Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 2, Number 154, 21 August 1876 — THE FOREIGN WAR. [ARTICLE]

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I ! [special BT telegraph to THE RECOED ONION.] OFFICIAL DECLARATION* ItV TIRKIiY. ;An Insurrection Reported in Crete. ! Massacre of 1,500 Women and children in Abys-inla. IUE FBIXCI OK MO.XTKXKr.KO TO II« VIDE ALIMM.I. CONSTANTINOPLE, August 201b. In consequence of tb* Turkish strategy in marching back to Granada Pa?s and around northwesterly to the rear of Alexamiitz, the ■jr. Servian army at l>.inja Pass is use'eas. AH Sab attacked the Servian intrencbmenta on the frontier, ami the Servians fled towards Alexinaiz. The Bashi Bazooka are firing the villages behind them. London, August 201b. An A'hens dispatch announces that an insurrection has broken out at Retiooo in Crete. A dispatch from Alexandria, E-{ypt, says reoorts are received from Abyssinia to the • effect that Walda Mikael. an inpnrgeot chief. has de f ea'ed tbe AbvsMrijns at Zikr..cti, and! 1,500 women and children were massacred. A dispatch from Alexina'z reports that after driving in the Servian outposts Satordav, All Sab pressed towards lV«cia, with toaoDading ami heavy fighting. The obstinate Servians withstood the assault. The I'm ks began their flight in ibe afternoon. The Servians -Mowed, diiving tbem across tbe frontier. WASHEfGTOsi August 19tb. Greg Aristarchi Bey, tbe Turkish Minister at Wasliiiiiilno, has received tbe official declaration of. the Turkish Government, ilued i Constantinople, August 9 h. giving the history i of the commencement of uos'ilities with >er» via and Mopienearo^ and sets forth i he concession made to San under tbe Treaty 61 Paris. It . ot efforts of tbe Porte to aid in developing prosperity. The s rife was caused by a few .ambitious and restless men, bo sacrificed to vain popularity the true interests of the couotry; and from the beginning ot tbe in?urrec'.ion in Herzegovina, have by every means ia tbeir power aided the insuroeuts, not withstandins their disiovalty. Tbe greatest forbearance bad been snown by tbe Porte, and, taking advantage of its pacific disposition, they prepared to take an active part id in?urrPctioD. Finally affairs readied such a point that the> Imperial Government was compelled formally to ask tbe authorities ut IJelgiade to explain the reason for the concentration of man troops near Turkish villages. Prince Milan, in reply, charged tbe responsibility of military measures: upon the Porte, and addressed a letter asking that bis troops be allowed in Bosnia, for the purpose, a3 be said, of pacifying that country, concluding by declaring that in case, of refusal, he was resolved to act accordingly. In the meantime, h's agents at Constantinople requested that Servia be given tbe administration of Bosnia, on cnnditiou oi paying an annual tribute. Without awaiting a reply, the Servians invaded tbe Turkish provinces, and. tbe Prince of Montenegro also declared bis hostility. The Porte was therefore compelled to repel tbe aggression by force, and thus commenced the war. Tbe declaration teen goes on. to state how tbe Porte nad religiously adhered to the Treaty of Paris, and p aces upon the Princes ol Servia and .Montenegro the respon-* sibility of having broken their tieaty stioula-* tions. Ibe letter concludes as follows : " Trusting in the justice of our cause, all our efforts shall tend toward a vigorous prosecution of the struggle wased against us, a'jd try to hrin^it to a speedy close. By this meat we shall be able to execute sooner the reforms and improvements which our august soveTeigu has the firm will to introduce in tl;e empire, and whic'i sba I Rive t» our populations the material and moral c >mforts tuey have a rum to expect from His Majesty.'.* Uagesa, August 19:h. Prince Milan has invested Colonel Despot©-* vius with the cbiel command of tbe Insurgents in Bosnia. He has defeated the Turks at Petrowu'z, setting tire to the town. Tbe links have lett the Austrian frontier and ; arc concentrating in the vicinity of L vro. A large body of Turku has been defeated at Ba quonon, and tbe Turkish forces now in the vicinity of Albania are estimated at -10,000. Belgrade, August 19th. Tbe Political Correspondem announces that great, excitement again prevails in Crete. Dispatches from General Tc'iernavefF to Prince Milan report bis army as perfectly reorganized and ready to assume the offensive. An extraordinary Cabinet council was beU yesterday, Prince Milan presiding, at which it was resolved to continue the war to tLe last extremity.

