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!■ »i ti ■ein»j««M*ini*fc ssTJTf'L, [«,»■- I Tssaaaar..saaai iiijrTir^aii.i win mt ■'ifciJirniirrftiiWiininjir'm^ja^^F'flrffßT* 1 > '»*> *- iM *'~* fc— *' MM * B 'T^~ J Tf w _r* M fT*aTlaaTVlrT'iTa»»_fcTa_w ,*_»»■ !.—»»■■ "Ma—a _i— fci _■■ ■■— i i ■■■ »

I, AUCTION FURNITUBii Wa'rBBOOMS .EDWIRDJ. SPEAR,, 453 California nlrert. below Honljco mrry Bali Dat» - WnDxtaoiTS md Satcidats Regular Wednesday Sale POSTPOJYEB TO THUKSDAY. THIS DAY. THURSDAY......... ..February 28, 1865 '■ ■■ ■■■■" i ."•i>,:;.«» V- ■*; - • . ■ At 11 o'clock. lVcw and Second - Hand FURNITURE, I COBSIBTINO OF •• •' ■ :-J: -J ■ v -' . Bureaus, - - - - , Bedsteads, - . . Sbras, mi- . . Chairs, Sideboards, Tables, I Jflatlresses, Pilloies. oVc, #c, AY. znr frobtt or saiiusnoowt, Carpets Stoves, Counters and Common Furniture. • fe23 ALSO. * *" ■ ' V it - J At 11 o'clock, at Salesroom, S*~ _ _r~** a c_— ~wn sst <_> *w' _=a. tS3 JC-I IS* -PTJUISr ITTJUE, coNaisTiHo or Chairs, Bureaus, 1 Tables, Etc., Etc., Etc g_-«n. 1 Rosewood (Clilcfeerlng) itToi PIANO. . fe2l TO-MORROW. FR1DAY.....*,,..^. -.February 24, 1866 Jit 11 o'clock, Jl. JH. ON THE PREMISES, 64 O Howard Street, 11 ETWEES SECOND AND TIIIHD, __,_--_ •z'-Qcza FURtmiTUR E IN THE ABOVE REBIDENOB, . cossistiiio n rA-T or Brocatelle Parlor Set Walnut and Mahogany Chamber Sets, ■ 9 Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, or.o. l. i. Btsnixix. wm. ». ifsbill, THOS. J. rorLTHIB, 11. C. DOWXIIQ. JOKES & BENDIXEN, Salesroom, Flr«praof Brick Balldimsr, Hoa. %VJ and SO» CsOUorsUa street. two doom from Front. SALI DAYS Tg-sjAT- -as f bid-ii! CARD. J S. L. JONES retires from our firm this day. and ii« interest and responsibility eessts. Mr. 11. C. IOWS INfl has an interett in oar home from this date, and the trasinesi will be continued under the same name and style as heretofore. JONES k BENDIXEN. Ban Fraaoisco, February 15, 1815. fel6 TO-MORROW. FRIDAY- February 24, 1865 Jit IO O'clock. l.Jtl., ■ -t3_t Salesroom CHINA SUGAR 150 bales Vo. I China Sugar, lOOtb each. SHERRY WINE 8 quarter casks Bright Sherry Wine, i CIGARS AND TOBACCO. 85 Quarter boxes pound lamp Tobacco: 1 cases 15 M. each German Cigars. SALT. 400 bags 50n> Dairy Bait, ;TEAS. 150 hair chests Black Teas. BATH BRICK. -0 cues Bath Brick. fe23 Outside Lands and tbe North Ban ' ' FrancUeo Homestead and Kallroad Association. WE, TUB V2TDBB«iaif ED, OWHF.BS and in possession of, asd mortgagees of large trae!s of land lying between Van Mess Avenue east, Pretidio road on the south, the (Jotcram«a Beserr. line on th* vest, aid th. Bay of fan F.-anoipeo on the north, which (he said Association rffers ai part of its capital stock, hereby caution th. pablio that we will legally contest to the utmost the unlawful olaims of said Association to our lands lylajrwlthla the shore limits: - BLAKB * MOFFITI-. CH. QODFIN. H.M.OAKWOOD. bjA. 8. BON DEL. : B. K. NORt6w. A. J. M0&B1LL. aKORO-KdOLBION. ■ ■ ■- -■ fs2l-U REVERE LIVERY STABLE. Napa City. jgK RINGIJB -in DOVBU BUGLfiStAZfit*. Koekawayi, Expreu-wagons. 6tace Wagons. Btage Coaches. Saddle Qones. J9-aaa»A«, fanlshed at short notice at the lowsit rates. Offio. at the 1 J? t s'jJj&tJJ 0 V > rf v ■ W»pafflt-.J»-« «»>*'«" - ■ ■ U-Cm fashion lilrery Stables! 1,- _sm. thi rtiHioi litim ££&kl Stable, of PORTKB k OOVKY. the Pio<W"Vlneer Proprietors in California, na»e re49s>bsW mored their old itand on Kearny stree to NO. IS BUTTER BTHKKT. between Montgomery and Sansom. streets. < Th. finest teams oaa bs obtained at this establlihment at all hourfof the <ar a»d nUht. ■ ■ - . , < ■ _ ■ noa-<i« , fts-gCthe FIVK MILK lIOUSB 11ASCU. »W*Y» Plenty of Qrau and Water. Horsis ao< ■«<—■ Colls broke to - haroeu. „ BaUaJaoUaa Siren or no charge. . j*W-lm* - '■ CHARLES U, BHIAJL PP^CAJV, SQEVB9KAN 4 CO.; : •* BANKERS, Corner Pine *u<t W aaann Bb., Hew Tork, Slssn. Oirculsj Notes and Letteri of Crsdit o raT«ll«r«, avalraMe In all the principal cities . c world. Also, Mercantile Credits for us* la Europe. China, etc. _„....•.;:».. ,i .■ . ». . -.. fe»_-. ::" Chilis Barley. E7«x spoKTSTf aw- ron uu ia kven M 2d to suit parohsMrs, by .»^i »' ,: ; fcr(-i- ;•;_>.■ ♦vram>tAWDKR, v

DYBRrBADGBR & ROROHL; [ AUCTIOHEBE3 AND OIMICISBIOH M-»-Hale-raom, Hortboa.t coraier ol Honlru- ; « merjr and Fin. atrceta. THIS^DAY. THURSDAY ...-Febniary' 23, 1865 At 101 o'clock A. MMM M it Salesroom, cor. Kontsomer j and Fine HOUSBHOID FDffITUB ! oora-rrrjts v r-BT of . PARLOR and CHAMBER SETS BUBKAUS, ■WARDBOBKS, BEDS, BEDDING, MATTRESSES; CHAIBS, TABLBS; UABPETS, OILCLOTHS; CROCKERY, GLASS W ABE, «tc OTXB, BADOKB * BOXOHI, fe23 AUCTIONEERS. THIS DAY. THURSDAY...... .7-February 23, 1866 At 13 H,,00 the Premises, 1 No. IS Essex Street. Out of Folsom street, bet. First and Second, AIX THE EIEQAHr HUIUHOIU FURNJTU RE IS THE ABOVE RESIOESGIS, COMSJISTINO IK PXKT O» Splendid Parlor and Cttamber Sets, Dining Boom and Kitchen Furniture, ; (> , ! Beds, Bedding, Chairs, Tables, Vattresset, Mirrors, Carpets, Oilcloths, Curtains, CBOCKEBT, GLASSWARE. CCTIEBT, lie. Etc., Etc., * ALSO. mCtT?., „,- One very Superior PIANO f^«2_«FOlU'E, full rich tone, and a 1 1 * I I 'splendid instrument. *9 f The whole esmnriatnc the entire household effects of a genteel private family residence. Sale Positive and Peremptory, on account of a family declining housekeeping. DTEB, BAIMJEK A BUKOUL, fell . >'--:• ' - AUCTIONXXBa -PJLs ATT'S lI AJLJL., »» M- : ' . , -. AND THE IVlammoth Sale of -PTJR_CSTITTJ]EI_d], BY Dyer. Badger & Rokohl, A U CT X O IV K-B3 RB. •-* ■ - W E WILL SELL, TO-MORROW. FRIDAY February 24, 1865 x At 11 O'clock A. ISA.t Platt's Music Hall, A I^argo Assortment of Splendid Rosewood, Mahogany and OaK, . 1 AliliUK, CHiHBEB, . ASD mSTNG BOOS FURNITURE, or the Latest Styles and most desirable asd substantial manufacture, Finished in Brocatelle, Silk Bcps, Hair Cloth, etc. ALSO, Several Magnificent Rosewood PIANOFORTES, Full and Brilliant Tone and Superior Finish, of the most durable make. - - ALSO. Etagercs, Sideboards, Whatnots, Book Cases, Armoirea, Secretaires, Marble Tables, Music Stands, Eat Backs, Children's Carriages. j ALSO, Splendid' Spiral Spring Matresses, Hair and Pulu Mattresses, Pillows, Gilt Mirrors, Fine Clipper Lounges, French Easy Chairs, Turkish and Lolling Chairs, etc., etc. ALSO, Fancy Goods, of Tarions descrlptlons. ALSO. 1 Splendid Double Bank Melodeon. ~f*T-e Ball will bo open and Goods ready for impectbn on THUaSDAY EVENING, and the Pablio are cordially invited to Tisit th. Hall and examine the Qoods at their leisure. «r Goods will be receive! for this Sale up to tea o'clock. P. M.. on the eveuing pterieos to the Sale. DTKR, BiDGEB * BOKOHL, fen ' Apcnotmma; o. a. timii, tuiii HDrrts WBBSTBR 4 imON. AUCTION -is COMMISSION MKRCUANT9. rirt-proof