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E M. NEWHALL & CO., • *0 WIONEKBB AND "osiA^StJION MKKOUANTB, dALESSO* Comer oif Sanfpm« «mx*. M»UecH «t*,_JTtr«py w ■, RrlpU uildintf* " KKCUtAU yjfitß DA.78 1 MO> . UAV AND 'fnUEBT ; AY— O«ta!o«ue Hal» of Boot! »n<J {'he'jfl, O'lothlnsr, Hfln'.wwc, y»acj Ocoilr, 010. ; • - VS >N"K-Sl>AV'— (^.toiofraa Bide of l>ry Gocdß, 811**, Ba»" ■ r.rcWerl*!., .I*l tucti UckhSs, et«.J ■ . ' .. 0 *!> mfl»«n««> on !U»rcbi ncMse fot Ml«. thislday. ' - rufc. : JL &> rSt *>& ' mJP -tJ*. a> #» ■•• MONDAY . . . . . ; ; • • « '. . •• • .November 12, 1877 AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M., AT SALESROOMS ; BY CATAWJQUE, On a Liberal Credit * SPECIAL SALE -OF-. nans CUSTOM MADE CLOTHING CONSISTING OF XSTow Stylo i Business Suits. Beaver and Cassimere Suits. Frock and Sack Coats. Beaver A. Caasimerc Overcoats. 3£lngl!sh aud Trench Diagonal Suits. fancy French Cassimere Pants. Beaver and Boes&in 'Pants. . SUk Velvet and Beaver Vests, £10., ETC., ETC. * ALSO, BOYS' CLOTHING. OOHHIHTIHtt OV Beaver and CMnchilli Suits. Diagonal and Cassimere Suits. AUHJ, FURXISHINGGOODB

(OONSIBTINQ 01? WHITE AND COLORED SHIRTS, GASSIMERE OVERSHIRTS, Knit Merino Underwear, Hosiery, Shaker. Socks. CARDIGAN JACKETS. UMBEBLLAB, :oxL aj3Lßrxi::Ea j3LRrxi::Ei a x'&. -arqr JSL "X s ISS2 ; : J52«Ja« -, X«« ■ ' ■**■»_;; I *^ o Gents' and Boys 9 Gassimere and Beaver Hats. — <i» <- ■ . Comprising (all lines FresU, Desirable Osoda, to b» Hold -without r«Mrvt>, to wnlcb we ltirvUe tb« atteatlon [of the ' trad* aud all dealers. P. M. NEV/HALI. at CO., B7 .AueUonotJTJf* WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY. - November 14 1877 AT 10 0-CLOCK A. M., \l a 3T ATA Xi O Vf . —AT THE— Warerooms and Factory -Off THH - Pacific United Workingmen's Furniture Manufactiiriog Co., ; n«tweeu Sixth and Seventy \'\ WE WILL BELIi TDK JEIVTII^IS STOCK ELEGAHTFIIRNITimE . MOW UK WAREHOOMB, Buildings, Steam Engines, Machinery, Tools, Fixtures, Material, Hardware, Unfinished Work, Safe, Lease of the

premises, HTO., »TO., HTO. Wltliont rescrra, to close the concern. oojonutOMti Sets Elegant WalouWn-oil ; and Polißhed, Solid Frame Walnut Oha-jaber \ Suits, with Low French Dressing Bureaus, Plate Gloss Mirrors, ■ Marble-too : Commodes, Chairs and Bookers, ia Baits; ; „ Sets ; Plain and Panel Solid Walnut Marbletop »^ phaiabfiic i Fainitnre, with Bareans> Wash-stands, complete; Solid Walnut *Carv«d-frout Marble-top Side boards, with Carvings ol Fi»h, Game, etc., with Plate Minor Fronts; [ Wftlnnt Bookoases . and .Secretaries,; with , Drawers, Cylinders and Folding Fronts, all styles; Double and Single Walnnt - r Wardrobes, with Plato' Glass Doors and Mirrors, lined with . ■ Satin-wood; :; ;\v' -.r :./';■'"-'■ '.. -.. Rosewood and Walnut Armoire-a foil length, Plate Glass Mirrors; \ ;. Solid Bosewood and Walnnt Oentro, Side and : Card Tables, all styles, Inlaid with fancy wood; "'. ••■-.". " Large and Small Library Tables; Children's Walnut Chamber Suits ; and Child ten's Cribs, all size*, in suits; and singly; Double, Thro<3-quartei J • and Single Walnut Bedsteads; . j/* BareaW.Wasb-Bt.andß and Commodes; Pine Chamber Furniture in Seta; , ; 'i Double and Single Pine and Painted Chamber Furniture; ■ -||pfM •; Saloon Tablets, Kitchen Tables; ■.{:. Pine Wardrobes, Towel-end Wash-stands. Walnut and Pine,; etc , etc. [* ' , * la*l«6a4 . In ' thlt salt are ) tha Elegant ■ Chamber Baitj and other Ptn« X'ornltnro wbiob took premium in the lat ) Industrial £ihib!tlon. ; AJMO, % Cabinet i Hardware, Looks, Screws, Bolts, etc. ; Doubie-door Fire and Burglar-proo* Safe, with Combination Looks; -I ~ . ' . Lumber, Veneers, • ■ Mouldings, Framtis and , * Cabinet Makers' Tools; Unfinished Cabinet Work, eloJmo, . AIOOi Baildlo., 60x160, fair stovtei, with b'rlok building Id mar for boilers; . SO^borii^.power Btram ■ EdkI a« caiapl«t6, Bheilg, and lot 60x00 for t storing i lumber, Utableß, etc.;' together with flnb well A"t«alan water, Water Tank*, Btoam ' Force Pump, Hoitilng Works, one Planer^'two Bbaperv; throe; Lathes,' one Stinker, "-: Tenattnc Machln*!, Oroas-oat, Jig and ' Itlp ; Baw«, , Steaai Boxes, Bbaf ting, Bdlting, JPiilMes, Blackemtth'a . Shop, Glue, Tables, Kmery Wheels, Clamps, ClrsQlar ' Ba w«, Bnbber Uoa«,*«to.V eto. 7 ' . : " " The nboye eanmerated property will be sold in . ens lot, and offers a tare opportunity to yor&ons deairfng steam-power and plenty ot room for naunfaotririUK purposes near the contra of tha cltj at the low groaiid rout of 166 per month; lesao has nine .eats to con. I"ue sal« or steam power ' nearly ■ p«;a ,• ♦be grotisd fat, and all the macliinery and tools are of the bo» T . quality and bare cost nearly $25,000. , ' TJSJRBIS OK > »ALK~i/O8h ; mU. 8. ffolil I vein* . For la-rentory and tai I her parllcnlari, appiy at our office*. H, M. SXWU\U. & CO , Bi - Auctioneers

GRSENEBAUItt & CO., ADUTIOKX'KHH & <X>MMI»«JK«H aGSKOHAH'XB, 11* *Hd 117 Basil «tr*«t, b«tw««B BUMMI *o«t Htittory,. .'D!id 8.Lurrjm..,..^.. ,......, ...j-.^mAwnon ■ > BJCOtOAK BAXJJT DAVBj TtnOSDAY 'AND FKlDAY— Galt'OßMlkleof ClolUUmj ......... Boot« Mid Shoes, Hardware, Fine? Goals, etc. ' . THUBBI»A.Y— Catalogs B*l« of &morlcua, Sag] * llfii aa<l French Dry Got Co, Bilks, Kraorotderlat. *tc a ■ HTUuti •dTt.noo.t mad* on OonsijtAsentsj ;:T;JnLXS JLIAX ■ ■ ■_.' ' ■ ■'■•..■■.'•-.' ■ ■ . MONDAY . . . . . . .... ... . . November 12, 1877 AT 10 O'CLOCK A, .«., A.T SALESBOOMS BY OATAI.OOUIS, Special Holiday Sale FINE GOLD JEWELBY, -■ . / Gold and Silver Watches, Fine Bohemian Ware, BRONZES, CLOCKS, ETC., EXO., ETC. OOMJ>2UBINtti 300 Ladies' and ©cuts' Gold and Silver Watches of French, Swiss, English and American manufacture. I Fine Gold and Enamelled Sets, Brooches and Barrings. Bracelets and Fins. Opera, Guard and Chatelaine Chains. ; ' Necklaces, Locket* and Sleeve Buttons.

