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California Digital Newspaper Collection > Sacramento Daily Union > 12 July 1869 > Page 1 Advertisements Column 3

Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 37, Number 5706, 12 July 1869 — Page 1 Advertisements Column 3 [ADVERTISEMENT]

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FOR SALE AND TO LET. FOR SALE. A GOOD CHAN FOR BUSINESS. Toe UAR ROOM on the corner, known as the Frank Kosta corner, Front aad X streets, opposite the Steamboat Landing— of the best business stands In Sacramento. Reason for selling, the owner wishes to retire from business. For lerms of sale, which will be reasonable, Inquire on the premises. jy7-lmlp FRANK KOSTA. LOS ANGELES COUNTY LANDS. figs, FARI3ING liANWS IN LOS ••J***"* Argeles County for sale, in sections and quarter ■ •^' , sections, at reasonable prices and on accommodating terms— say, one-fourth cash and balance in one. two and three years, with interest at 10 per cent , payable annually. Apply at tbe office, No. 482 Montgomery street (adjoining the Banking House of Dosohoe, Kelly k Co.), San Francisco, cr to HENRI D. POLHEMUS, je2slmlp Anaheim, Los Angeles Co. I HILL 'PROPERTY FOB SALE. THE OCCIDENTAL STEAM FLOUR MILL, In the town of Petaluma, Sonoma county. Ibe Mill Is built of stone, two stories high ; Mill and Machinery in perfect running order, and ready for immediate use. Ibe "Occidental Flour " ha» a reputation unsurpassed by any other brand in tbis Stat*;. For terms and conditions of ale apply to W. B. SWAIN, 802 Montgomery street, Sau Francisco. The title to this property is perfect. mvB-"p MFO« •*..** -L Si— so«.» FsNll BPAM** IBH MERINO EBTRS and 10d BUCKS— by F. GRAHAM, li)': Grove. Sacramecto county, I.*) miles south of Sacramento, on 'he Upper ! Stockton Koad. jol4 liiilp* :~~ BOILER SOU SALE. SALE-A TUBULAR ROSLFR, JD a i'*:et lone, 29 inches d'ameter, with grate bars, fire front, and 12 feet of smolre stack, with breecbings. Apply at the UNION Q!*FIC'. TYPE METAL FOR SALE. "1 KArt lbs. type mftai. for JLO\J\J SALE— In quantities to suit. Apply at the U.iiox Office, fell J. ANTHONY A CO. ************ Jim i MimmmmmmmmtmmmumKmMmm&mummmmmEmmaßßmmm _ DENTISTRY. DR. W. H. THOMAS, er-vv-.^sm. THE OLDEST ESTAB** &J4lZ£~2 LISHED DENI IST tn Sacramento city, Ij^TJ^BSSßfeais P re P ared t0 perform all operailons i:: ■ ' TT » bis ptofesaio* on the most ai»pr*;ve<l and latest principles. TEETH INSERTED on Geld, Silver md- Vulcanite. Particular attention paid to preservation of the Natural Teeth. Electricity or Chloroform used for Extracting Teeth. OiTlce— si J street, bet. Id sad 4th. All operations warranted. jvS-lmln _____ "dentist. /■^vw-gg-**^ DR. T. J. holder, s^^^2_l Office— No. 137 J" st. (Cor. 7thi, '•'^-CTiTr •"*'•• o P' , *'* i '' lo'*s0 '* s executed in the ixost - * — * — "^ skillful and reliable manner, and guaractecd. iys-Imln E. H. PIERSON. B. B. ERSWER* - _. DENTISTS, ;&&%£-& Ho. 111.1 st., bet. Fourth and Fifth. ((^^"SjjaARIIIICIAL TEETH inserted en Gold, **-*-« f Silver.VulcariitcandAlnminno. Ijys-1p ■ v,^*i»w F. "*• 534 EL M. D., W-3P?SK DENTIST, 153 3 street, bet. Sth and 6tb. '-^ijr^-V^ 1 ' 1 ** 3 up BEAN'S CAST ALUMINUM *****-* ■-■» * PLATES— strong, without taste, cool, 1 cleanly, and easiiy repaired. Vulcanite work neatly u.