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Daily Alta California. SAN FRANCISCO, FRIDAY, MAY 29,1857.

The Tress of Hair.

Ah me! thit (imple f olden bnid, No life poaMatea, Where summer winds ao UuK • tr»jed, Aad luvinr Sorer* eft hare p.ay ed. With *afl ureuu. Amid these iroodland walks made (TreB By April abowen, K* nun* her Cairr form is eeen. And ne'er Ler f mil* h&nd I weem. Shall pluck lieir gncn ! Not bnghtMl bad, Bar bloom, «lu ! Cu ebum the 4e*d ! The cool • in<J<, ruttlinf u Ouj put, W»k e nunuun oulv 'aud the fn*e Abou her head. Around her, happy tarn at then, t**> bird* arc •i&ginf; Her Berry voice ahall ne'er afrain, In lauftiuif ecboea wake the tries. WitL muaic nnr i ztg '. For othen nsw brlgbt tawttt «aay f»w, And birdt rejoice. And aBmaer air» br»: be colt and Ww, But never atiali we hear, I know, Her lonnf tok« ! My evw are tiled »rith blindinf taut, ' »!v heart witfi f !«¦; And half m ? iif>. a"«i " v « * D|J P™> en, Ur buried witb my hopes and lean Within b«r tomb !


Several years ago, when the masts ana crop* in sane of 'the \\ e*tern States were about to be destroyed by the large number of wild pigeons that came about, beacon Thrope and several of hie friends were sitting outside the log meeting-house, one Sunday morning, waiting for the minister to arrive, and, as a matter of course, talking about the prospect of having Nothing to feed on" through the coming winter. . -It's orful V said one of the company. "I never see the pigeons so thick afore. My Bill and Ben went down to the roost last night, and killed a bag-full with dubs. I think they'll take all my com." "Oh, yes, it's orful V replied the others. "That's nothing to what me and my Felix Joshua did, day before yesterday," said the i deacon. "You know my bottom field there ? Well, they come in it, so* thick you couldn' see the ground. I went down* to scare 'em out, and peradventure, they rii up like % cloud, you couldn't see the sky for 'em. 1 hollered and slapped my hands, and tore around till 1 wa* plum worried out, but it did no good. They just swarmed around over my head; and as fist as I went to one side of the Held they begun to pour down in t'other. Felix Joshua had jest got up to the crib with a load of com, for he was a gatherin' the ridge field, and 1 went to whax he was and told him to go to the house and get his shot-gun and mv shot-gun, j and see if we couldn't drive them 'ar pigeons out'n the Iwttom field. So he goes and gets his shot-gun and my shot-gun and we goes down. He slipt along on one side of the field and I slipt along on t'other, till we got about middle ways, and then I gin a holler, and up they flew like a whirlagust. I blazed away in the* thickest of 'em, and Felix Joshua blazed away in the thickest of 'em, and what do you thinli ? They were all gone in a secoud. Then me and Felix Joshua, we ckm over the fence, and says he to me, ••Father, this beau all creation r Says Ito him, "Go fetch the steers and wagon," and upon my word and honor, we picked up ten bushtU !" The good brothers stared wildly round them, and would probably have accused their deacon of lying had they not been interrupted by the arrival of the preacher, and the announcement that ••meetin' was a-goin' to begin." After the services were over, little groups of the faithful might have been seen here and there, engaged in earnest conversation. Their subject » as an exciting one, as you might hay« inferred from the length of thei faces and the earnestness oi their gestures. If you had listened to their conversation you might have heard something about as- follows : "Did you hear what Brother Thrope said 'bout him and Felix Joshua killin' ten bushels of pigeons at one shot ?" "Yes, it's orful, aint it?" "It's a lie, as sure as shootin'. I don't know what's got into Brother Thrope-" "Whatil be done about it ? It mustn't go so— it'll ruin the name of the church." ••We'd better fetch it up next meetin', and make him take it back, or church him." And so it would go on. Of course the good deacon heard a whisper of it, which gave him no little uneasiness. However, he had been into several scrapes before, and had come out clear, and he doubted not he should meet with the same good luck on this occasion. Until the meeting day arrived the entire settlement was in an uproar. Nothing was talked of but Deacon Thrope's ten bushels of pigeons. The good brothers said it was too bad to have the church disgraced by a deacon who would tell such unreasonable tales,- while the- pious old sister* wiped their spectacles, sighed, and said "It is hard telling the power which the erfl one exerteth." At last the exciting day arrived. The preacher stated that the church was ready for the transaction of business ; whereupon, Brother Fingle arose and said t "Brother Deacon Thrope says him and his Felix Joshua killed ten bushels 'of pigeons at one shot. The church don't believe it, and would love to hear what the brother has to say for himself With much solemnity the Deacon arose, and after casting a serious look over the congregation, and elevating his eyes to the rafters a few times, spoke as follows : "My brelhering, there is a sad mistake out — I didn't say we killed ten bushels of pigeons at one shot, but — " "What did you say, then?" interrupted one of the brothers, who was present when the Deacon first told about his pinions. "Didn't you say you and your Felix Joshua both blazed away ?"" "Yes." "Didn't you say you both ckm over the fence?" * ' " "Yes, peradventure." "Didn t you say that Felix Joshua said, 'Fa{ ther, this beat* all creation ?" "I did, brother." "Didn't you say Felix Joshua fetched the steer* and wagon, and you picked up ten bushels of pigeons ?" • "There is the mistake, my brother," replied the deacon, again raising his eye* towaru the rafters. "I didn't *ay wepicked up ten bushels of pigeons. Brother Fingle is mistaken; I said — "Yes, I know what you saidT interrupted several; "you did aay it, and we can prove it easy enough . You can't come that game ovei us, eld host-fiy." •Order, brethreng," said the minister; "let'i hear Brother Thrope'* story, and then you can make any remarks you wish." "Weil, as I was savin'," resumed the deacon, "I didn't say we picked up ten bushels of pipeon* — Brother Fingle is mistaken — I said we picked up ten bushels of corn that the pigeons tad shattered oft" "Amen!" went up from the congregation, a:id a rush was made at I teuton Thrope to shake him by the hand. It is needless to say h« was restored to full fellowship and confidence

BRUSH MANUFACTORY. J VE«'S» BROTUERS ARE M4NIJ ■ J.N facturinf all kinds of Briuhea, at "4 Batter) stree ■ oa* door from bacraiaoito. Ala*, un hand a fuud a*> | < a ■.riLi-i.i of Horse, otioe. 81uiee, bcrubbiu|r, Wiumwl , ane* all other kinds uf bnuues, of California marjufacture. which the} <.ftVr b> the trade al very low prices. Flue, BDachlliC, a&d all other kinds of bru*Lea, tuade to order. KEWMAX BROTHERS. 74 Battery street, mfe4m oae door from Sacramento street. COB.\ MEAL, •l/.A BBL.S. PRICE aY- TATSALL'b OUU HEAL, 300 hf bbis Pnee i TatnaU'e Mealj XX bars Mexican Corn, *X toa^c^bip e>tutT. aOU qr oar. txtra Family Ki»nr. 1 ,uuo *^r fame's mixed brands Orero* Flour. Foraaleby CIIAV.kLIN * EeBOM, ma-lplm >o. 11 »uup« street, bek>w frost. J. UART—ANX, ™ KAjfCFACTCEER AKD IKPOETEH **— Of ru rmuT FREXC3I AXD LIMA HATS, Offers to his friends and the public in general, at waianssli aad retail, at tbe lowest market prves . Fire-Proof Buildißf, Ul &*aray street, B*n Francisco. aXJai* ZTRA FI3TK Or X POWDER ASD VOCNO BTBOS TEA; tO pkfei Fineat Uoyune Country made Gonp*->> der Tea, 1 and it, cansuteTS; 33 parva fiaest Moyuae Coußtry~tnadr Yount; fiyson Tea, 1 It cannisters; 75 pkfee Country Vounf Hyson, 121b* each. Far sale by EMITII, McIIANIEL s CO., wISC lv. 100 Front street. O f a BBLB i-.XTR A CLEAR PORK I ■*»KJ 30 half bbis Extra Clear Porkj 10 bnda Extra Clear bacoc; Hi«i Ainu' Harm, Bbis Cooiee Bnne Bams. Foraaleby bKITH, McDAKTEL k CO, aatt-lai 100 Front street. Of Ifa KEG. CRAIEEBSIEI, It Uevees Eatt hosu.i. hvrap; MB ke«. 8. r. tjnp, b raUeos eaek; »» case* rr»,l. Peaibea, in tin and liaaa; « ease* as*on*« Jam. and Prsaervea; lou earn Krast. Apptee.jo «_• and Unl tof Mitt by eMITH. McDAJCEL k CO, — *-'■ 100Fr*Bts*eet. K.i\ BIOS RIO COFFEEi OVF «TJ bar. 6. 1. Coßee: **• B0 bbis Loveni.j-'. Crashed fmear; 100 baias katana Kofar, &t putiru, 400 mate BaUvia lace : aWsaata No. 1 China Bice; SOO sab Manila Code*, roraakby CMITB, McDAVIEL * CO. as SM n 100 Front street. VaTCBAL LEAF TOBACCO— J> SI bans OUliaai's bailefo, pounds; Sfe boae* Uacrrant's Ooldea Ilued, pounds. Ex m*bfcota_A_ tldndee. rorsa.eby. salt JAKES f-ATtICk ft CO. __— — - — _ . eaieadid Botewood Cottier Piaaoa. For aak by MOKUS SPETEC at. U*Washi«ctaa street. ATALLFLOITR12U6 bbk, {now kaadiat>,* U sac order, ex Joha K__ loraaWby _S Wkt.T.COIX_UI4Ca


The new patent quadrant, the invention of Thomas Hedpecock, B. N., is just now absorbing the attention of nautical and scientific men. It is claimed that this euKous instrument JP ve * the ship's true psatkm with or without the aid of the im, moolTar stars; mark. Utrtude and longitude at any time of night or day, by observation upon a lamp or any other liable object measure horizontal angle, with the most remarkable facility and accuracy; Knten entirely unnecessary the use of the old quadrant the chronometer, the table. of logantima, and nautical almanacs, in. the navigation of ships; that, in fine, ft has all the utility both in navigation and practical astronomy, of all the m gtruments now in use for that purpose, combined with a simplicity and certainty heretofore unknown. These are only a few of the advantages claimed for this remarkable instrument*, which has recently been tested by an officer of skill and experience, Cant. Henry French, of our own naw. The official note of that gentleman will give'the best idea of the practical workings of the new instrument : Kavt Yakd, Bobtox, Mass*, ? March 10, 1857. S During the month of January last, I made a journey to Albany, returning to Boston by way of New York and Springfield, expressly for the purpose of verifying the results claimed to be obtained by observations with Hedgecock's patent quadrant. Before leaving Boston my observations #ere taken with the sun; arriving at night at Albany, the moon was observed; at Xew York, having neither sun nor moon, I observed upon a gaslamp at the Astor House; at Springfield, again used the sun. Before leaving Boston, the two images of the sun were brought in contact with parallel adjustment; at Albany, and at each of the other places, the images of the sun, moon and gas lamp were found verymuch separated, and when brought in parallel contact, the distance indicated dv the instrument gave the difference of latitude and longitude between each place with a remarkable degree of exactness. H. Fkexch, Commander U. S. Navy. If these facts be true as stated, there has been no discovery of equal importance since the mariner's compass. Xosel Decision". — John S. Spragrue has escaped punishment, at Portland, Maine, by being proved more guilty than he was charged with in the indictment He was tried by the Supreme Court for bigamy, recent!}-, and the fact of his havir._: had two wives was most clearly establish*}, when his counsel introduced evidence to pr> ■< :aat he already had one wife when marrit-d to the other two, in fact that he had three «i\ a at once, and as the indictment was based upun the assumption that the second marriage km the liret ana legal marriage, it was contended that as to the last marriages, considered by themselves, no bigamy was committed, because Sprague was the legal husband of neither. The judge sustained this position. The Boston Post wants to know why credit should not be given to physicians in notices of death, as well as to clergymen in notices of marriage? A newspaper obituary announcement should read — "Died at the hands of Dr. Saddlebags, John Doe, aged so and so." The New York Mirror says the omnibus proprietors have adopted the classic motto from Ca-sar, "Jamfortt in omnibus."