Studs, Barring's, Brooches. Finger Rings, Shawl Fins. Napkin Rings, Compasses. ; '■ GHovo Buttons, Collar Buttons, Watch Keys, Charms, Cuff Fins, etc., etc. :; ALSO, a' i»^.ci^:a.gj-je:© VERY FINE:- GOODS. — IK— Bohemian Glassware, CROCKERY - .AND— FRENCH PORCELAIN. OOMPBIBIHtt :"■'•• ! Fnnch Bowls, Champagne Bottles. Bouquet Holders. Flower Bowls. Cologne Bottles. French Vases. Crystal Cut-glass Bureau Sets. Cut-glass Inkstands. Card Receivers. > ; Perfumery Sets. " China Dinner and Tea Sets. French Clocks, etc., etc. ALSO, A LINE OP Genuine Bronze Vases, Figures, Busts and Ornaments. ALBO, A LINE OF Fine Russia Leather Photographic Albums. We respectfully call the special Attention of purchasers to our sale. aAveTtlMd above, comprising a rJch and elegant mioitment of Vine Qooda, specially adapt for the Holidays, and to be sold without reserve. Catalogue* and (Roods r»s«ly tax txuml. nation xij on morning of sale. • ■ ' QOBKiNBSATJM * CO., B6 -- -* •; A««tloB«*i«.

Auctioneers' €arso. «. P. niuuiixrvott.. Ametiome* JOHN MIDDiITOK & SON, 9JUI. ' BSTA'nt, ' BTOOK • AITD '* OINKKAL AUOTIOSEKi« •-* OmCK AND BAUSKOOM. Ni*. 810 Montgomery Street* tMtui aati xstatb AUOTIOH nut nAT............M0n0i? !it)HutfMi i iiiifwii_aiu!*niii . .nil mmnimuMi dwnH» K^lMdea *4t,— ,'i(j_ to rnilic i?»!e» of btttetet AitolaUtrsten, 4 Ooir Biim ON"itXAU «BTAf B-TlH*. to Ural h>T«tt:«t>tlon. 7*tmi«nd»TOf •*!•. »Md«,tte., «t upOM of puehMtr. ■ Tao par Ml of tb* p«ruhM« uoutr bul tm paid to i (he Anctlon»«r»» tt>» <1»t o! »»U. . •, •■ . -- . _______ WOODWARD fit TAOGART, BiDooEsaoßa TO £. ?0. bessionb & co., .'"■ : ;: - linAL'-KSTATia' AUOIioNISSJiS*'.' ; OAKIiAWD. MAURICE DORE & CO., SAJD9 FRANCISCO. H. ;A. 0088 '•""'♦" AaotioncMir CHAS. ;J. O'DOHERTY, noft!li; AND UJtimUOll! BEPUSITOBIT, f BTOOK AND QENEBAL ADOTIOSBEB, 5, ; H&legroomx,', No*. SOS and fill California \' 2{-" : ' v ; ktrstt, K«-arnjr. ■ Horses, Oarriages, Uapglee, W»Bocs, Uarnees, Robes, etc., constantly on hand at reduoefi rates. AvetlOJa HaU««, Wedn«»a*y« <* urdaya. (OfEY & COT RHAIi BBTATIfi AOOTIOSEEBB, . •ALSIBOOMI-MT Broadway, Oakland | Sew, ttll HIS ».uiomß Mtre«<t OIK. M. • v»r«whaM.i«BCo.»«>, Sun VranFliiea. '. J. O.'EliDßlpQj3;;. ■ • -Anotlon— x "" L RTAN A CO,, «a«e«M*ra •* I* JK. IB ft. A. a* . : <mmnmu akr ctxiniMio* n**«HA»r»i ;.- : - Ma. «IT OJLtUrOKXfIA. WWUT, Third door below > Kearny \ street, ( south side, Bill Din... .H»jrmDMt AMD ran»*n. i'V tut Irw »»im, m «(^m Mlcsef Steak, »v. , ta f rmt *( sana< •"pftS2Swa2u£?irta B«<»'ti totlMb latmk • il«t tMatail Nf«ndMU«s »l«.wbart,a«*«»s» w>»WeUrtpria*si»»4M»a««f a«w •»* immllimil fnr»lttu»~8. R. ROLLINS & CO. General Auctioneers . and ' Gommlaeicsi . ■ Merchants, . . ' ;.< ■■, , tns, California st, Aiw<iiPo«t JBaU<ltn_rt ' ■ : Uo«m No. 4, nji Hoc we sales and all olawtaof out-docr Bales prompt, ly attended to. ;.*, ■ ■ : ; "" J. UNDO & CO., V AUUTIONKERB AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, < No. 645 California at , above Kearny. Sale Days Monday* «nd "WILEIAM BUTTERFIELD, OEKERAIU- AUOTIONKKB ;; & . DOUSE BHOKBB. : Mo ', 101» Montgomery at., near Hutt«k, w Boav« 8»'e» us well as out-door sales of,tiv«ry de*or'pUotj promptly atteedadto; Tur<ilsh«d housss for ealeand to roni. •';;■'. ■; '.;•'•'" '■:' -^ '■ ■'■ ■ ■'-.' " " *'■' ' ' '■■•'' &UOTIONB£A A»D >. OOMMIBHIoV MKBOUAHT U£lco— We. 1018 ISarkut Street, Opy<j«it* FJftli. ~'l. DELI.;". " - ' •.-•'■. " ■■■■• ' '■'-■ ■'■- "< ' ' »■ O»««»l ■ " -j BELL & DENNEKT, . ' AIiOTJONEKRB. ; 9To. SI Fourth street, between tT and X. ( Sac. ranaoato. CHaffniar:Bale' Days, every TUK3PAT «nd FRIDAY, at 10% o'clock. i '|» Mi)l''Wlf^ill|lt|i»lll|iUh>l|| l |ltfViririH>*>l j . Honsebnld Qoodb bought aid »o!d, and wprctftl atten-.| tlon paid to tale of d veilings and out-door Bales," 025 lm ■s x.f\'vXOtMVlKO 'arjßBT-MA.NnFACTTJBED M&\J by Benslow <* Baah. Top beit taffb teat OS m.^lie mwrket-fot sale by . :, _„^_;^._r ;' , . ■Mti»:> , '•■„■.,- ■ ... ■.-:-JUTMa.*-.00.y

faction Salts. IxIii&JM&DiLU 1U Cv CO., AUCTION a». Thursday and Friday, MOV. 15th and. 16th> • • >• • • .1817 AX 10 O'CLOCK A. H. v AT •■ aAZiSSROOMS, MY (J&TAJ.OGDB, i: Important and Attractive TEADE *S JBIILaSj DRY GOODS On a Liberal Credit. OOKTBXItitQi BLACK SILKS '-'•■' '■'■'. : ■ ■ . . -■ ' Of th« moat prominent manufaoturtrrt including • fall line of the celebrated CASHMERE ALEXANDRIA. American Black Silks, 550 1 3 IECES COLORED SILKS. SILK VELVETS. IOOPIECES Black Silk Velvets, from 16 to 32-inch. TOO- PIECES SILK VELVETS, ASSORTED COLORS. ■-•.-.- Including a line adapted Cor millinery pnrposea* ' BLACK " AND COLORED '.'- Velveteens and Cotton Velvets. BLACK AND COLORED ALL-SILK SATINS.

CACHMERES. 300 PIECES Black Cachmeres, 40 AND 48 INCHES. »5O PIECES COLORED CACHMERES. Dress Goods. 0OMJP3I81NO; 100 Pieces 6-4 Black & Colored Arm we. 50 Pieces 6-4 Coating. 60 Pieces 6-4 Bourette. 60 Pieces 6-4 Steal Camels' Hair cloth. 60 Pieces 6-4 All- Wool Mattasso. j Oases 6-4 and 3-4 French Dress Goods. Cases 3-4 English Dross &oods. Cases 6-4 and 3-4 American , Bress Goods. | Th« above being the latest la Drees Goods* just landed* -^O 1=»1330.T3JS Colored Silk Plush. BLACK ALPACAS. : WATER-PROOFS, (5-4 Gray, Bla<nl>, Brown, Gold Mixed ! and Fancy.] i CLOAKING. ; [A. LINE OF BLACK BEAVERS. BROWN BEAVERS ' BLUE CLOTHS.

