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nioDoiß Tormr. '• arsrAvra ara. VOIZiN, RIS & GC ATjoxiomiKaa vp > ooimifisioif maKo^ si:, , «.. *£ itinSmiSSSn&tmt. ■ear C*llr*>rmi* iirttu Tcxsmrs Aim ramArliiliatayaLi. * ootuu. s.m. a^^auaw* lyi ■* ULhUu4 *j[j^*^ Jawa\tvaal^aßfls^el s^'aj^ TUESDAY. TUESDAY-..- Febrnary 28, 1866 AtlOo-clork.A.B. A- T S .A. JU X 3 SBOOM, REGULAR SALE 23 TK* C3rTCX3E3« w> Boots, Shoes and Broarans luS.DI.ES" ABD «TllT¥.l>Biwjßr'Si WEAK. HATS AIVD CAPS, FIXE MD HEAVY CLOTHIXG, Gray and Rlue Flannel Skirts, MIBISO 6HIRTB AID BKAWEBS, xnnTn shirts, Cotton and Woolen Hosier j; Ghent's Furnishing Goods BLAXKETS, DBT GOODS, FANCY G'JOUS, ETC. VOIZIN, 818 *% CO., feS ACCTIOSEFES. ACCTIOW FtrRKITUBB WAREROOM3 EDWARD S. SPEAR, «U California direct, below JKmtnoinerr Bali Days Wid»isdats and Sxtt/bsits TUESDAY. njESDAY—™.. Februarj 28, 1866 At 11 O'clock, A. BU ON THE PREMISES. No. 1507 Stockton Street, BET. GBEEB AID TJSICX STKESTS, yVI-X. THE FUENITTJEE IN THE ABOVE KESIDENCB, oo>cuTi>a or TWO PARLOR SETS, In Rosewood and Brocatelle. CHAMBER SETS, In Bosewood and Mahogany. Wardrobes, Sideboards, Etageres, Marble Tables, Curtains, Srotsels and Ingrain Carpets, KIBBOBS, PAIXTISGS, EHGBAYISGS. Can be seen early mornin * of sale TEBMS GASH. fe26 MAURICE DORE & CO., AUCTION KIIKS. OCc* aad Saleeroom, SS7 Hontg emery Street WM. A. QUARLES Anetieneer. Will be Bold at Public lecllon, For aclonnt of tiliota It mai concern, ON Wednesday, Ist March, 1865, At Xa o'clock Hoon, 39 SHARES NEW IDRIA MIING COMPANY STOCK., Beisc: Cert ifi-ate* Kos. 21 te 301celnsIv*.10(barea: C*rUficat*s Kos. fS to 70 do 5 do; Certifcatei Mos. 72 to 80 do 9 do: Certifi-aUs Kt».ll6tolj9 do It do: AndCenifieat*Ho.l<l 1 do. Ttnns. cash ur ivb. gold coih. HitmcEnoßE * co., feU ACCTIOSEEK3. Uailroaba anb otages. San Francisco and San Jose H,AI.UROAI>. Winter Arrangement. OB ABD AFTE3 VOTKHBEB •, ISM, PASSESQKP. TRAINS of the Baa Francisco acl San Jos* Kailroad Homjaßyjjill ma as follows: Leave Saa Fraaeisee at C^9 A. M. and «:"» P. M. Leave Saa Jose at 7 A. M. and 4:10 P. M. SCBDAT TBAISS. Leav* Saa Frase>se« at &30 A. M. aad 4:30 P. M. Leavs San J«e at «:10 A. M. and 4:10 P. M. rfillfiHT TKAZXS. WITH PASSEKQX& CAB ATTACHED, Leav* dally (Son dayi except sd) as follow! : San Frandseo at 2P. SI . : San J o«e at 6A. 11 . By order of th* President, JU CHAS. W. SAKOER. Secretary FSESFOBT BAILBOAD TO SHIPPERS OF FREIGHT noat gan . Francisco :".,TO: ".,TO Lincoln, Grass Valley, Kevada, and Sarroandlng Country. PASTIES SHirPISO FHEIWHT FROM San Fraadso* for tne Interior of the State via FBEXPOBT aad LC> COLB. by shipplnt en Cadnoa Schooner line to Freeport. will have their good" delivered at Lincoln with despatch oa through Bills ef Ladiai- for *5 par ton. weirht and measurement, with no eharce for Dram*. Headline and eend shipping 1 receipts wita tooji? 'JtkttJhtt Freichts advanced withost eoßiaiarion. and roods forwarded from Linooln without chart* for forwardinc. Down FreUhts taken on Liberal Terms. For farther information, apply at CADCC'S OFFICE." Waitlarten street Wharf. Saa Frandseo. or * > o*aEtf l **' C. L. WTXSQg. Agent. Market Street Railroad. CHANCE OF TIME TABLE. On ABD AFTEB APRIL I, ISM, THE Traio i will start from the City and the Missioa as follows: Between the hours of S : 21 a. v. and 8 p. v. every For» nv^BWs^tottead of. as heretofore. *v*ry FKOM THB MISSIOH : •:«O IO:20 11:00 11:40 FROM THE CITY: 1O:«M» IO:«O 11:30 13:00 And so ea till SIX O'CLOCK. Before Sa. v , and after 8 p. k.. the ruinlnc will be the saa* v belore. apM/ F. MoCOPPIB. 6ap*rlat«nd*nt MEXICAN v Sea Island Cotton Company, OrnCl *»• CLAT STTBBET, KCOMS NOS. SO ASD SI. THIRD BTORY W. & BUBBEII, BeereUry. SO ABI*S IH THIB OOMFAHT CAH TET be had at th* Subscription Price of Bixtecn Dellan each. pajable in installmeaH of On* DoUsr par aionth a shar*. v - Ta* Capital Stock, eonststln* of th* Calttvatins Fnad of *tfl.COO. wUI b* d«voU4 for th* eulUvatlon of On* Thoasind Acres of Cotton in Mexico. Ths MterprU* promises a rick rswsrd. Partiettlar attention is eslled U the Pros peeinl and By-Lswr, to bo srea at tbe company's office, wb er* farther psrttealan can be obtained. »O»1D OP StBCCTOBS. ■"' ' COL. THOS. H. CAZSKAU,^ Battorjr stravt. oppociu Oastom Hons*: WM.LAaaKRMAZr. Mwohaot. Clay street: 11. P. JONE3. • Prodae* Merchant, Davis street: JACOB BCHBIEBBR. 01 J. *C. Bchreib.r. baniomeitreet: , W.C. BCRNETT. - AUorscy-at-Ltw, C 36 Clay street. IV. C. BURNETT. Ottce. 634 day street. Koams 20 and 21. third story. Tar ta He and Citric Acid. |Al 13- r.B. CA«E» TABTABIO ACID J l"ll^;-^S'{^A«4P»lv.t«i8-.bJaA,V;

ttprsE\mL &lor <|?P-MORROW. ltQ^D^Y~ — Febm&ry 27, 1865 BT CATALOGUE, REGULAR SALE BOOTS, §S. BUOI2S AJVB BROGAJT.% ALBO. A line D. B. King & cod Phiiadel* phlaCastom-nade XAdiet', BSlum' and Chlldren'i Shoes and Gaiters. ALSO. HATS AND CAPS. Fine and Heavy Clothing Gents' Famishing: Goods FANCY COODS. Et«-. KM, Etc . fe2l ALSO. A Small Inroiea Fine Frenci Merinos, for city retail sales. An Invoice 8-day and 80-hour Gothic CotUire, Alarm, Marine, Lerer and Offi c Clocks. fe2g ALSO. At 10 o'clock. Bctirable Invoice All in Fine Order, Just Landed, Ex Great Ecpabllc «nd tea Serpent. — Cases Hunt's EhlngliEj; and CliV Hatchets; — Casks Strap and T Hinges; — Casks PolUhed Ssd Irons: — Oases Ko. 1 Hickory Ar and Pick Handles — Cases Iron Rails and Wheels complete: — Cases Wood Saw Frames and Blades; — Cases Sand Paper Adre Kye Hammers: — Ca*ks Nash Weichts, all WeijthU; — Cases Knotted Copper Springs; — Cases Nails, assorted sizes; — Cases Full Vi eight Blued Tacks. ALSO. lOnce KcivM, Sardine Openers, Duct Bmsh* es. Throat Latches, Halter Chains. Bench Screws. Aujrer Handler Boxwood Bules, t'ottaje, M.orti(», Trunk, Till and Cheit Locks; Tri-squares, Draw Knives, Plumbs and Levels, Blind Buis, Brass Screws, a well assorted invoice Oimlet-point Bcrews, llasj i and Staples, Screw Wrenches, Brass Butts, Screw Drivers, Beamers, Sawsets. tiimleU, Gouges, Plain, Smooth, and Jack Planes, Chain Bolts. Castora, Pullers. "Wardrobe Hooks, Bras* Buttons, Window cprings. Brass Nail*, Iron Sheer*, Shutter Knobs Square Mortice and Flush BolU, Padlock and Trunk Keys, Hand Bells, &&, ice, Comnnsise a fn'l uni eoaepleU assortment Fmh Staple Deauabl* Bardwar*. fe2S For aw*oat 01 auscierwrlten Bi.4V-VKi:rs. 22 bales each 100 pair Gray Mackinaw Blanket*. ALSO. — Keijs Printer's Ink; — Folio and Sol* Leather Trunks. EtSt STABCII. . ISO Half and Quarter Boxes Kinf^ford's Pure and Cora Starch. At CtMßtaaeawcßßient of Kale HORSE. -gmdlfe A fine XtATgt American Horse, By*V>Vound aud kind, a good traveler, and W** ' works in single or double harnefs, and kind under the saddle, 1*628 H. B. BZtTHALL * CO., fsM AUCTIONEERS. — —^"^— ' TUESDAY. TUESDAY .February 28, 1865 At 19 o'clock Ja. IK FBOJCT OP BAXESBOOXB, •WB WILL BKLL, * To be Eemoved, THF, TEBiHA HOUSE S BUILDINGS. M TZBatß— OaafJ Sat CadSed Htmttm srold «»1««. H. ■. HWBAU * CO. f c 26 Auclioccers. BOOKKEEPINC fT»At"«SHT III" THB VOBT THOBOCCB 1. Bmaaaer.atßSCK'oConHTUiaßuoUa623 Market «txwt.