(Ebntaitcnal. SINGING AND GUITAR. IN EIGHT.' LESSORS, FOR SIX DOLL LAR* OKLT— Every one taught v fwg and aceompu>;tbemitltH perfect'v in all kinds of t U W. PIQUE applies a NEW METHOD utd toy him in the principal Citiet of Europe and America, with surpassing eflect. Instruetiont given in 6IXGING, in pri•ate or in class. Apply 172 Washington street, over A twin's Uuic Store, of U kii residence. Folsom street, above Simmons, inil-lm* YOUNG LADIES' SEMINARY, BENICIA. THE SIXTH ACADEMIC YEAR OP thitlntutuuon commence! WEDNEBDAT, Miy *7th, li-ST. This school faai now attained to permanent a character, and each hai been it* guceetf , that parents wishing to five their daughters a thorough and accomplished education need Dot send them to the Atlantic 6tates for that purpose, as nearly all the facilities (or study found in similar institutions at the East are possessed by this. Only a limited number of boarding pupils can be accommodated; therefore, it would be veil for those who wish to attend tU ne it itniuu to make application early. For further particulars, addresi Miss MART ATKINB, Benieia, CaL iSJoi £<PA9iISH LA.\CIAGE.-A FEW MORE »5 Gentlemen can obtain Board, and also Furnished Kooms, at the bouse of Senora Sanenea, brick dwelling, on baerammto street, first door below the Antique Castle, where those desiring to practice the Spanish Languare will have as excellent opportunity of so doing. TOBACCO CARD. JAJIES PATRICK «fc CO, SOLE AGENTS FOB Et jstrrH Celebrated Fruit Erand Ttikac co, HAVE FOR SALE. TO ARRIVE, THE following well-known Brands of Virginia Manufactured Tobacco : A. L. EOTSTEE'g "MART'S OWN;" VX. GREANER-S "NEPTCNE;" i. H. GREAKER'S " PRIDE OF THE UNION L. IjOTIER'S "BTRAWBERRT;" A. L. KOT(T£E-« « FRUIT;" WM. GREANER'B "SUN:" J. H.GREAXEk'B"COCK OK THE WALK;" *. A. KAYO'S •• MO> : L'MEXT FACTORY." f«l4-tf Mtmtterv ttrttt, mrmr fariMe. PACIFIC OIL cahpoexe works. THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT OF tae kind in the State; having increased facilities for the manufacture of OILS and CAMPHEXE, are prepared to execute orders from the country, Oregon and the Southern Coast, at the lowest rates. OX ALL ORDERS Accompanied by Cash, a liberal discount « ill be allowed. Oils! BFERM, LARD, POLAR, ELEPHANT, TANXEB'B WINTER OIL, Ax. CanaplicnG ! DISTILLED FRESH ETEST DRT. £3T For sale to the Trade, -CS 100,000 gallons Turpentine? $y Order* sect to the Sacramento Home of STANFORD BROTHERS, corner of L-ar.d Front streets, will be filed at San Francisco rates, adding eoet and charges. STAFFORD BROTHERS, m23-tf Cfti and Store — No. 46 Front street. B A R LB V. CORJf M 1.. .1.. FIFTT-POCSD SACK«| Extra t" ..... .i impenal Tea, Slack Tea (extra) for r ami!- BM . rale 6herry. m .»nn-ta»ai ; also in eases, 3 dot each. KTOCKHOLM TAR. Anchors, Winches, fee j Glaners* Diamonds, Gold Leaf, Rotten and Pumice Ptone; Glass I'api r, Futty, Cum and Flour, Emery, Paint Brushes, ax. ; Sash Tools, Brimstone, Litharge. CIIAI.V CABLES. Plate Iron, Sheet Iron, Bar Iron, Round Iron, Hoos Iron; Compoaition Xail>i Copper Tacks ; Wrought Nails; Sheet Zinc; Spring Steel; Cut Steel; Sheatuing Copper; Tin Tlates, I. C, charsoal; Terne, I. C. k C, Iron PoU; Chain Hooks; Deck Lights; Can Hooks; Books and Thimbles; Marline f-pikes; Top Mauls; Chain Pouches; C. 8. Cold Chisrla; Caulkiug Irons; Drawing Knives; Bunr Borers and Handle*; Hawse Pipes. LI\KS AM) HALYARDS. Deep Sea and Hand Leads j Files, assorted ; Harpoons; Grains; Shark Hookp. Boat Hooks ; Composition Hinges; Bolts; Fish Hooks; 6ail Needles; Hand Saws, Batting fepoons; Sail Huoks; Prickers; Fadkcks, Cook's Ladles and Forks ; Canterbury Hammers; Butt Hinf-s; Plated Braces; Handcuff*; Leg Glasses: Sp> CUisaes; Brass Hand and Derk Trumpets; Japaned Trumpets; Brass aad Wooden Bowl Compasses; IliuSßinatinf Compasses; Electro Crnet Frames. »or sale bj SAMUEL PRICE k CO., mS-M Battery street. raBOLDI LIMBER A«E.\[V. THE CKDERBIGXED in PREPARED to contract for CASUOES OF LUMBER, Pine, Fir, Spruce, or Redwood, deliverable at the Mills, at Humboldt Bay, or at this Port, on the most favorable terns. Tbe reputation of Humboldt Lcmber is well and favorably known in this, as well as in the markets of South America, Australia and China. Every fadixty is offered to Vessels proceeding to Humboldt Hay a Steam-Tug being always in readiness to tow Vessels in and oat of the harbor. The subscriber will also contract to famish Epars of any diEitnuoDs. N. DUPERTJ, a2>-JiwJm (2 California street. RANDELL & CO., Cor. California and Front sts. OFFER FOR BALE, OaTfc HHD* BACOIf, EXTRA CLEAR I »U 4&tcsßnneHams; 100 kefs Xew Lard ; Ml cases, 101b tins. Lard ; 1* half boll Family Beef ; 100 half bbU Mackerel: 1M kitts Mackerel. at For sals by RANDELL sV CO. Q«/K WATS SO. 1 CHU'A RICE 1 O4 if 40 bob CaroliE. Rice ; M dnma Cod Fish, "choice ;" Tb cases Xew Oregon Hams ; l» bags Whiu Pea Beans | It kegs No. 1 Natawp ; WO kegs, 6 gallons , Syrup ; tM kegs, I rallont, Syrop ; IH kegl, II gallons, Strop ; U bais 8. B. Syrop, n gallaaaaach. at For sale by KANDELL fc CO. f ~{\ HALR BBLI CRUSHED SUGARi ■ / \W 100 bbls Lovenng's Crashed Sugar; SO half bbls Coffee Crushed Sugar ; SS cues fcogash Dairy Ckwae ; WO eases assorted Pie Fruit ; in cases , faOoa, knotty Feaehn ; 100 tins Matches. •I For sale by RANDELL fc CO. QOaTk CASE* OVITERI, KKSTSKTT'S, €»\J\J Piper's. Reeve's, Thomas' * Wright's, and Field's ; SO eases Kenastt's Clanis ; S" cases, Zlbs, LobsUrs ; 70 cases Olive OJ ; &00 boxes Hill's 4c Colgate's Soap. _^ foraaUbf JUXDELLUCO. (^ASDLES-EZ CHARGER- ■> *>1 boxea Beoomb k Dennis, »As each. rorsaleby — JAMES PATRICK k. CO. *33S2S!2isr •"-« »»— - tobacco Bh44> «aWx H. PRICHARD, Ipit. Fortakbj OLAD WI.N, HCGQ H CO.


toanttfc. HOt'SEKGBPER'S SITUATION WANTed by a young widsw lady, who can give good reference as to character and competency. P'«a™ "" drau M. M. LEVAKUE, Port Offlee, San Francisco, stating real name and place of interview. J. one but respectable families need apply. mJa-1 ASTED-TO KNOW TUB WHERErtE5 " i™" « bo... FURNITURE^ .hijBed from New York last fall, to addreu of Wm. M. KetfeVor F. R. Graham? AWres. WM. M. KEEJER, o»Q~ Searle, Coloma, El "-»*¦ gjgjgj^n." 1STED-1 QESTLEMAN ANI> HIS Wife, or Two Single Gentlemen, to BOARD. Elerantly furnished room< will be offered in addition, at unexrrptionable ratea. Apply at the brick dwelling corner of Dnpont street and A irginia Place, between Pine and California. m'.t "* ANTED— A SITUATION AS CLKHK, by a young nan who speaks and writti fluently the Spanish, trench and English laogusgt-i ; would not object to aaiiit In a warehouse, or travel. Good eitj references. Address T. V. P., thii office. mSft-8 A OS WAKTED-THE HIGHEST Price, in Caah, paid for PAPER BAGS, at the Office of the Pioneer Paper Mill, No. 25 California "mSJm* TATLOR k POST. WASTED— Ut A PRIVATE FAMILY, residing in the country, ten milet from the dty of Ban Jose, a FEMALE TEACHER, competent to teach the English branches, French and Muiic. The number «f children to be taught it four. A lad j perfectly competent to teach ai above, will be employed immediately, and paid reasonable compensation. For further particular!, address T. O. J. M. D . Poit Office, Ban Jose. mi WASTED — HIDES, CALF 1 SKIJfS, SHEEP, GOAT and DEER SKINS, lor which the Highest Prices will be paid in Cash. ROGERS k FULLERTON, mS-lm Batter; St., near Broadway. IKFORHATIOX WAMKD-OF TIIOS. DUNCAN.— Any person having a knowledge of the whereabouts of THOS. DUNCA»,of Baltimore, Md., who was in this city about 18 months ago, will confer a treat favor to a distressed mother, by imparting any new. i. regard to him al5-tf Battery street, near Broadway. FEMALE EMPL0TME5T OFFICE. MRS. S. S. BOTLER HAVING TAKEN charge of the Female Department of Clarke ft Co.'s Pioneer F.mpk>yment Office, will furnish the BEST OF HELP to all her old friends ana the public CLARKE tt, CO.'S PIONEER MALE AND FEMALE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE— estabUshed in 1850 furnish the BEST OF HELP of all kinds, at an hour's notice. Country orders promptlv attended to. MR. it MRS. 6. 6. BOTLER, feZ7-tf lit Commercial St., corner of Leidesdorff. .for Salt. RARK CHAXCK.-FOR SALK.-THK old established RESTAURANT and BOARDING HOUSE, at Xo. 124 Commercial street, near Montgomery, i< offered for sale on account of the ill-health of the present owner. This establishment is located in a mo.t central and commercial part of the city; is doing a fair business, and can, by proper attention, be made second to none in California Saloon Furniture consists of Mahogany Tablet, with elegant marble tops; superior Arm Chain; Bar Fixtures, and Kitchen Uleneils; together with a complete set of the best Bedding and Lodging Furniture; also, the good will, etc. Rent low. For particulars, inquire on the premises. ni IS-Ini* £ost an) Jonn). ~~Z LOST— OX SUNDAY EVENING, 7! —r«*k from ths corner of Green and Mason streets, >**r^a Lary* BAY HORSE, branded 8. J. on If ft ',_' / 1 ),,,, The finder will be Rewarded, by leaving him at OLIVER & BUCKLEY'S, Bi2t>-3 86 and 68 Washington street TCOTICEs— HAVISG LKtVIDATEDALL 1 * affairs rrlat i ne to thi firm heretofore known under the style of BEBENHAET, JACOBY & CO., said firm no longer exists from date. WILLIAM JACOBT. San Francisco, May 18th, 1897. mlS-li OLD LONDON CLUB HOUSE a- i jnt. THIS CELEBRATED ARTICLE IS BE. coming MOKE POPULAR every day, and li DOW acknowledged by all who have used it, to be superior to anything in the way of SCHNAPPS, Ever imported into this Bute. For sale by all the principal Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers in California and Oregon. CISSNA, WAND k CO., Sole Agents, m2-lm 57 Front street. OIL! OIL!! OIL!!! FAIR HAVEN~OIL WORKS! OFFICE— «8 FRONT STREET, Between Sacramento and Commercial streets. MANUFACTORY— On FIRST STREET, between Howard and Folsom. FOR SALE— 10,000 GALLONS OF THE best LAMP OIL ever offered in this city; 3,000 galloos superior Machinery Oil; 2,000 do Lard Oil; 1,000 do Pure Sperm Oil; 2.000 do Elephant Oil; 2,000 do Tanners' Oil; Camphene, fresh from the Distillery every day. We invite the attention of Consumers and Dealers to the above splendid stock of O I X* S. All Sales guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction. ALSO. For Bale— 4 0,000 lbs SODA ASH. m9-lm F. P. McM.VHON" k CO. wo on wo kt ii & co.. laroitm or PIANO-FORTES lOTikj MELODEONS Music Stools i *TnF> Piano Covers. 3R. 33 2MC O VB 3D Frmm .r». 