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State, County and Local Candidates Are Now Committed to Struggle

OAKLAND. July 16.— A eigh of relief ■went up from the deputies of County Clerk Cook today when the noon hour struck and the time allowed by law for the filing of nomination petitions- was up. For days the work of checking up j and verifying signatures on petitions j has created a great strain. According to law every nomination petition had to be filled by noon and every nomination petition for a state office had to he in the office of Secretary of State Curry t>y noon. The last bat. of state- nomination* was sent off by special messenger this moraine. The novelty <>f the primary law and the unfamlliarity of many candidates with it*, workings made much trouble, but the petitions of all candidates for nominations are nor; in such shape that the candidates will be rure of places on the ballot at the primary election of August IC. Few RJEPITBLICAX CONTESTS For the most part only a few contests f<ir the republican nominations for county officers are now sharply defined. There is no republican candi- j date against Judpre Wells- to succeed t himself. No one has dired to challenge "William H. Donahues claim to be district attorney for another term, there not being even a democratic candidate in the field. Sheriff Barnet has no republican opposition and neither has Tax Collector Barber, Superintendent of j Schools Frick, Public Administrator Mehrmann and County Surveyor Haviland. John P. Cook will have to do battle ■with Thomas M. Ilobinson and Harry L. Boyle to succeed himself as county clerk. John W. Mott's succession to the recordership is challenged by G. W. Bacon. Henry P. Dalton. the present assessor, it. opposed by I. H. Clay, while C J. Lutgen as auditor has a contest with E. F. Garrison. There are lights also in both supervisorial districts where elections occur this year. W. B. Bridge in the second di&trlct has against him Fred F. Morse, and Joseph M. Kelley's seat is sought by himself and Louis Scl;affer. Treasurer Kelly is opposed by Edwin Steams and Coroner Tisdale by Dr. T. B. Holmes. These contests, are merely for the republican nominations. The; republican majority in the county is so overwhelming that litle chance is conceded a democrat. The democrats have put up a ticket, however, with candidates for a majority of the county offices. Their petitions were filed this morning at the county clerk's office by former Congressman Warren B. English, who produced from his sack th« necessary $10 for each petition. English is runtime for county assessor this year. LIST OF PETITIONS Tiie following are -the nomination petitions filed for county and township offices and members of the legislature: . Judge T»f thp Superior Court— Win. S. Wells, (r). J. J. iV-rlvcer, nil. l»it.trj<?t Attorney — Wai. H. Donahue, (r). • - County Cierk— J'.'hn P. Cook, UN Thomas M. Itobin*on. in; Harry L. Boyle, (r); George W. Peckham. <di. X _. County Recorder— John W. Mott, tr) ; G. W . Becou. Vrir C. F, Fraser. <d): •• Assessor — Hear.r V. I'aiton. (t); I. H. Clay, (O; Warren B. English, <d). Auditor — Conrad J. Lurjien, (r); E. F. GarrUon. in; David F. Stuart, <dt. Sheriff— Frank Earnct. (t) ; Robert JlcCallajrhan, <v). ' Tax collect <-t— James B. Barber, (r) ; M. G. Callaghaa. td). Treasurer — M. J. Kelly, (r); Edwin Steams, <d). Superintendent of Schools — George W. Frick, <r»: T. O. Crawford. <d>. Corouer — Charles L. Tisdale, (r); T. B. Holnies. (d». Public Administrator — H. B. Mehrmann, (r); Al'-x BUriibetg. <di. County Surveyor — Perry A. Hnviiand, (r). .Sui«»rvisor District — WiHiain B. Bridge, <r>; Fred F. More*. (r». Suptrvisrrr iird District— J. M. Keller, (r) ; Louis fcVimffer. tr«; K. M. Briarc, (d). JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. itakland Townsbip— James (J. Quinn,, (r). * Alani»-<la Ti'wn>hi|i — Elnicr E. Johnsou, (rt. Brooklyn Township— l'aul W. Wuthe. <r): Aaron Turjw.T. (rt: William It. Geary, <r); Burton J. Wyman. «ri. Eden Township — Chas. Prowse. <.r); V. U. Toff^lmier. <r»: J. M. Frank, (r). Waehinjrtoa Tovrusbip — Sam"! SaDdholdt, <r); T. H. Fert-ira. (ri; Cuanipiou D. Stivers, <.r»; Jowpli E. W arnislev, (rt. PleasanU'ii T<ranshir>— P. C. Quinn, (r). .\l\utny Twwnshl,'*— D. D. Murpby, <rj. Oakland Towns hip— Morris H. I>aac, (r);.H. T. Henu»»tead, <rt. Alam«?dii T(jvi-ush!pT-Al. Kiim, <r>; Gco. D. Gray. in. Brooklyn Township— Harry A. Cramer, <ri; Wm. C Allen, in: TUoe. D. Carroll, <r); John \V. Oeotxv. <r». Eden T.m-nstii|i-Ma'i!icl B<,rp«», (r) ; W. J. Uarasp*'. <ri; .losppli M. Olympia, (ri. Washinsrton Touiisi.ip — Bamsei B. .Vanderrourt «U.t, Gcaw <}. livottiliu (1L). Joseph . l^iderick {B~K Manual J. -Htnsc »«l.i. Pieasanioii Tonnsbiii — l.arkiii XL Locke (K.)., Murray Towasliij)— o. i>. Fitzgerald (D.), C. H. Acker «E.). ' CITY JL'.STICES OF THE PEACE Oaklajid— Gc!»rse. Samuels <Il.<, Ben- F. WoM- . ner (B.i. Mortiuit-r Kuiith <R.t. Edward E. Geh- * Alaimd'a— R. IJ. T«Ppea |R.). Berkeley — Uol>ort Kdpar » B. i. , STATE SENATOR Fourteenth di*trief — tiourzr 1 J. Hans (R.), John K:-:,i:) Wiis.ia <!£.<. Frank Otis (U.i. / ' -■ SLctMOCb aWricJ — Frank W. Leavitt <R.>. Edward T. Tyrrell (R. 4. Hiram A. Luttrets (D.). MEMBER OK THE ASSEMBLY Fcrty-fcixth district — A. A. Uojrcrs (R.I. Kortv-f--cv<»ntlj district — Suuiucr Crosby (K.», Alfred' L. Morjrensreru, <X.). ■ F«>rty-eij;hth district — Daniel IVrpu^ou (X.>, James T. Feeipy OM. Bohort J.i CaUakua dt,».i F<ir).v-nin«li distriet — JoUa F. Kelly 4.11.), Ge^ree Fitzcerald <R.i. Fiftieth ■»ii*ti-i<-t— William C Ciark (R.). Harry W. Pnlrlfer i«.». Fift»-fii>t district— James H. 'Pond (K.), Trsnfc >'. .^ujitU <U.«. It. 11. Heffrniau iR->-Fifty -second « district — Ufduioutl C,. Staats (B,). CC Young <B.). STATE XOMIAWnO>S The nomination petitions of the following for state offices were sent to the secretary of state: GOVERNOR CuarW F. Curry (EL). Hiram W. Johnson (R.), -NRtlianieJ Kllery iB.), Alden ' Anderson <O.t. Philip A. Stmiton (R.t. Theodore E. Bell «D.h J. i^titt Wilson (S.), -Simeon. Pease Meads «P..». . LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR Albert 3. VTallaee (11.), Bert ll Fanner (R.), Richard Fenis-iR.), Francis V. Kceslinff <R.>, Timothy SpcHaey «U. (, Marshall W. Atwood <P.i. ASSOCIATE JUSTICES OF THE SUPREME COURT Henry A. Melrln (R.t. M. C Rloss (R.), Curtis ,D. Wiibur <H.\. Benjamin F. Blodsoc it).), William P. Lawlor CD.), James U. Blanehard (.P.). SECRETAEV OF STATE Frank C Jordan (R*.). Walter D. Wagner (R ) Florence J. O'Briwi (R.i. Simeon S. Batler (It i I^uclns C. Vale (P.). CONTROLLER Frank Mattison <R.), A. B. 'Nye (R.), Charles V. Sturderant (P.). TREASURER . W. U. Williams (R.), WllliamP. Fassett (P.) Tupper S. Malone (D.). ATTORNEY GENERALU. S. "Webb (R.),' James. E. Pcmberton (D \ Wallace M. Peace .(P.). „ . ... . 1