BLACK CLOTHS. 6*4 and 3-4 French, California and Eastern Cassinieres, ITALIAN CLOTHS. Domestic Goods HjiparESKrs. ISO FIE3OSIS Zizzvanr haakash. XiOOM ©ICE. riowTmci'- Xiiiarzixr. •3? A3 £33 CLOTHS. 3-4 and 5-8 XTAffXXIVB. DOYLIES. INITIAL TOWELS. DAMASK * BITCK TOWELS. White and Colored Quilts. LADIES' AND GENTS' Frenobt English and Ameri- - k can Cotton and Wool Hosiery Ladies' Merino Underwear. Kid Gloves. ■ :750:: 75o: : bozen; La die 1 and Oents 1 2, 3 and '&- Button, Assorted Colors. ' '"f" f ' ■" ; " ' .. : . ■-■' ■',''■" ■• " : WHITE GOODS. VICTORIA AND SWISS LAWNS. JACONXITS, TARftTOWS, ! NAINSOOK, Etc., Etc. 150 CARTOINS Boncei, Sash and Trimming JE%i:iB33O3XrS so cartons . BLACK AMD EMBOSSED

Auction 9<tie&. GREENEBAUM & CO., AUCTIONING at*. VELVET RIBBONS X^LO JOES' AN» MISSES' TJWT 23 •.» W 53 A . OONBIBTISO OV 'Night Gowns, Chemise, Ap- ' rons, Skirts, Drawers, . Toilet Sacks, etc. ssoo Calico Wrappers, Felt Skirts. fico Wrappers, Felt Skirts. EMBROIDERIES. <srriuo*t lino offered this [test lino offered LACES. VALEICIEHME LACES. TO CL.OSBI AN ACCOUKT, lum, TO CL.OBBJ AN ACCOUNT, Scarlet and Check California All* wool BLANKETS. TO PAY ADVANCES, 10 Real Komtsehatka and Shetland fur Seal Saeques. W« call tho special attention of the Trade to t lie above dale, c»nipri»ln« tho finest and bett s«tl«>cte<l line of goods ever oCTered at auction .In - tills niAxJcot and lifting the last IMPORTANT SALE of the MUOti • HALK PBHEMPTOHY. Cataloynea anil Goods r*arty fvir «xanil> nation on morning of Sale. OUKKN'KItAUri Hi CO., n7 AncUaaMri. R.D.W. DAVIS & CO., aootio«jkj:rb AND OOUMISBICK MEHOHANTH. MALRSKOOMB i No. 911 Pine Htr«et, b«tvreen Hansom* and .' Battery Street** BKQOIaAB SAL! DATS! W£I)HES»AY AND SATURDAY. o*UloKno Sale* of Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Dry Goads, Fancy Goods, Uardwar >, etc, gales of.Furottnra at . EwidoncM. Oot-door sales of merchandise of every deecrtpttin will - be . attended tc prowv^y.

' Own advances on Ocinrijrnmentf. TO-MORROW. TUESDAY .......... . . November 13 1877 AT 11 O'CLOCK A. SSt. t , ■AT »A.Xj:E2JBIXI.OO3»X. CONTINUATION OF SALE — 0»— BOOKSCommencing at Lot o*3 in . catalogue.' This part of the catalogue, tip to .Lot 810, embrsoes the most valuable and rare collection in the entire Library, consisting ot obolce ami rare editions, under the heads of I MAMMALIA, ORNITHOLOGY, HBRPETO&OOir. ENOTOHOIOGY, OONCHOLOGY, BOTANY, And Popular Science Works, ! Particular notloe may be called to the following : • •Wilson's American Ornithology," being a natural hUtory ot birds of the United Btrtes (nine volume*), with a supplement by Oaarlea Laoien Bonaparte, in four volumes, with 103 splendid engravings, exhibItlog 333 figures of different speolea of birds, beautlfdlly colored ; << Holbrook'o Ilerpetology of North America," being a description of th« reptiles Inhabiting the United BKtes, containing 147 plates, beaufolly colored attar Nature. AliHO. <• BLUMEK FLORA/JAVA," with .he <> Volume of I Urcblds," in four volumes, folio— one of the most elegant works ever presented. The coloring la all After Nature, and Illustrates those beautiful plants In all their richness^ A. very rare work and costly, The figures are the natural else of the plants. . The balance of catalogue, from Lot KIT, com. prfaes one of the , best collections of Medlc.l Works in Ibis city. Jjot 103(1, •• Iconnm Anltotulcarum," (three volumes,) ib of rai'e ixcellenoe In the minuto straclnre of Its plates, by Claudius Oatdlnin. This work was purchased in Vienna for the sum of $400. and is exceedingly rare. : •srPartlts desiring to purchase are reqnented to keep tbelr catalogues. «.s tlie •upp!]r lias ran out. B. d, W. DAVIS, nil Aoctlon*«r. WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY. November 14, 1877 AT 10 O'CLOCK A. «•, JkJV I9A.IjB0XIOOM!S, BY UATALOGDS,

—OF— Boots, Shoes -ABO- . BEOGANB. HOT. Ladles,' Hisses' cud Children's Bid ItoMi Calf and Bnff BolmorAb* Carpt t, Fftac7 B*fs and Buff feltayenw CLOTHING, IjfTT UNDERWEAR. '■,■' ■ FURNISHING GOODS DRY GOODS HosibrY 2Sito.. jsto.. Mto. AI-SO, AN INVOICK Clocks, Mantel Ornaments, Al- :\ bums, Vases, aud other Fancy Articles, a. V, W. oavis, Avetleme**. - THE KATURAI^ BITTER WATER or FBIEDBIOHSFALI. -, OUR Off TEB MOST roi ! UliAit OF THK^DMXB. ODS MIIiEBAL . WATBBS OF GERMANY. TH*. BSIIJSENT CHEMIST, BAItON £iIXOIO. writes as ; the merits of tlil-i medicinal water i i^M^^ttpi&lff^S^lSiS^S^S^Xm^^ • " Tho oloridsH of sodintu and macrnetilnes and brorn<dt " of ms^neslcm which the Bitter Water cf i'rte-JnchshaU " conU'.ne, places It atuongtt the moet . eflJcncloßS, lii *• Eari>v.'.% and I regard this HpriDK «a a r.-il ticatfUro, 'whose great Vilno nnet be recogulsod by all who ha v* , *experieuced Its solntary and beneficial waits." :■'■ ■ - JUSTUS YON LIBBIQ : Unlike most other mineral waters which require to be taken In copious draughts, the Bitter Water producer the most t<eneflclal rraqlta In- cio/.'w of a wln^-jjlasu-fail •very morning for adalts, aad la still Km. Jlnr ' Quantities ' for children. >. ' -.■■■»'■■ ■ ' - , ... Pamphlets descrlbltut more fully the qualities of this mineral water, Including a careful analysis, wilt bo tutnlsbod upon application.' ,: ■ . . • . . ' For sale to the trade by iUTTIiR «t 00.. . Agents ' for the Paclflo Coast. Wot sale at retail by all the principal <lrasa;l«tB. .. f*l< THE PACIFIC OlLand LEAD WORKS OrtKLi TO 'XhJB THAJUB BAW AMD BOILED UNBRED OIL. OABTOB OIIi, OOUOA OIL. OIL TOAXB. "■ ; oil HEAL. 'WSmßmSSSk\m On most ft.vor ■this terms. Or<lera ei«y be left **. the I WTIil on Kin; rif.y>t, b(*iWAPn enrond tnO. Tiird.or at J lh« office of His su4erß ■■■ • .; - - ! 6U JLVSTSJi ii (JO,, A4JPU W,

[ Slttrtion ; Sake, S. L. JONES & CO., e .UjKSROOMS, FIKS-rBOOIT BUILDING,' ! U«c. BO? uatl CO» California «tr««t, »we «U»i Aram Trout. SALS PATH.. TOJMDAYS AND rilllfAY | TO-MORROW, TUESDAY November 13. 187 AX 10 O'CLOCK, A. «., A.l? MALEMBOOMN For account of whom it may floncet ;: ilKm«s«d on the voyage of importation «x iihlp i<Orj " i'roin Hoagkonsr, RATTANS. 60 bandies Undressed Rattan*, RATTAN CHAIRS. 82 Arm Chairs. No. I CHINA RICE. K. B. L. 825 mats No. 1 China Bice. W. 7.0. ... 11l mats No* 1 China ttloe. HAMS, 11 barrels Nugur Cared Ham?. SALMON. \} ha'f barrels Salmon. 8 biUTel-t Salmon. HAMS. 1 case California Hams. BASKET TEA. 0 tales Basket TV«, each 60 hafiketp. MACCAROKI. 17 b>xes Italian Maccaronl. 8 boxes French fflacoaronl. CUT NAILS. 80 kegs Cat Belle, assorted b!z;s. CODFISH. 97 boxes Boneless Codfish. AUO. 24 bags Dried Fruit. 8 boxes leant Powder?. 6 box«g Audio ries . 4 bags Walnuts. M.l* JUNBS * CO., oil A»«tl»««»r». WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY . ...... .. .November 14, 1877

AT 10 O'CLOCK A. M.« IN SECOND-STORY BiLESKOOIT, BY CATALOGUE, TRADE SALE ..or— 69 PACKAGES Eilisl Eartteware -AHDSEMI PORCELAIN. UOHBIBTUVa OF IO PACKAGES SEMI PORCELAIN, Manufacture of John Edwards, Kfq, &O PACKAGES Assorted White Granite EARTHENWARE i Ai&unfaclare of M«sbrf . Adams & Co., and J. H. Davis, Etq* Tlia whole of the above goods w»r« packed «xprrs)Sly tor this market <*»< just ta?>rteiT, ex ship ><Oharl«s Oot*» worth, »' from Liverpool. Terms, Samples ana Catalogues at ■«!». »«lai JOICBIS *: CO.. nS) ' i Auctioneer*, FRIDAY. FRIDAY...... November 16, 1877 AT It) O'CLOCK A. M. jOJV SAXJSBB.OOM&, BY OATALOODK, SPEOXALi TEASE SALE —OF— ifigoot*