139 €lmg gtrrtt, TO 16 MONTGOMERY STREET. IRSIH SCTIIX AHD rOST. . EzelnilTC Agents FOI THI 111! Or TB1 STODART PIANO-FORTE and PRINCE ldELODEON, tJ- Piano-Fortes for Hire. ml-lsn sweetser, irnsm k (», .V». IIS Battrrg tlrttl, OFFER FOR SALE, CO A L— LKIIIOII, BROKEN LUMP| Butter — in double firkins: Hams — in brine, Pulsifer's and Rice's; Renned Sngar— Boston Crushed a.d Ground, in bbla; Mackerel— Nos 1 and 1, in half bbls; Dried Apples — in half bbls; Carolina Kice — new crop, in spirit casks; Ground Bait— ia lCfc bags; Adamantine Candles — in bis and hf bx«, ass'd brands; Patent tiperm Candles— in cartoons, Leonard's and Macy's; Three-hooped Pails; Cranberrie" — Eastern, packed in 5 gallon kegs; Pure Ground Pepper^ — in boxes, each 2 dos \ !r, glass; Pure Ground Cream Tartar — in *ft Ui and lib papers; Tomato Catiup — lti cases each 1 dosen quarts; Fresh Baltimore Oysters — Thomas' and Price (I Littig's Fresh Lobners — Toomas', in 1 and 2!b canij Fresh Salmon — Thomas', in 2ft cans; Fresh Strawberries— in 21b cans; Fresh Tomatoes— in 2h cans; English Cate Goods — A desirable invoice of Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Syrups, fce.; Bi-Carb. Soda — in 1 1 — It. k«gt; Tobacco Pipes— Murray's Scotch TD., extra heavy; Havana Begalia Cigars— in 10th boxes; Blasting Powder— Eureka Mills, F, IF, TP and TFG; Boiled Linseed Oil — in barrels; Bar Tumbler,— 9 Flute Cut Glass: Coach Varnish — An assorted invoice Stimson U Valentine's manufacture; ' Nails— Old Colony Co.— assorted, 1's to 10't; Spikes — assorted, 4 ¦< to 7 inch; Cistern Pumps — Nos. 1 to 3; Cotton Duck— Nos 1 to 4; Fine Black CasMmere Pants; Grey Satinet Panti; Red rlannelehirts; Shaker Knit Socks; EngUih Ale and Porter — Brass', bottled, in bond or duty paid: Alcohol— *0 @ »•') per cent., in bbls. Pure Spirits— in pipes, hf pipes and bbls; Whiskey — Rye and Bourbon, various qualities: Brandy— American, in hf pipei, qr pipes, octaves and •iiteenths; Brandy — Mixed, in hf pipes, qr pipes and octaves; Gin — American — in pipes, \ pipes and bbls; Champagne Wine — Schrieder in qts and pints; mli-lm "DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP!" N OTIC E, Ship Chandlery and Ship Stores. WM. II. FOLGER HAS RESUMED Bo.int.i, at 71 JACKSON STREET, NEAR FRONT, where he wiU be happy to stse his old friends, and solicits a share of their patronage. a29-tf SALT, SALT, SALT. ,»|1{) TO.VS RAX UVK.tTI.I' ROCK 100 tons Carmel Island Rock Bait; 1'jO do Sandwich Island Coarse; 44 do Ground Bock halt; IU0 do Liverpool Salt; 900 eases Table Salt, 7 and 16R bsgs; SU do do do, ilfc do. For sale by W. 8. HOLLENBECK, 156 Battery street, mli-U between Jackson and Pacific. PEAXUTS. lAf. BBLS ROI'TIIEUX PESXl'TR, l.\#\_r in fine order. Just received, and for sale in lots to suit, by M BI.VILLF. KELSEY tt CO., ml J-lm* cor. California and Davis ill. NOTICK THE VNDERHIGSED. OF THE FIRM of BRIUNARDCLLO k U0NCATI, takes the pleasure to inform his friends and the pnblie that, having dissolved the copartnership heretofore existing, has transferred his large stock of Hardware, Crockeryware, etc*, from his late place of business on Paci&e street, between Kearny and Dupornt, to No. £46 Dupont street, between i'acific and Jackson streets, near the southeast corner of Jackson street, in the house formerly occupied by P. Medana. ma-lm FRANCI6CO RONCATI. MORGAN, HATHAWAY * CO. HAVE FOB 6ALETobacco: Calcined Plaster: Ames' L. and D. handled Shrrela; Cast Steel Scoops ; Hails; Assorted Invoice. Iron; Bleached and Brown Bheetlnp; Anthracite Coals: Bleached Polar Oil; Adamantine, Sperm and Patent Candles) Linseed Oil; Spirits Turpentine. Ja2X-tf 1 4\(\ REELS LEAD PIPEt JUJU lMbdlsTomlronj 200 bdls Sheet Iron; M bdls RussU Iron; 40 bdls Galvauiied Iron; 400 boxes Rosnng Tin Plate; 300 do Chareoal Tin Plate: M pigs Block Tin; 100 sheets Braxfers' Copper: MO fts Bpiltef Bolder; 100 sheets Brasi; 400 bdls Iron Wire; 1,0(10 Its Bar and Pig Lead, rortakby J. W. BUTT AN t CO., mli-14 M and CO Sacramento street. OWKRS AND REAPERS— " A small invoice of MOWERS and REAPERS fat sale, to close a consignment, at very low prices, by .., brya'ktiToo.,' ' uSt-T U Battvry street. niLIH FOR SALE JL 14,000 feet PUea, per ship Uonort. .: Just received and for sale by W. C. TALBOT k CO., •» BUoartiWett.

for ggle~3Eo Cet HOUSE TO LET! MA BOCtE ICITABLE FOR A BOABDING HOUSE, with BILLIAKD SALOON, to Kent at moderate terms. Also,— ForSale— The Furniture in the House,eoniittisf of Chamber Furniture, and fixtures necessary for a Boarding House Inquire on the premiiei, Ko. C 6 6inmme street, between California and Fine. mts-7* M HOUSE TO LET AND FCRSITCRE For Sale. — Ihe neat and convenient COTIAGE HOUSE, on the louthtaatern aide of Minnie street, sth door above Second street, containing five room*, kitchen and a food well of water, to Let, and all the Furniture, *c,ol the present tenant (who leaves this city on the next steamer) for Sale. Inquire on the premises. ' mx 6-7* FOR SALE, OR TO LKT-SPLE.V. did COTTAGE RESIDENCE, plastered throughout, and very desirable, on Sutter street, between blocaton and Powell streets. For particulars, apply to JACOB SCHKEIBr.It, 179 Jackson street, mls-lm opposite International Hotel. <t> 1,000 ACRES GOOD AGRICDLTI'R> 5C*l ■»* Craiing LAND, for sale or exchange for City property, situated on the Sacramento River, in Colusa County, about 40 miles above Colusa. The Land is well adapted for Grazing, baring plenty of fine grass and a stream of water running through it All the year round. The Title to the above has been fully confirmed. Apply to A. S. IREDALE, No. 230 Washington street, above Dupont, San Francisco. m27-lm FORSALE-A FRAME HOD SK, li by 80 feet, on Broadway, between Battery and Front streets. Inquire on the premises, at the ers' Home. ro'*7-7 J&* TO LKT-A NEAT COTTAGE, CO VHjj*J taining 5 rooms and a kitchen, and a well of good JSalLwater, on Jessie street, between 2d and 3d. Kent Low. Apply to JOHN WADE, Justice's Court, 7th District, Bush street, near Montgomery. xn26 7* MFOR SALE OR RENT-THE HOUSE No. SI South Tars containing eig t rooms. Apply to V. CRAMER £ CO., m£t lm lOC Clay street, near Battery. TO LKT-A HOUSE ON STOCKTON street, between Butter and Post, next door to Judge Lake. Inquire of II! BLUM, 103 Montgomery street, m3l-3 next door to Wells, Fargo & Co. 'a Kxp'ss. BAKERTTO LET— ON PACI FIC STREET, a few doors west of Kearney, in fine order, just rebuilt. Apply Ko. 151 Clay itrect, upstairs, front room. AUO-BTORE adjoining. u2l-7 j M~ TO LET — A TWO-STORY BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, containing six large rooms and closets, marble mantel in parlor, with kitchen; •ituated on Chestnut strelt, between Stockton and Powell streets, fifty yards from the North Beach Omnibus route, having large yard enclosed and commanding a fine view of tbe Bay. Will be rented low to a good tenant. Inquire of MARTEN PRAG, mU-tf Tin Store, No. 43 Clay street. FOR SALE— TUB HOUSE AND LOT on tbe southwest corner of Green and Dupont streets. The House is of two stories with basement. Basement contains three large rooms; first story is occupied as a grocery and a vegetable store: second story contains four rooms, well plastered and finished. Terms— One-half cash; the balance secured on the property. Inquire next house, on Green street. ml2-Im* M BRICK IlOrsE TO|LKT- ON" THE south side of California street, the second house below Stockton street. Apply to T. P. BEVANS, at tbe Drug Store, southeast corner of Stoekton and Broadway. ml2-lm» BRICK HOUSE TO LET-A VERY convenient DWELLING HOUSE, on Vallejo, west o) Stockton street, in good order, will be Rented at a fair Kent to a good tenant. F. J. THIBAULT, Southwest corner Montgomery niN-lm and Commercial streets. O LEASE, FOR A LONG TERM— WATER LOTS Nos. 304 and 311, on Beale street, filled in and graded, with street graded and planked in front of the lame, will be Leased for t lung term, at a low rate. F. J. THIBAULT, Notary Public, Southwest corner Montgomery mB-lm and Coinni.rcial streets. FOR SALE— THE BEAUTIFUL COTTAGE RESIDENCE of G. R. Paul, {who is leaving the city) on Dupont street, between Francisco and Bay streets, close to detp water, at North Point, comprising a comfortable Brick cemented Cottage, a Garden, stocked with choice Flowers and Fruit Trees, 37 feet frontage, with carriage entrance to stable yard and kitchen garden, excellent well of water, brick summer house, stable and bath-room. Good Grating Land taken in part payment. Inquire on the premises. mS-lrn* STORE FOR SALE— A GENERAL STORE, situated in Ma) field, Santa Clara county, 35 miles from this city, on the Ban Jose road, will be sold, with Stock, Fixtures and Good Will, doing an excellent business, on liberal terms, and offers an excellent opportunity for the investment of a limited Capital. The present proprietor is induced to sell, from the fact that he is otherwise wholly occupied, and unable to give his personal attention to it. Apply to WM. PAUL, on the premises; F. HENDERSON, IS6 6acr»mento street; or to SMITH, McDAMEL it CO., 100 Front street. aJO-Im* <■»> RANCH FOR SALE— BSO ACRES— *I* Situated about twelve miles from Oakland, beiag a portion of tbe Morago Ranch. Title confimed and appeal dismissed. For particulars apply to Messrs. WAINWKIGHT, RANDALL fc CO., 1U Montgomery street. a* REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. jpfc. THAT VALUABLE PROPERTY ON B::;| ClaT street, between Montgomery and Leidesdorff BJlLstreets, known as the "BUCKLEY k MORSE" BUILDING. The Lot is 30 feet front by 59 feet » inches deep, covered by a Brick Building— having two Stores and basement, thoroughly built and fire-proof now under lease at (225 per month. ALSO, MThat valuable property situated at the northwest corner of Bush and Sansome streets, being 80 feet on Bush street and 45 feet 6 inches on Sansome street, together with the Buildings thereon ; now under lease at $115 per month. Apply to McRUER fc MERRILL, al-tf 47 and 49 California street FERRY PROPERTY FOB SALE. *m. (INK-lIAI.F OF THAT VALV'|C4 Ferry Property situated on the Stan- ■B' I ;i] istaus River, known as "ABBEY'S FERRY" is tQ offered for sale. It it without doubt the best Ferry Property on the SUnislaus Hirer, and is yearly increasing in vaiue. For a family, it would be a most available investment, tbe business done being entirely a Cash The Sacramento and Bonora line of Stages pass the Ferry daily, it being situated on the great travelled thoroughfare between the Northern and Southern Mines. Sufficient reasons will be given by the owners for selling, and terms will be made liberal. For particulars, apply to DR. ENSCOE, comer of Montgomery and Bush streets; A. W. MACPBEBSON, Esq., Office, No. 45 Merchants' Exchange Building, San Francisco; or to the subscribers, on the premises. McLEANkJEFFRY, . Abbey's Ferry, Stanislaus River, m2S lm Tuolumne County. FOR SALE OR LEASE. MA NEW BRICK HOUSE, CONTAINing eltven rooms, finished in a splendid manner, with all the necessary conveniencos for a good home, situated oa-Dupont, between California and Pine streets. Rent, One Hundred Dollars pe.' iimntn, (in advance,) on Lease for one year. None but responsible patties need apply, to C. L. TAYLOR, it California street, between 12 and I o'clock. AMD, A BRICK HOUSE, in the same block, for Sale or Lease. Rent, $70. ALBO, A HOUSE, on Prospect Place, for Sale or Lea>e. Rent, (50. ALSO, A BUILDING, corner of Jones' Al'ey and Jackson •treet. Apply to C. L. TAYLOR, mSS-7 Sl* California street. VALUABLE TAVERN PROPERTY For Sale Ml WILL »KLL CHEAP FOR CASH that very valuable and productive Tavern Stand, known as tbe UNION HOTEL, situated at tbe corner of Main and Franklin streets, in the beautiful and thriving village of Santa Clara. The building is a well constructed frame, two stories high, 30 feet front, HO feet long, and contains 20 rooms, including a large dining hall. There is also upon the premises a large Livery Stable, with all the necessary convenience*, besides other out bouses. Abundance of excellent water is in the yard, and the whole establishment is in excellent condition I»r a first class Hotel, in a country town. I will also sell all the Furniture on the said premises, provided expressly for hotel keeping, and which is in a good state of preservation. 