Brlek llaliaiuK. -1- »n<l -i« a*lne Sareet, bet. Kam«ui« antl Battery. I.D.BAILIT. .. W. W. HO-CSOM. i E. D. BIILBY & CO., AUCrriOWEEHI*. Balearoo-a Ho- 40S Pine atreot, writ ol Houtsromeiy, ' E«intAlB-LIDaTS->.W«DS-BDAr IHD SiTURBAT GBO. B. lIICII & CO., REAL ESTATE. STOCK AND GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. OfflM, «05 C Injr Street, E. X. 7i-L0 _— Auctioneer. **• Fnrnitare,' Ont-doer and Spoclal Sales 10[olted and promptly attended to. Boose, aad Lots to Kent, and at VrivaU dale ia all parts of the city. felS affrmottonal. BOOKKEEPINC TACSHT IM THI MOST TIIOROt'GH manner, at BECK'd COUNTING ROOM-, 633 Market street, (opposite Monttomery itrestJ where yon eao he mad. a competent ACCOUNTANT and 3OOKKKEPBB, In from Mto ?.O daya. P.rfeat satUfaotion liven, or money refonded. For proof*. please csll. Open from 11 till 4. and from 7 till IU o'clock p.m.. Penmanship and Arithmetic taaibt. Confused books adjusted. , *, . ■ fell>-lm* ITletallurgical School. P4RTIF.S nOLniSO KHALL PARCEM of ore for redaction are raspeotfally informed hat th* sTeatest care will be eiereised by the class ji red acini. Th. best method of working will also be determined by comparatire exp« rime-ts. ChloratioDS of aurJeroai snlphnrets folly trotted. For "arther information avply at theSohool. at MeÜbbin's Works, on Firtt street, nut doer to th. Fulton Foundry, up stair*. latD-tf a.t. LUtKrKKN. Miniai Bnrinesr. French, Spanish, tlerman, Italian. f ADIES OR BUTLEB-I WISBISa JLi to acquire a thorough knowledge of either of the above )an»u_«o% can ba iastraotod at their resldenees or elsswhe-e by a f tnU.maa of great •xpwieno. in teaching, and a cradoaU of three European universities. Address H. A. at thoot-oo of this papar. jaU-lm H. OASEBOLT & CO. Have ; Jiist JEt eceived, rJ-Taf it' F " B#Mat Arrivals, jf-j* w, _|________OrFER FOR SALE :_________ 2 Philadelphia .Hacks: th. beat ever imported, from th. celebrated manufactory of -tea-hatis J "AHraler; • . - -\ ■ „■ 1 Philadelphia CooF<, morable front,' seat two In- .. side and two ouuiie, and extra seat for childw 3_,Wd ß^«-&d" 0T * bl '* )Bt - r* 1 Doo tor's Photon, second-hand, tool as new; 1 Bnt-class Jump-seat Batty, carry two or fonr : 1 first-class Jump-seat Buggy, seoond-hand, tood I "eo.nd-han'd Concord Bony, nod as new: \ 1 No- top liuf gieg; -. ■ . / ; ., ■a , 1 . . . S sid. sprint Top Wiles » tea^f lsid. spring Business waaoa: I 1 sl-d Car ° r * va •* ons * 0M t0 ■—'horse: ' I Crtne-neok Truck: • 1 lrst-elass Engine and Boiler, built ta ordar 1 1 ' ll|oooj f^t OikTA?*^iHlckorVPlalk^fi'? - v . vk ?i Bpokat, Kirns. Felloe*. Shafts. Vole,. BugV A»les and -prlniL together with all kinds if <*rriate TrimmGig»-Low for Cash. -T.--- ---„ We are prepared to baild to order all kinds of Carriages, aad at short » otloii A 8 1~n,»1 ~n,» "■ rf% ACfiDST KO-QIL-Ul. Cs3 BaLHASIREiMOVEDtTO^i ■M HIVI BUrj-DlHgjSAir IaAKCtKJO

HiUaiCß DOHB & CO. UAL ESIATa. 6TOOK. AND GXSTS&AL AUC- __ , _ TlONiaiti Oate* and Aatoarewsa, S-7 Xomtgnatj aTwVy...-.- "*">««' rtnffttnnnr 55«5-i_a^__P» isK:SSi sK:5S _X -itm'ca uo_a -vi n-, >t»_SS2Tti_, tk — ta „__ __ *«— " "- 1 ««-> 1 iSJwtaTr^SJ r.i7S<SS jsro-iai-aeeieaM aa**_»l Ma. ---„ «. < mmt THIS DAY. THURSDAY ............February 23, 1865 At U •'clock X- at IT— tts.i— . (Wednesday belnc Waahlnctoa's Birthday. Regular Sale REAL ESTATE MAGNIFICENT RESIDENCE PROPERTY v(p_Riaiisr_4L_L 50-VARA LOT NO. 1000, Southeasterly Corner Taylor and Ellis Streets, In 1 Large BnbdlYlslons, j«r-ThU Is one of the most desiraole B«ii denco sites in the city. The entire lot ii on the trade; streets graded; Taylor street is planked, graded, and sidewalked. aad the car* are passing the property every few minutes. Go oat and examine It. TIBUATa---, (U2 ALSO. O-E3101033 Business and Homestead PUOPERTW KOBTHWESTBRLT CORNER Harrison and Bitch Streets J— » Lotl— Lot commencint on the northwesterly ga oorntr Harrison and Hitch streets; having Ji — ia-feet froot on Harrison street, by 75 foet front en Riteh street. Together with the Oroeery Stor. and Dwelling Basse thereon, all in perfect order and In tood repair, and will produce a monthly rental of $75. ALSOI a Lot 3— Lot adjoining No.l westerly, same rise, together with the two-story Frame Dwelling House thereon, containing 9 rooms, all tardi.nished and ia perfect eider. Water ia th. hove . Rent ♦<0 per month. a»- This \% a splendid piece ef property for Investment. Both streets are graded, planked ani sidewalked. and the hoase is entirely separata from th.stora. Examine it. TERMS AT SALS. fell ALSO. Homestead Lot, STKVEXSO2V STREET, xa*-.-__% :m.a.2?.:k:et st., Portion of 100-Vara 243. Lot eommsneini at a point en th. aortaarly Un. of Stevensoa street, distant SCO feet eastsrly froa Mveath strset: thence running easterly, having t > ieet front on Stevensoa streetTby 7S feet ia depth. TXBItS CASH. ALSO. Choice Homestead Lot On Butter Street, Between learen worth and Hyde streets. Lot commencing at a poist on the southerly line of gutter street, distant 157 feet 6 inches easterly rom Hyde street: thene. easterly, having 40 feet -rent on Satter street by UT feet • iaehes is dspth. Will be sold as a Whole, or la two lots. 4V- Sutler street is graded; the lot is directly on th. grade, and sarrouaded By improvements. So oat aad look at it. TITLE PERFECT. Terms Cash. foM ALSO. ELECANT HOMESTEAX) OB Oldy Street. isr_-___=* T_«_--r-_oit st. lot. 1.15 and 111. Oaj it/tet. an 101 l; LL 3 t00B "- fnei P* •' » P« l -t «n so«t_«ly Un. of Clay iireet, distant SO. feet S iaehes westerly from Taylor s<reet: thanoe running ZX2tiiS!g%&SS£ m tUy «-.« by li Together with th. well Saished Dwelling Hoas. thereoa. eoataiain. 11 rooms, all hard fiaished: marble mantels, gas. hot aad cold water, etc. ALSO. . Lot J-Lot adjoining Ho. 1 eastsrly. iimi sis.; ogsther with the Dwelling House thereon, which is an exact copy of Me. 1. and now rented for 90) a month. Fißst E cLAsaL tJl ''* Houm - n"«-"«»w-,n "«-"«»w-, TERM 3 VERY LIBERAL. fhll ALSO, HAVES VALLEY PROPERTY SOUTH WBSTBBLT CORNER Fell aad Franklla Streets. Lot forming th. lontawvterly eoraer Tell aad : rat i klia itr seu. haviag 55 feet front on Fell street by It) feet in .depth, running throngs to Hickory street, oa waieh it has a frontage ef »0 feet. TO BS SOLD IN STJBDIVISIOKa TBBMS AT SALE. HAVES VALLEY PROPERTY Hayes Street Xear lagnu street, opponite the Pa v il ion. Lot commencing on the •outberly line of Bayas street. dlitantU teet westerly from La»ana itrei" ?*K2?. w "? rt ? »»Tto« » fsetfreat oa Hayes street by 120 feet ia depth, running through to Liadea JESfiSLuL*™ prepwUM - Ihoulwr ' TKBMS AT SALE. ALSO, Beautiful Homestead Lot Austin Street, near Polk street. Lot rath, north side of Austin street. IS feet* inches westerly Cram Polk et-eet fronting S feet 4 inches on Anstia strewt by «0 f «t in depth. Au,Ua strest is graded aad — »~^f—li-ili aad the let is ea the grade. A railroad U about being laid aloag PaUCw-iehwUl doahJ. th. value of this eh«ice homestead leu Title perfect, (io and a., it. man of small weens. . Terms Cash. Splendid Homestead Lots Fillinore street, near Hayes, 'Lot I— Lot commencing en th. easterly side of HrtbVtsion . "p?" '• ntt " H »»-^««« * * ALSO. ' Let S-Lbt adjol-lnx No. 1 lont-srl-, urns ibs. >ALSO, I Lot 3-Lot adjoining Hs. J southerly, game sl«s. ' ■*»*" Ihsie lots ar. very prettily located. They "• «» *»•. «™u»ris.oi aTnl. _td?o-?mana > . -a? m "2*J» 1"'.»«*1 "'.»«* »»v. iooJ sewerage. VUlaibr. sirsMatthifß under eratraot for grading £f*?~j«««aias;. flltaior. itreet ii i only threi blosks trc n the terminus of the Uayes Valley Kailread, aad bar fro- U.Tark stoawtroadr" 7 : TIUUtS CASH. - fei;