«orP«iie MentMmerystrwOwlier* ;o* ni b* mid. a «otß*«tMit AC;OI'MAM asd B'H>JxKKEPEH in from 14 to S6 «ars. P«rfe« satUfwuioa siven, or ami refnnied. For pnoU, pleaseealL Or<« from II till*, and from 7 till 10 o'clock, p. m. J-ermanthip aad ArUaam*ti* taatfct. Ocnf—od books adjawod. fell Mm* . JTlcla ll urgical School. P*KTTTS noi.niKH NSf ALT. PABCCTJS of ore for redaction ar* respeetfallr infomud taat tb* CTwaint ear* will b* ei<reife4 by tbeelau iandadat. Tae bast metnod of workisf will also be dctanuaed bj eomparativ* *zii»rim*nts. CMeraUoticf •urfwrmmilrboreU full* treated. For farther tcCoraatioa »hplt at tae School, at McKlbblß's Works, on Pir-t street, next do*r to tit* H. CASEBOLT & CO. Have Just Keceived. jf-re y , Par Bo»«t Arrivals. JTllff. fx^^&'orm ton &aIb:S£E2EL 3 raUaddpnia H• e k 1 : tbe best ever imported, from til* eelebratad aanafartotT of Eeekbamii 1 rtllultJphia Com I. nerable front, sast two Inside a&d two oouil*. and eitraieat for ehlldT *^n";Air«id tw* o«taa«: -"- fc~it. seat 1 aztn 1-* Fanilr Canter*, awvabl* front. i»at 1 fo«7J"*id* aad two oatsid..1 Daetor's PfaaSoa. soeend-hand. rood as caw; 1 6rrt-«S*a« Jo-Bi-'eat B*«T. eariT twe or jbBT: 1 Irst^uas J amp-seat Bnsx/. Moond-band. c«cd 1 fdoad'haßa Ccnoord Eomt. rood araawi • stdtsprins Tap BasrJ^s: I aU* asnac Bosiaaas Waron: 4 aTamb^orVamM'acons.natosix-bMMi * 1 SaadCart: j ?££uZL£. aid B"Uer. boflt to order: * A xIM and bprinsa. tcs ether with aU kinds ol H%^S^bau?&iri« aU kiads 1 OarrW.--*.^.^ , F*etory.*om.rllftJiaadMailt*«, \t»A. Bfr*. '06 front str—t. NoUee^ '"♦•Uw'and Vessels. VV---'V V- --' IKbSbbt sanrEß that — «.i^ _u«i4la Blat* Teltrraeh Company hare Ck uUcrao* eaol* laid aero*, th* OoWtisi )^« *. at tbe *otrane* of the Bay of Ban FrancUIa- ennneiiK at a point on th* shor* of the Bay. #Ta Kuu eoutr. aboat ono-eichtk of a mile iasid* E *f Ulta* Point, aad terminatini at ta* Uoverament ■ Wawf near fort Poiat,la Baa rraadsee eosntv. ThK-abeliM t a nrarly adirert Its* between the „o tritini aferaeaid. aad is naiked by monaBMBts «r*et«d at t b* eommeacemect and terminatkc* tharaof fisid awnameau eoastst of a tarcct p«ict«d wblU. with a Uaek spot la tJb* eratr*. pl«-«J us a ul trtAiih aoU. aad marked Teiegraph AUo. anotber **ba«B*oaj talerraph eabl*. uif*J fautfc* fctraits sf OtrqoUn. oeomMteinc at the tlT«*d t»ar ti.* E«icii .6or«.alitU. Morrtbt faiij l«.rtinr ud M.m unti at a mittr n itt immeport abont ten l«-t aisa, BMokaa C V b :a^i« 1 « e «M^«.Ow, W ,.f V««l, is cirU'lHsf It called W tb* ntatat* asm the ta - jtrt imp«icr a fin* of ittfin and tntun' lm oVerV er U jar, to any Ukar^k -^^ itO-Ua Bapt*f Uf OaLfitaUTatC*. *Vafß efllTßaTl TEBT •^ rnXom OMt J. V.lf W BASS, in Bond or Vvtf Paid. foraalebr (•lMb O, ADOLPHE IX>W * 00. liinCk B*OS7BS« CEBTBAt. AMKO> v Ot#,W ICAS X.KAF TOBAOCa lor sal* by fall !■ _ C. ABOLPBE UW * CO. ERASINB! , » VBW AHD ' <H»Btn.ETB ftCBVTI- •"*- «tU«to for E«c,f it*. Tb* Baderstcaad oEers for sal* a aow prodoot of California, a p*rf*et sol vast of all kinds ef al*.**. of aan*abl* odor, loavtaa* a* rtala of itself, or ia any way eksntlx s the color of a*v kind of 6.1k, Ctttoa. or Woolen ,c«Ja, Fwraahby. BTKOBRIDOK. . % ' Ccrtrr cf £ds> sad Mtut*«amr « w**t* J.W,CHABI*OO, |gB»B- 1. .' * X wsf tttaxsn

DYBRJiDfiER k ROKOHL, AUCTIONEERS AND CO UMI.-iSION MXX- ■ CHANTS. - Balearoora. JTorth»aaS corner of VLoatgo- . uier j and t*iue> aurcaia. TO-MORROW. MONDAY „ .February 27, 1885 At 10} o'clock A. M., it Salesroom, cor. Montgomery m Fine IOBOLD FINITDRB ! oonaim ur tax* or PARLOR and OHAMBER SETS coMPKisnra Two Elegant Bosewood Chamber Bets; Elegant Wardrobes and itagerts; WINDOW CTIBTAIN3, BEDS, BBDDING. MATTKESSBS; OHAIBS, TABLXS; OABPBTS, OILOLOTH3; CBOCKEBY, GLASSWARE, *« OTXB, BADOXS * EOKOHt, f*M ' ■ ' AUOTIoaCIBS. h. a. cobb. ». >. Burros UOBB & SINTON, 11. A. Cobs —Aaetlonxr •406 llomg-oimerj' atreci. REAL ESTATE BALI DAT SATUKDAT >mllai»1 Oal >« g^» rj«i« H|UH Hot.-, .m Lai. al rMr.t. o.'. la all fwai U Urn Qtf. Aim, B artim a y.rtamt aa,U M «k> BUto. lllnnn m,:x( » LM Ki.t. pnraru> .timur xa. IMel ■ WHO. t*w W ril tka JmliwH ai Sak. W A BUalstcaloa, liwiw a. ao. roaarruaa. Out-ooob no Sraaux fUlzs 60Liorrsa un> nomT attbbubo to. <oiu or iulxuw ulli. «<uv«- -ni«. •■iwcct «> v-«- 1»Tr.ic.naa. Aataaf Bataat ym\ r iaaia*cy.aj» Ta»pav e*.l.«f t<ut~um taaa>7 will *n a3 mm* b. inatawfat Us. vt aUa. t.f b. a. biarcs. .coiTiiiicii ud lotiir rmtio Desirable Real Estate for Sale. lit-Lot on s!Jo of DstU street. 60 feet aorta rom Washington street: thence north SI f**t frunt by 73 feet ia depth, lit I* perfect. • AXSO. fd-«A Homestead Lots ia to* " Cobb Tract." ea Bernal Height*, beantifnlly located fir homesteads —Ha* Mil for c ardus. Title, U. S. Pataat. ALSO. Bd-4 Lots, each fi)xlis feet. In Block 19. "F»lrmannt Tract." oppodt* th* Four-mil* liouia— fin* (ardon lao J. ALSO. - 4th— 6 most desirabl* Lota la Hsyas Vallsy. as followi ; 5 Babdirisioiu N os. 1. 2. 