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Los Angeles Herald, Number 124, 1 February 1900 — A COAL KINO GONE Unexpected Death of Alexander Dunsmuir at New York [ARTICLE]

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A COAL KINO GONE Unexpected Death of Alexander Dunsmuir at New York

New York, Jan. 31.—Alexander Dunsmulr, the coal king of the Pacific coast, died today at the Hotel imperial, aged 47 years. Mr. Dunsmulr had suffered from meningitis at intervals for many years, but hfs death was unexpected for he had appeared to be in perfect health. Accompanied by his wife, Mr. Dunsmulr arrived in New York a month ago from his home In Oakland, Cal. While they were en their way to this city it was announced An San Francisco that Mr. Dunsmulr had married Mrs. Josephine Wallace. For 12 rears, It is said, they had kept the fact a secret lest Mr. Dunsmuir's interest in his father's estate should be jeopardized. Friends of Mr. Dunsmuir regarded his eastern trip as a belated honeymoon, but Edna Wallace Hopper said that her mother and stepfather had come to' New Yorlfc in order to see her first appearance in the Metropolitan's l "Chris and His Wonderful Lamp," now being played at the Victoria theater. Mr. Dunsmuir is reported to have been many times a millionaire. He was 47 years of age and was of Scotch-Canadian descent. Along the Pacific lcoast he was known as the "coal king" and owned great mines on Vancouver Island. JVIr. Dunsmuir owned a palatial residence in Oakland, Cal. Arrangements for Mr. Dunsmuir's funeral bave not been completed. It Is believed the body will be taken to San Francisco.