The of Montenegro, undersi that the Turk- intended to invade Montenegro from Albania, h--> lefl his brother in- law, Vnacovich, ad of the troops in Eleizergovmki, and has marcbed with ei^bt b.utalions i;n> Montenegro, whence be will invade Albania, where the Catholics promise b m s.up«

Novel Mixing Operation*. — Ii baa always been well known by many old miners that the bed or Feather river, abnve Orovi l>-, was very rich in gold, but the cost of drying the river bottom baa always been in the wav of a sue-* cessfal working. A company composed of many of tbe best citizens of Oroville have oraanz2d, and propose to try an experiment ia tbe mining line. Tbe bed ot the liver is 'filled up with sediment to the depth of twenty or thirty ttct. A large working; shaft is to be sunk on tbe bank of tbe river, deep enough to so below the bed of the stream. From this shaft a tunnel will be run, slightly inclining upward, to tap the river bottom, and then the bed is to be worked by a system of tunnels. It is thought that the sediment will be sufficiently bard to bold the water out, and what gets through will drain into the shaft and be pumped out by a large engine. 1' it works, as there is reason to suppose that it will, the company have got a wonderfully rich claim. Tbe expense of the venture is estimated at 30,000. We hope it will succeed, as there are many places which might be made profitable by this new system of mining. — [Plomaa National. A Simple Remkdt for Small-pox.— Edward Hine, a correspondent of the Liverpool Mercury, in a communication to that paper speaks as follows : I am willing to risk my reputation as a public man it tbe worst case of small-pox cannot be effectually cured in three days, simply by cream of tartar. This is the sure and never-failing remedy : One ounce of cream of tartar dissolved in a pint of boiling water, to be drank when cold, at short intervals. It can be taken at any time, and is a preventive as well as a curative. It is known to have cured in a hundred thousand cases without a failure. I have myself restored hundreds by this means. It never leaves a mark, never causes blindness, and always prevents tedious lingering. If the people would only try it and report all tbe cure* to you, you would require to employ many columns if you gave them publicity. Racks at 0 upland.— the Oakland Trot«« ting Park Saturday a race was had for a purse of $500; $250 to the first, $125 to the secend, 175 to tbe third, $50 to tbe fourth ; mile heats, best three in five, in harness. The following is a summary : A F. Smith enters br. g. George Treat, by PavidHlll 2 111 G F Jacobs enters gr. m. Hay Howard, by Paddy Ma gee 12 2* i. Williams enters eh. g. Governor Stanford, by Job n Nelson 3 8 3 5 T. Kennedy enters b. p. Goldnote, by Contraband. 4 4 dis Time, 2:24-2:25#— 2:27— 2:23#. Smuggler Coming. — A coming event of interest in turf lite is a prospective visit to' this coast of Smuggler and Lula, tbe two famous trotters that have been disputing honors with* Goldsmith Maid as champion of the trotting; turf. This event, it is rumored, will be late in the fall, as tbeir engagements at the Ejst will not be concluded until about the middle of October. Should they come the visit will be both peasant and profitable, the success of tbe races between Goldsmith Maid and Lucy, a few years i ago, proving how liberally California^ c in pay ! for the privilege of witnessing a first class race. [Pacific Life, August 19th. The contract for completing; the First Baptist Church of Dix^n has been let to Mr. London, of Winters. Work will be commenced at once, I and everything is expected to be completed ia three weeks. Messrs. Mayes, McCune and Merry field, tbe Trustees, will oversee tbe work. Tb» contract price is 1,630.