3 and 4in CO-Van Lot 8. In Block SM. each Uivlaj- fronts ef »tt feet aa Hayes aad Lin ien streets, by a depth of UO f*M. ALSO, Satxllrtslon 1 of 80-Vara Lot 8. Blotkns. hirtnt fronts of 5754 f**t on Put and Lily strscts. by UO ftot la depth. - n A be.utifal location for residence. ALSO. BQbdlTidoa S. in SO-Vara Lot 1. Block »«. bating fron j of TtH fe.t oa Oak and Hickory itreeti. Fin* homesUad Lot— fin* view of th* olty. ALSO. sth— ia sphndld 80-Vara Lou la th* Weitera Addittoß< ALSO, Cth-U loti Is ** West End" Trsot. each lot 80X240 feet, i'inesoil. For sals by ■ COBfJ . mnvUt fsU-tf No. 4W Montgomery itreet AT PRIVATE SALE. AX a. Bar grain. BLOTK 80. »7. IS THB TOWB Of SANTA CLARA, adjoinisc th* nsld*no* lately baloniins to Captain Thorn. Ihe block is thro* hnadrad feet tqaare, bounded by tour streets. with fin* shsds treat, eitandim around it. B*iaf within three blocks of th* Railroad Station, th* boot* block is by far th* most denirable ra«aat prop A'#, DD t o h **' ril *%stsn?v&Ggk. fo2-lin 4o*> MonUomsry str**t **- Tularo Klnlac Oompanr, Inyo District, Tularo county. California.— Notloo.— Th*r* ar* delinqncnt upon th* iollowinc described stock. on aceonat of aa assessment l*ri*d on th* thirteenth day ot January. 1866. th* »ever»l amonnts tet opposite tha nam** of th* napwtiT* •hmreholdan. as follews: Nam**. No. Certificates. Ettaras. Amonit o*oP*ok UXS7 35t048 U5 Hit w w B*»n a ss as J Q Adams 3T 10 10 I Wells __„ __.H 5 B { D Wheeler. Admn'r M SO 80 T A Kelsey Til 3 S A Staolea L_3l 80 M Jeo Hr*T 1 " 8 8 !ll<m Uyd* 31 5 • ! £ Pr*bl* 9 10 11 i«) 2» XX : M Oray - ST 1 1 r W Paris — 72 1(1 « ! Crockett «__7J 1J 1! ■ 0 Landar. ba1.83 71 74 S5 537 Ul T Q Kastland ft* 25 T. R 0 Waller IS 29 TJ 73 And in accordance with law. and aa order ef the loard of Trustees, mad* oa the thirteenth day ot January, i.d. IS6S. so many sham of each parcel of said itock M m*y be neoeasary will be 10M. at tha salatroom of Cohb k Sin ton, N«.*M Montiomery street. San Frsneiseo. oa WEDHKSDAT.theant day of M«rch 1*», at twetre c'clock v. of said day. to pay said daliainaat amtimaat thacvoa. totether with th* cosu of adrertißins and *zp*an* of sal*. K. C. McCOMB. Secretary. _ OflW. Room No. 1 Oo»e<nment llou.e. N.W. corner Washington and Sansom* struts. Saa FraaCisco. . fali «*r Oonnanl a Monat Diablo Coal Minis* Company— Mount Diablo Dist'lct. Contra Costa Coonty, California — Not too.— There are delinaaent on th* followinc described stock, oa aoooant • Aueument (No. ti) levied on the sixteenth day of lannary, IKS, the amount set opposite the name of the respective shareholder, as followi: Nam*. CerUfieata. Shares. Amouit. Fr«l Kins -^—r « 1 » And in aceordano* wtti the law and an order of the Board of Trustee*. maaC on the sixteenth day of January. ISS\ to many part, of the abOToaamad stock as may be neaeMarr. will b* f*ld at public • action at th* office of Oobb k binton. 80. 40b «ontcomery street. Saa Cahfornia. oa :i)UhI)AY, the twenty-euhth da? of February. liW, at twelre o'clock *„ to pay lalu dclinqueat assessment thereon, totether with cost* pf adT*rtising and expensts oi the sale OTIO U£N"-INO. PecreUrr. No. 218 Kearny strut, between Bosh and SotUr. SaaFraneisoo.F»brttaryia.la6S. fel7-IC* sar Owen's Blrer Gold and BUrer AimInt Company, Inyo District, Tular* County. Calv«Jotic* ii hereby liven, that at a meetint of lh« ioard of Trust*** of said Company, held on the th day of December. 1884. the assessment of Tan* Dollars per shar*. leiied Annual 3d. 1964. was rescinded, and in lien thereof an asseasmant el Fire Dollars per shar* was levied upon the eaplta! stock of said Company, payable on th* Hth day oi December. IM4. in United States cold and tilT*r eoia. to the Secretary, at the 0 See of th* Company, No. 70S Montgomery street. San Franoisso. Any stock upon which said asseummt shall remain unpaid on WKDNKSDAY.tao Uthdayof January. 186S, will be advertised on that day as delinquent, and unl*>a payment shall b* made before, will be sold on Saturday, ths *Sth day of January. 1565, t* pay the delinquent assassmant. tocether with costs of adTertiainf aad axpens** of sal*. By order of th* Beard of Trust***. - K. C. McCOMB. S*e"y. Office. 7CA Montgomery streat. Baa Fraaoisao. . N. 8.-Stockhold.M who have paid th* assess meet le.ied Autuat Sd. IM4. will receive credit for th* sam* npon th* prweat one. d*li " K.C. McCOMB, rWy. **• Th* publication of th* Delinquent List in tas abov* company is hereby postponed until th* Jl«t day of January. ISA an! the sal* of delinquent stock an til th* 7th day of February, IS6S. Hi order of th* Board of Trust***. E. C. McCOMB. S*ar*tary Ban Francisoo, January 10. IMS. _ Jail »*-Th* publication of th* Delinqnent List In tli* aboT* company is hereby Postponed until the 31st day of January, I'M. and th* sal* of delinquent stock no til th* 17th day of February. IS6X By Older of the Board of Trustees. K. 0. McCOttß. Bccretiry Saa Francisco, January 30, lad 9. j all **r The publieatloa of the DalinanentLtitta th* abov* company Is hereby postponed until the loth day of February. ISG3. aad th* ul* of delinquent stook until the 27th day of February. ISAS. ~- ■—* —** • fc^Board of JTrustus. ' Saa Franoljoo, January aOtaTl&of' °"~lfia sar- Th* pnblieatioa of th* Delinquent List la the above oompany Is hereby postponed until the Si'th day of February, l»i\ and the sal* of delinquent stook until the 9th day of March. 1.165. By order of the Board of Trust***. K. C. McCOUii. Baentary. San Francisco. February 9. ISCS. f dO «3r- The publication of the Delinquent List in the above company Is hereby postponed until th* U da* of March. 1C65, and th* sal* of delinquent stock until th* 18th day of March. 1565. By order of the Board oi 'frutt***. K. <!. MoCOMB. Sa«ratary. Office. Room No. ). Oorarumat Houaa, N. W. corner Washiacton and Sansom* stnata. Ban Francisco. Febnary 18. IMS. fan 2000 Half Barrels SANDWICH ISLAND Smjrnlote, and A. A. Eldridge, OF ASSORTED GBADES. . FOB BALE IN LOTS TO SUIT. BT CO AS, W.' BROOKS *ft CO., 811 ganioae. coraer Merchant street. .■■■;■••■-.:.-:*, •■■ MQ.7; : - . : .: . . ■ ; Ouns, Jttiilos, Z*lstols. ' IS". CTJBBT A BBOTHEB \,\ -^•a : UTI « <WBBTABTI.T OS S*g^o hand » splandld aoortmmtof Soubl* -^WWbW Qons of «T«ry dooriptlon. also B*afJ>^lr^|»lJ^;B«mtlaf,,lUass. SpeneVi Elfls*. Sharp's SporUnc Bis** aad Sharp's Carbiaes. Ooit'S lUvclvlni Biflts, Wnrffl*ia"s. Blot. tar's, J. 1. Kvant* aad Lenua's Rlflesi Colt's. D»> rlntar's. Bmlth * Wesson's. Sharp's aad Allen k Wheeloek's Pistols. Powder Flasks. Shot Pouaase, Powdar. Shot. Caps, Wads. Bay's Wlr* Cartridi •*. Hanry's Klfl* Oartridiw, etc, at«."««f^!W-5 x *; f ," Bepatrlni cf tverj dasertptlom dan* aad var'aaud. i-<y- , !.-,./*- - .'.*.rl" .- - • ~> I N.8.-a 3la AienU for tt * r scuta* DerriD t«r P!stols for the Paoilio Coast Wholasato aad rttall. by !ii«iit miij^Jt « H. CUSMIY Jk BEOTBIB, «

