San Francisco Call, Volume 93, Number 147, 26 April 1903 — Page 34

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BERKELEY, April 25— The funeral of Miss Annie Day Kellogg, the adopted daughter of Professor Martin Kellogg who killed herself while temporarily insane yesterday, will be held to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock from the late residence In Bushnell place. It will be entirely private and only relatives are invited to attend.

Miss Kellogg's Funeral.

Refunding Exceeds $50,000,000.

WASHINGTON. April23.— The refunding operations of the Treasury Department to-day passed the $50,000,000 point, the total amount of 3 and 4 per cent bonds bo far exchanged for 2 per cent consols being $50,037,650. The belief Is expressed that the whole amount which the Secretary offered to take. $100,000,000, will be refunded within the next few weeks.

The Students' Guild, an organization which looks after the students in case of illness, has materially assisted in the care of the fever patients, but the funds have now been exhausted and the guild has made an appeal to the students for financial aid. Several of the ladies on the campus have assisted in caring for the sick by making such clothing as is required for the proper care of fever patients.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY, April 25.--The typhoid fever situation is much improved, both on the campus and in Palo Alto, and the residents of both places are rejoicing accordingly. The epidemic is practically checked now and in a short time the fever scare will be a thing of the past. One new case has developed on the campus and one in Palo Alto, but both patients have only a mild form of typhoid. As the period of incubation ends next Wednesday it is not thought that any further cases will develop after that date. There have been no cases of secondary infection up to the present time, hence all the persons coming down with the fever should be stricken with it by Wednesday next.

Doctors Are Now Satisfied That the Typhoid Epidemic Has Been Checked.


OAKLAND, April 23.— An Eighth-street car struck and demolished a buggy containing Mrs. Helen B. Bauhofer and B. W, Malusky at the corner of Eighth and Washington streets this evening. The buggy was entirely demolished and Mrs. Bauhofer seriously injured. The accident occurred on a crowded corner and caused great excitement. Mrs. Bauhofer was taken to her home in Upper Fruitvale. "

Injured in Collision.

OAKLAND. April 25.-A theft that the police believe was committed by a kleptomaniac has been reported by F. R. Morse, a student at the California Theological' College in East Oakland. Mr. Morse says $10 was stolen from his room at noontime yesterday while the students were Rt dinner. The police think that no ono could have entered the college at the time" from the outside, •

Theological Student Robbed.

OAKLAND. April 25.— Kate Sullivan, a woman of about thirty, took a dose of carbolic acitl at the residence of Kate Egan at £15 Fourth street to-night and will probably die. Thjs is the third attempt that «=he has made to kill herself by the Fame method. Nearly all in the house were intoxicated at the time and when the woman attempted suicide she was put out upon the street and allowed to lie there until the police took her to the R^cnivlnpr Hospital.

Evict Dying Woman.

William Enrlcht (owner) with W. f H. Wlckersham (contractor), architects Mahoncy & Ryland — Carpenter, mill and marble work. Plastering, glazing, hardware, stair work and brick chimney, etc., for a Ihree-atory frame building (three flats) on W line of Devlsadero street. SO S of Eddy, S 25 by W 100; $0000. Marsaret Y. Hartley (wife of Samuel P.) (owner) with J. Frank Bail (contractor) and architect) — All work for a two-story frome dwelling-house on E line of Sixth avenue. 159 N of Lake street. N 25.. E 124:10. S 23-0U W 123 :«H to beginning, Outstde Lands block A; S3400.

Joseph M. Fletcher (owner) with Edward Gmley (contractor), architect' . All work for a two- story frame building on NE corner of Clement street and Fifteenth avenue. E 27:6 by 100; $33C0. Starr Estate Company (owner*) with Ira W. Coburn (contractor), architect William Jiooa^r — Alterations and additions to a three-story brUk building at 757, 759 and 761 Market street; $7100. ' Little Sisters Infant Shelter (owner) with 3. F. . Loftan (contractor), architect Oliver Everett — All work for a four-story and basement frume building on lot on SW corner of Cleveland end Sherman streets, S 75 by \V 100; ?20,702. P. and I. Flatow (owners) with J. H. Mungter & Co. (contractors), architect C. A. Meu'sdorffer — All work except painting, plumbing. gas fixtures, shades, mantels, electric work and stone work for two three-story attle an-1 basement frame buildings (flats) on lot on S line of Pine street, 100 W of Franklin. W CO by S 120, Western Addition 127; $18,200. Same owner with Schanie & Grundy (contractors), architect* same — Gas fitting, plumbing and sewer work for same on same; $2531. Same owner with A. Quandt (contractor), architect same — Painting, graining, llncrusta and tinting for same on same; $1582.

C. A. Buckley (owner) with A. W. Goss (contractor), architect Charles. Hayncs — All work for two one -story frame cottages 'on S line of Hill street. 183 E of Xoe. S 11* by E 60: $.10CO. North Star Prewing Company (a corporation) (owner) with Robert Trost (contractor), architects Martens & Coffry — All work for alterations and additions to buildings of brewery plant on N line" of Army street. 86:3 W of Howard N 186, W 140:7%. SE 127:8. S 73:7H. E 70:0^4 portion Precita Valley lota 81 to 84 and StS; $C078. Wallace M. Cowle (owner) with J. WenderInc (contractor), architect Rousseau & Son — Alt work for three-story frame building (flats) on E line of Clayton etreet. CO: 6 N of Haight. N 27 by E 100. W. A. C74; $7300.

