Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 15, Number 54, 25 April 1882 — MORE ABOUT CANDIDATES. [ARTICLE]

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Hon. F. Adams,' of San Luis Obispo, Is a j candidate for Congress. * Win. H. Coombs, of Napa, is a Democratic candidate for Secretary of State. G. G. Gilbert, of Amador, is spoken of as a Republican candidate for Assembly. S. M. Shortri lg<ยป, of Napa, is a candidate for School Suppiin'endent of that county. T. J. Ciunie, of San Francisco, is a Damocra'i: candidate for Congressman at large. P. W. Keyser, of Yuba, is a candidate for Supreo-e Judge, on the Democratic ticket. J. D. Spencer, of Stanislaus, is a candidate for State Senator, on the Democratic ticket W. S. Harlow is a candidate for County Clerk of Alameda county, on tbe Republican side. ' p. .i'X-i H. M. Larue, of Sacramento county, is a Democratic candidate for Railroad Commissioner. Robert Watt, Bank Commissioner, is announced as a candidate for Governor , on the Democratic ticket. H. C. Ralfe. Superior Judge of San Bernardino ciuntv, is a candid ite for Justics of the Supreme Co art oa the Republican ticket. Wm. D. Fentnn, the Democratic nominee for Congress in On rod, is a young man, who has been reared in Yamhill county, where he still lives. He is a graduate of the Christian College, and baa served one Urm in the Oregon SUU Senate.