San Francisco Call, Volume 98, Number 171, 18 November 1905 — EARNS FORTUNE IN CONTRABAND TRADING [ARTICLE+ILLUSTRATION]

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Vessel That Helped to Coal Czar's Ships Is in Port.

German Steamer Mariechen Here From the Orient.

The German tramp steamer Mariechen. Captain Gerdes, which arrived yesterday from Puget Sound, made a hugre fortune during: the Russo-Japan-ese War in contraband trading. The llariecheu, loaded with coal as a speculation, followed Russia's Baltic licet to the Far East. The collier kept away from the Russian fleet until the war vessels' need for fuel became serious. The Mariechen's cargo was sold for an enormous amount. Elated with the success of the venture, Captain Gerdes made a quick run to Hongkong, where he loaded a carg-o of the supplies most needed by the Russians. This cargo also was sold at a vast profit.

The Mariechcn ran the blockade into Vladivostok several times and luck ■was good in every venture. The vessel is under charter to the Barneson-Hibberd 'Company. The llariechen probably will take a cargo for Vladivostok, but Captain Gerdes doubts ■whether it will be possible to get Into that port. The Russians maintain an ice-breaking- steamer and aim to keep open a passage to the sea. but Captain Gerdes says they usually do not keep It open. This season the authorities at Vladivostok have other troubles on their hands, and it is almost certain that no vessel will enter the harbor this winter. The Mariechen will load at Green-wich-street wharf No. 2, and for whatever port tbe staemship clears, if fortune favors as In the past, there the collier will arrive on the appointed time.

The Mariechen left Mororan in ballast for Port Townsend, where orders to proceed to this port were given.