Builders' Contracts.

OAKLAND. April 25.— A secret marriage has culminated in a divorce suit now pending in the Superior Court and in tho arrest to-day of Patrick Kelly on a charge of battery. His wife, Caroline Kelly, alleges that when she went to her husband's place of business last night he used unnecessary violence in ejecting her from the place. Mrs. Kelly claims that her husband threw her down and kicked her. finally throwing her into the street. The wedding of the couple was kept ec • cret for several years and only became public when the wife sued for a divorce recently.

Mrs. Caroline Kelly Has Her Husband Arrested and Sues for Divorce.


ALAMEDA, April £5.— Early this morning fire destroyed the large barn of George H. Bew in the rear of his residence at 1222 Grand street. Three buqIfies, several sets of harness and a lot of furniture that was stored in the building were also consumed by the flames. The barn and contents were valued at' 52200 «.nd were covered by insurance. When the fire department arrived on the scene thr horses, that should have been In tne stable, were found in the yard adjoining. How they came to be there is a mystery. Bow attributes the fire to an electric wire.

Costly Fire Destroys Barn.

WILLOWS, April 25.— The boldest and most successful case of jail breaking by friends of a prisoner intent upon his rescue happened at an early hour this morning, when a burglar confined here was released and the triggers of revolvers were clicked to awe persons who might create an alarm. City Marshal Kinkade last evening arrested tho burglar who robbed Ben Smith's store at Maxwell last week. Smith and Constable Carpenter came from Maxwell and identified the watches and razors in the burglar's possession. This morning after daybreak two men drove in a buggy to the town jail and with a bar of iron broke open the lock. They went to the burglar, handed him a pistol and told him to come out. The one who broke the jail door drew two pistols on two others prlsners and, cursing, said: "You move and we will make hog meat of you." j The man in the buggy told his companion to hurry, as an< officer might come, whereupon the other said: "Let him come, and see what I will do." The trio drove away and no' trace" of them can be found.

NEVADA CITY, April 25.— "Oh, thaf9 grandpa. He is killing Jerry Goodwin, lie said he was going to this morning." These were the words uttered by Thomas P. Blue's little granddaughter yesterday morning when the shooting began which .ended Blue's life and caused his son's subsequent death, according to a story told the authorities at You Bet by the' 1 schoolteacher of that town. Sh> says that at the tim»-of the tragedy three little girls were playing in an outhouse and heard the quarrel which preceded the use of weapons. Blue's tiny relative Innocently divined and explained the reason for the shooting, but her childish companions were not alarmed and the merrymaking trio went on with their games. Afterward they mentioned the incident to their teacher. William Blue, son of the man who was killed by Goodwin yesterday, died late la^t night. Before dying he stated that he and his father had been warned by Goodwin before the fatal shots were fired. There was testimony at the inquest that tne Blues had contemplated the killing of Goodwin. The jury declared Goodwin Fhot in self-defense. Goodwin Is resting well to-night and will undoubtedly recover from the severe beating he received. He has been formaliy charged .with murder.

fcr.>ecial Dispatch to The Call,

Playing Youngsters Are .Near Scene of a Tragedy.

Prisoner at Willows Is Released by Jail Breakers.


OAKLAND. April 25.— From the Justice Court to the Police and next to the divorce court. That Is the route that the StoncFifer-Newrnan wedding Ik taking. The couple appeared in the Justice Court in San Francisco and were married by Justice Lawsnn. aftor Miss Nellie Newman had sworn to a warrant charging Herbert L. Stonesiftr with breach of promise. This morning they appeared In the Police Court in this city, where the young lady consented to the dismissal of the charge against the man who is now her husband. It is now said that the young lady has announced that the next court will be the divorce court.

Divorce Court Next.

"Sir— The following instructions to officers of the National Guard of California will be promulgated by you while engaged upon the duty of inspecting 1 and mustering the various organizations: "No insignia, ornament or letters will be worn upon the collar except such as are now permitted by the regulations and in conformity with the circular from the Adjutant General's office dated June 3, 1901. to-wit: Crossed arms for line officers, with number of regiment or letter of troop, and for other officers the insignia of corps, department or arm of service.. Attention is called to the practice of many officers who served in the late war of retaining the letters # U. S. V., This must he discontinued. "Officers of all branches of the service are advised that In procuring new uniforms and side arms they should conform to the regulations of the army as promulgated in general orders No. 132, headquarters of the army, dated December 31, 1902. An order directing all officers to adopt the army uniform within a specified time will be published later, as also the announcement of the State Insignia."

SACRAMENTO, April 2S.-The following orders have been issued from the Adjutant General's office to Lieutenant Colonel John A. Koster, division inspector of the National Guard of California:

Ornaments Not Permitted by the Hegulations Are Barred From Uniforms.


BERKELEY, April la.— President Wheeler announced fo-day that the suspension of Robert Roos/ who was found guilty by tlie faculty committee on student affairs «t participation in the charter day rush, wouHl end on the 2rst "day of the next term. This amounts to a suspension cf six month?, as Roos will be thrown behind in his work that much. The faculty committee after trying Roos, R.A. Sarltzer and W. A. E. Woods suspended them, but refused to make any definite statement as to the ultimate disposition of their cases. Roos anU Woods were plven a rehearing and it was understood that both would be restored to standing, init so far action has only been taken in Roos' case. Woods has gone to Columbia University to finish his studies, which iy evidence that he gave up all hope of restoration.