1 have also for tale, three Buggies, a family Carriage, a double Wagon, a Cart, several sets of double and single Harness, Saddles for ladies and gentlemen, and a number of fine Horses. Also, a Block of Ground In the town of Santa Clara, being three hundred feet square, and well fenced, which I will sell with the premises above described. I will state that I have occupied tbe above Tavern property as a Hotel, since tbe fall of 1852, and that it always has been a money making property ; and that my object in desiring to dispose of it, is to engage in other pursuits in a more southern latitude, for the improvement of my health. Apply to F. B. MURDOCH, at San Jose, or to the undersigned, at Santa Clara. . W. M.CAMEROI. Bints Clara. March 4th. 1857. a2i)-3m Doarbing— ttooma to £ct. TO LKT-A LARGE FURNISH t£O FRONT BED-ROOM, on the first floor, to a Gentleman of respectability. Address L., at this office. m 27-7* OCJENTLKWEN—BOJIE AIRY, NICE ROOMS, (Unfurnished,) can be had very reasonable, by application to MRS. BOWLY, at No. 'ma Stockton street, west side, between Clay and Sacramento streets. mls tf &4* ->♦«- V% jk CHEESE THE ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAND of Cheese, imported by J. B. Weir expressly for this market, will be received in regular shipments through the seasoa, and for sale, in lots to suit, by 1 OLADWIN, HUGGJfc CO., m 29 69 Front street. Human Hair Depot. FAVAUD A CONSTANT, Formerly in Sacramento it. | Formerly In Commercial st. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S HAIR DRESSERS 145 .ytonlgomrrf tlrerl, ■■ — -t. ' Manufacturers of Win, 'o» /T Cp\\ P««. Scalps, Bands, Front li\ • \i Pieces, Curls and all / \ ! V| kinds of Hair Work. M-b •■«• — iji Constantly on hand, fresh a» / ""^ "&■ // sorted Perfumery, of Parti, W. i r &J3 Brushes, Combs and Y^^&tO. Fancy Articles. B&^j*oWf\ L Gentlemeit'a Hair Cut* '^ 1 3p"2j&\ »»">K * nd Bliavlng J^jtisffijsM Hair Cutting, 50 cents. LADIES' hTTr DREBSI £AJ£|jMJMSi§N ROOM UP-BTAIRS. BMrS&S^^S&V^ Ladles' and Gentlemen rest »TarSSW#«*N.\rS^ ding inthe interior can have J^'^r »/"^ Wigs Or Toupees made to order, by sending their measure and color. COft mraJXIBU HBTHOD OF KtIICSIHCI TH« Bl» Hi. 1. Sound the bead 0 if I, Prom temple to temple, below the enn 0 la • .■!,) I. From the hair on the forehead to the ' • ■ poll of the neck 0 lite t. From ear to tar 00 '* ■ Pot Toupees, measure the bald part and round of th« stad to Insure a correct fit. ml*-l»»

For New York, Direct. , * , > The A 1 Clipper Ship . «£fo Andrew Jackson, j ' JOHN E. WILLIAMS, Commander, Will load at Foliom itreet wharf. Having alar^e portion of her cargo enraged, will have prompt d iipatch for the above port. For freight or passage, apply to r>- ' MOOKE «t FOLGES, Davit street. mSt between California and Fine. For Sydney and Melbourne. TO FOLLOW THE J. GODFREY. rfftfc Bhinperi and paisenfen an notified that our SSSnext Vmel for the above porti will be dispatched on the FIRST OF JULY NEXT, .ijlt HUOHE8 *. HUNTEB, LCBECK ic CO., Battery street, r»25-td • . oppoilte the Custom Home. FIRST VESSEL For Puget Sound. The Barque <£& Brontes, BLISS, Maittr, Will tail on or about the 30th intt. For freight or passage apply to the Captain, -on board, orto AbAMS.BLINN *CO., m21 tf comer Market and steuart streets. For Hongkong and Macao. The flrit clan Clipper Ship <gfr ltatc Uooper, " "~ !.. JOHN J. JACKSON, Matter, This veiiel will be dispatched for the above ports immediately after the arrival of the Mail Steamer, due on the 28th intt. A large quantity of freight having been already shipped, she will sail punctually as advertised. The reputation of the KATE HOOPER for speed and comfort, is wen known, she having made the quickest passage from this port to Hoagkong on record. Her last trip occupied 35 days from port to port, upon which oc ctsion she conveyed intelligence from Europe, via the U. *., 5 days in advance of the India Overland Mail. This ship also earries a very heavy armament for defence, a very important consideration for shippers of of Treasure during the present critical sute of affairs iu the Chinese waters. For freight or passage, apply to the Captain, on board,' at Lombard Dock, or to S.VM'L FB1CE Ic. CO., Consignees, ni-3 Battery street. For Callao. ~ The British Ship «P& Sir lVicliard Jackson, 500 Tons Capt.8C0TT, Will sail on the Till UD OF JUNE. For terms of freight or passage, apply to the Captain, on board, Lombard Dock wharf, or to D1CKSON, Db WOLF ft CO., 1 m23-td | Consignees. Para Guaymas, via La Paz. SALDRA Eli 10 DE JUNIO. La muy velera Goleta Mejicana «iSf. Alcrta, SuCapitan G.RANDALL, I Ofreciend* eieelentes comodidades. Para flete o pasage, veanse con el Capitan, abordo, Muelle Largo, • oon LYNCH T ROEDING. 1S8 caUe Jackson, HEN8CHEL T MAURICE, o ealle Battery, m23 enfrenta de la Aduana. For Vancouver's Island. ' TO SAIL OX THE FIRST OF JUNE ! The A 1 Brig <£* KUenlta, """¦* I Capt . WAITT. For freight or passage, apply to JEREMIAH NAGLE, Or JOHN DEWAB, m22 corner Commercial and East streets. For Hongkong, Direct. The first class Clipper Ship «?g& Archer, H. N. O9GOOD, Comm'r. This Vessel wi 1 have immediate dispatch for the aboieport. Her reputation for quick passages, having made the trip from t e above port to San Francisco in 41 J{ days, and for delivery of cargo in good condition, should be sufficient inducements to shippers to engage their freight without loss of time. For freight or passage, apply to W.C.ANNAN a: CO., »9 Front street. Or Master, on board, at Tallejo street wharf, wtt For Tahiti, Direct. The A 1 Schooner <$& Queen off lUc I«\es, ~"™ B. r. CHAPMAN, Master, Will sail for the above port on the 28th lust. For freight or passage, apply to the Captain, .at Robinson's wharf between Pacific and Jackson streets. m.'l-td SOUTHERN DISPATCH LINE, For San Diego and Intermediate Ports, The splendid pmcket clipper schooner <jfi& Lianra lie van, •"¦"¦" J. 8. GARCIA, Master, Will be dispatched on her regular trip, for the above ports, on SATURDAY, May 30th. For freight or passage, apply to X. PIERCE, Southern Packet Office, foot of Sacramento and Market streets, up stairs. N. II.— No tolls charged on Goods Shipped by this Line. ¦ mlO-td FIRST V H S S K i. For Oregon. The Brig Vrnncisco, LIBBY, Master, Will have immediate dispatch for POKTLAN'D. For freight or passage, apply to BU LN AN tBAT'-H ELDER, ml'J-tf Tier Mo 3, Steuart street. For Hongkong, Direct. The Clipper Ship «flfe Noonday, ™™™" GEO. H. BROCK, Master, Will touch at the above port, or her voyage to CALCI'TTA jrovided mflici.nt inducements offer. For freight or passage, having elegant accommodations, apply to BWEET8EB, HUTCHING8, fcCO., US Battery street. Or Capt. BBOCK, on board at Market street wharf. ml8-tf San Francisco Dry Dock, nt FOOT OF 8ECOXD STREKT. BK» SSBL tween Bincon and Mission Points. Vt***aV taken out for repairs at the lowest n tes. Apply at the yard, or to . NEEFTS & TICHESOB, ml-lm 8tenart street, near Fotrom. NOTICE. TUB UNDERSIGNED, SOLE AGKJiT for California of JOHN BROWN'S Improved Gafts for Sail Vessels, Pateted 31st Dnecember, 1*38, and renewed for seven yeart, hereby notifies all those who are making or using said improvement, without a lieeme, of the propriety of calling on him, at 71 Jackson street, in Ban Fran ci»c<>, and paying the small amount due, and receive each a license so to use said improvement. Part of the duty of the undersigned, as Agent, is to prosecute those who are infringing on said Patent, which dutv he will certainly perform as to those who do not comply with the requisitions. He has already advised with his Attorney, who is prepared to act in the premines. WILLIAM H. FOLGER, Tl Jackson street. Ban Francisco, May 12, 1W. I certify that I have examined the Patent and Aggncy above referred to, and find all correct. D. O. BuaTTDCK, Att'y at Law, ml3-lm 102 Merchant street. Not Out of Business. THB UNDERSIGNED WOULD HE. spectfully inform his friends and the public, that he is still engaged in the UNDERTAKING BUSINESS, notwithstanding the statements of interested parties to the contrary. It is true that be has removed his warerooms to the corner of Webb and Sacramento, between Montgomery and Kearay street*, where his buainess is conducted under the firm nsme of GRAY &. 9IASSHY, an4 that he is alway ready, day or night, to attend to every call in his line of business, anil furnish any decription of funeral arrangements at the shortest notice. Hut lie wishes it distinctly understood, that no person connected with his establi«hment ever has, or ever will be allowed to act as " a runner," or to call upon any family that has been visited by death, to OFFER his services as an undertaker. NATHANIEL GRAY, mil lm No. 155 Sacramento street. JITST RECEIVED, DIRECT FROM FRANCE— By one or the best makers, ORGANS suitable for Churches or Halls, of great power and superior tone. I would call the attention of parties in want of such Instruments to those on hand. They can be taken to any part of the 8tate without the eipense of taking down or putting up. Two have one bench of keys, 15 and 17 stops; one two benches, with 30 stops. They will be disposed of at low prices. I have UPRIGHT ROSEWOOD PIANOS (seven octaves), of superior tone and finish, with Stools to match; which I ean sell cheaper than any Importer in Ban Francisco. •* •* The above articles ean be seen at my Music 8tore, 1ST Montgomery street, between Washington and Merchant, where an extensive assortment of Musical Merchandise Is kept constantly on hand. mlil-3m 8ALVATOB BO8A. HAZARD'S GUNPOWDER IN KEGS. A HERICAN SPORTING POWDERs A. KENTUCKY RIFLE, F. F. G. and F. F. F. G. j BEA SHOOTING, F. O. j MEAL POWDER i ARMY AND NAVY POWDER ; MINING POWDER: BLASTING POWDfcR. IN CANISTERS: ELECTEIC OTJNPOWDE»,Ifos. 1 and 3; AMERICAN SPORTING POWDER; INDIAN RIFLE POWDER) KENTUCKY RIFLE POWDER i DUCKING, Nos. I, 2, », POWDER | FAIRLAWN MILLS POWDER. The undersigned has the sole Agency of the HAZARD POWDER COMPANY on the Pacific side, which Company keeps him constantly and largely supplied with every grade and description of Powder, of their celebrated brands, the high character of which has been established for many years, manufactured expressly for distant voyages, suitable for SPORTING, ARMY, BLASTING and MINING purposes. He also calls the attention of the public to his superior acuities for the Stornso of X*o<vcdor, Which he is now prepared to reeeive, having jast completed a Dew BRICK MAGAZINE, the largest, most secure aid best ventilated In the State. ' • ¦ EDWARD II. PARKER, a» 137 Front itreet, up stairs. QAn BXS NEW LAYER HAISIN1 OUU MO quarter boxes Mew Layer Baisins : - SM boxes Cin. Co. Candles : ¦¦ - ' -, ,'¦"¦•' 400 boxes Melvin Knapp'i Candles | sMt 900 boxes 8. J. Candles : m wl-'jil ( ¦rui W0 boxes Thain's Candies I :¦••«* "• ' ' ¦ ltt boxes Josiah Macy's Sperm Candles, 4s <c 6s. a* .: For sale by BANDELLfcCO AVANA CIGARS- ~~~ 190,000 Londres and Millar's, 1-10's, of the ml lowing brands : Noriega, PUarro, Libaao, Eulalla, Tnlipan, La Turea, El Dorado, Finneaa, Mensagero, Minerva, Leon dc On, Cos tales. For tale by •1 JAMMPAjilCKkCO/ 1