ottltg. , TB-ooonii votrrv, ' cua avos eih I'oizffl, cis & bo:. . ACCTIOUEEaS AND COMMISSION MER- _ _ CIiAHTo, 1 Johk B. LuTHr.i..,....«_..__Auetioneer Son. -17. 310. >»d a-i SaSi l 5S l 0l 0 J c i l tr e # t, uear tnliforat. atr«rt. ___._ .__ „•'**'■ »ATrßi 7TOPIIB AlfD FaUDA V»i--— F -«--,- r - w Waif ,_* -..k-- a^jj HllilJUrttlrl, F*lK-y ti«3«i». Etc *■ ' TO-MORROW. FttlDAY.^....^.^. .February 24, 1865 .At 10 o'clock, A. U. A.O 1 SALSSBOOM, REG UJL+IIZ SJILE Boots* Shoes and Brosrans -ADtSS* AKD CHIXD-B-PS WEAB. HATS AIYD CAPS, FIXE AND HEAVY CLOTHING, Flannel and Kerloo Shirt* and Drawer;, WHITE SHZ&XS, Gent's Fi-rrdsliing Goods BLANKETS, DRY GOODS, FANCY (MOD 3, ETC. voixur, bis * cx>., fsa AUcrioisrg.Ba. L. KELLER, AUCTIOSKER AKD COMMIsaION MERCJAKT. Xo. 557 California Nuett, near Kenroy . B-ao-vt S-li PATS__.Ti:-sn.YB and OM-dooc hla. m nil •• (U« rf Slock, etc, la tnmt of S-a- »», pr..i..J.tly atlcwtwl to. rwrb-nn .I. J ullera will fiixl It v> ll«lr Int— — 1 to (In lilrm • call Intone k-iu» eUem-lienc, M be i«\ ► the lil.-l.t-l l>:Kt lur —1 »nic.ul Knuiam-4— l rai-nlm™. \ • AQdlon Sale or Hotel Furniture. SATURDAY. SATURDAY—.. February 25, 1866 Alll o'clock, oa Ihe Fremlswa, Beale Stieet, sooth of Folsom, FTJ_RISriTTJ-El_E ortbe United States Hotel, CONTAINING «O ROOMS, And consisting of : I'arlor and Chamber Furniture Complete* Brussels aad Ingrain Carpe's, -fthogany and Walnut Bareans and Withstands, . Bedsteads, Tables, Commodes, Spring, Hair snd Fain Kattretiea, Bolster*, rlilc ws, Blankets, Counterpanes and Sheets, Mirrors, Pictures, and EnjrraYlnsa. Bir and OQce Furniture and Liquors, Croi fetry, Cutlery, Class and Tinware, Eialsg Boom and Kitchen furniture. . j fS*. 1 Omclbus; rjB3*US^ j-BBa-U 1 Buggy and Horses **• The afcore can be purchased at private sale previous to the above date. Good, to be rrmo i «■<! on day of aale. ' (-KEIXEK, ii.2l AGCTIOXEEB. a. B. KDWa-DS. I A MK3 >. OLK IT. EDWARDS, OLKBY & CO., REAL ESTATE. STOCK AKD GENERAL ACCTIOBf ABTII COSUfIMSIOH UOCSE, So.t_tt MOXTOOMERY FT.. MotUtomexy Clock. JAM C- S. OLS Ei . Anetioneer. Ja7 • Saddle Horse. R__^ At auction, in front of Salesroom, VVvJ oa THUKSDAY, 2ird February, at M JT 12 o'clock M., a handsome, sound and wcil broke .SADDLE HuBSK, together with Saddle and Bridle. 49- WUI be sola tb the hUhwt biaier. fell X^etx^T* BOoHs. SATURDAY. BATUKDAY .February 25, 1865 At I V. M., at Salesroom* \VK WILL KELL, .17 JIUCTIOJ*. _A_ Valuable LAW LIBRARY. The Catalogue embraces nearly 200 Volumes of STAND ABD and DSSIBABLE WOBKS. •' * le2l 4^- Melons, and B^anialana Oold. Silver ar.4 Copptr MinintCompaoT— Carson mil District, Calavcraj County. California.— Notii;». — Thero are delinquent upon the iollowinc described stock, on arcount ef assessmeat levied oa the eleventh day of Jai.u-.ry, I* A the several amount* set opposite thesames of ths respeetivr shareholders. as folowii Nam«s. Bo.eert_, Mo.shs. Arn'C Arrer IS Hosene 37» S iTA B Eu gens 380 2 6 A:n«worth J C 733 5 12J< Adrit L B 815 S IS;, Ad.-itLB 'ioiB 10 ■ JS Adsit L » 10J» 10 iS Adrit Ii B_.________lo3S 10 25 Adsit L B IO3S 10 25 AoUit L B UM 3) SO Adrit L B 11-1 U Sl'A Ail'ii It B I " M * 2 • 5 Arery Annie L._____ 7iS 2 5 A*htir. Chas B___ \\\l In 35 Baron Victoria e ICSI 3 "'A Bre.l D<nry 270 S 7h UontiUier EUsa liU 10 (0 Ba:kLtmChu_____— 4(8 1 1 1 A Bsrel Allwi t£l 5 Vi% Bayerqne X B<o S 12k ljattner Chat ._._._. 1035 4 10 CauUiEw __U« 5 11% Casalis Kuc 838 19 47k Cornell hichsrl 839 2 5 Cook K. 10>l 1 VA Crowlev David.. 644 5 12U Cote \f II 67» 1 fi Crooks H Ttt S IPA Crooks M 7*l 5 lzk Ce— stasun J._____— — 1139 10 * —5 C j-rt-slin J- 11«5 10 2S UeUenailhacA 891 10 25 Debc.ailhaeA 8 4 10 25 DetUebach S it M S IVA Dapaos M*'y 3'S 5 IJU David ton Donald. - 451 1 TA Kraxer James. 357 S VA fraser Jamu ______ 6)7 3 VA Gkar "■■'"■■ 520 10 35 Gray Mr'th'f V 2» S . S O-viot J 1011 1 2K Uittell B 1018 10 25 (iildemei.ter W 1144 10 • ¥> (iriinej N A 11S0 10 X 5 Hayward B 834 6 U\i Hyde Icaic . 40f 5 1»>» liattiatray X V 10-4 10 25 Hathaway B V 1041 JO 25 Hathaway X V 1042 10 2S Hathaway E V 10U 10 25 Hathaway BY IC9I 10 25 Uadtos Bb ________ 6U 6 U% UawleyEA.-_— 840 5 12% UMthAOoBW 1019 6 12% dardiecOS 10G0 :H (U Habash Josepk. 1110 b 12H Hi-dmanK 112* 5 12* Utn.Dian X . 1130 IS 37*4 Ireland L F 1131 6 12* JadsoaUC 114J to 1» Koeni» Arnold «-4 < VA Ktonir-f Wm - 7S» * X% Kelly John ltCB 10 ¥> Loreiand L F 1015 VA &/i LeaviU Joahoa 887 ft MM Lipman Ob , ,Hsi 8 UH Mania Wm HT «9T S 12M Mathewson T D 831 . 5 12!< Mathewsoa I D 63% VA 3% MathewionTU 743 8 10 Moor W H , , 635 6 12 1 A MarUaon A 981 10 Z3 , MitcheUTB 1081 14 «5 . K car=e J P „,, ,1111 6 Vi}i . Nou«e J P______!lU S 12H . Nonrse J !»__— ____UlJ 5 UK Neurse J P Uis 6 lt}i NourseJP 11>« 5 12^ 5 gnee Martha B UOi 1 I 2% 3 PavilherA 13» 10 25 t*o« :t J C ___________ S>4l 5 VPA I pSkhS ja ZTTZZiisf io «i* P-tetssnJas I[o4 s XX 5 PatarsenJas lU7 10 25 0 Sffdo^O^or** 11U 3 7H j Kiiev Theresa — : Xi 1 6 0 RahHnsJ J. n~) j .1/ . KatftJJ-izzzaS 8 t%. g bsei wood RoVert I(i7t 10 J5 1 hhtr wood Kobert 1072 10 25 t-btrwood Kot-ert iir.s 5 ib bherwood Kobert HIS 2 5 6 bohmidt bouU 10» i z u 0 btevent Tho- 1 S II 6 7 17C 6 Stev«iOtOK . 24 10 25* 0 bUvmetUK 173 8 UH V 6t.vra.tOK .188 5 vi % loLpkißlKdwari 7»0 s 12W Z Tompklnt Kdrard JJ3 6 15 J: ToapkißsEdwar4__sa»»sl 8 IJX , TompkißS Edward 954 10 25 J Tomp-istlMward 1 27 10 15 * TabbsU — ,»£ W 2J TesckleKW 1°" 7 l'H . A At . January. 1865. so saattf sharei of .aeliparee| 0 « said tiuit as msj b. n«o»»r7- ZZ l n '"tff^iiS pablte anstSta. by Edwarrf*. Otaey * Co. atNo. G» '* Montrpmery street, 6«n FrtacUwj, SSVu?fA^ . the TW»« TV -fc E \'K.N IB DAY Vf F K BKI) ART. » I»SS. at th. hoar of tw. o'clock r. «. of Jj" <Uy. ; to pay said deßaaaent assessmwit »•"?"• ": -COAL! COAL! COAL 1 To Commanders of Steamships U ■Jfcaa«^daUTs«Umn}oM-iTs^atwa^ cuero-KD """ifg^giß BAimnra.' •*M» lrU-O-«««_«-W6rB_.

