Daily Alta California, Volume 19, Number 7072, 5 February 1867 — Page 4 Advertisements Column 1 [ADVERTISEMENT]

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BORN. In this city, Jan. 28th, to the wife of John Brougham, a daughter. MARRIED.. In this city, Feb. 3d, by Rev. Dr. Cox, Andrew Phister to M. Birner. New York papers please copy. In this city. Feb. 3d, by Rev. F. Mooshake, Wm. Noethig to Frederika Wieland, both of San Francisco. In this city, Feb. 3d, by Rev. F. Mooshake, Capt. John Collins to Anna Pruser, both of San Francisco. DIED. In this city, Feb. 2d, Isabella Harley. wife of Daniel Stewart. aged 21 years. Tbe funeral will take place from No. 7 Langton street. between Seventh and Eighth and Howard and Folsom, this (Tuesday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock. In this city, Feb. 4th, William Denniston, a native of Dublin, Ireland, aged 50 years and 6 months. Friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral at 10 o'clock A.M. to-morrow. (Wednesday.) from the residence of his brother, Richard Denniston, No. 1112 Pacific street, without further notice. At Nantucket, Mass., Jan. 30th, Frederick Worth, father of George F. Worth, C. S. Deputy Marshal for this district. i ared hi years.