, lot Qa$ ! fm$t, &i. ¦FOB SALE. <gfe_ Chase, Ai the lies off Blneon Point, copper futraed, and eopnered up to ten feet, built of pasture white oik at Lynn, Mass ¦ is 153 ton» burthen. Will be told for cub, er exchut** *>' i-» «*•»• ' «"**• «^ EINGOTt " mtg 1m . • Sacramento St., between East and Drum. All persons havic*- claims against the barque CHASE, will please present the luie to J 08. RINGOT, on or before June Sd, or they will not be allowed. j For Freight or Charter. The A I Ship , <£ft Cygnet, "T^" ' » "« '! 1 ' ) ' J r. <* -1 GRAVES, Muter, < Having just arrived from Manila, bringing her carfo in excellent "-a^g^BODY k ca> m2t Front street. " ¦ for sale. „ **i The Schooner ' ! U, r- , Kag\e, Having just returned from a whaling voyage, ii offered for tale; together with all her whaling geer, complete. Now lying at the Newport Dock. „._.__ For terms, ect., apply to J.W.GAWLEY, | ml9-U» | ¦ f !/»l : . t 78 Davis street. Wanted to Charter. A SCHOONER, CARRYING ABOUT Wi 40,000 feet Lumber, to Load at the MENDOCIXO MILLS, Big Bivcr, and to proceed direct to I'ETALTJMA; for one or several trips. Apply at ml7-14 * Steuart street, Pier Mo. 2. SHIPPERS' LINE ~~ FOR CALIFORNIA. FROM .fi* ™- KTow TorK ™* TO S-AJST PRANCISC3O 1 DIRECT. SHIPPERS OF GOODS TO THE ABOVE market are notified that the Ships of this Line are all A 1 Clipper Ships, and insure at the lowest rates. We would respectfully call the attention of the California Merchants to the fact, that we never have nor never shall ship any goods on our own account to their market; therefore, we cannot interfere with the prospects of shipments made by our vessels. By this course, we are in hopes to seeure at least a portion of the patronage of the San Francisco Shippers. Goods forwarded from any part of the United 8tates and Europe to our care, in New York, will be carefully received by us, and promptly forwarded, free of commission-' * N JOHN I. EABLE ic CO., a21-3m 106 Wall street, New fork. CALIFORNIA AND OREGON PACKET M\i:. 223t fi!!3& SSSm npilIS LIVE II COMPOSED OF THE -™- following well known Vessels, one of which will be dispatched for POBTLAND every ten d»yi, u near as winds will permit : Brig J. B. LINT, CapU A. B, Richardson* Birqne OCEV.\ BIRD, Cspt. John Wlftjlns; Birqne CHARLES DEYASS, Capt. R. S. Hetly ; Barqac VUUJIKKAG, Capt. Joseph Williams; Barkentlae J. A. F ALK1\ BITKC, Capt. T. V. Badger. The above are all first class vessels, commanded by experienced and competent men, and to shippers of freight they offer the inducement of quick dispateh. It is our intention to hare one vessel constantly on the berth for freight, both at this place and at. Portland, but when vessels are delayed Goods will be received at our warehouses and put on board, free of charge. Charges paid upon goods from the East to be forwarded to Oregon. For further information, apply to ABEK.N ETH V, CLARK k CO., Pier 4, Steuart street, Or to GEO. ABKBNETH V ft CO., m28-lml Oregon City. COLEMAN'S CALIFORNIA LINE!! New York mnd San Francisco, />> IIAVISO ESTABLISHED A 1.IXK <Efi&°f FIRST CLASS CLIPPERS to sail I'g uUrly FBOM NEW YORK FOR SAN FRANCISCO, On the days advertised, we shall rely upon our California friends for their aid and co-operation in maintaining the same. We shall hare none bnt First Class Vessels, fast sailers, well ventilated, and in every way superior; and shippers may rely upon promptness and dispatch. We desire to make this peculiarly the CALIFORNIA LINE, and the advantage of every Californian to ship by it; and, by our efforts and attention, hope to merit their full and undivided patronage. Goods forwarded from any part of the country to New York will be eorefully received by as, and promptly forwarded free of Commission. WM. T. COLEHAN * CO., mhU-tf 88 'Wall Direct, If cw York. Regular Dispatch Line roa THa <&L SANDWICH ISLANDS. «£& A FINE CLIPPER VESSEL ¦WILL BE dispatched regularly onee a month for Honolulu. AGENTS. At Sail FuffOIIOO.... MORGAN, HATHAWAY * CO. At Honolulu C. A. WILLIAMS k CO. olg-tf __ GREEN'S <£& LINE OF PACKETS, "** BITWIIX SAN FRANCISCO AND STOCKTON. THIS LINK OF PACKETS IS COM posed of First Class Vessels, light draught, and commanded by Captains eipericnced in the trade. Departures rtg ular, from Clay street wharf. ' iry TOLLS FREE ! _C3 For freight apply on board, or to FBED'K P. GREEN, m25 corner Front and Sacramento streets. ~~ ALLEN'S LINK OF : <£& SACRAMENTO PACKETS <£& DAVIS STREET, between Pacific and Broadway. AVKSHKL ALWAYS IX THE BERTH to receive Frriieht, which will be taken at the LOWEST REGULAR RATr.?. RiUs of Lading gent to me for goods arriving from the Atlantic States, on Clipper Ships, will rrc.-hv prompt attention (free of charge), and goodi forwarded with dispatch. Vessels all bear first rates of innpection. freight received at the Vessel in thi berth, Free of Tolls. Q3" Office on Davis street, between Pacific and Broadway, on the corner of Chamber* street. mlS 3m W. B, ALLEN. ALLEY'S LINE OF STOCKTON PACKETS, &. DAVIS 8TKEET, between Pacific and Broadway. V VESSEL ALWAYS IN THE BERTH to receive Freight, which will be taken at the LOWEST REGULAR RATES. Bills of Lading sent to me for goods arriving from the Atlantic States, on Clipper Ships, will receive prompt attentlbn (free of charge), and goods forwarded with dispatch. Freight received at the Vessel in the berth. Free of Tolls. $3r Office on Davis street, between PaciSc and Broadway, on the corner of Chambers street. ml'JJm W. R. ALLEN. miner an& fjarbor Bttomtra. CONTRA COSTA FERRY NOTICE, Corner of Broadway and Davis streets. _ -IP™*, ON FRIDAY, MAY 99th, X«SiSS3aC aDd until furlhrr notlcr, the CONTRA CoSTaTESb Y BOATS will leave; as follows : At 7K A.M. ' At r>\ A. M. At 6 A. M. 1>V A.M. IS A.M.- lllf A.M. as P.M. 4 F. M. 3), P. M. Ban Francisco, April 29, 1857. m-."> CHA8. MINTURX, Agent. _ ,tp» w 8ACCELITO FKRR V NOTICE g*- J 5i,J'iTC— T> - Steemer 1IERCI'I.K#,GO<)DALL, Maater, will leave Wa«l igton street Wharf, San Francisco, EVERY M0RNI» ), at 9 A.M., and returning, leave faueelito at 11 A. ., (Sundays exeepted,) on and after May 1st, 18S7. a» DAILY LINE (SUNDAYS EXCEPTED.) For Petaluma and Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Bodega, Russian River and Geyser Springs. Departure from Yalltjo st. wbarf, «nd of Davis st, _ -IT""fc ON AND AFTER MONDAY, ~T*f " TTf 1 "" Sflth, the Steamer ANNA ABKRNbTUV.Capt. CHA8. M. BAXTER, will make regular DAILY tripi (Sundays exeepted) to and from Petaluma, (landing Sonoma passengers and freight at Lakeville,) leavinc Petaluma at 8 o'clock A. M., and San Francisco at 2 o'clock P. M. Freight will be received on the wharf from 1 1 V, A. M. tol«P. M. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to CUA8. MINTURN, Agent, Cunningham's Wharf. N. £.— Four-horse Post Coaches, for Santa Sou, Bodega, Russian River and Geyser Springs, leave immediately on the arrival of the steamer at Fetaluma, and for Sonoma, on arrival at Lakevill*. . mS4 CALIFORNIA STEAM NAVIGATION CO. Departure from Jackson Street Wharf. CARRYING UNITED 8TATE8 HAILS. AREANGEMEHTS FROM MARCH 1st, 1857. jl^ZZJ* rJ^> r-,^E=» Steamer NEW WORLD, Capt. 8AM 'I. 8F.YMOCB. Steamer ANTELOPE. Capt. E. A. FOOLE. Steamer CONFIDENCE, Steamer WILSON G. HUNT. Steamer HELEN HEN8LEY, Capt. CBADWICK. Steamer J. BRAGDON, Cant. THOMAS 8EELEY. Steamer URILDA, Capt. CHA8. THORN. Steamer CORNELIA, Capt. E. CONKELIN. One of the above Steamers will leave Jackson street wharf every day, at 4 o'clock, P. M., (Sundayi ex cepted,) - ' . FOR 8ACRAMENTO AND STOCKTON. Connecting with light-draft Steamers for - - MAKY8VILLE, COLUSA and BED BLUFFS. For particulars, inquire at the office of the Company, corner of Jackson and Front streets. - ¦ al BAM'L J. HENSLEY, President. _ -tpe-- FORNAPA ANDTHE WIIITK JJdaaQSCsULPIIL'R 6PRINU3, via Mare Island Vallfjo, Sjuci-1, and Sonoma Landing.— The elegant and fast steamer SOPHIA, Capt. P. F. Dolino, having been newly refitted and her accommodations for paasenKrs Increased, will leave Jaekson Wharf every Tuesday, inrsday and Saturday morning, at *S o'clock: and on her return, leave Napa on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, at »X o'clock.. . .....it There is a fine line of four horse coaches ruining from Nape, to the Hulphur Springs, which, leave immediately after the arrival of the steamer. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to .« i - ¦ W. M. LUBBOCK, or P.A.CUAZEL.Agent. Jxo. B. MUUIU, Agent at Napa. al-la ' m Tf mm K FOR SCISIIN CITY— THE FA« iVy'ifMtV*"*"* 8 " !altl «' r GKI *- KEARNY. Captain Hurlbert, having been thoroughly overhauled and refitted, has been placed upon the route between Ban Francisco and Buisun City, stopping each way at Renicia, and will run as follows: San Francis™, on Mnnday, Wednesday and Friday, Suisun City, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M.; leaving Sao Francisco, on the first trip, on Wednesday, May S7th, from Pacific 1 Wharf. For frsight or passage, apply on board. ! mM-U »¦ ,"¦¦¦• a P. PATTERSON, Agent. FRED'K FRANOK.&CO., . . JTm: 89 mmd SI California «(r««*., 8 OXiB AOB1VT0 " ' ' ' roB TBB OILinATKD M^ '% ,-SILX FACTORY,! "RISING SUN." A small invoice of BLACK SILKS from this enows* ftiterr.fonal*. WM4w ANPLEB-EX WILD ROVER— M0 boxes Secomb ¦ Dennis, Mlbs each. • ' For sals b» .*-•¦»'.- ¦ • M i T& ¦,:.. J JAMES PATRICK It CO.