AOOTIONJBEK AND COMMISSION MKR■i.,-, CfIABT. -<■' ' - He), m CallforcU •JoeJ't, near Kearny. RlOCLi* SiLt DATS- TCISSATS and FsIDAIS OvMoar Sal«, aa irall m Sab. tf Suck, Mb, h ftaat at Salanoß, F«n*a«mi aad mJSt will (a* It t. Ibdr totm.l t. rlr. kit. a ™ilbe!,.r.tuln«.l«.i.™,.. a.i»T.Uia »l<h.jl prti . bcaUarttC. at N.w .u J icTOjl.ll,l mnliara, ' AUCTION B ALE OF Household Furniture TO-MORROW. MONDAY .......... M .Febraßj7 27.18v6 At II o'clock, on th*) Piwamlaes}. • -UTaMiontgroxnery: St., Bet. Sacramento and California, OF NINE ROOMS In the third story of the above house, • . ooMrsisua Boiewood and Mahogany Parlor Beta; Mahogany and Walnut Chamber Bets; Brussels and Tb.ree.Ply Carpets, Spring,' Hair and Palo Mattresses and Beddl. S ; Mirrors, Paintings, and KngraTlngi. Damask and Lace Curtains; • Crockery, China, and Glassware, Dining Boom and Kitchen FuriiUure, -x Gooda to be removed oss tlmy of aale. Ik KELLER, fe» _", VtJCTIONEEB. Executor's Sale. .- TUESDAY. TUESDAY ..February 23, 1866 ] At 10 o'clock, THE BITTimJ FURNITURE Uic, Etc., Etc. or tub GMiOBE HOTEL, Cor. Dupout and Jackson Sts., CONTAINING 100 ROOMS, OOKBISTIXO OF ■ line Parlor and Chamber Bets; Brussels, 3>ply and Ingrain Carpets; Bureaus, Washstands and Commodea; Mahosany and Walnut Bedsteads; Large Assortment or Bedding, (nearly iew,) China, Crockery, and Cutglass Ware; Cutlery and Plated Ware; DINING BOOH and KITCHEN FURNITURE. Counters, Shelving* and Barroom Tornltare. * ALSO. X &arre Regulator; 1 Iron Safe. Good* to ba Bemoved on Day or Bale. U KEIXEB, ' f*M AUCTIONEER. 1.1. SDWIBDS. JAHISS.OLSIT. BDWABDS, OLKBY & CO., REAL ESTATE. STOCK AND OENERAL Accrriox and cohhisuob hoise, \ WEDNESDAY. WEDNE3DAY March 1, 1865 AS 10 A. M.. OB the PrtoilM, • No. 7SO Harrlsou tstroet, BET. TBIIDAID FOUBTH, Wl WIIiL SSIiIi. «B ACCOUHT OF DEPABTI7BB, A. Full Assortment oi nODSBHOLD POsLMTURB ! The Furniture is of EXCELLENT QUALITY, and nearly new, comprisiog: PARLOR. CHAMRjER, . DINIXU ROOM and KITCHE.V FURNITURE. ALSO, -q^jjua l «-octave (Ohlckerlng) Verr Superior, roaad corners and highl/ finUhcd. Farniture to bo remoTcd day of sal*. ■ f*2f «r Ilolono* and tttanialaua Gold, Silver and Copper Minim Oompaaj— C»r»nn llill District, CalaTwas County, California.— Netio*.— Thar* ar* delinquent npon tli* tollowiac described stock, oa aoooant sf assessment levied on th* elerenth day of Jaanary, Ui/i, tas ieveri! aatounts sat opposit* theaame* of Ui*respeetiTrihar*hold* folows: Namss. No. e»rtf. No. aha. Ain't. AimworthJO 733 6 UH Adsit L B NMm ..»..~.>_ SIS S 13H id«t LB! -. . ID 1 ! 10 16 Ldsit L 8.._. — 108S 10 15 L B~_ 109 i 10 X i.Uit L tt....™. ... !0- J S .10 S5 L B .-'. lia 30 80 LB ..-Jlfl IS S7X Adsit Vt Bn.n. ..«..■■■ mmeti Ti^ J fi Arery AnnioL. „......_.. 7IS 2 8 laron Victorine 10*1 3 1% trail Henry................. iTI) % 1* loutilliw Klisa Hid » E0 lord Alfred..™-... K>7 5 12M laj*mu*K S-0 6 l»fc luttn*rChas 1085 4 10 lasalli Kog S i« £ 12H JaialU Kns 838 U 47M Jornell Kich.rd — . S»9 1 5 look «_...__ . — 105 X 1 t)i !rowI W "DaTld.. M 4 6 llg Irook. M............. 79. 5 12H ■rook« M 744 6 ViA JeSeniilhaoA .._ SS»I 10 S5 >*5«na11ha.?A...... _I 4 19 23 Jettlebach 8 M......~_ 6* 5 13k >npais Mary 3!S ft . \A\ )arldson Donald..-...— 451 1 |M Trater James.-...,....™.. 367 3 7M *rater Janes 6^7 3 7Ji Gray Matthl'S ™ 5M 10 IS Gray Matthias V 29 3 S OCTIOt J__^ 105* 1 IX QatUII 8...-^~— ~..~..101« 10 » aildamelater W 1144 10 13 IrioiMNK i 1160 10 35 iayward B " 534 8 liH lathaway X V 1025 10 Si lathaway R V 1041 10 35 " Jathaway B V '04| 10 " « iuhaway X V............» 1043 . 10 23 lathaway EV Ml 10 35 lnd> on II 8. „ 812 8 US lawley X A . 849 ft US |stiU^Rw S :^»'9 . | m tlnbuh Joseph.™ ~V*. ~ . .Sfi Iliudatn R „ „ HZ) . 5 12V [Imdman X ...". .",.11130 li 37 ii Ireland L F un 5 li> Jadaon H C .114* E0 IS Kotnis Arnold SO4 I . VA ttonlcf Wm.. 3^B t :■! JH Koll/John HCS 10, 35 LoTSland U S ..........._.. :U! 5 3M fii Ijipman 0 S 1141 ' a I3H Hathswaon T 1).....-...,. All 6, . UV Mathcwson T D............ &M »X 3i. SofrTH n . T JHrzr^ ! 8x Noon* J P._........ UK 5 VM Noars* J P,.,- „.,. ,MU 6 12} Hoars* JP 1113 6 UV Nour«eJP _>..-.1115 . 8 13V Hours* JP 111* 6 12V frioe Martha 8....™. iVH 1 iH ParUlier A-..............1™ Kit 10 35 Poels J 0 ; •• ' 641 6 ■ Vtli •"erkini J (J .................. 10,'H ' 1 IH Perkini J(J - 1151 . 10 3) P*t*rianJa* ......_IIW 8 UK Paten0nJa5 ............ ...-Hi 7 10 25 Pardowflwrs* 11M • 3 TM Riley There«a....™. 3-.S 8 bhcrwood Robert 107 a 10 35 Jh*rwood Robert 1( *» ft iju 3herwood Robert -.UW a 6 9ohmidt tiouii....._..™"ift 3 ju Sterras Thoi S-......... m U'5 7 17V 9t*T*aot Q K-~........... 24 ' 10 I 35 Steven.t O X 17» 5 ' JJU StevenotdK. — -.. ltW | »L Taylor A O— ■- 748 8 11} T»»Ior A O JM 3 7> Taylor Rachel H* ' . I 8 Taylor U L...^. 1019 1 ft Tabbs U Bil 10 » TeaokUßW 1031 7 MX Wood U H 191 ■: 3 i«- i Waft* Pott JZ"njlOO 10 S Wad.APottsr 1099' 6 12J< Wwlla J Q>. WS ' 8"' IA Woods TH..,., m 8. lay WUUtts B W_.^.._^.11«9 .10 » Wet herb*. H 874 10 35 Aad in MsonlaßO* wita law, and an order of th* Board of Troitee*. mad* on the *l*r*ath day o January, U6). so maayshar** of each paroel c said stooK as may be aeasuary. will be sold a imblio anotloß, by Edwardi. Oln.y * Co, at No. tt Monttpmery «treet. Saa Francieoo. Californis, on thoTWKNiX-aiaVKNTn DAY Oi FKBEUArt™. 1805. at th* honr of two o'olosk P. v. of saU day to pay said dallaqnint aasessmmt thereon, toisther wita costs of adr.rtUint and aipec.M of sal*, [foli-tdj GEOKaKCONUDoN SeoreUry, Ore Bags, tiraln and Potato Bags. ALt\ OafIaTI^BOOTCH BABD-SBWBD Copper and SUtst Or* %'balu Ho. 1 »tand"ari Calentta Ban, »H bilkls, MOtess ism Patkfau: Bass, BVj basra^aihr: i IOAu ••0.n3-hand llarlap a>d Chicken Uunsy Han. rkyh^'ldb, feowiLii * roKD. DREDGING. ; THB BAB- rSiUrCMCO DBXDSIBS , with their powvrful Dredslan Machine, W icnetn a wa. and tag- boat, A n a! ha, ara bow praparad to dr*dt* slips aad docks witltdatpataa, ascon taT*rabl* terms. •-.•■^. *«.«-- - -„--»-.