PACKAGES CHINA TEAS. Ex steamer ••City of Tokio," and other lota arrivals* OOMPRIBINO THE CELEDB&TED /\ <s> <4*-* s JLW Jb. JELS Jl m ■ CX)NbIBTI«U OF Choicest Oolong, Extra Choicest, Choice Souchong, English Breakfast Congou, etc, In assorted packages of 19 and 32 lbs. in third-pound papers and one pound papers. 5 and 10-lb. boxes. Half Chests in bulk, etc., etc GREEN TEAS. Choicest Mtoyune Gunpowder, in packages, each containing- 2 10-lb. boxes. Imperial Sea, in 1-lb. Loaded Canisters. sVUMi CASSIA. 50 oases, each halfpical best Taiwo Cassia. XXAKE TAPIOCA. 50 bag's Flako Tapioca. PEARL SAG!). 50 bags Finest White Pearl Sago. 60 cases Finest White Pearl Sago, each A 25-lb. tins. The Above Teas are the latest importation or MUssrs. Alacondray «ft Co., the quality of eaeu hi and fully equal to nay previous paresis, and th* CONBT BRAND It too well known to ntort apjr commend ittion, and the whole of tha invoice is fr«ia!i and cf superior quality. Terms, Samples and Catalogues at a me. P. 1.. JONiSfJ & CO , all Auctioneer**

Auction Satco< _ t ' fonra b. irs.u> : «■». hdwabd n. ir««« jostra s. n>B\n, jb. , EDWARD S. SPEAR & CO., : «Voju kUO and 688 California street, between 1 Montgomery and Kearay. Hoow u!os m well m outdoor talc s of atott descxip* lion promptly attended to. OMb Advances on coneignmentit 7 NEW ITBNITURE AT PKIYATE HAJLJ "' Or wAnsnoofi otu Aoonoar BOOM. Household Furniture Received on Storage at Reasonable Rates. ♦ „ &JLTuUi JO A. t ■ WEDNESDAYS and SATURDAYS. TO-MORROW. TUBBDAY i . . . . November 13, 1877 AT 11 O'CLOCK A. MMM M ON THE PR EM I 8 , No. 1 24 TYLER STREET, Between Jones and Leavenwortii, WJEt WILL BKLL THB ELEGMTFUHTiE OF THE ABOVE BEBIDENOE, QOMFBIHISBt One Very Elegant French Walnut Chamber Bait— Bedstead, Low Dressing Bureau, Wash-Bland, Commode, Chairs and Rocker, cost $100; Spiral Spring Mattresses, Curled Hair Mat- . tresses; French Feather Pillows and Bolsters, Mission Blankets and Bed Linen; Brussels Carpets, Velvet Bugs, Walnut Wardrobes, BniHßols Stair Carpet*. Stair Bods; Walnut Marble-top Hat Back, Hall Chairs; Two Carved Walnut Full Marble-top Chamber Suite; Steel Engravings, French Chrouioa, Vases and Ornaments; One Very Elegantly Oarvoi Walnut Frame Parlor Suit, Upholstered in Tapestry, cost s3so; Walnut Marble-top Parlor Tables; Walnut Bookshelves, Walnut Bouquet Tables; Two Elegant Walnut Frame French Plate Mantel Mirrors; Turkish Easy Chairs, Patent Bed Lounge; ;■ Fancy Parlor Chairs, Walnut Parlor Desk; Clipper Lounge, Toilet Tables; Laco Curtains with Walnut Cornices; English Oil-olotb, Gilt Toilet Sets; Walnut Marble-too Sideboard; . Walnut Extension Table, Walnut Dining Chairs; China Dinner and Tea Seta; Fine Cut Gkaswaro, Table Linen, English Plated Ware; Kitchen Furniture complete; Tubs and Wooden-ware, Step Ladder, Garden Hose, etc. IDWABO B. BPHAK A 00., Sil . Avcttonevit. -LYON^&KINSEYr oral tare »nd Uoneral Merchandise Anctioneera. J. L. LYON, AooxTomna. ; (VermortT of the firm of Lyon ft fowler, ft 39 Oal. street.) , No, 43 1 M earn jr street, corner of Call* ' farnlit, up alri.

furniture Uoxsm tJales, and all kinds of General filerooandlse Male« itollott«d. tatlsfactlon guaranteed. TO-MORROW. TUE5DAY. ........... . . .November 13, 1877 AT 11 O'CLOCK A.M., ON THE PREMISE 1608 A. V£N WORTH ST., N Hi Alt PACIFIC* (Take Olay or Bntter-stree'. cars,) ON ACCOUNT OF DEPAKTURK FOB AUSTRALIA, WE WILL B£LL THE ' I3L^GrA.INT PIANO, ■ ■ ___ ■■ ■ ' ■ .J- [ \ FURNITUBE UKiSITUBE ETC;., BTO., BTO. OF THE ABOVE RESIDENCE, ooflsißTiNti in FAST Vl' t)ne Very Elegant Rosewood Case Square Orend Piano, Bleb Tone and Finish, uoist $500, in use only j three months, with written guaranteo for tin years; i Elegunt Turkish Ilepg Lounge, clipper edge, Lolling 1 Chair in .'.fops; Indies' Patent Itocker in Heps sad Velvot; Fading Arm CUalre; Very Elegant Buuqnet I Table; Inlaid A'alnut Slnriil. -top Centra Table; Fine Htof'l £ngraviP%-i; Oil Ohrotnos .in Gold Frames; , Ornti,ments; lte^l Tbrtad-laoe Onrtalna ot elegant design; Boat English Urussels Carpets; One Elegant Solid Eastern Walnut Jnlald Fall Marblo-top Chamber Suit, with Ladles' Becess Bnreau; Imitation Chamber Knits; Bedetei'ds, Bureaus, etc . Clipper ' Sprint; Mattresses; Feather I'ltlovie and Bedding; Walnut Marblo-top Mirror-baci: Hut Tree; Brussels Htair Carpet; Plated Bods; One Inlaid Walnut Mar-blo-top Mirror.baok Sideboard; One Waluut Extension lining Table; Elegant Inlaid Walnut Dining Ghalra; Nearly Now (Hoey'a patent) Ttepa Bed Lounge; Heal Lace Curtains; Fine Oblna IMnoer and Tea Bete, complete; Crockery, Qlft^aware, Platodware and Cutlery; One Inlaid Half-cabinet Davis Hewing AlaohtEo, nearly new, ooat 1100; One Elegant Opera Bange, Base Warmer, Wat^r-baok, with Kixtar<«» oompl*t*, as good >b new; Kltohen Tables and Utensils. Also, many other articles. NOTE.— residence to let at very low rent, and everything being in a first-class condition, offers a rare ohanco to any one wishing to purobage as a whole up to the hour of sale. Apply on the premises. Terms Cash in V. S. gold no' nil J. L.. LYON, Auctioneer. , REFEREE'S SALE. HAVING BEEN ANOINTED A BBFEEEE OH Master by thd Judgment and decree of the District Court pj the Twelfth Judicial District of the Btdt" ;,i California, in and for the oily and county of Ban Francisco, entered on the 18ir. izy of October, 1877, In the oanso pending In said Coart, wherein IStDOB LAVBNHON Is plaintiff, and MAX MOROENYHAU and HENBY 8. WIMTEB aro de. fbSdauta ; and having been directed by said Court, In and b? said decree, to make public Dale of the undermentioned property— Notico Is hereby given that, on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1877