| M°RDERI MERRILL, WHOLESALE AUCTION HOUSE. 2«_skad -l>6 California «ir«rl, RiocL-a B.L. Dats—Widkibdit and Satdidat ' - ■ Cash adTaaoei oa eonsig-meats. -'—■■ A. P. A. nc u on oe r THIS~i>AY.- THUR5DAY..........^ February 23, 1866 Jit IO o'dOCk Jl, eftf., -2v.t S«^lesir*o<->i-K-L PICKLES. 200 Boxes Pickles, 1 dozen each. CIDER. S— IU Cases Cider, 1 dozen each. AX HANDLES. 10 cues 7-8 eye Hickory Ax Handles. TEA 23 boxes Japan Tea, S2S> ea, Jib paps, j fe2l For accoout or whom It may courern, 8 half barrels Frinceville Sugar; 4 Bags Salt; ; skegsNails; .-...■<- 2 bales Paper; 8 Washtubs; • -boxes Tea: 31 Washtubs; 15 reams Wrapping Paper; 23boxeg Starch; . , 5 do Yeast Powden; • 1 do Soda; 1 do Saleratus; 2 Sets Harness; 81 pairs Door Hingea. . MACKEREL. 25 Kits Mackerel ALSO. The Sloop GALE,a___ 01 about 30 Tons "capacity, In good order and well found. Can be seen at THIRD STREET WHARF. fe22 MAURICE DORB & CO., AUCTIONEERS. Office aad Salesroom. 327 Montgomery Street WM. A. QOARLBS Auctioneer. | SATURDAY, BATUBDAY^. February 25, 1865 At 11 •'clock A. M., at Saleaiwom, WB WILL SELL, -A. Slw£^_.XiX< LOT Marble Mantles, Monnments.dc IN STATUARY. These Mantles are of fine pattern!, and will be sold without reserve, to dsie an estate, by order of puues in the £a«t. Goods will be on exhibition at oar salesroom* THURSDAY At XKKSUUN. TBRM3 CASH. .tIAUBICE DOB- A CO , feS AUCTIOKKERS. Will be Sold at I'ublic Aocllon, For aeNoat of wbom tt dsj ceaoeia, ON Wednesday, Ist March, 1865, At 13 o'clock Noon, 39 SHARES NEW IDRIA MINING COMPANY STOCK Belnc: Certificates No«. 21 to SO inclusive. 10 shares; Certificates Nos. b€to 70 do 5 do; Certificates Nos. 72 to 80 do 9 do; Certificate! Nc». 116 to I*9 do 14 do; And Certificate Ko. lit . 1 do. tek us. cash iar v. s. gold coih. — ACBICE DOBK A CO.. fslB APCTIONK-R3. WEDNESDAY. WKDNESDAT... ..-March 8, 1865 At U O'clock, St., at Saleerooaa, TRUSTEES' &AJLJZ OF STOCKTON' STREET PROPERTY. Hyan's Stables^ Trustees 7 Sale. In pursuance of a rejolution p-ssod by the Board of Trustees of the tavinn and Loan Society, on the 26th dsyof Amcit, 1864. deoltrinc tbe conditions oontainwl in a certain Deed of Trust, made and executed en the 16th day of October. 1661. by ohn Ryan, Edward Ryan, snd Mart tret, wile of Bdwird Ryan, to K. W. Burr and John Arehbald, ruttees, to secure certain indebtedness to the Savinss aad Loan Society, broken; that default hac been made in the payment of said indebtedness, and directint K. W. Burr and Her j. D. Dean, urirnoef and successors to K. W. Burr and John Arehbald, their suooossors or a«tigni. to isll ths whole or any portion of the property in said Deed ' Trczt described. Therefore, notice is hereby vcn, by. the unlertienod TrniitMs, that on WEDKSDAY, the liiuhth day of March. 186\ at twelve o'clock M ., at the salesroom of Maunee Dore Jc Co., No. C 27 Montgomery street, we shall sell at pablio anction, to tbe hichest bidder for ca<h in told coin of tbe l.'nitej States, the following described property, situated in the city and county of Saa Francisco, to wit.: Commrooint at a point one hundred and Ihirty-ieven (U7) feet and stz (•) inches north from the northeast corner of Washington and Et*cktcn streets: thence northerly alone the east line cf Stockton sueet twenty-three (23) (eet and six (6) inches thence at risht angles easterly one hundred and lhirty-sevenlU>7) feM and six(6) inches; thence at right angles southerly two U) feet: thence at rirht ancles euterlr lixty-fwo 16?) foot to Stoats alley; theneo southerly and along the west line of btouts alley twenty-one (2) feet: thence at right angies westerly lizti-two (62) feet: theneo at light angles southerly twenty-two (22) feet; thence, at gat angles wwterly seventy i"j) feet: theses at right angles northerly twenty-two (£2) feet; thence »t riget angles wwterly sixty-seven (£7) foot and six (6) inches to the east lias of Stockton street and the wint of commencement : beint portion of 60-vara ot» Nos. 58 and &9. and of IUG-vara Ut No, 76. being the property described in a Deed of Trust from ohn Ryan, Edward Ryan, and Margaret, wile of Sdward Ryan, to K. W. Burr and John Arehhald, Tru>teea, their successors or anigns, and which instrument is recorded in the oQcs of the Recorder ef the city and county of bun Franci jco, ia Liber 2 of Deeds of Trutt, at page ti.'O. TERMS OF SALE-Ten percmt. on the fall of the hammer, balane. on delivery of deeds within ton days. Act! of sale at purchasers' expense. B-Njfl U ). K DfcAN.} T"«f~T "«f~Dated at San Francisco. February It, 1855. fels JHAUUICK DOBI * CO., fel7 _ - _ - _ i ___UTOTIOirS_E"; 49* Alameaa Coal Mining Company, Corral Ilollow, Alameda County, State o< California. — Notice — There are delinquent upon the folowing described stock on account of assessment evied on the twenty-third day of December, a. d. 1864, the several amounts set opposite the names of the respective shareholders, as follows : Names. So. Certilicatei. Stares. Amount. I E Anger-._— - 812 ills *)15 I X Aager_____ ..VH 300 300 I X Auger...____ 306 f«) 660 B Cr0ckeu_...._.....,..,. M 23 25 B Crockett—__— _.__ 70 20 30 Jutting k Co - - 41 IS 18 Bdenut'e 3i3 145. 146 A J Van Winkle 6S 6 ' 8 « Soussenge— s .., 94 10 10 ' N Brock ™.._..Uu 10 .' 10 ! Oignou-_____— ___.ltl SO a) 'baron.. SIS 23 23 ElUa BouUiller__— . 115 6 6 Klita licutoiller ____2t E0 60 Amant f a ** My^ , , .. 6 5 Vincent WhiMm 2"X 10 . 10 Vincent Maillea ai3 12 12 A PavillUr m X 15 L I'avUlier 218 20 X AVignler 314 78 71 • Bonis. _Bt 10 10 ' «"«'» ■"* 10 IS • ""-'« , 10 U ' Bonu 2j4 10 - 1( ,oui« feres „ VI 3i X, LonlsPeres 103 25 25 And in aeeordane. with th. law. and aa order of the Board of Trustees, made on the twenty- third day of December, I*4. se many shares of each parcel ot said stock as may be necessary, will bo sold at the salesroom of Maurioe Dore Jc Co_ No. 27 Montgomery itreet. San Francisoo, on SATURDAY. February 11. 1864. at twelv. o'clock, ■_ of said dsj, to p» said delinquent assessments thereol. together wita ooats of advertising and expense of sat*. L. FKANOONI. Secretary, Office, northeast earner of Montgomery and Jackson streets. Baa Franoisoo. Ja26 « T The above Bale IsPOSTPOHKB nntt TU KSDAY, the twenty-first Febntary. 1565. By order of the Board of Trustees, ' _ V LOUI9 FRANCOtII. tSecr.tary Baa Franolsco. f »Wrmry 10. 1865. fell «-Theabov. Bale if POSTPONBD untU FRIDAT. the third day of Mnrna.lBss. • By order of the Bokrd of _Truit»es,. L. FRANCONI. DMretsry Ban Fransiseo. February 20, 1865. > fe2l Desirable Property for Sale. Hon ntLr ost thiwhou or that dcs irably located FUty-vara Lot on Lombard itreet. between Leavenworth aad Hyde streets with the improvements thereoa. Is offered for sale. Th. improvements consist of a modern two-story Frame Dwelling, hard-flnished. and marble mantels: with Btables and Outbuilding!, fine lower aaa Fruit Garden. Apply io____ : Ore Bags, Grain and Potato Bags, g1"g 1 " ■•'-FWvFheavv Copper and BUyer Ore jSo'bal— No. 1 staadard Calontta Bail, IK behls. . 100 bales Urn Packing Bass, SHbujKls ea«h. : tOgOO •ecend-hand SorUpu. Chfckea auany THI SAST FBAWCINCO D_EIMB»a I Company, with their powerful Dredging Machine. \V inn emu oca. and tug- boat. An as ha. an now prepared to dredge slips aad desks with despatoh, and on favorable terms. ■■»• .-.--- ' % . Apply at tbe offios of the Company. N. — , oornei