IVEIXSi FARGO /&, CO., JtMrnmtfrnrw itreet »«» *rassc«Ms>. BILLS O*> KZCHASO1 fOft SAL! OM Adrian, Mich. Fremont, O. , Fare, TJL Alton, III. - ¦ Qalsna, IlL ' Pern, Ind. Andcrion, Ind. Geneva, N. T. Philadelphia, Fa. Au Arbor, Mica. Gr.en Castle, Ind. Piqua, O. Auburn, N. Y. Hamilton, O. Pentiac, Mich. Battle Creek.Mich. lndiaaapolis.Ind. Potts ville, p.. Beloit, WU. Jackson, Mieh. Providence, K. I. Belvidere, III. Janesville, Wis. Quincy, 111. Binghampton.N.Y.Kalamajoo, Mich, bdn, Wis. Bloomington, 111. Kenosha, Wis. . Beading, Pa. Boiton, Mast. ¦ Keoton, O. Richmond, O. Buffalo, H. T., Keokuk, Iowa, Rochester, «. T. Burlin jton, Iowa Lafayette, Ind. Boekfbrd, IU. Cambridge, Ind. U Salic, 111. Bock I«land, 111. Cana.ndair,ua,N.T. Lewiston, N. T. Sand as ky, O. Chicago, IU. „ i. Lockport, N. T. Sheboygan, WU. Cincinnati, O. Louisville, Ky. 8idney, O. Cleveland, O. Matlmon, Win. Silver Creek, N.T. Columboi, O. » Mansfield, O. - South Bend. Ind. Corning, N. T. Marion, O. Pprinjfle.d, IU. CrawfordsvlUe.Ind. Manhall, Mieh. Sprioffleld, O. Davenport, Iowa, MiehiganCity,Iad3t Louie, Mo. Dayton, O. Hiddleton, O. Stennington, Cob. Delaware, O. \ Milwakee, Wii. Syracuse, N. T. Detroit, Mich. Monroe, Mich. Torre Haate.Ind. DowagUe, Mich. Mt. Vernon, O. TifSn, O. Dubuque, Iswa, Kewuk,O. " Toleda, 0. Dunkirk, N. Y. New York, N. Y. Troy, 0. Elgin, IlL Niagara Falls, Vrbana, Ohio Elhart, Ind. NUes, Mi.h. Utiea, N. Y. Elmira, N. T. Norwalk, O. ' ' Waukegan, 111. Erie, Pa, Oswego, N. Y. | West Liberty, O. Fond de Lae, WU. Painasvllle, O. Xenia, O. Preeport, ILL Peoria, 111. Ypailentl, Mich. ZaneaTille, O. * *- -»¦» ' — DRAFTS OX CANADA. Payabli OH Montreal, Quebec, Hamilton, Toronto. London, Brantford , Chatham, St. Catharinea. Jal GARRISON, MORGAN, FRETZ & RALSTON C»r. »f WatkiHtl*m mmd Uattirf ««»., BAN FRANCISCO. » i..N 0. K. OA»XISOH, ) CHAUIS M0K1AK, *. a. t »itz, S San Franciico. New York. W. C. BAISTOM, > mh5 DEKIKL, BATHER ek. CHURCH, -»— * aCaa. -EM JfcSk. .r*,a _tfc JS* f Homlhtreil rortttr Valtrr* mmd Via* tt: Xj^fiKS FKANCISCO. Draw at Sight In cum* to iult on YanVleck, Read fc Drsxel New York J. W. Clark S. Co Boaton Drexel&Co Philadelphia Jehnaton, Broth i ra * Co Baltimore A. J. Wheeler, Eaq Cincinnati, Ohio HaakellfcCo Exchange Bank, 8t. Louii, Mo A. D. Jonea, Eaq., Caahicr Pituburg, Pa. A. D. Hunt* Co Louiiville. Kt. J. 8. Lyell Detroit, Mich. II. W. Conner* Co Charleston, S. C. Brown, Johnaton Jc C«k. ............ ...... New Orleans Bank of the State of Missouri St. Louis C. DorwinStCo., Montreal Canada Alao— Kxhangs en London, PlANKFOiT-ON-THi suini, Stcttoakt, Germany. Purchase Certificate of Depoait and other Exehange urrant ratea and transact a general Banking buainesa. • *¦ \. UjSfr-., ( »" ""*>"¦ DREXEL. SATDER & CHURCH, s ~Ft . A, 3>TIEsI3E3:Ft.aS», Vornrr 3d mmd J tlrrrlt, Smtrmmtmtm, BUY AND SELL EXCHANGE ON THE PRINCIPAL ATLANTIC CITIES AND EUKOPE, Pay tbe nlgheit pries for Gold Dust, Make Liberal Adraneea on the same consigned for Assay or Coinage, attend to collections and remittances, and transact a GEXEIUL (IIXKIXU BUSINESS. F. M. DREXEL, Philadelphia. P. SATHER, San Francisco, K. W. CHPRCH, do Jal THUS. 8. FI8KE, Sacramento. JOSEPH C. PALMER, ~ 3B -A. Z»T K 3*3 JEL , Cor. of Washington and Krarny streets. Fronting the Plaza, San Franciaco, California. BUY SELL E\CI1A\(;E ON ALL the principal Eastern cities. BULLION CKETIFICATES OF DEFO8IT, etc, bought at the highest market rates. Collections made and mwney transmitted, ind ill bniinesi connected with b»akin< transacted. jal Agent in Naw York, John Cook, Jr., ttl Broadway. XOTICL THE VKDERSIOXED, ACR.\T> OF Mes.rs. DUNCAN, SHERMAN tt CO., of New York, ara now prepared to issue MERCANTI LE CREDITS on Messrs. GEO. PEABODY X CO., of London, or use in Europe, India, China, and the Braxila — A!<O WUL ALaO tUW OS Messrs. Geo. Peabody * Co LONDON Messrs. A. ZeUwerer & Co PARIS Messrs. Duncan, Sherman ft Co.. NEW YORK Messrs. Duncan, Sherman ft Co.. . .NEW Y OKK, made rATAUi as rouows: In Boaton, by Messrs. J. E. Thaysr ft Bro. In Philadelphia, by Philadelphia Bank. In Baltimore, by Messrs. McKim ft Co. In St. Louis, by Messrs. E. W. Clark, Bro. ft Co. In Chicago, by Messrs. Geo. Smith ft Co. In Buffalo, by.......... ...Mtsern. Oliver, Loo ft Co. In Detroit, by..... ....Bank of Michigan Insurance Co. In Milwaukie, by. ...... ......State Bank of Wisconsin. In Mobile, by — .......Measra. 8t. John, Powera ft Co. In Charleston, by Messrs. A. W. Connor ft Co. In New Orleans, by Southern Bask. In isom to luit. Aleo-TOujr and Sell Exchange, Gold Dust and Bullion. DlAW O!C — Duncan, Sherman &Co. ............New York. Baring, Bro. ft Co. London. AlaopftCo. Valparaiso and Lima. And make advances on shipments to Lima, Valparaiso, New York, or London, and on Merchandise stored in their own or other fireproof warehouses. AL80P ft CO., jal California street. HENRY HENTSCH, X » *^ X\J *^ Jtla J.~C f Northwest comer of Montgomery and Jackson streets, DRAWS BILLS OR EXCHANGE, AT SIGHT Ok O* TIKI, IK SCM1 TO SCIT, O!t DlRHAM Ic CO New York MEI.LY, BOMILLY A CO Lrterpoo MOKRI8, PREVOSTicCO London COl'LON Ic CO London MATH1EC HENTSCH I: CO Paris G. DE8 AKTS, MUS3ARD * CO Paria HENTSCH k CO Geneva, Switlerland Purchasers' Certificate! of Depesit and other Exchange at current rates, and tranaacta a general Banking business. RECEIVES DEPOSITS. An Assay Office is annexed to the Banking Honse. Liberal Cash Advances on Gold Dust to assay. a26 "exohaxge on london — in sums to suit, For sale by FALKNEB, BELL ft CO., ml7 * l£s California street. EXCHANGE AT SIGHT, ON BANK OP AMERICA, NEW YORK, ON WEBSTER BANK, BOSTON, and OX TIME, OR AT SIGHT, ON WM. T. COLEMAN ft CO., NBW YORK, IN SUMS TO Sl'IT, For tale by WM. T. COLEMAN * CO., oel California and Front streeta. MORRIS SPEYER, 138 Wm i m t m g t • m * f r • » I, OFFERS FOR SALE, EX GEORGE A5D IIEMIY, A rcu assoitmitt or FAXCYGOODMi LOOKING GLASSES| SHOT) and PERCUSSIAX CAP8| AMERICAN, SPANISH AND FRENCH PLAYING CARDS. For sale to the trade by MORRIS SPEYER, a29 138 Washington street, ffilX PLATE— M. 'i71 boxet assorted sties. For sale by MORRIS SPEYER, a» t 138 Waahington street. DEMIJOHNS— 700 I, *, 3 and 9 gallon. For sale by MORRIS SPEYER, a» 138 Waahington street. WINDOW GLASS-i-100 casea uaorted sizes. For sale Wy MORRIS 8PEYEB, asa 138 Washington street. 300 gross Vienna Matches: 1000 groea F C D Matehee, 1 gnu boxes; 600 do d* Fancy Matches; 6C» do do Wax do; 800 do EngUsh do, in paper boxes. For sale by MORRIS SPEYER, a£9 138 Washington sueet. ILLIARD CLOTHA superior article. BILLIARD TABLES— All dies. ' Forsale by I . MORRIS SPEYER, aS9 138 Waahington street. _ __— . _^ S00,0M One Imitation Ciarars. For sale by MORIIS 8PEYER, a» 13S Washington street. .niPESI PIPES! ~ JL Inoicet of French CUy Pipes; German Fancy Pipes. The best auortment ever imported. For sale by MORRIS SPEYER, aft 138 Waahington street. INVOICES OR— BRASS COCKS; SPURS— Tinnad, Brass and Plated; CANDLESTICK*— Brass and Plated; GUN FIXINGS; GOLD 8CALE8; POCKET AND TABLE CUTLERY. For sale by M0RRI8 SPEYER, *» 138 Waahington street. TO THE INDIAN TRADE. THE I. A RO K »T ASSORTMENT OP BEADS, and other articles suitable for this trade, always on band, and for sale by MORRIS SPEYEK, (29 \Z* Washington street. : JONES'JRANDY. , ;; THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE ON HAND a constant supply of this BRANDY, la half, quarter and eighth, pipes ; and having been appointed BY THE MANUFACTURER SOLE AGXjZVTTS For the Sal* of his celebrated Brandy In this market, •hail be la rtfvUr receipt, bv Clipper arrival*, of well assorted invoices, wnich we offer to the trade on liberal terms, ' The reputation these BRANDIES have attained, both for their excellence and uniformity of quality , la well known, and the invoices now coming to hand an superior to previous shipments. * I t« • -• >¦ . GEO. HOWES ft CO., m3 iptf 153 Sansome street- . IN CONSEQUENCE OP RUMORS THAT my possession of a certain Guano Island in the PaciOe Ocean, near the wast of Lower California- will be interfered with, I give notice that I claim %n interest ia the Island, under a title granted by the Mexican Government, In the year 1840, which f believe to be genuine and valid, and paramount to all. others; and that possession of the Island was taken by my order, under the above mentioned title, aa the t3d etay of January, 18M, when it waa entirely uninhabited; and that my possession since haa been with the written; permission of the government of Lower California. Thia notice. Is intended to warn all persona that I have applied to the Supreme Government of Mexico to proteet my rights in the Island, and that. In ease of IU invasion, I will seek redress from the proper tribunals in Mexico and elsewhere, - ¦ kass ,m .