At 19 o'clock: M. off that day, And on tbo premises recently and now occupied by the . MISSION Soap and Cafiflle Works Situate on tbe southerly side of Sixteenth st., bet. Folsom and Harrison - la mid City and County, I will sou at public auction to the highest bidder, too following property, viz.: Ist— Tbe two-story frame building (30x90) "heretofore used by laid "Mt»elon totp. and Candle Work*" as a CANDLE FAOTOKT, situate on the southerly line of Blxtetiith street, between Folsom and HtrrUon streets, i with Hie appurtenances thereof, and < all the machinery, tools and appliances now therein or b*lonqlr>g thereto, embrsclng 1 . tallow press; 2 oil prex*ee; 2 uorlzoutal hydraulic hot presses; 1 perpendicular, bydrsutlo cold press; 150 yards (more or Us*) of woollen prois- cloths: ' I 4 sag*> nine oil tab', containing . each about 3000 gal1 Ions; 2 p»lr» »>f bydraullo pumps; 1 stationary round sugar. pine. tab, ccsU'nlrg abont g«llon>>, with steam pipes attached; 1 stationary round Oregon pine tub, containing about 600 gallons, with steam | pipes . attached; 2 stationary square Uad-linf d tabs, (6x6 and 8 feet. long),, with steam picas attached; % acl't-grense wagons; 1 copper digester; 1 Iron Glje»ter;'l los'i- lined ■ glyoertne tank; i "glycerine 1. powder mill; 26 i candle machines, with steam j p'ji.'* attached ; 100 addI greaße tibs; 8 stationary Oregon i<lne tubs, with steam pipes attached; 2 water troughs; 4 picking tables; 1 circular saw; 1 . spooling ; machine, with lot of spools; 1 candle>t>randlng machine,' with \ d:?«; 1 ' pair < f ■ scales, with vslghta) 1: elder* press; 24 bleaching frames; 22 h»lr la»»; sttaftlog, with bangers, pulleys and belting; • miscellaneous lot of tubs, trays, barrels, tools, lumber, Iron, tin pans, tin buokots, plpss, nails, benches, etc. « ALSO, • Tbe two-story frame building (3^xBo) In rear of Irst. . . ntiuct building, aud heretofore ured as EO\P WO.UKS by said "Mission Soap and Candle Works," together with tha Appurtenances thereof and all the machinery, tools and appliance now tbureln or belonging thereto : embracing 1 stationary double Iron kettle; 2 ttattonsry . small Iron ketUes; 3 largo and 3 small soap, frames; 2 larjie'lron soapboilers, with steam pipes attached; 1 1 on lye tank: 1 Iron lye montjal; 80 Iron foap frames, j with appurtenaoces; 80 Iron „ plates; 4 wooden chests; 1 1 ' fancy roap pre^; 1 soap 1 cutting. nuehiue; i soap ■ wagons; 2 tables: 2 piir.l of scalss; 1 tank, with steam pipe attached; aid mis.ielltneau* lot of pipes, teaches, casks, tin pans, iron, eta. A.VJO, 1 1 One 28 horse power steam engine; 2 collars, 42x18; 1 I boiler: 2 steam pumps,* and tublntr, geericsrand pipes { appertaining to engine, boilers and pump«; 3 pairs v)itform toales; 1 grinditone, anvil, bellows ana blacksmith to >Ip; 1 : office desk ; .1. niton A, Me F&ilana ; s safe; 1 I hand-truck, ALSO, The right to use the copartnership rsme oertalßlng to ; the buslneis heretofore carr.'e I on by eald I«ldor LaTsn- ; ; eon, Max Morgeothau and Henry H. WlnUr, to wit: 1 "Mlhs on Sosp and C«Ddie Works, " the good will of said business, all tr*d«mark* and namos ■ used lln con.nectlon with said business and the articles mtvJe and ' so!d by said nrro; 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, ami 2 t diploma* awarded to said ••Mission H>cp and Candle i Works," and mlscellsneous lot of stencils and etenclldles. > The above-mentioned proper' will be sold In one > parcel. | 2d— unmanufactured stork on bmi-i belonging to : r [said "Mission Soap and Candle Works," embracing, 10,000 pound* (mure or lees) Acid Qreare; 40,000 pounds (nn.rf or loss 1 Msrga'lne; 81,000 pounds (iuoi'» or. It**) Tall* v; 200 pound« (more or Imb; Palq oil 200 pom ds fmoraor !«ss) Oocoasnt Oil; 205 barrels (more or lees) ! Itesln; .61 <Irums (more or lees'. O»usttc flods,;; 2200 : p(iuii''s (more, or le«») Candle Wlcktng: 5000 (more or less) Soap Boxes (old); 600 (more or less) Oandle Boxes; . 2000 (more < r lees) Soap Boxes; - 10 reams (more or less) . . White and Blue Paper, and lot Paper Boxes and Label*. Terms and Conditions or Sals— Oseb," payable. in I gold coin. of the United Ha'os at time of vale; if purchase money Is to 1 , so ?ald, a r«>f>a'e will take place „ immediately. It Is provided by said Judgment and de- . cree that anr or either of tbe parties in said suit may become the purchaser or purcht*or« at snei? pale. : J^alSp A. N. DBOWN, Beferee. ! ; FRESH SALMON, CATCH 0T1877 * I . IN UNH POUND CANS, ;i [' From our Colfinsvillo Cannery. . For csle in lots to Bait. , We gn&rantae tbo abovo : goods superior to re 1 heretofore packed en the F&oiflo Ooait. . , . Samples and prices on application. . . i «18 ' RsUBBBOD OQSYIXJiS & 00,, tin Pino at

mnction oaltg. I. C. BOWT.VT •:- c. OmWJO, CRE^O & BOWLEY, STOCK AND GBNEBAIi AUOTIONEEKS, SMearuom, No. (» Mrrv.hM.ntm' JKxchajure. California street* TO-MORROW rU85DATf.............. November 13, 1877 AT 12 O'CLOCK, NOOK, IN FRONT OF SALESROOM, . No. 9 Merchants' exohango, California SL, RECrULAR SJ%.^.KI —OF— CARRIAGES, Wagons, Buggies, HARNESS AND ROBES. . ETC., ETC, J3TC7. WB WILL OPTEB FOB BALK, By order of a private gentleman, cold only for want of vu«. 1 pair ASatched Bay Carriage Horses, 7 and 8 years old, 17 hands hig-h, kind and gentle, fine steppers, very stylish* The well known Trotting 1 Mare, Topsy,. has a public record of 2:36, the fourth heat to wagon, can trot much faster; hind and geutle. Also, one Oaffrey Sulky, nearly new. One Hctfield dt Jackson Skeleton Wagon, nearly new. 1 Bay Horse, 6 years old, 18% hands high, XMXcCleilan stock, kind and gentle, very stylish, good stepper. 1 Bay Z&aro, Kate, 5 years old, 13% hands high; sired by Thad. Stevens, dam, a fine trotting mare; kind and gentle, single or double, good stopper. 1 Sloan Horse, 9 years old, 15% hands high, kind and gentle, ' single or double, fine .family horse, good stepper, stand with- , out hitching. . L set of fine now Single Harness. X O-spring XCimball Open Br.ggy, nearly new. Dress and Ifijrht ,E lauhots, Lap Robes and Whip. I Gray Saddle Horse, 5 years old, kind and gentle, very stylish. R. Black Saddle Mare, 6 years old, Blackhawk stock, kind and gentle, will work in harness. i. new Shifting-top Kockaway, with pole, Sautern make. L new find-spring Top Buggy. L now End-spying Top Buggy, astern makd. I

% now side-spring Opon Buggies. 2 new Bnd-spr ing Open Buggies, Ilastorn make. % new Open business Wagons. a End-spring" Open Buggies, sec- , ond hand. . 3. O-spring Kimball Open Buggy, second-haad. 1 new two-seat Country Wagon, with pole and brake. 5 sots of now Single Buggy Harness.. 1 set of wdon Double Carriage Harness. 1 set ofl>ouble Carriage Harness, nearly now. 3 sets of Single Buggy Harness, second-hand. Lap Robes, Dress and Night Blankets, etc. ALSO. Binglo and Doable Harness, "Lay Bobtfl, liliuikr.ts. Saddle, Whips, etc, AT PRIVATE SALE, AT . SALESROOM, . ' t X*iV Unr a« .H.ntflrtU« «- »^iv.-*jim»l»- S*\r and No-lop Brtgrirlesv Kxtenafon Top Bockiwayii Skeleton Waipons » Track Sails? es, »op and No top Buggies, •*«» off the laott approved nu,auftictnr««, ' Vk.« flmest aasortsß«si« of miAgim and U+nitJ* Ekntas, on ill* Caolfi« C»actU CUISGO <£{ BOWLKY. Ell Auctioneers. SPECIAL i"ALE. WEDNESDAY. WEDNE5DAY ........... November 3 4, 1877 AT 18 O'CLOCK, NOUN, IN FRONT OF SALESROOM. BREEDERS SALE. 354 w^P" 558 HORSES, BUGGIES, etc., SVC., awe. — oo'airj«ißi«ti— •.. - : i lanky ScMmliuu, Alan zo Wayward, 0 years old; sire, Billy 1 Hay ward; dam, a Kontaohy mare; record. 2:35* ninth heat ; warranted sound, kind ( good roadster; vary fine pole horse; has shewn below 2:30.