Acme and Franciscaner * The Perfection In the Art of ♦ Brewing;. + Ask Your Dealer for It I

N.D. Baker, Who Has Been Appointed a Sanitary Inspector

' SURVEYOR GENERAL William S. Kins*lmry m.>,* William C. Al-ben-'rr (It,). Harry V.. Wh«-elpr (P.). . -. CLEBK OF THE SUPREME COURT Robert H. Fitzgerald <R.), Taylor B. Grant <R.i. William H. Bernis (R.t, Hiram A. Blanchard <D.». -^ fSLTERINTENDEXT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION' I Allison Ware (R.). Thomas n. Kirk (D.), Perry O. Cole (P.). . SCPERIXTEXDENT OF STATE I'RINTING Waltor B. TUorpe UU. F. William Richardson (R.». Grattan D. Philli;)s (H.I. W. W. Shannon (R.t. Charles I. McDonald (R.). D W Ravnnseroft (IX). Clarence J. Kinne (P.). PRESIDING JUSTICE OF THE DISTRICT COURT OF APPEAL Thomas J. I^>nnon (R.), James V. Coffee (DA, Georse E. Church (D.). MEMBER OF STATE BOARD OF EQUALIZATION Alex Brown (R.). John Mitchell (R.). RAILROAD COMMISSIONER Theodore Summerland (R.), Johu M. Eshelman (H.i. I'nited States senator — John D. Works (R ) Representatire in congress— Joseph R. Knowland (li.t.