JLax&an Saks. JOHS MIDDLBTOS & SOS UAIi JBZAZS. ROOK Aj,oA j, 0 aiSXSAb OSoouml •wlo.rnaio. M.kiOO BunlrasaeW ry sis in, ssaa-tlaesaßS, — satur f«llr*r»fTt ***• ******* a "-'*?| 'rJ'JS'.*"^*.'.**- *—— > woamsw W|llll.fcW<|i,wl.ll lil'lM...^. OMHHBHa,auMNSaulMH»^Rßj.i«aato^riS * Jjw*. Wa. M a.r^^u. i-~ -...,..,..,. *rm J»»ea»^S«rV' MM * MM * MM *" M^" *"*"'"*" ,W. W. LIWTO.T, SALE OF fi£AL ESTATE JT JFCT/O.V, TO-MORUOW. ' HONDAT^ —.-.-.Febniary 27. 1M M 19 o'clock^ JVtHm. Nlcf ly jLoeated Homestead Lot, BE cor Trier aad Dale sta* Betweea leaTeaworta aad Hyde street*. Let forming the southeut aoner ef Dal* aad >t«r .ir».u,iroiiun« witoton Ij;«r aa«i HH oo Sal* street. f .u ALSO. Homeatead oa Clary street, bet. Third and Fuurth streeta. We wiil sell thatweU bailt Hon** and Lotea north «i.i* of Clary •treevborwevi Ihlid aa4 If oar t a ••r««ci. known mSa.4*. The Lot ireau i> feat by 73 tees, deep: tea Uonse) is t«ot «o tt^rica. w -II a- :»h«J. .b ,l divided into two taaeaeata. pxoaoeiaa- *M> per month. ieiJ AX3O. Fire Isota ta the Pe*>ple'i* Home* stead Ai»»o4'latlon. Noa. 8. (. 7. « aad 44. ia Btoek 50. fi— e»«h ia sis* O ieet front by 7j i»*t Jeep. AXSO. En tl r e Fifty. Yarn L» t >*o. «• O•»,O •», B W. corner Green aad Tjsjlor streeU. That beautifully leeated TUtT-Tara LM*mth« SOOtllwat t corner of Q.-eea aad Tsjrlar streets, mating Vila feet oa each street. -sar Tbe view from t!::» lot Is aasarpassei. Th« ioil is txc«U«nt biaok loam, aad bo roeJh ALSO. Two Hulldlns I.oti* fanrsljis the S. Tf. fomer «f Janess street and Broadway. ' So. 73—Lot forming tb* soat&west rarner ef troadwsy aad Jones sireel. froniinc SHfsat oa Braadway aad 6u teet ea Jones street. ALSO, ' Ha. TV— L»i adjoining No. 73 wester!? oa Broads way. earn* dimeaacaa. (*2X ALSO. Lots on San Bruno Road, Brown's Gilt map IVo. 4. No*. 383, 353 aad 384. fronUag en 3aa Bran Boad. ALSO. s*«o.&«7aßdlK3oaolftmapiro,3 tOi JOB! BUSBXJETw>a * SO.f , feii Ancnosssss; Great Sale of Town Lots IN THE TOWN OF SAN ANTONIO, Alameda County. Tbe owners ef the unsold part of th* town of 3aa Antonio having determined to throw a part el their property into market, th* nndersigned will sell foe their aoooant. AT AUCTION. At their Salesroom, northeast cor. Montgomery sad tsllfora la street*, MONDAY. MONDAY March V, IStS At ia o'clock mil. Blorks aad Lot* of jLaad in the said Town ef.saa Antonio. Th* mment greaS faci iU" for rejch.rt this town in O nuaoxee from itea rraseiieo. reod.r to* proiw. ty extreaaely de*ir*b4« for reoidoaoo'. There) an three ferry linex bow ia operatiea. tßae auknc the tewa aoeeatible freni aaa JTraßOUcoat wnoi any hoar of th* day. Ihe property to aU perfwOy level sad on high aad dry groand. oojaiaaMiag a ta* vi*w oi aaa (naciiee, 0 j k Una aad A lamed*. Mass of Saa Aat cio. with Clinton aad OaiUei aaa.z J. sa*wina~ theic relative peeJUoaa. ar* aow/ being prepared for dutr.ouuoa. Title, perfect Spanish <lraa» T3SM3 AT SALE. jobs xxasurros «% sob. f*2l AUCTIOSESSa. Executor's &ue of Kcal Estate. Ia theProbat* Conrt ef the City aad Canty of Sea jTraaaise*. Slat* of Caiilorvia. in the matter *f th* fcUUte of JOU.N X. WAUaMUt. d»ITetie* is* hereby riven that ia aopeHas>e« with) th* laat will aad teetameat of Jchn *. Walker, d*. ssM«i. ea (J* aad ef reoord ia aaiJ Proo» « • oort. th* aadersiga'd, executor of said last will aad iee> taaeat, will offer for aw* a* >aeilo njtiw, ta the> highe** bidder lor 0..0. »aiaa<e 10 loito.* ?:*»•• fA!d eoia, at 'he salesroom ef JuHN JSIDDi «- lON M 30N. Sj 40, M»ot»t>m»r> street. in the) eity> of aaa rraaeiao*. ea MO.SUAT. tae thineeata day of JUaraa. M 13 o'oloac noon. rabi*e* to approval aad aoanraiarioß by said Probe** Conn, the) bUowing deeortbed Beal Eit-ite, ntualod ia said oity aad ooaaty et daa l*raaei*ee: Cemmeaciaa as a point oa tae north lla* of MoAlliiter stTMt, distaat thirty-*****) f*es aad 4 iaohes (7 S-12) wasterly from th* aotthw»*t ooraev of MoAUlsser aad Un»«'h streeta: tteoee> westerly alvaej amid Haw *f MoAUister sue**, tweat- - ty-nve (Ja) i**s: tswewe) as righs asgle* Bortberly elchty-swen(**SaadaUtßehee(Sl6-l.): UeaeaaS il|lll«Bgl»s***leilHiealf a it Inraiie as rlsat aade* eoatherly etaaty-eevea fe+i U.J. six iaohes l« d-Uk to ta. plae* of begtaaiag. <iivOKi*K MVWALKKK. Xzeoatar of th* last wUI aid reetamtas of Jo Ha JT. Walker. d*c**»«d. Saa Traaeiseo. lebraary I*. 1W&. :* .5 National Manufactory I SIX "FIRST PREMIUMS" AW AJtDXD TO SQUARZA, TOBHI3 Original Punch,! Cordials! and Hygienic Bitter* ! Du«a raosi bii^d- r .> PISCO. COtaSAO-beet brand*. RSillisii 'an 4 HOLLATD 013. IK(3iI aad SCOICiI WULSKif. ADVACK. • ABSTSTBS. v a»d LIQUIUM. BOH3SACX W15 19. in buJk and saw. swaß inBIUCAUTTOf W i2fcn», C2AX?AaTB, and DC3LI3 STOTJT. XSOLISH aad CAUFOR'IA AUi &3i> BaVZS. AXXSICiS WHISKT. oldest aadibest aaaltty. PKACa ASD APPLa B&ASDT. ■ Wholesale and Betail, PAHBSKOBR HTOUBS. So. 4-t Leldesdorf; . Sear SBorasaeat* ssrees. fes-tf .1 ":'■ '""■• . BAH nLUCIBOO. I PISTOLS J_ PISTOLS ! •S^fe^ rATEXT PISTOL 3. for sale by tAw> 8. «ICH * BRO, laBM« 50. a Cafl<braiast,a*ar Battery Cans, Biiles, Pistols, Etc. >. m-f WIXSSJB * lV«t« HAT* _TVtp2 t !Hf"S I » •»> b»»'1b »»' 1 »f^ »*»ort!aeß» •^TJfc^ of Doable «ad Aisle eaa*. OJe. _f\V\ *** Pwtols of every iewnptioa. and *•*■ are ot iirtwi tsaaortattoa. aad we weald iarit* oonntry aiewhaju to aaasala* tu* «**« be. ?o? or * »»«"*«lag esanhesex faeUac oeasVieat «f 8+»ia4;«u«t»tloato tbewaol«.-a. sad retail trad*. Only aathortMd Ageat* of the) eeteeaafs disia vttaaa. Xrtadoa, A **rtlaeat*> ,i,m wtta **a «r S*w trerk mad* to wl er.'aaJ repaMaa- *a> coated la the awt suie. wiLsoa * svAsa tli Clay «tr*^-oeJO-tf AadlMJsto.^Sriu^ee.qty. COAL! COAL! GOAL' To Commanders of Sicamialps BABarrrs cbxab tabtab— la ]*Js hoaas. la K. H aa* U» aaaask: mAMMXmmAUULAT%»laX-> paper*. U-» l>*ie*. BABBRnra mvrmm siAatax M>tIa t-> paver*. I>* Wae*. MBsrrn coxcutiuho rwrYASaV* lal-»*aa«. »»«, »ort> Barrel* a*l hatf Wnk JMWITTt IITfU • I*m "

antfion odtB. SJnUfE DORE i CO.. CONTINUED. < • . - -- Bryant and Sate Strtttn. Bet. S«Tcmtlt and Elshtb, Lot hartac 50 feet front on Bry«at itioat by 63 f«« tron t an Deeat or ncHt, ud U few ban* oa iMaerreoi. zsaxsAia&Ls. Ms KAUSXOt MIS * CO» iM AUCTKOTKRS. WEDNESDAY, 17EDNE3DAT...... ......... ...-March 3, 156S aU UO><]«k,lL,>tltl«nM, TRUSTEES' SALE or ■ STOCKTON STREET PROPERTY. Ryan's Stable^ Trustees' Sale. Ia avrnaaeo af a rowhittoa wri •'AJ?*!* •f Truteoe of til* ia»inn ana fcaaa Society, »a Uom contain*! taaaerUin ©~*i*^*h3rt' ud traatad on the tf ta day of Oeteb«r. I*l. by Joaa K»». Kdw.rJ Kyaa. «nd Minaret, wife of Edward Rju. to K. WYBarr mol J^Anl^U. Trmeoe*. to moot* oertaia. tadebtadnew to_ the SeTiatTattd Leu Society, krokeai t*»»<«"£"J* dl been mad* Is the »» meat of ««id iwdentodnet.. ud directin « & W. Burr an J B«j. V D«n. ivlnw ud iaeee*»ore to K. W. Barr ul lota«lr nmfWl er a»oi« »»»«■• whole «r any portion of tha proper,' in e»ul J>aed of Inut described. Therefore, aoose if hereby firen, b» the us lvii triad Trusteee. nan *•*?■ X HSDaY. the Ei.hti. day of Mwefe. i*v% a; twe » c o'clock M .at the s»le«room of M .anoo Dora* Co.. S». 