1 Gheatnnt Horse, 7 yearn old; by Billy Huyward, three-quarter brother ■ to Hay ward Chief; oan trot la 2:46 ; warraatod nonnd, kind; one of tho heat family] horaes in the State* 1 Cheat unt Sorrel . Colt, Meohanio« 4 year* old; aired by W. H. Graves* Ham* bletonianhorte; warranted itaundt kind; can trot in 2:45* : 1 Gray Ooldlae, Fred, 3 yra. old; Mired by Billy Hayward; dam a well bred mar*; warranted sound, kind; can trot in 2:45; one of the moat proniiuittg oolts in the State. • . 1 Gray Mare, I<aoy Hay ward* 1 years old; by Billy Hay ward, dam, by Garibaldi,' he by Ryadie Hambletonian; warranted sound and hind; can trot in 2:50; a very fine pole mare. 1 Sorrel Stallion, 3 years old; sired by Billy Hayward; ' dam, took bridge Chief ; warranted sound and ' kind; singlo or donble, onn beat li minutes. 1 Bay Hone Colt, 2 years old; sired by Billy Hay ward ; dam, Biookbridge Chief /more; warranted Round* kind; a . very promising oolt. 2 Traok Sulkiest Harness, Blankets, eto., oto. aiiUM6— Oae-haU oasb ; bal«noe In sixty days, with approved paper. ; Tho above horses, can, be seen at McOord * Malone'B, Monday, November 12th. CRf&UO 4f JJOWIiBY, n6 . - Anctloneors. TRUSTEES' SALE. IN ACCOBDANOfi WITH THE TKRMS AND -.Tinder the anttorlty or a certain Deed of .Trust, duly executed by WILLIAM lI AltftlHON WOOD, of the city of Oakland, Oonnly of Alamcda, State of California, of the first psrt, to James do Fremsry aid Alexander Oimpbell, Senior," •>' ■ Ban ' Vranolf.oo. (Ul'fjrola, . psrtle-' *of tbe second part, and the San Francisco Savings Union', of tbe third part.'dated P«cemter 10th, 1872, and recorded In the office of tha Oonncr tt'icorder of the ; county "' AUtnMa, Stale of California, l,i Book 60 of D«*ds f at pages 841 and following ; sml li pursuance of a resolution pasted on the eleventh day of Oetober, : lB77, ; by the Hoard of rirectors of. aitd > Baa . Francisco : Savings Ua'on, a corporrt'on, acd Un holder of the note, (Mo. SEfU), to secure t>%y<ucnt of whlc.'i the a'oresatd D«d ot Trust ' wai , citcttiil, • deolarlsj; that . fault hurt been msde In the payment of tbe principal sura, and. other cams, due nrnier sail Note and Heed of Trust, and reqnesttne; and dlrecllnjf 0. Adolphe Low and Alexandtf Osmpbsll, Senior. Trustees, aad the. sac:essors and •astern* In tbe premises of the Trastves named ir> ssld i>b>d of Truft, to cell tbe re>r estate describe'! therein, tns.«'*f7 said Indebtedneiis. I «>, O. A'lolphe Low and Alexander Campbell, senior, Trns'eea, and thn aaeces> sera «ni asalxoH la the premise* of; tbe Trainees famed In said Deed of Trust, do heteby give notice that On WaturJay, the Twenty-fourth day of NoTfmucr, a, i). 1877, At on» o'ctoofe 9. m. of that day, and at the Auction Salesroom of OLNK-V & 00 , No. 647 Broiviway street, In the. city of Oakland, County of AUoiida, 8t«'o of California, we will Ml at public auction, in the hlghost bidder, for cash In goti j --..In of the Unite'! ftates, I all that piece or parcel of land kUt<ate in tho Cl!> of Ou\. land. County of AUraw!a. State of California, described as follows, to wit: . 0 numentiog In Ihi snuih*r y lire of fieward street, at a point distant one hundred scd forty-two feet, »lg Inches (142 6-12). v. eitsrly from the westerly line ;; of Wool street: thtncernnnlrn westerly along said > son *rly Hoe of Sdward street ciaetr-Qfe (P6 fe?'.;-.thec':e at right angles sautberlr one hnsdred and ibtrty-tlve ('B5) feet; . thence a*, right angles: easterly nlnet>«uve (65) feet; ard thence st right anglos northerly hundred and tbtrty-ts (135) feet to tbe point of commencement. Being a portion of Block or Tract Nntuber Foar Hnndr«d and Two (402), as laid down on Whltcher'a Map of sain City cf Otkland, and belotr Lots Numbers ■* Thirtytwo (32) and Tnlrfy-thtee (38 > as desiicoaied en the " Plat and Snbdlv'sloa of Tract 402, at Oakisund j .°clnt, City of Oakland," madoby.W. V. Bcardtuan, end filed In the . i:<*eoi\'. r's oftlce of said count; of Alatseda, De< ceraber 24' h, ISB6. .t^tSBwCPSaP^teWH Together with the Improvements thereon. V : ■-. ■ »•'-* ; TKBUS OF tfALK-Cftbh, in gold coin of tbe United SUtes; ten per Fayab'e to the undersigned on tie fall of the hammer; t Vance, on delivery of deed; and 1' I not . S3 paid; . uo!e«s for, want of tltlo , (ten ua;a being allowed for c »3ccJ.), then ■ said . ten per cent, to be for* ' feited, and be suit to be void,'. "^aßdatt : . Act* of sale fit purchaser's cxpenro. \ •- . : O. ADOLPHB LOW, J_, ' ::. ■ 003 . ■ ' ' . ' ;, A. CAMPBELL, Sana,, \ Tr; >"« < »' ; j

Action 0&U& GEO, F. LAMSON, Auctioneer arw* Ccmmistion Merchant,! No. 426 i KEARNY Sm£J5T, a»«w««in OaJtrornta and Vino str»*»t* > THIS "DAT. ; | '1i0NDA?. ........... . November 12 1877 AT 11 O'CLOCK A. M., ON THB F IS M I S S , No. 422 ELLIS STREET, ' I WILL' SELL THE Superior Furniture OF THIS ABOVE kKBIbENOIS, , OOMVBUUMtt; One Fine l'arlor Set, in Brown Wool Reps, ! ■witbOiimeon Satin Puffs; One French Plate Mantel Mirror, in Walnnt •Frame; Laoe Curtains, Walnut and Gilt Cornices; { ( Marble-top Parlor Tables, '.Ornaments;';, ■ « English BruB*ols Carpet in Parlors, Halls' and Chambers; „ Vl.u.';'. ■ :. - Three Fine Walnut Chamber Suits, with Be. : . ' cess Bureaus; Three- quarter Walnut Bedsteads and Superior Bedding; * : Fine Spring ar.l Hair Mattresses; Feather Pillows, White Mission Blankets, Spreads, Sheets and 8Hp»; One Hoey's Patent Donble-Head Bed Lounge, : in Brown and Ponce Ilepa; One Walnut Wiitiog Desk; ! One Walnut Wcfdrobe; , One Walnut Marble-top Sideboard; Walnnt Dining Chairs; One Walnut Extension Table; Table Linen, China, Glass and Silver-plated Ware; One Superior Stove, with other very desirable artioles; Terms c«»H In U. B. gold coin* ORO. P. LAMBON. > Dl 2 Auctioneer* I TO-MORROW. TUIBDAY. November 13, 1877 \ I AT 11 O'CLOCK A. Af. OKI THE PBEMISBS, No. 423 OTARRELt, STREET, 3 ON AOCOUNr OF DEPABTOBE, I WILL BELL THE FINE FURNITURE: OF THE ABOFjS UESIDSNOB. I OOMPUXtUNU: One Fine Parlor Bet in Crimson Reps; One Parlor Set in Brown Reps; Turkish Lounge, Easy Chairs and Reception ]

Chairs; Marble-top Parlor Tables, Corner and Side Whatnots; . One Elegant French Walnut Inlaid Writing Desk; Lace Curtains, Costly Pictures in Gilt Frames; Best Body Brussels Oorpotß in Parlors and Halls;- | Four Fine Walnut Chamber Baits with Mar-b'e-top Side Pieces; Eastern Wainut Wardrobes; Fine Spring and Hair Mattresses; Feather Pillows, White Blankets and Marseilles Spreads ; j Clipper Lounges, Easy Chairs; Two .Walnut Extension Tables ; Walnut Dining Chairs ; l: China, Silver-pUted and Glasiiwcrc; ( vTua utaUnre : ..ii\'.Kvio\s.6Q anil .Swaps' Booms. Teroiß oaaiiL in V, S. goM. o«Ik> QKO. If. LAMBON, Dl 2 Auctioneer. WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY November 14, 1877 AT li O'CLOCK A. VMV M ON THE PREMISES, Wo. 919 O'FARRELL STREET, I WILL SELL THE Superior Furniture OF THE ABOVE BESIDENOE, OOM1?BHUN(»I tfSHfeBI Ono 7^-ootave, Grand Action, fl# I IlOverstrung Rosewood Piano, in perfect order. With Embroidered Cover and Stool. Z- r One Parlor Set in. Crimson Plush, Walnut Frames; One Elegant Mirror-back Walnut Etngere; Laoo Curtains; . „ Fine Cbromof* asu Engravings in .Walnut and Gilt Frames;^ * Elegant Body Brussels Carpets in Parlors; ,; One Walnut Bookoase, Turkish Chairs; Two Superior Walnut Chamber Suits, with Recess Bureaus; Three-quarter Bedsteads and Fine Bedding; Spring and . Hair Mattresses; Feather Pillows, White Mission Blankets, Sheets and Slips; One Fine Walnut Marble-top Sideboard; Walnut Dining Chairs, Fine Lounges; Silver-plated Ware, China and Cut Glassware; With a large variety of other desirable articles.

