Los Angeles Herald, Volume 34, Number 262, 20 June 1907 — DRUIDS' MEETING NEARS ITS CLOSE [ARTICLE]

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Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose and Salinas All in Race to Secure Next Year's Conven. tion of Order

Yesterday's sessions of the grand grove, United Ancient Order of Druids, were devoted to balloting for officers for the ensuing year and the discussion of topics for the welfare of the order. Following are the officers elected for the grand circle and the grand grove: Grand circle— Mrs. Belle Pimentel, Oakland, grand arch druidess; Mrs. Y. Lecaz, "3an Francisco, grand first bard; Mrs. Delia Hardin, San Francisco, grand second bard; Mrs. B. Regg, Placervllle, grand conductress; Mrs. Anna Sorenson, Modesto, grand secretary; Mrs. J. Peterson, Corte Madera, grand treasurer; Mrs. E. Rodifer, Elmhurst, grand Inside guardian; Mrs. N. McKeon, San Francisco, grand outside guardian; Miss E. Wolff, San Francisco, grand organist; Mrs. Grace D. Ohninius, San Francisco, grand chaplain; Mrs. S. Armstrong, San Francisco; Mrs. M. Nally, Livermore; Mrs. E. Woolsey, grand trustees; Mrs. Rose Peters, San Francisco; Mrs. K. Kille, San Francisco; Mrs. E. Hellman, San Francisco, grand auditors Grand grove— George H. Bertram, Modesto, noble grand arch; C. D. Dorn, Salinas, deputy grand arch; C. A. Guglelmonl, San Francisco, grand secretary; P. J- Mollterno, San Francisco, errand treasurer; S. T. Moore and J. A. McManus, grand trustees. Five more trustees are to be elected at the sessions today. Today will nrnhahly r«r the r.lose of the first convention of the Druids ever held in Los Angeles. Members of the order are much delighted with the treatment they have received here. It will be announced today which city will secure the convention for next year. Sacramento, Oakland, San Jose and Salinas are air working hard for the honor. Commencing tomorrow and continuing over the first of the week the Druids are planning to see the sights of the city and nearby resorts. The first and only social event of the convention was the ball given last night In Turnverein hall, which was largely attended by the Druids and their friends. Grand Circle Completes Work The Druidesses closed their seventh annual convention yesterday In Odd Fellows' hall. Despite tradition they talked less than the Druids, and consequently completed their balloting a little after noon. The public installation of officers was held under the direction of Past Supreme Arch James F. Martlnonl and Supreme Herald Julius S. Godeau, both of San Francisco. One of the Important changes made by the Druidesses was the reduction of the yearly per capita tax from 50 cents to 40 cents* and the increase of $50 and $30 respectively in the salary of the grand druidess and the grand secretary. An Innovation in the circle was the prayer composed by Mrs. Grace D. Ohnimus, the new grand chaplain. The prayer has been adopted to be used at future sessions. Mrs. Ida Wheeler presented in behalf of the grand circle a past grand arch druidess regalia and a gold watch to Mrs. Marie Bammann, the past grand arch druidess who had served as grand arch druidess for seven years, from the beginning of the grand circle. Mrs. Wheeler also presented Mrs. Thornhill, who had served seven years as grand secretary, with a silver toilet set, and Mrs. Kate Gamborlnl with a gold bracelet. Much work has been accomplished during the sessions of the circle, including the initiation of sixty new members Into the grand circle degree. Personal Mention