Berkeleyans Given Last Chance to Qualify for Voting

BERKELEY. - July 16.— A series of six special registration meetings have been arranged by the^Berkeley registration committee, and voters of this city will be given a chance to qualify for the primary election. Registration deputies will be on hand at the following places in the evenings from 7*30 to 9:30 o'clock: July 18, North Berkeley firehouse, Shattuck avenue near Vine street; July 19, office of F. "W Foss, east side of Shattuck avenue near Center street; July 20, the Smoke shop, corner of ■ Telegraph- avenue and Bancroft way; July 21. Berkeley tennis club, west side of Hillegass avenue, near DerbyTtreet; July 22, De Kay's real estate office, east side of Shattuck avenuesouAi of Dwight way; July 23, firehouse in Shattuck avenue south of Russell street.-

DIVORCES GRANTED— Oakland. Jnly 16.— The following final decrees of divorce were- granted today: Gertrude against .Tamps O. Armstrong, failure to provide: Celeste against Clare Colegrove. cruelty. • .*,•

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U. C. Graduate Added to '■ Engineering I Staff of the State Board of Health

BERKELEY, July 16.— N. .D. Baker, a graduate with last-year's class'from the university, has been appointed' sanitary, engineer of the state board, of health, and is ■ now;- making an inspection of th<* sewage . systems sof the small towns of .the state r whose t size does not .warrant the expense of a municipal'system of. sanitation. > j Baker is now iiv this city after.making a tour; of . the .towns in • northern California for. the state board.' He will render a report on 'his? return; to Sacramento of, , the- needs '.".of the; small places.^ '►-' V '_:. ; ■' '.;•. • He said tliat- hi was working on ■ a new^problem of sanitatioli conceived by the "state boards who will thereafter give aid: for;the betterment of public health to /those" cities .whose .finances will . not, allow: of. a" municipal sanitation system. ' . AVhile a student here \ Baker was known-by the faculty to be a brilliant scholar, and was graduated witlv the class of 1909 with high marks. '


Civil Engineer Alfred Bannister May Sue Alameda ALAMEDA, July 16.— -Unless the city pays Alfred Bannister, a civil engineer, $500, which he- demands as compensation for services rendered in making an inspection for the municipality , of the watersheds controlled by the Bay Cities water company: in the .Mount Hamilton region, he says he will bring, suit to recover. Bannister has - been employed occasionally in the office of City Engineer I. N. Chapman, and while so employed was paid a dally, wage. When Chapman was recently ordered to make an inspection of the Bay Cities company's water sources, he asked .for an assistant. ; Bannister was selected. After returning from the trip of inspection Bannister compiled -a report which, was. approved by the city; engineer and filed with the city council. Later^annister sent in a bill against the city for $500 for expert services. The mayor and the city council have thus far failed to order the bill paid, considering -that it is exorbitant; ana holding that- Bannister was not hired as an expert, but by the day. Bannister has retained A: F. St. Sure to represent him in the action he contemplates bringing •: against the city to collect the $500 demand.


Former Buyer for Emporium Established in Berkeley BERKELEY, July 16^— Morris Hirshfeld, for many years' buyer for the Emporium ai)d a large Oakland 'firm, has taken over Capwell's Berkeley store^at Addison street and Shattuck avenue arid will assume personal manageme^ntjof the large . dry goods ', establishment; Hirshfeld Avill make improvements and change the name to "The White Hous<£/.\


Foreign Variety, Rejected Years Ago, Thrives in Southern Part of California

v BERKELEY, June 16.— Twenty-five years ago,/ when the Persian grape was introduced into the state. It was not considered suitable for California soil, but this variety, according to Prof. F. T. Bioletti. head of the" university department of viticulture, is a great success.': The. scientist, who has just returned from the valley,' said -today that the foreign grape seemed to be perfectly adapted to the soil of that section. '-„'. f . '■ » T'^.'i • .When, the Persian grape was first tested in this state 25 years ago grow- . ers, did not take. kindly to it. as it did not seem to' thrive, and .produce the results expected. . Since thea its cultivation has been limited and 'only enough, of the .fruit-grown by the various university stations to preserve the species here. •. . V Recent experiences- of the growers of the -Imperial valley have shown, however, that the grape is well suited for r that climate and soil. Professor Bioletti 'declared that the fruit probably .would be one of the most popular ; table grapes on the market. It is of attractive appearance and T has a line flavor. .Its earliness in ripening -4ias appealed to the farmers. -