*«^*.H<« .»:«..'. OTTOUCHARD, • t-.-i .,.., •;¦¦» .».: ... .,- 0 f v. MaraiooJkCe, San Fraadieo, Mar Wto, 1897. < ¦ mlK-lm

Insurant^ ftrnnpamtg. MAHlftE lXSllUAXCE. THK CifDEIUIGSED IS AOTHOHIZ ED TOINStXRX , . ¦ • -.. FRJEIGHT, ._ 9IERCIIAXDISG, : 7a* «:**»» ¦««<.t-)<ni«MUnM .iTRKASCHK, TOASDFROM ALL PASTS 07 IHX GLOBI, 'F * *> f -.ijrnu: PACIFIC MUTUAL INSURANCE COMP'Y, OVICWTOBK. _^^ ¦ ' 'AQKsrcr or the British Commercial Life Insurance -Company, of London. .SS?**" 1 ASfi> P ***™I. AVERAGE JSSSMUS""*™ 1 * A * D ALt BC*USSI COXXECTED WITH IIiDRUCI PROMPTLY ATTKJIDKD To. Notary I»ia.T»iio. Commissioner for New York end Missouri .¦n.lRg.VU PRO-TRUTH Cirtfully Doted and extended, 11U all Commercial aad Maritime Writing Drawo. n. S. HAVE!*, .. 11* Battery .trcet, jaS-tf , ot.t «.nn. Lent, Newell* Co. Unity Fire Insurance Association OP LONDON. Offle* S*m Fr.ncl.ro A,«»r]r-a,,tb..t • treet, Bur ifcattcrjr. Capital, £2,000,00OSt., or $10,000,000. BRICK A.\D «TO.\K BUILDINGS AID Merchandise, Insured on f&vorabia Uni The undersigned art authorised to settle claims for losees without delay. DICKSON, DaWOLF fc CO., ri »-*» Apotl. IMPZEIAL riM * LITE ITSTTB i wry, tomtijt OF LONDON. ESTABLISHED IN IMS. CAPITAL 9^000,000. THK I'IDKRSla.VED II A V I X O RKeeired permission to u.ur policies insuring detatched frame builiknp and their furniture, are now prepared to receive application for tie n». FALK.N iER, BELL Jt CO.. 138 California street. Brick buildings and merchandise stored la them or merchandise stared afloat, injured against In •¦ the nit moderate tirai. EEMOVAL. L . C . D O D G E & C O . , DEALERS IX CALIFORNIA BITTER, CHEESE, EGOS, Ac., Hart remored to M Frost itreet. Butter packed exprcitlj fur the country trade, and warranted of th« beet quality. m2«-lm EMOVAL-JAfOBHTRAIILIt* BRO. beg to advise their numerous patrons that they have remand their Billiard Manufactory to the Metro pulitan M.vket, gntter atreet, between Sanaom* and Muntgom^ry, where they will nxuui their bu«ineM aa u»uil, until their new brick home, now builaior on the old ute, ia nnuhed. Office, at preaut, in the 2Iicara«na Building, Boom No. 15, 3d floor, corner Leidc.dorlf and Sacramento etreeta. mJO-lm Removal. ADIBOH * CO. HAVE REMOVED • their J EWELSY 8TOEE from Kearny itrret, to So. 139 MO.NTGOMEKT 8TBEET, between Sacramento and Commercial atreeta, we »t aide. mUlra REMOVAL. DR. J. nTeCKEL, Has Removed his Office and Residence OX WASIII.VGTO.li STREET, Three door* Writ of Kttrnr stre«t. B>7 lm EDWARDS A WVLTOV HAVR RKMOVKD to FRONT 8TREBT, COKNER Of W A3H1NCTOX, where they omir for •»!«, aa heretofor-, a Choice aaaortiaent of WINES A.N D L1QUOK8, at Low Prieee. mT-lm REMOVAL. LECACHEUX, GALLEY & CO., Itt PORTER*, HATE REMOVED TO iOtmmmtrrciml tlrrrl. mmmr Frmmt. ml EM OVAL THK l'.\DERSIG\ED, dealer in Croeeriee, rroTiaiona md Liqaura. re¦pectfully notiflea hie frienda and customer, that he hae removed from hie old atand, in Front ttrert, to the ¦orthweit corner of D»tU and W«»hinrton irxntt. <»*-lm AK.VOtD L1.NDAC. Cegol Xoiitts. IJI THK DISTRICT COfRT Ol* THK TWELFTH JUDICIAL D13I&1CT of the SUta ol California. lu the matter of tae PeU-Jon of Charlei A. X&Nolty, aaluolTcat Debtor: Poniant U aa order ef the Hon. Edward Norton, Judre of the aaid District Court, notice ia honor rurg to all the creditors of the aaid Insolvent, CHAE1ES A Mc.NlLTY, to b- and appear before tht BooorabM Edward Norton aforesaid, in open Court, &t tla« Court room of aaid Court, in the City Hall, ia the City of 3e,a Franeuoo, on SATURDAY, the sixth day of June, A. D. 1557, at 10 A. M. of that day, then and then to show cause, if any they can, why the prayer of aaid Inaolreat should not be panted, and aa uii;ni»nt >i his estate be made, and he be discharged from hia debta aad liabilities, in pursuance of the aUtuU in such eaao made and prot ided. 1~— . Witness my kand, and tha Mai of said Court, L «. I this 4th day of May, 1*5?. * THOMAS H ATM, Clerk. By Otm »» Cuu, Deputy Clerk. Hor< * WUaon, Attorways. mi Storage —^^VDoanccgCa«1i Adviuioo* MADE OX rn.\sir..VUK\H OP APPROVED MERCHANDISE to our fneud* la New York *. B. 9WAIN * Co., »17 lm 15 Front street. -ja^OTICK.— CASH ADVANCES WILL BI 1^ made on Oooda stored ia our ouildins;, on thi northeast corner of Jackson and Montgomery streets C. P. Stone will act aa our agent to that extent, aad wii receipt for (roods in oar san. <8if*«d> ia--tf LUCAS TC*S I* a CO. LOUD, BOSMER £ T11T0.VS, Importers and Jobbers ef Liquors. WOULD CALL THK ATTK\T1O.V O* the trad* aad the public generally of the Paeifli coast to their new aad selected stock of Wines and Li quors just receiTed by late clipper sxr.ti.i. Hariof asUsUshtd a home in New Tork, we shall U In constant receipt of Foreign and Domestic Liquors, and coming directly from drst hands, wo can offer iadoet menu to purchasers unequalled by any other houi< la P»a Francisco. Our goods are selected by one who haa been long engaged lathe California and Oregon trade, and who ii perfectly eoBTersaat with the waats of this market it regard to quality, style and tile of package*. Anywhomayfaror as with a call and examine) oui stock, which we are always oa hand to show, w* an eoiSdent will see it win be for their interest to purchase LOUD, HOSMKK Jt TILTONS. an 83 Frost atreet, cor. Clay. QO "ALF, QUARTER AXD O.\K. WV eighth Pipes Suerac Braady; 40 do do Martell Brandy; 40 do do ManttkCo. do; 40 do do Champagne do; 40 do do Ourd, Dupuy i Co. «o; 40 do do Pelleruuin do; 40 da do Ptoet, CastiUion fc Co. do; SO do do A. SeioetU do; For sal. by LOCD, HOSMER JcTlLTONS, a23 u Front street, corner Clay. -| fT|f|f| EIGHTHS a. Y. BR.UDT| 300 kegs Twigg do ; 500 do do do, canvassed ; SO pipes N. T. and Philadelphia Gin ; SO do Pise Apple do, to bond; 15 do do and otherbrands, in store; Forjsal* by LOUD. HO8MER * TI LTO.NS, a'.'J U Front street, corner Clay. RLKiifi, B8L*. floVllMiAlltLA AXD t>vf Vf BYE WHISKET; 100 bble flue Old Bourbon Whi.key; 90 bole WoodUwn extra Whiskey; SUQ IS-gallou packarea Rye Whiskey; 2410 10-gallo* pealkagt* &;• Whiskey. For sale by LOUD, HOSMEItfcTILTONS. a« 83 Kront street, •oract of Clay. £>tT|tr| 18-GAL PKGS OPORTO PORT 300 10-^al pkga oiporto Fort Wine; MO 16 do dw FMtJaiee; 900 1U do do do; 100 IS do do Madeira Wlae; . 100 K do do Sherry Wine; :»> V Dutf Go r ilon Sherry W ine; 40 V and «t 9h*rry; - In Bond; for sale by LOUD, HOSMIK k TILTO.NS, aS3 ' • (U Float street, eonur Clay. CIIA.nPAGXE— Moruet, pints and quarts; Schreider, do; Reidseiek *Co., dot Charles Heidseick.do; Piper's do do; Aad Case Liquors of all descriptions. For sale by •.i C LOCD, H08MIE It TILTOS8 ' at! 83 Kront street, corner Clay. AH PUSCHKOSS KOTCU AXD IRIiU SavVTWBISKXY; ' . • » puacheon. Jamaica Rub; Ubbla St. Croix do; - Mbbls ». E. *». For sale by -- -. „ LOUD, HO«MEIl k TILTOXS, *» «3 Front street, corner Clay. ',*, Js^^J^RB^Xkl . THK CSDKRX^^rfSr SIGNED A»l 9 O L E lx=SlSA C • ,.A AGE>T3 fcr this sspe\^^^k J constint receipt of ship ~ i *ililwa1i' ' menu, in V aad V tasks. "» • t • : FBED. FUANCK t CO , . aU41m -, »* and *l California street. flORGlN. HAT1UFAY 4 C0^ •IT.. SI Fr»mi itrft, OITXB FOR SALK t FI.fK noLOXQ TBA, l» UXV» ASD quarter pound papers; B.trt rtne Oob»t Tea, la W-- Fffnj. Do do do* do •¦»•*• l7 :£_"i"!' . Curious Lota Flower Souchoo*. ia l*-» koxee, Cxtra Conous Tooaf Hyaoa, ia 4-B> boxes; Manila Sugar; Bauria Kic-; - ¦ • - Jara CoiT..; MaaUa t s'tse»4aid Corqaf. >!O71j g jag-W BACON-KX KLF.CTRIC SPARK— «, „ JC 47 hide Extra Clear. For sale br Bit -•¦>•¦ - ' »« JAiirsPiTiicsjica

