Daily Alta California, Volume 18, Number 6032, 16 September 1866 — BY STATE TELEGRAPH. [ARTICLE]

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LOS-s A.XGELKK NEW!*. THE CASK Or MATFIELD IV MM AX6ELFS. The Testimony of Mayfield in Relation to the Killing of Mason. Shoaling Affray brtweei a Limb of (be Law aid ihc Plying lmichmun. .11 It I) Kit OF A. BEE IIIMKH,


Los Anoki.es, September 15th—3 p. k.—ln the cause of the people of the State of California against Benjamin F. Mayfield and W. li. Qverton, charged by the Grand Jury of Los Angeles county, at the last May term, of the crime of murder, by taking the life of Mason, the County Court immediately transmitted the indictment to the Di-trict Court, where the trial of Mayfield took place. The witnesses for the prosecution were Mr. and Mrs. MoKemie, the killing having taken place in their house. Mavfield wa* sworn in his own behalf, and said he knew of the reward offered over the signature of the Governor for the body of Mason, dead or alive: that the first time he saw Mason was while en rov/r on horseback from the Lyttle Creek mines to Fort Tfjon; thf.t Ma r,n joined him on the way; he knew who he was, but did not think it discreet to tell him that his company was not agreeable. They rodu in company to Fort Jonef, or near there, where the witness went to work for Jesfo Stiirk. He was acquainted with Overton fur some time ireviou- to the killing. Mason, on the evening before the night of the killing, threatened to kilt Overton, and take his horse. On tho evening of the killing of Mason he wanted him (Mayfield) to go with his band, but that he refused, and that Mason told him if be did not go he would kill him: that Masou had threatened to kill him, and he was

afraid he would. On the night of the killing, Ma son, Orerton, and himself stopped in one room, and that he and Overton remained up ali night. Masun remaiaed up until nearly daylight, when, v.iih his osstkttl i>u. he laj down on the bed, but without going to sleep. A thort time afterwards Overtoil wi'iu out to look to hU horse. Mrs. MoKealie hu.- in the adjoining room. Madun called him by name, and on his not answering, with one hand Mason threw down tho blanket, which m lou-ely thrown over him, and with the other cocked and attempted to draw a pietol which he had placed under the blanket; the pistol caught in the blanket and by that means he »• enabled to shoot «jui'*ker than Mason could, lie shot him, and Overt-n ;tn<l Ufluelf biiric<i Mason, bed .Miit .(!!. Mr Kcnzie vva.-absent at the time with Ml team. The reaison he did not intnrui th-- authuritio« and give himself up immeiiatoly wa? became, on consultation, it was, agreed to keep it a secret, to keep the revenge of Mason's followers fr"mfsll-

ing on them^eh'es antl MoKenxic. (tn McKenxio'* return he approved of it being kept aiocret. and inM^inl that \\ be so kept tor the reason* as^igiuMl. Overt oil's testimony woa a corroboration of that of Mayfield.

Mrc Me X en 7.1e testified that she was in the adjoining room at the time ofthef-hootin^: heard the pUtol-

-ht'is. .m.l ,-aw the men tako the body 'away in thf bed: klsd, that Overton went out just before the •fa ...tiriK.

■i mm -t»rk testified that Mayiield worked for him. and that he knew nothing wr-mir of him; thtit i bold him u"t to be rarpHfß 1 if he mlv«c I iii.ii -..d«lcT'l>, tm tuut HftMß bill tluetttetied t<> kill him and that he intended to kill Mutton an ' then " tret up and g;.-*.**

Thojury fouad the de.tmdant guilty oimurl-T in the fir-^t degree.

The eoon^el for the defenco a.-ked tn ;t new trUI, whicL was retiised by Judgi; da UGtterra. The prisoner wa- .sentenced to be hanged in Amru-f. Od application to the Supreme Court a Hay af pn.ccedings was trranteti, and the matter is yet jemi ing.

Overton*s case was not reached at the last term.

An afl'ray took place in our city on Thursday l;i>\ between one of the prominent member* of tli.- h.ir and a German citi/.en, Mr. Limberger, wHm the

*' Flying I>utcaman." which resulted in the shooting of Limherger through the thighs. It is oncertain yet whether l*imberger will recover.

Thu same <Liy. a man named We«tl(>y Scarf MS killed in a eaiiun, a few tuti**-* from the city. The body had two bullet holes through the bnw&'obi through the nde,acd an arrow sticking in the back -Vo trace of the murderer or murderers has bw.i 'ound, but suspicion attaches to a man wlio went with Scarf to hunt bee tree.-. He «ays that liter they found a bee tree, he left Scarf and went to a house a few miles offt^ get vesoMe to put the honey in, and that S,-nrf was killed white he was absent.

The overland stage.-iiiow run daily between L>* Angeles and San Jose.