San Francisco Call, Volume 93, Number 147, 26 April 1903 — PAY LAST HONOR TO "OLD PARD" [ARTICLE]

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Funeral of the Late J. M. Bassett Is Held in Oakland.

Many Relatives From Different Parts of the State in Attendance.

Oakland Office San Francisco Call. HIS Broadway, April 23.

There were many noral offerings at the funeral of J. M. Bassett to-day. "Old Pard" was laid to rest In Mountain View Cemetery. There were many who came to pay their respects to the memory of the man who was so well known, not alone on this coast but throughout the East. The funeral took place from the family residence, 72S Eighth street. Rev. C. R. Brown of the First Congregational Church preaching the sermon over the body. He spoke of his life of newspaper work, and the pioneer days of California, in which he was a most prominent figure, and the body was then borne to the grave by Rod "W. Church, Hugh Aldrich, W. H. Pearson, M. Bernheim. "\V. E. Phelan and J. Martin. The .funeral was attended by many local politicians and friends of the deceased and by relatives from different parts of the State, among the latter being a brother, Stephen Bassett, from Elmlra, and three sisters, Mrs. Jennie Raymond of San Jo«e, Mrs. Lydia Price of Butte City and Mrs. Lottie Trultt of Elinira; Miss Kate Bassett. a niece, of this city; J. Bust, a brother-in-jlaw. and Mrs. Rena " Clark and Mrs. May Hlldebrand, nieces, from Elmlra.