Mother of Attorney P. C. Black Laid at Rest "OAKLAND, July 16.— The funeral of Mrs. Adrienne: Black, who passed awa>; after an illness of six weeks, was held this afternoon from the home ;of her son, Attorney P. C. Black, 651 Chetwood street. -Rev. Clifton Macon, rector . of Trinity; church, conducted the services. The pall bearers were George "W. Reed; Robert A. Henry, I* H. Handy, Theodore Jenkins, Axel Johnson and Robert Henry. Mrs. Black came from a family that made its mark as pioneers of the west. Her father, was ■"Willlp.m F. Rector, one of the earliest -settlers of Oregon, who was one of the first to push ahead of civilization at .the head of the Missouri river.. Coming originally from Kentucky, Rector struck . for unoccupied lands even before the Historic Lewis and Clark expedition penetrated Into the northwest. He arrived in California from Oregon in 1849. ; '■/;.. * Mrs. Black is survived by three children, P. C. Black, Mrs. Adrienne Henry, and Earl ' Victor Black: Her husband, Henry Clay Black, whom she married in Los Gatos, is dead, as is another son, O. L. Black. . -"• -

E. B. THOKNING MADE LIEUTENANT—AIanieda, JulylG.— E. B. Thornlng. one of the crack scullers of the Alamerta boatinp club. .lias 'bmi commissioned., a linutonant :fn the national guard and has been apjwint^d battalion commissary and ,<|uarteroiast<»r of tbc first battalion of the -Fifth repiment.- infanf -The battalion is coramauded by Jlajor M* W. Siiiipsou of tills city. ' ;' %

BOY- SENT TO ■ DETENTION HOME— Berkeley. July 16.— Frank 'Gallagher, wiio.'.-wltb George . Murphy. '"-' was .■ arrested by ■ tbc "police . as ra- :-- prunts. altlioiiKb theyJ had lln I tholr possession ■'' $200^ and a Taluable 'diamond ; Ting. vrl\\- be tried- by Judges Edgar: Monday. who ■ > Js-but i". bas.been sent" to the detention home.


Assessor's Report Shows Gain of $6,461,074 During the Year

: OAKLAND, -July ' 16.— Figures given out today" by - County Assessor Henry P. :;. Dalton 'show that f Alameda county, has "increased in the : assessed value of its property $6,461,074 over last year. The total value of property, as shown by Dalton's report. Is 5194,600,524". .The greater part of this increase is In Oakland. The figures' for Oakland are $116,533, 572, as compared with 199,035.904 for last year, an increase of $17,497,975. But nearly $14,000,000 of this _ comes from/ annexed territory. Berkeley has increased from $30,911,966 to $32,203,017, and Alameda from $15,151.825 to $15,554,349. The following are the other assessments in • the county : > \ Emeryville. $2,739.51": Albany. $1,099,430; Piedmont, ?3,492.531; Hayward, - $1,439,i>85; San Leandro, $l,S9ti,iiB3; Livermore, $803,533; Tleasanton, $434,323; Brcjklyn township. $238,600; Eden township. - $4,5(J0.750; Oakland towuship. $412,300; Murray township. $1,914,306; I'leasaitoa township, n $3,603,400; Washington township, $7,1»4,375. , ;■ > • .-;.-


Biologist Placed in Charge of La Jolla Laboratory I ■BERKELEY, July 16.— Prof. William E. : Ritter,. zoologisOand biologist, has been re-elected scientific director of the La Jolla marine biological station' near San Diego, to which he went a year ago to spend most of his time: He still retains his position in the university. , In his, annual report of the condition of the station, Professor Ritter answers criticism by stating that although the stationhad only erected : a building costing $20,000 and .was' censured because a larger sum was not devoted the structure, the showing made was ample proof of work accomplished, and that the present building was suitable for present operations. The following officers were re-elected for the Marine Biological society: 'President, Dr. Fred Baker; vice president, 11. L. Titus; secretary. W. C. Crandall; treasurer, t Julius- Wangenheim; scientific director, - Dr. "W. K. Ritter; directors, E.W. Scripps and Miss Ellen B. Scripps. i- - . s

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ALAMEDA. July 16. — The North Side improvement club has adopted a resolutiorT disapproving the action of the conference committee of the • local Improvement clubs in criticising the city government and in recommending that amendments be _raade to the municipal charter. The Xorth Side club holds that the conference committee went beyond its province.

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BERKELEY. July 16 — Joseph S. Mills, for many years connected with the Berkeley national bank of thl3 city, has been made manager of the Telegraph avenue and Bancroft way branch of the .First national bank of this city, and will take up his new duties Jnly 25. Mills. ls a well known singer and clubman, and is a member of the Elks' and De Koven clubs. His wife. Mrs. J. & Mills, is church soloist at the First Congregational" church.