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Daily Alta California, Volume 18, Number 5924, 30 May 1866 — ARRIVAL OF THE "PACIFIC." [ARTICLE]

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The steamer /Wjt<\ Hot? art. Commander, 2 days from San .Pedro, arrived last night. The PariSe left San Pedro May 27th, at 7 p. ». Puieiiger*. It. Savage A wife. Major Lord k wife Mrs. J.TL Philips, MSorUoraM. -•i Rev E. Birdsall k wife, E.TL Poppleton Jk wife. Mr. Popn k wife, Lieut. Small. Lieut. Harden burr. J. Schonfield. W&Sh fpSS f.Lp"™- &vt o & Capt. Ritehi*.. . R.La«ard, Mr.^lMon, Captain Noble, <»• A. Collins, Mr. Coleman. S. Breslaner. vi J. Gano, * Y-J^-Jf' 11 ' Jas. Hitehen*. J.WPots. Mrs.(ireen. John kin*. Mr. <Jos«. R. Wilson, U.p UHarriX Mr. Davis. Lieut. Uaniott. lv -* '.-if A^Forbew. Mr. Fleming. P. Childir*, Wells. FarMr, tfarcifc • go 4 Co.'s meswnlieo. n estfull. ger. Imporl>lloD>, 3IK bales wool, 157 bags corn, 12 pipes wine. S bales cotton, 86 hides, 10 bbls oil. Coaalsriacca.

Jaeoby A Conn : H.Wennenber*: J. Banerman; Moulton Bros. : Christy £ Wise: RedingtoD kCo • A. C.t»abiM: F K.Amw; DelaMgne: R. E. R«imond ito.iJ. W. Uala & Co. ; T. C. AluuiJar. Bj the arrival of the steamer /Wi>-, U«t eTenine, we have files of Loa Ancelea pap«n to the 35tlv The companies commanded by ilaj. R. S. C. Lord anl Captain U. Noble, armed onthu steamer Company C, Firat U. S. Cavalry, Captain bean, is en route to Arixana. Major J. Gorman, Fine California Carilry, late of tort Bowie, and Lieut. Enut, Seventh California Infantry, late of Fort Maaon, arrived at WUaincton on the :4th inst.

Lieot. J. H. Hall, ITrsl V. S. Caralry. hu tueceeded Lient. Yard. Ninth U. S. Infantry, v Adjutant at Drum Barracks, the latter officer Wine in command of Camp Cady. Assistant Surgeon Hayea. tonuerlr stationed at tamp C»dy, reached W llmington by the lut rteuner, and would return to that pott in a few daye. Governor Low was at Wilmington. He was honored with a salute at Dram BarrwU. The tJovernor was to proceed to San Dj«o it an early dny A concert m (i ran on the t9u in aid of the Will mington Catholic Church. The weather had been clondy, oold and wi»ly Banninc A Co. an praparin* to md eighteen additional ten mne teams to Ariiona, they having lately obtained a larxe Gorernmeut contract in ta»t Territory. -Mewra. TomliMon Jt Co.'. nan apset »b«ul fc«r mil« from Los AnireJes on the retara u^k U cont:iine.f «ix ponenger* and the ilrtrrr, all of whom were more or leas injured. Sir, barley. Minis' duloeaud, »n-l the "hojS^^" k^>«»W« thej^re aU^-^^- to "»• L»&TetU Hotel, and hr ih»> v-«« well -. The accident iv eaaaed v * J,,.T\loTt*« - becoming nnounanaale. aad n« At Dre^,, garraett. J.wTrtETef pi»:u.>nar» «-r.ja«»rtl6n. CorpereiFnoieU Wyatt, t|*. A, lj» JJ. S. Col. Lewis brought with him from .Vriiona a wild tnrkey. the property of Gen. McDowefy. It is tnr diflicult to tranaport theee birdj. and thia i' the only one that haa erer reached this part of the c,mu HXAA i vt;Tho abore are extract* from the WUmiajton AaameajL Main street v now being graded, or rather filled to the grade, from Arcadia street to the Plaza, an in>prOTem«nt »!>«« k«. kxmtt "r» murk Beaded for some ume. W ith the raised grade the streei will present a perfectly level appearance from the eztremo southern pan of the city to the Plaia.— Lot Amotlet Anra. . . »«_ _

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