this day. \oIZTS. MS * WEBSTER. • Sansame street, trar Calif ornis 6*U. at 10 . k«ek. at salesroom. Boots asd Shoes. Dry Goods, J pjunc. Fancy Goods, ate, etc >J JOKES * BKKDIXKX. stS7 «ni 2U California . . : ~. - e!l. at 10 e'cloek. at salaeroom, Oroeeriei. ./Ran*-*-*. _ , .„ . / U IT-XER. 53} California «re*t. B e« r Kea^yfieSs a. 1 ••cloek.atSaleare^a.lfewejiaSeoondcasd r-»it«re. Beddinc. Bureaus. Stands., ate. Alee. Srleadid Plaso. .rEROitS EICE k Coi. SZI Montgoowry etxeetS»!l at 11 o'clock at ealasroem. English Books and t^rap Encravincs.

MlDnehaha Mining Company, Car- .*. * men b!and. *i- Ncticv-AH _Btook ia the above Company, upon which auessmenta may remain uopaid on FRIDAY, the 15th day of Jauaiu-y. ISfr), will be advertised on that day. and sold 30 dsys thereafter, to the highest bidder. By order of the Boatd of Trustees. - San Francisco. Dea.Slst. 1863. jaltd «mw«r;r>f SAM. P. HOWK3. Bea'y. iEtnaUoldand Silver Mining Go. ' (Vimeralds.) ' Office. No. 34 Naglee'a Building, S. W. corner o Merchant and Montgomery streets. - "' San Francisco, Dea. 80. 1863. ! «ar Stock Delinquent for Assesfmanta will be Advertised on TCESDAT,...^. „ JAJfIMRY 13. IHOI. By order of the Board of Trustee*. : ,. \ ■ dtSl-2ptf HUQO DRESCHFELD. Secretary Hohave Mining Company. • nr A Speoial Meeting of the STOCKHOLDERS •f the above named Company will be held on the FOURTEENTH DAY OF JANUARY, 1564. at VA o'clock r.n.. at No. 6C6 Montgomery street By order of the President, ;- % . : - O. J. TURNER, Secretary " H.TI. LAWRENCE. President.' da3l-2ptd« Peninsula Mining Company. : *B- Notice is hereby given that the Annual Me etlrg of the Peninsula Mining Company, for Election of Trustees, will be held at office. 606 Front street, San Francisco, on TUESDAY, January sth, 1361. at 10 o'clock a. it. de3o . y D.A. JENNINGS. Secretary St. George Gold and Silver Mining Company—Virginia District. '

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