<&0partnrrsf)tp0. DISSOLUTION OF COP VRT* ER«II IP - Th« copartnenhip heretofore extetinf ender th* o»me »D<1 torn o/UOLDS VITH A 8SOW.1, i* thu day diaeoived by mutual oonaent. II. GOLDSMITH. CHARLES SSUWN, Saa Pranchr,), Miy A 1*57. mi"<-J-TIIK FIH .11 OB 1 C. CO.\.\ ELL * D. P %•*¦«. MAN, of lit. ,n««-d in UM BA«1NO Bill. •IE S3, w»i thi. 4*7 dia*»lv«d by mutual conaeot. Either party will «i ja ia Liquiuatioo. C. COSSRLL, D. PASSMAN. 8«B rrudaw. May IS, 1837. ni jm -!• THE LATK KIRJtf OP HILL A WKLli brm< di.aolved by th* death of AI.O.NZU UU.I., en* of the partner* thereof, notice is hereby fiven, that all demand* a(ai»t laid arm aiuat ba pimnM for aettlcmrst to the und«r«i<n»J, tke >uni?iD| partner of •aid Srm, within three month* fmm th* date hereof, or th* aame will b* disallowed. LYMAN WKLLS, Hi Sanaome »tre«t. Saa Franclaco, May », 1K7. mi«-7 T%TOTICi:-TIIEPAE i riER»mPH«Hftil tofor* *iiitin< bctWMn SAMDEL MERB.ITT k A. B. COVE, under the n»m« of KENDALL it CO., at Olympia. W. T., •¦< ditaotved on the 21>t day of 'April lut. and my intereet and rwponaihility in Mid rtrm nwdoDlt.tdite. SAMUEL MEBB1TT. Sam Pranciaeo, May 2Jd, 1837. avM-T ISSOLCTIO5 OK COPARTNERSHIPThi Copartnerahip heretnfuretiiatinf under the aaaa* of PETEIL-tON k TEl.NlLs, la thi* day diaaolved by mutual content. ' CHA». M. PET8K3O.N, CHA3. IBXN1U9. TIHK BUSINESS WILL BElOSTltlRD m heretofore, by ¦1* CHA9. M. PITXB3O2I. raiHE PARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE M. (uttior underlbi umeof PUCB a CLAtk. >< tlua day diaaol**! br mutual eomtu, (L. A. CLASiv withdrawinr from the ha.) All nnnttlcd aeeatuu mutt be preienud fcr Mttltmrat to C. L PLACK, who will eontinut th* batiaeu u heretofore. C. L. PLACE. Saa Praneiaeo. May 8th, 1SW. L ' '^f^i -^-OTICE-THE ODERMC1EO IIAVX^ Ing" purehaa«o th« entire utemt of hia toimn partner, (L. A. CLAXK,) will continue the HAT A>'I> GRA1.N buaiaoa at th* old atanda, cumer B*al* and Miaaion, sad corner Stuart aod Folsom, aod respactfally aoliciu a ahar* of the public patronac*. C. L. fLACB. Saa Praasiaao, May tth, 1*17. m i lot* HAVE THIS DAT ASHOCIATKD WITH me my brother JA.HE9. Th* busineta will hen. afterb*eonduct*dii>th*nam*of 9AMLU.PBICH \RD k BSOTHEB. SAM'L H. F&1CH VSC. San Pranciaoe, March 3d. 1«7. SAX'L II. PK1CIIARD «fc BRO., COMMISSION ME2CH A.NT3, No. 97 Fr»nt iUaet Corner of Merehaat, ¦M 1i» ¦pataira. SCHREIDER CHAMPAGNE. THE CXDEKSIU.VKD HIVIJO RKcently ba«n eoaatitulcd th* O.NL1 accredited AGENTS ia thia Stat* and Oreion, fr the •»!«»< th* abo.e hif hly ealebraUd brand of CHAMPAGNE Wine, will hereafter be in regular receipt of aa*»e. W,:ti » www to axtcndiaf th*wid* reputaUoo thia WI^tEhaa aU ready attained, andtobnnflt iotofvaerajoonaamptlon, w* *re otferin^ it to th* trade on f «ry favorable term*, and at UBKAILY reduced rat**, which hai* been » •»- TABL! at, and will ia the fnturi* be atrictly adb*»4M>ia% By virtu* of an aipr**taeat with Meaan. J. D. m M. WiBiaa* and Edward Codmaa * Co., of Boeton, aol* importer* into th* United state*, our coatomer* are aaavrW that none other received ia Uu* maxavt, aav* through u*. will be w enuine. oWKBTSEE, HUTCHING^* CO., 11} BatUry aueet. EX PLYDfO EAOLE. 1OO BaaUots SCHREIDER CHAMPAGNE, ri.NT? AND QUAXTS. Now laadinf and for aala by 8WEET3EB, HUTCH1NG9 *CO., a*lS-Ia Hi BatUry atreet. JH 8b H- t t SJP Wll^L^H^aV»iWBB* XJSTDIG-O-JrST RECEIVED A.\I> FOR «\f.K BT C. ft A. t. UNi.l.tT. 13 Lon{ Wharf, oppoaiu the Sailroad Hotel. ¦Nn tow.xsods, bill's 1\d soi&er s ' s-cVhs-aj>a:rt.:l.:la-JtJST RECEIVED .MO FOR SALEB'/ C. * A. J. LANGLKT, 43 Loof Wharf, oppoaiu th* Railroad Hotel. mC-baa PPKE— IX »» BOXES JC1T RECEIVED A.ND FOR <(LE BT C. *A. J. LAXGLKT, 43 Lon f Wharf, oppotiuth* Railroad Hotel. m(-lms sxT?.-5rcn:KriisrE. WARRANTED PCKE. JCST RECEIVED AND FOR MU BY C. * A. J. L.VSGLET, 43 Lonf Wharf, *ppoait* th* BUilroad HoUL ¦Mai POTASH— IIsT JAES. Jl'STRECGIVEDAM) FOR «\LE BT C. * ». J. LANGLKT, 43 Lonf Wharf, oppoaiu th* Railroad Hotel. ¦4-ItM M. Evans & Co.'a Ale and Porter. i^^^j 0 j ,^a **% rpilE l\DK«SIOSgD ARE SOLE •* AGENTS for th* above celebrated brand, and have a oonatant iappty on hand. rSED'K PSANCK ft CO., amSI-Iai S9 aad n California nrxt. aBBBad^"^ av^BHt£riMB> K MABETT BKA1TDT. TIIK rXDKR1|(i\KD IIAVI\(3 BXEX appointed by the XanufaxtuRn. Mnw*, Arhoain, Marett i Co., «f Cognac. Sul* A«ent* for •. le aale of Una Brandy in California, have * j hand, and ar« conatantly re«*ivia< by every veaael diiaet tnua »>ance, t». » *** \ Pipe*, which we eder to th* trad* oa th* moat favorahl* term*. Parti** ordering thi* Brandy through at, caa hav* It pot up ia Co«aa* in any ityl* of packa(*, and braaded with t^eir own nam* on *acn eaaa. W. C. AS5AN » CO.. at-tf » Fr..nt atreet. \V«OS>! WOOD! 1VOOD! THK CHEAPEST EJ THK CITY. POS SALE BT S1IITH A BYIVCTO>. ¦ST-laiB Waahinf^oa it., bet. Dnunra aad Eaat. Lehigh Coal. For TiiKr«Roif Fonmtvv. »«w aad Chsaaieal Work*, for *al* at Co^l Yard *or» a*r of Battery aad Pin* atreet*. Alan, Pittaton aad Laokawanaa, Wwt Barley, Liv f rpool, Sjdney, Chile, BeUinfham Bay, te. Ala*. Wood »r family ua* tawed lateaftiu to auiu T*na* aaah. Cartaf • free. a»»-tf JAM 18 PINDLA. LEnicn nrup coal. QOaTk TO\«i — FOIl MALE, I.f LOTS OUU to auit. Apply to HASTE * KIRK, m!» 1m California itreet, jnat above MontfoiBery. STEAD & SHEFFIELD. Cmrmrr mf Bmtln? tmd Jmthtam •>>••#*. Hav*iaStor*,CirciilarSaw*! ' 4 EPVA •'•' '""• toTJincbea. warrict3^k **1 to run true, American and &MXr HJU . In(!i*n Cro.a-Cul Saw*, Mi4 #4kTM^kV*M Saw*. *tb Saw., Butcher Bow .m^aaTaBWfir** »awa >nd Hade*, extra qnaii. fim afit ty; Hind Saw* and «ther dea- ' M H cnptiena. Uio,-.Vu it W5?- v""L *aa»r J**** 0 "' 4 ID Saw PU«* aad PSSBQPSS-i Taper KU*« ; Circulars.. ManTTHSgS|Qap»»> dr*l*,ake. Kor «ale, wholeaai* N5p-SatT »• >»Uil, atta*l*w*na»iw kctratM. _ , 8T.AD ft SHBPPISLD. it. B— Saw. aUpalw.. «t PlUd.fa. &3 U f\ TICK. SILVER-I \f ft aal*. m rim.ka. by ¦ • BOLTUS, B.\KSO!f kCO., Merchant nreet. L. _ Saa PrancU*o» I « tact I xixT a— D. a MILLS * CO. .1 3a a COO"?^" 1 " 14 ™' 111 "' *0 k*t* Eaat Boatoa Sjrup, 1 (mil*) 10V do do do, IS do; Mbbladodo. Poraai. by OLADWIX. HCOO a CO. f /"I /"k CASES KF..HPW OVSTKRS« IUU M do P. Kenaett Ja Co.'* do; 50 do PieU'a Baltimore do; 1U0 do Chicken and Turkey: 60 do afaadqr lane* Sardine*. Poraai* by ULADWIN. HVUii JkCO. ifAPH Or TIIK CSAD*D*rv TKRRITOiTl 1\, for m!* at W. SCHLEIDBN'S Book aad Mn.i* Store, 173 Clay itre*t. Alas, aa*xe*ll*at aanrtmeot of SEW MCSIC, Krench, Xaflua, Spuiak, lUtiaa aad 0 ¦m.n Boak*. ¦ . ClECULATIXa UBMAXT— Po» Bo..ka, |J Mr ¦OBtlt, ox O» p*r vol; IM Untie, (J pw aMBtb. a*