337 Xoatcemery itMit (hail nil at p*bli9 Mttiuß, to tba hUaelt blddor for ca h in told iota of the C'n itod Sutea. the folio «r inx deecribed property, titnated in tba eit» ud eooaty of oaa If r wit.: CommaDoiiK at a pout pna > kindred and thirty-ieVen OJ7) feet and lU ( ) laohw nortn from iha aortheart aornar al Waehiacton aad Bt»eß> taa ttreeu: thence northerly alone tae eae* ef Stockton afreet twenty-three i») feet ud cut (6) iaehaa thence at rinht uileo eaaterly on* hundred aad tairv-wrren ( U>7; feat ud at* <«) neaea : taenoa at ricat u*laa »oota«rly t»a UJ f set : these at riiat uclaa aaatariy lixty-two 4tsj>4 t5j> iaat t » Stouw a:laj: tbaao* »oatharlTud aloa« th« waat Una af tttoata allay twaaty-ona U > fact: tbaaea- at neat vila waaierl* iUt»-s<ro (»« f«i« : tkaoea a* rinht aasla* aoatAarly twaaty-twa (2i> feat: tbaao* at hKfttuglas wwtarly aaveaty (7j) fact: tJianea at tUitanila* northerly twsntj-two (2) faat: th«n,-a rt rigat uclat watt »rly aix tr- tovra lt>7) faat aad fix (S) iaakaa u> taa aaat Uaa af btoektoa atfaet aad tba point of B'imraoarement: be : a* por-dsn of '9-rara IoU Sot. H ud 49. aad af 100-van lat No. 78. beta* tha property deasribad la m V—i ef Inat from Joaa Ryaa. Sdward Xyaa. ud Jlrnm, wile of Kdward Kju. to K. W. Burr aad Joan Anhbald. Tra ttaet. their raaeeaMra ar amina. aad wbicb ia•traaaat if recorded la the offic* of taa tleeprdar af tae city *ad oooaty of oaa Jfraaeiwo. ia Liber i of Daadt af trait, at paca ■.01 TERM 9 OP SALB-Tea percent. oa taefill of tbe kaamar. balaaoa an daliTary af daada wkaia taa day*. AaUotaaJaMpar-hajar.'axfaaaa. Sfcjj. p. vk\y.i Trut * m ' DtMdttauirrm3dfoo.Fobrur7i4.lsaS. fall ELEGANT Homestead and Business SOUTffVTKSTKBLT COM(SB Fifth and Harrison Streets Lot formiat tha soatawajtarty corner af ?lfta aad Barriaoa jtiaat*. aaruui D 7 faat • iaehaa front oa FLf.i meet, aad 1.0 laat fraat aa Harrison at. TO BE BOLD IK FOUR SU2SITISIOS3. **-Tae above lota are dtrastly oa tae snda. •traata gradad. plaaked, ndawalked aad sewered. A plaa tbowias rabdiTinoaa will be found on taa property, to which wa aak mention. TERMS AT SALS. t e2s uxvmicm sou * co« tan Aocxxosrcxs*: -» — - i ...1 . . «W- Vavolson Copper Mining Comsaay— Gopher District, County. CalilaraU— Sotiee-TSera are daiiaaaaot, apoa too folio ■»in» daaesibad itoak. oa aeeenat af inn a»nl lariod oa tha eifhteeata day of Jaaaary* !■*>-'. tha aaoaata set apaoaita tha nixu af tba raapaotiTa liiaraholdan. aa followi: 3amee. Na. Cart. Ho.Sharaa. AaiX 30) 678 701 TCI 70* « (578 AUsa RC UI7UH4 X 3U Jrowa RU— M S* 370 SSJ «TS Sll SO CO Bartiatt ft B 4H 5 * izadfonl D ' «^» 60 *00 SaraaAM &« SO 563 Sarron M Co (81 6M» 1160 Sanaa Jaaapa CU *H4 100 Ui« bUadiag Wb , MB 8) in 1£« CoUii n John A & aO CaaabarHa A L 6*o S '«0 OaaaldUsA MS S 60 Sasaay V A ST9 10 Xft 11 atari A R. fiOUM* IS IX Brom "" i ** i v Uall Wa »S 14 I£S Meyer I L ««* 30 140 QakUyßO .454 Sat S SO Pearson J. Asaat. 5iH 575 » 340 Phelm J KjkH It* LM Hana Wm. pladataa__7l3 5 Hi Kianold U H. (deo'd)— sh«ass» us is» Rokblaa C » "* a 24 Kebimaoa D W iM tt7 10 13V Ria (i «« 3 % SaawaW _________?» ICO U« ?aaidunßi<aop — Ml 4 4* -•aden J M ...4 it 5 6u TowaMad J B 75 »» «U7 13 U* Whalay Thonua4J7 31S *1 4 »61 699 705 Hi 12SJ WfldarJW*Co T5O 5 80 Wheeler HC 664 B 301 And ia accordance with law tad an erdar af the Baard of Trainee. m»Je on tba aightaaath day of Jaaaaxy, U6&, to aiaay iha-ea af each parcel of (aid itoek aa nay be o ~*eaj»ry will ba told at tba ralea reomof Maurice Dora Ji Co™ >o 327 Xontcwaary itraat.Su Fruci'eo. Cai . aa r KIuAY, taa third day of Mirch. U6S. at tba boor of twalva o'clock aoaa at said day. to pay laid daliaquent bum maat thereon, tozataar with ooau af » • lag aadaxpanMaofihasaia. - A. W. HA3KELL, Saaratary. Ofiea So 19 Staranaon HoaM. Montgoauty »tr»et. Su yruaiaao. fan *»- atimavia Coal jfJalas Coapur, Oornl 11 olio w. Alaaada Cornty. Stata af CaliforBi*.— Notica— There an daliaqaast apoa tha followin* daaeribad ttoak aa aoaoaat of ajaaanaoat lariad aa tba twaaty-tblid day »t Daeaaabar. i.o. 1364. tba aaranl amoon u set opponte tba naaiaa ol tba raspaattra abaraholden. aa fo II o w • i Naataa. Ho. Caxufleatea. bharei. JaOMoat. B X Auger - Hi 3U fcil 1 B X *"i» ■** 3UO 300 B X *-f- "i* (CO «c 0 J B Croctett^ M » r> J B Crackett. 70 30 30 Outtlac * Co 4 i M U Krl. v^ttm V.I lij US A J Vaa Wh.kl. a S ! ySßrae£-_1......"""::i4tt 1J 1( C GUaoai 1U SO SO V »«""« «" O 33 KIU» Booteiller 15S 5 9 Iliaa BoaUUlar 53 80 » Aaunt Uaard.. IST 5 I Vinoant MaUlaa__ M _JM 10 10 Vincent MaUIM... a<3 13 U A >"""- «■» IS 13 A !■»- HK-. «» 30 30 A VUraiar 114 73 T P """'* , „ "' 10 1( pg*-'- «■? 10 Ia l»«""i- „ «* 10 10 , «* la la Lo»i» Pere. , „" hi » > LooU Para* "« 3S X Aad la aoeordanoa with tba taw. aad aa order a tha Board of Traataaa. auda aa tha twenty- third day af Paaamber. W4. aa auay abaraa of aaeh paroal ut mid took aa may bo aaaaaaary. will bo •old at tba aalearooai af Maarioa Doro ,Jt Co, No. HT Moatramary atroat. Baa Fraaaiaea. aa SAIUKD A Y, February 11. I*4. at twel»« o"olook. a. af to pay laid deliaquea t uwnaoti tbaraav. tagatbar wit* aaatt «f «J »artisin * aad expoaia af aa.a. L. fßASCOXlTSaaratary,. Office, north eart ooraer af MaatgeaMcy tad Jaektaa itreeu. laa If tucim. jaJt «a-Taa tboTa Bala U POSTPOSSB matt IXJJCSDAT. tha twaaty-ftnt Faanary. liiS. By ordar of tba Board at TiMtoaa, - LOUIS FRASCOM. kooraury BaarrtaaiKO.rtkrairylO.U63. fad •VThaabora gala U PO3TPOSKD ontU FKID AY. tba tblrd day af Kama. 1353. By orier af tba Board af Tr'iwaaa, L. KRANCOSI. Saeratary R«i> Fraaebco. February ii. VB&. fail Closing or tbe Sabsi-rlptlon List or'Tnz MEXICAN SEA ISLAND COTTON CO. N" O T I C E npo tii s Bxmranna a» p»> -*■ tona dadrlnc to aaoara tha adrutagaa af tba combiaatioa of capital to aabaik ia tba »ron table batiaaaj of railing Cottoa: ths nrruit Bimus iist WIII ba oioted oa tha ICth J*y of Marsh nozt. or aarUar^hoald the required aamkat af abaraa ho takea ap before tha; data, attar whlob time ao rnora •took will ba btaed aadar tba prWUete af payaMot la monthly iaitalhaaata. irba Company'i Atant will to aant by the •toamar laaviac for M ~ntltn aa the 13th Maroh to maka praparattoa for tba pkatia* af a eroj> tbk ■eaion. All ibarai whlih nay ba wiated IharaafttrviU katold on ia«h taniu v lit hoUan »i tbaraaalatacihanaauy deaaad. -.....'i.i.i . I •W Tba vraaaat apportnnlty laaffand to oapitalUu,or aty one abla to ipara Oaa Dollar. waloa amoaat paid aoatbly until tba tnt of April. ISM will ooTar tba «xpoaaaa af aalttTatiat aot laaa than half aa aero, equal to tba pradaat af orar MO pooada af Cottoa. wank SIOO-whieb to tba rabaoriber to U or more thsree wUI yield a haadieoe yearly ravaaaa. Taa naallen akarabatdan wUI participate in ail the adrutM«a tba lariarsapitalUti pom vi. without tba daattr of baia t foro* I o at of tha tompaay by addltlaaai aiaanmonta. Tha Bj-lawi cnard aoiait aU ooaUaiaadat: no atMtt. maatf aaa ba leviad.aor oaa tha aampany eontraot uydtbta.bntliaoafaaJto tba capital aa bud. ud aampeQed to daclara dMdaada f-oa taa praiaoe of the Irn sroo. By tha ooaataattoa af aapItal maatbera will ierira tba baaaatt af havta* the ptodaat alaaaad from the toad, baled, aad aitpoaad af at tba blxhaat market rataa: wharf as tha null crpwer of Cottoa b eoaipelled to aa'l hit Cotton la Iha teed to diatdrantaca, U*bla to aabtrrtwawti aad rablaot to maay iiptaiat wiioa do not Wl haary apon tba planter oa a larga toala. 3peo-al referenea U aiiido ta the Proipaotat ud By-Uwa. ud ianadiato applioation aaoaaaary to W.C. BURNETT. Samttry. Al a meetiai of tba itoekhoMart held aa Moada». tba ISth f ebruary. tha feOowlac Omoan were eleotad to aarra dariaa tba aaaaia* tanti Praaidaa*- JACOB BCHKUSXIU ntrotton-CaJ. THO& CAZ3 IAU. B. t. JON S3 WM. LASUBRM ASN. W. C BCIUUir. I Sa««ury-W. & BUSSBTT. !«»[',» I Tha Cora paajr'i Ofica la at 3»,M CUy «r«a. &oaai3«%Saa4S.tUriliUry. (a»U