ocdxg. "ioiß & SMflC"^ H. A. Co»a ■ taetlo-eer *»• Momtfmmrf slr*et. RIAL ESTATB BAL S D AT 3 ATTJHDA Y m-omimu mt-u* *_> t» _ p_n_ tt aa onji a-*\ AU _un «.au » IM ant— — i-~41? IH-1-X _>. MllMMn SM laaU ■» I_e-t t-t— <->-— > -> S-k> •< fnsmu Cbt-ooob -9» Srao___ Bal-a SoUOim A» PaOHTIiT -TTO9-0 TO. .-use o* s-u o» aa-i. ulu<-hii_ hi>-»-.i«— i»- — - !—_»-— -«-l«t «— »«» II I ill" —!■-■», I—l -» m 1.4 . bTH. 313T05. eiiTiTlilii tin lonu rvi-io Splendld Cheap Homestead I*-co_po_-Tty, SATURDAY. SATURDAY -.Febrmu- 23, 1365 "vT- WILL SILL. FINE HOMESTEAD LOTS IN HAVES VALLEY. As follows — BXOCK SSS. 30-T.irt lOT B4K O. Lot I— Comaraeini oa fontherly fide of Hayes street. \~'A feet west from Baeaaa-a ttre et: theae. west ttH (eet Jroat hy 13 feet deep to Uadea street — havia« two fronts. ALSO, Lot »-Adioini-« So. 1 western, saao sisa. tw. fronts. ALSO. Lot3-AdjoiaiJU 3f0.1 wetttrty. same tiM. two fronts. ALSO. Lot *-Adjoinin« So. 3 westerly, fame sis*, two treats. ALSO. BLOCK Sl9, (M.-ABA lOT 10. X, So. I— Comnmidni on aortherry sid. of Pan street. 110 ie»t euterbr from Baehaaaa stieet: >heno« easterly 27 y, feet front hy U0 feet do*» to Lily street, h-viaa tw* beats. . ALSO. BLOCK SB7. nTTT.TAnA tOT SO. 1. Lot J— Com-nenein » ea th. northerly sid. ef Oak street, SS feM wester ly from Baehaaaa street, theao. west XtS feet Croat by U> feet dew to Hickory street, h-vtni 1 froats. ALSO. 50- Vara Lot 2. Lot 3— Commenein i oa the northerry side of Oak •tr«t. _»f»»t eaaterlj from Webster street: theae. «estetW~}<fa« froat hy 120 fee* deepto Hickory street, havi-s two fronts. ALSO. LotS— Adjoiniax So.J westerly, same <iie. two froats. ALSO. Lot 4— Adjoiai-f So. 3 westerly, tame sum. two fronts. ALSO. Lot 5-Adjoiniai Ho. « westerly, taaut tiia. two freats. ALSO, 50-vara Lot 3. Lot I-Comaraetar oa th* nsr.horly iid« of 0»k street, 110 feet eutnlyfroai Webster atreet; theaeo e«t T% feet froat by Uu f«t d»«p to Uickory ttreet — -avinj 1 fronts. TITLS PX3TXCT. Terms Cash. ALSO. 3 Splendid so. Varm LoU in Pro ctts V»Uey . As follows— SO-T-IA — OT HO. SS7. Splendid Corner Lot. throe lan. fronts— CumOMneinc »S aortheattsrly corner af the Saa Jos. road aad Cortlaad Aveano; theaoo northerly 60 fset froat oa San Jose road by 3U> feet oa CorUaad .venae, to California Aveaa*. aad a-tin* 69 foot front oa California Aveaao. ALSO. 50-VA _ A t«T 10. SSS. Ad'oini-c So. IST aorthorry. haviat 80 feet front oa Baa Jos. Road, by Aju foet de*» to CdJ-buaia Avoaoew two froats. ALSO. 50-VAR.I tVOT so. SS3. Adjoinlat So. SSS northerly, urn. siao. 2 fronts. T-TUS Pa— TXCT. Taraii Caia, ALSO. Beant-foIIXo-aestend Lot* in the Western AddiUon. At fjl lows: BIOCB»I,S<VVJLRA lOT J. Lot l-Commeneint on northerty ri Je of Jackson streetlS feet west from VaaMeMAreaae. thea -c w-»t 23 feet Übkohes beat by U7 feet -&iae-es deep. also; LM S-Adioiai-s Vo. 1 westerly, sane sixe. ALSO, Lot 3-A iioiais t So. 1 westerly, taa* in. • . ALSO. Lot 4— Adjoi-iat So. 3 w wtsrly. sam. tiis. ALSO. Lot 5— Adjoining: So. 1 westarly. sa«* s—o. Tmjt p_a_rjKn. T«n_vc«_. t»u ALSO. Splendid Property on Xstonus Street. DoMiibsd v follows: HCemmenoinc on soath side of Satoma street. 2KX feet west from first street: theao. west Uteet front hy *) toot deep. Totether with the twe-etary hoae. thereoa. 1 txto Hot. -*-«-!-«-- four room* on each floor. Oathooses. eto. TITLS PX-UTKCT. Terma Cash. fail CO SB * SX-TTO-r, few Accnoairaa. a— a-a-e-e-e-eaaaaa— _e ■ Desirable Real Estate for Sale. Ist— Lot oa west side of Davis street. 80 fact north roai Washiactoa street : theae. aorta 34 teet froat by 75 fwt in JepUu Title parfeot. ALSO. i U-«S Homestead Lots ia the" Cobb Tract." •» Beraal Heiihts. beaadlally located fjr ho-MstMds — aaeseUfort-rd-as. XiUe. U. _. Ifatut. ALSO. 3d— » Lots. «eh 50x125 feet, ia Block 19. "F»irmsoat Tract." oppotlto tit. i'oaj-mile Uooso- -a. ■ardealaad. ALSO. 4t_—s most desirable LeU ia Hajwj V-Uty. v follow s: Sttbdiviiion. So*. 1. 1 3 aad 4ia {O-Vara Lot S. la Biook ZU. e-sa havia. froaU of 27M foet ea —ayes aid Linden streets, hy a depth ef L» feet. ALSO, Sabdlvisioa 1 ef 50- Vara LofrS. Blotk S9L havtng fronts »f STS f— c an Pa*, and Liiy ttreeu. by HO toot ia depth. A heaatil-1 l»cauon for resUeaoo. ALSO. Sabdrvteioa X io SO. Vara L«t 2. Block 2W, havte t fronts of r.S f«t on Oak aad lliakory ttreeu. by 1 10 foot ia depth. fins homestead Lot— 4_e vis— of the aity. ALSO. sth-Uiple_didsCV_ra Lots in ths Western AdBttSSJj ALSO, f^th-motJm"We.tlnd"Tra«t. each lot *«40 Ttcsalahv COBB - SZSTOX. t»Vt~U So. 4X» Mantiomery itnet AT PRIVATE SALE.) -A-t a Bargain. BIOCK HO. S7, UI THI TOWS Ok* SANTA CLARA, adjoiaiaa tb. residesM. 1 jwly b»loniin* ta Captaia Thorn. Ih. block to thro, hnadred loot »»-«—> boaaded hy Iw slreets. »««h aaa shad, treesw extaadiaa trouod tt. aesaa witaia three Weak, of th. R_i!roa4 Station, the above block is by far the atoot durable vaiaat property ia the town for % print* reekleae*. Apply to COBa) - BJLS to.V. fc»ha -*SMoatswm-fystmt National Manufactory ! sTx "FIRST PREMIUMS" AW AEDED TO SQUARZA, 10--O3 Original Punch;: _ Cordials! and Hy^enic Bitten! Dntrt ntos bohb— PI3OO. COaaAO best brands. KNULL?U *aai BOLLASD 915. IRIdU Md SCOTCH W-Ud-tf. AB3IST^ IMCHWA -!55a^ a , ' BOBSIAU- WISX3. ia bulk aad oasaT • ri-f-3T QDALITT 01 * . DtaLEfSTOTrr ; C^*S^wt«_ Polish -tflfffflQfa AMSaiCAS WH3ST. Odost aadtoos* <,aa-ty. PIACH ASI) APPH 88-UTPT. Wholesale and Retail, I"AJH IBKIf O XI. H TUKEA ' I^idssdortT. sjfH>,|j sjot rs-sexsco.

