San Francisco Call, Volume 87, Number 100, 8 September 1901 — ELEVENS PREPARING FOR SHORT FOOTBALL SEASON [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Dr. F. W. Simpson^Head Coach at California, Speaks of Blue .and Gold Chances— -Olympic Club Will Organize a Team, Which Will Be Captained by George Cadwaltader

THE football season Is on and the youth with the chrysanthemum bangs will soon be a feature on the public thoroughfares. V Dr. F. W. Simpson, head coach of the Berkeley team, has begun the task of whipping a team into shape that may or may not bring victory to the blue and gold on Thanksgiving day. He is being assisted by "Jimmy": Hopper and within a few weeks many of the old footbaH men will return to their alma mater to assist in . bringing .the team up to- a winning standard. ¦ . , . .. Dr. Simpson was a star ; tackle in his day. He made the - Varsity In '95-96 and '97, In 1S98 he was chosen. coach by the Oregon University and had the/satisfaction of seeing that eleven win the intercollegiate championship during that and the • following year. . Hopper, who' will assist him, played quarter and end for the blue and gold and later coached a northerjp college team. - - . - • The head coach discussed the prospects of freshmen and Varsity elevens yesterday. He was pleased to say that there, was plenty of good material and - there was every indication that the college would put forth two elevens that would bring success to their university. Dr. Simpson Is delighted with the spirit manifested, by the student body, which, he says, means half. the battle. "It is the intention of the eleven to win every game they go into," said the coach. "We hope to finish the season with a long line of

victories to our credit. We have done very little work. I believe In giving the men lig-ht work at the outset of the season. The. trouble has always been, that the football candidates have done too much playing at the start and this has had a tendency to* take all the snap out of them and make them grow stale. We are going to try and avoid that thl3 year. "We have eight of last year's Varsity .men and we -have' divided them Into squads. The ends are coaching ends, the tackles are teaching the green material the inner points of the game and the other veterans are doing likewise. . The freshman material as a whole looks good. More or less have played on preparatory school teams, but none come with great reputations, which is better for all concerned. If a man is big, strong, »fast, willing and heady he is better than a man who comes to college thinking he knows pretty nearly as much as the veterans. "We expect great things from our men. We have in Walter Christie a trainer who thoroughly understands his -work and who is well liked by the men. The first game of the season will be played on September 28. We will have the first line-up prob-ably-a week or ten days before the game. We will play good, straight football. Of course the team will have a few trick plays, but it is my belief that no team can carry out a trick, unless it has the ability of playing straight- football. While we have many old players with us. they are not certain of places onthe eleven! ' Every man-must try for his position, and it will be a case of the best man winning out." Among the veterans who will probably play -on this year's eleven are: "Wreck" Womble, ¦ who has been elected captain : Albertson and Clay, who played guard. in former years; Duden, fullback: Johnny More, quarter and kicking full; Harry Hudson, end. and Overall and Stow, who wllltry ! again for the line.

The Olympic Club Is by no means neglectful of the moment. They are organizing a team in the Post-street building which will give either of the college elevens a rub. What will be a surprise to many fs the announcement that George Cadwallader will captain the Olympic eleven and that the best of the ex-Var-sity players now In this city will be found in the ranks.

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