President Wheeler Rules That He May Beturn to University After Vacation.


OAKLAND. April IS.— The following marriage licer.Fe* were issued to-day: Harry Curran. San Francisco, aged 29 years and Liliian von Til*e. San Fran«isco. .*»; Arlio K. Rankin. San Francisco. 26. and Josephine M. Jacobscn. San Francisco, 22: John OX^ilI. Oakland. 24. and Mabel Verty, Berkeley, IS; Walter I. Pimpton. San Francisco. 23. and Lillian «:heva!ier, San Francisco, 22; James C. Hilveir.«. Haywards. 49. and Ro=allna Duart. Bonic!a # 2?: Al?xander W. Ritchie, Oakland. 24. and Rudolphena A. Baender, Sacramento, 23.

Marriage Licenses.

. — — .j. along Park street. After the parade returned to the carnival park Director General Vogal declared the fiesta formally opened, and the vast crowd within the inclosure began the happy round of vis-, lting the attractions.

Voting for queen of the carnival Is developing a lively and close contest. The leaders in the race have been alternating every other day, and until the balloting closes Monday night and all the votes aio counted the result will be In doubt. Miss Nellie Peterson took the lead to-day with 3S7 votes. The standing of the other candldates In the order of the votes received is as follows: Miss Esther B. Scott 308, Miss Etta Wyber 299, Miss Helen Cramer 277, Miss Lilly Lewis 275, Miss Addle Younger 203, Miss Anita Parker 1S6, Miss Meda Banta 148 and Miss Emma Underwood 133.


World was opened to-night. It will continue for seven days and nights, and the indications are that Alamedar.s and all who visit the fiesta will enjoy more fun to the minute than has ever been offered a pleasure loving and seeking public here before. There was an immense crowd along Park street and in the festival inelosure to witness the inauguration of the week of jollity. Director General A. N. Vogal and his staff in carriages, followed by city officials and prominent Woodmen of lluWorld in similar vehicles, led the procession of the attractions in the parade

ALAMEDA. April 25.— With bras3 bands, fireworks, street parade and general hurrah the spring festival of the Woodmen of the

OAKLAND, April 25. — Washington Bland swore to a complaint to-day charging J. Eschelson with criminal libel. Tho defendant is accused of having- hung a sign bearing the words, "Bus House Sanitarium," In front of the complainant's saloon at Willow and Atlanta streets. Bland nsserts that Eschelson bears him ill will by reason of the fact that he would not give him orders for a certain brand of beer for which he Is agent. Now he says the Joke has been carried too far and he Intends to get satisfaction.

One Man Hangs Sign on Another Man's Saloon and Trouble Follows.


OAKLAND. Aril 23.— A petition wa? rik-d to-day by^'crcv T. Morgan in behalf of Bcrnife Ains worth Baktr, a minor, to be allowed to mortgage the Ainsworth property at Broadway and Eleventh streets, in which she holds a cnefourteenth interest, for $100.«XK). Permission of the eolirt had to be obtained before the Ainsworth company could proceed with a proposed transfer" or renewal of a mortgage for that amount already h^ld by the Germania Savinps and Loan Bocjety. Birnice Baker inherited her •hare from her grandfather. John C Ainsworth.

Would Raiee $100,000.

167. lots 3D to 41. block "04. O'Xeil & Haler Tract; let en E lins of Louisiana street. UO S of Amador. S 5o by E ICO; lot on W line of Maryland street. 15O N of •Amador. N it* by %V 100; lot en E line of Delaware street, lOw X of Amador. X Z0 by E 10U: lot on E line of v,yomin& street. 15o s of Plarnai. S 30 by E 1C0; lot on W line of Dacota street. 15a b of Pluma.". S 5o by W 100lots 22. 23. 10 to 21 and 9. -block 881. tide lands: lot commencing 117:1 3*>V from Porto Rico street ami C00 SE cf Kaskaakla. E 114:9'*. XW «3:2. SW 671. block 881. tlJe lands: lot on SW line of Porto Rico street. 45 S of Kas-Va-k:a, SE 82:1. W 101:2. XE 50:11, block 8S1; lot on NE line of Sixteenth (Falkland* street. 150 SE of Potomac <R> SE 10i» by NE lt»>. lots ."'.1 to 34, block 3C3. O'Nell & Haley Tract: lot on SW line of Seventeenth avenue, 23 NW o? Potomac street (R). NW 73 by SW 10O. lota 2 to 4. blcck 342, same: lot on XE line of Eighth avenue. 50 XW of Potomac street «R). XW 5o by XE H*>. lot? 43 anU 48. block 34'J. O'Xell & Haley Tract: $10. Albert E. Ccchran t» Marie Marcy. lot on 3 line of Pine street. 137:6 E of Powell E 20 by S 68:9; $3750.

Estate of Thomas H. May (by Thomas W. Jackson, administrator) to Giacomo Ferretto. commencing 70 feet W from E line of 50 var» lots 624 an I 120. N line of Jackson, being W line of Auburn. N 23 by W 57:6: $SCO. Giaccmo Ferretto to Lizzie Giovo. undivided of lot on W line of Auburn street, 12*i N of Jackson. N 2:: by W 37:«: $10. Leaser and Phoebe Praser to Charles H. Morrell. lot on X line of OFarrell street, 91:«J E cf Larkin. E 23 by X 137:6: $10.