;:^ttttion gqltg. HiURICB DORB & CO., OOIVTI-VIJ-B_r>. ■ _ . South Park Property NEAR THIRD STREET. Let eemmeneina* at a point on Sooth Park A»»ane. dlstaat «» feet from Xhirt strsw»:aisl97f2, «i-ehes fnaßraaaaa street: theaoe soathwestav SwVi^WiMa^^^!^-^ «r This is one of the prettiest lotiia tb. Park. TERMS CASH. ALSO. Cheap Homestead Lots. SOUTH-WISTBBLT . COIt-T_B Diamond and Clipper Sts. Haviat 160 feet front ea Clipper street, hy IU feet in depth .a Diamond itreet. To be told v s Whole or In . BibdlTUloas XSK-CS CASH. . — — TF CVsT^ AUSMm ■ ■ ..-,i YmwuitmiJmiwii'imJS&dtioVLi rw— M STT-Ti I .-;-' Two Fifty - Va*a lots IN SAN MIGUEL CITY. SOXTTHWSSTXBLT CORNER Tara street and Genera Arenne Let 10— Lot fonalar th« south westerly toner Tsra street aad Geneva A venae; havinir U0 lot front oa Tara inset, hj 331 oa Oeaora Avtau. ALSO. , Lot »-Lot adjoinini So. 10 soatikeriy. haviac 80 feet front oa Tara street by ZJ7 feet ia depth. ALSO. . SOUTHEASTERLY CORNER Tara street and Gene y a Avenue HaviaiCt feet front aa Geneva Avenue, by 19 feet ia depth on Tara street. 49-Tht i above lots sr. located m San Mlrael City ■tar the ladostri-l Sohool: are asjy of aw ess tad desirable for aheap hosMSteads. TKIU-SCAbH ALSO, Lots Nos. 46 and 47 ■ nrt_» San rranclseo Homestead Tract, Sontheast corner Fair Oak and Alta Street. , Haviac IU fket froat oa Tab Oak street, by 117 feet Si-ones front oaAIU street, taaa alley. TSB-C8 CASH. fel9 a-AVXIGSDOK-latOa. . fsU ADOTIOJTUJ-S. WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY „ March 1, 1865 or REAL ESTATE MACNIFICENT * HOMESTEAD LOTS. * On a» 3_ibor*l Credit; 100-VARA M 1.250,. 250, BonUleasterly Corner Folsom and Seventh Sts,, ADJOINING COLUMBIA SQUARE. TO B 3 8010) IS LAKQI SUBDIVISIOS3. t&" Tbis Property offers rars iadncaments to parties In search of well located Homestead Lots. The entire 100-Vara will be sold ON ZSS a HAS B, and streets graded. Folsom street is fradod, planked and sidewalked, and tbe cars are passinr ths property. She 100Vara is covered with cleg-ant Shade and Ornamental Trees and Shrubbery, and is in every respect desirable. A plan showins; subdivisions will be found on the gronndj, to which we ask attention. TrE-et-JVIS __Lt Sale. red ALSO. - • ELECANT HOMESTEAD PROPERTY HORTBUITESXTCOKMIB Cenlre(or 16th) street and First ; Afcnne, Bet, Mission and Valencia streets Let fbrmlac th. aortheafterry oerner of Tint Avenue aad Ceatre (or Sixteenth) (treat, haviac U feet front ea Centra st— at. by 9> f mi oo Fi- it Avenue, aad 3* feet froat .a aa allay S) feet w Ue. ALSO; Lot ooamo-ei-c at a p»in t on the easterly lias tf Tint Avenue, distant ISS feet northerly from Ceatr. er Sixteenth) itrsst: these, naaiai norther*. laving M feat front oa Tint Avoaae. hy U f*et ia dspth. to aa alley-ay » feel wide. TO BX SOU) Cf LAKQK BUBDIVI3IOSS. «r We call especial atteattoa to thes. elecaatly loeat. i hom«rt«.i lota. They aroOreeds opMsit. the splendid resideae. es* Mr. sp.aldiac , aadirarrounied hy aloo iasroveawats. Sea aad water ia rent of thepneaiMe. The lets area-lea the trade lav. a tood drainate. the laad slepiac uratly. md her. is a ale. well el water oa th. sroand. The Howard itrwt ears para th. property •v.ry i.w saiaatae dally. J*or Basiaesa or HoaaestesJ pasposes this property posseeees aaasaal advaatacea. TB&M3 LIBSHAU Title Perfect. f«_2 ■ACSICX DORS * CO. fa* AUCTIO3-523. 2000 Half Barrels SANDWICH ISLAND STJGr-AJEI, EX Sm jrnlo te, and A. A. Eld ridge, O? ASSORTED GRAD2S. FOR BALE IX LOIS TO BUTT. BT CHAS, W. BROOKS tt CO., 511 Braome, corner Xerckaat Street. fr-O-7 » ABnrrra cbj__h «-urrAJk-> ~ *■* Ia U-i> tons. Ui^H tad 1-B nm Bißßrrra sai.ssATcs— lal-K papers. U-»h.ies. BABBITTS STJPK-l CAJUB. SODAInl-» papen. U-Ukw. BABBITT'S COSC-UTTBATSS POT AAH - vTiiijT-i' la a-» oafaV' i. - . "' a\— Ui ■ soda— . . Barrals and half ham-t eUpaeata hove io«4j are rw-dved rec-l*rty asd lor sale hy . r ,as ■m aMWRTs K-TTUi ea OSW, ■ ■ t»v<AVyn t ** <T '*^',^soLJi ABPrra. DBU' VTi CIAI.T-ERT. •* W^aT^Jw I«*.'*W_PW»aaa_ar1 «*.'*W_PW»aaa_arW i ei"''' ■ . "' * iQ_& un raonuoi n thi "gZTrtTTPeaasylvaaU Ceilec ef DeaUl BargOTT. . - • ■".' ■ >■ •' -• • '« J« W».^ ru i" Offloe. 108 XsnUsßery street, between Bash aad Sntte* streets. )■!