Ttmit Cash in V. S. Gold Coin. OKO. K. LAJHSON, :■:,, nU -„. "• Auctio».»«r. i " ' TRUSTEES 7 B ALE. IN AOOORDANUK WITH THE TERMS AND TJ6f ; der th« snlhoritT of a certain deed of Must duly *<e< cuted by WILIiIAM Q.WIQA N. ptrty of the nrst part, to James de Freme<-y, Robert D. Swain (who died on the 141 a day of June, A. I). 1671) and ' Alexander Campbell,' senior, Truttevs, and parttoi if tin leoond p«rt, and the Han rrace'eco Savings Union, of ' th t third part," da'ed the 13th day of December,' A. D. 1871, an£ locorded la the office of the County order of the O mntv of Sacra* uiti'u, flute of Uallfornia, In Doc'< ',i of Diedi, e^v<ges •■ 674 and f jllowina. aid in pursus^ci of a resolution tasted on »he eleventh day of Ootobjr; A. Di 1877, by the Board of Directors of st.l 4 B#t: Jrai cisco Savings TJnloi<, : a corporation, and the ir.oldfr of.thejrote (No. 24<s secure payment of .which the afore -aid deed of treat was executed, declaring that default, bad been \ msdo; ln' the par ms tit of the principal sum, and other sums, doennfter said note and deed of trust, snd rcniientinx anddlrectlng 0. Adolpho Low and A eAandor (.'auinliell. senior, Trni» i ! tees, and iho succcsFors and In tbe premises of ! raid Janiee da Fremery and Alexander Campbell, senior,' the i".:i vivors of the Trust named Id ' said t, deed 'of trust; to soil tte real estate detcribsil'Uitrelu^to'satUff, said Indebtedness, A We, 0. V A dolpbe " Us :•. and * AVexaedtr. Campbell,', senior,'. Trustees' and cuoceesors\and BHhigns In ilifa premiers of Beld Junieide Freinery and ; Alexander Oauipbell, senior, th 6 survivors of the Trus- ' tees naiaed in said deed of , trust, do hereby give notice that on ■ ."■;■"' ". '-v- ■';.'. ': •';- ; .-''",. ;: Tnesd/iy, the Twentieth Day or NftVember, '.. a. d. inn, W%YM At one o'clock P. M. of that day, and at the • auction snlesrooms Lf SHKItIIURN & SMITH, at No. " fc7 K. ' street | In the city of Sacramento,' county of Sacratoento,' State of Call omla, we will sell at public auction, to the, highest bl ider, fur ca«h In gold coin of the L'olU'.l Saw*. a!t those parcel* of land situate on Sherman I*laad, the county of Sacramento, , Bute cf California, dfsc;lL*l as follow*, fn Tit i ■ Flat— Ootnui' oo'ng at tbe qtisr'er section stake en the north Use of section '{88) th r'y-slx, in township (■<) three north, range (i) two eaUof Mount Diablo bate and i meridian, and , thence ; running .: ea«t (80 25-100 chains) elxhty chains an \ twenty five links to the bank of. tbo run Joaquln itvcr at a btake marie "1 & I;" thecca down;.»ad rlvrtswith its, meanders,", couth '(l2o^os'; twelve degrees Are ! xnlßu!e< '. wesr (23 90100 chain*) twenty-throe chains ' and ninety links; south ' (28° W) lwcTtty'tl«ht livy.ttti Blxtcen minutes west (-i 70 100 chain*) eight 'clsnlns and seventy ltutc-i south i 50 c S6'; fifty degrees efi)>flvo mlnutestwest (14 21-100 chains) faotteen chains and twent'-on» lltk« to a stake ■" the bank cf, raid'. river, marked ''8 A 4;" iheiKe west (6C 0-100 chain*) »Uty cbaln» and to-j In.-i; thence north (40 chain*) forty chains to the place of bcginclup: Containing 29ft 63-100 ■ere*) two hundred a <\ nlnety.»U an 1 sixty three hundredths acres, and being the lard embrace 1 It. Burtov number (540;"' five hnnJred and fortyix of swamp and overflowed lands of a d Pacramecto c.-iuntr, to the official field notes and plat of .which' U voy referenre is hereby made (or farther particulars. ; Kecond-BtglonlEg at a stake Is the ceuter of icctlon (30; th r'y-»ls,ln township (3) threo north; ra?ge .2; t *o eait of Mount * f>l »bo ta»e and ' mtrldlan,' ai)d ruiiulriK thenae rat (80 10 100 chains) sixty; chains an i ten ill t« to a stake on th« batk of .the San Joa?nln river, mtri«d "8 A 4;" tbenov down ' mXI river' with Ita hwiui!»>, aouth(4a° id') forty-Dint dogreeu thirty minutes west, (10 10-100 '») i«nchalcrt and tenllok*). -ooth 20/ flitv-ihrj-ti degrees ihlrty minutes we«t,(l4 87-110 tht\m) !ourte*n chalks. aud *Ixty-ee*en links. south (li 9 80'( forty-three <t««it»s thirty mlcutai west 'fie 2 100 chafe*) flfiy-ftve chains and- two ilok», sonth i'H««3o'. eighty -six Uesrwu iblru rain otoo, west \t 77-100 cba!n») two chains and Hovcoty-sjvjn !lt,k» to a ttt&k* nn t»e bank of sa'J river, marked "4 A ■■>;" thence; north (86 37 100 chaln«> flitj-tlve chains' and tbl'ty>ae*eiß : links to th» place of beginning: ntatnlng (10 1 18-ioa;'acr«) one bundrtid Siiii sixty. four anu olghtceuJiundreitba tores;. bclu« the i Unda embraced in aar*ey .■ u»nl.«r W7) By* baDdrwl and forty-revon of tba'swamD'and ovtrQowtd laadi < ( tad Bacramrnto county, to the official flel.» pilau anl put elf which survey reference; Is hereby, roado for ranter out- j titulars. ■-. .■■'■■ : -. '• ."■;-'i '■■■:'.'■-■ : '•■■'-:"] The said ■] two tra~ts . tcgetbe? ;. couiprlsluc fr^.ttlunal portions of section*; >. umbers (I, 31 and SSroie. thirty one and thlrty-s'x." in townships t*o and three (2 and 8), north of ranged ,2 »- J 8) two and " three east of Mount Diablo base and io.;ri'!un. - ! * : .... .;. ' Together w'th the improvemouis tbereon. . -■ TKBAIVo'y BALIJ-C»sh In gu'd: coin o/ the Unite-1 SUes, ten per cent payab to ttta under»lgued on the full of the hammer, balance on delivery of dted ;i»nd if j not so paid , unless for want of title (tea days belnjf al« { lowed for search , then Bald ten per cent, be forfeited, and the sale to be - void. > Acts *f sa'e at purchaser's eapenso. O. ADOLPHK Jt"i>W,l TruaV ; r j' V ! 027 • , - •A.-.OAMfBICLLrSK.'.X.fy;*.?.'',: j i VABKOW 6AVOK \VMJBB:i^e>-«» j A^ hand and for sale by _ & __ WILUAUS, fiXiAHUBAJSO * 00., : . ■ : ;.7. ; -. »8 QftUlftiaHl m—t, |