-uoe. jyS " *ot*.'*** *g*-?****'****»^***»***^^ i m ■ iii *gggg*J*j mwil ■ Hmutaßß ~ HARDWARE, ETC. ~~ N. W. SPATJLDING, j/rs* tAXi" smithing and REf**** * ■^ P**** '*"**'-' ,li * ! * : EstabliKhmcat. p:;.'-v i <V"3*« 1 7 an 1 *"*" Fremont St., near Market, •V. y San fraacisco, MANUFACTCRER OF SPAULBING'3 PATEN" T-T <:i«CrL : SAIVS. They have proved themselves to be the most durable and economical Bawl in the world. Each Saw is Warranted in every respect. Particular attention paid to the construction of PORTABLE and STATIONARY; SAWMILLS. Mill" famished at Bbort notice at the Lowest Market Prices. .i*-*"' '■ ■'■" HUNTINGTON HOPKINS & CO,, -~~~ *. —IMPORTEES Of— harjdwajrb, IRON, Cumberland Coal 4 etc, Powder, Fuse, Belting, Hose, Rope, Etc.,; Rlacksi .itii A Tlininji Tool*. —ALSO, AGKST-i *OSBAB FRANCISCO CORDAGE COMPANY. ORIENTAL POWDER COMPAN7, of Boston. ACIFIC MILLS POWDER COMPANY, Marin C0.,C»1. No. £4 X street, Siicramento, j 28-1 snip mm mmmmmmmmm mm—i — m^^ mmmm mmmmmmmm^ w ONE OUNCE OF GOLD REWARD WILL RE PAID FOR every ounce of Domestic or any other Tobacco, except th- finest llivuna, found in any 1,000 of the Racliclor's Dcilj'.it Cigar*, If the firm yon aro trading wi'h has not pot, them, a"d does not choose to get tbem for you, send at once to the Factory of LIERES EROS., 219 Frout *'„ San Francisco. Jyl-lmlp GEO. 0. WHITNEY & CO., rr? rrl f___3_ll *OIONEER FURNITURE WiiiE* Boons, i •{K3TABLISUED SEPTEMBER, 1880.) HAVE REOPENED at the SPACIOUS and NEW BUILDING, 319 and 321 Pine street, (South side, between Montgomery and Sansome,) i I San Francisco, Cal., a LARGE and MAGNIFICENT STOCK of ! Furniture aud Upliolsiory Good**, j ; The most complete assortment ever before offered for | sale on the Pacific Coast. je2G-3mlp ! i , . - j H : : F. PUTZMAN. PORT Kit AND DEALER IN Foreign and Domestic "Wines, BRANDIES AND WHISKIES, Also, Sole Manufacturer and Proprietor of tbe PRUSSIAN STOMACH DITTfiRS, 213 Jackson street, Between Battery aad Front streets, jySlmlp SAN FRANCISCO. NOTICE TO PERSONS CLAIMING PREMIUMS UNDER THE BOU.MY LAWS. Omen State Boars op Judges. ) Sacramento, June 15, 18M. I Notice is herby (riven to all persons who intend clalmlnj* Premiums under the provisions of the various Acts of the State for tbe encouragement of Agriculture, ! Manufactures and Silk Culture, that ' „ ; Thursday, July 15, 1569, I Has been appointed as the day when they shall make j an exhibition of such articles as they Intend to claim 1 Premiums for Agricultural Hall, in the city ol Sacra- ! mento, being designated as the place where such cxi hibition shall be wade. r v": i . By order cf the President of Board. I JeilO td EDWARD R. TAYLOR, Sccrf-Ury. ,

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