MiBKS k UK ABCTIOa AJTD CO H« ISSTON MESCHASTg. Wtear.eaa B*. S JI 4 »l lforw i» <lmi, hmu a»al«eai«ry mam Keeanaw. ftaae-a* 9_u Dat»— Mq-qat -va TansaaT. f fcwil ■afVeaaßßßfi aaik-a- .^"^^""* _^ thisTjay. THUBaDAT February 23, \mS At io a' A. -t.. It S-Jesroom, 331 C-Ulbral» itnet,bet. Xoatsomerj aad Seam n New and Second -Hand HOUSBHOLD FORMTUIIB cowinnß Fsrlor, C-AnlKr, Dlaln? Boom, Kltciea FURNITURE BZDDI3fG. TABLES. LOUNGES, CHAIRS. CAKPETS. STOVES. -lIIIROIC3 A_iD FICTURES. CHOi'KUT ASD SI-aSSWAJ-B, TABU cinrixaT. trc. B.IRUX. BRO. fta ' Accnosnss. JOHN MIDBLSTON & SON MAX. B3XAX-1 8TOCX AITO aOXB-U. Oaß^*S ****~f J#W |> MIUI VlaW ftfsa_k Wllll f ■ Itt-ial-l • ••1 -KOBtfUOA-axSTy ■ 1 nrrrtTT J r-rrim raTiifciiin piu^ uiy ru ithitt m*.m» T i ■!■» >. aaa*— aas— f aaaaaa— asaaaaaaaaasa J— baa l— —^-a — f **- ■ aaai ■* ■ " ~"^"^"^^ >^»^ i "» ;l »»»«i«*a«_a»«il-BaW|aM»T^aB»Jh) »W. W. LiWTO.f, -STOT-rV-P.-ST -?TJ-3X.XO. SALE OF REAL ESTATE JMT JMVCTIOJYt MOIVDAY. MOJIDAT M ........«».>._Febraur7 27, 138 •ft 19 -Voon.XUtlj L<M»-teU Homes teml Lot, b E ear Tjler mad Dale alf^. Betweea lesTeaworta tad Djda itreet-. Lot fansiasr th» srataesa* ooreer of Dal. as-t ytm streets, froatis. at feet eaZylet -oa KS »a Sal. streM. fell ALSO. Homestead on Clary street, bet. Third and Fourth streets. V. w)Q tell that w»U built Bow. aad Lot. at aestaaYd.of Clary •treet. becweeet Ihird an-1 Foarta •rreaca. known as No. la. Th. Lot boats ii feel or ;;.l»«l«p: th.Uoaseist*oatories.w«UfltUh«l. tai diviOed iato tw. tteemeata. proilueia* HO pet aaata. fau ALSO. Fire LoU to the People's Homestead Association. Xoi. \ 8. 7. 13 »a 1 «. ia Black So. 5-«ich ia ii:e S feet front by 71 feM ieep. ALCO. Entire FUty-Tara Lo t So. so -„ s W. corner Green and Taylor streets. Taat Veaotlfßlly lnemted nrry-Yara Lot oa ta* soath west corner ef dreea aad lay lor itieets. iroatin« UU% toot ea each sueet. » Th. view from this lot is ansnrpajseO. Ta» sou vi st reliant Uao— loans, aad aa rootTwo BnUdlns LoU forming; the S. TF. corner of Jones street and Broadway. So. Tt-Ut foraiiac th. nathvatl «rn.r of Broadway aad CO feet on Jeaes street. ALSO. If 9. 71— Lot adjoinin t So. 72 werterly on Broa.lway.same iime-uaaa. < fca JOH3 K-MUNS • SOS. fall AUCnOSUM. Executor's Sale of Real Estate. lath.Pr«baUCo»rt of the City and Connty ef baa fraaeise.. dtat. ef Califonia. is tk. aaattwrfita J-M-t* of JOHN ». W VLiL-it. i»Notio.i»' kenby rtvea that ia aoroHaiw vita taalaetwUl aad teetasseat ef ieaa ». Walker de»»ased.wt<U. aad el reoord ia taad Profit . . o-irt. the aadeninad. neeator ef said Us* will ml teetaaeat. will effer for sale at euoiio wajt»ee>. io i a. ai«siees kadder for eaea. .ayaW ia United frtatr. r»;i«pta. •»•!>• falesrooai »f JuQS MIDDLKTpN * 3OJI. So. 4I» -1 eatwnaerr street, ia•f Saa rraaoisoo. ea MONUAT. the UurueatS day *f yaroo. v 13 *'eio«k boob. to »pproval aad aonfl rmaMon by jaiU Prob-t. Co art. T.i • following demised I Keal latatew sitaaud ia saMt dty aad oounty ot Saa Vraaeissa: CeauaesMiß. at a poiatoa to. aorta Us. ef -le> AUiner street, distaat tainy-emo feet aad . mehjs (37 «-l_) w t iterly trom tk. aonhweet ewaer af MsAllisur aad LaaTCaweeta stnets: laeaoe> westextr aleaa said line ef JleAUister •treat. r**_-ty-nv. (36) feet: th«nce at risht %»t>o» anrthar;-eichty-eerea (cct aad suiae)iee<T7 *-!-); Ueaesaa ricat aadee easterly i w.aty-dT« ( .6) feet, aad laeaeei at neat nclee eoatherry «it ntTie»«a feet aad ux iae-ee (« 6-12). ta ta- plae. ofWn.w. «o;wb -uVAL-Tnt. Kxecator of the i-.t will a»d teet-BMat el _ __ . _ Joha?.Wal_aT.dte««»e«l. Baa TraaeUao. reoraary 14. !««&■ feto **• J-aa Cm—oita. mh»h» w Company— OSee^ SW Cauforma street, Saa Vraaeiseo. State> of California.— Location of Wons. Saa Xavter District, 3oaora, Me-kM.— lf otioe.— TWe is detiaqaeat apsa th. folio win* described st-ek. ea «oooont of -Mweat levied ea th. sneata day ot January. IMS. th. several aawaats eet optxMit* tae> aame. ef ta. resneetit. shareaoUers. to wit: Kasaea. No.C«rtiaeate. Shana. Aamat. deideaaaJC U " 100 IS DO iwker T L _______ 79 tt IM » Ur»wT U „. till II ftj.vj iabeoek W y „,.._ 57 Mi Ijs , a iatk. M J M S 31 n U» 5 }|« >«f »y B If 7« » « |M FarweUJD 33 25 IS 0 dlassroek W U ST 10 MM glasses Aadrt - ___ f 9 ia UM loUaday 8 W 12J s Jl ia laye* Ptrimh «q ia « j .„ Ja— ■ Patrißk .»» 5 SI » Caapp Che. !M S 31 « \h«b(» Chas______ 97 S 3( is MeKe. 3 « 47 20 E)w M.K--.S-IU- «T ] U .„ whit. j3_Z_ in » si» Watenaaa I U M 30 133 ut And ia aeeordaae. wita law. aad aa order of th. Board ef Trustees, and. oa th. •— eata day of Jaaaarr.UbA s» au— y share, of eaek parcel el said steak as any k.aeressary.w-1 heseii at th. sales' room of Joha Mtddietoa it Sob. Row *» HoatiMB«TH-*.« th. TW.Sr ,-TUIH»» D*Y OJ 1 f KBaDART. UkA at the hoar of .'alert _, of that day. to a*y said deUaaaeat aesinssiat them-, tonther wita«a of advestis-aa aad expease. at th. tale. JOHN t. LOBSsT. Secretary. fo» —» Ca'-aca->itn«t.a» stair. Bnsintsg (HarDs. X-.LLLJB ¥. HVXTSJBL. N"oUurr I'ublic and Conveyancer. MS CLAT 3IRSXT. «3«. Betweea MoaUoaery aad Ha-raj3aa Vraacito.. Deeds. Xortcaces. Leases. Fever, ef Attoraev. Coatneta. eea, irawa up wiia care. Oerm-a. freaea aad Jpaaish spekesw feJ-ha» B. r. wiLU— aa. so it. o. f— aa> lEt-fSY F. WIXU.IM> 4k Cft, a SAL -SIAT» AG-ST3L «• Clay street .._d-afraaeUeo Prompt attention will U tiren ta sil mattsTt aertaiaint to Keal Krute. meh as bayiaa aad saU> a« ea Coi-ialsnoa. .Seotiannx L*-a*. Coiieetiac MOU, MO. j-il-U ATKKT DP.HIKABLZ MTO»««PTH «U. «f Minion street, ket-ee> rtfta a_d Sixth streets, wiu 40 t~* ir»e» »■ Mia-wa aad Miaaa itreetat tecether with uuwt-iu ta«r«-~a™t^iTfc-T_T.IA«9*CO.. fe« !Ualaiuwit«a-.t*«aw street. ' •_ BTBOX BIXIXCEK, Saalpplitip and CommlsKiou, SHANCHAE, CHINA. CouUcboiv* tntmrmtM will ft*>siis> ptamamt t-vi ■s;ib*siyt «4 ton tlo a. Was. T. Cele-aa Jk C*. ae_ Iraaeisoo. CaUibraia. tat J. TOMLEI3O3. /. M. BSITRXB. Tt>_-I__lSO2l aft CO-. roSWIBDEffI 13 D CM)-DO3SIOI -Vlnrclxaixta, jtoa iLStixun __r_» bjui raa>. MARTIN VICE. ■ OAT BOILDSB. rMt tf KMtnatsy aad Chattaal itrwus. Swtk gala «.ai -Trraaslsse. BOATdBaTI-TT* OBJM-S. A-1» CO*. staatly oa _ai AIT «r<U--UEWia gHFIBKit. lttorncj sail ConaseUor tt law. -4-BbWI O-fTXC-M* ok_B-iO >■*«, ft ■■ 1 I** Wim"tlli«n Wl»>a>Wi_ aW -MS-k-ej Vo_ -_raaa*a_-f *--- W»J-_i___||-ill_|_-__ 3, ff.«Vta*>l — S.Wal «•»»•-— «JT -~---a--eisasasa->al »aß»S»av 'J" -i saw nAScmoo> °* Moaunuurr Mreeta. s» st-m, U T^WCH.V(S or CO^Fn sUL AJa* 33J-J rf COPPIR. TJ-Tll- l^Oaa-Xhal-B*, «sj>ej