Witaicn nint!.';- : .. '.; n. a, cot*MAURICE DORE & CO., RKAt. KSTATK. STOOK AXD OESBRiIi AtTRTIONIKFJI.* ; Otlira and £>«s.l#»aro«tua, No. 410 Pins atTat.t. I la til ' ml«i mad* by air*ettea of th« OenrU ter A.tminininitt§ ' Rjrwntorj, o*mmiu(oa*n, U«celter«, Unrtf *(*•*, TraitsM.-Ai-I ll|««*i, etc, mwcribwl Im*\ ftiisni will be carttally compl'^) v'.W : - CONMTIOfIB OP. 9lt.iv— On all proi>*rty (old by auction: I sri'l b*M h«r»t«for»— tan poroonU of tkotmonntof |>arcbM4 I-j- | 7»rUl!/ required at tha tlni. t < rol*. Till* ESUt (rove *«114, or tin : I u«robiw«rwHl ba r«laa«wl aril hie d«poi>lt refunded ; on* «Mk *Ilowed for the «zamliutUoi>'or.'tttl« and eomplrtlon of porcbacpi d«*d« st tt* «xr*nn cf parchM*r. AJI Rales in*4« far v. 8. 4*M Oola. -<- ~ M 'llj tUVRTcm DOBR will bla eipeeUl attention to prt^»t» «0a« ' and n»rcli*««* of mlMUtc, ,'balaTMtincßtot o»pl!>lca nor«cat«*,«to. ■;; -V-...' •»..'■■;.•• .--.-.- THFRSDAT. THURSDAY..,;.. .....November 15, 1877 At 10 o'clock A « JR., at Salesroom, Wo- 410 PIKE STREET, (NKVADA. BLOCK,) Between Montgomery and HTearay Bri., •am f avscisoo, oau*ojwu For aooonnt r of R. S. Smitli, an 1 for whom it may concern. WB WILL O_FFEB FOB HAM,, 2660 Shares of the Capital Stock of the Safe Deposit Company of San Francisco. Keprcgentoa by certtftca'cs Nf.B. a'B,a '8, 385, 3T9.M0, 128,' 128, 330,-383," 468, 457, 301/429; 42T and 868. To be sold in lot If denlrev. ' VKHMtf CAHH, ft AT KICK DORK <b CO., nlO i . v ; * C-*'--\ Aui'Oonwifc ?<^ WEDNESDAY. WEDNESDAY; ...;...... December C,lflrn At 12 o'clock X.« at Bal*srforaB, ' Wo. 410. PinS STREET, Bftwixn nsoKitftfomory and K«arajrStr«el«, ; BAH JraAKoisoo; CAX.I7OBKI*, CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT. r^VX^G-XB H.OT . : TYLER ;•■ STREET. BETWEEN TAYLOR JONES »TB ., WITH IMFROVBHIHTf. »9*Only one block from. Market «tre«b : M*£i' Lotion north line of .TyTer/iitrccV^illatant.: «Lot north from Ty'er «tr<r*t, tlieuc* t>S\ feet ed»t from Joaea «tr«»t, tbenoo iifii* east • ''; having - 82 \i Toot > frontage ' on Tyler «tr*ot f by» depth of h feet. ' . Together with the Urge building thereon ," formerly . used 18 * obnrcb , uv.A known M the Tabermol*. TERMS AT BALK. •^■' ' ! '.•'-•'•^i"'. Bid aiiiUillCH DORR A CO . . . • ; .', .» t'l- .- A act'ou>«rt> v '

San ; Francisco Horse Market - and Carriage Repository, Not* 33* 35 and 37 New Montgomery St* '■' Auction Haifa on 'Monday* Mid Fridays'. Bora**, BugKles, H»iui<kh, Saddle*, Bobet, UUntretf, Whipa, etc.; etc. :•••• ~'^t J £&SSis A. FROOMBXRO . Auoi'r. H. FBOOM Prop'/. THIS DAT. MONDAY. ..*. .... '. . ... . . . Novsmber 12, 1877/ AT 11 O'CLOCK A. IK., Jk.W SA.XJBBXI.OOJVIO, — or - HORSEIS. UOUPBIBXNQ Carriage Kov<»«.t, Baggy Hotmi, Buitinut Bww* »n& Hsmi/K* 3PCrarw»tt* A FULL ASSORTMENT OF Nb^.cwd Bfloond-hand Carriages. Bn«:gle«, VT«M);^«ii, Haraetii* Rob«s« I»»p Rob«»« K:Tießlw»k«ts. Whips* '-■ ETC., K-jRX, KTC. A. ITIiOOMOBRO, K. F«OO9IBJBK«, nil •. Aaci«ne*r. - - -•?;* -' Proprietor. ' ( SPECIAL : ®'A. ri;3E THURSDAYc THDBSDAY .1 .... ..... . .November' 15, 1877 AT 11 O'CLOCK, A. '.«., OH THE PSZMISBe, Folsom Street Riding Academy LIVERY STABLE, Nos- 737 and 739 FOLSOM STREET "■ BY 'ORDER OF W. LEVY, WE WILL BELL, WITHOUT BBBBBVB, THE ENTIBE-ifTOCK r\ym FORTY HEAD — o* — HORSIiIS. fe $52. Among wliioh' fotlovriag well : ktown SHSBfififiitoclK t . ■ Prince, Bismarak, Sentnek* bay* stallion Tern \'. Scott, , by : ! Xlthan Allen, Clan. Brush, an Alexander Colt, Gray/ llagle, liady dray, Kitty, a pacing team that can pace in 2:45 and other well known • horseH. ■ y/mm

Ar.BU. TUB Largost and finest assortment of ladies' and gents' ;jnnglish7i.3MCojcl-'= can and American Velvet liiried arid Silver-mounted ; Saddles , and Bridles. A 9 INK ASSORTMENT OsT Buggies, r XLockaways, Harness, Robes, Lap Blankets, ;Korso Blankets, Whips, etc. ~ Pedigrees of < borsfi" tPtll '■'. U £i?en on day of sale, ; by oatslogno. above horses be seen at the above place any time pr»yioue : to sale; ■' The above bnslneta will be carried on, hereafter, : by the brother of Mr, W, Lery. A. PHOOMUBRO, . - h/ FjaOOBIBKKO, 020 Auctioneer. ' r -: proprietor. IN '.THB*DIBTIHOT.=> ; CO OUT tOP TH C ' VWJTRD States, for the District of California. .' : V%: In the matter of H.'PBABBON,' TolunUry Bankrnpt. This is to give not 100, that on the Binateeatn day of October, ' 1877, a warrant ?in :| bankruptcy was iwaed against the estate of 11. Pearson, ,of > the olty and « county of Bau Vranoisco, > and ' Hiate of ' Dullornl a , who b&a | been | adjudged a i bankrupt y on \ his ova petition ; that tbe ■ payment of 1 any debt*," and delivery of ,- any ! i property belonging '■ to « snob - bankrupt, to him or tor bis ase, and the transfer of any property •by him, are X forbidden if by ; lsw. That X a meeting of tbe ] creditors 'of 'i tbe i said bankrupt, 1 to prove ] their debts, and "i to J choose one ? or ; more as. £ alguees of his estate, will bo held at a Court of Bank. ■* ruptoy, to bn bolden at ' Room No. 10. Court Blot*. ,' 030 Olay street, of the city and oonnty of Ban FranCisco, before' J.l M. CMtoheli, Register, on itb«;7t'lF4 TEENTIIiday ofiNOVEMUEB 1 A. D,, 1877, at tbren o'clock v. M. E. P. MABSELiIiDa.D.S^MarBbaI/ : .-' 00211 ' As Messenger, District of California IN ■ THE DIBTRIOT « COURT Or THE UNITEJD BUtes, for tho District ot I California. v ; ; In tbo matter of HBNRk* B, BTEDMAN, Voluntary Bankrnpl- „►•■.■'.-'■ ... t .'■;/, Thi* is to Rive notice, that on the sixth day of November, 1877, a warrant In . baukruptoy was ! IsmmC against ' the ' estate of j Henry B. Stedtuau, r f the ci *>> and county of Ban Francisco, and State of California, wbo bas been asJudged a bankrupt on bin own p<*UI tlon {'that the payment of nay debts, aod delivery of any property belonging to saoh bankrupt, to bins ; or for hid use, and the [transfer of ; any property by ;•- him,' are ferblddst. by law. That a meeting or.' tbe vr creditors of tbe sail bankrupt,. to prove their debts, and to choose oue or more assignees of bis f estate ,' ; f will be held at a Oonrt of Bankruptcy, to be holden tf | at Boom No. 10, Block, 630 Olay street, e*;the?i ' olty ; and * county of • flan \ Vmnolsco, before .; 1. M. aitcheli;. Register, on ,the . BEVBWTn^day, of 'DE. ' ! OBMBBli; A. 0. 1M77. at ten o'clock a. U. ,E.rP.MAIiHBLLU(?,:.U..B; Marshal, ill , A* Meaeengor. Dlatrlot of California. i IN THE -, lilOT COURT Of THK UHITED 1 ' States, for tho District at Onitfornla. ! ; In the matter at ALBKRi' A. HIO&OX, .Voluntary ..: BauUrnpt. ■^SBf^U^BftBtjUBUBSiBIBt^M H> '('Ma is to ;givo; notice that on the IBtb day of October , v 1877, a warrant . la J baakruptcy, was 5 lusued agr.iuei tat, C6tate .of Albert A. Hlck»t-x,of tbe oily find county, of rUn "Franolsoo and State of California, wuo 'bu 'been* ad judged a bankrupt on bis own petition; tbtkt tlio payment of ajiy debts and delivery of »ny property belonging to suou I)&nk»apt to him or for Mb use, aod the trnnsfer of any i^ him, a -j forbidden by law. That a meeting or the credit* or» of tbe said bankrupt, to prove their debit, and to choox.i ore or more assignees of his o»ttf.-. will be . bold at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be bolder. At Boom . ' Ho, r 10, Court Block," 63fl.clay street, of I the oity and county of I Bsn ; Francis^. . Deforo f. J. M. -• OltcheFJ, , ■ EeeHter, on tad THIRTEEKTa day of WOVSaiBEB, A. O. 1877, at 'i o'olock WM.^SHBhW ' -^^ ■•'' • ' ' Z. P.MAKBBLLUB, V, 8. Marshal, ' '.-. 020 J;:; ' ; Aa Ue«a«ag«r, DUU-iot at a«;!.'ora)a. -

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