' Cl\nhiOT*roalto. "' HIDBIGB DOIEB & CO. JEJROMJuTItTtJ'ia *W CO., «l*T. IBTATI, BTpOT- ASD BX3I&AL ACOWm.A.Otiitb, * te ** 4> tvnnamm BXeManoHk CkaaßßaSßtaeßatßa X«KM» *•»"*, XJaTlfB (•"•• ft*"****. A»-*Ji§Br^ OWIDiTWW O» 4UU « *U n*pswl' »»W iry •> * sssltof F« mm a*nadwe* T— (W *»**■ «i U* m»*mu*l ast ymrrJUsx snnis M ,r>;lU*<U l l.ft«»(»>k Tl^Bs^BW.^tUW.otltMyw _ . i ■ ■ ■ 1 1 . "i" it t saS. as.^ *AUeiBBBBBr <rJ B)*n*aMeVsae? y^sS:^-—^r-I-WEDNESDAY. WKDNESDAY—..—....".— ..March 1, 1865 or REAL ESTATE __ MACNIFICENT ' * ■_- • ■ - - - - **^H. HOMESTEAD LOTS. - (I M i- . ■ ■-1 . ■ On e» Jklb*>r«al Oredlt. - 100-VARA LOT NO. 2*o, Southeasterlj Corner • Folsom and Seventh Sts,, , - - - ■■ ■ s . sUßl^SßeiiiaiiHlsiii i ADJOINING COLUMBIA 80UABE. TO Bl BOLD Cf LARCJS BUBDIVI3IOS3. tßr This Froperty offers rars indncements to parties) In search of well located Homestead Lots. Tba entir* 100-Vara will be sold OIV THB O&ABU, and streets graded, rolsora street is yraded, planked and ildewalked, and the ears are passing' the property. The 100Vara is covered with elegant Shade and Ornamental Trees and Shrubbery, and is In every respect desirable. A plan showing subdivisions will be found on th* grounds, to which we ask attention* TIBMS...J Cash, balance 1 jear at 1 per cent. (et .Also. ELECANT HOMESTEAD PROPERTY B»BTKBABTEBXT COBXBS Centre (or 16th) street and First Avenne, Bet, Mission and Valencia utre«u Let forming th* aortaeaiterly earner of Tint Avenas aad Ceatn (or Sixteenth) street, aavisg 34 feet front ea Centre, street, by M feet oa Pi »: Artnae, and f» feet beat oa aa aUsv 2J ftet wide. AXSO, Lot eommeaelag at a peint oa the easterly line ef list Aveave. distant US fees northerly from Cmtre or Bixteentb) street: theeee rustus: norrhwlv, having «0 feet treat on Tint Aveans. by Si fact tt depth. «c aa aUeyw ay 10 feet wide. TO BI SOLD IS L AKQH SCBDXVISIOS3. J9T W* call Mseeial atteatisa te these eleg aatly looatei hometteaJ lots. They are. direotly opposite the iplendid resideae* ef Mr. apanldia*, and sarroaaded by nie* itnerovtmeats. Oh aad water ia Wat of the premises. The lets are all on tae grade have a good drainage, the laad aleping gently, end there is a nice well el water ea the groaad. The Howard street ears pass the property every few miaatae daily. JTer Business er aosaesUael porveeea tiU propezty leesease* aaasaal adraataces. THRiIS LIBIBAL. Title Perfect. la» ALSO. ELECANT HOIBTP PROPBRTT, NOKTHKASTSBLT COBUBR Filbert and Seotlaad Streets. Opposite B. J. Vaa da "WaUr/s Keaideace, B»tw«en Powell aad Hason Sts. a Lot fomlar tie north eaater'y enraer ef Filbert an 1 tisouand ttreeta. hivin* 97 feet aad S .nonet Croat oa filbert street ty i~ feet aad S laenes front en Scotland street. Together with the two Cottan Heasee thereon, eae eeataiaiaa «. aa<l the other 7 rooms, all hard fiaishtd: water threosb, the heasee. Klee Sardea la front ef eaea heaea. **- This property offer* a ftae ehaaee far Ln»a*:meat. The eatire pre*«rty is sarroonded by OrsteUs* lmpr«v*m*ata. aad will rent for *70 a meath. JCxamiae it. TEBM3 AT SALS. * ALSO. ELECANT HOMESTEAD oa ■ Clay Streets XTSA.Zt TAXLOB ST. lot. Wl5 sad 1117 Clay streeU ■ Lotl-Lot oomaenoing at a point ea southerly line of Clay street, distaat 103 feet 6 iaohee westerly from Taylor sreet: thane, roaaini easterly, aaviac 24 feet treat ea Clay street by la feet in depth, to Riley strew*. Together with the well saiahed Dw*Dlnc House thereon. eontUslng 11 roenu. all hart Saisaod; marble mantels, gas. hot aad oold water, mo. ALSa Lot>— Let adjointag No. 1 easterly, sam* sis*: torether with th* Dwelliag Hease) thereoa. waieh Is aa exact copy of X*. L. and aow rented for leu .month. «■» Bxamfai* ta*s* Hooses. They are every way tIHST CLASS. TERMS VTOY LIBERAL. ALSO. Large Homestead Lot •a JavrhHOU StreeU D*2U H x <te and jLarkln. Lot oemmraeiag at a point on th* southerly Uae of Jscksoa street, distaat U7 fact t Inches westerly from UvJe street; thence wesUrly. kavtaf ti feet JH lnohas front on Jaoxsoa street by IB feet « lnches lm depth. Lot and streeU graded. TEKStS CASH. f*2l ALSO, South Park Property Lots 8 and 9 in South Park, BZTWJOaS SKCO.XO A9D THIBO BTS. Let S— Lot fommencint at a point aa South Ps>t Av.nne north, distaat WJ tMt wwuriy from Second stre>t: theaee westerly, haviat S3l**t front ea South Park A vena* by 8a feet ia depth te Park Laae. ALSO. ' Lot 9-LotadJoinln«Ko.Swe.t«!y. tame sise. ' «*" Xxamla* these Lots. They an saa* of iha eholcest leu in th* Far k. lUJUQASB. Homestead Lot • oa HOWARD STREET, Bet. Seventh and Eighth Btrrttn • Lot ecm.aeins at a point *a the watheaeterry lia* of U*ward street. <&staatU fees aseiUwesMrly from Saateh street and •» net aaathwenerly irea seveath atreet:* raaniag •ooihvwtvly. having «J feei freat ea Howard etreei by 71 faealk depth. - ' TKRM3 "»SM ■ ftf t I- *^sa*lsjsßa*\^| - Two Business Corners, 6OTJTHB ASTBRL V COBKKB Bryant and Decaf ur .St *„ 80UTffWISTl*LT OOUKZJ. ,

c. c. wßunt. ■ wabiib nrnn WBBSTBR & HBTTON, Pine tJtX. bot.Sjmxc.Talpd Battery. TO-»roJSßow. KOND AY -February 27, 1865 AS 1»K A. M.. on the Prera lans, Gay Place, Blncon HU!, near First itrceti last house left tide, VI WILL SBLL. i; i MB ENTIRE FMTDRE IB THB ABO VB H ESI DEUCE, OOHSISTISO IK PAST . OI Splendid Bosewood* Parlor Bets; Elegant Walnut Chamber Sett, la oil; Heavy Carved Oak Dining Btt; Rich Body Brnsicls Carpets, Ollcloths.&c Beds, Boddinjr. Chairs, Tables, Window Curtains, Mirrors, Fictores, Dining Boom and Kitchen Far* nltare Complete. Crockery, Glass, Silveralated Ware, etc ALSO, One Good Samaritan Cooking Stove, with Fixtures complete. **- The above Furniture is nearly new. ud in iplendid order. TEBHH CASH. I V. H. UOLD COIB. *t- Qoods to be removed on day of 'tale. WEBSTBB * aTDTTOB, UOi ' ADCTIONiSEHS. M C MER & MERRILL, WIIOIiESALE AUCTION HOUSE. au^ suid au« California atraet, Rcor/Lit Pali D*ts^-V7ioxisdit and Satuedat Cash adranoes on ooLsigsments. A. P. Etsesct Auctioneer WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY^ 1, 1865 At 10 o'clock A. Jtii AT SALESROOM, H.osuic.r S«^le or Groceries, Provisions, YELLOW IV2STAL. fts Old Yellow MeUl and Nails. TEA 8 chests Japan Tea, 30B> each, lib papers. OYSTERS 100 cases Freeh Oysters, 2 doz ea, 21b. cane. ■ fe2a TUESDAY. TaESDAY...... ..March 7, 1805 At IK o'clock, P. »., At the Navy Yard, Mare Island WILL BE SOLD Condemned Stores,&c ooxßisTtsa ot 7461 n>s Bread 1 barrel Beef; 127-lPOdoPorlc; 114 lbs Pickles; 64 bottles Mustard ; 127 do Pepper; 3 Tin PoU; SO Pea Jackets; ft) Flannel Jumrjers; £5 pairs Cloth Trowsers; 30 do Satinet do; 93 Cloth Caps; • 2 Blankets; 10 Thermometers; 17 Water Gaages; 40 Lamp Chimntes; 1 Spring Balance; 86 Corn Brooms; 24) lbs Pemp Fucking. fe24 800(1 lbs Bice; 15 kegs Dried Apples; , 4OOOJbs Bread; 4 barrels Reef; 4 do Pork. fe2s ALSO, 8000tt more or leas Copper; 9 Beats, consisting of Ist, 2d and 3d Cutters, Whalebeats and Launches; 37 kegs Gunpowder, 1001b each. By order cf BICITABD CHEHEBT, f«2» HAVT AfIEHT. Sueincss t£arbg. ESUjLE T. feUTTISB, Notary Pablic and Conveyancer, 626 CLAY STREET, «2S. Between Montgomery and KearnySan Frangisoo. Deeds, llortcaces. Leases. Powcn of Attorney. 