Charles M. and Marian B. Gooda'.l to F. L. and Rose L. Prltchard. lot on SW line" of Sixth street. 225 X of Brannan. NW 5O by SW ltD; $lt». Thomas F. and Amelia M. Mitchell to Mitchell, lot on NW corner of Twenty-fifth and Utah streets. W 100 by N 25: 870O. San Francisco Lumber Company la corporatlonV to same. same, quitclaim deed; $3.

Monroe Greenwood Estate Company to Elward Thomas, lot on NE corner of Fifth avenue and California street. X 94. CS E 32 •« 3 91. S4. SW 32.67: $10. William A. and Catherine ;E. Burr.s to William M. de Wolf, lot on X line of California street. 32 :o" E of Ninth avenue. E 23 bv N H*»: $10. William M. and Mary E. de Wolf to Jam?* V. Tonkin, same; $10.

Pauline K. Ger.ereaux to William Mange>dorr, let on E line of Fifteenth avenue. 100 X of Clement street. N 25 by E 127 :»>: $10. E. D. and Rowena Allen to Maria Bourdon, lot on W line of Seventh nvenue 100 S of Clement street. 8 25 by W 120: $10

Daniel Meyer to Isabel Elder »wife of Geerp* R.), lot an E line n( Eighth avenue. 361 S of B street. S 30 by E 120: $ll» „ Solomon and Dora Getz to Sophie E. Koblck-r. lot on E line of Forty-ninth avenue. 2!2:9i; >T of M street. E 237:S'i. X 25 W 2U7:H«« S ts» beginning; $10. Simon Van tier Vaart to Henry W. Van 1eF Vaart. lot en W line of Forty-thlni avenue. 100 S of L street. S 25 by W 120: gift. Bennigna Bauer to Henry and Lizzie Bueh?i and Kate Rudden. lot on E line of Edinbure street. 2.V) 8 of rhir.a avenue. S 25 by E snn. block 47. Excelsior Homestead Association, quitclaim deod; $lf\ Anna D. Jocst to Martin Hansen. lot en NV7 line of Corbett avenue. 220:6 SW of Diamor.I alley. S 30 degrees 5 minute*. W 32 N «"(; o>*rees W 123:10i». X 10 degrees 11* minutes G 25. S 70»i decrees. E 120:4. lot S. block '22. Market-street Homestead Association- $10 Henry M. G. Dahler. Behrendt and Mertea B. Joost (by William E. Ca*hman. commlss'oner) to Ellen and Charlotte E. Dore (adinlnstratrix of the estate of Maurice Dor*). un.i:i . !-¦ f 1-3 of lot on SW line of Corbett street and Stl line of what was formerly Remain street i* 75 dejrrecs 4(3 minutes. E 100:4 SE 44-tt> SW 0.1:."*.. SW P;l. SW 43:3. SW 1<TJ:T. SW l."»-«. NW 122. NE to a point. NW to Lincoln »tr«et. NE 47:2, N to corner of Lincoln ami Romain streets. NW 145:7. NW Ku*. xn 31i>:3. SE ta beginning, lots 19 and 20 block S. lets 1 to (f. blork R. block IS. Market-str«*t Homestead Association: $2<X)rt.

J. W. Wright A Sons* Investment Company to Andrew Dorward. lots 10 and 11 block 11 Syndicate's First Addition; $10. Marie LlnJner (wife of Gustave) to sum#, same, quitclaim deed: $10.

Jacob. Bcr^a O.. Joseph and Harriet B. Welpabeln to Teresa Bizxi (wife of firo). lot on SW corner of Twenty-second street ' and Hoffman avenue, S 78:<;. W 6O:»v.; >;k !H!T. £ S2:t*. lo»« 143 to 147. Kfyman Tract- $10.' Kats M. Stony to Fr-dericK Prhorcht. lot on SE line of Mission street. SO NE of CortlaniS avenue. NE 2." bv SE 10S:J». tmbb Tract: sio Odd Fellows' Ometory >««oclatlon to Henry \orrath. lot in cemetery: S14.T. Paolo and Margaret d« Vecchl to II. L. Atkinson, lot on E line of Franklin street. 75 N of Greenwich. N 23 by E lt>0:»: $10. Same to J. W. McDonald, lot on fVV corner of Van Ness avenue and Lombard street. XV 125 by S J*2:t»: $10. Michael and Marearet E. Ko!»y to Allan St. J. Bowie, lot on NW corner of Pnst and D<»vl«ad>rr> streets. M 37 hy w Ktf:.1: S1O. William H. and isabM H. Prtngie to James F. and Gertrude A. Dunn, lot on S line of Halsht street. 05 E of Cole. E 25 by S 100: $10. Same to Patrick and Maria 3wwn?y. tot on W line of n»lvedere street. 100 S of Haicht. S 23 by W 122:6; *10. William and C. T. Nleo! to Weannr and Patrick Mulstay. lot on X line of Fifteenth street. 180 W of Sanchez, W 23 by X 115; $10. Eleanor and Patrick Mulstay to Wll'.tam Xlcol. lot on X line of Fifteenth street. 205 W Of Sanchez. W 25 by X 113: *1(>.