James F. Martinani of Gallics grave, San Francisco, belongs to fourteen fraternal orders and is a member of the supreme grove of the United States. He Bald yesterday: •. _ '^ "I was elected to the high office In Richmond, Va., four years ago and surrendered the gavel in New York city last year. I instituted grand groves In Nevada, Washington and Oregon and a erand circle in Indiana. I was also instrumental In instituting an international supreme grove composed of representatives of Australia, Germany, Sweden, England, France and the Unit"The supreme grove of the world while In session in Hull City, England, last July presented me with a badge of honor, which I appreciate very highly. "I am paying teller of the Italian Popular bank of San Francisco, can speak four different languages and can understand about a dozen different °'I°pay frequent visits to L.os Angeles and consider it and San Francisco the best cities this side of the Mississippi Julius S. Godean of Perseverance trove of San Francisco is the supreme herald of the United States and belongs to a large number of fraternal orders. H"H "I S belong S to r flfty- three different fraternal orders and you can see that I have something to do In that line. I am booked to be elected great sachem of the Red Men next August. "As for strikes in San Francisco, I see much of them on the outside, but as far as myself and my business, I have no trouble in that line. I employ eiKhty-flve men in my casket manufacturing business and I am always ready to pay for all that Ib given in return ln wnfiam Or a"An|onovich of Golden Star grove Is a promfiient attorney as well as a i>ru Id of hl K n standing. In speaking of the conditions of the groves he said: "I am impressed with the fact that people In Los Angeles are slow In recognizing that there Is R»fh «m order as the Druids. There should be more of a rivalry between the northern and the couthern part of the state. Becond Charter Member J. T. Quick of Panhandle grove was the second member to place his name upon the charter list of the grove. He was the first past grand arch of the grove. Mr. Quick says that his home is just across the street from the office of Patrick Calhoun. but that he has no per■onal acquaintance with the street rall"j yy v r To d scano of Los Bantos grove has been a frequent attendant at the grand proves. He has been a resident of his Sime tpwn for twenty-seven years and Is AT member of the board of directors of PI.OS Banos and Is a notary public. Th s Is his first visit In Los Angeles, and he is a great admirer of the city. Fred Baker of Columbia grove, Ban Francisco, said yesterday: "My impressions were when I came to Los Angeles that the streets were about as craokeU as the politics of San Francisco. Otherwise Los Angeles looks mighty straight to me." a A. Guglielmoni of Monte Verde grove, San Francisco, is one of the best posted regarding the Druids of any member of the order. He was elected yesterday for the office of grand secretary without opposition. This was a surprise, for it was expected that the office had several aspirants. 8. T. Moore of Gllroy grove was elected for grand trustee He will visit his sister, Mrs. L. Snyder, at Long Beach. Dr.

J W. Thayer is also from the Gllroy grove. He is chief deputy of his grove and was formerly assistant chief surgeon of the Mexican Central railroad at Chihuahua. Old Mexico, and for fifteen years district surgeon for the Southern Pacific company. He belongs to seven different fraternal orders. . J N. Silva of Madroria grove, Santa Cruz. Is on deck at the convention. His friends say he is a natural fair booster, and created much merriment on the train. G. H. Bertram is a member of Norma grove, the oldest English grove in the order. He resides in Modeßto and was elected for noble grand arch without opposition. J. A. McManus of Phoenix grove Is one of the leading Druids, and with the other officers of the order he is much interested In the degree work and highly praises the work at this convention. He was elected for grand trustee. J. Pachaco, captain of the Phoenix grove degree team, is here in all his glory. His t#am has the honor of exemplifying the work of the first degree In Los Angeles at this convention. The other officers are J. W. Kenney, grand organist; A. L. Pierce, noble arch; A. C. Pierce, Jr., conductor; T. Molony, chief secretary. ' George F. Renking is one of the charter members of Old Friends grove of San Francisco. He has served two terms as grand trustee and was nominated yesterday for grand herald. His friends say that if elected he will be one of the best officials In the order. Forrest Coburn of McKlnley grove, San Francisco, is an enthusiastic Druid. He has been grand trustee for two terms. C. Saracco of Roma grove, Oakland, is a delegate. He said yesterday that Oakland had nearly doubled In business and population since the earthquake and that he thought It would soon come up to the present population of Los Angeles. Members of Old Friends grove of San Francisco, who are making the "welkin' ring," are V. Kraus, George Renking, McKee and H. Buck. They are not only taking In the convention but the Angel City. William Abbott of Panhandle grove, San Francisco, has combined business with the convention. He has purchased property in Los Angeles and says that he Will dispose of his belongings in San Francisco and go into business here. W. Lebachen of Sunset grove, San Francisco, belongs to several fraternal orders. He is an electrician and has decided to ply his business In Los Angeles. E. E. Geotze, a prominent business man of San Francisco, tries to solve the strike problem of the northern city with a settlement to a normal condition soon. R. Pineda, a prominent Mexican business man of San Francisco, Is a delegate and says that he sees great changes since he was here ten years ago. J. C. Mello of Santa Cruz has been a resident of his home town for thirty-two years and has been a Druid for eighteen years. "I am going to take In the sights, and If I were a young man I would settle in Los Angeles," said Mr. Mello. J. S. Silva of Stockton, a prominent business man, Is a delegate. He is much pleased with Los Angeles and his treatment here. Dr. C. C. O'Donnell, a specialist of San Francisco, sees a vast change in Los Angeles since he was here several years ago. C. Fenario, a member of Pleasanton grove at Pleasanton, Is one of the delighted delegates with his treatment here, and with Los Angeles In particular. H. J. Davis is a proud member of Phoenix grove of San Francisco. This Is his first trip to Los Angeles and he is pleased with everything in sight.