'ontrasts, etc.. drawn up with care. German, French and Spanish spoken. fcT-lm* h. r. wTLUAna. bobt. o. figs. . HI2XUY F. WIUIAMS 4t €0., BEAL ESTATE AQKNTS. •20 Clay street—. — San Fraadseo Prompt attention will be siren to all matters pertainlnc to Beal Estate, such as bayict and sello( oa Commission. Negotiating Loam. Collecting Rests, etc. ja3l-tf For Sale. AVF.IIT lir.eJIBABLE IMT OB MOCTB side of Mission street, between Fifth aad Sixth streeU, with 40 feet front on Mission and Minna streets: totether with improvements there- "• AE&u"^.^. WILLIAMS * CO.. fei Beal Eatat* Agents. &X Clay street. BYRON BIXUKGEB, Skipping 1 and Commission. SHANCHAE. CHINA. Consignon' Interetti will receiv* personal and prompt attention. acrißßicß: Wm. T.Coleman k- Co.. aaa Francisco. California. fel T«MBBfi» Bv il. G *I II ™ H - rOBWABDIKB AND GOMKIBSIOI MM ABeSUBS AB» BAB FSOBO. ae-Cm MARTI N VICE . :, BOAT BUILDER, Feet *f K*Bte*a*ry and Chestnnt streets, Norti Pcint, Baa FraneUoo. BOATS BiriXT TO OBIJCK, ABD CWB. itantly ea hand. All ordsn promptly attend* al to. Agent for California for the sal* of Ilolme' Patentedßelf-rUhUas Sari a»4 tin boatt. jfl LEWIS SHUABEB, Attorney and Connsellor at Law, cmcEa, - Its. S» suml ta JKetroßMtUSaai Block, 9f. W. o*nu MOnUomery aad Washinrton SUM yS BAB TRAWOISCO- ■ ' KABTIN A CO* OSes, BtsrsßSoa Dome, corner California and Montgomery streets, np stairs, Will OOSTSADT FOS TBS ' BBCBOHABB OF COPPER OBBS, AS•Kjrte^.'SutSrtfAWA^ra °Sif>i«a t S»^%tOme*BcMUHS. ' «WMf DB< W. CALVJEHT. . .-. 'Si ' ', X9Z2ZSI 'A'X BT, j£g^i LATE PBOFESIOB IS TUB > W» Peanirlvaala College of Dental Garg*ry. • • . Office, IC9 Montgomery street, between Bash and B»tter streets. ' )aS San Francisco Foundry MACHINE WORKS. Corner ol Fremont and Mission Streets. AIX KIBBS MAOHIITEBT BTADB TO . order oa the most reasonable terms. HEP AXHINa promptly attended to. ' Bteam Engines, Bigh and Low Pressnr*: Qnsrli MilU. Saw MUls. Mltint Pnmps, Uolstins Machinery far Mining pnrpo.e«: Agnsnltnral Jjaplements. eta, .te.: Castings of all descriptions made to order. Also, Wine. Cldtr. Cotton and Tobaooo PTe*se* of the latest Improved patterns. - Sugar Mill, Centre Boardwrishts. Bolt Cutting. Lan Improved Patent Wind-Blast E*sarator. lor Dry Crnihing. manufactured hera. ' Bsvaraßd Cesipocl Outings on band. Cos, [oU •Tell-Borinf MacMne*. Also. Qoartj MUls. Bhoei and Dies, warranted to be mad* of th* best Whit* meam Engines of all list* oocsUnily on hand. - - jSoonton Cut JMallii.^ TBKSB HAII/I. WAHtfirAO.'CBED BT

OtO.X.i.BßT»nsi.r ('.'■"■ wK.ll.«tWt)ltl, THOS. 1. POCITSBSB, B. O. DOWXIJIa. JONES IBElfiffl, • ->. two doors fro— Frost. ■ • . : BALM PATH * r TTf ■— Ul t sioATt; OABD. 8. L. JO3ES retires from oar firm this day. and ils interest and responsibility ceases. Mr. H.C. )OWNINO has an Interest in our home from thli date, and the business will be continued an Jer th* •am. nam. and style a. h«J/^ BE!n)I2tEIT . Ban Francisco. February 15. 18 M. feld TUESDAY. rOEBDAY February 28, 1885 Jll 10 O'clock A, .If., At Salesroom CHINA SUGAR KMO No.l151 matt (b&?ei) Su;ar, each t pockeU, 25tt> each; XL A.— 160 bales China Sugar, 100n> eacli. YIIIGMJVIJI TOBACCO. 85 J-boxes Tery superior Genuine Tlrglnla Tobacco, pound lumps In fine order; 19 J-boxes Jim Ilaro's Ditto, do do; 15 j-boies fancy brand do do do. BEEF TONGUES. a casks Dried Tongues. SYRUP. kegs Boston Syrnp, 5 gallons each. do do do 8 do. COAL OIL. For aceonnt of whom It may concern, 80 cases Deoderlzed Coal 011, 10 stilt e a. OYSTERS. 103 cases Baltimore Ojsten, 9 dos each, SB> cans. SHERRY WINS 10 cam line Eherrj Wine. ! TEAS. 200 half chests Oolong Fouchong Teas, In papets, 3Gib each. FIRE PROOF SAFE A superior Tllton *t McFarland fire-proof Safe, with double doors, cash box, and approved Lock, fitted np Cabinet Intlde. -__-l____-L' fe2c TUESDAY. TUESDAY February 28, 1866 «ftll o'clock, A. Jtl. Special Sale OF DAMAGED RICE, At Curl ton's Warehouse. WB "WILL SELL, AS ABOVE, For Casb, for aect whom It may concern, Damaged oa voynge of Importation, EX IHPEBIAL, B k C In diamond, T B— 3021 tacks Undeanel ratna Rice, 1 80 ib et, Damaged on voyage from Hongkong. TERMS CASH. fe2B B. D. BIILBT. W. r. KOBOBOSB. 11. D. BIILRV & CO., ACrn-lOIVEEBN. Bal«arooia 80. 40S Pine atreet, went ol MontsfomeFjr, RboclabSaliD.»tb~~~Wsd!<isd«takdSitcbdit TUESDAY. HJESDAY -Febniary 28, 1865 ON THE PREMISES, No. -- IMinna. Street, ALL THE FURNITURE Of a Genteel Private Dwelling. Particulars on Monday. fe3s. E. D. BAILBY, Auctioneer. MIRKS & BRO., AUCTION AND OOMMIf SIOS MERCHANTB, ■sdearoooa la. S3I Callfarnla atroet, Dot. Kontg-omery *>u«t U«irnr. RaaoLiß Silb D*vs Moksit jjtb Th?i.i3at. LBan! *t t ucn sate aa aaaaKaaaMi el aU Ikk remWaw af aoaaai aa«>k OaKaot atfai.tnaSal la. .cilia GBO, B. RICO & CO., REAL ESTATE. BTQCK AND GENERAL AUCOffie*), 803 Claj Street, E. X. FIBLD Auctioneer. 49" Furniture, Out-dour and Special Sales soleited and promptly attended to. Houses and Lots to bent, and at Private Sal* in all parts of tho city. fe'.s Premium TRUN XL MANUFACTORY, 222 and 224 Sansome St. EDW'D GALPEN. THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT ON THIS COAST. f*22-4ptf Oatslde Lands and the North Ban Francisco Homestead and Railroad Association. . \%TK, THE ITHBEBSICN ED, OWREBX » » and in possession of, and mnrtiasees of larce trac's nflaod lfing between Van Ness Avenue on the easVfretidio road on the south, the Government Reserve line on the west, and the Bay of Ean Vraneisoo on the north, which 'he laid AtsocUtlon tffers ai part of its capital stook, hereby oantion the public that we will legally contest to the utmost the unlawful claims of said Association to oar lands lylniwlthin the above limits : b it »ort6w. a. j. morrkll. " OEOROBKaO^BTOH. • . f*2l-tf REVERE LIVERY STABLE. NapaOlty. JG\ HIGGLE ABD DOIIBI.B BOGRockaways. Kxprees-waeons. State mt*-. omo* rt th J K« S H^ r . propr)rtor WaitaCTty.JeaeSDH- '«" ■-■•■■■ teSfc-M Fathion Lircry Stables! rfS^C Bublei of PORTKR A COVKIf. the I'loKp"*T^neor Prop: ieton in California, havo rejffsjsil piovixl their old stand on Kearny stree to NO. It SUTIKR BTKEKT. between Montiom•lav and aUkt. . • • boS^ss , SE?o^b°r f o^"h d ar^r £SSUS. "jaSsV^"*-' • CHARLMn/sHKAR. DUNCAN, SDJCBIIAN A CO., BANKERS. Corner Pine and Bavaasm SU., Hew Torn, Issne Circular Notes and Letters of Credit of Travellers, available In all the principal cities of the world. Also, Mercantile Credit* for use I; Kuropo. China. eta. ■..,-. ■-- -■-.?:■■ ■ feg > DUFOJnPS V;. ■£._ GUN POiWD E RJ SCP. MISIWO ASD BLABTnaPOW. RKR. mannfaetnred exprenly for California: " SPORTIMS K\VD JtIItahaIf pounds and flasks. '"'.■^KotMOND-QIBBOHa k CO., - | r ■ • Sol* Agents for California. „ j. ' No. sUCall&rnU street, below Battery, j • BTORAaE.-P«wdsr rscslrtd on res- ■ ttsblirstsi.

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