Geor»e B. M. and Alice M. Cray to Oeorg* M. Downey, iot on NW corner of Twenty-third and Doloren streets. X 50 by W 57: $li>. George W. Downey to Andrew Downey, same ;< fin. Hom« Fire pnd Marina Ir«ur"»rce Company to Theodore Hitlman. lot on N llr.» of Twentyfifth street. 10O E of Sanchez, E 23 by N 114: $10. Herman M. and Jos!* E. Welcome to Tiroline A. Millar.!, lot on S lln«% of Elizabeth street. 80 E of Castro, E 23 by S 114: *27no. Jamn M. and Mary H. Haven Co Marcarlta L. Eschbacher. lot on X line of Cilpner street. SO E of Douglass. E SO by X 114; tlO. Christina ManseU and as trusto? <>3tate of Martin Msnpels - to David J. and August Ca«assa. lot on X line of Filbert street and SWIln» of Montgomery avenue. W» 51-7'J X 65:«}i, SE 75:3ft; $t0. Anna O. and James D. Rusgle3 to Emilie B. Marshall, undivided half of lot on-X Una of Vallejo street. 137:8 W of Taylor. W 45 by X 68:0: $1500.

Same to Stillman E. Brown and 'WUIlatn G Pennycock. lot on N line of Waller Street. 171:1014 W of Clayton, W 25 by N 10O; $10. Same to Louis N. Baudoin. lot on E Hn» of Belvedere street. 100 X of Waller, X 25 by E 123:5H; $10. Same to Hush Keenan, lot on SW corner of Haiicht and Clayton streets, W 9C:10tj by S 50; ?10. Same to William Fahey. lot on S line- of Haight street. 105 E of Cole, E 23 by S 100; $10. Henry and Grace L. Rosenfeld to Samuel A. Boyd, lot on XW corner of Jackson and Spruce streets. N 127:8% by W 50; $9000. Oren G. Myers to Maude P. Myers. lot on N line of Jack»on street. 142:6 E of First avenue, E 60. X 70. SW to point, S to ClftD. W. and Ellen S. Montgomery to William Becker, lot on X line of Ridley (I3th1 street. 113:0 W of West Mission. W 42. X 04, S 81) degrees, E to point. S 88:6: $10. City and County of San Francisco to Thomas W. Servlss, lot on N line of Sycamore street 230 E of Valencia, E 25 by X 100; $ — — . Lauia A. Mowry and .Charles Alpers (by John Lackmann. Sheriff) to R. H. Cross, lot on S line of Liberty street, 133 W of Valencia W 25 by SM115; $1469. Frank V. and Emma F. Ptstolest to Sarah A. Bolts, lot on XE corner of Twenty-fifth and Florida streets. E 25 by X 104; $10. Kathcrlne Frank to Clements X. Frank undivided 1-10 of following: Lot on X line of Commercial street. 120 E of Kront, E 40 by X 55; lot on NW lln« of Natoma itreet, 275 XE of Fourth. XE 23:9 by XW SO- lot °22 block 163. Central Parts Homestead Association; lot 0, block 105. South San Francisco Homestead Association; lot 0. block 33. West End Homestead Association; lots 34 and 35 block 534. Haley's Purchase; lot 42. block . o »04 # lots 21 to 23, 27 and 28. block 843, CXell & Haley Tract; lots 1 to 8. 21 to 24. block 813. lots 7 to 22. block 872. tide lands; lot on SW corner of Carolina and Tulare streets. W 80:2% S 5U% degrees. E 82:10. B 74 « decrees. E 59:K N 43:4}*: lot 48. ¦ block - 188. . lot 8»w bipek 20«. Central Park Homestead; lojfc X wr n, blnrtc

Johannes and Anna Wuelfken to Julia Wegner. lot on SE corner of Fiilmore and Germania avenue, S 24 by E Sl:3; $10. Charles W. and Rosa A. Waller to Mary M. V. Drlscoll, lot on W line of Devlsadero street! 75 S of Union. S ,'!5 t$ W 100; $10. Edward J. and Elizabeth F. Duffey to Margaret M. Westwood (wife of Charles), lot on E line of Tremont avenue. 267:3 S of Waller street, S 25 by E 75; $10. Margnret M. Westwood to Charles .Westwood, same; gift. William B. and Isabel H. Prtngle to Samuel D ".lacnes, lot on E line of Cole street. 75 S Of Haight. S 25 by E 0»: also lot on E line of Cole street, 2fiO 8 of Haight. S 50 by E 05: also lot on S line of Halght street. 121: 10' i W of Clayton. W 23 by S 10O; also lot on E line of Belvedere street. 125 N of Waller and 246:10^ W of Clayton. N 25 by E 123:5Vi; $10 Same to Etienne A. Gartn, lot on W line of Belvedere street, 150 S of Haight. S 2Ti by W 122:6; $10.