*•"• **W«»l_. j. o. ri.iin»i;K 11. M. KBWDILL & CO., ■awn -k» Twn-auAi»-^-tSL*i*:*.?L . "S^uJiT" «•» el ■*, ««.,11>,,|. W) .|«, [ 9 StJSSiS!£& t ha, aa int««« «. ' 6- Francis J^™ 1 * °°- THIS DAY. i THUESDAY^. Febrnarj 23. 1865 AS M o'clock A. X - »« Salesvvoa, . BT CATALOGUE, ItHGU ZuAJR. SALE boots, ail i snails biiogws. Ladies', Misses' and Children's Shoes and Gaiters, ' ALSO. > HATS AND CAPS. line and H^vyClothiiig ( Cents) Furni.kin? Goods r FANCY COODS. ***-. B*e, Etc. DIARIES. ' An Invoice Diaries for 18C5. fine goods for city retail trade. fe2_ ALSO. A LOOKING GLA.NM-S, * An Invoice Large, Medium and Small O O and Oral Frame Gilt and \V*lnut Frame », Mirrors. •it 10 o'clock, " C Et JL IR S . i SO Case* Chairs, Cottage, KooVers. Oak Dining, Cane Seat, Arm and Wood Seat fell lor wnnm of nndrrirrllrn S IXOUB. C 5 Barr.-ls Eastern Flour, slightly damaged on voyage of importation. ALSO. J is rnoarr of saijcsbooh, i f~\mj M..L A fine Ccllics i C A lurpe American Horse. eis;ht rears old, -tie Ithv( '.c. , sound, kind and good under 1 the cuddle; A good Gibson Single Harness, English Saddle, Whip, Blankets, Etc. B The propcitr of a ge_tlem_n coins cast. ieV £ ALSO, A HANDSOME TURNOUT, the property B of a private gentleman. 1 American Gray Horse, very fset, will go ins ide 3 minutes, sound, kind and gentle sold for no fuull; 1 Top Brewster Buggy, but little used, good as new; B Hamest, Kobe*. "Whips, Etc fe23 £ E. X. KXVEALL & CO., I Je:' AUCTIOSSESa. = "(J SATURDAY. BAIUEDAY February 25, 1885 P •It 10 O'clock .1. eTsf. ON THE PREMISES, - Oor.Sacsome and California Sts* * ALL THE FUENITUEE s or mx Tehama House, \ The Furniture of 125 Room?. * PARLOK, CIIAMBEB. A\l> OFFICE FIBMTCBE. . ,-»«■■ ■ One ;-octare „ JJ-TTa PIANO FORTE. Sofas. Tabler, Chairs, Bedsteads, Carpets, WashsUnds, Crockery, Etc, Etc Tr.uiis «:Asir, la *". S. cold coin. and the fornitnre to be remoTel oa air of sale. XX. M. lEWHAU et CO. • fc2S Auctioneer!. COBB &SINTON. ] Desirable Property For Bale. t MTiiiT Bitrnrrii pbopeott a known as "GlLMoUa'3."Hayes Valley, part ol Block 207, being N. E. corner of Urove acd Lagcua streets, f- i te, <1 M by 1-t feet, with alley is the rear £5 f*et wide. Together with tbe two-ctorr s frame bnildißf, ai by bu;4. Ail hard fiau-ed. C L*-.e parlor, aisiog room, and fire bed roox«, a K'.tcfcer,. scollery. Water, by wisdmUl. all over a the honee. iiooi r»ri«n, (table and ootbon;es. o AH in the don complete order. It now offered for t asleL-.W-UttCAiiLA^^^^ j Keal Estate Anetioneen. . / eDo Hontcomerr street. t .^ i iail-im Ob the Premises / *«r Talare rgiriTig Company, Inyo His- / triet. Tnlare eocsty, Oalifomia.— sotiee. — Tf etc / are delinqaact npos the iollowinc described st«ck. I cb account of aa assessment levied on the tbir- t teeath day ol Jasoary, I*s*. the sereral amounts I set opposite the names vi the respective share- / ao'den. as followc : v 1 Barnes. *•'*. Cerf'Srstej. Shares. Amottnt } GeoPeck 18 U, XT as to *8 135 >i 3. ] WWEttn £i U 2s2 s { 1 Q Adams __— .ST IS 10 < R«Te!lB 14 6 6 } ED Woeeltr.Adain'r 5U 50 60 } TAEelsey 78 3 ; 3 J A btaniee 21 50 £0 J UfoUyle «t t 5 J Kllct Uyde JS 6 c J C E l>rct>.e fl 10 U «C SO S2C < j wHi^r* ~ n io 10 < C Crockett 73 • 1» 1? J PC Unier. bal_s3 7l 74 85 SJ7 121 ♦ JOEa*-aad '6 _5 » f Hi! Waller A3 » 75 75 } And ii aeeordane. with law. and an order of the i Board cf Irunees, Butde en the thirteenth d»7 or j Jacuary. a.». i*.i, somacyßhirei of each pared ol ] said stock as may be cecesssry will be sold, at the j salexroox of Cobb 4 biston. No. 406 Montgomery i street, fan Fraseiseo, oa HEDNKsDAT. the first < day of Mtrch lav, at tw.'v. i 'clock v. of (aid 4sy, f to pay said delisoaest axtessmect thereon, together 1 with the cotu of advertiiisc and expenses of sale, i E. C. McCOMB. heeretarr. „ t Ofi-«. P.ooai No.l Oere tment lioane. M.W. , r'Tcer Wuhicgton and baasone strteu. baa Fran- | cuoo. fel-0 j -W-Oermania K.Duat Diablo Coal Illnlac { Company— MooLt liiabfo i*i.-t let. Contra Costa t Co_T.ty. Ctliforaia — Sotiee.— There are delinquent j ob the following described stock, on account «f i A; * -'ewmei-t (No. i:, levied on the sixteenth day ol ■ Janaary. 18GS. the amount set oppntite the name i of the mpeetire shareholder, as fullowi: j Name. Certi&cata. £!»arej. Amostt I Fredfunx « 1 *li I Aod in a^eordaoee with the law, and aa .rder of I tbe board of Trartees, made oa th. sincath day I of Jaaoary. l* many part» of the above named ] stock as may be cesMrary. wul be >cU _c utblic 1 auction at the office of Cobb Je tiinton. Ho. *»■ 1 MoDts-omrry street, Saa tnncun, California, en I '1 I'Ji tlMY. the tweoty-eichth d»y or lebroary. 1 1 v .at twelve .'dock m- to pay said delinquent ] «ji-.,jil thereon, torether with costs of adTer- 1 ti««r__d «xr?»«. ls «^V'l'sa. B«r*ary. ! >ife. 2!gEearaysUe«t. betweci , Bosh a-d l£«Jte. J . i-«j» Fra-cUco. Febrttary 16. 1»£5. fel7-lf i i» Ctova t»tA OolS. Bil-sr anl Copper ! KiWog Oomaaay. Mariposa conary. Caltfcrnia.— Hct.» '-There are delißqaent won thefoUowing ...S_£3-f n'T.-T&n 'T.-T& Csaaeaa W V ______ — 4S* *• lv H rut am Clw'd, 7-1 20 ths. „ "J* I'd ihs z * if Oodchaux Jo»ei.h -» 40 *iUrtauiy K.6i22JSt«. „ M6»hf f» X J,sdi W F. HI IU •£. e»ch 60 W * Kwtsle. D W CM - I » : Ua'rhMnLA ~...«J » t I behmm Uenry. £84 5U ska. i mj 10 sbs. 7«S 161 «h-. _„ j t<t 16". sns. 3M St 6 S'^"_L c ____i____^ a st Wood /i'j I. 4JI 15 M And ia aeeordasee with law, acd an crier of the 80-rd of XrnstMS Bade the 13th day t.t J annary. .. c. IS-A so many shares of each psreel of said stock as nuy be ceeassanr will be sold at pablls .action, at the salesroom of Cobb k feinton. No. 408 Mentromery street. Baa FrancUeo, on SATlißDAT.tbetweatv Bttadayof Fetaaary. 186% at the hour of. twelv. .'dock m., of th at * it. to pay said delineaect aasessmcaU together with costs ot adveruauut a»d «*— %'|gV GOULD. 6^. f e !Md Qfltoe. 406 Montgomery st_ San Frapatsco Dcpoxrs C U N P O_W D E R. SCP. KISIKO ABf D BLABTIKO POWDER. nanafaetared expre-sly for CalUorni-: , ' ?»70U-.s^halflc.s*qrkei»aodeaoßjstm EPOKTieia I'O H i>_R in hall pounds and -asks. '"•''Bt&HOHD GIBBONS* COboIe Ag«U lor California. K o. ZU CalUstaU street, below Uattorr. < £TORAO-»-Powdsr reedved ca BUr»g."at !»»• liab'.e rate- _ Yeure CHcauot FonsardlD CHAMPAGNE I mm r-rDEasic-n-D; orru"; roB M- 6ALB-301 boxos (j». ts aid PUts. ex HeUie TomUiy R.rKTjltfiT-!IBr*CO.i .H »el-f 6olsAraoVf»» allfon-* a_d Oregon

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