John Richardson and Walter S. Cook (by John H. Harney, commissioner) to Emily Wolcott or Walcott. lot on NW line of Naples street. 150 SW of Brazil avenue. SW 50 by XW 100. block 48. Excelsior Homestead; $200. Bay City Butlding and Loan Association to Edward O. HaHorsr. lot on SE corner of Thrift (Hill) and Capitol streets. E 2TO by S 125. lot 1. block V. Railroad Homestead: $10. Theodore R. Pcsey to Selma T. Browne, lot 508. Laurel Hill Cemetery; $160. Masonic Cemetery Association to W. W. Hascom, lot in cemetery: $10. Paolo and Margaret de Vecchl to William Haas, lot on W line of Van Ness avenue. 82:6 S of Lombard street. S 55 by W 125: $10. Same to Celeste and Harriet Giugni. lot on E line of Franklin street, 125 3 of Lombard, S 25 by E 109:9: $10. Estate of Fantln White (by Robert Richard*, commissioner) to Mary Burke. George and John J. White and Mary G. Floyd, lot on S line of Grove street. 102:6 W of Franklin W 27:6 by S 120; $6164.

John A. Fritz to Mao* A. Frlta (wife John A.), lot on NW corner of Wool street and Cortland avenue. X 91:4. W 5fl. S S3. E 56, lots 70, 74. 75, 76, gift map 1; gift. S. Ducas Company (corporation) to George and Martha Gray, lot on SW line of Eighteenth avenue South. 225 NW of K street South. NW 00 by SW 100. lot 4, block 366. South San Francisco Homestead and Railroad Association; $10. Hanora Burns (Cunningham) to Mary and Frank Getsser. lot on N line of Seventeenth avenue, 100 E of R street, E 25 by X 10O, block 334. Haley Tract; ?»00.

Camllle A. Dorn to D. S. Dorn, lot on K line of Turk street, 105 W of Jones, W 27 :« by N 137:6; *10. Celine Benoit to Hamilton Morgran, lot on W line of Leavenworth str»et. 57:6 S of California. S 40 by W «0. quitclaim deed: |1. United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company to Johan D. Helns, lot on W corner of Folsom and Fremont streets, Ntt* SO by NE 55: $10. Sheyer and Annie Seligrman to Dennis and Ellen BroMian, lot on NW line of Harrison street. 125 SW cf Fifth, SW 23 by NW 75; flu Robert W. Deane to Theresa M. Deane. lot on N'E line of Morris avenue, 275 SE of Bryant SE 32 by NE 75; gift. William W. and Carrie F. Rednall to Henrietta M. Birth, lot on E line of Wisconsin street 100 N of Twenty-fifth. N 25 by K 200; $10. E. D. Sawyer to Myra M. Trowbrldge. re-rec-ord 1205 D. 32, of lot on W line of Twentyfifth avenue, 475 N of California. N 25 by W 120; $1200. Arthur and Stella M. Kanzee to Alfred T. Moss, lot on NW corner of Third avenue and Clement street, W 30 by X 100; ?2C00. Charles H. and Addle M. Abbott to Charles J. and Addle S. Ellis, lot on W line of Sixth avenue. 125 N of B street. N 50. W 120. N 75 W 120. S 150. EJ 120. X 25, E 120: $10. Mary and Daniel J. Delay to William H. Morrtssey, lot on W line of SeveiUh avenue, SO N of J street, N 23 by W 1OO; $10. Arthur Bereen (by O. A. Tolle. commissioner) to Emma L. Merritt and W. R. H. Adamson (executors estate of Adolph Sutro). lot 2. Outside Lends, block 721; $1196. Home Investmen; Association to Edward Dillon, lot on S. line of P street, S2:tf E Of Thirty-first avenue, E 25 by S 100; $«Jo.

Margaretha Reich to VIncenzo and Maria Pagaro. lot on N line of VaJleJo street. 176:0 YV of Kearny. W 19:6 by N 67:6; $10. Roselicn and Marie Font&n (Artlgues) to Emile Artigues, undivided *ixth of lot on SW line of Montgomery avenue, \0:2Y 2 SE of Broadway. SE 34:4'i. S 38:0**, W 2.\ N e5:2-? 4 ; $550.

George S. Thompson, ex-manager of the p'ant, is desirous of having his bond of $1009 returned. This will be done when the ex-rnanacer's books have been experted and found correct.

ALAMEDA. April 2Z.— Matters concerning the municipal electric light plant were taken up by the City Trustees at a special meeting held for that purpose last night. Dr. H. M. Pond and William M. Bowers, the new members of the Municipal Board, have been examining the plant and investigating the manner in which it has been conducted. They believe that business of the could be bettered and increased if an all-day service for the supply of power was inaugurated. Alameda at present has no source from which to obtain electricity for manufacturing purpo5es, and there is an increasing demand for such power. Superintendent G. A. Wiese and" Julius Wittich of the municipal light works have, under instructions from the City Trustee?, canvassed the city for power natrons and have secured enough subscribes to warrant the running of the plant lor day power service, which probably will be done before long.

City Trustees Consider Plan to Run Municipal Plant During the Day.


The suit Is brought by Patrick Sexton and others, . who allege that the crematory Is a nuisance in this that the idea of a crematory, will tend to depreciate the value of property. * ~ H. B. M. Miller made the argument for the plaintiff and Judge Emil Neuabaumer appeared for the crematory company. J. C. McElroy, City Attorney, appeared for the city of Oakland. The case was continued until Wednesday next at 10 o'clock for further argument.

OAKLAND, April 25.— Judges Melvin, Ogden, Hall and Ellsworth sat in bank to-day and listened to arguments in the matter of an injunction asked for to restrain the completion of the garbage crematory at Twenty-sixth and Magnolia streets.

Judges Sit in Bank and Listen to Claims of Property Owners.


The Masonic Temple Association has ejected as directors Captain J. T. Blorrijrn. RobTt Greig. W. _\. Gompertz, O.»car Dcrcln, Frf-d Dakin, \v. E. Knowlea and I\ F. Corners.

BERKELEY. April Durant Lodge >o. :ov. Free and Accepted Masons, feasted and entertained !a?t ev»ning Jn Odd F' Hows' Hall, following the elevation of five rew member* to the third d^gice. Assemblyman William II. Waste acted as tcastmasu r, and in that capacity called upon certain banqueters, who. responded to the fallowing toaptr: "Majonry From a Moral Point of Virw." the Rev. A. S. Patrons: "Tho Chartrr Members of Du:r.nt Lods<?," O?car Dorr.ln: "Masonry < n the Pacific Coast.*! A. K. Ccxhejfi of CalttMVSa L«xige of San Francif=co; Masonrv in Canada." A. L. Pasmort of Ontario. *'er.ada: 'Masonry the Same the WorM Over.", Past Master Dr. E. L. Witter; Oakland." Friend William Richardson: "Thf Ministry and Masonry,'' i5ie B*v. H. II Dobbins.


Initiation of Members Into Durant Lodge Occasion for Feasting and Speechinaking.

Victory for Berkeley High.

OAKLAND. April 3.— The baseball tears of the Berkeley High School defeated tho team of the Polyteehn!c High School of Oakland at the Golden Gate Baseball Park to-day by a score of 13 to 4. Ai small rush occurred after the game and! for a time things were lively, but no one suffered any injury.


ALAMEDA, April 23.— Morris Barron. * Park-stiet barber, now has as his most dangerous competitor far trade his wire, who until to-day wleldeU the razor aifa* scissors in his shop. She has opened a tonsorlal parlor just across the way from her husband's stand and is already cutting deeply Into his patronage. Traces unionism is the primary cause of the marital and business separation of the couple. Barron is a union man and had employed his wife to assist him In his shop, although Ehe is not a union woman, for the reason that the barbers permit no woman to join their union. Objections were made by the union to Barron having his better half work with him, and be and his place were threatened with the blacklist and boycott if he did not discharge his spouse. When Barron informed his wife that In order to retain his customers and be a good union man he would have to let her out, she retorted that If he thought more of his Barbers' Union than he did of his barber wife she would pack her things and go. And go she did. Barron has caused to be published a notice saying that he will iio longer be responsible for any bills contracted by his wife. "She has left my bed. and board ard barber ship and has started an establishment of her" own," said Barron to-night. "I have lost a non-union helpmeet, an<l guess I will have to get a union man to take her place." . , "Morris and I wrangled about union matters until I got tired," said Mrs. Earron at her new place of business. "Wh-jn he said he would have to discharge ore because I was not a member of the Barbers' Union I concluded that it was about time that we dissolved our marriage t.nlon. I mean to show him that I can make a living and not belong to any unio'n."

The Silver Bow Labor and Trades Assembly, having the strike in. charge, will meet to-morrow nis?ht, and. It Is stated, will stand firmly for the recognition oi the Messenger Boys' Union by the telegraph company. According to Western Union people surrj a decision on the part of the Labor Assembly will result In the permanent abandonment of the company's office In tliis city. With Inadequate police and county piotection it Is deemed Inadvisable by the telegraph company, it is stated, to attempt business in Butte with the various labor unions arrayed against it. The business men of the city strong!* condemn the action taken by the laboe people, and every effort Is bcingr made tcj effect a settlement.

BUTTE. Mont., April 25.— Indications today point to a fight to a finish bctwwea the Western Union Telegraph Comptny the striking messengers, backed by the unions of the city. The striking nitssengera have in a measure dropped fiora vitw. and the struggle now is over the question of the recognition of the uniun, which organization the Western Union officials announce will no't be recognize J «>r treated with under any consideration. IE is stated upon the best authority that tho Western Union is willing to grant the scale pf wages asked by the boys, or to> employ them on a commission basis, which would be slightly over $23 per month. Light hours as a working duj* would also be acceptable.

There were many noral offerings at the funeral of J. M. Bassett to-day. "Old Pard" was laid to rest In Mountain View Cemetery. There were many who came to pay their respects to the memory of the man who was so well known, not alone on this coast but throughout the East. The funeral took place from the family residence, 72S Eighth street. Rev. C. R. Brown of the First Congregational Church preaching the sermon over the body. He spoke of his life of newspaper work, and the pioneer days of California, in which he was a most prominent figure, and the body was then borne to the grave by Rod "W. Church, Hugh Aldrich, W. H. Pearson, M. Bernheim. "\V. E. Phelan and J. Martin. The .funeral was attended by many local politicians and friends of the deceased and by relatives from different parts of the State, among the latter being a brother, Stephen Bassett, from Elmlra, and three sisters, Mrs. Jennie Raymond of San Jo«e, Mrs. Lydia Price of Butte City and Mrs. Lottie Trultt of Elinira; Miss Kate Bassett. a niece, of this city; J. Bust, a brother-in-jlaw. and Mrs. Rena " Clark and Mrs. May Hlldebrand, nieces, from Elmlra.

Oakland Office San Francisco Call. HIS Broadway, April 23.

After having narrowly escaped death on the Seventh-street local road half a down lime*. Jchn Hesse*. 76 years of age, was ground bcn<:irii the wheels of a local train to-nigh; and instantly killed. Menses livod at 621 Center street with his *cn. a plumber in that section. The old man whs vrrv deaf and In gomg back and forth from his home to neighboring stores on minor errands he narrowly escaped being struck by the local trains a gT<-at many tim^s. Both the | #ns:ine<rs cf the trains and the people in', the neighborhood say that the old man frequently cot on the track, and. belrg deaf and almost blind, he was unable to; t=e« or tear the approaching trains. But the old man tempt**! fate once too j rfttn and to-r.ight be was struck by the j ZA'a westbound train .-md Instantly ki!!<-d. j The train was in charge of Kngineer i Charles Clark. Fireman Patrick Fennan, j Conductor George Carpenter and Brake- j rctn James R*rd, bv:t no blame Is at- j tachrd to ary cf them.

Oakland Office £an Francisco Call, JUS Broadway, April 25.

By the decision Mrs. Fink will get half of a lot situated at Pacific avenue and Polk street in San Francisco and valued at between $"000 and $4<>.«.'; half of a piece of properly at Golden Gate avenue and Fiilmore street, valued at about $3000; half of five acres of land in Berkeley and bounded by Calais. Tyler and Prince streets, and her share of the home property at San Antonio and San JOPe. avenues in Alameda. Her chare is valued in the aggregate a t about $11,309. * The Fir;ks wtre .larried in 1SS7. Ten year? later society in Alameda, Oakland and San Francis-co was surprised by the institution of divorce proceedings by Mis. Fink. She made sensational charges of cruelty and al>u?e, and he filed a crosscomplaint, alleging cigarette smoking on th<? part of his wife with young men. champagne drinking ard other alleged improprieties. The flr^t sult*was dismissed by Mrs. Fink, followed, however, a little later by another. Judge Hall denied each patty «-. divorce and the case was appealed to th? Supreme Court. After two years a decision was handed down or'J«Tir:g a retrial r which was concluded a short time ago and rctfUited in to-day's decision.

The celebrated Fink divorce su't was ended to-day by Judge Hall, who handed down a decision gra.uins Mrs. May K. Kink a divorce from ru-r husband, Alonzo W. Fink, on the irrounds of extreme cruelty. The decree also gives Mrs. Fink half of all the property, exclusive of thy commission business carried on by Fink at the Spreckeis Market and on Washington street in San Francisco, which the court decides is not community property.

Oakland Offlc* San Francisco Call, HIS Broadway. April 25.

Demands of Trade Organization Result in Family

Many Relatives From Different Parts of the State in Attendance.

Old and Afflicted He Wanders in Front of Speeding Engine.

Western Union Threatens Permanent Abandonment of Its Office.

Society Romaye Ends After Years by Appeal to the Courts.

Alameda Barber Leaves Spouse Who Opens Rival Shop.

Mrs. May E. Pink Is Granted Divorce on Grounds of Cruelty.

John Menges Meets the Death He Often Tempted.

Business Men Condemn Action of Labor Leaders.

Funeral of the Late J. M. Bassett Is Held in Oakland.

Spring Festival Is Formally Inaugurated by Director General and for Seven Days and Nights Fun Will Reign in the Carnival. Inclosure







t - . •.-¦¦,.v.:. ¦ - THE SAX FRANCISCO CALL, SUNDAY, APRIL 26, 1903.


WASHINGTON, April 25.— Unofficial information 'received at the War Department states that Governor Grant of Leyte province has been ' summoned to Manila to answer complaints that have been made against him, and that as a consequence he will resign. Grant went to the Philippines as a captain ."in the Twentyninth Volunteer Infantry. . He was sus-. ponded by the civil Governor of the Island.

Governor' of Leyte Suspended.

OAKLAND, April 25.— Herbert Conn, a painter, sustained a serious fall this morning from the roof of a house on which he was standing while engaged in painting a chimney. The bricks at the top of the chimney, which he wits holding on to, broke away and he slid down the roof and fell from the eaves to the ground, a distance of about twenty feet. His spine was badly injured. He, is 20 years old and it is thought by the doctors that his system may recover from *\>* tniurv.

Painter Sustains Fall.

Hermann Bremer Passes Away.

ALAMEDA. April 25.— Hermann Bremer an old resident of this city and w«li known in the German colony about thl bay, died yesterday at the home of )i(/j daughter, Mrs. J. C. Siegfried, on Aiameda avenue. He was a native of Hanover, Germany, aged "6 years. lie retired from active life some years ago. Deceased leaves besides his daughter a son Otto Bremer. ;/.-

SACRAMENTO, April 25.— There was a meeting in this city to-day of several of the inspectors of rifle practice of the National Guard. It was determined that the present firing regulations should govern this year's State shoot and that the regular army regulations should prevail next year, when the guard will be using the small caliber magazine rifle. This year's State shoot will close on September so. ;;::•:'¦.*

Rifle Practice Inspectors, Meet.

ST. LOUIS, April 25.— Three men blew up the safe in the postofflce at Fergus-on. a suburb Of St. Louis, at 2:30 o'clock this morning, secured $120 in cash and $1S in stamps and escaped after a running battlo with citizens, led by Mayor Reed, in which many shots were exchanged but uo one was injured. The explosion was of terrific force, awakening nearly every res ident of the village and completely wrecking the interior of the postofflce and seriously damaging the walls of the threestory building. t , ¦

Mayor Leads Battle With Robbers.